Kyle Shanahan on Nick Bosa: “Definitely not all the way there yet, but had a good week.”

San Francisco 49ers’ Nick Bosa stands on the field at the team’s NFL football training camp in Santa Clara, Calif., Monday, July 29, 2019. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

Here is the transcript of Kyle Shanahan’s Week 1 Friday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers P.R. department.


Opening comments:

“For the injuries: [WR Jalen] Hurd, [WR] Trent Taylor and [DB] Jimmie Ward will be out. We’ve got [DL Nick] Bosa, [C/G/ Weston] Richburg, [CB Jason] Verrett and [CB K’Waun] Williams as questionable.”


Have you liked what you’ve seen out of Richburg in the last week and a half? Do you think he can start for you?

“Yeah, I do think he’s got a chance. He’s had a good week. It’s gotten better each day. The big thing is traveling this far. We want to see how it reacts on the plane. Sometimes guys who are going through things it can swell up a little bit. We’ll see how he is tomorrow, but it’s been a solid week.”


I think you said on the radio that there was a chance that Jimmie Ward could play with a cast, but that it might be next week that that’s more of a possibility. Will he be able to play with a cast? Don’t you need your hands, your fingers for that position?

“I mean, you need to jam people, but we’ve had, [LB Dre] Greenlaw played with a cast throughout the entire preseason, [LB] Elijah [Lee] is playing with one out there right now. Guys play with casts. [Former 49ers S] Ronnie Lott played without a pinkie. You wouldn’t choose to. It’s easier to catch the ball when you have two hands, but you can still, as long as you can protect it with the cast where you can jam people and tackle people, which very rarely do you make tackles with your fingers. It’s definitely annoying, but it’s something you can do.”


Would it be a club-type situation or something where you can sort of isolate the one finger?

“I’m not sure. I would hope whatever makes him feel better. If he can use the club as a weapon, that would be nice. You can’t do that, so probably try to make it as flat as possible so he can jam and do things like that.”


You mentioned players like Ronnie Lott played an entire game with a cast.

“Did I mention that?”


Yeah, you just generally mentioned that.

“Yeah, totally, it’s expected. That’s the standard here. It’s been set a long time ago, and we’re still waiting for someone else to do that. No, Jimmie would do anything to play this week. It’s not that, he had to get surgery on his broken finger to fix it. When you do that, sometimes it’s just risky with sweating and stuff with infection and everything, whenever you have an open wound. Hopefully that’ll heal enough over the next week and the cast will protect the bone though.”


Where do you feel Bosa is and how did you think he was moving this week in practice?

“Similar to what I just said about Richburg. Definitely not all the way there yet, but had a good week. I’m encouraged about it. We went half walk-through today, half full-speed. We’ll get on this plane which you’re always a little nervous with how long it is and stuff, we’ll see how those guys react tomorrow when we get them up and run them a little bit.”


When you started camp, you told your players, “Hey, it’s time to win and everything, you’ve got to win.” I assumed that was to get some urgency going. Did you feel that in this camp? Do you feel that this team is a little different emotionally this year?

“Yeah, I definitely do, and that’s not just because you make statements like that or you say you should be there in year three. It’s because we believe we are there. We know we have a good chance to win. I think our guys, lip service doesn’t do much for players. They see the guys next to them, they feel the players out there, they know how much harder competition was throughout, how much harder just deciding on the 53 is. They know there were some good players who we let go of because they couldn’t make our 53 although they are good enough to be in the NFL. When guys see that, you feel it right away and I also think we’ve got some guys who have been around here that winning is very important to, not just being in the NFL. Guys really do want to win and through the work they put in and the guys around them that they go against, I know they believe they can.”


Do you have the team captains? Is it the same as last year?

“I can’t remember if it’s the same, but yes we voted on them on Monday. On offense we’ve got [T Joe] Staley, [QB] Jimmy [Garoppolo] and [TE George] Kittle. On defense we’ve got [DL DeForest Buckner] Buck and [CB Richard Sherman] Sherm. Those five guys. I said five, right?”


No special teams guy?



Last time you were in Tampa, did you guys wear your white uniforms?

“We wore red when we were there.”


Do you think the white was a heat advantage?

“Oh no, I’m sorry, no we wore white, you’re right. No, I did think it was.”


