Kyle Shanahan: “Our record right now doesn’t impact the big picture.”

FILE – In this Oct. 21, 2018, file photo, San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan speaks at a news conference after an NFL football game against the Los Angeles Rams in Santa Clara, Calif. The Rams defdeated the 49ers 39-10. (AP Photo/Josie Lepe, File)

SANTA CLARA — This is the transcript of Kyle Shanahan’s Week 8 Monday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers P.R. department.


Opening comments:

“Injuries; [DB Adrian] Colbert, high ankle sprain. He’s going to end up having to go on IR. He’s going to be out six to eight weeks, so we ended up doing that. I think it’s gone through now. [RB Matt] Breida tweaked his ankle again, but his strength is good. He’ll be day-to-day. [WR Marquise] Goodwin tweaked his ankle, recheck him on Wednesday. [S Jaquiski] Tartt had a stinger, we’ll recheck him on Wednesday. [LB] Reuben [Foster] had a shoulder sprain. He should be good to go for practice Wednesday.”

Will you put DB D.J. Reed Jr. there at free safety? Will you think about DB Jimmie Ward resuming that position when he comes back?

“We’ll look into all options. We’ll see that as practice goes throughout the week. We’ve got to see if Jimmie Ward is ready to practice anyway this week because he’s coming off his hamstring. D.J. Reed will have the first chance up.”

Is Colbert a return candidate late in the year?

“Probably not.”

What have you seen from Reed when he’s been in there?

“When he’s had his opportunity, D.J. plays very hard, he goes in there, he runs and hits. He’s done some good things. He’s still a rookie, needs to play more. I know he’ll have some learning curves as he does that, but the game is not too big for him and he’s a guy we do believe in.”

Any update on CB Richard Sherman and his calf?

“No update. We’re going to recheck him Wednesday.”

You said his calf could be an ongoing thing. It looks like it is. Is it just something you’ll have to kind of manage and hope he gets to games?

“Yes. Yeah, it’s been wearing on him as the year has gone. Some weeks have been better than others. Last week was a bad week. We’ll see how he feels this Wednesday when he gets back in ready to go.”

Are you guys re-signing QB Tom Savage to take that roster spot?

“Yes. Yeah, we already did.”

WR Pierre Garçon was out for most of the game.

“Pierre went out in the game a number of times because of his knee. We’ll have to recheck him on Wednesday, also.”

What really stuck with you from watching the film?

“It was similar to what I saw live last night. We definitely know we went against a real good team. But, we were way too careless with the ball. Having those four turnovers, the blocked punt, especially all are early in the game, it got us in a hole that was tough to overcome. Then, we came out in the third quarter and went three-and-out on O. I think they went down and got a field goal. I think we ended up turning it over again. Just too many mistakes versus a real good team.”

In terms of the defense’s failure to get takeaways, is that something you personally addressed to them? Who has talked to them about it besides defensive coordinator Robert Saleh? How does that message try to get across?

“We always do. It’s something I preach. We usually have one coach get up each week and talk about turnovers. Our DB coach [defensive backs coach] Jeff Hafley usually does it. We had [inside linebackers coach] DeMeco [Ryans] do it last week. [Running backs coach] Bobby Turner did it two weeks ago in terms of protecting the ball. So, we usually dedicate someone to that about 15 minutes in the meeting every Thursday to emphasize them.”

When Reuben came here in his first training camp practices he was getting interceptions and fumbles all over the place. Is he just not in position now? What’s been missing?

“It’s not just Reuben. It’s all of our guys. I think in these last three games, I think it’s 13 to zero. We have 18 turnovers on the year. But, in these last three games, we’ve had 13 and gotten zero back. By no means is it one person. It is a little bit of everybody. When you’re playing zone defense, you’ve got seven guys looking at the quarterback. You want to put the quarterback under duress. That’s where you get some tips and overthrows and things like that. That’s where you get your picks. In man coverage, usually it’s jumping in front of guys and beating the guy to the spot. We haven’t had a lot of opportunities and when we have, we’ve dropped them. We’ve got to pick that up if we want things to change.”

