Kyle Shanahan says Ahkello Witherspoon “had a little bit of a setback last week.”

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan watches the second half of an NFL football game against the Washington Redskins, Sunday, Oct. 20, 2019, in Landover, Md. (AP Photo/Mark Tenally)

SANTA CLARA — Here is the transcript of Kyle Shanahan’s Week 8 Monday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers P.R. department.


Opening comments:

“Same ones from the game, [WR Marquise] Goodwin and [RB Matt] Breida. They returned, no issues today, and then all the same existing injuries.”


So, they’re not in the protocol?



Goodwin was cleared yesterday?

“Yeah, he was cleared, he was good enough. He passed the concussion deal, but he was hurting a little bit on the sidelines and just the type of game it was. [WR Kendrick] Bourne was more of our mudder, so he went in and handled the rain pretty good. So, we just stuck with it.”


It seems like Goodwin has gotten hurt a couple of times close to the line of scrimmage over the last couple of years. Is that just unavoidable from a coaching standpoint? Is there not much you can do?

“Yeah, you always want guys to avoid contact going over the middle, especially when the ball’s not in his hands. Guys do try to reroute people over the middle a lot, so it happens. They’re not supposed to be able to do that right there, but it does happen. It’s harder to avoid stuff when, I call Quise, he’s like a crotch-rocket ninja going through there. It’s a little harder for guys moving that fast to avoid things, so I think it is tougher with Quise on that. That’s one of his best talents, too.”


What are you able to take from a game after evaluating it, just given the conditions were what they were?

“I mean, it’s not that fun to, the scheme and game plan and stuff for both sides kind of just completely goes out and you just, you watch the effort, and just the guys trying to grind it out through some pretty bad, it was as bad of conditions as I’ve been in. I’ve been in some colder games, some snow games and stuff, but none that have just really rained that much from beginning to end, especially on that type of field. You just evaluate the effort, how hard guys played. And that was one of the big things I was saying to them at halftime is that in a game like this whoever wants it more is the team who finds a way to win. When we get on that plane, hopefully we can watch the silent tape and it’ll be obvious who wants it more. And our guys played hard. You could see it on the tape and I think that’s what you could see after the game, too.”


There were a lot of striking pictures that came out of the game. The slide, but also the OL Mike Person with all the mud. Has that been making the rounds?

“Yeah, [general manager] John [Lynch] showed me that on the plane last night. It was a cool picture. I can’t believe how good cameras are these days, but yeah, there were lots of cool stuff.”


Were you close? I think that happened right after the interception return when all of your linemen were just sliding out of bounds making that tackle. Were you close to that?

“I can’t remember. I was probably too blacked out out of anger. But yeah, those guys get by us a lot. You get used to avoiding them. I’m yet to get injured on one of those, but a lot of coaches have gone down, so you better be paying attention.”


There was a report that came out over the weekend that you guys were actively in the market potentially trading for a receiver. I know you’re always looking to improve your team anyway you can, but how much urgency do you feel at that position in particular to make an improvement?

“I mean, I think less than we’ve had in the last couple of years because I do see that there are guys in our building that I do think the answers are here. It was tough not having [WR] Deebo [Samuel] last week, Quise being a little banged up. We’ll get both of those two back. The guys we have, I still think can continue to get better. We’re still holding out hopes, too, for [WR] Jalen [Hurd] and [WR] Trent Taylor that they can heal up and hopefully return later this year. Always looking to improve, though, like you said, but I do like the guys we have here.”


What was the genesis of the idea to give your dad a game ball? He wasn’t there, was he?

“No, and that was something I planned on doing for a while. I just, the reason I told the guys is because I was just very appreciative of them. Those conditions and stuff, you can use it as an excuse, but since we won I can at least bring it up that it is tough to go out there. It was our first 10 a.m. kickoff game this year and the weather, coming into that stadium like that and ended up having six starters out. It had a lot of excuses to not go out there and play as hard as they did, but the way they played, I was just very appreciative of that. The effort that they gave allowed me to do something that I’ve wanted to do for a while.”


Did you talk to your dad last night?

“Uh huh. Yeah.”


What was that conversation like?

“It was actually just text because I had to get on the plane and I don’t like talking in front of other people. So, I just sent a text and it was good.”


It was an excited text?

“Yeah, I think I didn’t have to talk to him to know that he was excited. He didn’t have to talk to me to know I was excited. We knew it would feel good if we could get that done.”


How is the running back rotation working out for you so far and is it important to you to have guys with similar skillsets as opposed to guys who have differing skillsets that might complement each other?

