Kyle Shanahan not impressed with Seahawks QB Russell Wilson

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson holds the Lombardi Trophy after the NFL Super Bowl XLVIII football game Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014, in East Rutherford, N.J. The Seahawks won 43-8. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

SANTA CLARA — Kyle Shanahan has trouble praising Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. This was apparent during Shanahan’s press conference in the 49ers auditorium Wednesday afternoon.

This Sunday, the 49ers will face Wilson and the Seahawks, who’ve had a rebirth this season. They no longer have the core of their Super Bowl defense, “The Legion of Boom” — Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas.

But the Seahawks’ record is 6-5, they’ve won two games in a row, they’re in second place in the NFC West, they’re competing for a wild-card spot and Wilson is having the best season of his career.

On Wednesday, a reporter asked Shanahan if the Seahawks’ season has surprised him.

“It doesn’t surprise me,” Shanahan said. Then he explained why: “(The Seahawks) have a sound defense, (they) commit to the running game and have a quarterback who makes some plays.”

Not a great quarterback. Not a good quarterback. Maybe not even an authentic quarterback. Just a quarterback who makes some plays, scrambles around and turns the game into backyard football. That’s apparently what Shanahan meant.

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  1. Easier said than done. The Niners could not contain a pure pocket passer (according to Razor), who rolled out 7 times and sliced and diced the Niner secondary.
    Wilson may run WILD. Let’s see…. a mobile QB with a 128.3 QBR, or a QB with a 61,2 rating…….. Wonder which one will succeed?

    1. Well Sebbie, with the stats you coughed up, no need to play the game. Correct? Forfeit now so the 9ers can focus on behaving better so Grant (and you) will feel less hurt and anger.

  2. KS should emulate Bill Walsh. He would effusively praise the upcoming opponent, even if he did not mean it.
    Pete Carroll does the same thing.

      1. Oh, the stench of Baalke is starting early today.
        The Niners should shape the Seahawks by lining up and rushing wide, to contain Wilson in the pocket. Their main goal should be to deny him any running room, or it will be like Winston, who rolled out and sliced and diced the Niner secondary.
        Saleh needs to dial up some exotic blitzes, like a delayed MLB blitz up the middle, because Wilson may try to scramble up field. He should send a DB off the edge, because Wilson is too elusive for a line man.
        The Seahawks have been very effective against the Niner offense. Even Kaep struggled, and it has been years since the Niners have beaten the Seahawks. It will be very basic. The Seahawks perfected this strategy, and almost every team has copied it to stymie the Niner offense.
        The Seahawks will stack the box and dare the Niners to pass. They will play tight man on the edges, and apply pressure in varied, innovative ways. They will have a single high safety, and keep everything in front of them, forcing the Niners to march down the field. They are gambling that the Niners will not be able to sustain drives, and will shoot themselves in the foot. So, their basic strategy will be to let the Niners defeat themselves. That is the gist of the standard Pete Carroll defense. Bend but don’t break.
        How to counter the stacked box? The Niners need to shape their opponent by spreading them wide. They need to take advantage of the Seahawk’s defensive speed by running counters, misdirections and reverses.
        The Niners need to do crossing routes, flood zones, target seams and attack the edges. Once spread out, they need to have Juice do the quick fullback dive up the middle, while Breida runs wide to draw attention.
        Hopefully, Garnett can play by wrapping up his thumb, and they can establish a running game. Niners should go jumbo, so he could line up as a TE. The Niners will win if they can line Breida deep in the I, with Juice lead blocking. Then Breida can build up a head of steam before hitting the line of scrimmage, and he can attack a weakness in the defense. Hopefully, Jeff Wilson can help with some long runs.
        The Seahawk defense is fast and quick. The Niners should try to bludgeon them. The Niners need to counter the crowd noise by going no huddle, with quick snaps. They should line up quickly is a predetermined set, and either run or pass out of it. Outside zone read options. Deception, unpredictability, and above all, not running into the teeth of the defense.
        That is how to shape an opponent. Hope you could understand the concepts, Cassie.

            1. Hey Sebbie!

              I ran a Google search on the phrase “leading with your chin”, limited to the domain. The search resulted in 19 instances. You should think about expanding the diversity of your cliche collection…

              I wonder how many times “jumping for joy” would appear…

              1. Stench of Baalke…
                Remember the “burying an Abrams” phrase?
                Throwing me a bone – ( an odd and weirdly Freudian phrase )

        1. Gotta love the Sebs!! In almost all cases, he strives to get the last word, the last snitty little comment.

          Believe me Sebs, i’m not complaining!

