Kyle Shanahan hints new 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo could play Sunday


SANTA CLARA — The 49ers plan to start C.J. Beathard at quarterback Sunday against the New York Giants, but that plan could change if Jimmy Garoppolo plays well during practice this week. Kyle Shanahan confirmed this at his Wednesday press conference.

“I’m committed to C.J. starting right now,” Shanahan said. “He’s going to get all the reps as the starting quarterback right now when we go out to practice. But we’ve had guys being the starters at certain positions on Wednesday, Thursday and based on how they practice we change that on Friday.

“I’m not trying to lead you guys on to anything. I really feel the exact same as I felt last week. I know for obvious reasons, Jimmy is further along than he was last week. I plan on going with C.J. and we’ll see how practice goes.”

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  1. McAdoo doesn’t know diddly poo. He’s lost his team. The 49ers should win this game on grit alone with Rooster Beathard!

    1. Don’t assume a victory… they have a more talented roster and were just called out for quitting last week. There is a good chance that professional pride will get them to play better. To further complicate matters they have a semi-competent QB who is dangerous if he is given time.

    2. ‘Rooster’?
      The poor guy reminds me (and perhaps some of my old guy peers) of the Bozo The Clown kid-sized punching dummies that you could whack and would then bounce back upright. BOOM! He goes down and then struggles back to his feet. Boom! Down again. If his passes were more accurate he might remind me a little of Garcia with his grit. I think CJ B may develop into a decent backup.

    3. Razor,
      CJ is a throw back to the ol’ Joe Palooka punching bag – but most here wouldn’t know what I’m talking about (lol).

    1. Have to agree. This is the best chance at a win though even though I don’t think it’s a great chance at a win. A lot of things have to go well. I think two teams have a lot to prove Sunday.

    2. I think, to be fair, that’d be about the earliest unless Beathard is really struggling against the Giants. But considering how bad the Giants are…

      Well, it’s going to be a real ‘battle of the Titans’ this game…. (They really need to add a sarcasm font. )

  2. It appears to me that “the future” will play Sunday…I hope he starts. Why not start him vs the crappy Giants? He’s not going to just stand in the pocket and take shots like Beathard last week, he has quick feet…he’ll go Russell Wilson and take off running if needed. I can’t wait til Sunday…All arrows up!

    1. Don’t hold your breath. Adam Schefter recently pointed out “they (the 49ers) could always trade Garoppolo and probably get back more than they gave up for Jimmy (under the franchise tag).

      Until the 49ers determine that Jimmy is their man moving forward, I expect them to be extremely cautious in how they use him.

      And, of course, this is one reason Grant’s recent article got this trade all wrong. I’ve been saying all along, this trade was a win for the 49ers from the word go, regardless of whether or not they sign Jimmy to a long term contract (which I expect them to do). They may very well fall in love with one of the 2018 draft prospects, or still pursue Cousins. They now have a lot more flexibility to do any of the above, as long as Jimmy remains healthy.

  3. Getting some of wounded back:

    The 49ers got some good news on the injury front Wednesday beginning with the return of left tackle Joe Staley to practice.

    Staley missed last week’s game against the Cardinals after fracturing the orbital bone near his right eye against the Eagles when he was nailed by defensive lineman Fletcher Cox during an interception return.

    Staley said in the locker room beforehand that his status for Sunday’s game against the Giants remained up in the year. He sported a new visor at practice to protect the eye.

    Also back for San Francisco, who’s used injured reserve a league-high 23 times this season, was rookie defensive lineman Solomon Thomas, who missed Sunday’s game with a knee injury. He was a limited participant.

    Also back was starting slot cornerback K’Waun Williams (quad), fullback Kyle Juszczyk (neck), nose tackle D.J. Jones (knee) and defensive end Aaron Lynch, who’s been out since Week 6 with a calf injury.

