Kyle Shanahan not worried about 49ers’ ability to protect QB


SANTA CLARA — 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan said he isn’t concerned with the team’s pass protection at his Wednesday press conference.

But through four games, the 49ers have allowed 13 sacks — tied for seventh most in the NFL. And Sunday during the overtime loss to the Arizona Cardinals, quarterback Brian Hoyer had to leave the game for one play after he got hit from behind.

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  1. Should be , Kilgore is nothing special , to many times pushed out of play ,or put on his butt . Questionable lines calls ,( at least one time a game . Not much strength .

    1. Center, both guards, and QB are all very weak links. Kinda hard to be a successful offense with that combination.

  2. Your letting your HATE get the best of you Seb. You need to chill out. Roast one. Go for a nice walk. Tend to your garden. It’s harvest time, isn’t it? When you feel that burst of hate boiling up from under you skin, just apply the same excuses for Hoyer that you do for Kaep. It’s everyone’s fault but his. There’s a conspiracy with the officials against the Niners. The O line is putrid. The receivers drop too many balls. The wrong plays are called. The coach won’t call a roll out play. The defense is lousy. You can learn to love Brian if you try. You might as well. Kaep ain’t coming back! He’s not good enough. It’s not healthy to hate Seb. Learn to love. Hoyer would love you to love him.

    1. Juan, you are the one who needs to learn not to hate. Imagine if everything you said about me and Hoyer could be said about you and Kaep.
      If you can recall, I was rooting for Hoyer to succeed, because if he succeeded, the Niners would be winning games. However, now that the Niners are on a 4 game losing streak, they need to make adjustments.
      I had given Hoyer the benefit of the doubt, but now that he has pulled a Gabbert, I have seen enough. Hoyer is the very definition of mediocre. Throwing 4 picks in 4 games just does not instill confidence.

      1. This is the Suck for Whoever campaign. We’re trading losses today for wins tomorrow. Sit back and enjoy Hoyer earn the 49ers Rosen or Darnold.

        1. Yeah, based on what I’ve seen I don’t want either one of those guys. I truly can’t stand Rosen as a player or a person. Rosen is a guy who clearly has had all the best private lessons. His footwork is impeccable. His throwing motion is picture perfect. BUT he just doesnt have a feel for the game. And I think as a leader he leaves a lot to be desired. His apparent attitude that he’s smarter and better than his teammates won’t fly in the NFL. The guy has Ryan Leaf written all over him – only that Leaf was a much better QB. I was pretty high on Darnold but he hasn’t played well. He made a few amazing throws under pressure against Texas but his normal production is way off. I still like Darnold but he may not be ready for the NFL just yet. Can’t figure out who I like at this point.

          1. As a UCLA grad, and as such someone who watches and follows UCLA football, Rosen is much better than Ryan Leaf. Rosen does not think he is smarter or better than his teammates; in fact, to a man, his teammates love him and stand by him. In fact, I have not heard one of his teammates criticize Rosen, or question his leadership abilities. Rosen speaks up for his teammates, and ensures that the blame falls with him when the team doesn’t do well. He is a great quarterback, but his issue is not that he doesn’t have a feel for the game, but rather he tries to do too much; he has too much confidence in his arm, and will try to do something to win (such as forcing balls into tight windows) when he would be better served throwing the ball away. Most importantly, he acknowledges this is his weakness, and doesn’t shirk from such criticism.

            1. “There are guys who have no business being in school, but they’re here because this is the path to the NFL. There’s no other way. ”

              Josh Rosen

              Yeah, I’m sure this quote where he calls some guys on the team dumba$$es really endeared himself to his teammates. Hopefully, they were too stupid to understand he was talking about them.

        1. No, I am not happy the Niners lost, and want them to win, that is why I have consistently proposed ways that they can improve.
          Prime was a classic tool that exhibited schadenfreude when the Niners lost, then was furious when Kaep willed the team to victory over the Rams.

  3. Hey, Seb and Juan. Don’t forget that our lousy receivers keep dropping balls and the O-line sometimes does not give good pass protection. I know Brian’s not that good, but I saw him do some good things when given the time. Can’t wait to draft our QB of the future next draft.

    1. Yes, it is a team sport, but the same things posters excoriated Kaep for, they are giving Hoyer a pass on.
      Yes next year will be intriguing, considering the quality QBs available, but I am concentrating more on this year. Niners need to do SOMETHING about improving the QB position. I do not advocate throwing CJB to the wolves, because that might hurt his development.
      If Kaep is still being blackballed, maybe they should poach a QB from another team. Joe Callahan, Kyle Sloter or Nate Sudfeld may be reaches, but the Niners are 0-4, and should be desperate enough to try something bold.

