Kyle Shanahan on Dante Pettis: “He can be our best player on this team.”

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan before an NFL preseason football game against the Kansas City Chiefs in Kansas City, Mo., Saturday, Aug. 24, 2019. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

SANTA CLARA — This is the transcript of Kyle Shanahan’s Tuesday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers P.R. department.


You got RB Jerick McKinnon back out there. How’s he moving around and how’s he feeling?

“It seemed alright. It was very few reps today. I haven’t gotten a chance to talk to him. I’ll watch it when I’m done with you guys and talk to him and see how it was, but we took it very easy, so it’ll be more talking to him and see how he felt.”

Is he still in the ballgame to be on the 53-man when the season starts?

“Yeah, he definitely still is. We obviously would love him to be. We’ve just got to make sure that he’s healthy and ready to go and when he’ll be. Today was the first process, really, of getting him out there and giving us a chance to decide that and giving himself a chance to decide it. He’s done as much as he can in rehab and now we’ll see how it goes over these few days.”

It’s been just a couple days, but how has C/G Weston Richburg looked?

“He’s done real well. We had a practice yesterday just on air, but we got a couple D-Linemen out there for him to go against every play. It was 11 guys on one every play, so it was fun to watch him go through that. He did like 15 reps of it, did well, and then we just finished practice today where I’m guessing he had 15-20 reps, so we’ll check out the film when we get in, but it seemed good.”

It sounded like his injury was maybe worse than we realized, that he played through a lot last year. What did he show you going through what he went through last year?

“I mean, anytime guys play through stuff, you always earn a lot of respect for guys who do that. It’s one of the hardest things in this league because no one feels great. It’s hard to get through 16 games, especially at an O-Lineman position. You have to be willing to play through some things, you just don’t ever want to do it to jeopardize yourself for your future. It was something that he could’ve probably done earlier, taken care of, and it didn’t make it worse playing on it, but it was something he played with for a long time which didn’t help him perform at as high of a level as he’s capable. When he went in and cleaned his knee up, just the stuff you have to do, reattaching the quad, that’s a really long process. I know it’s been long for him, but I know he feels better now and hopefully we’ll get him here in football shape and I know if he doesn’t have the pain that he had last year, I know he’ll be much happier playing.”

You mentioned a while back that there was a chance that he could play this Thursday. Is that still on the table?

“I don’t think so.”

DL Dee Ford won’t play Thursday either, will he?


How’s he coming along? It looks like it’s all back on track with him.

“He looked great today. Very fresh legs, so we were messing with him over that. He looked very good.”

How were you messing with him, you took too long?

“No, that’s how long it takes, but it’s all anyone does when the new guys come out and everyone’s tired and sore and the guys come out and look extremely fresh, which is good, because that means they’re healthy, and they are fresh for a day or so, and then they get sore again. That’s why you’ve got to get them back into football shape and hopefully we’ll be able to get that done before Tampa.”

What does moving on from LB Malcolm Smith mean about the other guys that you have at that linebacker spot?

“It definitely shows that we have confidence in the other guys. Malcolm is a guy that I have a ton of respect for. I’ve played him a ton in my career when he was at Seattle and when he was at Oakland. He’s a guy I’ve always hated playing against, I’ve hated going against him in practice. I think he had an unfortunate time here, just especially the first year. We brought him in to be our backer, and he was, he had a great camp and then he tore his pec and missed a whole year. The next year, we got [LB] Fred [Warner] and he got that opportunity. Malcolm’s handled himself with class the whole time, but I know it didn’t go the way he wanted it to, nor how we expected it, but he was always the player we thought he was and the person. He’s a guy I will always have a ton of respect for.”

You’ve had LB Elijah Lee here for a little while, obviously missed time with the thumb injury, but do you feel pretty comfortable in terms of what you know about him?

“Yeah, I do. He’s been with us for the entire time now. I think our first year, I think we got him off of Minnesota’s practice squad pretty early, I want to say Week 1, so we’ve had some time with him. He’s gotten a lot of playing time for us, too. He had an unfortunate injury where he has a cast now and he’s going to see if he can play with it on Thursday. Hopefully he can. But, he’s definitely in the mix and we’ve got a bunch of guys who are at linebacker.”

Does this mean LB Dre Greenlaw’s your starter at SAM?

“No, it doesn’t mean it, but it means we feel good about him being that and we also feel good about other guys. If we didn’t feel good about more than one guy, then it would’ve been hard to let Malcolm go when we did.”

Which wide receivers won’t you play Thursday night?

“The only ones that, [WR Dante] Pettis won’t play, because he won’t be healthy until next week, same with [WR Jalen] Hurd and [WR] Marquise [Goodwin] we’ll sit down.”

What’s DL Kentavius Street’s situation?

“Kentavius, he’s battled through his knee all year. He’s had some knee tendonitis throughout camp and stuff, a little similar to Dee Ford, but he’s been trying to battle through it and get a spot here. We decided today, or yesterday, that he can’t do it anymore. We’re going to get his knee scoped here on Friday. So, we’ll decide what to do after that. He’s going to have to get his knee scoped here Friday, which will be a setback for him, but does not mean that he’s still not going to be a part of us.”