    But not all of them:

    Did not participate: TE George Kittle (ankle), LB Elijah Lee (knee), WR Trent Taylor (ribs)

  4. Curious how a win in this game impacts our draft position. If we win and the Browns, Giants, and 49ers all end up at 1-15 then what is the draft order? We would end up at 2 or 3 I think. Does that take us out of the Darnold sweepstakes? Which QB is on the board if we wind up with the 3rd pick? I’m definitely not a Rosen guy so I hope it’s not him. Are we out of the QB market since we traded for Garoppolo? I certainly hope not. I have a difference of opinion with many, including my own son who is much smarter than me at this stuff, but I don’t see Garoppolo as a top end franchise QB. I just don’t see it. He could be good, perhaps above average, but not great IMO. My perfect scenario would be to trade his rights to the Browns for at least 1 first rounder and maybe 2 first rounders. That would put the 49ers in a draft position to totally rebuild the entire franchise. If we were to get both of the Browns 1st rounders next year for Goroppolo that would give the 49ers 3 first round picks in the top 15 of the draft next year. You use 2 of those picks and then trade one of those picks for additional picks in the top 3 rounds. I know it’s a pipe dream but let a guy have a little fun.

    1. Thank God your son is smarter than you…….

      We are in week 2-3 after trading for our QB of the near future and you are still asking if we are going to spend our first round pick on a QB……..SMH

      Never knew it was possible to be both dumb and dull…..

      1. Well the great thing about acquiring Garoppolo now is Shanny gets to evaluate him over many weeks to determine if he is the franchise QB guy. If the answer is yes, then great. We have our guy. If the answer turns out to be No, then what are the options available?

        1. No options….They spent a 2nd rd pick on him……He will be the starting QB for the 49ers next season……no ifs or buts

          KS is too stubborn or arrogant to just give up on that kind of investment, so he will make it work or at least give it a whole season before he says Jimmy will not work out…..

          Makes no sense drafting a QB, since CJB has pretty much owned the backup QB position…….and as you can see KS is not carrying 3 QB’s…….

          1. Oh but there are ifs and buts. If Garoppolo bombs in practice and Shanahan feels like he is only as good as other former Patriot backups who’s value was over-inflated like Brian Hoyer, Matt Cassell, Ryan Mallet, or Jacoby Brissett then the 49ers could definitely choose a different direction. For example, 49ers could sign Kirk Cousins – tag & trade Garoppolo – and then draft a top flight QB with their first pick as the heir apparent. I’m sure this is an unlikely scenario but that’s how ifs and buts work.

            1. Yea…and Trump will unite the american citizens……WRONG…….

              We are not signing Cousins or drafting a QB in the 1st 4 rounds…….

              “If Garoppolo bombs in practice”……….”we in here talking about practice. I mean, listen, we’re talking about practice, not a game, not a game, not a game, we talking about practice. Not a game. Not, not … Not the game that I go out there and die for and play every game like it’s my last. Not the game, but we’re talking about practice, man. I mean, how silly is that? “

              1. Go take your meds and come back when you have something coherent to say, that’s if the orderly will allow you more computer time in the facility.

        2. Why would the 49ers spend a a very high 2nd round pick on a guy they tried to trade for last year then deal him away?

          1. IMO that would be an extremely shrewd business move. The 49ers traded a high 2nd to be able to get 8 weeks with Garoppolo to determine if he is the guy. If he is the guy then great. If they determine he is not the guy then they have the rights to Garoppolo and will get much more than a high 2nd in return for his rights.

            1. ” If he is the guy then great”

              If he is not the guy KS will try and make him the guy……….KS has already convinced himself he is the guy…….minimum 1-2 seasons before KS sees is not the guy….that is if he is not the guy…….

              1. Kinda like he convinced himself Hoyer was the guy? Shanahan certainly didn’t try and make Hoyer the guy over the entire season. He pulled him and put in a rookie most people had graded as a 5th round project. Shanahan doesn’t seem to linger on personnel decisions – see Hoyer, Bowman, Robinson, Zuttah….

              2. The only problem with your theory Houston is that teams as bad as SF, don’t use 2nd round picks as an experiment.
                I highly doubt Cle or NY or another QB starved team will give the 49ers anything along the lines of a 1st round pick.