On the blocked punt, what happened or what needed to happen better?

“We needed to block better. He beat us up the middle. They didn’t bring too many. It was a pretty good move by their player, 58, and he got there.”

How did you think Colbert was coming along?

“I thought in that game he was having one of his better games. We had a challenge here in the last few weeks. I thought in this game he had covered sideline to sideline very well just running and hitting and made a real good play on the play he got hurt on, also. They tried to challenge us and go over the top, which you want the corner there on, but usually the middle-third player will show up with the speed that Colbert has. He did, made a good play and unfortunately got hurt.”

What’s the frustration level like when you have a guy like that who you’re trying to see grow and then he loses those reps, those valuable opportunities to evaluate the position?

“It’s tough. It’s a part of football, though. It’s not the first time that it’s happened. Colbert is one of those guys last year that got his opportunity because a lot of guys went down. He was one of the guys that the second half of the year we got to watch grow, go through some trial and error but end up playing at a very high level last year. Made us very excited about going into this year with him. Now, Colbert going out is going to give more opportunities to D.J. Reed or other players. So, we hope some other guys step it up like he did last year.”

Last year, a week from this date is when the QB Jimmy Garoppolo trade came that gave you guys a boost. Is this the time of year that you guys are still looking for anything that might be available with the trade deadline coming up?

“Yeah, definitely. We’re always looking for things to improve our team. I think the hardest thing, the thing we want to be the strongest with, everyone would love a quick fix right now. I know I would, I know our players would, I know [general manager] John [Lynch] and the personnel staff would. But, it’s not just about a quick fix. We’re dedicated to try to win this Sunday. But, we’re also not going to just do something that makes us feel better today that hurts us for the future. So, we take everything into account, from our perspective, about what we do on a day-to-day basis is about trying to find a way to beat Arizona. But, when it comes to trades and things like that, there’s more business involved in that that doesn’t just affect this week. Things that affect the salary cap and things like that into next year and how we’re trying to build this and we’re trying to stay committed to that.”

Are you guys fielding calls from a lot of teams for any of your players?

“I’m not in charge of those phones. But, I mean, people talk all the time around the league. People are doing that every single day right now. They’ll be doing it up to the trade deadline. It picks up more as it gets closer, but that’s stuff that goes on every day, all day. A lot of it is just talk. Sometimes, it becomes real. We’ll always listen. We’re always looking to try to improve our team. We’re always calling and seeing if there’s anything out there that we haven’t heard, also. Like I said, our philosophy with that is we’re always trying to improve right now, but we’re also not going to do that to risk anything for the future.”

How did CB Ahkello Witherspoon do yesterday?

“I thought Ahkello took a step in the right direction. Ahkello, similar to Colbert, with the guys last year who got their opportunities because of injury and really stepped it up as the year went. I didn’t think he got off to the same start this year. He’s been a lot more up and down. I thought yesterday he took a step in the right direction. I thought he had one of his better games this year. Hopefully, that’ll continue to trend that way so he can get back to the level of last year and more.”

Why do you think so many of those guys have been up and down?

“You’ve got to ask them. You fight through some things. You come in as rookies, you’re not really sure what to expect and you get a little bit of feel as the year goes and you have a little success as the year ends. You come in and those guys worked extremely hard in the offseason. They came in ready to take it to another level and they haven’t. They haven’t done that so far. That stuff is hard. The NFL is not easy. You’re not just guaranteed because you had some success at the end of the year that you’ll come in and just pick up right where you left off. They’ve had to really work through that, work through some of these games, some ups and downs, losing some playing time. They’ve gotten better in practice and I thought it carried over to the game this week. I know it won’t for Colbert as we go, but hopefully Ahkello will continue to grow from it.”

A few of those guys, after the game, mentioned the process and the long-term outlook. It seems like you and John have taken a very long-term approach to building this thing towards something sustainable. Where are you at in terms of how being 1-6 in this start impacts the big picture?

