Kyle Shanahan says 49ers’ new starting QB C.J. Beathard has improved since last season

San Francisco 49ers quarterback C.J. Beathard speaks at a news conference after an NFL preseason football game between the 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys in Santa Clara, Calif., Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018. (AP Photo/Josie Lepe)

SANTA CLARA — The 49ers desperately need C.J. Beathard to play well. How good is he based on statistics from last season?

Beathard wasn’t merely bad. He was one of the worst starting quarterbacks the 49ers have had in the past 40 years.

Granted, he was a rookie. But he started five games, threw 224 passes and his quarterback rating was just 69.2. The only 49ers starting quarterback since 1981 who threw at least 200 passes and had a worse rating than Beathard was Ken Dorsey, whose rating was 62.4 in 2004.

Now, the 49ers need Beathard to save their season. Their starting quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, tore his left ACL during the 49ers’ 38-27 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, and is out for the year.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan believes Beathard is up to the challenge and has improved since last season. But Beathard didn’t show improvement during the preseason. He threw zero touchdown passes, one interception and his quarterback rating was 74.8. Subpar.

“I don’t like to sit and make excuses for guys,” Shanahan said Wednesday, “but I was happy with C.J. in the preseason. His stats weren’t very good. Of course, he’s got to take some responsibility for that, but I was never bothered.

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  1. Be honest Grant, you hate having to follow the Niners but it’s the only job your Dad could get you? Now with the teams season over, and them being an afterthought, no one cares and your articles will get zero recognition and probably zero requests to speak on radio or TV? Your seasons over too. Maybe next year?

    1. I can’t remember the last time Grant said anything good or positive about the 49ers. How could he look with all the scrubs he played with in preason. Better hope his job holds up with the Press Denocrat because his dad can’t help with his next stop.

  2. I’m sure Beathard will be improved from last season, and if the running game can continue to provide strong support then the offense should be functional. Problem is the D is struggling atm. They really need the D to step up if they are going to win many more games this year, because I don’t see this offense being able to put up heaps of points with CJ at the helm.

    1. I agree with you Scooter. Kyle will be able to scheme guys open through play action as long as Breida stays healthy, I also think CJs weapons and protection will be much improved from last year. I don’t know why but I’m expecting him to look solid.

      But you’re right this defense remains the weakness, even with Jimmy G gone.

  3. Got a feeling it’s gonna be the C. J. Kittle show through the air. Defensively, I hope the staff gave them some tackling fuel, and reminded them that discipline is the bridge between thought and accomplishment….

  4. As long as the rest of the games are competitive and close to one score games, this season will be progress.

    Beathard, Kittle, Goodwin and Breida should put up some decent numbers.

  5. I see we’ve emerged from last night’s levity with shivs coming out….again. See topic prior to this one.

    CJ leading the 9ers to a 14 and 2 season, throwing 41 TDs to 2 picks along the way? Nope.

    CJ tanking the 9ers with a 1 and 15 season, tossing 2 TDs and 23 picks? Nope.

    Vs the Chargers — Adaptive offensive play calling with good execution, a defense playing pretty well, and strong special teams performance give the 9ers a decent chance of victory.

    The NFL is full of amazing stories of crappy performances, catastrophic failures, and out-of-nowhere brilliance. As fans, we can bellyache all we want–it’s what we do. Strap in and let’s see how the 9er season plays out. Don’t have to like it. None of us–other than Sebbie–have any immediate influence on 9er decision making and on-field execution.

    I think the 9ers finish the season with seven or eight wins. What the 9ers do this off season in prep for 2019 will be key–something to watch.

  6. Beathard is probably better in this offense with more experience but I just don’t think he has an NFL caliber arm. This offense is successful partly due to the threat Marquise Goodwin provides deep. Teams will not have to respect that threat because Beathard’s arm is not a deep threat type arm. Which of course means, defenses can stack the intermediate and short routes to bottle up the offense. Shanahan and Lynch know a hell of a lot more than me about football but from what I’ve seen CJ Beathard does not possess the minimum physical skills required to play NFL QB. He can not drive throws on the intermediate routes with any type of velocity so even average CB coverage can defeat that type of QB. Beathard’s only hope for success is to be a much much much faster decision maker and throw the ball more quickly to overcome the deficiency in his velocity. I just don’t see that happening.