How could you describe Dante Pettis’ progression this summer as he goes into his second season?

“I mean, he’s going through what a lot of guys go through. I know a lot’s been talked about that the last couple of days. I know a lot’s been said about the quote that I had on him, but Dante’s not in jeopardy of not making our team or anything, but we are still trying to find out a role for him. When you have a guy like Dante, it can be a compliment to him, too. He’s a guy who’s capable of having any role on this team. He can be our best player on this team, he could be our best punt returner, he could be our number one receiver, our number two receiver, our slot receiver or just a role receiver. He has the ability to do all of that and he has shown that he can do all of that, but he hasn’t shown it consistent enough that we know exactly where to put him. So, that’s really what I was trying to word there. I have been hard on Dante, but if anyone knows me, I am the hardest on people that I believe in. I do believe in him a lot and I am always going to be probably a little disappointed, because I think he can be very good. It’s important to our team that he is.”


Where do you see this roster right now a couple days before your final preseason game? Are you happy with it? What are these days leading up to cutdown day going to be like for you and general manager John Lynch and the staff?

“I’m extremely happy with where we are right now. You’ll never be satisfied, you always want to keep getting better, but the main thing is you get better each year and we’re in a situation right now that we haven’t been in before. It has been a somewhat stressful week for us just having to think about some of these decisions that are coming, they’re right around the corner and that does still at this time change day-to-day based off how practice goes, based off how injuries are going. It’s kind of crazy with the competitions that we do have right now and it’s going to be an extremely stressful few days. It will go all the way to Friday. It will go all the way to Saturday on the final ones. And like I told our team today, even though there is always a lot of pressure on the final 53, you’ve just got to keep saying to guys, the only thing about the final 53 is it’s never in the history of football been the final 53. It usually changes the next day and it always changes that next week and it changes throughout the year. There are lots of guys here that might not be here in five days but could still be a big part of our team as this year goes. So, you just try to express that to everyone so everyone’s not counting themselves out, they’re still doing stuff that can have an effect on the coaches and the personnel guys.”

Have you gained some clarity with the wide receiver competition over the past few weeks?

“Yeah, I get clarity about it every day. We’ve got a lot of guys that we believe in. We’ve got a lot of guys who can play in this league. We have dealt with some injuries. We know we lost [WR] Trent [Taylor]. We’ll see if he’s ready for Week 1, but highly unlikely. We know we haven’t had Hurd the last couple weeks who’s definitely made a run, so that’s changed some stuff missing both of those two. Then you guys see all the other guys on the roster. We’ve got a lot of guys capable from top to bottom. You like to keep six, we’ll see if two of those guys are available, which definitely effects some stuff, too. There’s a huge trickle-down effect with all this that goes to DBs, goes to tight ends, it goes to everything. It’s a position we haven’t been in since we’ve been here at receiver. I think the guys that we’ve had have all gotten better and I think that we’ve got some news guys pushing some people.”

Do you know which two would start Week 1 or is that still to be determined?

“No, I don’t know that yet. That’s what I’m trying to get them to make easier on me.”

When it comes to filling out a tight end group, do you prefer to have guys with differing skillsets? I mean, you have TE George Kittle obviously, but do you want to have a blocking tight end or somebody who can replicate what George does just in case?

“You want three Georges, that’s what we keep telling him. Still expecting that, but you take the best you can get always and if you get a guy who, George is very good at both. Then you get some guys who, hey this guy can be real good in the pass game, but he can’t block at all. And then it’s like, well, we’ve got a guy who’s pretty good in the pass game. We would always love another, but if he can’t block at all, he’s a receiver. Whatever we put a number on him or call him, he’s still a receiver. So, you’ve got to balance all that stuff out. Sometimes it’s what areas do you need more. We do need some guys who can block in here because if guys can’t do it, it’s really hard for us to take George off the field because he’s very good at it. You’re not going to take guys off the field when there is a big drop off. You need guys who are close to blocking as well as him and you also need guys who can do some stuff in the pass game for him so we can take him off a little bit in pass plays and we always want him in there on third down and stuff but you don’t want a big run-pass tendency based off of when he’s in and when he’s out. You try to get the best guys out there to try and balance out your best one and if you ever get a chance to have some special ones, you never hesitate to do that. We’ll take as many as you can.”

Two injury things, is Hurd in any danger of missing Week 1 and then with Street is season-ending IR most likely?

“It is most likely. Haven’t decided that for sure, but it is definitely most likely. And then Hurd, I don’t know. I wouldn’t have thought that a week ago, but it’s still lingering and it is definitely legit. We’re going to rest it here again this whole week and then we’ll probably reassess it on Monday and see where he’s at.”

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      1. Come on Sebbie do you really think that the Ninners will give up on picking ACL players, look at there track record 1 for 15?

      2. And ACL players can come back and be defensive POTY candidates…re: Jaylon Smith.

        The guy was a top 5 pick before his injury vs osu…and his injury was such that there was talks he wouldn’t ever be the same, the nerve damage was a huge issue. ACL & MCL torn.

