Kyle Shanahan took charge and 49ers reaped the benefits


Kyle Shanahan became a real head coach last Sunday.

And if he becomes a successful head coach one day, we will look back at Sunday’s game against the Giants as his breakout performance. The day he showed he could coach an entire team, not just the offense.

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  1. I agree the 49ers played with pride, and the Giants played with apathy. My confusion lies with your contention that Shanny finally held his players to account in week 10, but you don’t specify how he did it. What action did he take to all of a sudden instill that discipline? Doesn’t a good opponent force his weaker adversary into mental mistakes?

    1. Razoreater – ” Shanny finally held his players to account in week 10, but you don’t specify how he did it. ”

      My take too. It’s a nice article about the (hopefully) sudden turnaround, but it would be nice to hear details how. The article seems to assume some Lombardi type speech.

      1. The whole article is a narrative fallacy.

        The narrative fallacy addresses our limited ability to look at sequences of facts without weaving an explanation into them, or, equivalently, forcing a logical link, an arrow of relationship upon them. Explanations bind facts together. They make them all the more easily remembered; they help them make more sense. Where this propensity can go wrong is when it increases our impression of understanding.

        It’s part of the human condition. We seek (and make up) explanations for things we don’t understand or want to believe is true (or false). And that’s because our brains are structured to see false positives while telling stories.

        Week 1: 10 – 74 (Panthers 5 – 40)
        Week 2; 6 – 66 (Seahawks 9 – 71)
        Week 3; 10 – 55 ( Rams 7 – 52)
        Week 4; 13 – 113 (Cardinals 10 – 80)
        Week 5; 10 – 77 (Colts 7 – 62)

        Week 6; 7 – 40 (Redskins 5 – 43)
        Week 7: 2 – 22 (Dallas 5 – 36)
        Week 8: 6 – 69 (Eagles 4 – 35)
        Week 9: 8 – 53 (Cardinals 2 – 25)
        Week 10: 6 – 44 (Giants 4 – 35)

        So, we had more penalties than the Giants and won. Also, in the five weeks between our two games, Bruce Arians, after all these years in the NFL, apparently finally learned to be a head coach as the Cardinals cut their penalties drastically between the first and second meetings.

        Meanwhile, after the initial first few weeks, the 49ers have been, basically, standard in getting penalties. We’ve averaged just under 6 penalties a game the past 5 weeks. Which is what we had against the Giants.

        So where is the great leap forward? Nowhere. The team has been improving over time with the usual ups-and-downs of a team full of rookies and not-really-NFL-level players… Which is the whole story and not ‘The Great Leap Forward’ that Grant wrote about and finally noticed.

        Of course, that story is boring. Who wants to write ’49ers Gradually Improving, Idiotic Observations and Crying to the Contrary!!!”?

        1. I would just note that sloppy play has been endemic thru the NFL this year…hence to bitching about lower standards of play around the league this year, viewership down, ticket sales down, yadda, yadda, yadda…
          at least on on our squad, we’ve got good reason to collect flags this year…new system, young players, and a teacher rather than a task master as an HC…

  2. Grant, the lens through which you look at things is foggy to say the least. There’s more antagonism and ego in your articles than actual, factual substance. T’was the last time you get me with a click bait headline.

      1. The gratuitous attacks seem to be coming out of the woodworks. I thought this was one of Grant’s better posts. His last sentence was poignant and memorable.
        The pushback against Grant is directly proportional to their envy. Too bad they could not write so well, or even think of something some one would want to read.

          1. No, I am just verbose, and appreciate good writing.
            I am tired of the trite pablum from the other writers. At least Grant SAYS something, instead of being safe and boring.

            1. Doesn’t seem like you saying you enjoy his writing, and other folks saying he’s full of it are necessarily mutually exclusive. Perhaps he just has a particular manner of BS that some find well-crafted and stylistically appealing ?

              1. I defend Grant because you have an ulterior motive to diss his writing, and pushing back against the screeds generally discourages further attacks.
                You can say his is full of it, and I can say you are envious, so you anonymously attack in a totally formulaic manner that automatically labels you as all bark, no bite.

              2. No, me saying that I enjoy his writing. and other folks saying he is full of it, just means we are diametrically opposed to each other.

              3. Hi Seb. I have no motives, ulterior or otherwise. I just often times find grants pieces to be based more on opinion promoted as fact than factual information, and a general opposition to most everything the Niners do. But wow… diametrically opposed simply because we disagree on a sports blog? Seems a bit much, no? Same goes for you somehow or another deciding I am all bark and no bite, when I have neither barked, nor threatened to bite anyone. And I don’t recall barking at, or biting you at all. Why so defensive (or easily offended)?

              4. MT, I was referring to GR, Jerry and Merton. They were the ones who mainly dissed Grant.
                You can parse semantics with me, but I find that I have little in common with those posters.
                When I first came here, there were some who attacked Grant and his writing style. Now there seems to be more concentration on the subject matter and less ad hominem screeds, because I will defend Grant. Their attacks lose steam with pushback.
                No, since you said- perhaps, you are not one of those barkers who call him an idiot, full of it or question why he is employed.
                Yes, then I set myself up for the inevitable brown nose counter attacks, but I hope you notice that I consider attacks on me stick to me like water on a duck’s back.

        1. “The pushback is directly proportional to their envy.” SEB, that’s a sentence crafted straight out of the Cohn school of writing… pure baseless conjecture. Thanks for making my point for me. Have a nice one.

          1. You all will notice Sebnynah will not tell you specifically what your envious about. Just that you all are “envious”.
            Its much easier to call people names, attack their character~then it is to substantiate in a way that makes sense, why you call them these names.

  3. We don’t know what KS does behind closed doors. How do we know that he wasn’t focused on instilling discipline? A new system on both sides of the ball takes time.

    The new found discipline could because of these two moves.
    Released Bowman. Bold move, but keeping him could have lead to more players airing their grievances in public. That won’t be tolerated under KS.
    Racharred Robinson throws a tantrum during a game and is promptly traded.

    The drops? What do you want KS to do? Should he make Goodwin run laps? Or should he make the entire team run laps while Goodwin eats a butterfinger?

    1. Hahaha… there you go with those facts and that sound reasoning again. Why resort to such tactics when you can get lots of clicks by simply making crap up, making baseless assumptions, groundless assertions, and unsubstantiated claims anout the interworkings of the 9ers organization? I mean what is actually more likely: struggles and inconsistencies associated with an entirely new system being put in place by a new coach to whole bunch of new players as you pointed out, or Kyle Shanahan basically being a schmuck and not knowing how to coach like Grant continues to insinuate?