“Not totally. To me, you just try to get the best guys available in every aspect and then you try to use their traits accordingly, whatever gives them the best chance to be successful. We’ve tried to do that. Our guys are similar in the fact that they all can run. [RB] Jeff [Wilson Jr.] probably being the slowest one out of those guys, but that’s just because he doesn’t run 4.3. He had the fastest GPS miles-per-hour time on an offensive play. I think Bourne was second, so we know who our mudders are. They all have a little bit different styles and the same with receivers and things like that. But, you always try to get the best possible and then just use it however you need to.”


ME: Do you still expect to get CB Ahkello Witherspoon back this week?

“Not as much as I did last week. I was hoping for it. Had a little bit of a setback last week, not big, but I think it’ll be pushing it this week. There’s still an outside chance, but not as much as I felt last week.”

After watching the tape, what did you see on QB Jimmy Garoppolo’s interception?

“Same thing. We didn’t hold the safety long enough and the safety made a good play over there. When you do, I still want [WR] Dante [Pettis] to break that up, worst case scenario, I always say the worst-case scenario is an offensive PI, try to never allow an interception. He ran a good route, beat the guy hard, we just had to hold the safety a little bit longer.”

What about T Joe Staley? What’s his prognosis? He was working out on the field a little bit in pregame yesterday.

“I think he’s going to try to get out there and practice a little bit this week. We’ll see how it goes over these next two days. Just talking to him, I think these next two days are big and we’ll see how he feels on Wednesday. I do think there’s an outside chance, but hopefully we can get him out on the practice field a little bit this week to where if he feels good and everything then he can go. But if not, at least he gets a little bit of work in because it’s going to be hard to get a real practice in the following week because of the Thursday night game versus Arizona.”

Obviously yesterday being a very unique set of circumstances concerning the weather and what not, and obviously a very low scoring game, but you guys have won knock down drag out games, you guys have blown teams out, you’re finding ways to win in multiple facets. What does that say just about the strides you guys have taken as a cohesive unit this season?

“I think it says a lot. That’s why I was so appreciative of the guys yesterday because I did think there were a lot of weird little circumstances that made that game very tough and gave guys a chance to kind of let up and not have the same mentality that we have had for the five weeks prior. Especially after a huge win the week before. I always think it’s human nature just to ease up a little bit and our guys did the opposite. I think it says we’ve got the right guys and we’ve got guys that love football. It’s very important too that they don’t use injuries as an excuse, they don’t use any of those type of elements. They just work, they play very hard together. You can tell that they enjoy each other. I’ve always felt the tighter your team is, the harder you’ll play and I think that’s been evident so far.”

What did you learn about your defense in these six weeks? There’s been a lot of attention on the defense line and the secondary being much better. Then yesterday the linebackers, with LB Kwon Alexander making that big play.

“We’ve learned that they have a chance to be as good as we thought they could be. We saw them this offseason and from an offensive perspective we knew how hard it was to go against and practice every day. From just looking at it on paper, we knew we had a chance to have a pretty good pass rush with the D-Line with the guys that we added this year after the guys we already had. And some things that we’ve just continued to get better at schematically, just playing with these guys for a while. We went into this year hoping we could be like what we’ve been so far. I think we are still continuing to get better. I thought we had a better game this week than last week. It’s kind of tough to go off with that weather, but the guys played very well and it’s got to continue.”

With Staley and T Mike McGlinchey, how much does the way OL Justin Skule and OL Daniel Brunskill played factor into how quickly you guys feel you need to get them back?

“Not at all. When doctors say that they’re healthy and they can’t risk themselves and the player feels like he can go and then they look like it in practice then there’s no decision to be made. You don’t save those type of things. This league is too hard and you’re going to get your best players out there if they’re healthy enough.”

I think DL Jullian Taylor only played six snaps, but it seemed that he had a really big impact on those six. Was it that way on tape, too?

“Definitely, that fourth-and-one was as impactful of a play as there was in the game. [DL] [Ronald] Ronnie Blair [III] made a good play on that too, the whole defense did. What he did in that jam front versus the center, how he got around there, didn’t fall and got that back in the backfield was a very impressive play. Probably would’ve got out there more, we just got off the field pretty fast.”

ME: When did you find out there would be a torrential downpour in D.C.?

“They had been telling me that it was 50-percent for a few days and I don’t pay attention to that stuff much because there’s nothing you can do about it. But, then I started paying a lot more attention to it Saturday night. Then when I heard it raining all night, waking up I didn’t feel that great about it and then got to the stadium and knew exactly what type of game it was going to be like. Hoped our guys were ready to play physical and play tough.”

ME: Did you try to account for it and work around it in your game plan or is that the kind of thing you just can’t really plan for?