“Our record right now doesn’t impact the big picture to me. It’s tough to deal with, it’s frustrating. We’re all working extremely hard and want much better results. But, just because the record doesn’t show that isn’t going to make you doubt yourself and go rip up your plans and do something totally new. We knew when we came here it was going to take some time and we want that to be as fast as possible, there’s no doubt about that. But, you also don’t want to make stupid decisions because of that. We’re trying to be smart in everything we do. We’re not trying to just do this a quick, easy fix way. We’re trying to build this thing to last and to do that, it does take some time. Planned on it going faster and it hasn’t so far. But, that doesn’t make me lose any confidence in what we’re doing, the people that we have here. I know we need to continue to work, continue to get better, but we’re going through a tough time right now. But, that doesn’t change anything to me where I feel we’re going.”

Is sophomore slump a cliché thing or is it something that does happen with NFL players?

“I’ve seen it a lot over my years. I say percentage-wise it happens to a lot of people. That doesn’t mean everybody in their second year is like that. But, I think you come in as a rookie, you don’t really know what to expect. You’re just wide eyed and just trying your hardest to make a dream come true and you don’t even look back. You grind every day trying to get there and you don’t even know why you got in or what happened. You’re just sitting there trying to survive and not get cut. Then you start to gain some confidence that you can play in this league. Then you come back the next year and you want to take it to the next level. You do a little bit more, you work more, put a little bit more pressure on yourself and try to do extra and you end up forgetting kind of what got you there. I think that does happen to people when you say the sophomore slump, but it doesn’t happen with everyone.”

You said last night that QB C.J. Beathard is your quarterback without a question. How many reps does QB Nick Mullens get in practice outside of scout team in case he needs to come in for C.J. whether it’s injury or whether it’s C.J. not playing well?

“In a period, he gets about two out of 10 plays. So, it ends up being about eight plays of practice. Then he gets 90-percent of them on scout team. He got 100-percent of them until we got [QB] Tom [Savage] here. Now we’ve had Tom taking a few reps, mainly in the passes.”

You have no plans to give him more reps at all this week or anything like that?

“No, definitely not. If we had a minor league system or a bunch of guys out there, I would love to give Nick reps. I’d love to give all of our backups reps and prepare them and challenge them. That’s not how this league works. There’re not enough reps for the starters. It’s a different sport where you have a certain amount of people on your roster and not everybody can go play offense and defense and give looks. A lot of guy aren’t recovered until Friday to even practice. So, in order to do something like that, that’d be neat and all and it’d help improve Nick, but it would hurt the rest of the team.”

With TE George Kittle, the numbers indicate that he’s made a big jump from year one to year two. Have you seen that, comprehensively, from his game?

“Yes. His numbers are a lot better. He’s a lot healthier. Yeah, I think Kittle, similar to some of those other people we were talking about, Kittle, he hasn’t hit the sophomore slump. He’s improved in that way in the fact that he got a lot of playing time last year. He got thrown into a ton of situations starting from the first game to the last game, battled through a bunch of injuries. I think we had a lot higher expectations for George going into last year than a lot of people realize. I think he did too, knowing how training camp went and OTAs and stuff. Then he started the year out getting so banged up, he wasn’t able to reach all of that stuff. He ended strong, but I think George learned through the first year, he knew he could play in the league but I think he learned how hard it is to stay healthy throughout a year. I think he’s taken better care of his body throughout this offseason, what he does day in and day out, how physical he plays throughout a game, what he does Monday through Saturday just to get his body back ready to play on Sunday. So, it’s been a complete credit to him, just how well he’s taken care of himself.”

Would you say it’s fair to say from that that you’re not surprised by what he’s done? It’s the expectations you guys put on him starting in year one?

“Not at all. We were expecting him to do it last year pretty early on just because of how he looked when he got here. I think he showed a lot of that towards the end of last year that not a lot of people saw. But, I think people could see flashes of it. This year he came back and he’s been healthy. I know he got banged up in training camp, but he recovered, did it right and from the first game on, he’s been getting after it.”

