Kyle Shanahan: ‘We’re doing everything the exact same way this week as we will Week 1.’


Head coach Kyle Shanahan looks at his play sheet during the 49ers preseason game against the Broncos

Here is the transcript of Kyle Shanahan’s Sunday conference call, courtesy of the 49ers P.R. department.


First question, anything going on with DB Jimmie Ward? Do you expect him back when you guys return to practice?

“Yeah, we’re going to put him through again, we put him through a hard workout last week, tomorrow we’re going to have our DB coach [defensive backs coach] Jeff Hafley go out there and really take him through a hard workout that’s more pertained to exactly football. So, we’re going to see how he responds to that on Monday and Tuesday and hopefully we’ll get him ready to go by Wednesday.”


So the rest of the team is off from work, Monday?

“Yes, this is a true normal week for us, in terms of this is really our only trial run before the season. So, we’re doing everything the exact same way this week as we will Week 1 versus Carolina. So, Monday will be our day after the game. I had to give the players today off, because during training camp, they have to have one every seven days. So tomorrow will be the true day after the game, then Tuesday will be the true players’ day off, then we’ll have practice WednesdayThursdayFriday, travel on Saturday.”


You mentioned yesterday that TE Vance McDonald left the game. How did he turn out and were there any other injuries that you’ve learned about since last night?

“Yeah, Vance is alright. I think he’s a little sore today. He did come back in during the game. He left for a little bit and came back in, so he could have played, we would have kept him in if we had plans on keeping him in throughout the game. He came in today sore, but he should be alright this week. And then no other new guys showed up. I think everything I hit you guys with the other night.”


How many tight ends do you think you’re probably going to stick on the roster?

“I’m not sure. I’ve done two before, I’ve done three, and I’ve done four. And it’s not just up to that room, you know. Obviously you need however many NFL players you like on your roster, you need that amount. But then it depends on how the other positions shape up. I feel like we’ve got some solid players there. Most teams keep about three tight ends. If you ever do want to keep four then that’s alright, but another position’s going to hurt because of it. So, we’ll have to see how the final 53 turns out.”


We’ve seen QB Brian Hoyer throw a lot of deep passes in training camp. Why haven’t we seen him throw one in either preseason game? Don’t you want to develop a relationship between the quarterback and a wide receiver for the deep ball at game speed before the regular season starts?

“Yeah, practice speed is, I mean our guys, they run full speed every time they run a route. So, whether they do that in a game or on air or in practice, they’re always running as fast as they can unless it’s walk-through. So, I don’t really look at it that way. You have certain ways to attack coverages. We had a number of deep balls called yesterday, it just depends what coverages they’re playing. When we had a couple deep balls called to attack versus quarters, they played single safety, that’s why [WR] Louis Murphy had a big explosive underneath it, but I also, y we’re not trying to show everything possible either in a preseason game.”


You mentioned going through a regular week this week. Are you at the point now with camp over that you’ll transition into maybe doing some game planning for Carolina? I know you’ve gone through the offense installs a few times now. Just where are you in that process at this point?

“Yeah, I never get too far away from that. That’s something I always try to look at sporadically throughout training camp, and I usually sprinkle it in a little over the summer too when I’m just needing to get a little away time from the family. But, everything we put into a preseason game, you always try to take into account what you’re going to be doing in the regular season. So, it’s always real tough to carry a preseason game unless you’re taking an idea of what you’re going to do Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3. So, that’s something we never get too far away from, from coaches.”


Most of us who were there for the week of practices with the Broncos saw you guys doing pretty well against them on Wednesday, not so well first string-wise in the game. Is it a matter of just because the offense is so vanilla in the game that the defense, the defensive line, can be much more aggressive with those outside zone runs?

“No, I think it depends how each play turns out. And I think one of our things is I thought things seemed real good in practice our first day versus them, then I go in to watch the film, and it was good, but not quite as good as it felt out there. I felt last night during the game, I mean nothing feels much worse than that when you have all those turnovers, those penalties, and you’re behind and didn’t score that much. But, when I get in and watch the tape, it wasn’t quite as bad as it felt. And when you go and look at each situation, especially you talked about the ones on offense, it takes 11 guys to execute a play and if you just have one guy off just a little bit, it breaks down. And when you look at the opportunities the starters had, it really was one guy here and there, and it really led, I’m just looking at it here, let me see this, out of our four possessions, we punted on the first series after a drop on 2nd and 13, and then after that we didn’t punt again with the group, which normally you would think that’s a good thing unless you’re turning it over every time, and that’s what we did. So, when you end up turning it over three times in a row when you come out there, it does make it a little bit hard to evaluate the guys. They don’t get to stay out there long enough, they don’t get into any rhythm and that’s no one’s fault but our own. We’ve got to hold onto the ball, and when you have three fumbles, and we had that interception that was not caught clean and it was basically stripped away from the guy. It doesn’t really give your guys a chance to get out there and get evaluated.”


Is there a preface that you acquired after your years of coaching to diminish the amount of penalties and turnovers? Is there anything that you actually do that’s personal to your coaching style?

“No, you just stress and you talk about it every second. You point it out. It’s kind of my style with everything. I try not to make things up. You try to look at it exactly what happened and why it happened. If there’s an answer to why it happened that you guys can avoid, then you put them in that position the next day as a coach. You show them on film, you teach them on the board, you go walk through it and then you have them go through it full speed to make it just more muscle memory. That’s really our philosophy on everything. You try to figure out why, then you try to see if you can come up with the best answer and then you teach. There’s lots of ways to teach. It starts in the film room and you’ve got to carry it over to the practice field. But, that really doesn’t change with me with anything. The turnovers are the most disappointing part to me. We can’t harp on protecting the ball any more. I thought we’d done a decent job of that. Thought we did a good job through the week in practice. I thought we did a good job protecting the ball versus Kansas City. Obviously, we did the exact opposite of that last night. When you have five turnovers, I’m hoping when you have five, or four and you have the one on special teams, you’re hoping that the defense gets a couple back for you to give you a chance. But, when you turn the ball over that much and you don’t get any back, I’d be surprised if any team in the history of the NFL has won in that situation.”


You mentioned after the game that you thought that Brian was pretty much spot on with his reads, on his 11 passes. Did that stand up after the film review and then how did QB C.J. Beathard do with his reads?

“Yeah I thought Brian did a good job. There’s one, I think the first attempt to Vance over the middle, the first one he might have been a hair late on where he could have just checked it down and got a little bit more yards. He came back the next time, I want to say a couple plays later, learned from it, got to him on time, then we just didn’t make the play. Besides that, I thought he did a good job with his reads, went to the right spot. Had that unfortunate spot with the ball slipping out of his hand, which got that first fumble. Then C.J. came in and did the same thing well too. I didn’t think he missed any bad ones. We just had a tough time getting those guys in a rhythm, staying on the field very long. Couldn’t get the run game going. We did get it going a little bit more with the first group, we ended up having a turnover that caused that to derail.”


I know you didn’t coach him, but WR Anquan Boldin announced his retirement a little bit ago. What impressions do you have of him maybe from afar or even when your paths have crossed over the years?

“Yeah, I’ve never personally met Anquan or ever talked to him before, but he’s been one of my favorites of all time. I love Anquan. I don’t know him at all, but I feel like I do just because I’ve always studied how he plays. I remember watching him in college when he came in at Florida State as a quarterback, and what everyone thought, and moved quickly to receiver his freshman year. I remember him coming into the league, people thinking he wouldn’t be as great because he didn’t have a fast 40 time. Watching him play over the years, that’s to me the definition of a football player. He’s as violent of a receiver as there is and I’ve always truly believed that receivers can really set the mentality of an offense. I always feel linemen have no choice, they have to be tough. Running backs if you’re not tough you’re not going to make it in this league because you get hit every play. Quarterbacks got to hang in there. Receivers are kind of the guys who can pick and choose a little bit. When you have guys who play like Anquan, that just brings a whole different mentality to your offense that I think usually leads to teams that have chances to win Super Bowls.”


You touched on the competition between LB Ahmad Brooks and LB Eli Harold for that starting SAM linebacker spot. When you look at their salaries they’re so different and where Ahmad is in his career, how much is that impacting that decision?

“For me personally not at all. I don’t even know what their salaries are. I try not to even look at that because I don’t want, I want to make the right decision. I don’t like anything to skew me on that type of stuff. So, I try to go off what I see at practice. You want to know who’s got the most upside and things like that. Who’s going to be better throughout the year if given the opportunity. But, you also want to know who when it’s all said and done who’s going to affect your win-loss record the most. Those are the things that I look at personally. You don’t always want to think who’s the best guy for Week 1. Who’s the best guy for the 2017 49ers. I try to simplify my thoughts in that way. That’s why I really don’t find out about salaries until I’ve already made a decision.”


What have you seen from Eli Harold in particular?

“It took Eli a little bit to get going. He was hurt in OTAs, he got off to a good start in training camp but quickly got a concussion. Took him a while when he was in the protocol. And he’s been back here for, I want to say a little bit over a week now. Eli plays physical. He sets the edge really well for us as a SAM linebacker. You know, there’s not just competition going on at SAM linebacker, it’s also as a rush nickel player. We’re trying to figure out who can be our best SAM linebacker in base personnel and then which one of these guys is the best at putting his hand in the dirt and rushing the quarterback when we get to third down. Eli does both of them. Ahmad does both of them. Guys like [LB] Dekoda [Watson] can do it to. We’ve got some guys there that, you know, we’ve had two game in we’ve seen a lot. We’ve seen a lot at practice and I’m glad we’ve got two more games to evaluate it.”


Last night Hoyer said the game presented the first bit of adversity for this team and he was interested to see how they would respond. Would you all come together or grow apart. Maybe that’s a bit much on August 20th, but do you understand what he was getting at and are you eager to see the response from your team?

“I can understand a little bit. Guys have a lot of pride, guys work hard and it means a lot to people. So, I can understand why Brian says that. But, I can also understand what you mean by what date you just said it is. I’m not trying to go through adversity. We’ve got to go through a lot of stuff together first. I’m not going to sit there and act like everything is falling apart because you turned the ball over that many times. I just tried to stress to the guys, ‘Hey guys if you want a chance to win a game, we’ve got to come out and protect the football. If you protect the football, you don’t have those penalties, then we can start talking about how to win a game.’ If you turn the ball over like that, there’s not much else to talk about.”


S Lorenzo Jerome has gotten a lot of time with the ones. What have you seen from him and his progress in just these two games?

“Lorenzo’s done a good job. I thought a couple of times he’s ran around, he’s been a ball-hawk for us, he’s come up and made some tackles. I thought they caught him a few times out of position last night on a few play-action looks because he’s been so aggressive and he’s going to have to learn from those because he got out of position a couple of times but they never made him pay for it going outside. So, I’ve been pleased with Lorenzo. He moves around fast, he’s really eager, the game’s not too big for him, he’s made plays wherever he’s been and he’s continued to do that for us and I hope he continues to get better.”


Yesterday, looking at the film, was that the most impressive that you’ve seen S Eric Reid so far since his position switch?

“Yeah, and it’s the most opportunities he’s gotten too. He was out there a little bit longer. We were playing obviously an eight-man front. A lot of the plays got turned to him and he’s got to make the play. He did a good job making it, not giving up any more yards after contact. I thought he had a couple good plays in the pass game, especially on a keeper they had, coming back and stopping a tight end on the slide-route. But, Eric did a solid job. That’s what we expect him to do and I was real pleased with how he played.”


You said it’s not like the world is falling apart last night, but you certainly didn’t seem amused. Just the fact that you were able to look at the film, you said it wasn’t as bad as you thought it might be. Was there a sense of relief when you discovered that?

“It’s not really relief. It’s kind of my life story. We put a lot into it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a scrimmage, practice or preseason. I try to compose myself by the time I talk to you guys after practice, but I’m pretty pissed after practice too when it doesn’t go well. We’re competitive guys and we want everything to be perfect and that’s why most of the time I’m not that happy. Whenever you go out to a game like that that you want to win, you want to play well and you turn the ball over like that and you have the penalties that we did, I’m definitely going to be pissed off and I expect everyone in our building to be pissed off. I they’re not then that’s when I would be worried. When you are that mad, you always go in and watch the tape and very rarely in my career is it ever as bad or as good as you thought the night before. But, that’s also why I’m excited to get in here. I wish the players were in here today. I’m going to have to wait one more day. But, I’m pumped to get them in here and to get better from that game.”

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  1. I have brought up this topic before, but after all the false start and lining up penalties, I wonder if not having an Offensive Coordinator, may be a factor.
    KS may be spreading himself out too thin. He has to also deal with the defense, and STs. Maybe an OC would be allowed to focus on reducing the number of penalties by having the offense better organized.
    KS could still call the plays, but an OC would help with other facets of the game, like lining up correctly, and only having one player in motion.

    1. Bill Walsh once said “The coach making the calls must have full command of all of the plays,”.
      So perhaps he doesn’t believe anyone else has mastered his offense to that degree.
      However, I suppose it could be argued that Bill held the offense back by not allowing coaches such as Holmgren, Green, or Wyche to have a greater influence.