Are you at all surprised that they were going with the dark?

“They can’t change their mind on that, can they? I am surprised. And I’m very thankful.”


You’ve got this game and then obviously the week in Youngstown. The fact that it comes so early that you’re going to have your team together in the season, do you look at that as a positive or is that something that you just deal with?

“When it come out right away, you look at it as a negative and then you try to figure out how to work it out. Now I’m excited about it. I mean, I think it’s always hard just the players and the coaches and everyone who’s got to go. Last night you’ve got to say bye to your families and you know you’re not going to be back for 10 days and then usually you get back and you get back at midnight on a Sunday night and usually don’t see them again until that Friday. I think that can wear on guys a little bit. What’s good is that it is early in the season. I do like the fact that we have two back-to-backs because it is a pain when you do have a back-to-back, just the traveling and to do it so much with the sleep-wake cycle and the amount of flying that I do believe it will really help us staying out there. It’s not something you want to have to do a ton, but definitely my experience being here the last two years, I’ve heard it about a lot of people who have been here in the past, it definitely is a factor and I think this is the best that we can deal with it. When you do decide that it’s the best thing to help your guys have the energy and play the right way. It’s also going to be fun to be together for a week. We’re always together throughout the day, but when the day is over everyone goes home. Sometimes it’s nice to be in the hotel with the guys.”


You’re not going to do that late November early December with Baltimore and New Orleans surrounding Thanksgiving break?

“It’s still a decision that we can make. I know that it’ll probably be easier for our travel guys if I made that right away, but I’m not a big guy in committing to stuff unless I know what my true opinion is and I’d like to see how it goes these two weeks and if we feel that it’ll help us then there’s no doubt that we’ll do that.”

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    1. Arians wants to know that his team won , if so, without that advantage, possibly. Or perhaps an internal team self-image thing factored in. If wearing red, it hides the blood. Perceived psychological advantage? Could be any. I pick my 1st guess, as a matter of assessment as well as honor. Or…

  1. Grant

    Until Nick Bosa sheds or draws some blood, he’s still just a college player….The 49ers are a pro team


  2. Enough wasting time and $ on Jimmy Ward , time to cut it loose , guys just taken up a spot that can be better served . The further we get from Baalkes drafts the more we see how horrendous he was

    1. They just need to stay on the right side of those turnovers. Possible factor:

      Bucs are getting hit with the flu. Evans, their top receiver got it. Also the linebacker who was expected to be on Kittle much of the game Hoyer, I think? Let’s just hope none of the 49ers get it.

      1. No, I think it was Devin White that got the flu, besides Evans. But he is the new linebacker assigned to that position re. Kittle.

  3. Later start time should help reduce the East coast time advantage . Looks like Shannie is pulling a play from Jim H. play book by staying on the East coast for the next game. Hope it works.
    Like everyone else on this blog I’m tired of losing.

  4. I wish to differ from KS. He is putting a lot of emphasis on just winning. That is a goal, but they first must deal with the process. Hoping and wanting to win is good, but how they execute plays and schemes will be the crux of the matter, and be the difference between winning and losing.
    Sure, they want to win. Easier said than done.
    They must prepare assiduously. They must prepare so well, the outcome of the game is predetermined, because they will have out thought the opposition. They will have anticipated the opponent’s moves ahead of time, so they will be able to easily counter any move. The Niners need to prepare so well, they will be flexible, so there are contingency plans to thwart the opponent’s strategies. The Niners need to be able to handle adversity, and be resilient so they can recover quickly.
    The Niners can plan to win by first reducing the unforced errors. Too many times, they have shot themselves in the foot. They need to keep things simple, so there is no sensory overload or data inundation. No paralysis through analysis. Let the players know what is critical, have them cognizant of the proper reads and have them focused on doing their job with quick, crisp execution.
    The coaches need to prepare their players thoroughly. They need to maximize their potential, and put them into their best positions to succeed. They need to realize that the other coaches are doing the same thing,so they need to make astute assessments and quick adjustments.
    It is nice that KS is really good at being an OC. However, he is the HC, and needs to manage the whole game, not just the offense. KS can scheme to get a receiver open, and he has done well in the OZ run game, but he needs to master finishing off games. That way, he will no longer snatch defeat, from the jaws of victory.
    How to win is by accomplishing goals. They need to play smart, reduce the unforced errors and be efficient and effective. If the players play as a team, play aggressively, but in control, with focused force, be bold, and they do all their jobs well, the score will take care of itself. Some wise man wrote a bool about this subject.