The first seven games have largely been against all playoff contenders. You have a three-game stretch where the teams are in the same boat. Do you look at this as kind of a, this gives you a chance to maybe find your footing and maybe regain some confidence right now?

“I look at every game as that, to tell you the truth. After a loss, it’s always tough on Monday. It’s still a little bit tough on Tuesday. By the time Wednesday comes and you’ve got a new game plan in and the players are here, I look at every week as starting over and as a chance to regain that. I’m aware that they don’t have the same records as the teams that we’ve been playing, but I also know if we don’t take care of the ball better it doesn’t matter who you’re playing. You can’t go three games with 13 turnovers and zero takeaways. It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing the best team in the NFL or the worst team in the NFL. We have to get that fixed regardless of who we play.”

What was the play that you looked at with the team today?

“Today we just talked. I left it all for the coaches today, sat and met with the guys for about 15 minutes, just talking about turnovers and things like that. But, I let them break up and hit it with their position coaches.”

Those two interceptions he threw, they were contested passes but it looked like maybe the guys were open a split second beforehand. Should C.J. have gotten rid of those passes a little bit earlier or should the receivers have fought for position better?

“Each one’s different. One of them in particular, you can’t let it go when someone’s in your face. He did a good job shuffling to the side. That was the one to Quise because Quise was very open, ran a good route, then he was waiting in the hole for the ball because it didn’t come on time but it didn’t come on time because someone was in his face. He had to avoid a sack and move and then he let it go. When that happens, you do have to step to it. So, it’s a little bit on both. Then you can include the O-Line too because someone’s in his face. So, we’ve had 18 turnovers this year and I’ve watched every single one definitely more than once. I recommend you guys do it too. You guys will see there’s a lot of people involved in each one.”

With what Los Angeles Rams DT Aaron Donald did yesterday, were there obvious gaffs in your mind or were those situations where Donald just sort of did what he does?

“Aaron is as good of a player as there is in this league. He’s done it for a while. He’s done it to a lot of people. He played very well so I’m not going to take anything away from him. But, when you play against a player like that, you’ve got to be at your best and I don’t think we were.”

Just a question about C.J.’s mentality. Going back to last week, you said Green Bay, his last interception, mistake, you can’t do that. When we asked him, he was like, “Well, there was more to it,” he suggested that there was more to it than that. Do you guys have a healthy give and take of discussions about plays where he says, “Well what about this? This is what I was thinking?”

“Yes, definitely, especially with a guy like C.J. C.J. doesn’t just show up and ask us what we saw and write it down and just leave and repeat it. C.J. works at this all day, every day. It’s his job and he treats it like his job just like we do. So, we work at everything together. There are a lot of things. It’s not just a simple yes, no. We can sit and talk about a play and the things that go into it for a long time, which I would love to do. If I could do it on every play, I would do it with you guys. But, that isn’t a very good advantage for us to do that. C.J., I know, talked about that right after the game and there were a lot of things going into his head on the play, myself also. That’s why you get together the next day, you go through the situation, you tell him all of the things that can go from it, the different options on the play and why you can’t let that happen again.”


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      1. Hey Prime. I’m trying to learn italian. Here’s my translation without looking it up anywhere:

        This is the perfect phrase for this situation.

  1. “So, we usually dedicate someone to that about 15 minutes in the meeting every Thursday to emphasize them.”

    Maybe they should talk about protecting the ball and turnovers on Gameday instead. So that it really gets into their heads.

  2. The worst part about losing to the Rams is that it increased their strength of schedule, so now sit 3rd in the draft pecking order! :-P

    Good news is the next three games are against fellow one win teams. That should sort that back out.

  3. So looking ahead in terms of the long-term plan, say the Niners end up with a very high draft pick, even #1. Should they take an edge rusher, a left tackle, or a player at a different position? Realizing, of course, that the college season is still far from over, and there are going to be some uncertainties about how all the prospects compare.