      Belichick even took over the Defensive Coordinator role for New England until he saw sufficient mastery, which allowed him to then relinquish the role.

      Also you speculated that “Maybe an OC would be allowed to focus on reducing the number of penalties by having the offense better organized.” I suppose an Assistant Head coach could also be tasked with this.

      1. Bill Walsh also clearly defined roles and one of his tenets was for the HC to delegate responsibilities to build good organizational clarity.
        KS is the HC, and as the HC, he has way more duties than just calling plays. I will not equate KS with Bill Walsh or Bill Bellichick, yet. KS is young, and has never been HC before. Glad Sean Mcvay admits the need to change things up.
        Even Bill Bellichick is wise enough to have an OC and DC. I hope KS does not think he is smarter than BB.
        KS said he sees no need to have an OC, but after the offensive struggles, maybe he can stop being so stubborn, and admit that he alone does not have all the answers. When faced with the results of the past 2 games, even he might change his mind. Making adjustments will help win games. Keeping the same course of action may doom the season. I do not see how having an OC will hurt the team. Even Chip called his own plays, so KS could do the same.
        BW never yelled at the players, but yelled at his assistants. If his team had incurred 31 penalties,he would be ripping the OC a lot. Guess KS should be telling at himself.

        1. JH had Roman, but in the end, he was the one who made the final call into the huddle. Maybe it would be smart to have an OC in the booth upstairs to have a bird’s eye view of the action, to help.

          1. Seb, I think the birds-eye view is about the only relevant point you’re making here. I don’t see any correlation between the illegal formation, illegal motion/procedure, false starts, etc, and Kyle’s dual role.

            Kyle is the most qualified person to install his offense, and it’s not a simple process. This isn’t Geep Chryst or Chip Kelly’s simplified offense. Kyle runs an incredibly complex scheme, and it simply takes time and repetition to master. It’s been a sloppy start to the preseason, but once these players settle in and get comfortable with this system, and they are able to visualize the plays, and understand their assignments and responsibilities, the penalties will subside. You can count on that. And if Kyle feels comfortable calling plays from the sideline, more power to him.

            1. Sebnnoying is just upset that Kyle Shannahan put the stop on Kap coming back to the 49ers.
              All year, you will hear Seb snivel at the fact the 49ers didn’t bring back Kap and that they didn’t want to win. Just watch.

            2. Or Harbaugh’s unsophisticated offense built on the 1980s Bo Schembechler offense. Every offense we’ve had since Singletary and Jimmy Raye has been rather pitiful in concept, irrespective of the quality of the players running it. If it weren’t for the defense giving the offense so many short-field drives during the Harbaugh years, we’d have never made the Top-20, like in 2014 when we came in #25.

        2. “Even Bill Bellichick is wise enough to have an OC and DC. ”
          As already stated he went for multiple years without a DC as he took over those duties. Guess ole BB put his brain on the shelf for a few years.

          “BW never yelled at the players, but yelled at his assistants. If his team had incurred 31 penalties,he would be ripping the OC a lot. ”
          Well if he chose to yell at the OC he would have been yelling at himself considering he never had an OC. Obviously Walsh was not as smart as SEB. I wonder if he chewed himself out after the game against Washington when his offense committed 14 penalties and became the first team to rack up 500 yards and not score a touchdown. And who to yell at… well there is an o line coach, wr coach, rb coach
          But I don’t expect you to ever change your mind, so we will just agree that you have a dizzying intellect and Walsh and Belachek were morons.

      2. Why not make the assistant head coach the Offensive Coordinator? Then he could concentrate on the offensive deficiencies.

        1. Because Seb, who can implement this particular offense better than KS at this moment in time? Once everyone knows what to do, maybe then an OC………..

          Every single person, from mgmt to players, is brand spanking new. How could you possibly expect to see anything other than what your seeing right now?

      3. No, those men all jumped from being QB coaches straight to being HCs, because other teams knew that they were de facto OCs, without the title.
        BW never held the offense back. He always went for the throat. One cant argue against success.

        1. “No, those men all jumped from being QB coaches straight to being HCs, because other teams knew that they were de facto OCs, without the title.”
          Really? Name one of his qb coaches who went straight to a head coaching gig in his time with the 49ers. I’ll give you a hint you can’t.

          “Actually, BB only took the DC role in 2001, and went 5-11.”
          Actually, he took over the DC role in 2010 and 2011 also, when they lost in the championship game and superbowl respectively.

          I think I will just chalk this statement up with your “Matt Barkley will win the starting job because he is more accurate.” and ” Kapri Bibbs will beat out Matt Breida because he provides more special teams value” .

          As to this argument, I’m done. I’ll let you claim your victory, the world is flat, 2+2 =5 and all that jazz.

            1. Mike Holmgren – was an OC first under Seifert from 89-91
              Mike Shanahan – was hired by Seifert in 92 as an OC
              Denny Green was a WR coach under Walsh in SF but not a QB coach before he was hired by Stanford and it must be noted that he had previously been an OC at Stanford.

              So No, Walsh did not have a QB coach go straight to HC as you stated.

      4. Actually, BB only took the DC role in 2001, and went 5-11. In the next 4 years, he had Romeo Crennel as DC, with one year being the D line/ DC coach.
        BB never won a SB without a DC or OC.

        1. He had no 0C in 09, no DC or OC in 2010 and no DC in 2011.
          Not having an OC is puzzling for him due to the fact that his background mostly on the defensive side of the ball quite the opposite of Kyle S.
          As to the results; in 09 they lost in playoffs first round, in 10 they Lost in the Championship game, in 11 lost in the Superbowl.

          (since I know you will want to use that top part against BB. see below)
          “No, those men all jumped from being QB coaches straight to being HCs, because other teams knew that they were de facto OCs, without the title.” Huh? Why didn’t Bill Walsh just name them the offensive Coordinator? Then he could have concentrated on his offensive deficiencies. ( Maybe then he wouldn’t have had a losing record against Bill Parcels in the playoffs. )

          I don’t want to denigrate Bill Walsh, but you seem to be obsessed with the idea that someone “Must” have the title of OC to do certain things. I am merely pointing out that there have been a lot of head coaches that have been successful without having someone named as an OC or DC and that simply bestowing them with said title, doesn’t mean their job specifications will change. Additionally, simply naming someone as the OC doesn’t suddenly make them capable of running the offense.

          1. The 1st true OC’s of the BW era were actually in the Seifert era…including Kyle’s dad
            Under BW, IIRC, both Paul Hackett and Holmgren were “super QB” coaches that performed some of the procedural and day to day quality control issues for the game plans BW installed each week.
            Seifert needed offensive minds to run the WCO, so Mike Shanahan and others (Trestman? “he’s outta here” to quote Eddie D. at a PC)

          2. Please, stating that KS does not need an OC because Bill Walsh did not need an OC just does not make sense. KS should not consider himself equal to Bill Walsh.
            BW was a genius, and was undefeated in Super Bowls.
            KS imploded in the second half, and lost his only SB.
            KS has never been a HC before, and I think it is hubris to think that he does not need an OC, especially with the flurry of flags. An OC would help prepare the team better.

            1. Please, stating that KS does not need an OC because Bill Walsh did not need an OC just does not make sense. KS should not consider himself equal to Bill Walsh.

              I’m not comparing them… I’m saying it may not be a bad if he try to emulate what Bill Walsh did. Wait are you saying he should NOT try to emulate Bill Walsh?
              BTW Bill Walsh was not always known to be a genius. In his first few years the niners were terrible. And while you Rip Shanahan for a loss to NE have you looked at Walsh’s offense against Parcells in 85 and 86? His offense scored a total of 6 pts in two games and Giants scored 17 and 49 respectively. Now this should not serve to lower the stature of Bill Walsh but rather to show that everyone can have some bad games.
              As to Kyle Shanahan a few things about last year… many thought they would finish LAST in their division, ESPN. This was due to their porous defense and tough schedule. His offense was able to overcome this.
              Why would you want the current greatest offensive mind in football and take it away from doing what it does best? Secondly why would you make such a judgement, without even giving him a chance?

              1. I agree Shoup. We have new schemes on offense and defense. We’ve had a huge roster overhaul. And it’s only two games into the preseason. Penalties are inevitable. There will be less penalties as the team gels, the OL in particular.

                Kyle Shanahan is the most qualified person to call the Kyle Shanahan offense.

              2. 80, KS can still call the plays, but he could also have an OC. They are not mutually exclusive.
                If KS likes calling plays so much, he should have stayed as an offensive coordinator. However, now that he has become HC, he has many more irons in the fire.
                You cannot deny that 31 penalties can be attributable to a lack of preparation. Maybe an OC would have helped reduce some of those penalties.
                I just want KS to have all the help he can get. He is responsible for the whole team, and so far, he is failing to get the players focused and prepared. Sean McVay admitted he is green, and may need to change because being a HC is a lot harder than he thought it would be. Making adjustments is the name of the game.

            2. “KS imploded in the second half, and lost his only SB”.

              That is so simplistic and so wrong and purposely does not tell the whole story on so many levels………………..I swear Seb, you should run for Congress.

            1. Harbaugh had a say in every pick and position except QB where he had FULL AUTHORITY. Kaepernick is his fault from the word go. Everything else is some sort of combination of Baalke & Harbaugh even though most of proles act as if Harbaugh wasn’t a major factor in the ****-show this team became.

              1. JH and Baalke did not have a close, chummy relationship.
                Baalke was a megalomaniac and wanted ALL credit for his picks. He made it clear that he was in charge of personnel, and that the coaches would just coach the players he provided.
                Kaep was all his fault? No, Kaep was credited to helping the Niners getting back to relevance. Kaep led the Niners to a SB after only 10 games, after 18 years of futility, and was one pass from returning. JH was driven away, and Baalke was the sole miscreant to the shirt show that followed. Baalke dismantled a SB team. and JH was nowhere near when the team imploded to a 2-14 record, That was solely Baalke’s fault, not JH.
                Hopefully, Lynch can change the culture, but you are engaging in some pretty delusional revisionist history.

  2. I like having coach finally developing a QB. Great that CJ has Keller there for a familiar connection. I think Eli gets cut and Brooks unbelievably gets all his money on that contract–good for him, he’s been a good Niner that always plays hard & knows how to put pressure on the QB -unlike Eli. Pita will be able to learn or develop under Brooks.

    1. Just a heads up Bandit, I’ve heard from multiple sources that ShanaLynch are very high on Eli Harold. He;’s been dealing with a foot injury for some time, and finally appears to be healthy. I think he’s going to make the team, even it that means carrying only 2 QB’s. I like Brooks, and he is a gamer, but his head is not always in the game. He commits a lot of silly penalties. ShanaLynch are looking to the future, so if they had to chose between those 2, I’d give Harold the edge, although I doubt it’s going to come down to that.

      Pita-T seems destined for the PS unless they unload A. Lynch.

      1. 49 and Badit I think they keep Brooks and Harold. Lynch also stays. I think Rocket clearly illustrated this point in an earlier point. He and Brooks are the team’s best pass rushers. You don’t give these guys up unless you have someone better already. They don’t have someone proven?

        Pita goes to PS. If you look further down you see my stab at 53.

  3. I went to the Texans v Patriots preseason game on Saturday. Got to see Bruce Ellington light it up. He made some nice plays, especially in the RAC dept. He made some guys miss with pretty nasty moves. Also had a pretty good punt return. The most impressive part was his knowledge of the playbook after only a short time. He started and played all the way through the 3rd quarter. He also seems to have endeared himself to his teammates. Any time someone made a good play he was the first one there congratulating them. Hope the 49ers made the right decision to get rid of him.

    1. Ellington is a talented guy but they have other options just like him and he wasn’t reliable. You aren’t much good to the team if you can’t get off the training table.

        1. He’s flashed before. Then spent the rest of the season on IR….

          It’s not his talent, it’s his durability. Build a basket out of weak reeds and it breaks.

      1. The best ability is availability. He just could not stay healthy and maybe a change of scenery is best for both sides.

      2. @Rocket.

        True. Plus the urgency players feel when they sense the mortality of their football career is heightened significantly. If he turns in a good year for the Texans then that may be one that got away. Especially if Kerley has a down year.

  4. Well

    The head coach said it best: “When you turn the ball over 3 times in a row, it’s hard to evaluate guys.”

    TomD’s Take: Which accounts for the length of time the 1st team was on the field–like the entire 1st half.
    So the 49ers had to stray from their game plan of more time for Breida, Hikutini, and others. Denver was chewing up the 1st half clock and forced the Niners to play their starters longer for analyzation.
    Hopefully next week the others will see more playing time, but I doubt it, because Shanny uses the 3rd game as a dress rehersal for Reg. Season. Bubble players will have to make an impression in the 4th game.

    –Nice to see the passing lanes at the guard positions fixed this game–that was a noticeable improvement.

    –Shanahan kept it vanilla on offense….He’s not going to show his big plays in preseason or leave anything on tape for the opposition, so combined with the turnovers the 49ers were hard to evaluate…I’m waiting for their Reg. Season dress rehersal next week.