“No, you have to. I mean, every type of, you better have that in mind on every single play. Is this guy capable of having the footing to run this route? Is the quarterback capable of throwing it? There’s a lot of things. It’s not the most fun game to call. There’s a lot of variables that you’ve got to think about that you’re trying to win it, but you’re also trying not to lose it on every play because it’s both teams. The ball is very tough to deal with in the kicking game and passing game, and in the running game it’s hard to block people when you can’t get your feet in the ground.”

You talked last week about players getting better with more reps and assistant coaches getting better. In what ways do you think you’re better now 38 games, almost halfway through your third season as a head coach?

“I think I said something like this a week ago, but I’m just more used to all the different stuff you have to do. I mean, I was a coordinator for a while and everyone is a creature of habit. I knew my routine as a coordinator for the nine years I did it. You come here and you’re still trying to run an offense and call plays and stuff, so you want to do everything that’s worked for you in that same way. You realize you can’t as a head coach, you’ve got to do other stuff. You’ve got to work with all different types of people and I think I’ve gotten a lot better at just organizing it better, knowing what I need to do myself, what I need other people to do. Stuff that I used to want to be very good at on a Wednesday, to try to relax on that a little bit and realize as long as I’m good at it on Sunday, it doesn’t matter I can figure this out Saturday night, or something like that. So, just prioritizing more. You’ve still got to learn, do all the same stuff, but you get a lot more used to the better ways to do it that can relax yourself and other people and make you better.”

Do you think you interact with the players better?

“No, I feel like I’ve always interacted with them pretty well. I think we have more fun being 6-0 over 0-8. I don’t think I’ve changed much in that way.”

ME: Are there ways you’ve grown and adjusted as a coordinator this year? It seems you’ve really adjusted your scheme to work around a lot of different injuries and situations.

“I feel like I’ve been in a lot of similar situations and had to go through that stuff before. That’s just part of the job as a coordinator. I think what’s been different this year is being a coordinator and thinking as a coordinator for the way we’ve been playing defense. I don’t think I’ve been on too many teams with a top-10 defense, and we are definitely playing better than a top-10. We are playing like a top defense. When you do have that type of situation, and every time I try to call plays I’m always just trying to win the game, whatever I think is right. Very rarely are you thinking about the defense dominating someone in my past like I have this year.”

It’s early in the week, but do you have any Carolina Panthers QB Kyle Allen impressions yet?

“No, I don’t. I’m getting on it right now when you guys are done, after two more questions. But no, I’m aware. I’ve seen his highlights on TV, I’m aware of his record and I know he’s been doing a hell of a job. Excited to get to the tape.”


Not to dismiss the six teams you’ve played, but when you look at the portion of the schedule coming up over the next six or seven weeks, is there a sense that you’re entering a stretch where the team will need to elevate its play?

“You have to regardless of who you’re playing. I mean, you get better or you get worse, you don’t stay the same. As this year goes, it gets harder and harder and we’ve got to make sure as it gets harder we have to get better if we want to meet our own expectations.”

Do you plan to get LS Kyle Nelson back this week?

“Yes, hoping to get him back. I know we get a week, we get a roster extension for a week, but we should have him in here this week and then decide what to do for Sunday.”

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  1. All the thinking created by the weather, and it’s no wonder the 49ers played the way they did in the first half. Coach was out thinking himself. This type of win will accrue interest and pay a handsome dividend down the road.

    Not gonna trade for a receiver, and for what it’s worth, I concur. Patience is required between qb and wr, because they need to develop together. Both have to see the same thing in a 10th of a second. It’ll be one of the last components of the offense to gel, and it literally no sense at this time, with the options available, to Make The Move.

    All that Nelson is Gould!

    1. I agree with you Razor on the receivers needing to be in sync, and I wouldn’t sell the farm for a “no. 1 receiver.”
      The lower than expected passing statistics can be attributed to more than lack of a No. 1 receiver:
      a) success of the run game;
      b) playing ahead rather than behind (if you can run while ahead, you do it);
      c) the scheme having guys wide open, and the QB missing a few or more of those plays per game;
      d) and then lack of “No. 1 receiver.”

    2. Not gonna trade for a receiver, and for what it’s worth, I concur.

      Say what? I don’t see anywhere in the transcript where Kyle rules out making a trade for a receiver.

      Kyle: Always looking to improve, though, like you said, but I do like the guys we have here.

      I agree that they won’t be going after a big-time receiver, but I think there is a real possibility to get a guy who can contribute, perhaps even a guy like Emmanuel Sanders, if the Pats don’t beat them to it.

        1. OK, fair enough. It sounded by they way in which you worded your post, that Kyle had stated that the team would not be looking to make a trade for a WR – a point of which you “concurred”.