        Cowboys took a flyer on him (I wanted him in SF), sat him for a year, and now he’s one of the best young LBs in the game, could be a DPOY if he continues this trend.

    1. That sucks, but no worries mate! There’s no reason Kentavius won’t be ready for the 2nd or 3rd game, and worst case scenario, IR DFR is a nice early-mid season insurance policy. worst case t opens up a roster spot for Taylor/Moore/Givens, or, for game 1 if they chose to hold Bosa out – DE Jeremiah Valoaga. Bottom line is: the Niners are absolutely loaded up front defensively. If all goes well though, Of course, McKinnon is also a IR Designated For Return candidate, and a team is given a maximum of 2 RD’s in any given season. The good news is that team’s no longer need to designate which 2 players for return when they officially put them on IR, and the 49ers are currently ultra deep all along the DL.

      1. Actually, it could be season ending IR for Street. Well, we’ll see what happens. That’s too bad if it is, because he’s looked good. Hard to believe he’s been playing as well as he has with a knee issue. Good thing they’ve been stockpiling big, versatile defensive lineman. To be honest both Taylor and Moore have both looked above average from what I’ve seen and heard, and Givens has huge upside as well. I’m curious to see what they do with DE Jeremiah Valoaga, he has a lot of experience in this system, and looks like he’s developed into potentially a nice depth piece at DE.

        1. What have you seen from Street that got you excited about him? Honestly I thought he looked pretty ordinary in the preseason games, which is all I have to go on. Maybe that was because his knee was bothering him, but yeah, I didn’t see much from him that got me excited. Damontre Moore has looked much better than Street.

          As for Valoaga, I don’t recall him getting much action against opponents 1s or 2s. Could be wrong, but pretty sure he’s mostly been in against the bottom of roster players. So find it hard to get too excited about him either. At least Street was getting time against better opposition.

          Givens is an interesting one. He’s been getting time early in games and has looked alright at times.

          1. Agreed Scooter,
            I don’t get the Street love either.
            Yes, he’s an extremely strong player in the weight room but Taylor and Givens have been far more disruptive on the field, so much so that it jumps off the screen at you. Moore, has also been much better in game action and he provides depth at DE/Edge in the event that Bosa can’t go. In fact he is better than Solly on the edge as well.

            With the makeup of our Dline… Street and Solly are the square pegs we keep trying to fit in a round hole and in that battle, Solly is going to get the Nod.

            1. What I could not understand, is his deadlifting massive amounts, on a surgically repaired knee.
              It is not a wise practice. In fact, it turned out to be counter productive.

          2. His versatility! The NC State product is best known for his super-human leg strength, but he was also viewed as an extremely versatile DL, while playing on a very talented Wolfpack defensive line. Street has also stood out in both training camp and the preseason. He’s shown an ability as both a penetrating interior lineman, as well as showing enough burst and speed to make noise off of the edge. He’s actually been quite active in the preseason, spending a lot of time disrupting the opponent’s backfield, while recording 2 sacks (1.5 officially, recording 1.5 sacks), along with 2 more additional tackles for a loss. According to teammates and coaches, Street is also physically the strongest DL on the roster. He certainly has room to improve, no question about that, but for a guy with limited NFL experience, he’s shown a lot of promise. Street was a guy who was viewed as a possible replacement for Armstead, who becomes a FA after this season, and if he can get his knee right, maybe he still has a chance to fulfill that role if the Niners let Arik walk after this season, which is what I tend to expect will happen.

            As I said though, the good news for the Niners is that the DL is their deepest position group, and Street was likely going to be buried behind Armstead and Thomas on the depth chart anyways, barring a trade. With the way the DL has responded to Kris Kocurek, I expect we’ll see the best those 2 primary run defenders have to offer this season. Armstead is also playing for a new contract, and ever since he got his shoulder fixed, he’s been one of better run defending DE’s in the league. Look for a huge season from Armstead this year, as I think he’ll also benefit from the 49ers new defensive alignments.

            And then there is the undersized Damontre Moore, who battled injuries and personal early in his career, but he’s another guy who’s potential seems to be being unlocked by the Niners new DL coach. Moore seems to be learning to use his lack of size to his advantage, and he seems to have matured both mentally and physically.

            But don’t sleep on the 49ers other 2nd year DL – Julian Taylor. He’s another kid who has shown tremendous growth. He was always physically gifted, but he was a late bloomer physically, and considered a bit of a developmental prospect coming out of Temple. From what I’ve heard, Taylor is playing at 30 lbs heavier than he was as a rookie, and he’s put on the extra weight in all the right places. He’s another kid who will benefit in Street’s absence, and I promise you that he’s a guy to keep an eye on.

            1. And to expand on Damontre Moore– a guy who, the more I’ve watched at camp and preseason, and the more people I’ve talked to, I’ve grown more and more excited about his potential. I think Moore has a very good chance to highlight just how important it is to find players who’s skill set’s fit well schematically, and who can or can’t be molded in order to improve their scheme fit. The kinds of defensive concepts that Koceruk has brought to the Niners’ system seems line up perfectly with the type of player Damontre is, his physical attributes, and the kind of skill set he seems to have developed over the last few years.