          If you only knew how rich I could make you…………………a backyard with deer every now and then? Come with me and you’ll be buying a mountain! And you can call it………………”Mt. Sebs”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Funny that nowhere in his comments did KS disparage Wilson or say that he was unimpressed. But hey, keep putting words in folks mouth to push your hurt feelings driven agenda. Make sure your old man retweets your garbage and comes to your defense per usual. 2 weasels in a pod

  4. You made a whole lot out of nothing that was a stretch.
    But I guess you have to make up a story from nothing. Now that is fake news

  5. Wow Grant. Yet another reason to unload Shanahan–now. Any more intimidating material on Kyle?

    I’m concerned that all this ugly 9ers business is hurting your soul. Is it?

    1. We may need an intervention. I’m concerned about Grant–a young, talented man, with so much promise, yet so knotted up inside…

      Could the Press Democrat have therapists available should we need support?

  6. Classic split personality. Grant the fan and Grant the journalist slug it out daily right here on this blog. Hard to tell who’s winning.

      1. Good grief Whine, just grow up already. Practically everyone on here agrees that Shanahan did not even come close to saying that he was not impressed with Wilson.

  7. Wilson is not the same QB as he was last year, primarily because the offense has better distribution and an effective run game. Seahawks spent the off-season restructuring its offense because Wilson had too much pressure on him to be the main cog both in the air and on the ground. In 2017, he accounted for over 80% of the Seattle total offense and all but 1 of their 38 TDs – 34 passing and 3 of the 4 rushing TDs. Now, Seattle leads the league in rushing yards and attempts per game; has a couple of RBs who can effectively run the ball, and, most importantly, have an offensive line more competent in an aggressive run blocking scheme. They may not be as flashy as the Saints or the Rams or the Chiefs, but they are playing some solid football and still in the hunt for a wildcard spot and Wilson has a better QBR than in 2017.

  8. Grant, Grant, Grant. This article is the definition of fake news. How in the world do you take Shanahan praising Russell Wilson and flip it into “Shanahan is not impressed with Wilson?” Shanahan literally said exactly the opposite of what you just wrote. It’s obvious to anyone that your personal animus toward Lynch and Shanahan is effecting your writing. From an old guy to a young guy, take some advice, switch jobs now. This job is ruining your credibility, your integrity, and maybe even your health & happiness. Go do something you love. Write about soccer, or do a Dear Abbey column, or write about how millennials lives are wrecked when they lose their phones. Do something that makes you happy. I genuinely think you’re a good guy and you have talent. I may be negative toward you sometimes but you deserve the same criticism you dish out. Even with my criticism, I am rooting for your success. Covering the 49ers for the PD isn’t good for you. The things you write are so absurd and even worse – false – that reading your articles is growing tiresome. Switch jobs before you turn into Ray Ratto.

    1. Again, Grant would make a very good restaurant critic.

      In preparing for that gig, he could ask the 9ers to let him eat at the 9er cafeteria, then he could critique what he had. May be an impossibility though in that he likely burned too many bridges with the organization.

      1. Russell has won more games in his first 6 years than anybody, 2nd highest in passer rating of all time behind Rodgers and the only 2 qb’s to have a reg season career passings rating of over 100. Plus he’s won 2 SB’s. He’s having an outstanding 2018 year with a 112 qb career high qb rating. So…….KS praises the Seahawks saying they have a sound defense and running game, but then says…..and a qb that makes some plays…that’s it…..oh…Russell does as good as “anyone” of making “some” off schedule plays, winning in some 2 minute drill and things like that……wow!!!. Read between the lines, sounds like Grant is right, his praise of Wilson is perfunctory and minimal at best.

    2. Wilson is much more than a quarterback who makes some plays. He is a champion and a future hall of famer. Shanahan should show some respect. He basically said Wilson doesn’t really play the position.

      I’m having the time of my life.

      1. Ha ha….

        Many on the Titanic (perhaps not many in steerage) were having the time of their lives on that cold April night.