  4. It helps that Hoyer gets the ball out fast. His average time to throw is 2.4 seconds. Makes the o-line look better than ol’windup’s 2.96 seconds which made it look far, far, far worse. Plus Hoyer is just better in the pocket.

    It’s just too bad he’s playing his worst in years right now. Hopefully he’ll straighten it up and get back to the high-80s QB he’s been the past three years.

  5. Long wind up seemed to work just fine when he had a coach and talent around him. 400 yards passing in ne in the sleet. Hoyer couldn’t do that if he was trying on Madden. Its said repeatedly he can’t make throws from the pocket, ask Brees, Rodgers, Brady who he outdueled all of them throwing for 300 yards… their house. Oh, I forgot matty ice…..

    1. lol. No. The 49ers passing offense was routinely one of the worst in the NFL.

      2012: 23rd
      2013: 30th
      2014: 30th
      2015: 32nd
      2016: 32nd

      What a ****ing great passing offense. ****ing bottom of the barrell for the last 4 years under Kaepernick and you have the brass balls to act like it was something. HE WAS ****ING CARRIED by an elite defense to winning and the offense by the running game. END OF STORY.

      He was the most worthless, over-hyped ESPN QB I’ve ever seen.

      1. Moses. there you go again. Cherry picking stats to fit your narrative.
        In 2013, the Niners were 12-4, so having the 30th passing offense did not hurt the bottom line. In fact Kaep stated plainly that he did not care to pad his passing stats as long as they won.
        The JH teams were run first in their philosophy, so maybe you should put up the rushing stats, too.
        In 2015, he only played in 8 games because he was injured, so you are also dissing Gabbert. Personally, I think he was initially injured when he was blown up along the side line in the Viking game.
        In 2016, Kaep, and his running ability, helped make the running offense 4th in the league. No wonder the passing offense was limited, the WRs were drek. In the end, he was forced to throw to cut third string FAs.
        Glad you overlooked how Baalke dismantled that SB team and sat on his hands and did nothing to try and improve the team. In the end, decent FAs were avoiding the Niners like the plague, and do not get me started on Baalke’s drafts. By only cherry picking stats, I can totally dismiss your screed.

            1. Kap’s run style suits a kick/punt return kind of thing, open field runner– once he’s up to speed (always a slow accelerator to top run speed, as opposed to a QB like Wilson, who has the instantaneous afterburners) meaning the front 7/8 had to be schemed/blocked, then he’d get chunks of yards in the backfield.
              Kap’s level of success– whatever you might think that is, depended on a strong and credible run threat from RB’s, and the OL had to keep front 7 well away from him. He also required a strong possession rcvr- Bolden, Kerley, being the most recent examples….

      2. I wonder what the 2011 rank is? Since we wound up losing all big play makers since. Crabtree, manningham, moss, davis, walker. Those were some pretty good weapons. Since then we only had 1 solid receiver at any given season. Kinda tough for a team to do anything with that when an opposing defense will focus on the main receiver to shut him down meanwhile everyone else is pretty much useless… and I don’t get it, why don’t the 49ers go out aND get some serious receivers in either draft or free agency? Either wait til late rounds or sign some bogus receivers even the receivers that they pay big money to are just a #2 from another roster. We are so quick to judge hoyer on poor performances but really the receivers are not getting things done. I saw a lot of positives with his connection with goodwin, and with him connecting with goodwin allowed defenses to back off garcon. But then goodwin got injured early last week so hoyer performance went right down the tube with Robinson dropping every pass thrown to him, or run the wrong route. Hoyer is not the problem. We will see soon…

      3. I kno shanahan is seeing the same thing im seeing. It’s just a shame that he has personal relationships and he’s dragging it over to the 49ers.
        Aldrich Robinson followed him from Washington to Atlanta to sf. Come on this guy is complete garbage as we can see. Cut him and put someone worth a damn in his spot. Instead the cut jerremy kerley a receiver that led that stats for the entire team last year. Wtf. And them letting boldin go before that.

  6. Right as usual Moses. Notice these guys never address 2-14, or 3-16 in Kaeps last 19 starts? It’s like it never happened. They can’t handle the truth! Kaep stinks. That’s why he is STILL unemployed. Those are the facts of the case, and they are undisputed.

    1. Juan they worship at Kap’s altar. He is not culpable for his field play (someone else’s fault).

      Truth is Kap is like anyone else. Not a great football player who may have overestimated his value and is now looking from the outside in.