    Go Niners !!

  5. Final 53. A lot could change with trades, cuts and some playing time for some guys who didn’t get
    It last game, but here’s my stab:


    I don’t think that Barkley is kept on the roster. If anything they pick some QB off waivers to put on PS


    Not sure if Mostert is PS eligible but I bet they try to stash him there either that or he and Breida switch places.


    12-Taylor – I think his special teams work and his talent moves him up

    I could see Smelter losing out to Bourne here but I think Smelter gets the edge and Bourne goes to PS.

    14-Vance McDonald I think he gets the edge
    15-Kittle keeps getting hurt

    I think that Shanahan telegraphed that he would keep 3 in one of conferences. I am going with that.

    18-Brown-Tackle – these two are the strength of the unit but the fall is quick
    20-Garnett-Guard wish we could upgrade from these two but Garnett has been hurt in his development. He has more upside.
    21-Killgore-Still need a real Center

    Now they may keep on less OL or stash them in the PS and keep one more skill position player, either RB or TE but not sure as injuries can mount quickly



    I shudder to think that Coyle makes this team, but I think he will. Taumoepenu has a shot but I think it is likely that he is PS.



    51-Gould – Kicker
    52-Pinion- Punter
    53-Nelson- Long Snapper – not a rare fish of the Pacific Northwest

    1. I think we need another corner. Hopefully Redmond has some versatility and upside. What do you think? Grant seems low on Reaser and Witherspoon is too skinny to be relied on, but he makes the roster obviously because of draft position and future upside.

    2. Man, I look at that secondary and my first thought is I’m going with the Cam Newton/Greg Olsen or Cam Newton/Kelvin Benjamin stack on week 1 of Fan Duel.

      1. We may not be facing Newton. He had rotator cuff surgery March 31s this year.

        Reports out of Panther land is that Newton’s shoulder still isn’t ready, he’s only started throwing live-routes 10-days ago, and when he throws he looks like crap. He’s sat out the first two pre-season games and only started throwing a ‘few’ deep balls in practice today according to his head coach He also hasn’t thrown on team-drills outside the redzone until today.

        And even if he’s there… He’s a one-hit wonder who’s missed a lot of work.

        Also, Benjamin has been out most of, if not the entire, training camp with a hamstring pull.

        1. Thanks for the update. It kind of reminds me of last season.

          “But shoulder injuries post-surgery, regardless of it being a different shoulder, can require more care than a few days rest. Kaepernick had his left shoulder operated on Nov. 24 after an extensive torn labrum, and also underwent surgeries on his right thumb and left knee in January.”

          Does Cam have a dead arm?

        2. Recall the rather extensive conversations on this blog during the draft about Foster’s rotator cuff surgery. Many people were weighing in…many had the surgery, including me. Doesn’t surprise me that Newton has a ways to go with recovery and shedding rust. March 31 wasn’t that long ago.

        3. Looks like the Panthers should shoulder some of the blame.


          Panthers maintained December MRI on Cam was “clean.” It wasn’t. More on his upcoming surgery –
          — Jourdan Rodrigue (@JourdanRodrigue) March 22, 2017

          As of Week 14, the Panthers season was meaningless. There was no reason Newton shouldn’t have had surgery right away, allowing him to be ready for 2017.

        1. To pull a percentage out of the air, he might be in the 85-90% range in terms of recovery, playmaking effectiveness, etc. by week 1. Could be enough.

    3. EC,

      Good stab at it. I would disagree with some of the choices but just at the back end of the roster.

      I have a hard time seeing them go with 2 QB’s given Hoyer’s injury history, but it’s possible and they could keep Mullens on the PS to deal with that possibility.

      I don’t think Smelter will make it. That 6th WR spot if they keep that many will be a player that can be used on ST’s extensively and that would be Bolden or Burbridge imo.

      I think they’ll keep Theus over Magnuson.

      I have been going back and forth on Dial. I think he may be cut in favor of DJ Jones, but it will be a tough decision. The other 8 I agree with you on.

      I think Brooks and Harold are fighting for one spot. Neither has been impressive so far, but Harold is younger and cheaper so he may get the nod. Pita has some upside as a pass rusher but is woefully bad in the run game so like you I think he’s ticketed for the PS.

      I echo Houston’s sentiments on the Secondary. I think you are correct in your picks but that is a weak group to say the least. The S’s are ok for the most part although experience is likely to be a problem, but the CB’s are really poor. I think this team will end up having to play a lot of zone as time goes on because they are going to get burned a lot in man.

      1. Rocket,

        Struggled on some of those picks but went with with Mags because of versatility though to be honest I could see Theus beating him out too. Jones is on my roster so he’s safe, though it was at the tail end and I thought the team would keep both Harold and Brooks even though neither have been impressive though no one else has been better.

        As you stated Pita’s non run support means he is slated to PS until he can do the work.

        I too share the sentiments of Houston but see no way around the conundrum unless the pressure can be applied to the QB. That is up to Buckener, Mitchell, Carredine and co. If they can do that and Dumervil can find the elixir of youth and Thomas can be what everyone wants him to be and Armstead can be something special on the Edge then the corners will be alright. Otherwise it will be a long season of watching other teams highlight reels at our expense.

        1. Sorry EC I thought the Jones under your DL list was Chris not DJ. I think both Jones’ will make it, but Dial could make one expendable.

            1. The only reason I think both make it is because Chris has been playing starters snaps in place of Buckner and DJ has been pretty good in his limited time. I think both have outplayed/have more long term value than Dial, but I would not be surprised if Dial does make it.

              1. All good points and I think DJ makes it for sure and sir do like Chris’s hustle as I do remember seeing 93 all over the place on my review. Dial can plug up the middle though. Guess we will have to see.

    4. EC9,
      I like it. My only changes would be a couple of surprises. I believe Kerley is a numbers casualty as well as Paulson. Burbridge is a cusp player but will make the team because he becomes our “gunner” on special teams. Hikutini could supplant Paulson.
      Players on the bubble are A. Brooks, Q. Dial, Sansuri, Chris Jones (good motor, but numbers casualty), D.J. Jones will take that spot.
      The next two games will be their dress rehearsal for other teams.

    5. Good work East. Any thoughts on trades? Did you see the Webzone article wondering if the DT tryouts were because there’s a trade looming? Who would we trade and for what player if they’re trying out DE/DT’s?

  6. I think the Niners will keep as many FAs as possible, and that means, some later draft picks will be cut, with the hope to get them on the PS later.
    However, both Lorenzo Jerome and Matt Breida should make the team.

    These cuts will be painful, but I hope they leave 3 spots open to obtain 3 players cut from other teams.

      1. Possible reasosn for Seb’s OC, CTE problem: Why does a doctor slap a newborn baby?

        1. The doctor slapped Seb’s cranium instead of his butt.
        2. Dr. thought it would help Seb learn math, English, science, and social studies, instead of fixating on everyone’s spelling like his mother and father.

        1. Unsure, but in Seb’s case perhaps he’s more susceptible to CTE if his bum is impacted–or if he sits on it for hours a day.

            1. Seb must be really gassy! I recommend ginger and drink water before meals. That should help cut down on that stench you keep gripping about!

              1. Clean up your lifestyle dude! You’ll feel better and the ambience around will be much better because of it!

  7. But, when you turn the ball over that much and you don’t get any back, I’d be surprised if any team in the history of the NFL has won in that situation.

    1981 NFC Championship Game 49ers vs Cowboys. The 49ers turned the ball over at least 5 times. Joe Montana was intercepted 3 times and had a fumble. Montana had 1 int in the endzone, another int in the red zone and his 3rd int was inside the Dallas 30 yard line. I think the Cowboys had 1 or 2 turnovers in that game so maybe Shanny is right. BUT there is no other reasonable explanation for the 49ers victory that day other than divine intervention.

    1. :Sigh:

      There was no miracle. We were the better team. Better offense. Better defense. Better QB. We punted just three times in that game and never really struggled to move the ball. The offense racked up 26 1st downs to Dallas’ 16 and 393 yards to the Cowboys 250. But for the turnovers, it was the just like the 45-14 *** kicking we’d given them earlier in the season.

      WIthout the six turnovers, at least two of them unforced, that game would have been another blow-out in our favor as we were better than them in every other important way.

      1. No, the Cowboys had superior talent. They had Tony Dorsett. Niners had Lenvill Elliot.
        That game, an inferior team was brilliantly coached, They ran when the defense expected pass, and passed when they expected run. They did a reverse. Montana was clutch.

        1. Not really.

          Fred Dean was the best pass rusher out there. Duane Board the second. The 49ers secondary was vastly superior to the Cowboy’s secondary. The linebackers were a mixed bag of not greats and pretty much a push.

          Montana was a better QB by a long shot. The 49ers offensive line was, except for Dan Audick who was inferior to the Cowboys LT, was young, up-and-coming and better. The TEs were equal. The Cowboys had better backs. The 49ers had the best WR with Clark and Solomon was at least as good as any of the Cowboy WRs and Clark’s & Solomon’s combined production was almost identical to the Cowboy’s Top-3 WRs. Only the Cowboys 3rd stringer (Drew Pearson) was head-and-shoulders above his 49er equivalent (Mike Schumann).

          Like I said, no miracle. People forget how good that team really was because the narrative has always been about scrappy, under-talented upstarts making good. They were young and, mostly, unknown. But they were good.. They didn’t go 13-3 because they were ‘young and scrappy.’

  8. Just had a chance to watch the game a second time in between checking out the Eclipse and the turnovers marred what was not a bad effort overall on both sides of the ball. The obvious problems are what they’ve been from the beginning: coverage in the secondary, consistent pass rush and run blocking. They still struggle in these areas and it’s going to make for a long season if it continues.

    The running game struggled early and Hyde did miss a cutback lane on an early play, but that was the only one I saw him miss and he did have some success later on with cutbacks. As Grant said in his review, this might just be a case of the more reps he gets the more comfortable he will be. That is why I didn’t subscribe to the scheme fit argument Grant made originally. Very few RB’s – I can’t even think of any off the top of my head – have not had success in this system and Hyde is a very talented player. I think he’ll get better as time goes on and if he can stay healthy, he’ll easily go over 1000 in rushing and also be a factor in the passing game. What didn’t make a lot of sense to me was the lack of snaps for Williams and Breida. I’m guessing both are already pencilled into the final 53, but they need live reps too.

    Loved the catch and run from Kittle. He and McDonald actually look very similar running after the catch, but Kittle is more nimble.

    Earl Mitchell was really getting a great push up the middle. That looks like a signing that will really benefit the DL as a whole. What I’m not seeing however is improvement from Armstead. He’s still a non factor as a pass rusher far too often and is inconsistent in the run game. We need to see more from him. This is the season he has to step up and live up to the potential.

    Pita had two good rushes where he used an inside swim move to get a sack and draw a holding penalty. Other than that he didn’t get much pressure in his other opportunities and was a liability against the run. He is a PS player with pass rush upside imo. Interesting observation made by Tim Ryan during the game: He thinks Lynch will ultimately lead the team in sacks.

    Beathard was solid in his time with the backups and has a real opportunity to beat out Barkley for the second spot. If he does the question becomes whether to keep Barkley for insurance or go with two QB’s and put Mullens on the PS. Tough call because Hoyer has had problems staying healthy in the past and a potential 1-2 of Beathard and Mullens would be a disaster, although Barkley may be available if no one signs him.

    The penalties are troubling, but most seem to be mental mistakes players are making when lining up or shifting. This system has motion on virtually every play which is why it tends to take awhile to learn. These mistakes should become less frequent with more game reps.

    The turnovers were ridiculous but the effort was pretty good and there were some strong performances – Goodwin, Kittle, Beathard offensively, Mitchell, Reid, Bowman defensively.

    I really want to see Ward, Buckner and Lynch back on the field asap. They have to have those 3 healthy and ready to go for week one to have any chance of beating the Panthers.

    1. It appears CJ is already better than Kap at this point. In addition, CJ is not a locker room distraction and appears to be pulling in the same direction as the entire squad.

      No point resigning Kap.

    2. Rocket,

      Agree with your watch assessment. I was struck with how much of the mistakes were procedural. The crux of the running woes were largely due to poor execution on the part of the OL. That was a little troubling. I also think we need Dumervil, Buckner and Lynch on the field to disrupt the opposing line and create havoc. I believe this may create opportunities for Armstead. I hope so anyway because I was a bit troubled by his and Thomas’ disappearance during the game. To be honest I think Buckner and Mitchell may be the keys to the defensive front and Reid will be key in the back.

    3. I definitely think Hyde can have a great year in this offense. He is a talented guy who is learning another new offense. It may take time but he will be good. My major concern is the run blocking from this offensive line. I know there are some cut backs Hyde has missed but most of the time when he’s bottled up is because there is absolutely no place to go.

    4. “What I’m not seeing however is improvement from Armstead. He’s still a non factor as a pass rusher far too often and is inconsistent in the run game. We need to see more from him. This is the season he has to step up and live up to the potential.”