      2. Glad to hear it and I’m happy for you if you’re happy. Shanahan praised Wilson and showed him respect. That’s just a fact. Because he wasn’t effusive enough in his praise for your taste doesn’t mean he’s showing Wilson a lack of respect. You’re reading into Shanahan’s comments some things that just aren’t there. The only conclusion I can make is your personal dislike for Shanahan is effecting your writing.

          1. Again, Shanahan failed to meet your lofty standards.

            Did you have a PE teacher back in 9th or 10th grade who got under your skin? Maybe a Shanahan clone? Shop teacher maybe?

          2. I noticed you didn’t defend Ray Ratto so I must conclude you agree that he’s a slob who makes a living complaining based on dumb ideas and falsehoods. You should show Ray some respect. He’s a long time bay area icon.

          3. Grant-thats all subjective. Whats he supposed to do, slobber over the guy?

            Of course, you knew this before you wrote the article. Too much sensationalism……………..

      3. I don’t see any disrespect in what Shanahan said. He praised him for the things that make him stand out and the comment about keeping him in the pocket has been used multiple times by previous opponents. It’s not a knock on his ability as a pocket QB; it’s simply stating that he’s going to burn you for a big play if you can’t keep him contained.

  9. The headline writer for the PD sports, really needs to get his/her act together and use headlines that are factual correct. Sensationalism is a pre cursor for the eventual determination of these articles becoming fake news. Where in the article does it say that Shanny thinks Wilson is a fraud?

    1. By damning with faint praise. KS should have been effusive with his praise, not that Wilson ‘makes some plays’.
      Of course, Wilson is a SB winning QB who was one pass from winning a second one. He is also a mobile QB, and KS does not appreciate what a mobile QB can do. He downplayed any significance to that attribute, as though only pure pocket passers could be considered elite.
      KS should have said that the Seahawks will be a formidable opponent because they have rebuilt their defense through shrewd draft strategies, the O line has improved, they are on a 2 game win streak , AND that they have a SB winning QB who is playing lights out.
      Grant is just reading between the lines, something Prime is incapable of doing.

      1. Sebbie…. I think you’re biased when it comes to outing someone who isn’t sufficiently effusive with praise. You seek praise on this blog daily and rarely get it. Your anger is distorting your thinking.

        Maybe Kyle is channeling Sun Tzu–shaping his foe. Withholding praise to really anger the Seahawks. They become so angry that they fail to stay focused on their game–and therefore have a much higher risk of losing. Kyle shaping his foe. Go Kyle!!

        1. Cassie, I do not need to feel fulfilled from the likes of you all. I invite your scorn, because of what you are.
          You may think you are clever and witty, but you are just mean, petty and vindictive.
          KS is clueless, if he thinks he can diss Wilson, and use that to shape his opponent. I bet Pete Carroll has pinned up that article on the team chalkboard, and highlighted KS’s words about Wilson.
          Pete Carroll, who learned from Walsh, will use that to help motivate his players. Providing motivation is counter productive, so SunTzu would never advocate that strategy.

              1. sebnynah says:
                November 28, 2018 at 7:43 pm
                Grant, by calling me a legend, elevates my status,

                What kind of loser are you to think you can establish a status on a football blog?

              2. Prime, legends never die.
                Prime, your notoriety will be remembered as being a foul mouthed simpleton, easily provoked, who flies off the handle and spews epithets.

              3. You think you have a status on here? Like we are being ranked?

                You are the biggest fool!

                Grow up and get a life. Legend? Status? Insecure much?

              4. Sebbie is proud of being a legend. OK. Barney the purple dinosaur is a legend (my distant cousin). So is Bunny Rabbit from Capt. Kangaroo and Pee Wee Herman.

              5. First off I didn’t realize we were being ranked like the army and had a status we were trying to achieve? Being on this blog so long am I Colonel or maybe I’m a General? F’me!

                And secondly being called a legend by Grant means what?
                He never made this blog. He’s riding the coat tails of Maiocco and Daddy.

                Some people need to get a life.

              6. Prime Time: Colonel
                Rocket: Colonel
                Scooter: Brigadier General
                Coffee: Chief Warrant Officer
                Hammer: Master Gunnery Sergeant
                Brotha: Sergeant Major
                Razor: 1st Sergeant
                Seb: Staff Sergeant
                MWD: Lt. Colonel
                AES: Major

  10. I turn to sports to avoid fake news in politics. Now I get it here?

    #1. Nothing to directly support the headline.
    #2. Nothing to circumstantially support the headline.