                The only way that happens is if Jimmy G comes in these last 6 games and plays lights out. And in that case, why would they trade him?
                Sorry HOU, all signs point to this guy being the 49ers QB next year.

              3. @Prime,

                Agree, its the most likely scenario that JG is the QB next year. However, the 49ers had two 2nd round picks next year. Giving one of those up still leaves the 49ers with a 2nd round pick so it’s not like the cost was enormous. Obviously, they gave up the higher 2nd round pick but they still have the Saints pick. Correct me if I’m wrong but if the 49ers use the non-exclusive franchise tag on Garoppolo isn’t the compensation for his rights automatically 2 1st round picks?

              4. I’m not sure HOU what the comp is.
                Obviously I’m a big fan of Jimmy G and see him as the QB of the future.
                I think Shanny sees him in the same way.
                I think anytime a team invests that high of a pick, they are all in.

              5. Why are you a big fan of Jimmy G? What has he done? He couldn’t get through 2 games before injuring his AC joint – which for QBs is a really big deal. He’s played well in preseason games but so did Lorenzo Jerome. Seriously, what do you see in the guy?

              6. HOU I followed him throughout his draft year and some preseason games.
                I like him cause he has what every QB needs to be successful: accuracy, mobility, quick release.
                And let’s not discount he knows how to be a pro already.

            2. is not the guy then they have the rights to Garoppolo and will get much more than a high 2nd in return for his rights.

              How do you figure that? By trading him, or letting him go in FA with the Franchise Tag on him as compensation, I think once could say the 49ers are basically saying ‘he’s a failure.’ By saying he’s a failure, instead of a possibly over-hyped, glorified prospect, they’ll have diminished his value.

              OTOH, if he performs well, then the QB issue is solved and you can trade down from a very high spot to later in the round and get multiple, high-quality prospects.

              1. Admittedly my hypothetical is unlikely. But if you let it play out, here’s how it might work. Offer Garoppolo an incentive laden deal similar to the one given to Kaepernick. He doesnt sign and you use the non-exclusive franchise tag on him. He goes out and negotiates with other teams. The Browns absolutely love him and after the AJ McCarron debacle, that organization will be highly motivated to make a move that pleases their fans. They offer a crazy contract to Garoppolo the 49ers refuse to match. According to NFL rules the Browns must give up 2 1st round picks to the 49ers as compensation for signing a tagged player. Obviously, there is risk in this plan if no one signs the guy and you end up with a player you have to pay top 5 money that you’ve clearly sent the message you don’t really want in the long term. High risk High reward if you can make it work.

                Contract stuff is definitely not my strong suit so please correct anything I misstated.

              2. you need ask yourself – which NFL team will give up 2 1st round picks to the 49ers as compensation for signing a tagged player?

                the only team I can “dream” would do that is the Browns…….and the chances of doing that is nil……

                All other teams who might need a QB would rather draft a QB……or sign a FA……

                FYI – Jimmy is not signing a an incentive laden deal………He will get at a minimum a 2-3 yr deal

                Bottomline the FO and coach are “ALL IN” regarding Jimmy……

              3. You are most likely correct that the 49ers will sign JG to a big deal. However, Just to play out the hypothetical – the purpose of offering Garoppolo an incentive laden deal that the 49ers already know he won’t sign would be to maintain Garoppolo’s market value. Instead of poor performance as the reason the 49ers don’t sign Garoppolo, it would be that the 49ers just couldn’t work out a deal for him – similar to the reason the Patriots traded him.