    1. And yet Kyle continually repeats that CJ can make all the necessary throws. Something doesn’t add up here. I guess we have to hope that he can but just hasn’t shown it in a game yet. What is it to being a 49er fan that doesn’t include a lot of hope.

      1. It’s what they don’t say that matters. He can make the necessary throws (but not in a timely fashion). He can make the necessary throws (but not with touch). He can make the necessary throws (but not with accuracy). He can make the necessary throws (but stands like a statue in the pocket).

        It’s what they are avoiding to say that makes the difference.

        1. Any high school QB can throw a 50 yard fly pattern. Any high school QB can throw a 20 yard out. Any high school QB can throw a 35 yard post. Hell, I can still throw the ball 50 yards. That’s not the point. The windows are so tight in the NFL, For a QB to be successful he needs to be able to throw the ball with velocity and accuracy. If a WR totally turns a db around on a 20 yard out but the QB delivers the ball at 35 MPH then the DB has time to catch up and make a play on the ball. If the ball is thrown at 50 MPH then the DB is beaten and he stays beaten. That’s the point. If a QB lacks arm strength it can be disguised with short passes and intermediate crossing routes but that’s not the 49er offense. Shanahan must totally adjust his play calling and route combinations to accommodate Beathard’s lack of arm strength. I think he will do that but with this defense I highly doubt that will be enough.

          1. Maybe Joe Reed. He sang the National Anthem before a game and made a record album. With Beathard’s background this could be a good match.

      1. He’s certainly got the out of bounds move down pat. Seriously, I think that Kyle believes there is another CJ in there that is going to come out and surprise. I hope he’s right. I think KS truly believes CJ ;can make all the throws and is not just trying to pull a fast one on all the geniuses that post here. With all respect to Grant, I;m not ready to believe his claim that KS thinks CJ is another Cousins. KS might think CJ can sing like his cousins but….

  7. Chris & Darrel, you are correct.

    There’s nothing in Grants education and experience that would lead any employer to think he’s qualified to pass judgment on any football player or coach. He’s never played, coached, or refereed football in his life. His approach just mimics his dad’s who made a career out of ripping Walsh and Montana despite the same lack of qualifications.

    Clearly the press democrat doesn’t hold him in very high esteem either, they won’t pay him to attend away games, even in LA or Seattle. He just watches on his TV like the rest of us. He’s the only beat writer that doesn’t travel. All the others do.

    Sad. Very sad.

    1. What is truly sad is your pathetic attempts at trying to diss Grant.
      Personally speaking, Grant is like a breath of fresh air compared to the stale insipid pablum I find on other sites. When he reports along the side lines of the practices, I feel like I am standing next to him.
      So what if he does not travel with the team? The others are toadies and shills, sucking up to the Niners so they get to watch the games in person. However, the syrupy dross they spew provide no insights, and is of no interest to me. Grant gets to the nitty gritty, and tells it like it is. While I have disagreed with him vehemently, and have criticized him several times, thankfully, he has never booted me from this site like several burners I can identify.
      Every newspaper is struggling these days, so their budgets are razor thin. Luckily, we get Grant at the PD, while Kawakami, Barrows and Maiocco, among others, have lost their jobs. Now they are struggling at the Atlantic, some site that should pay me to read. I certainly have never read that site, and never want to. Grant provides a good forum for posting and insights, and his blogs and hot takes have steered the debate. KS has even whined about Grant, saying that the players are distracted and affected if the articles are not high praise.
      The others are just jealous of Grant’s football acumen. The fact that they feel like they have to attack Grant, just confirms how threatened they are of competent writing, and only wish they could write like Grant does.
      Keep up the good work, Grant. Here is at least one fan who appreciates your good writing. You are a chip off the old block. (Pardon LC, for the ‘old’ reference).