    2. This is just more of the same from Grant. He is a black and white personality. It’s either great or it sucks, and that changes from week to week sometimes day to day. Shanahan was a lousy HC because he’s losing, now he has figured things out and possibly arrived because he won over a bad team. The “facts” Grant uses are so flawed it’s laughable. He has ignorantly focused on Coaching as the main reason for the results of the season, and now he continues to bury himself by not admitting the obvious, which is poor talent and new systems on both sides of the ball being the biggest factor in losing games. That includes penalties which didn’t just stop being an issue this past week. Grant either didn’t know or failed to mention that the team’s penalty numbers have declined dramatically as the season has gone on.

      49er accepted Penalties weeks 1-5 – 49
      49er accepted Penalties weeks 6-10 – 29

      So a major drop in penalties didn’t result in them winning a game until last week yet Grant is still using them as a crutch to fuel his narrative that the team has struggled due to bad Coaching and discipline. Many including myself have been calling BS on this narrative for weeks and it’s pretty clear now that Grant is making up his own story to keep from admitting that his Coaching angle is out to lunch.

      There are things to criticize with the Niner Coaches as there is with every Coach, but that has never been the biggest issue. The team is not and never has been poorly Coached. What they have been is out manned pretty much every week they have played. They turned over more than half the roster in one offseason, started from scratch with new offensive and defensive systems and have gradually improved in some areas while continuing to struggle in others because they don’t have the talent to compete. This is a complete and total rebuild that was going to take time especially in light of just how poor the overall roster is. Do yourselves a favor and stop taking Grant’s opinions seriously. They are almost always wrong and the reason is because he thinks he knows what he doesn’t know.

  4. 100 % Grant !

    And you watched that real coach become a GM, wearing two hats—ala, Bill Walsh–when Shanny called that misdirection vs. the entire NFL media, thinking he would pursue Cousins.

    All the articles that have been written this season about Cousins to San Francisco, then,
    W-H-A-M-MO !
    Jimmy Garoppolo to SF.

    Which is exactly why Jimmy G. won’t start vs. Seattle…..

    Has everyone on this site gone completely nuts—Particularly the poster named Seb, who 1st wanted Kap–even called Shanahan “less than astute” for letting Kap walk–essentially a termination, which, by the way, served no small part in other NFL teams believing Kap was a one system QB—Read Option only.

    Last I checked, only Canadian football teams run soley read option offenses…..Does Seb own warm weather gear, because he certainly sounds like his agent with those prolific ‘Kap’ posts?

    However, just because Seb roots for below average QB’s like Kap for the 49ers and wants Garoppolo to receive a conscussion and separated should behind a horrid O-Line at the 12th man, doesn’t mean Shanny will listen.

    No, Shanahan did not invest trading a # 2 pick and fulfilling 3 future moves in one, just to get Jimmy G. killed in Seattle, post Thanksgiving.

    The 3 future moves in one–just like a genius, Bill Walsh maneuver:

    1. Acquire a QB of the future
    2. Fulfill a draft need
    3. maneuver the 49ers to a top 5 draft spot in a renowned QB draft for more draft capitol.

    So, the reasons for not playing Garoppolo vs. the ‘Hawks are myriad—mostly to protect your draft capitol and franchise QB in a rebuild…..Does anyone think Shanahan signed that six year contract to watch him destroyed, year one……There’s only one poster who does…..The one who wished subpar Kap and an injury to Garoppolo on us by playing him vs. Seattle: Sebster.

    1. Seb is really a Raider fan, never, ever wanting the 49ers to acquire a franchise QB.

      After years, wandering in the QB desert, why would anyone wish Kap on us after NFL articles stating that he doesn’t read NFL defenses fast enough, and has a slow pitchers windup for a release and want Garoppolo to get injured.

      Only a Niner hater would root this way.

    2. TrollD, I am perfectly comfortable calling out KS for preferring Hoyer over Kaep, and my prediction came true. Hoyer benched himself.
      I am also comfortable being a little skeptical over a rookie QB that was ranked 215 before the draft. I am glad He got that first win, but he did beat a lackluster dispirited Giants Squad who has given up on its coach. Seahawks will be a lot sterner test. I think CJB should start, but I also know that JG wants to play. They should play both.
      Since you are such a coward, being terrified that JG may be injured, you should feel the same way about CJB, but you think he is a piece of meat and do not care if he is injured or not.
      TrollD, you are not a Niner fan because you fantasize about Pete Carroll celebrating about one of his players injuring a Niner QB. I am a Niner fan because I want the blocking to be crisp, cohesive and effective, so CJB can send Pete Carroll home with a loss.
      I also remember you cheering for a Raider victory over the Niners, so you love both the Raiders and Seahawks. You should go for the triumvirate and also root for the Cowboys. I have been a die hard faithful Niner fan and have witnessed the Glory Years. I yearn for more.
      Interesting. TrollD, you say that no team in the NFL runs the read option, but I see the Titans running it many times, and it helped them score.
      Of course, you have such little football knowledge, you wanted to trade Kaep for Tebow.

    1. what- you’re not into the holy trinity of sportswriting blogs??? — Premise, Conclusion, & Defense of both to keep the click count up during the dead spot in the season’s schedule?

    2. I know. You feel so threatened by Grant ‘s writing, you have to try and diss him, but fail.
      That just proves his effectiveness, and exposes your shortcomings.

      1. “Blahblah………….blahblah……….Grant’s perfect…………..never, ever wrong………..blahblahblah……….should NEVER be critiqued……….blahblah………….your no good”.

    3. Just reconcile yourself to the idea that Grant is a writer of opinion and not reporting (though sometimes he mixes a little of that in) and you’ll save yourself a lot of angst. If you think his opinions suck, then fine. Yours probably do too. I know mine do. Sometimes.

  5. is it my imagination, or has JL been down on sidelines more often during NYG & ARI games?
    Prior to these- I thought he was usually up in a skybox??? JL’s helping out during games on sidelines??
    if he was to give a player a side glance, scowl, a short bark:
    A) carries a ton of “guilt weight” with the guilty party– due to his authority, earned respect and reputation as all-pro player, and:
    B) would this offset KS’ timid reaction to players “F”ups? — KS doesn’t seem to be the type to get in player’s faces…at least not yet….