    Even putting aside the personal agenda at play here, the article is garbage. Grant, keep the news real, please.

  11. Why is the title on the blog for this different than the title on the link?

    “49ers’ goal Sunday? Contain Seahawks QB”

    1. Someone at the PD other than Grant writes the headline. Grant just writes the articles. There’s a rumor that the guy is a Rams fan.

  12. « Make Wilson play quarterback. Be a conventional quarterback. That’s how you beat him. That’s what Shanahan thinks of Wilson. »

    This is nothing new. We’ve been saying this since he became the starter.

  13. I’m sure Foster’s contract has the standard clause that states if he does anything that is detrimental to the 49ers or the NFL his contract may be terminated. NFL rules for claiming players on waivers may provide for payment by Washington but my bet is that if Rueben were to try to claim the 49ers owe him the response would be: Sue us. Also, I doubt any NFL owner would put an attorney fee provision in the contract because they work both ways and it is very difficult to imagine a scenario where the team sues a player. That means that any dispute requires the parties to pay their own attorney fees which means you’d have to get a publicity hound like Kaepernick did in order to try to litigate any claims.

      1. You mean Kaepernick? I don’t know if he’s suing anyone but I would be astounded if he can legally collect attorney fees. Garagos (sp?) is undoubtedly working on the come as they say. Kaepernick pays out of the proceeds if there are any and, if there are none, Garagos gets his day in the sun.

        1. Billions are at stake, and if Kaep wins his lawsuit, it may void the CBA. If that happens, it will restrict the unfettered power of the owners, and the retired players may get health care. That will make Kaep even more of a hero, and may force the owners to let him play.
          I would not have used Geragos as my attorney, but he does champion the under dog. Being of Armenian heritage, he fully understands oppression, and fighting for freedom.

          1. “Billions are at stake, and if Kap wins his lawsuit it may void the CBA. If that happens, it will restrict the unfettered power of the owners, and the retired players may get health care.”

            And the seas will boil and there will be great gnashing of teeth. And there will be a great sign upon the gridiron. A savior with a Nike ad! And we will eat elderberries and other assorted breakfast cereals!

            Way to go Biblical! Seb, hold nothing back!

            The end times are coming! A storm is about to rage!!

            You provide all the laugh track we need.

          2. Simply stated, Seb, Kap is your false god…………….in precisely the same way Jim Jones followers were. And yet, he is simply the cats paw for his girl friend.

            Also true, you still haven’t lamented over that poor gal who was murdered in the city.

            Why doesn’t her life count? Please answer that question, and not some other question that was never asked i.e. don’t go politician on me.

            1. Which girl? One of the Thousand Oaks victims? Every life is precious.
              Oh, maybe you mean the one in SF where a gun went off into the street and the ricochet killed her? The gun was not properly secured, so it was stolen. Then a fool did not even have to point it at a person, before she was tragically another victim of random gun violence.
              Yes, that was tragic, just like the man restraining a suspect with a gun, who was then killed by the cops. Gun violence is a senseless tragedy, and I want a well regulated Second Amendment.
              Kaep is not a god. He is just one person, making a difference. He is striving for peace and justice, very noble endeavors. He is also being unjustly unfairly and illegally persecuted, but in the end, I think he will take the league by storm, just like Prime says.

              1. Tell me why I had to be a powerslave. I don’t wanna die. I’m a god, why can’t I live on? When the Life Giver dies, all around is laid waste. And in my last hour, I’m a slave to the Power of Death.
                When I was living this lie, fear was my game. People would worship and fall;
                Drop to their knees. So bring me the blood and red wine, for the one to succeed me. For he is a man and a god, and he will die too!☠

  14. Wow. Like Kap, Grant is regressing.
    This isn’t half full/half empty, this is Grant always reaching deep into the bottom of the barrel fishing for a soft apple. One wonders what brought on this twisted approach.
    Alas, with articles like this as his writing samples no Big Time Spots Org will hire him away from the PD.

  15. Grant’s world:

    Kyle Shanahan didn’t call Russell Wilson “The Greatest QB of All Time”, therefore he’s clearly not impressed by the Seahawks’ QB!