              I think a lot of people understate just how important to match personnel in terms of skill set – schematic fit. For example: Take former Niner OT – big Trent Brown, and his fit for Kyle’s offense. The best thing about Kyle’s stretch Outside Zone blocking scheme is that it can be used in a multitude of different ways to attack the defense. Perhaps it’s most effective aspect is in the way Kyle is able to disguise whether it’s a run or pass play (with relying on the latest RPO craze) and he’s almost certainly the best at creating explosive early-down plays. And the way in which Kyle designs and utilizes his play-action pass concepts is absolutely masterful, but it relies on the ability to effectively rush the football on a consistent basis. Having an OT who is nimble enough to consistently get to the 2nd level of the defensive quickly enough to allow the RB to make the correct read on said OT’s assigned block, is just as important as having a RB who is fast enough to stretch the run outside, and then quick enough to read those blocks and burst through the current running lane and pick up additional yardage. It becomes much harder to run the outside-zone effectively with OL’s who aren’t exactly nimble enough to consistantly make those plays at the 2nd level. As good as Trent Brown as a pass protector, to put it bluntly, he’s just not nimble enough to do his job effectively in Kyle’s offense – plain and simple. To his credit, when Trent Brown is in good shape (he has had chronic issue with poor conditioning/weight management) Trent Brown has Pro-Bowl potential in the right kind of scheme, which IMO, and the opinions a lot of NFL personnel quality control specialists.

              Damontre Moore, Emanuel Moseley, and Tarvarius Moore are all neck and neck for my list of biggest early season surprises for the 2019 San Francisco Forty Niners, and you can take it to the bank!

              Side note: It’s going to be nightmarish start of the 2019 season for Tampa Bay QB Jameis Winston. Not only do DeFo and Ford look ready to roll, but now Nick Bosa, aka The SMALLER BEAR, appears to inching closer and closer to making his NFL debut, and it’s looking more and more likely that he’s going to be ready to come out of the gates with his guns blazing, ruining Winston’s season debut, and striking fear not only in Winston, but across the entire NFL, causing a seismic shift in the landscaping of NFL power rankings across the country!

              Go NINERS!

    1. Matter of fact, Given’s has played so well, I wouldn’t even start him vs. San Diego.

      Start game planning him for Tampa—-The Bucs are about to find out about our class 5 hurricane!

    2. I agree with you about Pettis being a game type players. He will certainly turn it up a notch once the regular season starts. I just feel he doesn’t want to risk getting an injury in a practice or preseason game. He does not have to worry about making the roster so caution makes some sense.

    1. Not this year, Pettis has a head start on the playbook and has been getting so W-I-D-E open vs. pro DB’s that I’ve seen JG throw kick-off type throws to him with a hang-time of 4 seconds!!! Now that’s getting open !

      Agree with ya though, Deebo will be a factor and have a package of plays–good player!

      49ers’ Shanahan on Pettis: ‘I am the hardest on people that I believe in’

  1. Pretty much been said before this time of year–year-in, year-out… Hope game four is injury free and showcases some breakthrough talent.

    An entertaining four quarters would be welcome…not a 3-0 ballgame with the 9ers losing–committing 21 penalties, 6 turnovers, a 9er vs 9er sideline fight, and an ejection or two.

  2. Guess there are varied methods of coaching. Walsh maybe would give a pat on the back, but at times, he could be a stern taskmaster. KS is using the latter method, and I hope it works.
    The waiving of M Smith probably means Nzeocha may get a spot on the 53, imo.

    1. BW once told Dwight Clark “If you keep going like you are, you’ll be out of the league in a few years.”
      This was well after The Catch when Clark was a pro bowl player.

      BW also demanded Joe Montana always aim for perfection, because if you aim for perfection and miss, you’re still really good.

      BW once kicked a player off the team right in the middle of practice, screaming “don’t even let him take a shower.”
      (It was rumored he’d sign one training camp body every year knowing he wouldn’t make the team, but wasn’t a worker so he’d fire him in front of the whole team)

      And most here know BW would rip position coaches as a way of motivating players.

    2. They did not resign Nzeocha for no reason. He started football late in life and the team still feels he has a lot of upside left.

  3. I’m not a fan of how the Pettis from last year is being held up as some great standard. He had drops last year. He didn’t contest catches. He struggled getting open vs physical coverage. And people told me “well he’s a first year receiver, so he’ll get better”. Now it’s “well if he can just reach the level he showed first year…” no. He needs to be better. Significantly better. Let’s not forget he is also often injured.

    I still believe Trent is the best receiver threat on this team. Hopefully his injuries clear up as Jimmy needs him big time.

    1. “Now it’s “well if he can just reach the level he showed first year…” ”

      Is someone saying that? Wow, yeah, definitely agree that should not be a standard people are satisfied for him to “reach”. Least of all himself. But I haven’t seen anyone say that would be satisfactory either.