    1. Usually there is not a 100% locked and loaded pass rusher in the top 5. I do not believe there is one this year.

      LT makes sense for the long term but with Staley there now it wouldn’t make sense.

      In my opinion they should get a skill position player like CB or WR. Maybe even a safety.

    2. Remember, they drafted ACL Kentavius Street, DE. He should be ready next season, and he was touted as a first round pick until he became injured.

  4. ‘We have to get that (Turnovers) fixed, no matter who we play’.
    Spending 15 minutes just does not seem to be working. Maybe they should spend an hour after practice.

    1. Whatever can be said about Saleh’s defensive scheme, it’s too complicated for this group. They’re rarely put in the right place to make plays.

    2. A detail that did not come out in respect to his relationship with his girlfriend and why he locked himself in the bathroom was what she intended to do with those clippers . Rumor is she might have succeeded.

  5. I like to analyze alternatives. It looks like Derek Carr’s time in Oakland is coming to an end. Even though we don’t have a viable QB, I can’t see any reason or way that the 49ers could go after Carr. We’ve already spent big bucks on Jimmy G and Carr would most likely just be a rental for the rest of the season. As a rental, it’s too late this year for it to do us any good and it would be better for the team to get as high a draft picks as possible (i.e. lose). And just as big a reason is what do you do with both Jimmy and Carr next season?

    The only even slight reason I could see doing this is if the team thinks that they could somehow trade Carr at the end of this season for draft picks for more than what they paid for him. Big risk.

    So just as an instructional exercise, is there any reason the team might want to consider this? I can’t see any.

    1. I see that in my post I have an inherent bias for Jimmy.

      “The only even slight reason I could see doing this is if the team thinks that they could somehow trade Carr or JG at the end of this season for draft picks for more than what they paid for either of them. Big risk.”

      Having said that, didn’t the Eagles do something similar a couple of years ago? They traded for Bradford and signed him to a fairly large contract. Then they signed Daniel for a large amount of money as a backup. Then they moved up (for a fortune in draft picks) to select Carson Wentz. At the time I thought the Eagles FO was nuts. In the end, though, it worked out for them because Bridgewater got hurt.

      1. cubus,

        The Raiders are looking for first round picks and I doubt they are even interested in trading Carr at this point, so you’re right about there being no interest from either side.

        1. Rocket: Since this is a hypothetical exercise, let’s assume there is interest. At first I thought it was totally nuts, and then I remembered what the Eagles did a few years back. I still think it is crazy because we need our first round pick for an edge rusher. It would be a risk to try and get back much more value than we paid. However, if JG can be traded for multiple first rounders (since we only gave up a second rounder), that would be a good “draft” deal for the team. It would not be so good based on the huge amount of money the 49ers spent on the first year of his contract – but it would make him “sellable” because of the relatively low salary compensation in years 2 and beyond. But the niners, in this case took all the risk, and unless they get like three first rounders or some outrageous package, wouldn’t be worth it. This scenario also assumes that there is little to no dropoff in QB performance with Carr and also, probably, that Carr would be our franchise QB.

          Let me be clear that this is just a brain game exercise. I like Jimmy and want him to continue to be our franchise QB. But if I’m in the FO, I think you have to look at all scenarios.

          1. Yep all hypothetical I get it. It’s interesting but this is essentially the same type of scenario that Grant proposed when he threw out the idea to trade Garoppolo and sign Cousins, only they wouldn’t have had to give up anything but money for Cousins. In this case They’d be giving up a first for Carr but then potentially getting back more than a first for Garoppolo if I read your idea correctly. I guess it would depend on how much you think Garoppolo is worth in trade and whether you could get more for him than Carr cost you. Personally I think the first round pick the Niners will have this year is better than the potential compensation they would get back for Garoppolo so that would end it for me. I think they are better off with the first round pick which has a good chance to land in the top 5 and going forward with Garoppolo next year.

            I like Garoppolo, but looking back, that idea to trade him and sign Cousins was not a bad one at all and I wonder if all the people who wanted to throw things at Grant for suggesting it feel the same way now?