      1. Totally agree with you on this about Grant, he is like a breath of fresh air compared to the Ra-Ra fan writers that sugar coat everything the best they can. Grant will always have haters because he’s not Ra-Ra and speaks his mind, they are also mostly jealous of him too. He doesn’t attack his haters and makes that narcisistic crowd fume inside because they want to pick a fight but Grant takes the high road and ignores them. Many like Grant but don’t admit it and appreciate his candor and they know he’s not picking on the 49ers, just calling it as he sees it. It’s not always a sweet smelling rose but the negative nancy’s want good news about everything. And they whine, whine, whine saying nothing positive themselves like Chris. Grant also praises players and coaches when he feels they deserve it. I enjoy his periscope and daily camp reviews and videos a lot.

      2. ….while Kawakami, Barrows and Maiocco, among others, have lost their jobs. “

        They got promotions… Im sure Grant won’t mind losing his job that way some day either.

        You dis the content and then say you haven’t read it? I’m confused… how can you judge something you’ve never read.

        Then there’s the need to trash regular beat writers who have a different style. They don’t write in reactionary Skip Bayless style like Grant… that’s fine. I enjoy a bit of both.

        1. Shoup, Kawakami lost his job at the San Jose Merc. Barrows lost his job at the Sacto Bee. Maiocco lost his job at the PD. Those are facts. Sure, they may have moved on, but that is life, and while you claim they got promotions, I am just glad I do not have to read them any more to get news about the Niners. I get all I need on this site and NN, but I also peruse other blogs. The best things in life are free.
          I diss their content because I have previously read them, and find their content lacking. I do not need to read them further, because I already know what they will say. Rosy sunshines unicorns and rainbows, and in the case of TK, a shiv in the back of a coach, at the behest of Baalke. To me, they are irrelevant.
          Glad you like them, but they are not my cup of tea. I mainly mention them in the context of defending Grant. Like you say, they have different styles, but I refuse to put them on a pedestal like some others do. I certainly do not sneak on other sites under an assumed name to unleash a vicious hatchet job. When Grant gets unfairly attacked, I use them to make a contrast with Grant, but rarely bring them up otherwise.

    2. Look at his credentials. A UCLA English major, played soccer and what else? Watched NFL games growing up, followed his Dads writings, sat in a few lockerroom scrums? Big deal. This guy has no more football knowledge than the average person on here. Opinion pieces are weak. Anyone can slam a coach or player. That’s why guys like Paul Okinawa like him. Cause they don’t know nothing either

      1. Chris Time,

        The English program at UCLA is one of the best in the US. It’s actually kind of a big deal and there are a number of very talented writers/media members in this market alone that have gone through the same program.

        When it comes to football he’s had the ability to sit with men who spoke with and covered one of the best coaches in the history of the game, even spending an entire season going into coaches meetings and traveling with the team. There’s multiple contacts that he’s created across the football landscape to further develop his knowledge.

        He’s definitely not always right, but to go after his credentials like you’ve been doing over the last 24 hours is hilarious.

        As for you….You’ve been called out as a double poster. What kind of loser needs to hide behind multiple different screen names. Get a life you moron.

        1. It’s a degree. They are not difficult to get and I’m assuming you don’t have one. You can call me a double poster all you want but what you can’t call me is a failure who attempted to start a blog or be a writer and fell flat on his face. Who’s the loser now?

              1. My father was a Cal grad and a professor. My son is a Cal Grad. I am a UCD grad.
                Disparage the UC system all you want, but they do not accept dummies.

              2. The fact that you associate me with an irritant means that I’ve gotten under your skin. I guess that means I win!

              3. Seb-

                Why do you feel the need to toot your horn all the time? Lots of people graduate, with higher GP’s than you………….I dont see them blabbin about it.
                Am i missing something here, or are you some kind of wannabe Haight/Ashbury educated snob?
                I mean, who cares where you graduated? How long ago was that???????? Your parents graduated……..and that was HOW MANY decades ago??????? And yet you feel the need to tell us this info??????? Sheeeesh……………..

              4. Catfish, keep up. Prime denigrates my intelligence, but only has(?)a GED.
                He slams the UC system, which is world renowned.
                Then he turtles, and cannot cite any baccalaureate degree.
                Do you agree that an English degree from UCLA is useless? I do not.

              5. I beg to differ the UC system graduates plenty of dummies. I went to UCSB and graduated while barely showing up to class.