    1. I don’t know about all that, but I thought I did read where some of the 49er greats of renown had a talk with them prior to the Giants game. I suspect that type of talk might have had more to do with their play, coupled with opponents apathy, than Grant’s contention that Shanny finally laid down the law….

  6. I hope that Shanny has enough success that last week’s Giants game fades into obscurity. I can’t recall Walsh’s first victory.

  7. I agree the 49ers played with less mistakes in game ten. Reduced mistakes were a key reason why the 49ers won.

    But this improvement could have been the result of weeks of emphasizing execution. Sudden game improvement doesn’t mean necessarily mean there were sudden changes in coaching style.

    It’s possible Shanahan abruptly changed his approach to coaching after game nine. Its also possible the 49ers finally “jelled” after weeks of emphasis on improved execution… without any changes in coaching style between week nine and ten.

    Many of Bill Walsh’s great teams stumbled against average teams in the first 8 games, only to dominate later. WCO was complicated. Players didn’t start playing instinctively until later in the season. And the was before the CBA limited practice reps.

    1. I think it was addition through subtraction. Rashard Robinson was a flag magnet, and brought the whole team down.
      They got rid of RR, and now they are playing clean and focused, instead of undisciplined.

      1. Too be fair… While I don’t think that’s the whole reason. Robinson was good for about 1 PI per game. That’s nearly the difference right there.

        1. RR was a liability. On a punt, the ball was lying on the ground, and he gave a player a push in the back for a 10 yard penalty.

  8. KS is doing what Bill Walsh once did. He is getting rid of the older players to play rookies. Like Walsh, Kyle is not afraid to cut even established veterans ( Navorrow Bowman ) to rebuild his team. Once theygain experience, and learn the playbook, young guys can outplay aging guys who are losing steps. Walsh would prevent this by cutting players just before their prime is up. KS is following in his footsteps.

  9. I’m so glad the niners did not go winless. Top five pick virtously garanteed. Needs: WR, OL, CB, Edge rusher. I don’t say RB because even if Carlos Hyde leaves, ( I hope not ) we still have Joe Williams, Mostert, Breida, and fullback Kyle.

  10. This last game gave me the same feeling when I saw the Niners defeat the Saints in 1980. They were down 35-7, and mounted a furious comeback to win 38-35. That was the game that gave me hope that they turned things around, and instilled that winning culture that led to a SB the next season.
    This last game was important to the team because they saw how avoiding unforced errors could help the Niners avoid defeating themselves. The coaching utilized CJB’s mobility, and played to his strengths. KS was innovative and unpredictable, and made the proper adjustments.
    Yes, this team has really changed, KS most of all.

    1. Wow. What a revelation. They finally figured out that avoiding unforced errors could lead to victory. I guess they don’t teach that in pee wee, or high school or college.

      1. Yup. I have been advocating that they do not- shoot themselves in the foot, commit the unforced errors, make bonehead mistakes, play undisciplined or incur the self inflicted wounds, but they ignored me until last game.
        Glad to see they are finally reading my posts. I did not figure it would take 10 weeks to wise up, but maybe they are slow learners.

          1. Simply delusional to think they did not need to prepare the team properly by coaching them to play clean and disciplined.
            Niners finally stopped the self inflicted wounds, and they won.

  11. I gotta say- of all the mostly goofy looking “color rush” uni’s the Steelers looks the best…and the all black uni’s are not bad– considering what other teams (SEA? LAR? wtf?) …

  12. I’m tickled they won but can’t get too excited when they beat a team who refused to tackle anyone. Really, the game that will tell us something is a week from Sunday against Seattle. They come off a bye, catch a team that played a Monday night game vs an NFL elite team. How much energy will Seattle have?? And they face a secondary minus two perhaps three All Pro’s.. If their ready to take a step forward it will be a week from this Sunday.

  13. Listened to Lynch with Tom and Lund. He said they would play JG when they think he is ready, He also mentioned scripting around 20 plays.
    Hope JG is ready to play, and has enough command of the playbook.

  14. Grant, Shanahan must be reading your columns. It worked. Despite having spent almost his entire life in football and being the son of a highly successful coach, It had never previously occurred to him that he would need to train his players, hold them accountable, show leadership etc. Your ego knows no bounds.

  15. Grant, you’ve made some really great points this season, but I’m shocked at this knee jerk reaction for a win against a team that practically wasn’t playing.

    While you acknowledge that the Giants are awful, almost as battered as the Niners, and a team who played with zero effort and quit on their coach, you’re also giving Shanahan credit for taking charge and getting the win.

    The Niners didn’t win because of Shanahan. He still needs to prove he’s a head coach–a leader–that he can light a fire and inspire these players. I still don’t see that at all. Not after one win against the terrible Giants.

    The rest of this season and, more importantly, 2018 will determine that. I still say he is in over his head as the OC/HC. Get someone to at least call the plays or help out so he can focus on the team as a whole. The win was nice, but it was was more indicative of relief, the Giants utter ineptitude, and “about damn time” than it is about Shanahan turning a corner or showing he has the chops. This team is still on track to set a franchise low with a one-win season.

  16. we’re great, we’re crap, we’re great, we’re crap…

    Hoyer’s the future. Cousins’s the future. Beathard’s the future. Garoppolo’s the future.

    Time to take a chill pill and have a lie down, my head is spinning. Some of this mud will stick to the wall eventually. Until then, i’m just gonna enjoy the ride.

  17. its been a while I clicked on an article……I saw the title and was excited I am about to read some inside information on how Kyle was able to get the players in line…..

    I call B……S……this has to be one of worst reads I have read in my life………

    the only reason from the article he is now a coach is because they played the Giants……what a load of horseshyte…..

    It was no brainier the only reason we played well is because we played the Giants…..

    In the locker room after the game, you can see Kyle with that “who is in charge” look…….the guy looks too gentle-no energy…….there was a huge difference between Lynch body language and Kyle’s…..

    you will even notice Lynch was going around hugging players, being proactive with the love……while Kyle was waiting to be thanked…….

    He reminded me of a kid who just got an A in class and was not convinced he could do it again…….so it was best to temper all emotion ….just in case he does get a F soon….

    I am huge fan of KS because of the offense……..I believe the future is we score lots of points and those other things like penalties don’t matter…….