            1. Thanks, Rocket. It seemed like a no-brainer to me. Garoppolo is talented, but the hype was unreal. The 49ers could have cashed in and replaced him with a similar talent.

              1. Yeah I liked the idea at the time and still do. It was a win win as far as getting the franchise QB along with a high pick or two. I think things will work out fine with Garoppolo but all the anger that came your way for suggesting that didn’t make a lot of sense to me.

              2. The problem with trading Jimmy right after signing him, is that it sets a precedence for the way the front office operates that would not play well for future signings. I think this front office wants to present a straight up front image. That they would not sign someone to just trade them away for a profit. You want to present the image that you will not use players like interchangable pieces.

              1. Scooter,

                I agree Garoppolo will be a very good QB, but Shanahan really liked Cousins. Add to that the first round pick+ they likely get for Garoppolo and it can be argued that is a better scenario than the one we currently have. One other thing that could wind up being a factor: Cousins has never missed a start.

              2. They already had JG. They needed to compete with other teams for Cousins. As much as we know there was mutual interest, Cousins still would have explored all options. Why would he have gone to the 49ers over the Vikings, who had a team in place ready for success? Money? Its not like the Vikings didn’t pony up.

                As I also said at the time, the message it sends to the rest of the team would have been awful. Yes, everyone knows it is a business. But that doesn’t mean you can be so ruthless as to use players simply as trade stock. Which is what the JG trade would have been if they then traded him on for a profit after half a season in a season in which they weren’t heading for the playoffs. No other way of looking at it.

              3. Scooter,

                Cousins wanted to play for Shanahan again and you don’t make the trade unless you know you are going to get him anyway.

                Your second point is interesting because they only had the guy for half a season on an expiring contract. It’s not like they were trading away somebody they had just signed to a long term deal or had a long history with the franchise. I don’t think there would have been any issue – with the exception of fans that had fallen hard for Jimmy – if they had traded him and signed Cousins.

              4. “Cousins wanted to play for Shanahan again and you don’t make the trade unless you know you are going to get him anyway.”

                My argument at the time still stands. You only know you are getting him once you sign him. It doesn’t matter how much mutual interest there is – its an open market and he would have been an absolute idiot not to take calls from other teams. The Vikings clearly wanted him badly and offered him huge money. There is no way you can guarantee Cousins would have joined the 49ers.

                If he still signs for the Vikings, you have JG on a FT because you wanted to hold onto him in case, but it is well known you tried and failed for Cousins. Your chances of extending JG at that point are pretty much shot. So you’ve got him for maybe a couple of years on the FT but know you need to find a replacement for him. Simply not worth the risk. You don’t alienate a QB on your roster you really like and wants to play for you just for a chance at another guy you also like.

              5. Rocket:

                I don’t think it would just have been the fans that would have been upset. I think the players would have been upset as well. They were really beginning to believe in Jimmy after that performance at the end of the year. To simply trade him at that point would have fomented disillusionment amongst the players (it’s 100% a business and nothing more – 9 to 5 job).

  6. Injury stinks for Colbert, but don’t see any real drop off with Reed starting.

    Without looking it up can anyone name the last turnover created by the 49ers defense? No cheating

        1. Jack – When I was young I played baseball to stay in shape. I once hit a line drive up the middle and it hit me when I was rounding second.

      1. Incorrect. Reid had an offer on the table that he turned down, so the 49ers went with Tartt, who played just as good and at times better than Reid last season.

        1. “Reid had an offer on the table that he turned down”

          The offer they had on the table for Reid was at the minimum and it was to backup Tartt.

          “If any really good player wants to come in here on a minimum deal and have a good player to be a backup, that’d be unbelievable. I don’t think that’s what Eric wants. I told you the reason we decided to go that direction is because we made a tough decision, but we had to do it. We went with [S Jaquiski] Tartt. We thought that was the right way to go. You can’t give a lot of money to backups, and that’s what he would be if he came here.“

          1. Yes they saw Tart as having more future values than Reid. And they were building for the future not the present. Reid would have value to a team like the one he went to that were competing for and needed help now.