    This blog really ought to be accompanied by a laugh-track.

    1. Your right, 49, its incredibly funny!! This is the truth…………I get more laughs out of people grinding their axe on this blog than anything on TV. Tho, i suppose, thats not saying much.

  16. Shanahan’s answers were right in the money. What do you want him to say Coach/GM Cohn? He’s the greatest thing since sliced matzah balls? I still think your jealousy and bitterness towards Kyle must be based on some incident. Did he hit on your girlfriend before you were engaged? Is it the total lack of respect you receive from the organization? You say you don’t care but obviously you do. Your butt hurt for some reason. You are so jaded that all sense of neutrality has gone out the window. Your really sucking these days Coach/GM Grant. You need to reel the anger back in. Take a vacation or something.

    1. Years ago–in PE or a shop class, maybe drivers ed–Grant butted heads with a teacher who had Kyle-like characteristics. Or so it seems.

        1. Hitting and girlfriend are 2 words I do not want to see together in a sentence. Just reminds me of Foster.
          I did say please, and thank you, so I was not hurling expletives. Juan understands my sense of humor, and he can take it.

          1. Sebbie…. Recall the story you proudly shared with us many times? The one where a guy slugged you while you were holding on to your beer, and didn’t spill it? You said the guy thought you were ‘hitting on his girl’–like ogling her, flirting, etc.

    1. Glad I am not an insider then because I refuse to pay for garbage takes. You don’t fire a coach who lost his starting QB and is only in the second year of a long-term rebuild.

    2. It’s a good example of how flawed analytics and can in some cases. Statistics don’t always account for contracts and key injuries. There is a .001 chance Shanahan gets fired and that’s if he’s caught in a compromising position of some kind.

  17. I enjoy Grant’ “never back down” and edgy style.
    But have been turned off by his desperate attempts to garner clicks by manufacturing and drawing his own conclusions regarding someones comments.
    This is shallow.

    Sure, I could leave at any time. But because I’ve been here since the days of Matt Maiocco, I have a sense (don’t mean this in a wrong way) ownership and affinity to this site.
    And honestly, I’m here for the participants who contribute every day.

    Like Houston, I wish the best for Grant.

    1. And honestly, I’m here for the participants who contribute every day.

      Same here AES. Personally, I’d love to start a 49ers site with some of the every day contributors on here writing for it.

      1. Mid,
        Yes, we have very good contributors on this site.
        I find it hypocritical that Grant feels that Shanahan didn’t show respect to R. Wilson in his comments, yet disrespects his readership by twisting comments from others in order to garner interest.
        No bueno amigo.

      2. Back in the mid 90s–the early days of Netscape and Compuserve–I toyed with the idea of setting up a website devoted to 9er information…more like a web-served, searchable clearinghouse of 9er stuff with links to emerging NFL-related sites. It wasn’t going have (hot) news as a primary focus. Talked it over with a brother-in-law. Like many things in life, the idea came and went.

        1. The main issues for me is that I have very little knowledge on how to run a website and no way of being able to contact those who I think would be good writers for the site to see if they would be interested in the prospect.

          1. Use blogspot.
            Set up a Twitter handle
            Ask those you want to write, if they have a twitter handle you can dm each other.
            Give them credentials to add, or email them to you to add.

  18. Two pending FAs I don’t hear much about but I think the 49ers should target are Preston Smith and Eric Rowe.

    Smith has consistently been a good edge defender since entering the league. His sack numbers are solid but unspectacular, but he gets a lot of pressures. He’s also a good run defender. Dee Ford is the hot name, but he’s far less consistent. Smith is the edge the 49ers should go after if he is available.

    Rowe has been decent for the Pats at CB, though lost his starting spot this year after some poor play and then got shut down for the year with an injury. Good size and athleticism. And also has a lot of safety experience in college – he could provide cover at multiple spots, similar to Ward. He could also be a sneaky addition to compete with Colbert at FS if they miss out on Thomas.

    1. He’s(Preston Smith) not spectacular as you mention but when he’s motivated, he’s decent. I didn’t care for him leading up to the draft but if he can be had in the second round of free agency when most of the overpriced contracts have been given out I’d be happy to see him picked up.

    2. Good call Scooter. Preston Smith is unsung but seems to be involved in a lot of plays whenever I see him play. I’m not as enamored with Rowe, but you make a solid case for keeping an open mind about him.