  7. Seb, don’t make me laugh. Your hatred of anybody or anything anti-Kaep, your distain for law enforcement and our fine military personnel is hiding in plain site. Your not fooling anybody.

    1. No, Juan, I have been consistently defending Kaep against the hatred and haters.
      I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan who hopes the Niners win multiple more rings.
      No, I am not against cops or the military per se, but I have read much about history, so while I think the United States is already the greatest country in the world, I think it could become even greater.
      That might start when cops stop pointing their gun at football players and threatening to blow off his head. This latest gun atrocity proves my point. There needs to be a well regulated Second Amendment. Posters who oppose me are the ones who allow these nightmares to continue.

      1. Allow them to continue? You’re such a misinformed fool. You are like Michael Moore…you twist the narrative to fit your liberal, bleeding heart agenda.

        The Michael Bennett issue was proven to be a lie, but you can’t see that because it doesn’t fit your well documented agenda. He lied! Had he not gone on twitter and tried to blast LVMPD for doing their jobs, no one would be talking about this.

        1. Personally, I do not see the need for a civilized society to allow military styled weapons with automatic fire capabilities.
          I do not see the need for large ammunition magazines.
          I wish there was better background checks and monitoring so people would not be allowed to amass an arsenal.
          Since you and others think that it is a God given right to own such weapons with no regulations or accountability, I will accuse you of tangentially allowing this atrocity to occur.
          Machine guns used to be outlawed. I hope they are again.

          1. They are still illegal as of 1986 and highly restricted since the 1930’s.

            There are no legal sales of automatic fire weapons save under very strict and highly costly means.

            1. Interesting, Guess my ears were deceiving me. Sure sounded like automatic fire to me. 59 deaths and over 500 wounded in 11 minutes is impossible with single shot capabilities.

              1. Murder is outlawed too and happens. I bet you never smoked pot when it was illegal either. How does that make your imbecilic argument. Jeez you are a real piece of work! Bless your heart!

              2. Yes and it is not illegal to have imbecilic thoughts about guns.
                Sure sounds like you are an expert at that.

              3. Shoup, I only declare victory when a poster devolves into spewing expletives. Since I never do that, it will be hard to declare victory.
                However, that does not stop East from declaring victory over any old word he chooses to be offended from.
                Maybe you have not noticed, but i throw their own words back in their face. East mentioned imbecilic arguments, I retorted by calling his thoughts to be imbecilic.
                Maybe you have also not noticed that I can be calm civil and polite. I just return insults, because if I don’t, it seems to encourage them to continue.
                Now we have East whining and sucking his thumb. If he does not want insults, he should not start throwing them around.

        2. Michael Bennett told the truth. The security guy deliberately turned off his body camera. Why? because he did not want what he said recorded.

          1. I think he turned off his body camera deliberately, because he knew who he was trying to terrorize. Michael Bennett knelt, and that security guy wanted to send him a message. Considering Kaep and Delaney Walker has received death threats, it is logical to assume this was just a very public way of delivering that message to Michael Bennett.
            Those security cameras showed many people running away, so it sure looked like MB was targeted for ‘special’ treatment.

            1. Twist it, Seb…par for the course

              While we at it, lets outlaw (or place serious restrictions) on motor vehicles. They have never been used as weapons in mass casualty scenarios.

              1. lets start by outlawing military style weapons that can easily be converted into machine guns.
                Then maybe establish databases so some terrorist can’t amass an arsenal.
                Then maybe ammunition regulations so some terrorist cannot buy thousands of rounds, or build 50 lb bombs.
                Now we have gun makers profiting from a catastrophic atrocity.
                You can turn in your car if you want. I need mine to go to work in.
                Maybe you are advocating outlawing rocks. they have been known to kill people, too.

  8. I’ll be thinking about you this morning Seb when I’m on the first tee at Olympic Club’s Lakeside course. Not really. ;>)

    1. Dang. Nice course. My grandfather worked in maintenance at the Olympic Club when he first came back from WWII. I’ve always loved that place.

      1. That is among the funniest non-insightful inadvertent narcissistic moments this blog may have ever had! You to say someone else is obsessing! Take your meds Seb.

        1. Obsess much? You seem to think that I do not dominate your thoughts. The fact that you keep acting like a moth to a flame is delicious irony.

          1. Keep dreaming. I only think of you when I respond. You are obsessed with your idiotic and ill informed crusades.

            1. Keep thinking about me. Glad I dominate your thoughts.
              Right now, I am thinking about people like Jonathan Smith. He led his family to safety, then turned back and helped others, while facing automatic weapons fire.
              You, I dismiss from my thoughts as soon as I respond to your snark. I have little time for lightweights.