      Team needs to move him now while they can still get something for him.

      1. I’d agree if I thought they could get some value, but two years of less than stellar production and a shoulder injury doesn’t command much in trade I would imagine. I think they are in a position where they have to give him one more year to try and figure it out.

      2. I agree with East when he said this. “I believe this may create opportunities for Armstead.” Armstead was one of our most consistent guys. Not so much after the Buckner injury. Aldon’s game went to crap when Justin was out of the lineup. I’m not comparing Arik and DeForest to Aldon and Justin, just the situation.

        I also agree with rocket when he said this. “…but two years of less than stellar production and a shoulder injury doesn’t command much in trade I would imagine.”

        Also, who starts if Arik is traded? 33 year old Dumervile? Lynch with his questionable work ethic? Arik is safe this year.

        1. I think the key to Armstead’s productivity is tandem play with Buckner. I don’t think he’s strong enough to pull things off on his own, as you rightly observed 80 and I sort of alluded earlier. I guess we will see soon.

  9. Depth on defense – Tank Carradine and Pita Taumoepenu also had strong outings.

    Taumoepenu got his first NFL sack by slipping inside of the right tackle in the fourth quarter. He also chased down a ball carrier on the ensuing play, then drew a holding call on the next series.
    Taumoepenu makes for a difficult decision. He’s still raw and still learning the game and can be engulfed at times. But the sixth-round pick also is full of hustle and had some other teams interested in him on the final day of the draft. Can the 49ers risk waiving him and trying to put him on their practice squad?

    Read more here:

    1. Of all the potential cuts, Pita could hurt the most. Pass rushers are always in demand, so I don’t think Pita will make it to the PS. We have a logjam at LEO, so SAM is probably Pita’s only shot at making the roster.

      Harold may just be getting reps and a fair shot at starting. But I read that Brooks has been struggling against the run, same as Pita. Granted, Pita isn’t as polished or proven as Brooks.

      Brooks is in the final year of his contract and probably isn’t in our long term plans. So we have to ask ourselves. Is one year of backup Brooks worth the risk of losing Pita?

      1. Brooks and his 6 sacks a year may not matter to Shanny.

        “You don’t always want to think who’s the best guy for Week 1. Who’s the best guy for the 2017 49ers? I try to simplify my thoughts in that way.”

        Here are some PFF numbers (I know it’s PFF).

        Scouting service Pro Football Focus gave Harold a 77.0 grade in the exhibition opener in Kansas City and a 73.7 mark against the Broncos. Brooks’ grades were 65.3 and 44.9, respectively.

        What stands out to me from those numbers is that Harold had a small drop off against the 1’s, but Brooks played far worse against the backups.

      2. I agree on the Brooks sentiment- albeit, I have been a fan of his for a long time. I believe it is time to develop the young guys.

        I like dropping Barkley and hope we keep Dial, or at least get something of equal value to him- Corner or Guard, obviously- Witherspoon has supposedly really turned a corner, pun, the last couple of weeks, which may also provide depth there.
        Redmond over Reaser?

  10. C.J. Beathard majored in something called Leisure Studies while at Iowa, which sounds about right.

    He sure made things look easy Saturday night.

    After the 49ers first-team offense gasped, wheezed and coughed up three first-half turnovers against the Denver Broncos, en route to a 33-14 defeat at Levi’s Stadium, the rookie quarterback waltzed in and showed what Kyle Shanahan’s offense is supposed to look like.

    1. Yeah, they do stupid degrees like that. On average NCAA football players spend 44.5 hours a week practicing, film study, working out and playing. Add in you need 36 hours of class/study time for a 12-unit semester in a real major they don’t’ have much choice.

  11. 49ers ‘hopeful’ Jimmie Ward returns to practice Wednesday:

    The 49ers are hoping to get the most important player in their secondary, safety Jimmie Ward, back at practice this week ahead of the third preseason game Sunday in Minnesota.
    Coach Kyle Shanahan said Ward will get worked extensively out by secondary coach Jeff Hafley before the team’s practice on Wednesday. He’s been on the physically unable to perform list with a hamstring strain since the start of training camp.

    The 49ers have taken the slow approach with the 2014 first-round pick, even while he’s transitioning to another new position. Ward entered the league having played safety in college and played exclusively at slot cornerback in his first two seasons.

    I’ve been pleased with Lorenzo,” Shanahan said. “He moves around fast, he’s really eager, the game’s not too big for him, he’s made plays wherever he’s been and he’s continued to do that for us and I hope he continues to get better.”

  12. With Seb obsessing on ‘OC’ so long could be really mean his vacationing in Orange County ?
    Maybe he’s referring to the Charger’s new stadium and that Seb won’t be caugt dead going to a game at the Home Depot Center—It’s beneath Seb’s dignity as a white wine sipping, bris cheese eating, snob, that they will not cater to him in his luxury box.

    Seb’s awaiting his real team–The Chargers– and their new $1.3 billion stadium, stocked with all of the new fangled amenities. (Don’t forget the laptop plug ins) !

    San Diego ‘SuperChargers’ team song

    1. From the article:

      “I like it,” Reid said on Saturday night. “Just being around the ball more. Tackling is my favorite part of the game. I love to hit. So, I have more opportunity to do that.”

      After the concussions he’s had, it seems like his statements are a reality oxymoron. Hope he has a great year and stays healthy.

  13. KS knows what he is doing. This offense is his baby, and when he feels it’s time to incorporate help, he will, regardless of criticism from people (Fill in the blank) who couldn’t pick a football out of a “ball lineup”. On a side note, maybe the team can bring back Kaep as a spiritual, sociological specialist along the lines of Dr. Harry Edwards. Just a thought. That would fulfill Seb’s “The door is still open” myth. ;>)

    1. Juan, the NFL is blackballing the leader of a movement, But after Charlottesville, the need to stand up for your principles is needed even more .
      I am sure 100% of those nazis and KKK sympathizers hate Kaep and all his protests, so maybe you should not associate with that ilk.
      Peaceful protest is what made America great, and courage in the face of hate is what makes me proud to be an American.
      Kaep has started a movement, and it will not go away. Persecuting him is just making him into a martyr, so the NFL is just giving themselves another black eye. History has shown that the blacklisting in the 50’s was wrong. The blackballing today is wrong, and history will not be kind to the people on the side protecting injustices.

        1. Cassie, I am happy to diverge into other areas, but this is not devolving into screeds and ad hominem attacks like you and others do.
          Actually, this is topical and relevant. I said long ago, the coaches will get film on the players during this preseason, and will need to make assessments. So far, Hoyer has shown he is Hoyer, and while CJB has done well against the scrubs, he will face far stiffer competition when he faces the starters.
          Still, Kaep is way superior to any present Niner QB, and his mobility will allow him to thrive in a KS offense. So far, the assessment skills of the Niners are deficient, if they cut Ellington who just caught 4 passes for 96 yards, and Zuttah, who just signed an 8 mil contract with the Ravens.
          The Niners risk looking clueless if they pass on Kaep, who, when he gets his chance, will take the league by storm, again.
          If they truly want to win, they should sign the best players who give them their best chance to win. Right now, the Niners and many other teams are sheathing a potent weapon. The NFL tried to squash dissent, but has failed to cow all the players. There still are protests, and the NFL is powerless to stop it. Even 12 players on the Browns are showing solidarity to Kaep and his message. Now that white players are standing tall, it is not just a black/white issue, it is a fight for the soul of America. Do we stand tall for social justice, or remain sheep?

          1. Sebbie… I don’t recall you being a fan of either Zuttah or Ellington. Funny how you bend your narrative to now call the 9ers out for allegedly whiffing on those two.

            The 9ers are not concerned about ‘the risk’ of looking clueless about Kaep’s possible return to the NFL. Nope.

            A fight for the soul of America–nice cliche Sebbie. That one’s been around for some time. It does have a nice sheen.

            So, where are you on the Nessa matter? If Kaep is the stand-up man you (and others) feel he is, how can you assert that Nessa stole him away from his true love–playing football? Your silly conclusion here suggests that playing football is more important to Kaep than fighting for the soul of America? Which is it Sebbie? Sebbie, hello?

            1. Maybe you did not know this, but I said I hoped Ellington would make the team because he had 4.3 speed and could possibly handle punts, if only he could stay healthy.
              3 days later, they cut him.
              Zuttah I penciled in as the starter, because I thought Kilgore was too easily pushed back into the pocket.
              Everyone was surprised he was cut, but I thought the Niners should have traded him back to the Ravens, since they had just lost their starting center. They should have gotten something for him, instead of cutting him, and getting nothing.

              1. It didn’t cost them anything of note in that trade for Zuttah. Ellington does not possess 4.3 speed, and his body is made for basketball, not football.

          2. Sebnoying…………and a less than big fan of Ellington. Why this recent love for Ellington? Because he’s one of your new “victims”.

            And how do YOU define Social Justice, Seb? Your definition?

  14. Think it’s still to soon to make the calls needed for final rooster . I’ve played collegiately, never coached anything over high School , but the smart thing is to keep the playbook simple/ vanilla . So players get there assignments that they are trying to learn ,down pat so to speak , as far as trades go ,all options should be on the table. All decisions should be team first, not salary based ,or draft pick based . KS is trying to instill a new offensive system that he runs , don’t expect him to have an OC ,til the basic offense is instilled . And looks like bread and butter . Than build off of that ,( what preseason is for ) I agree with alot of you on the defensive side with the Brooks debate . Is it worth cutting a younger ( drafted ) guy to develop ( or a older player,with one year left ) in the meantime building a team to what it’s needs are for the future . ( Possible trade ?) Bill Walsh ( best coach ever, my opinion) always went with the best player for the team , going forward . Not for today . We can hope for , but Rome wasn’t built in a day . Not saying this season is a wash , but more of a stage that’s considered a growing pain . Not just on offense but defensive too . What makes things optimistic / positive is most of the draft picks are looking promising , really promising . They are growing expeditiously/ noticably. The 1-and 2 you expect , 3 show up 1st year , 4 and 5 , your really not expecting that they are turning into starters first year or pushing a starter out . But ours are , consistently (ie kittle ) we have 2 possible 3 walk-on FA . That look real good . Next thing penalties . New system, so it’s new to everyone . New players at just about every position on offense.(except tackle/ center/ possible rb) Yes it takes a little more time than we as a group are giving them . Most I think are coming around ,so to speak. Thoughts are to use players on defence for players on offense ,( guard) possibly it might happen , but don’t expect to see anything til last week of preseason . Honestly you have to know if it will benefit the team before you pull the trigger ,on any trade . Yes our defensive line is thick , stronger than most . Lb ? Needs to fit the system , possible trades . I think yes . Not enough dept anywhere else . But all this being discussed pre injuries before the preseason is over , is wasting ink . My question to all , your opinion . Which one player gives us an advantage in a trade ,as far as value / return . Try to think of one that would bring instant return ,not for just this one season . But for building a winner . Any thoughts you have would love to hear . Remember only one that fits the bill ,so to speak . Your thoughts ?

    1. The most valuable player on the Niners is Joe Staley. The Niners should trade him to the Broncos for a second round pick.
      Joe is 32, so he is not in the future building plans. Darrel Williams looks good, or they could move Trent Brown over to LT.
      The Niners would be rewarding Joe Staley by trading him to a SB contender. Give him a chance at a ring before he retires.
      Denver would be willing to trade a high pick because they have Garrett Bolles. He committed 4 or 5 holding calls last game. They really need Siemian to stay upright if they want a chance to succeed. Poor O line play last year, doomed their season.
      Niners would be sitting pretty with three second round picks in 2018. They could use those 3 picks to help build a foundation, or maybe bundle them to jump up to get the QB they covet.
      Bill Walsh would trade a player sooner than later, to get maximum value. Trading away Joe Staley may be a loss, but the Niners are rebuilding. They should use that spot to poach a Cowboy O lineman after the 53 cuts.

    2. 49er since 78,

      That is very hard question.
      Brooks – His age would make him worthy of a late mid round pick 5 or 6 maybe.
      Armstead – Hasn’t looked great and has been injured maybe 3 or 4th round pick.
      Hyde – He’s a running back who is injury prone 4th rd pick
      Staley – Good but no longer great and has been getting worse every year and is getting up there late 3rd maybe, most likely a 4th.

      Truth be told I think we are better off making a trade in which we absorb a bigger contract for a year or 2 and dont give up much ala a 5th or 6th round pick.

  15. posted this a few days ago…now this issue seems to be getting more popular due to Brooks/Harold shoot out:

    “If Brooks 53 spot isn’t safe and he’s to be shopped, then I’d suggest Lynch’s is in same sushi boat too.
    That would mean mgmt going with youth and season goes with ’em.
    And proven pass rushers are popular currency in NFL, so you could see them shopping Brooks/Lynch around, for interior lineman maybe???”

    I then said mgmt would keep Brooks (and Lynch) to help make this season competitive….but it does seem Harold might win, and Watson makes Brooks redundant as backup. Between some Dline guys (Dial, etc.) being shopped, also shopping Brooks– could help fetch a couple guys to help on Oline, pass coverage LB, etc.