    3. Good call on Smith Scoter, but I feel like he may be better suited at SLB in the 49ers 4-3 defense. I can’t really get behind signing Rowe if they miss out on Thomas though. What do you think about the 49ers signing Verrett and converting him to FS if they miss out on Thomas and Mathieu?

      1. Yeah, when Smith came out I actually thought he could easily play 3-4 DE or strong side DE in a 4-3. Instead he got shifted to ROLB, so shows what I know! But I still think he has the traits to easily slot in as a full time DE both in base and nickel. He’s a big, strong dude with decent athleticism for his size.

        Re: Verrett, that’s kind of what I am thinking with Rowe. As much as I would like to see the team sign Thomas I kind of doubt he will come here. Maybe Mathieu is an option but I think he is better off playing cover 2 or nickel. Same with Joyner. And the other FS options are uninspiring. So I was thinking about which FA CBs might make interesting options for a potential conversion to FS. That’s where I think Rowe fits in. He’s been tried at CB and had a couple of ok seasons with the Pats, but might be time to revert him back to FS where he played 3 seasons in college. He’s a good athlete and BB has raved about his intelligence and ability to learn multiple positions. At worst he’s a decent backup at multiple positions.

            1. If Tartt ends up playing well at FS and is there for the rest of the season, it could open the door for Reid to return.

  19. How can the Niners win?
    First, realize that Pete Carroll knows the Niner defense better than Saleh.
    Saleh needs to change things up. Maybe they do not have enough time to prepare, but he should realize that Wilson just defeated that Carolina defense that has some elite defenders.
    Heck, maybe go 3-4, play tight man, and blitz all day.

    1. All right, Sebs…………………I believe you very much have something there. You can’t out -Carroll Pete Carroll, but rather show him something entirely different than what he’s game planning for…………

      This may very well show Saleh for what he is-or isn’t.

      1. Saw, will wonders never cease. You actually agree with me. ;p
        Sure, Saleh may not be competent enough to pull that off, but the Pete Carroll system also preaches versatility.

  20. DV Seb? You lost the old man there! Regardless, don’t take things so literally. Just trying to make a point that Coach/GM Grant is about as fair and balanced as Fox News.


    1. Juan I apologize. I guess I crossed a line, Still, Foster is such a fiasco. Hope you will have noticed that I did not chastise you for inserting an R in Kaep’s name. I am trying to get thicker skin.

  21. My goal for this weekend is they don’t go for a fuel goal, unless it’s to win the game with less than 10 seconds on the clock. I don’t care if it’s 4th and goal from the thirty. No field goals! Go BOLD!!

  22. No prob Seb. I still don’t know what DV is though! I’ll ask one of my kids!! Sorry about the r! I try to be a smart ass once in a while ! ;-)

  23. Ooohhhh I get it now!! “Did he HIT on your girlfriend?” Lol. Man, that went right over my head! Yea, that was a stretch, but I get the attempt at humor. Thanks Cas! I still think Coach/GM should take some VT! He’s going down a wormhole of negativity that not even Cohn SR. ever approached. When you start putting actual words in someone’s mouth, well, hmmmm, not good.


    “LORD, I’m leaning on you HEAVY today, trusting wholeheartedly in your word & the promises you’ve spoken into my life. I’m asking that you free me of all anxiety or depression today so that i’m able to sustain a clear vision of what it is you have destined for me. I love you. AMEN”

    — Marquise Goodwin (@marquisegoodwin

    My thoughts are with you Marquise.

  25. This is the most unthinkingly negative analysis I’ve ever read, and even surpasses my own “the only way the 49ers win is if the Cowboys miss the bus to Candlestick” in January of 1995, right before I was taken off the sports section.

      1. OK, I used his name as an ironic joke because Cohn reminds me of the excrement Graswich dumped on the sports section of the Sac Bee, but everyone seems to think Graswich was here trashing Cohn, and as much as I hated Graswich, he deserves for his bad rep to be the result of what he actually wrote.

        One of my favorite Graswich absurdities during the 1994 season was, “there is significant evidence that the 49ers offense is running on fumes this season.” Uh-huh… the season they had the best record (13-3) in the league, won the Super Bowl, had the highest points scored on offense, the 2nd highest yards on offense, a team quarterback rating over 20 points higher than the #2 team, and let’s not forget, an offensive coordinator who left the next season for Denver and quickly won two SB’s of his own.