              4. the 49ers can’t risk not working out a deal……..

                with the losing record…….trying to sell tickets…….huge cap space……..hard to see how 49ers wont make a deal…….even if they overpay

                if they can pay that much money for a FB…..they can afford to overpay the QB of the near future for 2 yrs…….

                for Jimmy…….if he sucks the last couple of games, his value will drop and maybe he decides to test the market (if the 49ers allow)

                the 49ers still win because they can franchise him for a year and see how it goes……

                if he plays well…….his contract value increases……..and the 49ers will pay him what he deserves because we have the cap space…..not Tom Brady money but definitely more than what NE would have paid him as a backup…….

                so we win both ways……

              5. Houston: I actually played that scenario in my mind, but it is very, very unlikely to happen (although with the Browns you never know). Still, stranger things have happened. What triggered the hypothetical for me was when I was reminded that the Rams gave up two first round picks, two second round picks and two third round picks and received the Titans 1st, 4th and 6th in order for the Rams to select Goff. To me that was an unbelievable trade for the Titans.

                Having said that, I’m all in with Jimmy G. and unless it is obvious he is a total bust, I have to agree that Jimmy would get at least the remainder of this year and next year.

              6. @ oneniner, Agree that the 49ers are in a Win-Win situation which is why I think the trade for a 2nd rounder was a great deal for the 49ers. If he is the guy, you paid a very low price to get him. If he’s not the guy, you are in position to at least recoup the value of your trade and probably get more.

              7. “If he’s not the guy, you are in position to at least recoup the value of your trade and probably get more”

                I can’t see a scenario where we would trade him unless the buyer is really really really desperate……….

                understanding we won’t know if he is not the guy until after a full season

                and after that season, teams would expect us to cut him …….would be really tough to trade a guy you believe sucks……..especially since he has no other previous positive resume to reference……..

    2. Any potential trade partner, after seeing a QB-desperate team like the Niners willing to part with JG, would not offer nearly anything of value, certainly not a 1st. I would hope the Niners don’t succumb to buy low, sell lower.

    3. JG will be the QB next year, whether they need to franchise him or not. What happens this year won’t change that, unless he suffers a serious injury. They sent a second round pick for him because they wanted to get his rights without being in a bidding war at the end of the year. He’s the guy they want. The idea the rest of this season is about evaluating JG ahead of next year is a fallacy – its about getting him skilled up ahead of next year.

  5. I would like to see JC start and finish the game on Sunday against the Giants. I think JC will be our backup QB and these are some valuable reps he is getting which could be beneficial to the Niners if/when our starter, presumable JG gets hurt.

    As to whether JG is our long term answer, who knows, like I have stated before none of Brady’s understudies have a winning record. Doubts yes but those doubts would exist if we acquired Cousins, or drafted a QB early in the draft. Its a crap shoot and only game time experience will provide the answer.

    1. Undercenter

      Excellent post…It’s my opinion that JG will be integrated into the game propitiously, and in ‘chunks’ rather than extended periods. CJB isn’t going away because Jimmy arrived….we have the rare opportunity to have TWO quality QBs grow in the system and at the same time use FA and our treasured draft position to juggle and ‘fill-in the holes’ of what’s missing in the Oline, D backfield , and at least one butt-kicking ILB, and a couple long, lean WRs and a big nasty TE to replace Celek and augment Kittles…..Please Santa……

    1. All those guys except for Garçon and Hoyer were depth guys, role players.
      Their value heightens with a better supporting cast. None of those guys are really starter type players but have been thrust into roles they were not signed to be in really so, when you consider that and the fact they don’t cost must, I’d say they have been very good additions moving forward.

      1. Sorry, but that is incorrect. Juice was always slated to be a starter as was Goodwin. Zuttah was brought in to be a starter. Don’t kid yourself. You have to have your eyes open and not cloud your judgement. Doesn’t mean they cannot improve, but there have been some misses out of the gate.

        1. So if they are misses, and I don’t think they are, you are saying they won’t help the team? They are no good and should not be on the team?
          What do you mean by misses?
          What was their expectation in your opinion? Goodwin and Juice?

          1. They have not contributed to the level they should. To say the Juice is a disappointment is not a stretch Prime. If any of these were Baalke picks you would be skewering him on this board, but because they are from Shanahan and Lynch they somehow have promise? I don’t get it!

            We are at the very bottom of the NFL barrel in just about any meaning measuruable category. While the team has shown flashes, flashes are not something that means much. Chips team did the same last year.