      I will say though, something that does get lost in the somewhat negative reports on Pettis this training camp and preseason is that if he only ever performs at the standard he played at last year he can still be a useful contributor, so long as he stays mostly healthy. He just wouldn’t be the player the team (or fans) hoped for.

      1. 17.3 YPC is something we want. Dude had 45 targets (27 recs) and 467 yards, 5tds in 12 games played (7 started).

        If he can play 16 and puts up the same exact numbers per game, he’ll get you 7 TDs and 630 yards. Not great but if he’s your number 2 or 3 guys getting you 7 tds, thats pretty damn good as that would be tied for 16th with guys like Cooper and Smith-Schuster.

        Last year Mike Evans and Julio Jones had 8 TDs, and those are #1s. Same for Michael Thomas with 9.

        The leader in YPC last year was DeSean, with 18.9, but Pettis’ 17.3 would have put him at 4th in the league if he had the number of targets/catches to qualify…again, he had 45 targets, DeSean had 74, Evans and Tyreek Hill had 130+ and they were 3rd and 4th with 17.7 and 17.0…good company to be in. And the catch % of those top 4 guys was 55.4% to 63.5%, Dante’s was 60%.

        When you see the number, the guy showed he could be a legit WR if given the chance, and if he stays healthy.

        Its on him to stay healthy, but if I gave you player A vs player B…60% catch and 17.7ypc vs 55.% and 61.9% and 12.5 ypc, which are you choosing? A= DP, B = AB.

  4. ‘Afford each person the same respect, support and fair treatment you would expect if your roles were reversed. Deal with people individually, not as objects who are part of a herd- that is the critical factor’.
    ‘I’ve observed that if individuals who prevail in a highly competitive environment have any one thing thing in common besides success, it is failure, and their ability to overcome it.’
    ‘Failure is part of success, an integral part. Everybody gets knocked down. Knowing it will happen, and what you must do when it does, is the first step back. ‘
    ‘A resolute and resourceful leader understands that there are a multitude of means to increase the probability of success. And that is what it all comes down to, namely, intelligently and relentlessly seeking solutions that will increase your chance of prevailing in a competitive environment. When you do that, the score will take care of itself.’ – BW

  5. GEEP says:
    August 28, 2019 at 7:26 am
    Always nice to hear from one of your many burner accounts Paul….AKA Sleb
    * Light up another “J” and have a nice day….TURKEY

    REPLY: Coincidental???

    How many times has Seb been asked to name friends on this site, but can’t come up with one, yet the momment he’s in trouble burner accounts flock to his defense (and a few of his brown nosers—or are those Paul’s other ‘fake’ accounts)?

    1. *moment

      Seb, himself opened pandora’s box with his behavior throughout the years, browbeating, bullying, belittling, etc.

      In his own words: “My brown nosers and I can dish it out, but the moment we get called on it, become snivelers, can’t take it, and turtle.”…….HAHAHAHA! LOL, GEEP!

      Bob Seager: Your Still the Same, Seb:

      1. There’s a line you shouldn’t cross when it comes to talking trash.
        This is one of them. You don’t bring family or wives or husbands into it.
        It’s disrespectful and a cowards way out of a dispute.

        Razzing him all day every day is fine if that’s how you want to spend your time.
        Heck I can’t stand onelame and would probably smack him if I ever met him in person. But because he’s a tool doesn’t make his family one.
        Way out of bounds with that post about his pops. His resting in peace pops at that.
        No place on this planet for that kind of stuff. What happened to respect and honor even if battle?

        1. I’d say family is off limits in blogs and politics. But…. if a politician drags his family into the spotlight purely for the purpose of political propaganda, I say they lost their immunity. The same if someone brings their family into a blog space with the intention of propping up their own credentials , or worse, as excuses for their own faux pas, then yeah fair game. Don’t want your family abused? Keep them the hell out your postings, especially if you are a controversial poster in the first place.

        2. MD, I don’t think oneniner ever brought his family up for discussion here. See the difference? You’d have to be king d-bag attacking someone’s family when they’ve never been mentioned in any context. Sebs the one that’s first dragged his family into his little internet spats.

          1. There’s no difference.

            MD is 💯 on this, but those that keep bringing it up and have excuses like this.

            If you want to get into Seb’s personal business stop hiding behind a bogus screen name like GEEP, Ribico or PT, two of which are probably the same individual.

            1. I never got into Seb’s personal business until he brought it in here in the first place. That’s the difference, “Jack Hammer”. Seb brought this directly on himself with his motormouth commenting on any and everything.

              1. Stop trying to make excuses for something that’s inexcusable.

                I know I use an alias, that’s nothing new.

                If you think digging up stuff on someone’s family who accidentally used his real name once or twice is ok that’s cool.

                Says far more about you than anything I can write here.

              2. I’m digging up nothing. Seb himself brought in his dad, and his dads profession, as an attempt to prove to the board that he himself is smart, because look who I’m the son of. That was deliberate, no accident. Anyone who uses their own family in such an offhand way in puffing up their bona fides deserves contempt in my book.