        I don’t know if Graswich jumped or was pushed out of the sports section of the Bee, but I got my wish shortly after the 49ers got their 5th. It just boggles my mind that he got paid for as long as he did to write such worthless analysis.

  26. A lot of posts on this blog regarding how poorly the team has drafted. Below is a link to an interesting analysis, Looking at NFL Draft Success Since 2015. I’m not sure, however, that any of the numbers provided point to whether or not the players selected by a team are potential stars/probowlers. I’ve only had a quick look at the article, but most of the stats seem to point to whether or not a team still has the picks they made or if those picks are still playing in the NFL – not really anything regarding the overall quality of the pick.

    Still, the teams that are currently successful in the NFL tend to rank higher in this analysis. A major exception is the Patriots. They rank pretty much at the bottom of all of the nine statistics provided.

    1. Fire Billy B!!

      Nice find, Cubus!

      The thing is, football is a complex, hyper-competitive sport. It’s tough to win in this league, let alone win consistently. Even the consistent winners screw up routinely on drafts.

      Anyone who takes a negative stance on a franchise’s coaching and front office is more likely to be right than wrong. As Gary Radnich advises young talking heads: make sure two of every three comments are negative!

      What separates men from the boys (and the real pundits from the garden-variety whiners) is those who can correctly predict which rookies (players, coaches, GMs) will go on to be stars after a few years.

      1. Plus some teams absorb new personnel better than others. Teams like the patriots and chiefs only have few holes to fill while teams like the 49ers and Raiders still have a bunch.

  27. Interesting East. What I find ironic about the draft situation with the Niners is on one hand, the team need players. Lot’s of players. So I agree from that standpoint that they need to trade back and acquire more picks though personally I think a great player, a game changer, such as a great pass rusher, at the top of the draft could possibly have a bigger impact than two or three good players. As a softball coach, I’d take a great pitcher over 3 good position players every day and twice on Sunday because that one player could dominate the game! But what’s ironic to me is some who are advocating for that strategy (trading back) are the same folks also criticizing Lynch and Co. for not knowing what they are doing. I find it ironic. But that’s just me. :)

    1. In the event you’re unaware, you’ve attained ‘John Shaft’ status on this blog.

      “Who’s the cat that won’t out, when there’s morons all about”…

    2. Juanhunglo,

      I find the same true. I have advocated for Bosa if it’s the first pick and possible trade down for Ferrell if we don’t have the #1. I Believe a high impact player is a must (and echo Razor in wanting Thomas and a Rusher in FA).

      The Niners need players, lots of them, and the mixture of FA and draft picks should help address some of the more critical needs on the team (Edge, Edge, CB, X WR, S, OT, LB, Kicker, Guard, Depth all around).

      Still, advantages to treading down within reason are there. What many critics have with JL and the staff is poor use of resources available. Squandering draft picks on players that were reaches, redundant, or questionable. This team could never afford this, especially in rebuild mode if the roster is to improve.

  28. Again with the TMZ stuff. Extracting your narrative by anyways necessary. Youre a good writer but your click bait articles have just been lazy..

  29. Perused the all the posts again. This particular assemblage of comments–under the Kyle Throws Shade On Wilson headline–is one of the best. Lots of righteous posturing, assertions of Biblical proportions, a visit by an ex-sports media guy from Sacto, John Shaft parallels, unusually creative snarking, etc.. Great material–could be nominated for a PressDemo award for Most Nutty Collection of Comments under the One Topic category. Jumping for joy!

  30. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned Kris Richard as someone to replace Saleh. He isn’t the DC for the Cowboys but is credited with the improvement in that defense. If we bring him in, the team would still be able to play the Seattle-style 4-3 defense. The Cowboy’s defense is bend don’t break and before tonight’s game they ranked 3rd in the NFL in points given up at 19.4 pts per game. Tonight against the Saints, the Dallas defense played an inspired game. Despite two turnovers by the Dallas offense, the defense allowed only 10 points to the top scoring team in the NFL that was averaging 37.2 points per game.

      1. Tackling tonight by the Dallas D was outstanding. I can’t remember the last time I could say that about the 49ers. It was probably when Harbs and Fangio were still coaching the team.

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