            That does not mean that I’m advocating dumping the current players or coaches, but it doesn’t mean I’m putting blinders on and saying it will be alright either. Things have to improve dramatically for them to be alright and so far there is little evidence to that.

            You’re a smarter guy than that Prime to somehow reduce the impact players to Hoyer and Garçon and pretend the others didn’t matter. Why pay Juice that kind of money then?

            1. My whole argument for Shanny and all the new players is the same as it was for Tomsula and Kelly.
              It’s the 1st year in a new scheme. They all get the benefit of the doubt.
              I’m not sure about everyone else but I actually see these guys still playing hard and improving.
              I didn’t see that with the teams Tomsula and Kelly coached.
              Juszczyk has missed some games and has played sparingly, how can you assess his play after 7 games?
              This whole thing is gonna take time. Saying the new additions are good or bad to date is not accurate to say either way.
              Years end let’s talk.

    1. According to MDS at PFT, the answer would be no. He says that:

      “Also important to any team considering claiming Davis is that he is in the final year of his four-year, $36 million contract, and his base salary this season is $9 million. It’s hard to believe any team would want to pick up the balance of that salary if Davis isn’t even healthy enough to play.”

      But if he was cut, why would a new team have to pick up the balance of his $9 million salary? If anything, wouldn’t the Colts be responsible for the remainder of the salary? Maybe someone can explain to me why that is.

      1. Well, it’s a good thing they’re writers and not accountants…

        The answer is no. What Davis can do is take his one-time election and guarantee the balance of contract payments from the Colts. But any team that signs him can sign him for vet minimum and pay just vet minimum.

        There’s no point in signing him though. You’ve got a player who needs weeks and weeks of rest, possibly surgery. Then he’ll be a FA.

      2. The reason the team picking him up would pay the remainder of his salary is because after the trade deadline all vets are now subject to waiver pick up. If he gets picked up his salary transfers over, I believe.

  6. KS should have played JG last week. He should have instructed JG to hand off and not risk being sacked. Forcing CJB to pass 51 times was unfair to CJB, and he may have suffered many concussive blows, while wasting JG’s talents on the side lines.
    This is not rocket science, and JG is smart enough to call practical ordinary plays that every team runs. If the verbiage is too complicated, then maybe the system is too complicated and it needs to be simplified. That might result in less penalties for lining up incorrectly and false starts.
    Maybe KS should look at how JG can run the BB system, and emulate that, because the Pats won SBs with that system.
    JG was reticent at his PC, because he may not want to compete for a rebuilding team with 9 losses and no victories.
    Niners could get 2 first round picks for him, but his main targets may be with the Texans, Broncos and Jags. All 3 of those teams have good offensive weapons and stout defenses, and only lack a good QB.He will not want to go to the Browns, because he nixed going there, and the Browns are worse than the Niners.
    Drafting a QB is a hit or miss proposition. Trubisky and Kizer did not pan out, Watson did well, but he is now injured. Goff and Wentz, the number one and two picks, are finally doing well, but Dak Prescott did better last season, and he was chosen in the 4th round. Darnold has made some good throws, but has also thrown too many picks. There will be several QBs available after the first round that may prove to be franchise QBs. Niners should trade back, garner more picks, and select McGlinchey and/or Nelson.
    Unless the Niners fix their O line woes, JG will want to move on.
    I sure hope KS gets smart and plays JG, because benching him seems like a good way to drive him away. JG wants to play, and this next game is the easiest game on their schedule. It makes no sense to start JG playing Seattle, a division rival with playoff aspirations, that has a fierce pass rush. Giants lost their best pass rusher, lost their pro bowl WR, and Eli is struggling.
    Sure, JG may not have full command of the playbook, but there are several ways for him to get the ball into the hands of his playmakers, without risking him dropping back into a pocket that collapses like a house of cards.
    This next game will be telling to see how well the coaches can prepare the team. If the coaches prove to be predictable and incompetent, JG will want to move on.
    Niners should line up Hyde deep in the I, and let him build up a head of steam before hitting the line of scrimmage. Then, he can choose the weakness in the defense to attack. They should run fly sweeps, reverses, double reverses, screens, draws, misdirections, counters and quick swing passes. Those are all plays that will allow JG to get rid of the ball quickly, so he can avoid the pass rush.
    Glad to hear that Staley and Thomas are practicing. The Niners need a win, and I do not care if it hurts their draft position. Getting a win will stop the free fall, and might be a catalyst to developing that winning culture.