    Andy Reid has been coaching for years and his current team is up their in penalties…….does that make him a fake head coach?

    @Grant…….you got me to click on that nonsense…….kudos to u….

    1. No, Lynch, being a former player, got caught up in the exuberance. He had regrets when talking to Tom and Lund.
      KS acted like a HC.
      Bill Walsh stressed the importance of developing good locker room dynamics. I saw a lot of that in those celebrations, even though it was their first win in 10 games. It was HUGE to get that first win, after coming so close for 5 games then enduring those tough 3 games before that victory.
      Maybe they have started that winning culture.

    2. Andy Reid has his team 6-3, despite all the injuries, especially Berry, and they are leading their division.
      Nothing fake about him at all.

  18. Grant,
    Not one of your best efforts.
    While some of your narration has merit, there are other parts that fall short.

    I get what you are trying to establish in saying that Shanahan became a head coach with the win last Sunday. But that statement suggest that he was not doing a good job leading up to that point.
    You seem to measure his success merely by a win and that’s your opinion, but it’s only an opinion and not gospel.

    With less mistakes and better execution Shanahan was on the cusp of winning 3-4 games early in the season.
    For me (and now this is my opinion), Shanahan earned his stripes during those close losses. Shanahan earned his stripes while staying competitive in those games using young players while absorbing the loss of many players who are injured.
    Shanahan earned his stripes by benching a personal key FA signing in Brian Hoyer and going with a rookie QB. This move let the player know that Shanahan is not playing favorites and will make the necessary decisions that is best for the team.
    Shanahan has earned his stripes in the fact that he has earned the respect of his players before the win last Sunday. It was no coincidence that the players celebrated their first win and brought Shanahan into the middle of their celebration. The scene in the locker showed me that the players are galvanized and believe in Shanahan’ commitment and vision for the team.

    To me, the players actions during all the losses and a win are the best measure of where a head coach stands.
    And based on the positive actions of the players, Shanahan has been standing tall long before their first win.

    1. AES

      Hear…hear…also getting rid of the Rachard Robinsons’ who just refused to ‘get it’ when grabbing someones jersey

  19. Wow Grant, you seem to have stirred quite the hornets nest!

    Did KS become a coach this past weekend? Or is Oneniner more on point regarding KS lack of presence? Maybe AES is correct and KS already proved his bona fides? I think time will tell. Too early to call this one anymore than the early prognostications of wins and losses.

    I think that most of us will agree that regardless of how the Giants win came, it was huge at least in terms of how the team is perceived. 1-9 looks way better than 0-10. The team is still not good (in fact, they stink in too many areas) they will need to do a lot more internal work before anyone thinks they’re decent.

    The Seahawks game will certainly be a big revelation as to what the team really is. My hope, as it has always been, a team that is competitive, tough and has its eyes on future success, because it demands more from itself. Not one that thinks a win versus a lowly, sinking, competitor is akin to winning the NFC championship.

    1. EC 9er

      You are correct in that “this team is not good”…but they are better…and better than advertised…I also agree with AES that through some trying situations, Shannahan has earned his stripes….He didn’t get this job just for being ‘Mikes kid’…..I still believe that ‘Chip’ could have accomplished the same thing ….but not in one year, and not with the Baalke Albatros hanging around his neck….The niners have had and lost excellent coaches…Tomsula also, but the blog was too interested in his wardrobe and sideline demeanor. ‘Probably should realize when we’re well off….

      1. O9er,

        I would agree that we tend to be too harsh on the people we have holding them to impossible markers (Bill Walsh, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice…etc.), nevertheless, I am not sure where KS in terms of his ability to be a head coach of an NFL football team. Much of his work has had the benefit of being Shanahan’s kid. Don’t think he got the job because of it but he certainly rose fast due to his connections and background.

        I saw an article where they evaluated the 2017 picks and I think that all but 2 are currently starters. This is seen in positive light but they also hinted that part of the reason for starters was also the depth of talent on the team. Some have performed well (Foster,
        Jones, Taylor ), some have been up and down (Thomas, Kittle), some the book is still out (Witherspoon, CJB, Colbert). There is a lot we don’t know about this team. What we do know is that they didn’t perform well during the first part of the season and everyone seemed to think they would be far more competitive.

      2. Oregon,
        While I’m not sold on chips ability. Baalke did him no favors selecting players that didn’t fit his system. I do think had he stayed thè niners would be better record wise this season. However, I also believe long term Kyle will prove to be better as a coach.

  20. Grant I think you should offer Seb a researching job or something, maybe you both would learn something. When I first got on this site, I wondered why everyone kind of picked on Seb. It didn’t seem like the good natured lil bro style of getting picked on either you feel me? Now I know why. Seb I’m not the type to pick on losers but you really do come across as a jackass. U jump in to stick up for nonsense, like Grant appreciates you or something. If I was him I’d b embarrassed to have you jumping in from the sidelines. I’d b like damn I must be wrong if this clown thinks I’m right. Lol. I can tell your soft af bro. You lil weak dependant mf go change your diapers

        1. Cowards talk a big game but hide behind a keyboard.
          You would survive 10 seconds in the real world Sebnynah(dumbest name on the blog).

            1. We are talking about you! You shamelessly turtled.
              You can use your deflection innuendos all you want Sebnynah. Truth is you rejected an opportunity to back up your mouth.
              That’s a coward.

              1. Prime, he gave you his address and invited you to meet him. Cowards turtle.
                I do not need to meet you, because I do not feel the need to beat you down. I told you I can take a punch, and I have accomplished something 3 others failed to do. I used to help repair drilling rigs, so you are lucky that I am being kind to you.
                Prime, you such a simpleton, you cannot think of a way to move a 3 ton boulder 12 feet without a machine. I do not need to physically beat you, I just merely need to out think you.

              2. Like I said a mouth piece making excuses all the time.
                Sebnynah(dumb name) I don’t need to move boulders, I pay grunts like you to do that.
                Straight cash homey!

              3. Prime, you are such a mental light weight, innovative and creative thought is a foreign concept to you.
                They were paying those 3 others to move the boulder, but failed.
                Since you sound like such a He- man, I am surprised you would not declare that you could pick it up and throw it.