                Schools will give back whatever you put into them. Assigning the title of genius or idiot to a graduate based on their school is ignorant.

              6. UCSB? Figures. ;p
                Just joking. Actually, I think you are pretty smart. You can at least present an argument and defend it with logic and facts. And yes, there are dummies that graduate from Harvard, too.
                Sure, you get back what you put into it, and that goes for anything in life. However, my son scored 1560( I think) on his SAT with a 4.0 GPA, and still was not automatically accepted into Cal because of his Asian- American heritage. I think the fact that his grandfather was a Cal alumnus helped tip the scales.

            1. Sebbie-Paul, you must be one hell of an insecure dude to think that having a piece of paper gives you proof of being smart!
              You do know that Abe Lincoln didn’t go to college, right?
              How about Bobby Fischer, ever heard of him?
              Maybe you’ve heard of Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.
              Stop being such a poofster SebastoPaul, nobody is buying your antics!

              1. Dee, I only brought that up because Prime dissed anyone that went to college, as if a piece of paper is totally useless.
                Maybe you did not know this, but Wozniak went to Cal, Jobs went to Reed, and Gates attended Harvard. I bet in later life they were all conferred degrees.
                Einstein, Hawking, Newton, Watson and Crick, Darwin and many other geniuses attended college.
                Bill Walsh, a football genius, graduated from San Jose St.

              2. Sebbie, going to college doesn’t make you smart!
                It means you can follow their rules and curriculum. I can only speak/read/write 4 languages, but that makes me the black sheep in the family since my brothers can both do 7.
                Does that mean I’m 4 times smarter than the next guy?

                I don’t think the Steve’s finished college….

                MOST football players finished college, I guess that makes them geniuses in your book…

              3. Actually, the graduation rate for football players is abysmal.
                A college education does not make one smarter if one cannot learn, but a college degree does show basic competency.
                Both Steve’s were probably conferred degrees, since those colleges would want to tap into their largess. I do not know for sure, but it is what I would expect.
                Good for you. You know 4 languages. I know 2, but I do not think you are twice as smart as I am. Guess you did graduate, but like Shoup said, even dummies can graduate.
                Dissing a college education is not smart.

              4. 57.4% means MOST football players!

                You’re contradicting yourself, as usual, when you advocate that it can take a dummie to graduate from college but only geniuses come out of college. Both can’t be true, unless your education means nothing….

                Oh and no, I did not go to college, like honest Abe I’m an autodidact.

                “Dissing a college education is not smart”
                Paying $100.000 to get a piece of paper that doesn’t guarantee you a job is NOT smart! You can open up a business with that kind of $$$

                Thinking outside of the box is what most successful people got them where they are…

              5. Dee, 57.4% is a little more than half. Not something to be proud of. Believe it or not, 75% is a better number.
                Congratz on succeeding without a college education.
                However, that means you have not played college football or in the pros. That means some may diss you for knowing nothing about football. I will not, although if you tout thinking outside the box, you must admit that many of my proposals do exactly that.
                I will not go into all the areas in which a college education is desirable and important, but just say that there are dummies in all walks of life, but many dummies cannot figure out how to go to college.
                I am not declaring that every college graduate is a genius, but am just giving examples of successful people, just like you did.
                I was fortunate. I received scholarships and obtained grants, then worked my way through college, so that 100.000 dollar figure is way too high. Took me years, but I paid off my student loans, which has led me to my profession that I have been working at for 35 years. You may be fortunate, too, but I consider my college education to be essential to my success.

          1. Chris Time,

            It’s better to try than to do nothing at all and feel the need to create multiple screen names.

            Good thing for me was that I didn’t fail. My own blog is what helped me get hooked up with 49erswebzone and that went good until other things in life needed my attention so I needed to step away and put my focus there.

            1. You tried and failed. Be honest. And now you come on here pretending this is your forum to show everyone how smart you are but really you know nothing but throwing out a couple stat lines.
              I’d rather be called a double poster than a pretender!
              5 burning questions my roody poo candy arse

          2. Your wrong on that one, Chris~it takes a great deal of discipline to get a degree, huge amounts. They don’t give those things away.