              1. we just boggle at what’s in your thoughts WHILE you respond to the snark–could it be….

                — Yay– more clicks for my site! (Seb as Grant)
                — why do so many people dislike me and Kap so much? (victim trope)
                — HaHaaaahaaa, just look at the power I wield over these fools (anti-psych meds late again in Seb’s ward)
                — where’s Nessa’s text dammit…I need more Kap reinstatement ideas…

              2. Tired and trite. Grant just dissed Kaep. I like Kaep. While Grant was talking live on his periscope, I have been posting away. Nice try, but it is really pathetic for you all to continue that thread.
                I certainly do not personally attack him. He is entitled to his opinion. I will just respectfully disagree, just like I do with Lowell.

                He also does not denigrate the protests, and I could see that Kaep would be very distracting, but in a good way.
                It also might lead to drama, both on and off the field. However, if the heightened interest fills that stadium, it will be well worth it to Jed, who now has to look at that empty mausoleum. Maybe football fans who decry police brutality, would buy tickets so they could kneel with the protesters. Sounds like the reactionaries will refuse to go or leave, so now may be the perfect time to change the clientele to people who have consciences and the proper morality. Cops shooting unarmed civilians is abhorrent, and an abuse of power, and needs to be stopped. Some day, that thin blue line will say that nobody is above the law. Some day, there will be freedom, and justice for all.
                I just want the Niners to win. If Joan in Accounting could lead drives down the field that result in TDs, I say suit her up.
                Hoyer is pulling a Gabbert.
                It would be a class act to see John Lynch apologize for the classless way the former Niners treated Kaep, and ask him to return because he never closed the door. It would cement the value of the Len Eshmont Award, to see the last recipient be accorded the respect he deserves. Right now, the Niners are making the award a mockery, by their treatment of that Award winner. Basically, the players say Kaep is an inspiration and leader, but the FO could not be bothered, and does not care if they lose, because they want to be REWARDED with a high draft position.
                Maybe Denise needs to put her foot down, and do the right thing.

  9. Kyle is still in the honey-moon stage.

    He will not worry until his job is in jeopardy.

    Sucks for us….to watch this losing……

    Also note….He is a Shanahan, arrogance and “know it all” is part of their DNA

    1. The 0-4 start has beaten some of the hubris out of KS.
      Maybe he will finally hire an OC to help the offense. Maybe the OC can help reduce the blizzard of flags.
      KS is still bravely touting Hoyer, but my prediction came true. Hoyer is pulling a Gabbert. I think he will bench himself.
      This Colts game will not be a cakewalk. The Colts played the Seahawks tough for 3 quarters, and Jacoby Brissett is improving each game. He is showing why a mobile QB is preferable to an immobile pocket passer. The Niners are showing why an immobile pocket passer is not the wave of the future. Teams can tee off and rush to a spot, and Hoyer is getting bludgeoned. Hoyer’s mechanics may be fine, but with all those hits, he is dropping his eyes and his footwork is deficient, just like Steve Young says.

  10. Shanahan is fine. The arrogance DNA is infused in Jed. One upside of all the losing is that it keeps the spotlight on the primary person responsible for this mess. It’s not Baalke. It’s Jed.

    I went on Stubhub. Some extremely arrogant pricing for an 0-4 product. I wouldn’t give this $hitshow a dime. The more open red seats the better. Fans need to show thier displeasure in the only way it is noticed-stay out of the stadium, stay out of the swag shop.

  11. I don’t think Hoyer is the answer. But, I think back to how bad Matt Ryan looked the year before last in his first year with Shanahan. I know Hoyer has previous experience with KS, but that was several years ago. I guess I’m just wondering if part of Hoyer’s poor performance is that he’s still not fully up-to-speed with KS’ offense. Also, it’s very likely that KS has added wrinkles to his offense during that years that Hoyer was not his QB. If we get any other QB than Cousins, it looks like we can expect poor offensive performances for the next several years.

  12. Shanahan know Tim Tebow and Kap have similar skillsets and that Tebow is the cheaper option.

    Kap’s had more time to steal fans money than a gypsy dealing from a bad deck.

    1. There’s also this quote from Shanahan: “We could be 3-0.”

      When was the last time 49er fans came close to saying that !

      That’s right, you can’t remember because your only vision is blurred by the Kap interception factory and the Seahawks eating their Thanksgiving meal on the Levi Stadium 50 yard line, when Kap fooled the owner into betting a Kap led 49er team could beat the Seahawks at home.