    Also, concerned about how easy it was for Siemian to pick apart 2nd team D, no surprise he was gonna be the starter, Denver better keep him healthy.

  16. tjf. Love the thought , read the post you put up the other day , but what value are we getting ,ie player . Or are you thinking draft picks ? Putting feelers out ,to see if there is trade bait ,so to speak . Is there a contender that is willing? Or a team that has quality offensive guard’s ( our weak spot) Is there any teams with CB of starter quality , willing to make that trade . I know pass rusher are held in high regards . Guess I’m saying what person , would you name , so we can look too that person value , and assess a trade . Is it worth it ? Guard / cornerback. I believe your right ,but for who?

    1. With Brooks you’re probably looking at a young backup or an older vet… just due to his age and contract. I’d guess you’d get about the same for lynch. In terms of draft comp somewhere between a 6th rounded or late 4th.

  17. The season ends for me today. The shananagans with the kneeling during the National Anthem will keep me from watching an NFL game.
    My brother Paul F Hawkes gave his life, passing at 21 years old, serving this country and our flag in the US Air force secuirty forces ( out of NY deployed to Iraq. )
    36 U.S. Code Section 301 dictates all present for the anthem and flag should stand at attention facing the flag. To huddle with your back to it is unacceptible.

    1. Matt, very sorry for your loss. I feel the same way you do. It’s sickening. I’d prefer there be standard language in the contracts that players show respect to the flag and the Anthem, unless they’re not citizens.

      1. Maybe you should stick to football, but since we are commenting on the subject, we now have a draft dodger fake President escalating a war with bravado and bombast, in a desperate move to try and wrap himself in the flag to save his presidency.
        He is sending more Americans into harms way as a political farce. It is another tale of wag the dog. Of course, he will threaten to send a mean tweet to any owner courageous enough to sign Kaep.

        1. Sebbie darling…set the example and stick to football. Unsure if you’re aware, but you are one pompous dbag. Stick to football.

          1. Cassie…

            He can’t and he won’t. The fact is, Seb sees himself as Don Quihote. He needs something to rail against in this ” some people are victims” mentality-and HE will decide who the victims are. His latest rants are against Trump. Why not stick to football? Because it’s a psychological need…………..

        2. Sebbie… Interesting how you hold Kaep up as a principled man driven by right, then you assert he was stolen away from football (and you…) by Nessa. You made the case–you’ve begged–Nessa to let Kaep go. Free him so he can return to his love of football (and you). Oh how you crowed. Talk about inconsistent.

          You’re the poster child for chameleon narcissists.

          1. Cassie, you are a consistent gadfly, but that is OK, because all the pushback from you and others just show how impactful my statements are. You would not waste your time if what I say does not upset you.
            I am pretty consistent in my condemnation of Delilah, and think she has given Kaep bad advice. However, the cause for fighting for social justice seems to be needed now more than ever.
            Kaep, while being courageous in the face of death threats, could have avoided the vitriol if he had directed his tactics into more positive directions, and could have done more good if he had worked within the system. He should have registered to vote, and voted, because that is the best way to peacefully effect positive change.
            Yes, the stench of Baalke continues, and you are just being a Baalke shill. I have made the determination that I will continue to post, even with your shrill screeds. I even do not mind your trolling me, because I get to rip Baalke even more.

            1. Sebbie… If Kaep is the stand-up man you (and others) feel he is, how can you assert that Nessa stole him away from his true love–playing football? Your silly conclusion here suggests that playing football is more important to Kaep than fighting for the soul of America? Which is it Sebbie? Sebbie, hello?

              1. Sebbie… As Mao said, “women hold up half the sky.” Why not give Nessa a call during her talk show and ask her about the emasculation of your beloved Kaep? Hmm?

    2. “The season ends for me today” Look Sir, no disrespect to you, your brother, or any military man or woman. But that is hogwash. These men have every right to protest as they see fit. Thats what your brother, along with my dad, grandad, uncle, aunt, and cousin ALL fought for. They didn’t fight to stand up and listen to a song. They didn’t fight to look at a flag, for the uninitiated, the people fought for the men and women next to them. When that song plays, I don’t say this represents the military, I’m standing there thinking of my family, I’m standing there thinking if my friends are ok or how they might be doing in heaven. That us code does say all uniformed personnel must stand. It is a uniformed code. Not a civilian code. That right that u have to say about not ever watching football again, is the same right these athletes have to protest non violently. And for you and people like you to call it nonsense, is a big reason they are doing what they are doing. Who are you or any of us, to tell them how to protest. Who are any of us to say what they are doing is a bad thing, when they are trying to bring to light the injustice of society, the police brutality, the running over of human beings just because they are black or Jews, or Hispanic, or just because the rascist SOB wanted to. These men just said they took a knee and prayed that things will get better and you decide to not want to watch because they want to make things better. It’s not about you. If you have a problem with how my family fought and died for this country, because that’s what they died for, to give us all rites to give us all equality. They didn’t die to hear someone bi*** about people wanting fairness throughout society. So your opinion is your own, much respect to it, hut stop watching football all you want. The globe will still spin. And I will continue to remember my family, the family who bled, and fought, and died for this great Nation. Oh and I’ll definitely continue to watch Football. Especially my Niners.

      1. “They didn’t fight to stand up and listen to a song. They didn’t fight to look at a flag, for the uninitiated,….”

        The f— they didn’t. My Grandfather did world war II, my day did Korea, I did Vietnam. One thing we didn’t do, we didn’t fight for you and your kind. I have no problems with protesting I have a problem with disrespect.

        1. Me and my kind (black people) fought for the man and woman next to us. We bled together. We didn’t stand there and hope a fuc++++ flag waved. We fought to make sure we made it home. But your right u didn’t fight for my kind. But our brothers in arms did. U rascist piece of crap.

          1. When bullets started flying, they weren’t jumping on the flag to protect it, they weren’t saying someone play the national anthem. They were ducking bullets. They were jumping in front of those bullets to make sure their brothers in arms made it home. Jacka**** like you act like these guys are pi##### on the flag when all they are doing is kneeling, and praying for peace. Grow the hell up. Because this situation is bigger than you.

          2. Hey Haters………………….

            I’m going to blow your whole thesis right out of the water-yours and Sebs…are u ready for this? Sitting down?
            If I ever saw someone who was black getting dissed, put upon or done wrong to, I would absolutely fight for them–but its not for the reason you want to hear. I will and would do it because they are human being as I am-with all the rights and privelage’s due them. All racism is evil-I believe that right down to the depth of my heart.
            But we always see our own worst faults in others, don’t we?

        2. Your right, u didn’t fight for me and my kind. My kind, black people, fought for the man and woman next to us. We fought to make sure we Madeline it home to our families. But like I said you didn’t fight for my kind. We fought for each other. “My kind”. Proves my whole point, you racist bastard

          1. HGH, he’s not referring to your race. He’s referring to people who disrespect the flag and the Anthem. I think you jumped the gun here. Racists are bastards, but I find it hard believing that uc is one of them.

          2. HGH
            I’ve ‘known’ Undercenter on this site for a few years now. I’ll offer you my opinion that he has never shown an inkling of bigotry in his posts, and so I think you are wrong about him.
            That said, even though I feel personal resistance to the anthem protests, I do understand the points you are making today. I very much agree that in the moments I was thinking about getting us through alive, and nothing else.
            Throughout the protests I’ve not agreed with the notion that they are more disrespectful to military folks or veterans. The disrespect is also to the Constitution and the right to participate in a democracy from my view; even though our system isn’t always applied evenly.
            Two closing thoughts:
            – Even though I don’t care for the protests, I won’t gripe about them because 1st Amendment is vital. I can even grudgingly accept the Neo-Nazis’ right to speak.
            – A point not often considered, is that NFL Showbiz offers escapism for fans and viewers, many of whom may prefer not to be drawn in to socio-political realms which are all too available elsewhere on media and internet.
            We’re going to be alright.

            1. I had the good fortune to have Undercenter(Dave) visit me at my home, and I can verify that he is a great man. He doesn’t have a racist or bigotry bone in his body. Jerry Jones handled this situation the right way. He said I sign the checks, and if you do not stand during the anthem, your check will not be signed. Protest all you want, but don’t do it on company time. That’s not racism. That’s common sense-ism….

              These people that draw the race card like it’s a gun are difficult to respect. They act like they’re God, and know what’s in a mans heart.

              1. It is nice to know that even with the blackballing, there are players with courage who are continuing the protest.
                I wonder if you think that Michael Bennett or Marshawn Lynch will be benched and marginalized, or even cut from the team.
                Now, even white players are saying that they also see the injustices in society, and feel the need to show solidarity to the cause. I applaud the courage of those players, and agree with Malcolm Jenkins when he says that the owners are a bunch of cowards to allow themselves to be blackmailed into trying to squash dissent.

              2. To all of you that just stood up for that man UC, I respect and appreciate everything you guys just said. To the man UC, I apologize if I said something accusing you of something you aren’t. With that said, I stand by my stance of fight to get my brothers and sisters home. Fight so this country can stay free. And fight for the right to protest non violently. Which is what I see guys doing. Taking a knee, bowing their heads and praying for peace.
                #hatersgonnahate. #standupkneelforpeace

              3. Actually guys that talk s$$$ about another man’s passion to protest act like their good and know what’s in a man’s heart. Look in the mirror

              4. Haters Gonna Hate, are you just born dumb? What part of protest on your own time all you want zoomed over your tiny pea brain? Just don’t do it on the company dime!

              5. Sebber, I could care less about Bennett or Lynch. Each team handles it their own way. Jerry Jones’ approach is how I would handle it. When I tune into football, that’s all I want. I don’t want activism about societies social injustices or gun rights or anything else that does not pertain to football. Enough already!

              6. Yes, football is a good escape from reality, but when it hits close to home like it did to a relative of Anquan Boldin, it is hard to ignore.
                I would just like to point out that Kaep protested BEFORE the game, but once the game started, he was all football.

              7. Sebber, everyday of my life is spent in reality, and I live at home. It’s impossible to ignore, and these protests before games make it difficult to escape for 3 hours. Why is that so hard to for you and others to understand? Protest all you want, but do it after you punch out….

    3. Matt, I am sorry for your loss, but you misplace your hate. You should be more mad at the person who sent your brother to his death. Bush ignored the warnings, so we had 9/11. Then he used that act as a pretext to invade Iraq. Blame Bush.
      Your brother died to help save America, so people could be free to exercise their right to protest. He did not die to squash dissent. Considering Kaep was protesting against police brutality, and did it in a non violently, peaceful, silent manner, maybe your brother would like that better than ramming a car into a crowd.
      Yes, I am upset that he used the flag as a symbol of protest, but at least he did not burn it. Sure, he could have channeled his energies into more positive avenues, but he got a dialogue going, and has shined a bright light on an ugly problem in America.
      Threatening to boycott is just a form of blackmail. Maybe it would not be wise to cut off your nose to spite your face. Maybe we would be better off without you, but I just wish you would reserve your vitriol for players who beat their preg gf in the stomach. knock out women and break their jaw, terrorize women by throwing her on an arsenal of weapons, commit rape, drive drunk and beat children.

      1. Seb, Bush became president in 2001, so there is no sense blaming him for 9/11. The presidents before him, yes. Iraq is another matter. It’s probably the worst foreign policy decision a US President ever made.

      2. Seb–

        Your trying to make Kap out as the new and improved MLK. Your failing, and you will fail.
        Another thing, Seb-there is a HUGE difference between a lady and just being born female. They are not one and the same. Because you say so, I’m supposed to give great respect to those morons who march around wearing vagina hats???????
        How many women have you known in your life? Some of them are slime, but that’s because of the human element.

    4. Matt,

      Sorry for your loss and it’s understandable that you feel the way you do. All I will say is giving up something you enjoy based on a few players actions before the game seems like a punishment you are giving yourself based on something you can’t control. I get the anger some feel over the protest during the anthem. If you view it as an act against the great men and women who have fought and played a part in the development and safety of this nation, it does come off as disrespectful, but that isn’t the message they are trying to send when they do it. Every player that I’m aware of who has taken part in this type of protest has clearly stated it is not aimed at the military. It is simply an action to attract attention that they hope will then lead to discussion and awareness of the problems people of color face in this country. I don’t like politics invading football anymore than you do, but I respect the fact these players are trying to do something, anything, to promote change in the way some Americans are treated and stereotyped. If it doesn’t take place when a game is happening, it is ignored and indifference continues. What has happened is they have forced people to acknowledge their actions and in turn react to it. It’s not always the way they want, and many feel the same way you do, but there has been a lot of focus on these issues going back to last preaseason when Kap first sat through the anthem, so it has achieved it’s intended result to a degree.

      I’m not going to try and tell anyone how to live, but if you love the game as much as it appears we all do here, then don’t deprive yourself of it. Don’t pay attention to the pregame – they don’t often show the anthem anyway – and just go back to enjoying the purity of the game itself. Just my two cents.