              4. Grant- it’s time to give the Seb character new narratives to boast about — super human feats/party brawls/political rants– they’re getting tiresome and you’re risking click count dropoff– when all of us — including Prime & Tom, ignore him due to boredom…

              5. tjf, oh, how I would like for Prime to ignore me, but the click count is not going down. We just went over 100, and I remember when I first came on this site, there were usually 30 comments per post, and half of them talked about nepotism.
                It really is not that hard. I invite everyone and anyone to ignore my posts, but some seem incapable of doing that.
                I am a die hard faithful Niner fan, but some cannot handle different opinions. Sure, I do post provocative statements, and have a vivid imagination, but the pushback is way beyond what could be considered normal.
                Luckily, I have thick skin, and bullying has no effect on me, but to get me to post more.

              6. it makes sense, Grant– that you’d hold on to the lack of comments from blog’s early history, along with the “riding on your old man’s cred” accusations, and have the Seb character bring these up in your defense…
                …Grant– if you want us to think Seb is a real poster, stop using him to come to your defense every, and I mean every time you’re questioned, criticized, or belittled…

              7. tjf, Grant may call me a legend, but I am unique, and have posted many times while he is doing his periscope, so that blows your false conjecture out of the water.
                I have posted while he is on his podcast just to destroy the claim that Grant is me.

              8. that won’t wash either Grant– your GF or a “friend” could be posting as “Seb” while you’re online…at your request of course!
                you’ll need to do better than that!

              9. tjf, since Grant calls me a LEGEND, I consider him a friend. His gf would never waste time on this blog, especially the amount of time I have put into it.
                Nice try.

              10. Not sure if Seb realizes that a lever is a simple machine It’s better to think of his tiresome diatribes as mental breaks as you scroll through the blog. No matter what happens his penny always points up! At least in his mind. But then, he needs meds.

              11. whatever you say “Seb/Grant”
                alter-ego’s can be a tricky thing…you’re slipping on these comebacks, Grant…

              12. East, pay attention. A lever is a tool.
                A machine is an apparatus or mechanism, usually powered by power source like a motor or engine.
                By your definition, a shovel is a machine.
                I consider tractors, cranes, and forklifts to be machines, not a shovel or screwdriver.

              13. Spent much of my graduate PhD work studying classical mechanics. There are 6 defined classical machines.
                Namely: wedge, pulley, incline, screw, wheel (with axle), and lever.

                Clearly the argument on the board is semantic, but, with respect to all, East is correct on this.

              14. As always, Seb doesn’t have all the facts but will twist things to suit his ends.

                All one has to do is realize that machines have been around prior to the advent of external mechanical engines. Most machines can be externally powered (by human or beast), and while most today have engines not all do, which is why he couches it with the word “usually”.

                The etymology of the word gives the impression that the word means “contrivance” which also applies to tools and simple weapons. It is where we get the word mechanical. Think about that the next time you see an auto mechanic reach for a ratchet or a mechanical engineer use a drafting pencil. That is why levers have always been considered machines. Doesn’t matter how you interpret the word. What matters is its meaning.

                Seb always searching to win even if he had to resolve for Deus ex machina contorted resolutions.

              15. By the way St. Louis, you are absolutely correct when it comes to classical machine definition. Thanks for your input.

            1. No, Prime. The truth does not hurt at all.
              The truth is- you have to hurl insults to feel important, but others look at you with pity.

              1. If you had half a brain and actually talked football, maybe you would not be insulted.
                But like I told you many moons ago, you came on here with the wrong attitude and the wrong bravodo.
                Now you suffer the back lash.

              2. Prime, yes, you are insufferable, but I consider you so inconsequential, you can keep hurling your insults, they do no good.
                Notice I never fly off the handle and start spewing expletives at you? I do not need to resort to ad hominem attacks to put you down. You do it for me.

              3. The truth hurts don’t it weasel?
                You can play innocent all you want, but you know your mouth got you in this predicament from the beginning.
                I’ll say it again, you came on here with the wrong attitude and the wrong bravado. Bad move.

              4. I think your niche on this blog weasel is to make up as many mock drafts as you can, then that way you’re bound to get at least two or three pics right out of the 1 million mock drafts you throw out.
                That’s all you’ve brought to the blog, guessing.

              5. No, Prime. I was just responding to Lynch when he said he would consider every possibility. Many thought that trading back was impossible, or the Niners would be cruelly exploited.
                Since you want to disparage my draft acumen, here is something I wrote just before the draft.
                10 things Lynch should do 4-27-17 7:44 AM.
                1. Think strategically. trading back is shrewd and smart, especially for a 2-14 team that needs more bodies.
                2. Be aggressive. Leverage that number 2 pick into as many second and third round picks as possible…
                3. Avoid the ACL risks. Niners need immediate help and do not have time to let them heal, ACL players rarely come back 100%, and tend to play tentatively because they do not want to risk re-injuring their knee.
                4. Avoid the red flag players. If Lynch wants to rebuild that winning culture, he needs high character guys. Mixon and Brantley should be radioactive, and off their draft board.
                5. Make safe picks. Avoid the unforced errors like picking players too small or too slow.
                6. If there is a player the Niners covet, and he may be taken before they pick, spend an additional later round pick and move up. It will be worth it to get the player they want, and could be a good fit for the team. (Foster, CJB, JW).
                7. Make available every non starter as trade bait. (VM)…
                8. Do not make desperation deals. Do not allow teams to take advantage of the situation. Only make fair deals that both teams can profit from.
                9. Think about the future. Accept deals that include 2018 second and third round picks. (Bingo).
                10. Lynch should put on his Trader Bill Hat, and have FUN. (Lynch got both players he coveted in the first round, and every draft pick, except JW and PT, has played and/or started. He hit a grand slam in the draft.).

              6. Prime. I did hit on 3 picks the year before, (Buckner, Theus, Cooper)
                However, in my last mock before the draft, the only one I hit on was DJ Jones.
                My first selection included Solomon Thomas many times in previous mocks, but in my final mock, I chose Malik Hooker because I thought he was the closest player to another Earl Thomas.

              7. No, Prime, I do not cut and paste because I detest others who do that ad nauseum.
                I may repeat something I wrote, but always throw in some words that show that it is not a pasted article.
                I am kinda proud of that post, because I think Lynch followed it pretty closely.

              8. there he goes again with the list…
                jeez, does he think he’s bloody Martin Luther nailing the “95 theses” to the church door???

              9. You are a landscaper trying to be an English professor?
                I’d stick to the million draft mocks weasel, that’s your bread and butter.