              1. Man–why is everybody on this blog such a billy bad ass??? All these subtle and not so subtle threats….is it not right off the high school playground? I absolutely remember everyone talking that way when I was a teenager.

              2. Oh it’s not a threat kitty fish. PT has continuously made this type of request to Seb for a while.

                I’m not a fan of Seb’s, but this garbage is going over the top and I’d be more than happy to take Seb’s place.

                Enough is enough. Know what I mean?

          2. Rib…. the little punk was doing that years before Grant was here. He’d talk about folks family back then because he lost his cool and was booted THREE times because of it.
            And yes he did talk that trash to me personally.
            So I offered to meet him n person, and of course he wouldn’t.
            So yes Rib. Onelame is a low life like these trolls are.
            All over old blue eyes wearing number 11. Pathetic

            1. Md as I mentioned, trash talking innocents, like family members , out of the blue is not something I condone. If that was part of oneniners back and forth with you back when, then he was way out of line.

          3. And Rib….. his father is dead. Where does the respect come into play?
            Again I’m all for trash talking, but to even mention someone’s family is way to far. His is why if I EVER meet your boy onelame in person. I’m smacking him in the mouth.
            FOR my Mamma.
            Don’t let him fool you. He’s a punk too that pulled this type of garbage years ago. I don’t forget.

        3. ninermdsays, Anus or Renus–never heard of you until now, and others:

          Read much, Seb brown nosers. Posted just above you, coward, I correctly cited cited Seb’s history in an overview.

          I don’t have the time and frankly, the inclination, to chronicle the totality of Seb’s voluminous, insulting, derogarory, gutter-crawling, insults against family and friends.
          2 months ago he slandered my family—It’s archived.

          We all know who Seb is on this blog, except IQ challenged, Seb, sychophants, such as yourself.

    2. You could also do with seeking some help, TomDICK. Maybe you shuld visit the same psychiatric ward as CREEP, and then you can both talk to each other between your padded cells in isolation from the rest of us. Some might call that a public service.

  6. Old Coach, thank you so very much. I am extremely proud of my father. He worked for years on the railroad, and scrimped and saved to make enough money to attend Cal. His schooling was interrupted during WWII, and he was allowed to move back to Battle Mountain Nevada, and avoid the concentration camps. He had the opportunity to go to Michigan to continue studying, but he thought his place was with my mother’s family, so he spent the first few years of the war, raising sugar beets in Utah, helping her father. Her father worked for years at Carlin, Nevada, but was kicked out of his railroad job, and forced to flee to Utah with 5 children. My mother once said that those people in the concentration camps may have had a lot to complain about, but at least they fed them. I will always have a warm spot in my heart for the Mormons, because at least they would not let my family starve.
    I watched a program on the 442nd Combat Regiment, made up of Nisei. In it, one soldier mentioned a letter from home, and how they are fighting against the Nazis, but his relative, who was raising sugar beets, was beaten severely.
    One year, my father had an X-ray done of his hand, and the doctor mentioned that the hand was badly broken in the past. I asked him if he had done it working on the railroad, but he said he never broke his hand working on the railroad. Now I know where he sustained his injuries, and why he counseled me to roll with the punches. He never breathed a word of his treatment during the war, but he professed a deep love of country, and urged me to submit to the draft when called to register. He tried to volunteer to fight in the 442nd, but as a child, he was hit with a snowball in his eye, that had a rock in it, and was partially blinded in one eye. He tried several times, but was turned down because of his eye. I could have gotten a student deferment, and my mother was willing to move to Canada, but I entered the draft to honor my father’s wishes. I think I was 240, and they only took from the top 100.
    During the war, my father obtained work on a turkey ranch, and that experience led him to his career in Avian Sciences. It took more years of scrimping and saving, but finally, they loaded a beat up old jeep, and headed back to California. My mother was pretty, and could have had her pick of any eligible Nisei farmer in Utah, but she thought my father offered a better chance of advancement. They lived the American dream.
    Yes, my father did graduate magna cum laude, and passed away in 2002, professor emeritus. I was telling the truth. Every year, the turkey that graces your table is possible because of my father’s research. Dr Fred Lorenz was instrumental in developing the concepts, but my father was the one who developed the technique. My father was very smart. He did not arrange his cards in bridge because he did not want to tip off his hand, and he did the crossword in pen. Maybe intelligence does skip a generation, since my grades were modest, because I was more interested in playing soccer.
    My mother’s surname was Inouye, but I will not claim close relations with the Senator, although my mother’s family came from Hiroshima. However, My uncle served with distinction in the Korean war and did earn a Bronze Star for crawling over unexploded bombs to re-establish communications, helping turn the tide of battle. I was telling the truth about that, too.
    So now you know my family history. I am extremely proud of my father, and my mother, too.
    I have tried to be truthful in everything I write, and yes, this is a football blog, and wish to stick to football. I am a die hard faithful 49er fan, and just wish to post comments with like minded individuals, who love the team as much as I do. I respect many poster’s football acumen, but do not know why I attract the loonies.
    Thank you again, Old Coach you are one of the good ones, and I look forward to more of your posts.