        2. Why doesn’t he travel with the team now? Because Daddy does not fi the bill or the PD figures he is not worth the expense? Instead he stays home and watches from his couch like all of us. Real professional

            1. No just the real ones from real newspapers with real credentials and real experience. You are average. If you were anything but important and had real knowledge about the 49ers you would be travelling with the team

              1. I’ve got nothing against the PD, it’s a junior newspaper and you are a junior writer. You sit there and pretend you know so much when really you don’t have the credentials or the experience outside of anyone else on here. It’s the high and mighty pretending behind your name that bothers me

              2. Maybe you should describe your bonafides to be able to make such a determination.
                The Press Democrat won a Pulitzer in 2018, but that must not impress you, since you do not know how prestigious that award can be.

              3. If you think I’m here posting because of you, you are dreaming son. Let’s be honest the only reason why you have this blog is because of your Dad.
                Speaking of the past decade you’re the only loser still here that hasn’t moved on to bigger and better. Why is that?

              4. Paid? What 35K? Chump change. The only thing Hammer puts in place is his underwear in his underwear drawer, junior writer

              5. You come here to get slapped down daily. To each his own. I appreciate the clicks. Feel free to post under as many different names as you like. You’re a fixture around these parts.

              6. That’s right you need people like me to click because as far as the content and the writing that you’re providing it’s Junior caliber, junior writer. Be proud to be mediocre and ride Maioccos coat tail

              7. You’re such a junky for this blog you want a grand not to come here for 30 days. Wow. Just leave and prove a point.

              8. You see Jack that’s why you never were successful at writing because you just steal other peoples ideas. Your MO is the stat line or copy and paste something somebody else said. You’re a joke

              9. Grant..ignore this narcisistic whiney scum. He’s not worth a cra..! They get off on replies, hate being ignored, it’s their trait.

      2. Prime, you must have taken too many blows to the head. Your bonafides are just as weak as many others.
        I suppose you only want former NFL players to be able to comment on this site.

            1. You should cry that your wife gave you trouble for posting under Paul Okinawa, and that you could never return because people’s lives were in danger. Blah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

              1. Considering the hate and threats I have received, from you, especially, she had reasons for concern.
                Mentioning my wife during these trying times just demonstrates what a low life you are.
                Laughing at it is just despicable.

              2. Prime, I still want to know what institution of higher learning you have attended. Since you will not divulge the name, I can only assume you have only achieved a GED, if that.
                Now I know why you are trying so hard on this site. It is all you got. Too bad you cannot engage in a civil manner, but hurl insults when challenged. Posters of low IQ tend to do that.

  8. @Houston 9er

    Yesterday I read an article from Ted Nguyen that examined CJ’s capabilities complete with video clips from this year and last. Ted concludes that CJ’s arm is fine and shows examples of him making the same long throws as Jimmy G. Ted says this is a key part of the Shanahan offense. Ted’s biggest criticism is that CJ is slower to make up his mind and slower to throw the ball.

    I suggest you read the article. I found it most useful.

    1. The great thing about life is that people can disagree. I just go by what I see. Any route longer than 15 yards, CJ must float the ball because he doesn’t have the arm strength to drive the ball with velocity. Every intermediate throw I’ve ever seen CJ make is floated. Every single one. I do agree however, one of the major issues with CJ last year was his slow decision making. I fully expect that part will have improved with more experience.

      1. Wondering if there any examples of successful (winning) NFL QBs who were lacking in classic ‘ball driving’ abilities–say from the 1970s to today. Same for NFL QBs who could drive the ball very well but were widely considered failures (or more politely…less than successful).

        How would these guys be ranked in ball driving proficiency…

        Warren Moon
        Randall Cunningham
        Ken Stabler
        Fran Tarkenton
        John Elway
        Joe Montana
        Dan Fouts
        Akili Smith
        Ryan Leaf
        Trent Dilfer
        Jeff George

        1. CJ won’t need to drive the ball that much if he can throw with proper timing and anticipation. I recall Kyle commenting that in the Iowa game film he had watched leading to the draft, his impression was that CJ threw with good accuracy when he had a modicum of pass protection, something he didn’t have a whole lot last season.