          I think they may very well make a trade for a wideout, if the right deal presents itself. It’s been confirmed that the Patriots just picked up Sanu through a trade with the Falcs. I was pretty sure that Emmanuel Sanders was the Patriots’ top WR trade target, so I think it’s fair to speculate that the 49ers may be in deep conversations with the Broncos, especially considering Lynch and Elway’s close relationship.

          Don’t be surprised if these 2 GM’s finalize a deal for Sanders in the coming days. Lynch and Elway’s relationship gives the 49ers and edge in terms of negotiating a fair deal, and I think the chances of Sanders to SF is looking better than 50%-50% at this point. In fact, I think it’s closer to 75%. Sanders just makes too much sense for me to rule it out. I think the chances of this happening will all come down to the fine details.


          Benjamin Allbright @ AllbrightNFL
          9:14 AM – 22 Oct 2019

          Yes, the Niners have significant I interest in Emmanuel Sanders as I’ve reported several times since September. They’re not the only ones in. Packers called. Panthers too. Saints remain interested.

    3. OOPS!

      It’s a good thing but surprised me too. Hurd probably isn’t coming back.

      Thomas May be gone due to J Taylor’s performance

      Can’t pay everyone

      Would like to see him stay

      He’d have to accept a low ball right now to stay…

  2. Grant you asked several good questions that have me a better understanding about how KS operates when calling plays. Glad he is taking into consideration all the elements such as how certain players react to weather conditions, so far this year he has called a good offense that allows better conversions on 3rd downs to keep the defense fresh.
    Starting this week the game intensely is only going to increase week after week.
    I also agree trading for a wide receiver would be a waste of capital, we need to sign out own players for the future and keep our high draft choices for the future..

  3. One more point, boy Grant would have a field day here in Chicago with the demise of the Bears running game and Coach of the year Naggy. Oh yes wasn’t he one of Grants favorite over KS. Poor lad is having a bad year.

      1. Hey, I really like Mitchell Trubisky. He seems like a real good kid. I might even buy a car from him… in a year or two when he’s in that business.

    1. Trading away Jordan Howard was a huge mistake, especially since they got only a 6th round pick for him.
      Without Howard, their offense has sputtered, and Trubisky cannot make up for that loss.

  4. Nick Bosa’s
    @PFF stat line through six games is ridiculous:
    -31 total pressures
    -19 QB hurries
    -7 QB hits
    -5 sacks*
    -11 total tackles
    -9 stops
    -1 forced fumble
    -82.9 overall grade
    -Leads all pass rushers in productivity

    * Does not include the sack ruled an intentional grounding. Hell of thing for ‘B-.’ lol

  5. I hope they invite Mike Shanahan to the locker room, and let Kyle present the game ball to Mike, in front of the players.

  6. I keep going back to Antonio Brown. So here’s a question…. If Paraag writes a contract that requires Antonio Brown to delete all his social media accounts and only agree to interviews when a 49er PR person is present – would you want the 49ers to sign him? Is the locker room strong enough to withstand Hurricane AB?

    1. With everything going well on and off the field, no way I’d be on board with this signing. He could have stopped and saved himself from further scrutiny but he couldn’t help himself.
      He’s another TO at this point. That guy still has issues to this day.
      Is the Harbaugh jailbird era that far in history where we’ve forgotten how it sucked waking up and seeing another player in trouble? Or the same player in trouble?

      1. Is the Harbaugh jailbird era that far in history where we’ve forgotten how it sucked waking up and seeing another player in trouble?

        Or even just last year with all that Reuben Foster drama?

    2. JL remembers Foster promising to be good, then sneaking his gf into the team hotel.
      JL is too smart to want to be blindsided again.
      Pass. Bill Walsh emphasized how important it is to have good locker room dynamics, and how easy it is to destroy them. AB is an accident waiting to happen.

          1. There are many ways to be naughty, Sebs……… when I waved at you in traffic the other day and you completely ignored me. It was both hateful and hurtful, while driving with a snootfull ……………………….in Sebastapol.

          2. There are many ways to be naughty, Sebs……… when I waved at you in traffic the other day and you completely ignored me. It was both hateful and hurtful, while driving with a snootfull and your pickup full ……………………….in Sebastapol.

    3. Nope, AB is a powderkeg waiting to explode.
      He got in his asst. coaches face on the sidelines in Pittsburgh. And that’s not even counting the moaning about Big Ben over the last two years.
      Then he gets in his GM’ face in Oakland in TC.
      Goes to the Patriots and another issue arises.

      There’s no questioning AB’ talent. My pause is his pattern of dissatisfaction with team management and teammates.
      Our team is fairly young and building a culture of cohesiveness and winning.
      AB would hurt the team more elevate it.