  18. 49er 53
    QB- Brian Hoyer, CJ Beathard
    OL- Joe Staley, Zane Beadles, Daniel Kilgore, Brandon Fusco, Trent Brown, John Theus, Joe Gilliam, Tim Barnes, Josh Garnett
    RB- Carlos Hyde, Tim Hightower, Joe Williams, Mark Breida
    FB- Kyle Juszczyk
    TE- Vance MacDonald, George Kittle, Logan Paulsen
    WR-Pierre Garcon, Marquise Goodwin, Aldrick Robinson, Jeremy Kerley, Trent Taylor, Victor Bolden
    DL- Arik Armstead, Earl Mitchell, Deforest Buckner, Solomon Thomas, Tank Carradine, Aaron Lynch, DJ Jones, Ronald Blair, Quinton Dial
    OLB- Ahmad Brooks, Eli Harold
    ILB- Navorro Bowman, Reuben Foster, Ray Ray Armstrong, Brock Coyle
    S- Eric Reid, Lorenzo Jerome, Jaquiski Tartt Jimmy Ward
    CB- Rashard Robinson, Dontae Johnson, K’Waun Williams, Ahkello Witherspoon, Keith Reaser, Adrian Colbert
    LS- Kyle Nelson
    P- Bradley Pinion
    K- Nick Rose

  19. Matt ,,, I agree ,,, that is the code of the brothers in arms ,,, most don’t understand what that means to the real hero’s,,,,, and the amount of faith it takes to stand in harm’s way . I don’t agree with when they are doing it . Even though I think it’s still a problem .I thank you ,and your family for there sacrifice. Nothing can bring him back , I wish I new a way ,,, I have a list of family,and friends that I would greet , some of us live with the fact of why it was not us ,or why it was them . My most heart felt sympathy , but don’t give up on something that is not in there hearts ,or in there values . There is a time and a place for everything , and the courage you show ,I doubt your brother would of gave up .he proved that . That day . Honor him and speak your mind , lead the charge . A group of us that are still tight , refuse to watch the game or games until it is over , so we don’t feel the things that carried us ,in the faith are lost ,ie the beautiful sound ,and them Brite colors, uniting to say hit them where it hurts . Tv ratings , stand up for him and honor him . Sounds like he would do it for you . ,,, Cause most of the ones that protest that way ,,, have no idea of sacrifice . Or why the ones that protect our great country ,still to this day . Take pride in it . I will see my brothers one day ,and tell them I gave up nothing , but there voice will be heard . I will not give up on the things they loved , football. And as long as I draw a breath of air there voice will be heard too! We bring our own flag to the club ,play our anthem ,tv off during that time , and our hands on our hearts , our thoughts are for our brothers . Than we watch the game . Make them pay attention. And teach them why . Respect ,,,, hurrah …..hurrah ….

  20. Some numbers after two games.

    SF is 6th in yards allowed in two games with an 251 YPG average.
    SF is 10th in passing YPG, 226 average.
    SF QBs are 7th in QB rating at 97.2
    SF is 5th in passing yards allowed per game with 162.5 a game.
    SF is 14th in rushing yards allowed per game with 88.5 a game.
    SF is 5th in most 1st downs given up due to penalties, AZ is first, giving up 11 1st’s from penalties. What’s up with that? Maybe Arians should call Harbaugh for advice.

  21. Rookie QBs.

    Beathard 130.6 rating, 14/23 (60.9%) 211 YDs, 3TDs 0INTs
    Mahomes 128.1 rating, 17/23 (73.9) 137 YDs, 3TDs 0INTs
    Rush 125.2 rating, 26/38 (68.4%) 283 YDs, 4TDs 0INTs
    Trubisky 111.4 rating, 24/33 (72.7%) 226 YDs, 2TDs 0INTs
    Kizer 98.6 rating, 19/31 (61.3%) 258 YDs, 1TD 0INTs
    Kaaya 101.4 rating, 12/18 (66.7%) 109 YDs 1TD 0INTs
    Watson 78.4 rating, 18/35 (51.4%) 281 YDs 0TDs 0INTs
    Peterman 77.9 rating, 23/35 (51.1%) 279 YDs 1TD 0INTs
    Webb 61.2 rating, 8/16 (50%) 67 YDs 0TDs 0INTs
    Dobbs 40.1 rating, 18/34 (52.9%) 170 YDs 1TD 3INTs
    Torgersen 29 rating, 7/13 (53.8%) 44 YDs 0TDs 1INT

    1. Shanny probably isn’t surprised that CJ tops the list. I’m surprised Rush has been so good. I thought Webb and Peterman would be better. Everybody else (especially Watson) is right around where I thought they would be.

    2. Trubisky and Watson are the most impressive on that list to me. Taking into account where they are playing and the number of throws. It will be interesting to see if they can maintain such a high completion percentage or something even remotely comparable when they have to deal with blitzes and more complex coverage schemes.

      1. Watson has impressed me, for sure. His athletic ability is off the charts. Against the Patriots on Saturday, Watson did a play action fake and turned around only to find 2 defenders right in his face. He was still able to avoid the rush and throw the ball away. It was very very impressive. His accuracy needs work though. He throws way too many passes behind receivers or a foot or 2 off here or there which prevents YAC. If he can fix those things I think he will be good. Right now Tom Savage is better and I don’t think it’s close. Savage is at his best right now while Watson’s ceiling is much higher.

        1. Sorry to disagree, but Watson may be the starter for the season opener.
          Savage has shown his limitations, but Watson seemed like a seasoned pro.

          1. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Do you comment on everything just to hear yourself type. Savage is 17-20 in the preseason. His accuracy has been outstanding and he’s done everything exactly as O’Brien wants it done. O’Brien has been effusive in his praise of Tom Savage during training camp. Here’s another link that proves you have no idea what your talking about from an interview today:


            1. Houston, I was talking about Savage’s performance last year. He did not do well, even though he inherited a very talented team.
              I also said MAY be the starter. Since O’Brien named Savage the starter, I guess Watson is his backup.

              1. My God man, just stop. You can’t resist commenting even when you have absolutely no clue what your talking about. O’Brien benched Brock Osweiler in week 15 in the 2nd quarter against Jacksonville. Savage led the Texans to a 21-20 comeback win in that game. He started the next game against the Bengals and ended up getting hurt. Savage was so upset he went into the locker room and destroyed a white board. Savage did well with the very limited opportunities he had last year.

      2. I should elaborate on Trubisky and Watson.

        There is no stage that is too big for Watson. He is at his best when the lights are brightest. However, when I mention Watson and Trubisky being right where I thought they would be, I was talking about accuracy and completion %.

        Watson’s placement is often horrifying. He made a lot of throws that won’t available to him as a pro. Trubisky, while green had good placement. This is why I’m not surprised that his completion % is high.

        At the pro level, placement is paramount. Not always just hitting people between the numbers and in stride, but sometimes placing the ball where only the WR can get it.

        1. 80,
          In regards to placement, I remember reading an article where P. Manning was talking about it.
          He essentially said often fans don’t understand what is going on, and that what look like bad throws can be good ones. Ie putting the ball on the back hip or low so as not to lead a receiver into traffic or protect them from a big hit.
          We as fans understand the concept of the back shoulder fade by now but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

  22. Interesting article about snap counts. I was already on board regarding Magnuson likely making the squad before reading the piece. Wondered why Hikutini got such little play. I looked at it more because of Thomas’ play time which was similar to other players like him.

    Witherspoon got a lot of play time as did Jerome. Taumoepenu also got a pretty long look so not sure what that means as did Watson and DJ Jones. The other player that got a bunch of playing time is Douzable but I don’t think that will matter in the end.

    In either case it is interesting to see the amount of playing time especially on the defensive side.

  23. KS says he gets pissed off when things do not go right.
    Maybe he should not let his emotions affect him so much. If the Niners win as much as the pundits think, he will really be ticked off. That anger is counter productive, and it would be better if he remains calm, stoic, imperturbable and unreadable. I would like to see him put on a poker face, instead of slumping his shoulders and scowling.
    Sounds like he would be a terrible poker player, and other teams will needle him to throw him off his game, because he is easily rattled.
    Bill Walsh said it best. Do not let them see you sweat. Feign weakness, and go for the throat.

    1. Seb-

      The whole freeking planet knows your panting just to get your digs in on this brand new coach. Why? Because he would not give your guy a 25 yr. contract, thats why…………….

    2. “Sounds like he would be a terrible poker player”………….pure negative conjecture.
      “Other teams will needle him to throw him off his game”…………how’s that worked out for the opposition?
      “……because he is easily rattled”. More of your “the earth is flat” provocation’s…………..

  24. Juanhunglo says:
    August 21, 2017 at 4:27 pm

    On a side note, maybe the team can bring back Kaep as a spiritual, sociological specialist along the lines of Dr. Harry Edwards. Just a thought. That would fulfill Seb’s “The door is still open” myth. ;>)

    sebnynah says:
    August 22, 2017 at 9:57 am

    Juan, the NFL is blackballing the leader of a movement, But after Charlottesville, the need to stand up for your principles is needed even more .
    I am sure 100% of those nazis and KKK sympathizers hate Kaep and all his protests, so maybe you should not associate with that ilk.

    TomD’s Take:


    Maybe you should appreciate locker room chemistry more than you’ve posted about it (at last count zero). Joe Montana even stated that “if a player isn’t pulling with the team as a whole, 100%, that he wasn’t around long–no matter how good he was.”

    Juan is simply arguing the effect on the team. Is it possible he could help with team unity by availing himself to the teachings of Dr. Harry Edwards, and helping with the sociological aspects of a young player on the 49ers.

    To post that Juan is siding with Nazis reveals your attempt to win an debate by any way possible, including scraping the sewer bottom with other bottom dwellers of your ilk. But, then again, others may be outraged at your hyperbole, but I know that the bar can never be set low enough for you, and this is a new low, even for you.

    1. TrollD, I could never get as low as you, who fantasizes about breaking into gun lockers and creating nightmares.
      Maybe Juan should acknowledge the First Amendment right to protest, especially since it is against police brutality, and done in a peaceful, silent, non violent way.
      Kaep is also the winner of the Len Eshmont award, so he is a leader in the locker room, despite your disavowals.

      1. You’re breaking into gunsafes was my invention for you after your 1 millionth rephrasal of “he shot himself in the foot.” My gunsafe comment was regarding your infatuation about handguns to overemphasize in attempt to get you to stop….Cassie Baalke, Prime, Brotuna and others have noticed an ‘uptick’ in your arsenal, also, when you invoked exploding your phosphorus grenades with children at a Sebastopol play ground…..That I hold at beneath contempt and will never forgive you for.
        Get Help, Please.

        1. TrollD, you can run, but not hide. Yes, you were attacking me for the comment that I wanted the Niners to stop shooting themselves in the foot, but you were the one talking about breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares, even though you were ascribing me to those nefarious acts.
          Just like you have accused me of handling phosphorous grenades in a Sebastopol playground, you go all hysterical. To set the record straight, my boyhood hero came home on leave, and since he knew us neighborhood boys would like pyrotechnics, smuggled home a smoke grenade and a night illumination flare that contained phosphorous. I never handled them, and we all went to a gravel creekbed where he set them off for us in a safe manner. Those were not explosive devices, but us boys thought it was way cool.
          Oh great, now you are parroting me.

      2. For leading the football team?????????? Or is it something else?
        Call me what ever play-ground names you want, Seb-but Idolatry of a flesh and blood human has never benefited anyone-ever.

  25. “I’m ready,” Bowman said. “I have a hard time with practice level, thud level, game-time level. I’m like practice, game. That thud level is kind of difficult for me to manage because I want to go so hard and make the tackle. That’s why in preseason you get those snaps but coaches don’t want you to play that much because they know what you bring to the table. So regular season, I will definitely be ready to

    He’s been a mentor for Foster, providing tips on every facet of the defense and serving as a source of composure when things go awry.

    “He’s always calm and you never see him break a sweat or panic,” Foster said. “It freaks me out sometimes that he just stays that calm but also can motivate somebody. NaVorro calls the play out, break, let’s go, and ready to go for the next play and ball out.”


      1. Not that I’m rooting for an injury, but Hoyer has a history of fading late in the season. Our best bet might Hoyer playing the first 10 and Beathard playing the final 6. I still think Shanny wants Cousins in 2018. It would be a shame if we never got to see what we have with CJ. Even if CJ didn’t look like a franchise QB, he could be traded for a future 2nd or 3rd round pick if he played decent.

      2. When you’re down to your 3rd quarterback, you’re not going to win many games anyway. I’d rather go with two, and if/when you need a 3rd, just go down to Sherwin Williams. That would allow you to keep another promising player that you might not want to lose. Many factors when making that decision, and it should prove to be an interesting cut down day….

        1. Sherwin Williams… The paint store… Hire the guy stocking shelves? Why not Costco? Agree, cut down day will be a trip.

      1. The amount of snaps Carradine played in the last game signals trade advertisement to me, and the few snaps Thomas got suggests they’re happy with his development at this juncture. Just my two bits worth….