  7. Periodically, one of our professional psychoanalysts drops in for an uncharged visit. At over $$200.00/Hr, I, for one, cherish the moments I can read a real pro psychoanalyzing ‘The Seb’, laptop in hand sunny day, at the park under an oak tree.

    Gadfly +1

    Gadlfy says:
    November 8, 2017 at 5:21 pm

    And no, The Seb, this screed, as you would label it in your unique personal idiom, is not directed toward you, although I will just assume that up until this point you thought that it was, as your crippling narcissism and dearth of self-awareness lead you to believe that all is about yourself. You too have no ability to appreciate irony (or even know that such entombs you in the darkness of your own ignorance),

  8. Of Seb’s myriad of psychoses, the one I have waited for Gadfly to address the most is Seb’s paranoia issue.

    The Seb is like Trump in that anyone directing a post his way merely to continue conversing is met with the most vitriolic, Trump like tweet.

    To ‘The Seb’, all are attacks on this blog-all are potential enemies to be conquered.

  9. Pro Football Focus wrote Witherspoon earned the third-highest cornerback grade of the week at 88.1, the top performance of his young career thus far.

    2018 NFL Draft: Pro Football Focus mocks safety Derwin James to 49ers

    Palazzolo broke down the selection by writing:

    After trading for QB Jimmy Garoppolo, the 49ers may be able to grab the best non-quarterback at the top of the draft, and from a pure value standpoint, James is the guy. His versatility is tailor-made for the NFL, as he can make an impact at all levels of the defense, from deep safety to playing at the line of scrimmage, and he gives the 49ers a playmaker in the secondary after leading the nation with a 91.2 grade as a true freshman in 2015 and currently ranking sixth at 87.4 overall.

  10. Paired with recent draft pick Witherspoon in the defensive backfield, free safety
    Derwin James is intriguing.

    Although I’m really waiting to see Shanny/Lynch draft some O-Linemen so I can grade the front office on their 1st ‘FULL’ offseason.

  11. If memory serves correct, didn’t Walsh break in Montana by letting him complete drives once DeBerg had gotten the team into or near the red zone? Maybe Shanahan could insert JG in the same manner. Scratch that, this Niners team rarely makes it into the red zone.

    1. Spot on, ribico.

      Sadly for Deberg, Walsh would replace him when the 49ers crossed the 50, only putting Montana in positive situations to instill confidence.

      A few times, I saw Deberg replaced in the redzone for a more mobile Montana.
      Joe would score and Deberg lost credit for the TD.

      —Good call on building Garoppolo’s confidence…Like I said though, he won’t play until December when he’s got play language and protections down (unless they really pair down the playbook).

  12. 2018 mock draft:

    1. San Francisco 49ers
    Quenton Nelson, G, Notre Dame. A team with the first overall pick should technically be interested in following the “best players available” philosophy, and there’s a realistic chance Nelson will be the top prospect on a few team’s boards. San Francisco will do whatever is necessary to protect Jimmy G, pave lanes for the run game, and slow down strong interior rushes in Los Angeles and Seattle. Enter Nelson. Think about it this way … how high would Zack Martin go in a 2014 re-draft?

    1. Post Garoppolo trade, most experts agree with Prime and are mocking Saquon Barkley to San Francisco–Sam Darnold to Cleveland.

      1. Chubb for me. As I feel that the upside is higher… given a choice between Barry Sanders (the best rb I’ve seen) and a very good pass rusher like Haley or Peppers i would choose the pass rusher.