      Thanksgiving highlights

  13. San Francisco 49ers: Power ranking top rookies through first quarter:

    1. Solomon Thomas, DE (1st Round, No. 3 Overall)

    So far, the 49ers have gotten just about everything they were looking for when they spent the No. 3 overall pick on Solomon Thomas. It’s taken almost no time for the Stanford alum to prove he was well worth the early first-round investment.

    No matter what the offense throws at him, Thomas has held his own. In fact, he hasn’t just held his own — he’s been a stud for the 49ers’ exciting young defensive front. He’s amassed 12 tackles and a sack through four games while earning impressive marks from Pro Football Focus as both a run defender and pass rusher.

    Check out this terrific tackle for a loss by Thomas for more context:

    2. Matt Breida:

    Since assuming the role of Carlos Hyde’s primary backup, the undrafted rookie has made a notable mark on the San Francisco offense. While not a star by any means, Breida has racked up 98 yards on 25 touches.
    Still, what we’ve seen from Breida so far is absolutely exciting. The Georgia Southern product is an absurd athlete with blazing speed and the ability to turn a short pass into six points. Although we’ve yet to see that type of explosiveness since the regular season began, it’s bound to happen sooner or later.

    1. TomD – sounds like the evaluator of those two rookies has low expectations because I don’t consider the performance displayed thus far by Solomon Thomas “to be just about everything the Niners were looking for” when they expended a #3 overall pick for Thomas.

      In his dreams Thomas still has not been able to get a rush against Whitworth. Let’s see what happens the second time around vs. the NFC West opponents before touting Thomas as the second coming!!!!!

  14. Ok they have been improving ,on the defensive side of the ball .

    No crowning anyone yet , yes there’s definitely progress being made . Can’t wait to see everyone healthy , and familiar with there teammates,and assignments.
    See things in the flow ,so to speak. Really would like to see Foster , and get a whole game under his belt .
    His return , will help ,with all aspects of the defense.

  15. Seb. for the record not one of those weapons was automatic,they had bump stocks,so they were modified single action weapons,I’m all for a more stringent back round checking process especially for assault style weapons but to say they need to be taken away is
    ridiculous.bomb making is illegal,it still happens.also everyone gets upset about this massacre,close to the same amount die in Chicago every week not one of you bleeding heart gun haters says a word and most likely the guns are purchased illegally.

    1. East, parsing the definition of what is automated or not, is about your level. Listen to the tapes.
      I know the opposition to me is fueled by my stance for a well regulated Second Amendment.
      More stringent background checks? The gunman passed all the background checks because he did not even have a speeding ticket. The background checks did not stop him from amassing an arsenal and unleashing it on a crowd that just sang God Bless America.
      Throwing up your hands and giving up, saying that it happens, so it is pointless to try and do something to stop it, will just perpetuate more atrocities.
      You seem to be defending the terrorist, and allowing more to commit unspeakable nightmares. Grow up. This was heinous, and even the NRA is putting up restrictions in a self regulating manner to stop legislation. I also know that bump stocks were sold out, so the gun industry just profited from a massacre.
      ‘ Bleeding hearts’? How callous to refer to those victims as bleeding hearts. I am sure they and their families hate guns, too. You turn my stomach.

  16. Ok, we are a quarter into the season. Going forward, what does the team need to do to improve? What realistic steps can they take to help themselves? Obviously, they cannot get rid of players and pick up new players. Or very unlikely. But what concrete steps can the team make to help themselves going forward?

  17. mike says:
    October 5, 2017 at 3:16 pm
    TomD – sounds like the evaluator of those two rookies has low expectations because I don’t consider the performance displayed thus far by Solomon Thomas “to be just about everything the Niners were looking for” when they expended a #3 overall pick for Thomas.
    In his dreams Thomas still has not been able to get a rush against Whitworth.

    TomD’s Take: ………..Mike,

    The 49ers have been playing Thomas out of place due to the emergence of Carradine.
    Now, in Tank’s absence, Thomas finally gets a crack at the Leo position where he should have been playing all along…..

    He’s been mis- matached as Tank’s backup, playing the strong side. Lets see what happens when the 49ers let him play in space….A nighmarish thought for defenses if you ask me.
    In addition, Buckner said he didn’t record his 1st sack until the 8th game last season.
    Thmomas already has one, and Buckner said they come in bunches……Lets see what happens at the Leo position this weekend before judgement day, shall we ?

  18. Thomas has found some grip the last couple 3 weeks . Starting to come on . Hope he keeps on improving a little each week for the next 10 years

    Foster stays healthy for awhile , should straighten out lb core ..
    Safety play has been adequate .

    Again corner backs need to study more , and learn how to jump some routes .

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