    1. Sounds like a great man, Seb. You have every reason to be very proud of your dad, and I’m proud to call you a friend.

      1. Razor, likewise for me. Next time you come to California, look me up, and I will sample your strain. I am saving a big bud for you.

    1. Is there a historical post, I thought this was a sports blog?

      Maybe all of us can join in and delineate our collective family histories???

      Some of us have paratroopers and Navy Seals in the family

      1. TrollD, I posted that because GEEPers accused me of being ashamed of my father.
        You have every opportunity to post military stories about your family during Veterans Day.

  7. 49ers Webzone‏Verified account @49erswebzone
    John Lynch said Tuesday’s practice was not encouraging for #49ers RB Jerick McKinnon, who may have had another setback.
    Another one of Lynch’s early signings that’s turned out to be a bust.

    1. To me a bust is someone who isn’t as good as you thought they would be. You can’t put McKinnon in that category. He had a non-contact knee injury after playing in the NFL for several years with very little injury issues. You can potentially call Solomon Thomas a bust. McKinnon is an unfortunate injury that could not have been predicted.

      1. Yep. Put him on IR, and then release him next year with a dead cap hit of $4 million rather than the $10 million hit you’d take this year.

      2. I beg to differ. Solomon Thomas is not a bust. He did have a severe emotional tragedy in his family, but hopefully, will play better this season. Maybe he will not live up to his number 3 draft position, but he will be a valued member of the defensive front.
        I agree with you about McKinnon. His knee is busted, which is unfortunate, but he may finally rehab, recover and play again.

      3. I suppose Lynch should have done due diligence in meticulously examining his magic player-health-prognostication crustal ball. At least he should have concluded that McKinnon missing only one game in his last 3 seasons was a sure statistical sign that he was due for a major career-threatening injury.

      4. I feel like anytime you make a large investment in a player, whether in cash or in draft capital, and that player ultimately doesn’t justify their cost they are a bust.

        When a guy makes $16million dollars over two years for literally doing nothing, that’s a bust signing by the team.

        We’re also talking about a position that is being devalued in the league and we’re also discussing a player that wasn’t considered to be anything special, he only started in 14 of the 58 games he’s played in before being signed.

        Bust, bust, bust.

    2. Might be gamesmanship… trying to stash him on the pup list.
      Honestly, I always thought McKinnon was a bad signing… He was a scat back that was never a real threat running the ball and I think injury or no, Brieda was going to prove to be the better player.

      1. I’d take breada all day every day.
        His hands aren’t as bad as advertised in the beginning. Or I think they’re just as good as McKinnon’s I should say.
        Breida has the fastest recorded top speed in the nfl last season with one of his runs clocked at 21 MPH.
        With Coleman it should take some of the touches away. His red flags are health, I don’t think he’s an every down back in the nfl

    3. Dude will get $16M for two years of doing nothing but standing on the sidelines and working out in the gym.

      Goes right up there with the other stellar signings; Malcolm Smith and Pierre Garcon just to name a couple.

      Can’t rebuild a team making these kinds of decisions.

            1. Some aspects have improved and others are worse. If there’s been improvement overall it hasn’t showed in the win column.

              1. That’s because we haven’t started the season yet, but at least we have 3 wins in the pre-season win column. That tells me our depth has improved….

              2. There have been some blunders in the new regime, but mistakes are going to be made especially given the fact that Jeb hired a rookie head coach and GM.

                Jeb recognized the inexperience of Shanahan and Lynch hence the 6 year contract.
                We’re almost halfway through their contracts and to their credit (even with the signing errors) the team is beginning to finally take shape. Year 3 will be the turning point for the 49ers.

                Winning is now the next step for Shanahan and Lynch, now that they’ve come closer to assembling the roster they envisioned back in 2017.
                As an old blog friend used to say; “all arrows up!”

      1. Yeah, you expect some signings won’t work out but the 49ers have had a few too many big money signings that have barely contributed at all.

        1. That’s true, but they also showed they were able to mitigate that big money for both Smith and McKinnon through the draft.

      2. Honestly it sounds like your criticism of McKinnon is more based on jealousy than judgement. I could care less if McKinnon made $16M or $160M and all he has to do is wear a 49er windbreaker. Good for him and his family.
        Blaming Lynch for signing a “bust” who had no injury history and then got injured is like blaming Rory Mcilroy for spectators at the Tour Championship getting hit by lightning. It’s an act of God that is uncontrollable. Plenty to blame Lynch for… Solomon, Joe Williams, Reuben Foster, Ahkello Witherspoon, etc. Jerick McKinnon was not a bust. He was an injury that could not have been predicted.

  8. Lynch says Bosa will could be ready for game 1.
    If anyone believed this injury was that bad got played.
    Guaranteed he’s playing game 1.
    Sat him out so he doesn’t get more injured.
    But at what cost when learning the defense??
    Never bought it, and I’m still not buying it.
    “It’s a miracle” pshhht

  9. The Athletic has a detailed article by 32 beat writers — one for each NFL team — about the needs and surpluses of of each franchise before roster paring. The biggest position of need, by far, based on difference between collective deficit and surplus of all teams, is the offensive line. The biggest net surplus seems to be of wide receivers followed by RBs which indicates that the Niners may have a good chance to stash one of their young players at these positions in their PS.