  7. Grant,
    Next time you get a chance could you ask KS, When Staley gets back will he move Skule over to the right side or will he keep Brunskill there?

  8. I just realized that Christian McCaffrey was drafted number 8 in the 2017 draft when the 49ers picked Thomas with the number 3 pick from the same school and Thomas was not even the better player. Just imaged if the 49ers had Christian McCaffrey on the team now instead of Thomas, we wouldn’t have spent that much money on RB, and one RB who hasn’t played yet in 2 years. Then could of signed a cheap DL thats probably better than Thomas.

    of course people will say any RB can play in this offense and Shanny doesn’t like drafting RB to high in the draft, but if we had Christian McCaffrey we wouldn’t need no WR help. No team in the NFL could stop this team.

    1. You’re right niner, but we could go down that road all day long, with every draft pick in every draft. I, too, thought he was the real deal out of Stanford, but this team had much bigger needs than RB to address at the top of the draft.

      The real issue, and we wouldn’t be having this conversation because of it, is the play of Thomas. Even with this incredible line, he still performs average at best, and still makes dumb penalties.

    2. Never, ever draft a rb in the first round, and never, ever invest big money in a rb. As long as we have Mr. Turner, keep picking up those UDFA’s!

      1. I wanted the Niners to trade back farther, to garner a boatload of picks, and select Malik Hooker.
        However, Jamal Adams or Marshawn Latimore would have been good alternatives. Also, Mahomes and Watson were available. All 4 of those players are Pro Bowlers.
        The 3 UDFA RBs that the Niners have, are just fine with me.

    3. I would argue the SF version of McCaffery wouldn’t be half the player he is in terms of production. Plus, drafting a RB that high goes against the Shanny ethos.

      1. trading back and getting a lot more picks would of been the best and correct move and they did do that but didn’t trade back further enough and then selected the wrong player at number 3. McCaffery is the real deal, he was at Stanford and in the NFL. hes the back the 49ers need in this offense runs and catches the ball. We have Brieda who is hurt again, Mozart who is not a true or good RB, Coleman who is a good RB2 and Wilson who is a goal line back. McCaffery would be all of those things. That’s what they wanted in Jerrick and overpaid for him and hes been hurt the last 2 years. yes you can say every pick could be a what if but you had John Lynch scouting Thomas instead of McCaffery and you tell me Thomas would and is the better pick, no way.

        Don’t be surprised if McCaffery runs all over the defense and gets big yards. The 49ers will win the game but i would take McCaffery over the 3 RBS we have now and over Thomas.

        Joe Williams didn’t work out and he was what a 3rd or 4th round pick. Should of used the first round pick

    4. You do make compelling points but think if Garoppolo was further down the road or if the Kirk Cousins acquisition happened this team would virtually be unstoppable even vs the Patriots..

    5. IMO Christian McCaffery is the perfect fit for the Shanahan offense. Obviously Shanahan’s have a very long and very successful track record of finding late round RB’s who flourish so they would never pick a 1st round RB. Having said that, I would absolutely love to see what a kid with McCaffery’s skill set could do in Kyles offense. And don’t start up with the crap about Breida and Coleman being better suited for Shanny’s offense. McCaffery is a special kind of back with incredible talent. I really like our guys but they aren’t on the same level as CM.

  9. Through Week Seven, the 49ers’ defense is allowing 133.5 passing yards per game and the Patriots’ defense is allowing 148.4 passing yards per game. Extrapolate that over a 16 games season, and both teams have an opportunity to match or better what the Redskins defense was able to do in 1980….

    1. To put that into perspective, the rules today are very conducive to throwing the ball for lots and lots of yards. Its rather remarkable at 6 and 7 games into the season that both the Niners and Patriots have that kind of statistic. In 1980 headhunting was still legal.

  10. Grant asked some insightful questions. I wish he would have asked if JG had experimented with gloves, so he could have gotten a better grip on the ball. They should have prepared JG better, by having him throw a wet soggy ball in practice. That swing pass fell like a lump of lead.

    1. I wish Grant had pressed Shanahan hard on Jimmy’s failure to get his ACL leg in the air when going to the turf.

  11. So both undefeated teams shut out bad teams this week, ( 49ers 9 – Was 0 , Pats 33 – Jets – 0).
    So just like Robert Saleh said we need to remind these bad teams who they really are, we took care of business, this 49er team is playing at a very high level, but the Panthers will definetely be a tough match up. Sherman and Mosely will get tested this week, hopefully defense prevails again.

      1. Kyle Allen we can not understimate him, he is 5 – 0 as a starter , 4-0 this season 7TDs and 0Ints thrown this year, very carefull with the football, the panthers started 0-2 with Newton and went down with an injury and after that Kyle Allen has lead that Carolina team to 4 straight wins, I know Mccafrey is a big part of their offense which our front 7 will take care of , but Dj Moore, Curtis Samuel (Who scored against us in week 1 2017 in Shannahans first game) and Chris Hogan are no easy WRs to cover.