  21. This site is more like a Wendy Williams segment. He’s a bad coach, now he’s good cuz they finally matched up with a team with less talent? Just the viewpoints show how limited your initial words mean in the first place. It really is pathetic analysis, my bipolar ex gf is more stable.

  22. He’s just trying to keep his personal ridiculous narrative alive. Grants misjudged the talent of this team and made himself look like an amateur with his wild predictions. So he blames the coach instead of manning up. Manning up and admitting your wrong: Shanahan benching the wildly inconsistent Hoyer. That took balls, obviously he picked the guy. That showed me he knew what he was doing, and wasnt gonna settle for subpar play in his offense. Juice should be next. Adam Walker was better.
    The 49ers will be great again and WE AS FANS AND READERS SHOULD HOLD THE BAY AREA REPORTERS TO A HIGHER STANDARD OF ANALYSIS. This is the 49ers, what used to be a gold standard in all of sports. Grant couldn’t even cover my HS team, and I really believe that.

    1. Grant is a columnist who writes opinions, not a reporter. Get your facts straight before whining.
      I believe you are a light weight. Dissing Juice? He was one of the 3 players to stand up and deliver a pre game speech. Sounds like KS likes his motivational skills and leadership.

  23. Oneniner
    Just stop bro. Andy Reid has made a career of fooling people. Other coaches enjoy having him in the league cause they know in the big game, or playoff time, they will crush him. Since when does Shanahan have to go around hugging mfs? I know it’s SF but not everybody with the peace and love like that bro. If he’s the student not sure he could get an A then your the kid who couldn’t even get into the school

    1. Ok dude…. Seattle is leading the league averaging 10 penalties a game, last year they were in the top 7 ……..I don’t hear any news about how Carrol is not a leader coach….

  24. Grant is a columnist. At least that’s what it says above. The 49ers are a world class team. At least that’s what Jeb says. It’s a huge waste of time and money.

  25. Good read that unfortunately comes off as being hollow once it is finished being read because you don’t delve into why the team has become more disciplined. Is it because of the players finally adjusting to the schemes of Shanahan and Saleh, the trading of players, a combination of the two, or something else entirely?

    1. Sorry to inflict Prime on this site, but like a moth to a flame….He cannot help himself.
      The pendulum in the pit is swinging more positive. That first win got the monkey off their backs.
      Now that Sherman is out and Earl Thomas is limited, the Seahawks may not be able to stack the box and dare the Niners to beat them through the air.

  26. MWDynasty

    I believe that you have ‘nailed it’ so to speak….I’m buying into the combination of the two….some (not all) of the players have begun to realize that if they don’t perform…next season is only a year away…and that they are only a trade (or waiver) away…and the adjustment to both Shannahan and Saleh is finally happening….

    EC 9er

    You are correct in that “this team is not good”…but they are better…and better than advertised…I also agree with AES that through some trying situations, Shannahan has earned his stripes….He didn’t get this job just for being ‘Mikes kid’…..I still believe that ‘Chip’ could have accomplished the same thing ….but not in one year, and not with the Baalke Albatros hanging around his neck….The niners have had and lost excellent coaches…Tomsula also, but the blog was too interested in his wardrobe and sideline demeanor. ‘Probably should realize when we’re well off….

    1. O9er,

      How is a 1-9 team better than advertised? The record is what it is. The teams played were in many cases not as strong as the ones from previous years. The NFCW is much weaker as is the NFCE. Sorry, I don’t see it, especially when people say the lack of productivity is due to lack of talent.

      1. I disagree. The NFCW has usually had two good teams and two bad and that is the case again this season. The division itself isn’t weaker, it’s just got a different team at the top. The NFCE has 3 pretty good teams in it and one that is currently viewed as the best in the NFL. I agree that the Niners are not a good team, but they have played some pretty good teams this year.

        1. Strength of schedule 2016:
          .555 Tied for 1st with Atlanta Falcons

          .475 which ranked 20th

          So no, the Eagles and Rams were surprises but the division is weaker for both groups.

          1. How about we wait until the season is actually over before deciding how tough the schedule was? As of now there are two teams in the NFCW who look like they could finish with 10 wins or more. Last year there was 1 and the second place team finished under 500. The division has 18 wins total right now 10 weeks in. Last year they had 23 for the entire season. You are 100% wrong on the NFCW being weaker this year never mind much weaker. The NFCE has the best team in football right now and two teams that will likely be in playoff contention when it’s all said and done. The strength of schedule argument can’t be made until we actually have a full season to compare and not one based on the previous year’s records.

            1. You can parse it however you like but the teams are nowhere near the capabilities of the teams last year. Sure is easy projecting wins and playoff contenders. As of now, the strength of schedule doesn’t fit your narrative. Projections are merely assumptions which can fall apart due to injuries or other factors.

  27. Eric Branch‏
    2m2 minutes ago
    Stunning stat: #49ers CBs have 5 INTs the past two seasons:
    Robinson: 2
    Brock: 1
    Ward: 1
    Witherspoon: 1

  28. Top Jimmy won’t feel totally comfortable in 49ers offense until next year

    “It’s something that I don’t think you ever fully grasp until you’ve done it for a while. Even CJ’s still working his way through that, and he had all of OTAs, all of training camp. He’s been part of a game plan going on ten straight weeks now. He’s got a head start with that, but it takes guys a while, and I think Jimmy’s moving along as fast as he possibly can.”

        1. The only cure for Sebfluenza is for Kaepernick to get signed and he departs to that teams blogs.
          Please NFL, sign the bum so we can be rid of the weasel!

    1. I think the football world is feeling sorry for the 49ers.
      One win and all the sudden we are a decent team?
      It was a great starting point last week but man do we have a long way to go. Seattle is going to be tough.

      1. Right you are. We grasped a little bit of flotsam to stay afloat. We are not fixed.
        In ’79, I had no clue as to Walsh’s vision. Little clue now, but willing to let the cards play out for a bit.
        Getting fixed per the Giants is like teams thinking they’re fixed vs the Niners.
        Umm, coaching……:
        Everybody’s learning as they go. KS didn’t have the luxury of serving as anHC at some level before now. The OC stuff I believe he understands. The HC stuff is a novelty. I think he’ll be ok.
        Grant’s observations are, well………kinda definitely limited.
        Grant has been a Head Coach in Zero situations, so his analyses are……just a guy on a blog…like, just a guy at the end of the bar. Shrug.
        It’s OK. Throw it out there for folks to react to. But…’s just a guy on a blog……
        just the guy at the end of the bar.