        1. Doubt it. Thomas is very raw and was a total non factor in the Denver game. Was swallowed by their line and contributed nothing to the game. Carradine had a heck of a game on the other hand and played solid the previous game as well. I don’t think that he will be traded. I think he starts!

  26. I predict NFL viewership will decline even more this year due to this flag nonsense. The owners should make a rule that if you do not show respect and stand for the flag and anthem, you will not play. You will sit in the clubhouse without pay. I can’t believe the stupidity of these players. They can go on shows, hold a press conference, whatever they like on their days off and put forth their talking points. The commissioner, and the owners are just as dumb for allowing it to continue….

    1. The owners should make a rule that if you do not show respect and stand for the flag and anthem, you will not play. You will sit in the clubhouse without pay.

      It’s a good thing the players have union representation that would quash that notion in a nanosecond.

      1. I don’t think they would have the power to “quash” that rule unless they negotiated it in the next collective bargaining agreement in 2021.

          1. I don’t think so, because legally speaking, any employee working for a private organization does not have the right to claim First Amendment freedom of expression while at work.

    1. Cassie Baalke,

      Seb stated women should talk groceries and shopping not football.

      When you referred to him as a ‘knuckle dragger’ he seemed deeply offended .

  27. Boy this blog went off the tracks earlier today. LOL. Thanks Tom, but it’s not necessary to defend me from Seb. Everybody has the little man dialed in, including myself. I myself have never argued against Kaep’s or anyone else’s right to protest. On the contrary, as a minority myself I encourage it. However, when doing so, be prepared for the negative repercussions, if there are any. In Kaep’s case, there are. This is what Seb can’t seem to understand, which is apparent with his idiotic insinuation that I sided with Nazi’s because I said Kaep should come on as a spiritual, sociological counselor for the team. Obviously I’m being sarcastic, but like a moth to a flame, Seb reacts, rather immaturely I might ad, which is normal for him.
    As I have stated many times, I have family and close friends in both law enforcement and the military. I have enormous respect for what they do everyday, putting their lives on the line to protect our communities and our country. I have enormous respect for our flag and national anthem and what they stand for. Are there bad apples in these professions? Yes, of course, but the percent is so minute compared to overwhelming percent of good. There are bad apples in every profession. Those that break the law in any field, but especially those that are assigned to protect the public and the country as a whole, should be dealt with harshly, but to paint them all with a gigantic brush like Seb and some others do is outrageous, and quite frankly sickening. I also believe that the owners of these teams have every right to sign who they want to sign, and if they don’t want someone like Kaep, or anyone else who’s activism is contrary to what they believe, than that’s their freedom of choice. It’s their team. Period. Too bad, so sad. Repercussions.
    I do find it ironic and quite curious that Seb, the great defender of minorities and the oppressed, the great protester of wars, dictators, and social injustice, himself sends his kids to a school (Summerfield Waldorf) that is basically 98% white. Freedom of choice. I certainly wouldn’t say he is siding with the Nazi’s for making that school choice. That would be idiotic and immature of me.
    Hopefully we can get back to football.

    1. This is an excellent post Juan, but I think you’re missing one key point. Yes, the overwhelming number people involved in law enforcement are in fact, good peopleand operate with the rules of law. Law enforcement is a tough job, and the people who do these jobs deserve a great deal of respect. However, I think you may be glossing over the real problem. That is, the blue wall of silence. While most law enforcement officials are in fact good people, they also tend to live by a code of silence that enables the few “bad apples” to exist. I think a lot of the frustration that minorities have is valid, but often misdirected. My grandfather was a sheriff in the great state of Mizzu. He was a good man. He told my mother when she was old enough to understand, that there were instances throughout his career in which he witnessed fellow officers abusing their power, but he never felt comfortable speaking out against them because there was a pervasive feeling within the police force that he would be his own, and would be singled out and isolated if he did speak out.

      Isn’t it ironic that my grandfather worked in Missouri? The investigations that came about after Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, was shot and killed on Aug. 9, 2014, by Darren Wilson, a white police officer, in Ferguson Mizzu, is that what would normally be an isolated individual issue, can ultimately become a systemic problem, when it is allowed to fester without repercussions.

      So I think it’s important to recognize that, while 99% of law enforcement officials are good honest people trying to make a difference, there is a code of silence that allows the abusive officers to operate without ramifications and repercussions, and this is a problem that can become a systemic problem when the good men and women within law enforcement remain silent.

    2. Juan, I want to apologize for that insinuation, it was over the top.
      I just see the ostracism and blackballing of Kaep to be over the top, too.
      No, I did not send my children to the Waldorf school because it was so white. I sent my kids there to have an education with lots of Art, Music, and Theater.

  28. Razor couldn’t agree more . All the money ,and tv time they get . Yes they should handle it differently. I tip my hat to all the men and women that stood by ,and gave everything they had . Sometimes the ultimate sacrifice . HGH . Has no clue that them doing that at that time is wrong , think it needs to be done. But not at that time when we honor our owe ,and why is there a flag draped over a caskit if it doesn’t bring any value to your argument . Why do you think we stand ,for it . You think it’s a black thing ,than your racist . It’s about timing ,it’s inappropriate to contest it at that time . Out of respect for our fallen . Not just your fallen but everyone’s . To deny them there reasons , beliefs for why we stand ,and solute our brothers . Is to deny them there dignity , and if you think I didn’t look at that flag ,and get inspired ,and remember what I fought for.when there was nothing American around me but my brothers , is denying them . It’s pitiful to think you can apply a color to it , disgraceful . You should apologize to everyone of them ,carry them ,it’s was there sacrifice ,not yours . They did it not you . You serve them not yourself ,not anyone living. Regardless of color , religion . Or there believes ,who are you to judge . That’s why its to honor something higher than your right.higher than you . Should something be protested yes , but not when so many stand for our fallen ,and remember why . But you wouldn’t know about that. You truly have hate , I wonder if it would change if you were in a foxhole , if they were trying to take not only your rights ,but your life . And that flag you bash , was the only thing you had to remember them . And hold onto. Good day sir ,never hope to hear your thoughts on any of this again ,your offensive , and racist. To take from them to me is uncalled for.and the biggest lie of all.


    “No matter what you do in life, one of the most important things is to be true to who you are,” Sowers said. “There are so many people who identify as LGBT in the NFL, as in any business, that do not feel comfortable being public about their sexual orientation. The more we can create an environment that welcomes all types of people, no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, the more we can help ease the pain and burden that many carry every day.”

    1. TMI. I’m not really sure why we have to know all this personal information. I’m not aware of any reason for your sexual orientation to come up on a job application, or while on the job….

      1. It shouldn’t matter, except to the bigots and social justice types. To the rest of the world it’s like meh!

      2. Should she just stay in the closet? She is an inspiration to the LGBT community and women. She gave an interview on her time, not the teams time. This should be celebrated.

        1. Did I say that? She obviously felt comfortable enough in a casual conversation with Pioli to share her sexual orientation, so I think it’s highly unlikely that skeleton was still in her closet. If she inspires people to come out of the closet, that’s great. Here in America, you’re free to be yourself, so I think her inspiration might be better served in an interview with a sports outlet in the Middle East where woman are second class citizens, and the “wrong” sexual orientation can send you to prison or put to death.

          Racism is a sin. No man is without sin. Something to think about.

          1. “If she inspires people to come out of the closet, that’s great.”

            That’s the point and what she is trying to accomplish.

            This is a noteworthy story. I don’t see what the problem is.

          2. Racism is a sin. No man is without sin.

            Racism is a sin, but more importantly, it’s morally bankrupt.

            I don’t know about you Razor, but I am not morally bankrupt. Maybe we’re different that way?

            Something to think about.

              1. Nope, just not morally bankrupt. I hate to break it to you, but there’s a difference. A sin is defined by the bible. Morality is the essence of doing what is right, and just.

              2. Really? I thought the ten commandments pretty much covered morality, and every man and woman is born with a conscience or ‘suneidesis’ in the Greek, meaning “moral awareness” or “moral consciousness”. I guess I learned something today;>)

              3. ;) It’s not rocket science.

                – an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine (of, from, or like God or a god) law.

                – principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.
                – a particular system of values and principles of conduct, especially one held by a specified person or society.
                – the extent to which an action is right or wrong.

              4. It’s times like these, 49reasons, that it’s really difficult to take you seriously. Without getting into a dissertation, suffice it to say every immoral act disrupts harmony in the relationship with God, as well as within yourself, and in the relationship with other people….

              5. Blah, Blah, Blah.

                Thanks for sparing me the dissertation, and not wasting my time Razor. I am not in the least bit concerned with disrupting the harmony with my relationship with God, because my morals are my own, and not something I read in a collection of works dating back to 100 AD.

              6. I hate to break it to you, but the Book of Acts has been proven 100% historically accurate. The writer, Luke, was a meticulous historian, and his account fits with what we know of the people, geography, and events of first century Asia Minor. Therefore the history that it records should, and can be trusted….

              7. Yah, and find me a Hindu who doesn’t believe in the Shruti, or a Buddhist who doesn’t believe in the Tripitaka, or a Muslim who doesn’t believe in the Koran, or a Ayyavazhi (yes, that’s a real thing) who doesn’t believe in the Arul Nool.

                Do you see a pattern here?

              8. I don’t believe in God, therefore I’m sinless it’s non-existent eyes.

                It’s a good thing there is a morality code that guides me otherwise.

              9. Razor, I once witnessed a giant extraterrestrial spaceship rise from the depths of the San Francisco Bay, and I watched in awe as it hovered silently before moving quickly underneath the Golden Gate Bridge, and then shot into outer space at the blink of an eye.

                We know this story is true Razor, because we can prove that there are parts of the San Francisco Bay that are deep enough to hide a large UFO, and we can also confirm that the Golden Gate Bridge is high enough to allow a large alien craft to move silently beneath it.

        2. But why should anyone care? If I have relations with the neighbors cat, do you care? How is that related to football?
          You want to hear hate? I’ll give you hate….this blog is sounding more and more like the San Francisco Board of Supervisor’s every day……

          1. “How is that related to football?”

            First gay coach in the NFL.

            Also you and seb go back and forth on non-football stuff all the time. I’m fine with that by the way.

              1. I’m proud they chose the right person for the job, whether they are openly straight, openly abstinent, openly bi, openly kink or openly gay….

      3. You guys missed the most important part of the quote.

        “The more we can create an environment that welcomes all types of people, no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, the more we can help ease the pain and burden that many carry every day.”

        I agree with you East. most people are fine with this. But there’s nothing wrong with Katie trying to make lfe better for people like herself. As I said before, she did it on her own time.

        1. That’s ok. I’m just saying that there are things I do not have to know, and things I don’t have any desire to know. It makes absolutely no difference what your sexual orientation, race, gender, or religion is when it comes to human assessment for a job, employer or friend….

          1. “It makes absolutely no difference what your sexual orientation, race, gender, or religion is when it comes to human assessment for a job, employer or friend”

            Yes, she is bringing awareness to that by talking about Pioli.

            1. I’m not going to dig on it, #80………… the same token, you would go berserk if someone started preaching the Bible on this blog–and really, rightfully so.

              Your not going to change how people think.

              1. Preach on saw. Religion is neither good or bad, it’s how the people use it.

                “Your not going to change how people think.”

                That’s probably true. But I’m not trying to do that. I was simply sharing a story that some of our fans might find inspiring.

          2. Tebow and Kap alienated people with their on field stuff. It’s not like Sowers is eating pu*** on the 50 yard line. She gave an interview to a magazine with a niche audience. She was speaking to her people while not speaking ill of anyone.

              1. Wow. What passion? I’m having a conversation. Go ahead and hint that I might be gay or even a woman. That says a lot about you. I can be ‘passionate’ about race and gender equality. It doesn’t mean that I’m a black woman. So much stereotyping on here lately.

              2. Chillax #80. No one is questioning or cares what your sexual orientation is. No one is stereotyping you. You obviously have passion for the topic, or you wouldn’t feel compelled to respond with your talking points. I merely pointed out, in jovial response, that your point had become too illustrative. To say your response was an overreaction would be an understatement. Have a good evening….

              3. The quality of my evening isn’t dependant on this blog. It’s fine if you think this is a non-story, but it’s on 49ers webzone and SF has a large LGBT community. I shared the story with those people in mind.

                Talking points? Find my words anywhere else.

              4. Sensitive much? My wish for you to have a good evening was genuine, and “dependent” on nothing other than just that. Talking points is what we’ve been doing for the past 20 minutes. It’s also known as a discussion….

              5. Hey, #80………..
                Specifically, how was I preaching? You don’t think inspiring has something to do with how people think?
                I also want to know why you wont support those folks into beastiality? They have rights, too……………
                This is a football blog. I’m asking you, I’m not telling you………will you just leave out your inspirations and stick to the 9ers? Nobody cares what she’s doing in her personal life.

              6. saw,

                I said preach on as in if you choose to do so. I won’t chill anyone’s free speech.

                “I also want to know why you wont support those folks into beastiality?”

                Seriously? Beastiality is rape and shouldn’t be supported by anyone? I only support sex between consenting adults whether it’s gay or straight doesn’t matter.