        1. Seb

          yeah, it did, so right now I(‘m waiting for my ride to Autzen stadium to get revenge on Nevada-Reno today…I heard Kaep might be there…

      1. At the half, Army is up 14-7 on the Michigan Wolverines, despite 0 yards passing for The Black Knights. “Michigan QB – Shea Patterson, looks extremely shaky, and the Wolverines haven’t found any consistent rhythm on offense”.

        But, that Jim Harbaugh is one heck of a coach.

        I do expect Michigan to get it done in the 2nd half, but I’m less-than impressed by 2019 Wolverines, so far this season.

    1. Grant, I can’t seem to post comments on this site from my home wifi. I checked last article and noticed my comment correcting Monty’s spelling was removed (or held up in moderation, I don’t know) but Monty’s, which contained the slur, is still there. If somehow you accidently blacklisted my IP or something over Monty’s it’s fine, but if not, can I ask why? Because I’m more than a little confused if that’s the case lol.

      I’ve cleared my cache, cookies and tested on different browsers, so the issue can’t be on my end.

    1. For me, it depends on how many snaps he takes–how much exposure he gets. If he’s used only on ‘obvious’ passing downs, I’m thinking 10-15%. If the plan is to have him in on nearly all downs, then perhaps 25-30%. I suspect he’ll be used sparingly. Wouldn’t be shocked if he sits this one out.

    1. Sure that’s official status, but both Nick and Shanahan gave indication that he would play. However, Shanahan heavily hedged it, which is coach speak for unlikely.

    1. Love it!

      Ultimately, Smallwood said, he’s not privy to much more information than they can see on film.

      “It’s a business, it’s time to move on, and I’m ready to go. The film speaks for itself. We know what the Eagles do. We know how they play,” Smallwood said.

    2. ‘I can’t really sell my old team out.’ Sounds like he wants the Eagles to win.
      No wonder they did not bother to ask for intel.
      Others would be anxious to spill their guts to help their new team win.

  5. Kyle Shanahan on Nick Bosa: “Definitely not all the way there yet, but had a good week.”

    Beat writers covering the 49ers should just perma-paste this into their clipboard considering how often they’ll print it.

    1. CFC I know we all are disappointed in what the 49ers have done the last couple years but dude, you need 2 of the 3 in a bad way:

      1. Some human loving
      2. A vacation
      3. A drink

      Just let the games begin!

        1. I’m not on here daily like you spewing negativity about every single thing this organization does.
          Good God men, it’s a sport, entertainment.
          If you don’t like what they are doing, there are 31 other teams you can follow.
          I think most Niner fans understand it was a rebuild. It takes time to change a roster over and develop a culture.
          Crying every day about it shows you guys don’t understand how this thing works.

          1. “most Niner fans understand it was a rebuild. It takes time to change a roster over and develop a culture.
            Crying every day about it shows you guys don’t understand how this thing works.”

            With a brief hiatus in 2011-2013, with a coach you love to rip, this organization has been rebuilding since 2003.

            1. With a brief hiatus in 2011-2013, with a coach you love to rip, this organization has been rebuilding since 2003.

              And then guys like you want to tear it down to the bare studs again. Yeah that’s a plan.

            2. Do you mean the coach who’s team was utterly unprepared for the start of Super Bowl XLVII, which was the biggest game of said coach’s career? Or the coach who’s Michigan Wolverines’ are 0-4 against their biggest rival? Or the coach who’s Michigan Wolverines’ have been on the verge today, of losing to one of college football’s most one-dimensional offensive attack, to a team that hasn’t beaten a top 10 opponent since the 1960’s?

              Is that the coach you speak of Jack? Good grief!

              1. I guess, for those who are big Jim Harbaugh fans, the good news is that Harbaugh is currently an opponent’s overtime TD away from looking for a new job in the very near future.

              2. Just as I stated earlier, run the old guy to build up the current regime that has accomplished exactly nothing to date.

                And we are the negative ones, remember!