  29. Somewhat off topic, but congrats to Jarred Hayne and the rest of the Fiji team for their emotional victory over New Zealand in the rugby World Cup today. And in Wellington to boot. Gotta hurt being a kiwi right now!

    And good luck to England for the q final game against PNG tomorrow… odds of an England-Australia final gotta be pretty good right now

    1. Off topic is good, Brit,
      The Pit has been roiling in the past 24 hours.

      Congrats to Jarred and Fiji. Always liked Jarred as an NFL sleeper, but he’s in his element and flourishing as he should.

        1. Saw them several times. My favorite was in Oakland on the Flick Of The Switch tour with Yngwie Malmsteen as the warm up. Fantastic show!

          1. Hang on… I’ve got bit of drool on me…

            Yngwie is another virtuoso I’d love to see.
            Can’t imagine him warming up for anybody, but I guess that was about the beginning of Alcatrazz?

            1. No, it was his band, Rising Force on their tour of Marching Out with Jeff Scott Soto as the vocalist. My favorite album by the maestro. I Am A Viking was the track KNAC played mostly from it….

        2. That was in my bucket list to see ac/dc live. Life moves fast, hopefully I get to see niners win a sixth Super Bowl instead!

    1. Razor,
      I would stay with CJ as our starter.
      1. He has earned it
      2. His teammates have rallied around him
      3. He is not intimidated by the big moment
      4. He has developed a good flow with the offense
      5. He will leave it all on the field against the c-hawks.

      I see no need to start Polo against the seahags because it is not a must win game (actually none are at this point) and this allows him more time to acclimate himself with Shanahan’ offense.
      I have no qualms that Polo was signed to be our starter, but with CJ showing-out the way he has the question is why make a change now?
      Polo will get his time before the season is over.
      I have no problem waiting for that time to come.

      1. why make a change now?

        Why not? You just spent a 2nd Round/1st Round pick on a guy you believe is your franchise. Are you going to sign him for $20-$25 mill in 2018 without him ever taking a live snap? Doesn’t make any sense. If they believed C. J. was the man, there would have been no reason to make that move….

        1. Im with Razor on this one. Sure CJ played well the last game, and he has done well but let’s not forget the previous games he played in.

          We now we have a franchise QB potentially, why not see what he can do before we sign him to a multi million dollar contract?

        2. Im with Razor on this one. Sure CJ played well the last game, and he has done well but let’s not forget the previous games he played in.

          We now we have a franchise QB potentially, why not see what he can do before we sign him to a multi million dollar contract?

        3. I’d bet you if KS were responding honestly here to just us inmates, he’d say he’ll wait to see better line play, with CJ as stand in, until OL can protect CJ for entire 60 mins…against higher quality DL’s, LB’s, etc.– I’d keep JG watching games on sideline, till KS sees CJ in a clean pocket, mobile or otherwise, for a couple full games at least…

          1. I am with aes, if polo struggles, people will be moaning for switching back to C.J., when C.J. struggles put polo in then.

          2. I’m still all in with the legend of CJ — like one of those old NFL films pieces, “the wind is a Raider”, etc.
            find a guy with the Facenda style voice, whaddya think? His saga’s next chapter is another week away…

        4. Garoppolo will get his snaps this season but why let him start against the seahags if he has not fully learned Shanahan’ the offense?

          I’m sure that Lynch would not have made a deal for Polo if he did not already know what he is capable of.
          I don’t know what he has to prove at this point except get a full grasp of the offense.

          I like the fact that the entire team seems to have gravitated to CJ’ style of play and have also been inspired by his courage.
          Playing Garoppolo now may cause a little riff in the locker room because the teams mindset may feel that he has earned another start especially after CJ’ last game.
          Again, Jimmy G. will get his chance this season. Just would like for it come a couple of games down the road.

          1. I agree on when Jimmy G is ready he should play. Not before he is fully versed in the play book.
            But as far as disrupting the locker room, I think the boys know the situation that when you trade a high 2nd round pick for a guy who is probably touted as the best QB in the NFL not to be a starter, well it’s pretty clear he needs to play.

            I just don’t like this saving him. For what? If he is the future and we are going to pay him top money, we gotta see what he can do.

            1. Prime,
              There is also another reason for Polo not being inserted yet. Our O-line is one missed block away from getting a QB badly injured.

              This is conjecture on my part, but I’m not certain that Garoppolo would have survived the punishment that CJ has taken up to this point had he been here the last 5 weeks. I’d like to see if the O-line can provide the same blocking as last week which allowed CJ the time to get off some nice throws and get hit a few times rather then getting hit like a target at an arcade.

    1. Tackling has been an issue all year and with the new CBA rules I think teams are finding it hard to execute proper tackling as there are so limited padded practices.

      What are your thoughts Cubus?

      1. I’ve decided I don’t know enough to comment. I’ve been critical of Saleh and I could argue that this article provides some weak support for that criticism. But my issue is that I was pointing to Pete Carroll as a model for hard hitting yielding minimal injuries. But now with Sherman and Chancellor down and Thomas getting injured in back to back years, I don’t know. I guess you could argue that the LOB is getting old and it’s not surprising.

        While playing violent defense sounds great, I still think it leads to the young guys playing recklessly. It would be really interesting to know if the veterans (most of whom have had injuries), just let the “play defense with violence” talk go in one ear and out the other. But it’s unlikely we’ll ever find that out.

        What do you think?

        1. Football is always going to be a violent game. This year for whatever reason, there are so many year ending injuries.
          All across the NFL.
          The only suggestion I would have is to make training camp shorter and cap preseason games to 3.
          Then increase the amount of players allowed on the practice squad and game day roster.

          I don’t think there’s any way of getting around injuries especially in football.

        2. Cubus
          Walter Payton’s approach used Uber-conditioning, a la Rice, Craig, but he also tried to be the one delivering the hit. He’d try to make you miss or run through an arm tackle, but when he knew he was cornered or “angled” he’d accelerate into the tackler. Better to be the hitter than the hittee.
          I think that translates to defense as well. Last year the Falcons defense played fast, fast, fast and made plays and forced turnovers. I also think it’s a helpful mindset for the D. Don’t hesitate, and cause hesitation if you can. The split second hesitation by one guy can ruin or at least hurt effort of the other 10.
          Of course Ronnie Lott blew himself up sometimes with his monstrous hits…
          : -/

          1. Yeah, no doubt, better to be the hitter than the hittee. After viewing the Pete Carroll video I posted below, I’m using that as a guide while watching the Wisconsin-Michigan game. Carroll teaches committing to the hit, but teaches how to make the hit and putting the tackler in position to make the hit with correct technique (track-gather-track). I wonder if Saleh does this. I’m going to watch our defenders and see if they try to keep their shoulders square to the ball carrier esp. when there is some open space between the ball carrier and tackler (which is often the case for safeties).