  10. NN had 5 players on the bubble watch.
    Kendrick Bourne, Damontre Moore, Azeez Al-Shaair, Ross Dwelley and Kevin Givens.
    I think Dwelley will make the 53. Toilolo may be on the bubble.
    The 5- 49ers who I think are on the bubble are- Kendrick Bourne, Levine Toilolo, Elijah Lee, LaRoy Reynolds, and Antone Exum.

    1. Toilolo is gone. I do hope Moore can stay on as he has been impressive. I enjoy watching Givens as well. Bourne has just not developed since the last year. He should have had a breakout season this year.

  11. Cohn Zone hiccup…

    Grant Cohn

    Minor scheduling change. The Cohn Zohn @957thegame will not be on tonight. I’ll get back to you.

      1. Like local police, the Press Democrat should offer ‘ride-alongs’ to members of the public. In this case, a selected fan could accompany Grant for a day as he goes about being a 9er sports media guy–even appear on a periscope feature.

  12. Question:

    Which of our players would be starters for every NFL team?

    I think last year it was Gould, Staley and Buckner. I think one could add our TE to that group. Anyone else? Please justify your responses. Just curious as to how we are valuing players.

      1. Breida
        Kuwan Williams or how ever his name is spelled ( Dont count him out, he is a stud hopefully he gets healthy asap)

      1. You mean if he was drafted lower by other teams, he wouldn’t be a starter?

        I think Rookies and Warner are questionable, Ford is a good question. Our punter…well perhaps but look at what I said about rookies. I thin McGlinchey might likely make most rosters. Don’t know about Ford though.

        Interesting that the overall perception of player value has gone up considerably.

        1. I think all teams start their number two draft pick. That’s the only way he starts for every team as nothing else to base it on, but that’s what you asked. The only thing anyone can base anything on is last years performance. Your question would be better off at the end of the season. You might be surprised to find more at the end of the year.

          “Interesting that the overall perception of player value has gone up considerably.”

          Maybe, in my case its a new year and everything looks great. I just don’t want a repeat of the first Cardinal game last year…that was disgusting.

          1. Well, I like to see how people feel about the players. I asked last year towards the end of the year and the choice consensus was Gould, Buckner and Staley.

            I realize most teams would start their #2 pick. I was asking which players would start on all other teams. In other words, they are the cream of the crop for our team and could impact positively other teams.

            From what I gather here, most people feel pretty good about a lot of young players and not so good about some of the veterans. I guess we will revisit later in the year.

  13. I agree with Grant: McKinney is done for this year. I suspect his career is over as well. So sorry for him but it is a tough, unforgiving game. No one’s career is safe. Breida starts the season if he can stay healthy.

    1. They cut bait next year, and yes it was an unfortunate injury. Breida’s salary, along with his performance offsets grounding the Jet….

  14. Grant, “I’ll predict the 49ers’ 53-man roster on Periscope today at 3.”

    Gonna have to tune into this one, because of the intrigue.

  15. 1. Coleman , Brieda and Mostert rotation would yield good results. It did last year without TC.
    2. NFL is a physical game. We cant keep drafting and acquiring finesse players like mckinnon and pettis.
    3. Front office and coaching staff may have finally figured this out with Deebo and J Hurd picks.

  16. This is where I differ with Grant on the 53:

    RB(5)Breida/Coleman/Mostert/Wilson/Juice/*McKinnon to IR for the year
    WR(7)Goodwin/Pettis/Taylor/Matthews/Hurd/James/Bourne/*Hurd receives designation to return IR
    OL(8)Staley/Tomlinson/Richburg/Person/McGlinchey/Garland/Brunskill/Skule/Young gets cut and scour waiver wire
    TE(2)Kittle/Smith/Dwelley cut and resigned until Hurd returns
    DL(10)Buckner/Ford/Bosa/Armstead/Thomas/Jones/Blair/Taylor/Moore/Givens/Street to IR for the year/Day released
    LB(5)Alexander/Warner/Greenlaw/Lee/Al-Shaair/Mayo cut
    Special Teams(3)Gould/Holba/Wishnowsky

    1. To get Hurd onto the IR with designation to return the player needs to first be accounted for on the final 53 man roster.

      Who do you risk in order to keep Hurd?

      1. Young but he was on the couch when we signed him.
        Dwelley I guess would be the “risk”, but I don’t see anyone jumping on him.
        Day is the “surprise” I guess, but I think Jones/Taylor makes him expendable. I like Givens upside over Day.

        1. Skule can be sent to the practice squad if they can find an upgrade on the waiver wire, if not just resign Young.

  17. Grant:

    To keep Bourne and 3 QBs, have only two TEs on the 53. I think Kaden would still be around on the practice squad. If a TE gets hurt, just call up Kaden from the PS. Hurd also doubles as a TE backup, when needed or by design.

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