        1. Allen folds under pressure just like Goff. Our defense will throw a wrench in Allen’s win streak, and declaw the Panthers. 2 Int’s/1 Strip sack on Allen!

  12. Still speculation on the Niners trading for a WR. How about Sanders for one of the NIners extra quarterbacks of their choosing plus Thomas and Pettis. I don’t think they need a WR but what the hell do I know.

    1. Upon further review, it would only be a rental. Pettis or Thomas would be fine. Back up QB is too much to give for a rental.

  13. I hope the Niners do not take the Panthers lightly.
    Kyle Allen is way better than many of the QBs the Niners have faced so far.
    Saleh should put a spy on McCaffrey.

  14. The most impressive thing about the win was how hard they played while limiting their mistakes on both sides of the ball under the worst conditions. To play a 10 a.m. game in those conditions and not turn it into a fumble/interception/penalty fest says a lot about this team and their current level of execution standards.

    Coming off the D.C. slog and catching a fast track at home this Sunday, I fully expect an explosive effort. A five TD game, Garoppolo’s best performance to date and another brilliant defensive effort.. The Niners still are not getting respect nationally. That might change about 4 p.m. this Sunday afternoon..

  15. I certainly was wrong about how easy the Niners were going to crush the Skins. However, one thing I was right about the last game was- I said the Niners should be focused and disciplined, and let the Skins beat themselves.
    This next game, the Niners need to play focused and disciplined, but they should not expect the Panthers to make bad mistakes.

  16. sebnynah says:
    October 21, 2019 at 7:56 pm
    Grant and Ryan have been dissing Kaep, so I wish to counter their chatter.
    Sure, Kaep was not accepted like JG is. Kaep took over from AS, so there were many AS lovers who disliked Kaep.

    Leo Nomellini says:
    October 21, 2019 at 8:00 pm
    I disliked Kaep because he was a bad quarterback.

    MidWestDynasty (R.I.P. MWNiner) says:
    October 21, 2019 at 8:11 pm
    Kaepernick was not bad, but he was not good either

    sebnynah says:
    October 21, 2019 at 8:16 pm
    Kaep was bad? With a 90,7 QBR, 16-4 TD to int ratio, 4-2 road playoff

    MidWestDynasty (R.I.P. MWNiner) says:
    October 21, 2019 at 8:27 pm
    All of that was before the NFL defenses figured out how to stop him. Good QBs learn how to take the next step whiling adjusting.

    PT says:
    October 21, 2019 at 8:53 pm
    Kap sucks and so do you Paul!

    REPLY: For the love of the game and this blog—can you just move on SebRaider.
    We all know the genesis of this thread–your hate for JimmyG….
    So move to Las Vegas and let us post in peace about Shanny finding a better QB than your boy Kaep and end your negativity and hatred of the 49ers, Mr Tourette Syndrome!

    1. Seb’s is clearly unhappy with the direction of this front office’s moves: via Seb–: ” I shall call Kyle Shannahan
      LESS THAN ASTUTE” if he doesn’t resign Collin Kaepernick.”

      PT noted Seb bashed the 49er office all off season.

      Shannahan never did resign Kaep and Seb holds a grudge to this day which accounts for all of his 49er bashing

      Shannahan on why he did not resign Kaep:
      “I think Colin has a certain skill-set that you can put a specific offense to it that he can be very successful in.

      “When we first looked at it … that wasn’t necessarily the direction I wanted to go. The type of offense I wanted to
      run was somewhat different and that’s why we went that type of direction.”

      Seb, some things you can’t walk back, and your statement about kaep is one of them.!

      1. Tom is right about the hate, Sebs–earlier, you’ve put out plenty of hate on Graps, KS, their draft picks…………
        Now. today, with a 6-0 record, you’ve toned it down some………………….something smells rotten in Denmark, Sebs–this flip-flop, waffle barn behavior…………….very disconcerting for a real 9er fan…………

    2. Loved ol’ man Willie (as the great Bill King called him).
      Willie Brown was part of what I call the original and true raiders.

      RIP, Mr. Brown

    1. Wonder if Jimmy will surrender his#10 to Sanders……

      Hoping he’ll get along with WR Coach Welker. I suspect so.

      Denver sent Sanders and a fifth-round draft pick to San Francisco in exchange for a third-round pick and a fourth-round selection.


    As Rebuild A Winner stated yesterday, “Sander’s will have the same effect upon the WR core as Sherman has with the Db’s……!!!!