                Shanahan may be a great head coach, and that is a potential not an actual reality. Same for JL as GM.

          2. And I am not ripping the team that won. You and several other posters prop up the current regime by ripping the previous winning one!

            I think this team will get praise when/if they win. I have praised them when they had good wins.

            1. You too have noticed the irony of those who call out others as negative when the team is losing. They get negative when the team is doing good and are nothing but positive when they suck. I think they’re just disagreeable people by nature.

              1. Listen, right now Kyle Shanahan is on a short leash with me. I like the direction this team seems to be heading, but there’s no doubt that it’s time for this regime to start winning games. That said, it’s impossible to compare the state of the franchise Kyle Shanahan walked into, as compared to Jim Harbaugh’s tenure. Kyle took over a dumpster fire of a roster, while Harbaugh took over a much more talented, albeit underachieving roster. Harbaugh did some good things, but he also made some inexplicable mistakes during his time as the Niners’ HC, and the problem is, some of those mistakes still haunt the organization today. He failed to have his talented team prepared for the start of Super Bowl XLVII, and his failure to correct a flaw that had plagued his team throughout the entire season, ultimately lead to the franchise’s first Super Bowl defeat. To make matters worse, he followed up this painful defeat by shipping out the wrong QB, and that, in turn, ultimately helped lead his team to be dominated by a division foe, not only for the remainder of his short-lived tenure, but almost without fail, ever since. Watching Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman enjoy a Thanksgiving feast on top of the 49ers mid-field logo, after having beaten down the 49ers on Thanksgiving Day, is one of my most painful Niner memory’s, and one I will likely never get out of my head. But likely his biggest mistake as the 49ers HC, was under-developing his younger players, while over-working his veteran’s, and wearing them down to the bone.

                The Jury is still out on Kyle Shahanan’s tenure as the 49ers head coach. But let’s face it, considering the circumstances, Jim Harbaugh’s head coaching tenure at Michigan has probably been even more disappointing for Michigan fans. The only real difference is that it’s now the Ohio State Buckeyes, not the Seattle Seahawks, who own Jim Harbaugh, and consider him their little bi_ch. And today’s narrow home victory against yet another un-ranked opponent, as only further dmaged his reputation.

    2. Only thing I need is for this team to get an owner that can hire the right General manager. That’s it. Get the right GM and everything will fall into place. He’ll hire the right coach and pick the right players. Instead of what we have. An ex-player with zero front office experience who makes all his decisions with his gut. Trying to pick players that remind him of himself.

      1. New season, new players, new coaches.
        Let’s just see what year 3 brings before bringing doom and gloom.
        You are better than that.

      2. Hmmm, that kinda sounds like Walsh. He played the game and had zero front office experience. Before, he was mainly the OC and HC.
        Walsh went with his gut, and started 3 rookies in the defensive backfield.

      3. I know I’ll hear from the amen chorus on this one but Paarag is the GM in this organization. Lynch is just a pretty face for PR purposes. Paarag and Kyle make all of the critical GM decisions and they pretend Lynch has some authority. The 49ers not only need a true GM but that person actually needs to be moved to the top of the organization chart for football operations.

  6. LMFAO @ Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock. Further proof that ex-tv analysts don’t belong in NFL front offices and that Gruden is the most overrated coach in football.

    1. Now that AB is a free agent, wonder who will pick him up? The Raiders…um, let’s try that again!

      I wonder how many Raiders fans are writing, “well, they had to try”! And, “it won’t cost the team too much money!”

      1. No, just enjoying their comments.In 45 minutes, they have 316 comments.
        I still am a die hard faithful Niner fan, but wonder if they will poach Keelan Doss off the Jags PS.

              1. No, you still are unclear on the concept, so losing is winning to you.
                I am looking forward to the Bronco-Raider game. I hope Fangio shuts them down.

          1. Sebraidah,

            Don’t cry for me, Argentina (A.B.), Seb releasing tears for his franchise.

            Will wonders ever cease? Maybe now, Seb’s will rid himself of that anchor, AKA, Raider PSLs and truly say bomvoyage to Kaep; stop calling Shanahan “less astute for releasing Kaep,” and jump on board the SMS Jimmy G! Go Niners!!!