          CJ is nowhere the arm talent that is Jimmy G, but with decent rapport with the pass catchers and a better command of the play book, he can play within structure and be much more successful than last season. He may not win against the Rams but could still win 7-8 games. The focus will shift to the defense which really needs to step up.

        2. Whoa! Hold on there,Bobalooey!
          Jeff George and John Elway had CANNON arms! Both threw as hard as Farve. Elway had to learn to take some off on some throws, especially when he got excited rolling right; he’d blow up underneath receivers.
          Jeff George was a Jay Cutler knucklehead with slower feet and a much stronger arm.

  9. I do t think CJ is as bad as he looked last year. It was his rookie year and he was thrust into a starting role with little talent around him.

    Is he a bonified pro bowl type prospect? Umm.. no. But he could be an effective starter, perhaps better than half or most QBs in the league given the chance and experience.

    You can’t judge a QB by his first impressions (see Colin, et al), as it’s the equivalent of a rookie starting pitcher in his first run through the opposing lineup.

  10. Grant, lifetime 49er fan from the midwest (and only one in my family except my 9 year old son). However, was reading your article and I think your stats are wrong. I didn’t check every 49er starting QB rating since 1981, but this part of your article got me thinking about a Pro Bowl QB who didn’t start out so hot..
    “… The only 49ers starting quarterback since 1981 who threw at least 100 passes and had a worse rating than Beathard was Ken Dorsey, whose rating was 62.4 in 2004.”

    What about Alex Smith?
    According to ESPN, in 2005, he had a 40.8 rating and attempted 165 passes, going 84/165 on attempts.
    9 84 165 50.9 875 5.30 1 47 11 9 — 40.8

    But Alex Smith did it twice, albeit with a bum shoulder which should have ended his season.
    Again, according to ESPN, in 2007, he had a 57.2 rating and attempted 193 passes going 94/193 on attempts.
    7 94 193 48.7 914 4.74 2 45 4 6 20.4 57.2

    Thanks for covering the team. I can’t say as I agree with your perspective on everything, but you offer up some good alternative insight. Would like to see some glass half full stories now and then, though! (The Goodwin story last year comes to mind – GREAT piece)

  11. CJB has improved, because he got to sit behind JG, and was allowed to study him, and the playbook more.
    How that translates on the field is anybodies’ guess, but I will be rooting hard for him to succeed.
    The fact that the whole roster is better than last year, will help him.
    The fact that Bosa is out, will allow the Niners to double team Ingram.
    This will be a formidable challenge. Hopefully, the Chargers will not have home field advantage, if enough Niner fans attend at the interim stadium.

    1. In this one I think the 49ers will have to score at least 27 points to win. Last year in Beathard’s 5 starts they got over 13 only once, so we’ll see if there’s a big improvement in the team as a whole and his play.

      One thing the 49ers have going for them is they are facing a defense that has a worse 3rd down conversion rate than their own.

      1. There is a big talent discrepancy in this game. It’s not as bad as last week but it’s not close either. I think an argument could be made that the chargers are better at every position group.

  12. So the Niners tried to get Eric Reid on a multi year contract. It’s my belief they wanted him back as a starter. It’s also my belief that they finally cane to their senses that Adrian Colbert is a dang backup. In my opinion, 90 percent of you jumped on his bandwagon after 2 decent games and some hard hits. I said from day one he shouldn’t be the starter. Oh well chalk this up to going cheap on a trusted draft pick. He’s NFL caliber. But not starting NFL caliber. Just my opinion.

      1. Grant …
        I can’t tell you the last time I laughed down to the belly… but
        I will confess to it after reading your exchange with “Bro” – Chris …
        And much Kudos to you for your part in it … in fact …
        you had him cold when you asked ….
        .“…. If you think it’s a junior newspaper, why have you been posting here every day for a decade? You moron….”

        ( … and he didn’t even realize … that he’d been had … )
        The rest of the exchange … only served to prove the point …. but ..
        the best part was … you nailed him with a .. ( seemingly … innocuous ) question …

        Grant …… BRILLIANT … my man !

      2. I said they should have drafted Jamal Adams. James may be a little better than Adams at this point, but we wouldn’t have McG if we took James. McG has helped out in our improved running game and will fill a huge role when Staley retires.