      1. Last three seasons…

        2016 DEN 79 rec, 1,032 yrds, 5 TDs
        2017 DEN 47 rec, 555 yrds, 2 TDs
        2018 DEN 71 rec, 868 yrds, 4 TDs

      1. Are you referring to me, Razor? lol, Cheers bro!

        This deal just made too much sense, IMO, for it not to happen. The Niners basically give up what is likely to be a late 3 round pick next year, plus what is essentially a swap of late 4th/early 5th round picks (also 2020), for a WR who not only fills a huge need, but also fits perfectly in terms of scheme.

        These are the moves you make when you can smell the postseason, and you need help at WR. If Taylor comes back healthy, Garoppolo will now have everything he needs, even if the team decides to wait on Hurd until 2020. And if they wait on Hurd until next season, it’s almost like swapping their 3rd round pick this year for the 3rd rounder they gave up for Sanders next year. So it’s money in the bank for a team that looks to be on the cusp of making run at the postseason, not just this season, but over the next several years!

        It’s a nice little counter move for the Rams’ Jalen Ramsey acquisition, and it certainly changes the way Seattle will have to game plan against the Niners as well.

        Kudos to Lynch and company! Oh how great it is to e in a position where tactical trades like this actually make sense once again!

  18. ESanders…finally some WR help, a quality starter….and for the love of god get JMatthews involved in the passing game…

    1. A ruptured achilles less than a year ago? wow. 3rd and 4th round picks for a 30+ year old player coming off a significant injury after a very long list of other injuries seems like a high price to pay.

      1. Not really Houston. Sanders is looking healthy, with 367 yards receiving, for a 12.2 AVG for the Broncos through 7 games. The Niners get a 5th round pick in return, and Denver is coming off a brutal blowout to the Chiefs, despite Mahomes being knocked out of the game in the first half. They have lost Bradly Chubb for the season, and at 2-5, are now selling off players, so that 5th round pick is very likely to be a high 5th round pick, which is likely not going to be very far removed from what is likely to be a late 4th round pick for the Niners. So the Niners essentially dealt away a late 3rd round pick, and a handful of spots between their 4th and 5th round picks, for Sanders. It’s not cheap, but it’s a fair deal, and a brilliant move for a WR whom the 49ers desperately need if they are going to make a Super Bowl push!

        Great trade for a team on the cusp of making a deep playoff run!

  19. It’s an interesting move. Makes the team better, I think. Not immediately, but for the post season. A super bowl winner who is a legit number 1, though not a top 6 receiver imo. Not a huuuge price either, as a lot of the roster next year will be the same as this years, due to how many players are still on rookie deals. If Sanders and Jimmy can get it going, I’m feeling real good about the offence.

  20. If the draft picks given up for Saunders all fall in 2020, 9ers draft opportunities will be a bit thin–unless the 9ers trade a player or two between now and next April.

    1. Long term? Sanders is 31 with a long list of injuries however very productive….One year rental

      Goodwin is shot, Taylor still out, Deebo out….

      Lets hope they trade CJ and Thomas….

  21. Gave up a lot to get Sanders. Only 1 pick now in the first 2 days of the draft.

    Will be interesting to see if this has any positive impact on the production from the wideouts.

    1. Yes Pettis may be hearing footsteps and he should….still don’t fully understand drafting Pettis…broke records returning punts yet team won’t let him return punts….??

      1. yes drafting Pettis was a bad choice unless you could of gotten him in the 5 or 6 round which he probably would of dropped too, maybe 4th round. But the 49ers couldn’t draft a RB like McCaffery who is like a extra WR/RB all in one and would of been for 5 years on cheap deal and from Stanford like John but he wanted Thomas

    2. Jack

      You think that the Niners are realizing how good they are and almost assured a playoff spot and making a serious run at the SB. Otherwise this doesn’t make any sense to me.

      1. Yes, there’s no other reason for them to make this move and give up what they did.

        Just really interested to see how this plays out. On paper he seems to be in the Pierre Garçon mold, older guy who’s best years are behind him. Maybe it was the QB holding him back.

        We’ll see.

  22. From a Bronco fan…

    A really solid return, for a guy coming off an Achilles who has looked like the shell of the player he used to be.

    Posted by ElwayFanJ on Oct 22, 2019 | 1:10 PM

  23. Getting a 5th back where we’ve been draft ninja’s is most appreciated. Too bad the Pats, Saints and Pack drove up his market price. Either we extend him, or let him go in the hopes of a comp pick. Gotta love the signal it sends the team. Super Bowl or bust!

    1. Grant’s early take…

      Grant Cohn

      Emmanuel Sanders makes the 49ers legitimate Super Bowl contenders. Excellent trade.