            1. TrollD, it is an extreme insult to claim a die hard faithful Niner fan is a Raider fan, but not when they admit they used to be Raider fans.
              Kinda like you. You were cheering for the Raiders to beat Kaep and the Niners.

              1. Tom don’t despair. Apparently Kap is working out and waiting for his opportunity.
                A storm is coming…….buwahahhah!!!!!!!!

    1. HAHAHA, LOL PT ! Seb will always cite the blemishes on a growing team, never the positives—the genesis of this neurosis of course—Shanny’s release of Seb’s Hero, Kaep….

      Go Niners, Go Jimmy G, already 10x the QB as Kaep—right Seb’s, will you jump on board and admit Shanny did not make a mistake and demonstrate your 49er loyalty???

    1. Now that Antonio Brown has been released by the Raiders, which team will he play his first game with in 2019?

      Patriots: 2/1
      49ers: 5/1
      Packers: 6/1
      Cardinals: 7/1
      Seahawks: 9/1
      Ravens: 12/1
      Giants: 16/1
      Dolphins: 18/1
      Steelers 25/1

      What adds legs to the 49ers possibly going after Brown is his relationship with legendary Niners receiver Jerry Rice. Prior to being shipped to the Raiders, Rice made headlines saying that he’d mentor Brown if he ended up in San Francisco. The 49ers do have a solid group of pass catchers for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, including rookie Deebo Samuel, wideout Marquise Goodwin, tight end George Kittle and receiver Dante Pettis, but none have the talent of Brown. If they feel like Rice can help keep Brown in check, it’s certainly an intriguing landing spot.

      1. A very quick hard pass on this guy…

        Charles Haley was easier to deal with. His agent should get him in counseling pronto!!

  7. Drew Rosenhaus (publicly): I will immediately begin working on getting Antonio signed with a new team
    Drew R. (Privately) WTF? 🤯 (Because a % of oo.oo = $00.00)

    1. I was happy that JH went bold and had gone for it on 4th down, but he should not have run it into the teeth of the defense.

  8. Per Kwon Alexander, 49ers’ linebacking unit is now known as “Hot Boyzz”
    Whatever you say, sir.
    By Patrick Holloway@PatOHolloway Updated Sep 7, 2019, 11:47am PDT

    Over the last few months, I’ve been reading your various names and suggestions for various units with the San Francisco 49ers. The defensive line has had several iterations, though my personal favorite is Goldman Sacks.

    Well we have the linebacking unit figured out, per 49ers linebacker Kwon Alexander:

    Kwon Alexander just made a final determination on the official spelling of the 49ers’ linebacker corps nickname: “Hot Boyzz.” Two Z’s.

    That’s Hot Boyzz. Rolls right off your tongue.

    So when you think of Alexander, Fred Warner, and Dre Greenlaw, you say, “Hot Boyzz gonna destroy ball carriers” or some other crazy statement.

  9. Bucs are getting hit with the flu. Evans, their top receiver got it. Also the linebacker who was expected to be on Kittle much of the game. Let’s just hope none of the 49ers get it.

    I think I read Ward is out for this game, probably in for the next. Even if it is less than a stellar performance, it will likely be good for Moore developmentally. I think he will land that position in the long term. Maybe even short term, with a strong showing?

  10. Ok Sebs put on your big bozz pants, if you were the GM of the Niners would you sign AB?
    Keep your response to less than 200 words.

      1. Figures. Belichick has enough rings to command respect. Gruden and Mayock, not so much.
        Still think AB is on a course of self immolation, but BB will not tolerate any bad behavior
        Belichick wants to win, so he will accept players like Gordon and AB. Guess they are odds on favorites to win a ring, but Moss did not win while at the Patriots. Belichick is taking a risk, and I hope it tears the team apart.
        AB behave and stop being a Diva? Not gunna happen.

  11. BB is a smart guy. AB will be on his best behavior and has something to prove now.
    They got him for a year and we’ll see how long he’ll last.
    Remember Tebow…

  12. Patriots have a deal (according to a report) with Antonio “I am a Diva” Brown. Looks like they and he get what they want.

    1. Agree. All the weird sh*t AB pulled during training camp and preseason was obvious he never wanted to be part of silver and black from the get go.