        1. I’m telling you right now, I’d be sick if we don’t get Nelson. Then we trade back up into the bottom of the first for Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado. Sign the Center from the Ravens, Ryan Jensen to a big contract in free agency. Now you have neutralized the inside power of the Rams/Seahawks, and protected your future franchise quarterback. Put any one cut running back you want behind Staley/Nelsen too, not necessary to take Barkley. That would be a waste of a pick on a team that has yet to build it’s offensive foundation….

            1. Yea, good find on Jensen Cubus. I like that he’s supposed to have a little nasty to his game too, which I’ve missed since Newberry….

    2. If we’re #1 it’ll mostly likely be trade-down or a QB (depending on the Garoppolo situation) with an outside chance to take the RB.

      And there are a number of teams in the Top-10, or close to it, that could use a good QB prospect which would give us a shot at snagging a top-guard, or even OT and move Staley inside.

  13. if they won’t resign Hyde….makes sense to pick Saquon Barkley ………..

    best scenario would be to trade down a couple of spots and still pick Saquon Barkley

  14. one area i see Lynch lacking… the research on other teams practice squad players…….why are we not signing some of these players………am sure there are lots of data on these players already

  15. What do you guys think about signing G John Greco? He comes from a zone blocking scheme and could also play C. He can’t be any worse than Mistaken Tomlinson.

  16. Jerrah Jones suing members of the League Compensation Committee?
    Hahaha, fight, Fight, FIGHT! Rich A-hos fighting each other via proxy lawyers.
    Git yo popcorn ready!
    Have at it guys!
    I know who wins…….
    the lawyers)

  17. Grant I don’t consider you a pessimistic writer.

    I consider you a realist.

    The reality is the 49ers season is lost. And forcing garoppolo into the line up would be a fools errand. Shanahan is saying/doing all the right things with Garopolo. (i dont even know how to spell his name)

    As a writer and as someone who makes a living off covering this team. You have to admit, adding Garoppolo to the roster is really comforting.

    Most fans go into the offseason dying for their team to add a “potential franchise QB”. The 49ers have solved that problem mid season. How many other teams who need a QB can say that?

    If beathard falls behind against the Giants I would not be suprised to see Garopolo get some 2nd half reps.

    We all talk about how he will start after the bye. Why not get him a few starting reps before the bye? Just to shake off those game time nerves he will undoubtedly have.

    Would not be suprised to see him play at all.

    Damn it feels good to be a 49er fan. Not something I thought i would find myself saying at 0-9

  18. also grant,

    Theres also no way you can say releasing bowman was a good idea.

    total trash move by the front offie i won’t forget about.

    he has 32 tackles in his 3 games on the raiders. 11,11,10. stupid release. bad decision to make him a 2 down lb.

    he is obviously better than that.

  19. TomD stated the 49ers have been working on a Garropolo deal since training camp. Prime predicted the Garoppolo trade last season.

    A new SI article shows a behind the scenes look at the 49er front office:

    “Jimmy G. is on schedule. From the 49ers perspective, the availability of Jimmy Garoppolo did come out of nowhere. But their interest in him didn’t. It was there in March when they asked the Patriots and were quickly shot down. And even before then, the guys running the football operation had No. 10 clearly on their radar.

    Right after the Super Bowl, and days after Kyle Shanahan first arrived for work, the new coach was given the floor before new GM John Lynch and the scouts. “Kyle was in our draft meeting and giving a long presentation on ‘this is what I’m looking for at every position,’” Lynch told me in the days to follow. Shanahan used cutups, and the idea was for the scouts to take the skills the players on the screen were showing, and project whether potential acquisitions were capable of similar things. But during one position presentation, one player kept showing up. It was Garoppolo…”

    SI Article Title : Four downs; 49ers giving Garoppolo time

  20. 49ers notes: Witherspoon answers toughness question with hit on Adrian


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    New (rough) estimate: Las Vegas Stadium Authority Chairman Steve Hill says GOP tax plan, which eliminates exemptions for stadium bonds, would cost Raiders project an additional $3 million per year.

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