  24. Denver Beat Writers:

    Troy Renck @TroyRenck 3m
    Former #Broncos @ESanders_10 on what he will remember most about his time in Denver and his message to #BroncosCountry. I wish Sanders nothing but success. Had terrific run in Denver. Cap tip to @sportsdenverfor hustling to get interview #Denver7

    Brandon Krisztal @BKDenverSports 19m
    Here’s ⁦@ESanders_10⁩ on his way out of the ⁦@uchealth⁩ @broncos Training Center. He’s excited about the opportunity, especially because the Denver offense is almost identical to Kyle Shanahan’s offense in SF. Thx to @davealthouse for the video. #BroncosCountry : It’s an instant boost for the Jimmy Garoppolo-led Niners offense and a sign that John Lynch and the San Francisco front office are all in and have embraced their status as division frontrunners and contenders for a postseason run.

  25. yea I don’t like this trade and its not a knock on Sanders. If Sanders got 3/4 pick to Denver, how much more would of it been to get AJ Green from the Bengals. It shouldn’t of been anymore then that maybe a second round pick in 2021 and Bengals sending back a 5th round pick or something like that. Unless the Bengals where not trading him at all. It just seems that all the WRS are the same on the team but Sanders is now the best WR on the team until Deboo gets going.

  26. Want this to work out bad. Shanahan is really high on him. Hope this is not one of Shanahans veteran somewhat over the hill “crush” players like Morris and Coleman, who he played over other backs who look much better. Shanahan does have those types of crushes that it takes quite a bit to get over.

    1. When Staley and McGlinchey get back, Willtalk, we’ll talk some more about the power of a ‘go-to’ WR unstacking stacked boxes the two ‘Rookie OT’s’ have been facing while Shanahan coaches his ass off for those wins against the Ram’s and Wash.

      Can’t wait for Shany game planning this game breaker into the offense!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Told y’all. Hurd ain’t playing this year, and they would get a rental.
    When this offense starts clicking and getting their guys back. Watch out! The 49ers finally have a threat besides Kittle

  28. Jeff Deeney

    I like Sanders a lot but that’s a high price tag. Though after seeing Sanu go for a late 2 it’s not a surprise.

    Denver’s 5th should be early and the #49ers 4th should be late in the round, so it’s pretty much a 3 and then moving back 15ish picks out of the 4th into round 5.

    Jeff Deeney

    Emmanuel Sanders is not putting up big numbers in the struggling Broncos offense, but he is grading well in our system (79.7 overall) and has had 30 catches this season without a drop. #49ers

    1. Interesting take. So basically giving a 3rd, which I guess I’m fine with, but now no 2nd, 3rd, or 4th. Those are some crucial depth pieces we’ll be missing out on.

      On the other hand, this team is deep and young on both sides of the ball. I think Sanders will be to this young WR group what Sherman has been to that young Secondary group, except he’s healthier and probably has a little more in the tank than Sherm due to his injuries. So from that standpoint its a very prudent pick up. Lynch really is starting to prove himself and is hitting his stride much like Shanny and Salah.

    2. Sit back and watch him ball with this team.
      He’s got flacco throwing to him and no running game or another threat on that team. He’s a rental for the Super Bowl run.
      Seriously with the team this young why worry about draft picks next season?
      They are already young and loaded
      Great move

  29. Emmanuel Sanders Fantasy Outlook Improves Following Trade to 49ers
    By Jason Schandl | Oct 22 2019

    Sanders was already a solid but unexciting fantasy option in Denver, catching five-plus passes in four of his 7 games.

    That outlook gets a bit of a bump in San Francisco. While the 49ers have been the NFL’s most run-heavy team, passing on only 42.9 percent of their plays, they do lead the Broncos significantly in points per game (26.0 to 16.0). There also isn’t much competition for targets in San Fran, with tight end George Kittle being the only player in the offense that accounts for even 14 percent of the team’s target share. The overall volume available may be lower with the 49ers, but Sanders shouldn’t have much trouble commanding a large portion of it.

    Mike Clay

    49ers badly needed a No. 1 WR. This is a good landing spot for Sanders in that it should lead to a solid target share. Meanwhile, DaeSean Hamilton positioned for a boost in targets in Denver

  30. The 49ers needed to upgrade the WR position, but I honestly cannot get behind trading for Sanders because he has not played through a full season since 2016. He is also not a red zone threat, but he is nothing more than a 12 game plus playoffs rental.

  31. This move tells us two things. One, the 49ers are serious about looking to go all the way this year. Two, Shanahan is not happy with the play of the receivers.

  32. Loved ol’ man Willie (as the great Bill King called him).
    Willie Brown was part of what I call the original raiders.

    RIP, Mr. Brown

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