        Had we took Adams, we wouldn’t have Thomas. In that case we could have kept Armstead at LEO and brought back Tank on the cheap to play Big End.

    1. Colbert is a FS and Reid is best suited at SS in the 49ers defense. At least get that right.
      It is also too early to label Colbert as a backup at this point.

      1. Reid could play FS in this defense. He did it last season, and he’s a better player than Colbert.

        Shanahan and Lynch went with youth and projections instead of proven talent.

        1. When did he play FS last season Jack? He transitioned to SS during the 2017 off-season because he was a better fit in the secondary of the 4-3 defense Saleh runs, and then he had to add LB to his duties as well in order to be able to get on the field while Tartt was starting. Meanwhile, Ward was the starting FS until he was knocked out for the year, which gave way to Colbert taking over at FS.
          The only thing Reid proved is that he was average at best and unable to stay healthy.

          1. Reid was the starting FS in weeks 1 and 2 last season. He hurt his knee against Seattle in week 2, missed a few weeks, played LB once he was healthy and then moved to starting SS when Tartt went down.

            He was a productive player whose versatility really could have helped this team.

      2. yeah…you’re right about Colbert … MidWest .. but ..
        could his current performance possibility be due .. to
        the “Sophomore Slump” .. ? …
        I mean … now … he’ s gotta “think” .. on ..implementing the
        playbook… efficiency … while juggling his natural talents and instincts …

        It’s a huge adjustments .. going from College to the Pros … And
        sometimes … it’ll take more than a year …

        Colbert will be fine .. I think… but only after he puts all this stuff
        together ,,,,

        Could be later this season. perhaps ?

      3. I got it right. He’s a FS.He was drafted that way and should have stayed there. Colbert didn’t prove he was better. Eric was just hurt. Reid is a superior player. And that will never change. I’m on Kyle and John side, but they screwed this one up

  13. Maiocco: ” C.J. Beathard sauntered to the lectern in the 49ers’ press-conference room wearing white socks with no shoes. He was unshaven, his hat on backward. He looked like someone who overslept on a weekend and was getting ready to be anchored to his couch to watch a day of football.”
    Seems like CJ is rested and tanned and ready for action….

    1. A good thing. CJ isn’t Steve Young, but Steve was rather informal as well.

      At least he won’t curl up in a fetal position and soil his shorts, whimpering all the way.

  14. BUt what about the windup coach???
    If Shanahan reads this I ask that you make a trade with my Oakland Athletics.
    They need a windup like that for the YANKEES game. We are down two starters. And I’m positive Beathard can reach at least 93 on the gun.

    Now onto the Niners. This guy will fail. And the only excitement I see coming for me this season is seeing Mullen’s go through the hard knocks of the NFL. This kids accurany is on point and he has a decent release time.
    All in for Mullins. I’ve seen what Beathard Ian made of.

  15. Tensed room…..

    That was entertaining…….not sure I have ever read GC that involved in comments…

    Where is that moron ninermd ……CJB will shock the world.. …

  16. If you want to see how this blog’s brain trust evaluates first year quarterback’s performances, take a look at the review for Jered Goff’s rookie season.

  17. There is venom in his writing and he has a clear disdain for this team. You can defend it as “telling it like it is” all you like but the truth is he has a beef with this organization. Even during the few years they were decent with Harbaugh, when the lost, he clearly reveled in it. That’s why people have issues with him. He takes pleasure in their failure and I don’t know why some of you think that’s ok. You can feel it in his tone of writing. And yes, his father was the exact same way so I guess it’s to be expected. Although I don’t find him as bad as his dad. So I guess that’s something.

  18. The media gives a weekly update on the Raiders pass rush woes in the wake of the Mack trade. Wonder why they aren’t doing the same with the Patriots with the Cooks trade.

  19. Hmm, Anthony Lynn must read this blog. He stated that he feared the Niners would employ naked bootlegs. Wonder who he read that from? ;p
    Actually, he is just playing mind games, because KS did not roll out JG at all during the Lions game. One time he escaped the collapsing pocket, he rolled left and hit Pettis for a TD in the Vikings game.