      1. It certainly looks like BB and AB May have machinated this move. The Evil Genius wins again aided by the crazy diva with a helmet crisis!

        1. some teams have quarterback whisperers? BB is the ego tamer. look what he did with that other ex-raider randy moss. 3 TDs one season to 23 the next, unreal.

  13. AES,

    If you’re out there, what did you think of today’s Michigan game? Glad they got the win in the end.

    Hope you’re well buddy!

        1. Nope. He might get a bigger payday next year, but I do not think he will get a Super Bowl ring with the Patriots.

  14. How is it that a guy that has proven to be a plutonium grade cancer for the Steelers and now Raiders is rewarded for his me-first mentality by signing with the most successful franchise in football?!? And Kap didn’t deserve even a tryout with any number of quarterback-starved teams?? Please. I must be living in the Bizarro World. I’m not saying that Kap was the same level of talent as AB. But in terms of supply and demand, QBs are a much hotter commodity. Just seems a bit hypocritical is all.

    1. You said it talent. Big talent = look away from strange and obnoxious behavior which can dislodge focus on team.

      Lesser talent = not so much and tighter range on any distractions

    2. Alpha, this league tolerates women beaters, child beaters, druggies, drunk drivers and locker room cancers who threaten GMs with physical violence, but heaven forbid if a person silently and peacefully protests against police brutality.
      If teams do not think Kaep has any talent, why do they refuse to let him even try out for a team? Those who disparage Kaep’s talents, refuse to let him prove them wrong, yet accept the drek QBs like the ones that played in empty stadiums during the preseason. The continued blackballing is giving the NFL a black eye.

      1. If you fear that one player could ruin your locker room, you probably don’t have much faith in the culture you’ve built up.

        1. It’s not just that Renas. Brown has shown time and time again that he does not care about how he is hurting the team he is on with his off-the-field antics, and he strengthens that by not being willing to accept the consequences of his actions.

    1. Renas, the fix (and ultimate destination) was in a long time ago. Within hours (probably minutes) of his release, he’s signed with the Pats? Come on man.

      1. Wonder if the Raiders could establish a tampering case–if it could be shown NE had in some way influenced AB’s behavior the last couple weeks. Al Davis in his prime wouldn’t take this sitting down.

        1. Just going by last season’s record.
          The Pats did win it all.
          The Patriots first game is against the Steelers. I expect some fireworks.

          1. The Patriots first game is against the Steelers. I expect some fireworks.

            Not from AB. He’s isn’t clear to play for a week or two yet.

              1. The Patriots just trolled the Steelers

                How so? Do the Steelers have to give up the picks they received from Raiders? If there is one team that was trolled, you know which one it was.

      1. Hmmm, go to a SB champ or a 4-12 team? Tough choice.

        By 4-12 team, you must be talking about the Raiders? Did AB have a say on where the Steelers traded him to? I’m guessing not. This whole off-pre-season/training camp drama was just an way t orchestrate free agency. Like one of of AB’s route moves, it worked to perfection.

        1. Donald, I was referring to Renas, and his speculation that JL should have worked hard to sign AB.
          Yes, the Raiders shot themselves in the foot, losing 2 draft picks, but in the long run, they should feel fortunate, because there will be less drama.
          AB is smart to orchestrate becoming a FA? No, he lost millions. Pats did not guarantee him 30 mil, and will cut him if he sneezes.
          AB is not done with the league. Threatening to punch out a GM is frowned upon. The conspiracy theories are already in full motion. Drew R. is not fooling anybody, when he declared he was STARTING to talk to other teams about AB.

          1. Pats did not guarantee him 30 mil, and will cut him if he sneezes.

            30 mil guaranteed over three seasons, now 9 over one. Doesn’t sound like much of a comedown to me. Question is, if the league suspends AB while they investigate collusion, does he still collect. Probably, that’s the definition of “guaranteed “.

          2. Thanks for proving my point. He went from an elite 15 mil, to a middle of the pack 9 mil. Losing 6 mil may not seem like a lot to you, but many people do not make 6 mil in their life time.
            He took a lot less to come to the Pats.

            1. Do the math Seb 30 over 3 is the same as 10 over 1. It’s the same per year. And if he produces double digit TDs this year, even a bigger payday next year. Jesus, how do you survive as a small businessman?

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