              7. I also want to know why you wont support those folks into beastiality?

                saw, speaking of beastiality, it’s pretty disgusting that you bring up that dog whistle. Does the concept of consent mean anything in your circle?

              1. #80……….

                Why would you bring the subject up on a football blog?

                Who are you to pass judgement on the beastiality folks?
                Why would anyone care how anyone supports sex between adults whether it’s gay or straight? Which is not what your post implied……….
                This blog has become the forum for the S.F. Board of Supervisors!
                Why can’t we stick to football?

              2. ‘Why would you bring the subject up on a football blog?”

                Already answered this. She is a Niner. The Niners probably have more gay fans than any other team. I did it for those fans who may be interested in her story.

                “Who are you to pass judgement on the beastiality folks?”

                Already answered that too. Beastiality is rape.

                “Why would anyone care how anyone supports sex between adults whether it’s gay or straight? Which is not what your post implied”

                I brought that up in response to your beastiality question. You were the one trying to compare homosexuality to beastiality.

                “Why can’t we stick to football?”

                Think about that the next time you participate in a conversation like this. Or the next time you try to psychoanalyse every word of every post by seb.

        2. I don’t think so 80. You are assuming a whole lot about me you may not know. It’s very typical in these blogs to do so.

              1. I just wish I had the courage to come out of my Trump closet, and wear my Trump hat without fear of being gang banged;>)

              2. In all seriousness, I could say TMI in response to your Trump post. But I won’t. Express whatever view you want. Or as I did, post any link you want.

          1. No, I didn’t Razor. How are people supposed to think? I’ll just throw it back at you…………

            To the best of my ability, I try to treat other’s as I would like to be treated. That’s my constitution in a nut-shell. Having said that, I openly admit the thought police get under my skin. I have generally found that the people who profess love and tolerance have the least of it. But that prejudice comes from having grown up in the bay area……….LOTS of love and tolerance, as long as you think precisely as they do.

    2. #80,

      Don’t worry about it. You are entitled to post links and this was no different. The resistance was due to the subject matter which makes some folks uncomfortable. That’s why a story like this is important. Until people can get over their prejudices and accept that society is changing, people like Sowers will have to keep trying to be trail blazers.

      1. It’s not like Sowers is eating pu*** on the 50 yard line.

        That didn’t make me feel uncomfortable, it made me hungry;>)

      2. My Uncle Pat was gay. He was a badass. After he graduated in ’72, he moved from Elkhart to San Francisco. I joined the Marines in ’81, and lived in Oceanside. He FedExed me some purple dank from Marin County one time, and I drove 8 hours up to visit him once. He died of Aids in 2003….


    Brooks will count $6.15 million against the team’s salary cap in 2017. Harold, who is 10 years younger than Brooks, will count just over $823,000 against the cap. Despite his sack total, Brooks’ overall production level has not matched his salary over the years. With the younger Harold itching to prove himself, some wonder if Brooks even has a place on the 49ers’ 53-man roster.

    This offseason, Brooks has survived longer than half of his teammates from last year. With the 49ers looking to rebuild and a completely revamped roster filled with younger players all around him, Brooks’ time with the team may be nearing an end.

    1. Brooks has more lives than a cat. Twenty-years from now someone will be writing an article about how ‘Brooks is going to get cut this year, bet on it…’

      So until I see the stake in his heart, I ain’t buying off on his ‘imminent departure.’

  31. Shoup love it think your right on a bunch . Thank you for the NFL trade rumor link ,( I don’t know /remember which one of you posted it . Thank you …. Sorry to all my friends for the foul ,on the statement I’ve made involving HGH , my passion over whelmed me ,. Sorry I can not stand idly by when a farse shows no comprehension ,or puts no thought into his speech ,not knowing/ caring if it hurts others ,I hope I didn’t offend any of you . Again Sorry ,,,,, not used to standing idly by .

    1. You don’t suppose being a slow news day for the 49ers would have anything to do with it, would ya?…I didn’t think so;>)

    1. Yea, but I hope they don’t pull a balkee and hope for the best. For some strange reason he felt his draft picks could be coached up. If these guys are cutting it, get someone in there quickly. Kind of like when we brought in Goodwin Midway through the preseason a couple years back. We ha EA the cap space

    2. They have in the past. If you break down sacks by how long the QB holds the ball, the 49ers line (for all the fingers pointed the past few years) has never been worse than average.

      The fact is there’s a 21% NFL-wide sack rate when the QB holds the ball 3.6 seconds or longer. Which is why Kaepernick (routinely one of the three slowest QBs to pass in the NFL) was sacked so much. And even at the 3.6+ seconds rate, the 49ers were at 19% against the NFL’s 21%.

      PFF is good at counting. But their analysis is just crap. They don’t understand what their own data shows.

  32. With the lineman that they keep bringing in, I don’t think the 9ers are satisfied with the depth at DT. Midway through preseason, and camp over with, I think it’s about the depth behind Earl Mitchell.

  33. I seriously hope Saw’s remarks about cats was a very poorly chosen example. If this is the real deal for this person, that is disturbing. It is rape. Words have power. Be careful in choosing those words.

  34. Football, like many athletic endeavors, has physical fundamentals that must be achieved to expect success. But wow, Original Sin?
    For goodness sake guys, can we get this in perspective? It’s Farging football!

  35. “……disrupting the harmony with God…..”
    My harmony is:
    Thanks Creator for this very cool day, and um, sorry for my behavior yesterday….uh..

    1. No issues with me Tuna. I can think of a small collection others who could venture an apology or two–and mean it. I know for you it’s genuine.

  36. One thing I wrote in my 10 point post was the goal to be smart about using time outs.
    Time outs should be considered precious, and saved for legitimate challenges, and the last 2 minutes of each half.
    Legitimate challenges. In the first Preseason game, KS threw the red flag, but it was not overturned, which cost the Niners a time out, and made it impossible to challenge a third time.
    A challenge should only be used if they think it is very evident that it will be successful, Anything really close may not be worth the risk. Only 2 successful challenges will allow for a third challenge to be used.
    How to determine if a play should be challenged? In the upstairs coaches booth, there should be monitors running constantly on loop with 1 second delay intervals, so the coach could watch the same play over and over, and in the first 10 seconds, see the play unfold 10 times. If it is close, the coach upstairs needs to say that, and only if it is blatantly wrong, should they tell the HC to throw the flag. I think it is more important to save their time outs, because they may be needed during the last 2 minutes.
    If the other team is hurrying to the line to snap the ball, maybe they see that the call was wrong, so they want to snap the ball to prevent it from being challenged. In those circumstances, maybe the red flag could be thrown, especially if it is close.

  37. Trusting that Grant will toss us a topic today–earlier the better. Being that we’re coming up on the 3rd preseason game–and what typically is planned for the 3rd game–we should have some lively conversation.

  38. ESPN really is a mess. They pulled the announcer from a game merely because his name was Robert Lee. You just can’t make this stuff up, folks.

    1. Razor… A silly move? Without knowing more, I’d say yes. I agree.

      You’ve gone on record acknowledging the private sector’s right to dismiss employees, not hire, reassign staff, etc. Not trying to be argumentative. Yes, ESPN’s decision looks bad. I guess the private sector has the right to look foolish and behave boorishly.

      1. He’s Asian. I’m guessing Chinese. He was to announce a Virginia football game. The announcer said he was okay with it. But the way ESPN is laying people off as their rating plummet I can’t ignore that he may be shading the truth to, right or wrong, negate a possible threat to his long-term employment.

      2. They certainly do, and their track record speaks for itself. I stopped watching after they got rid of Tom Jackson’s, ‘Jacked Up’.

        1. That brings back memories! Jacked Up! I wonder if Seb enjoyed Jacked Up.

          Did you watch MXC around 10+ years ago–Most Extreme Elimination Challenge? That was good stuff. Think of the CTE risk with what was going on…

          Many episodes on YouTube. “MXC” (aka Most Extreme Elimination Challenge) is the ultimate comedic take on extreme sports competition. A side-splitting cross between Mystery Science Theater 3000, What’s Up Tiger Lilly, The Iron Chef and the X Games, each episode pits two teams (such as America’s Meat Handlers and the Cartoon Voice-Over Actors) competing in some of the funniest, most hazardous games ever conceived on television. Equally compelling is the hilarious scripted rapid fire commentary by hosts Vic Romano and Kenny Blankenship, field marshal Captain Tenneal and sideline reporter Guy LeD__che.”

  39. Two golden domers headed in different directions. Kizer getting the start, and C. J. Prosis still is who I thought he was, a China doll.

    1. Recall Eric Wright’s groin injury issues in the late 80s? He missed almost two full seasons. Bad stuff groin injuries.

      1. Ruined his career, really. He’d been an all-pro and pro-bowler in both ’84 and ’85 and was getting recognized as an elite cover corner. Then… Yeah.

        He’s also the guy that saved the 1981 NFC CHampionship game with that one-handed, horse-collar tackle against Drew Pearson. You can see it here. Williams and Lott get tangled up and Pearson looked like he was going to go all the way. And Wright made a game saving tackle as it was doubtful Hick could have gotten over in time. A play or two later a Danny White fumble sealed the game.

        Also, at the end of the video you can see him run down Erick Dickerson (in his prime). To me, he was one of the best cover corners the 49ers ever had while his partner was the best play-making corners we’ve ever had.

  40. I liked Prosise, and wanted the Niners to draft him, but he does seem injured a lot.
    However, since he is on the Seahawks, I hope he gets cut and the Niners can pick him up if one of their backs goes down due to injury. He not only can run, but his pass catching skills would fit perfectly in a KS offense.
    Good for Kizer, but look at who he had to beat out. Out competing Osweiler and Kessler is low hanging fruit.

      1. So true, and I wonder if they will get the Alex Smith treatment when thrown to the wolves, or the Aaron Rodgers treatment.

  41. The Vikings played the Seahawks tough in the recent preseason game. Their defense looks stout, and the main question for them is to see if the offense can get going.
    The Niners big test against the Vikings is if they can stop Dalvin Cook.
    Niners also need to establish the run. I think if they attack the edges, they will have success.
    Guess this is a big test for Hoyer. Wish him well. Hope he can sustain some drives, and score in the red zone.

  42. Seems to be an abundance of posts regarding our new coach, Kate Sowers, her announced, LGBT status, along with Biblical quotes questioning if this is sinful or not ?

    Hard to out biblical a guy from Utah, as I grew up in this environment, so I’ll post one more from the Bible:

    Galatians 5:14, Chapter 14

    For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

      1. in fact, Lombardi’s specific Osty criticisms seemed oddly familiar….like they were echos of a past 9ers QB….something about staring down prime route WR’s, can’t throw ball till QB sees WR open, etc.

        1. Personally, I’ve seen enough of Osweiler to believe he’s Not For Long. Curious the Broncos seem to be inept at evaluation of the QB position.

            1. and I think we know of another situation recently that pointed to Denver’s QB eval process flaws…
              But I think as long as Den has Seimian playing they’ll be ok.

              1. BTW, your “Not-For-Long” comment….reminds me of ol’ Jerry Glanville, and the comments made by Talib about KS’s offense, sound vaguely familiar to the comments Glanville had about the 9ers when he was ATL DC in ’79

  43. Ask Lorenzo Jerome’s former teammates and coaches at St. Francis University about the safety… “He had a chip on his shoulder so big it was crazy….””From Day 1, you could tell he was the best football player on campus,” said Bishop Neal.

    ’”We tried to move him to wherever the ball was going, to be honest,” Pecora said. “And I think it helped his knowledge of the game. It forced him to learn more of the defense. He knows what Eric Reid’s thinking down in that box. He’s played that position.”
    The strategy paid off. Jerome had 18 interceptions in four years at St. Francis and scored eight touchdowns: Three on three kickoff returns.

  44. * Lorenzo James, cont.

    Jerome has eased all of those concerns this summer. On Saturday, for example, he made big tackles at the line of scrimmage in the game’s first four minutes and nearly had his hand on an interception on a pass down the left sideline.

    They stayed up late to watch him in Loretto, Pa.

    “I truly believe that great athletes are born with a competition or grit level,” Pecora said. “If you played him in chess, he’d want to win that as badly as he does the Super Bowl.

    Read more here:

    1. I’m one of those ‘sit on the bench the first year while running the scout team’ kind of guys. But I have to admit I share many of the sentiments of that article.

  45. Oh come on Moses, your not insinuating that getting sacked so much was Kaep’s fault are you? Don’t you know that nothing negative was Kaep’s fault. His slow wind up delivery is the QB coaches fault. The dropping of his eyes and panicking at the slightest hint of pressure is his college coaches fault, his inaccuracy and shoddy footwork is Kurt Warners fault, his incompletions are the receivers fault, and his interceptions are the OC’s fault. His activism is his girl friends fault and the fact he hasn’t signed is his agents fault. Jeesh! ;>)

    1. Juan,

      If you go to my Jennifer Chan link above, she recorde Shanahan’s press conference and Shanny was asked directly, why he did not hire Kap.

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