  20. Agree with Larry. Don’t know how the season will turn out now with Jimmy gone ( probably not 10-6) but this weeks game is winnable. SD isn’t anything great. In fact looking at the stats they are roughly on par with the Niners in almost every catagory. Niners are motivated and will be out to prove they are not a one man team. Breida will continue to impress and help shorten the game and keep Rivers on the bench. CJ will do just enough to win. The defense will finally play a full game. SF 24 SD 20
    Take the points and place your bets folks! There’s money to be made.
    On a side note, my suicide league has gone from 98 to 44 to 38 to 12. Parody. I’m still alive with wins MINN, NO, KC and I originally took the Chargers for this week after the JG injury but my gambling gut told me don’t do it. It’s usually right. Niners will win. I took Jacksonville. They will also win vs Jets.
    No Seb, I don’t smoke but I have a nice Cooperage growler I’ve been sipping on!

    1. I beg to differ. Chargers have had 2 tough games against the Chiefs and Rams. They have played well and are well coached.
      Bosa may be out, but they are still a formidable foe.
      I agree, the rest of the team will rally around CJB, and will be motivated. However, they need to wrap up when tackling, and stop shooting themselves in the foot.
      I expect CJB will connect with a long bomb down field, and if Saleh uses Thomas correctly he will get a sack.
      Niners, 24-23.
      Lately, I am partial towards a Lil’ Sumthin’ by Lagunitas, but when going out, I like the Third Street- Bodega Head IPA. RRBC is just too crowded for me. Never been to Cooperage, but might try it. Their Fizzelle Washington IPA sounds hoppy.

    2. I agree with Seb on this one.
      Look at the position groups SD has sizable advantages at QB, WR, CB, Safeties. I would argue they have slight advantages at DL and RB (yes, I know Brieda is currently a leading rusher). SF meanwhile has slight advantages at OL and LB.

      I don’t think the defense can hold the score low enough for the 9ers offense to win the game especially with CJ at QB. Expect a fair amount of picks in this game.

  21. Man Rams look like the old Kurt Warner Rams again..They’re gonna be kicking our ass the next 5 years…They were showing there new stadium being built and man that thing looks amazing,alot better than the erector set in Santa Clara…I’m still convinced this team is doomed till the York’s sell..There like the Munsters of NFL owners..Every time things start looking up for our team……Wham roundhouse kick right to the face!lol

  22. I think it’s time to move Sherman to FS… He’s a ballhawk. And I’m pretty sure it will help him with his lower body injuries. The man can recognize a passing play, and put himself in position to take the ball. We haven’t had a ball hawk safety since Merton Hanks. It’s a hell of a reason I was so on Minkah and James….

    1. Do you think he’s physical enough to play that position? I know he’s physical as a corner, but that’s mostly grabbing. Is he enough of a hitter/tackler for that spot.

      1. Jack, that’s a good point. He never was a sitter like Earl Thomas. But, he can fly to the ball like Ed Reed. And this team needs turnovers. And a couple of those deep completions would have be easy interceptions with a FS that can actually track a ball.

        1. Steele
          You can scheme protect a mediocre safety sometimes (harder in Cover One or Cover Three), but a corner is on an island, and more vulnerable. Who would replace Sherman at CB?

  23. Im just wondering what kind of suit and cool head set Al Guido is gonna wear next year to get us pumped up about how this is the season to be excited about and how they will now be having a guy cruising the Levi’s stands with lettuce wraps instead of hot dogs for the ultimate fan experience!

  24. From David Lombardi ~ “49ers DC Robert Saleh says that that team is leading NFL in missed tackles because players are “lunging and ducking” instead of driving through ballcarriers, and that isn’t what the coaching staff teaches. “

    This is pretty much what I said on Sunday when the effort of the D was being questioned as the issue with it.

  25. Sounds to me like Saleh’s teaching method and approach to applying the new rules is confusing the players. Hopefully the staff can iron that out, and quick. Sherman is indeed a ball hawk but he couldn’t tackle much (see Dion) even in his prime, though he never had much practice because nobody threw his way. Running backs into the second and third level would looking for him to steamroll over.

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