          2. Makes sense since there wasn’t a drop off in the secondary when Tartt was in last season and Reid had yet to show that he could stay healthy for an entire season.
            In my opinion, Reid could have taken the deal and worked to reclaim the starting position.

            1. “Reid could have taken the deal and worked to reclaim the starting position”

              He wasn’t going to reclaim the starting position. Shanahan had already chosen Tartt.

              When Tartt went down earlier this season they reached out to Reid and instead he chose to sign with Carolina. Why? Because he had a starting job in Carolina and had been told by the 49ers that Tartt would be the starter again once healthy.

              So in reality when Grant says “Shanahan wanted Tartt instead of Reid” he isn’t “incorrect”.

              1. He wasn’t going to reclaim the starting position. Shanahan had already chosen Tartt.

                There is no proof to support this comment, especially given the two facts that Tartt has been fairly inconsistent this year and the coaching staff has not been afraid to cut down a player’s minutes if they are not playing well.

              2. First backup is Shanahan’s comment quoted above that Tartt would be the starter and made no mention of any type of possible competition for the spot along with how they moved Reid around in 2017. The second backup on how Tartt would be back as a starter once healthy comes from a Matt Maiocco quote during an interview with Tolbert and Lund on KNBR.

  7. Mullens is better than Beathard . The longer KS takes time figure it out , or stop being in denial (3rd rd pick ) the more the loses and turnovers will mount … they might just lose Mullens too

  8. Or perhaps feels that Beathard knows the offense better and can run a more complete playbook. Also that he is more capable of talking a beating than Mullins. I mean his name just ask’s for it– Beat hard .

    It doesn’t mean that Mullins might not get a shot or playing time towards the end of this season once he learns and becomes comfortable with the offense. No sense in throwing him to the wolves now. Playing him now would just be too much on his plate all at once.

    1. And how is that complete playbook thingy working out for us? The odds of someone playing better than Beathard are high whether the full playbook is being used or whether they draw up plays in the dirt. This is a case where we have ask ourselves if we can believe Shanahan or or do we trust our own lying eyes.

  9. “The longer KS takes time figure it out , or stop being in denial (3rd rd pick )”

    Like he’s in denial with Thomas (1st rd pick), or Witherspoon (3rd rd pick), or Williams (4th rd pick). or CJ last year (3rd rd pick)?

    There’s nothing to suggest that KS is giving lesser players playing time because of their draft position.

      1. He benched CJ last year for a guy that had two starts. His master plan was getting Cousins. Sure he would like CJ to succeed, but CJ was never going to be the long term answer at QB.

          1. They assumed Washington would take him, like they assumed GB would take Pettis. We’ll never know.

            “Or perhaps feels that Beathard knows the offense better and can run a more complete playbook.”

            This could be the case. But for Savage, not Mullens. Mullens had some good moments in preseason, but he had some bad moments too. If Savage does end up starting, it will be interesting to compare our full playbook offense to a limited offense.

  10. Perhaps one of our resident ‘encyclopedia’ types could give us a side by side comparison of CJB and Nick Mullins college career ….I think that Mullins would show better…CJB is at least equal at this point, but he doesn’t get rid of the ball quick enough, whereas Mullins does…He threw for 5000 yards at Mississippi State….Takers ?…

    1. Mullens broke Favre records in college , he definitely had the better school numbers . I’m not even going on that , the eye test tells the story , CJB is slow to decide , unset in the pocket and inaccurate .

      1. Addendum: I read the wrong stats on Mullins

        NOT 5000 yards at Mississippi State…it was 11,994 yards at Southern Mississippi; Mullens broke records by Tim Rattay and Brett Favre../..

  11. Jason La Canfora

    Verified account

    5h5 hours ago
    Hearing the Eli Apple trade may just be tip of the iceberg. Strong perception among other teams thag the Giants are “open for business’ ahead of next week’s trade deadline

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