            1. Yeah, fundamentals are the deal in sports, dance, musicianship. Tackling fundamentals encourage using the body for the most leverage.
              Squaring up also allows for last second adjustments as the ball carrier eludes.
              The CBA restrictions on practice time and practice live hitting have degraded blocking and tackling league wide. I’d think if there were more contact work in MiniCamp and TC to drill those fundamentals, it would then be ok to limit contact in practice during the season. Some teams have gone to the robotic tackling dummies, but I don’t know if the NFLPA considers that live contact or not.

    2. I heard Pat Kirwan on XM radio on few weeks ago talking specifically about tackling techniques taught in SEA that allow then to practice with nearly the same intensity that they would use at game time. I only caught a moment of the conversation.
      Anybody else know more about it? Relevant?

      1. I watched the entire video and found it very informational. It wasn’t clear to me how the defender decides which type of tackle to use in a particular situation. But what I found interesting is the way they teach tracking (track – gather -track) before the tackle is made, particularly in an “open space” tackle. The shoulders remain square to the football carrier while closing in on them.

        Around the 19 or so minute mark they show a crushing hit Chancellor put on Vernon after a catch near the sideline.

    1. Cant comment on how its done in the NFL, but having played rugby myself for decades, and for both codes (league and union rugby) I can say that the way tackling is done in rugby has changed a great deal over the years.

      In my younger days we were taught to tackle head to the side, arms round the thighs of the opponent, slide down the legs squeezing at the elbows tight round the knees- your opponent is going nowhere when their legs are held tightly together at the shins. Its like trying to run with your boot laces tied together.

      Problem is that rugby as a sport has progressively changed from the old-style route 1, brute force approach – where preventing forward progress of your opponent by taking their legs from under them is sufficient – to a more finessed game; faster, more athletic, more offloads, quicker shorter passes. To win games these days you need to be able to prevent the offloads, and that means tackling vertically, wrapping your arms around opponents upper body rather than lower. This leads to more chest-to-chest hits, shoulder-to-shoulder, and occassionally clashing of heads.Tackling upright is a very different technique to tackling round the legs. Some might argue more dangerous and likely to lead to injury.

  30. Looking towards this weekend, if I was a betting man, I would put money towards betting the under. There are several games with non elite QBs. Gabbert Vs Savage? I expect a 16-13 score. TB vs Miami? That is a race to the bottom.
    Interesting to see that Darnold has dropped so far, and no Pac 12 QBs are listed in the top 10. Of course, Darnold may have lowered his stock by considering staying. Guess Lynch should not have hyped Mayfield. He may now be number one. Hope Michigan defeats Wisconsin because it would help clarify the college playoff picture, but am surprised that JH was not able to get a solid QB this year.
    Since this is the down time during the bye, I hope Seattle endures more setbacks, and the Niners can compete against a tired squad. The only way the Niners can win is if KS can out think Carroll.
    OT, but I sure hope the SF Giants can pick up Stanton. If not, I would also be happy if they can sign Shohei Otani, because he would be a good foundation for the future. Think the Giants are a better spot than Yankees because he could hit while being the pitcher. He might even be able to play in the outfield.
    Glad Hayne did well, and still think he has the skills to be an American Football player. Too bad he was not coached to let bad punts just fall, and not try to dive to catch it. Wonder if Hayne could have taught the Niners about rugby tackling techniques.
    Maybe Grant could address this since he watched those early practices, but over the years, the tackling is taught early, and emphasized constantly. I think Fangio was a big proponent to tackle properly by wrapping up. Tomsula did, too, but Chip was indifferent, and did not think gap integrity was a concept. Sounds like Saleh wants violence, but those tactics have resulted in broken bones. Maybe they should look into forearm protection.
    Pete Carroll may be looked up to as a defensive expert, but he learned it all from George Seiffert, a worthy foil to Walsh’s offensive genius.

        1. I’d love to see Kap play anywhere.
          As for Harbaugh that was not a good 4 years for me. He was the start of this QB fiasco we have. We could still have Alex Smith?

          BUT, I like what’s happening with Shanny, Lynch the Jimmy G and believe or not Jed York who not been seen.

      1. Yeah, he’s on my radar too. I predict he’ll be the 1st Round choice on 117 of Seb’s 1066 Mock Drafts; along with everybody else in the consensus Top 50.

        1. Nope. I am looking at more Outland Trophy finalists. Nelson is rated 4 on the draft board, but I want the Niners to trade back twice. They should move back 3-8 spots, depending on the return. The range would be moving back from 6 to 16 spots, and it depends on where the Niners end up in the draft order.
          The Niners, by moving back twice, would possibly gain a couple seconds and a couple third round picks, and maybe even 2019 second and third round picks.
          Just speculating, but assuming the Niners pick at 2 or 3, if they moved back 3 spots twice, they would end up with several additional picks and future picks, and be at number 8 where they could select another Outland finalist, Orlando Brown. He, ranked 8th, and Brown will be my selection I will tout many times in many mocks. Why do I like Orlando Brown? Baker Mayfield says he is a team leader, and he would be the heir apparent to Staley.
          Maybe the Niners can move back twice and end up at 10. Then they could select another Outland finalist in Mike McGlinchey, who Razor initially touted. 2 other O linemen includes chukwuma Okorafor and Billy Price, both Outland finalists, too.

            1. Go ahead. Champion Nelson. He is a good player, but I would rather have a team leader rather than someone with a nasty attitude.
              Sure they are all Outland Trophy candidates, so they all may do well in the NFL, but with Garnett coming back at guard, I think a replacement for Staley is more important. Maybe Billy Price, who has played center, may be a position of more need.
              Yes, we may have to wait a while, but the Niners did trade back this season, and I think they will continue that strategy. John Lynch stated that he would consider every proposal, and I think he will do that again, because they need bodies, and upgrades in many positions. Considering that they traded back, and still got the player they coveted, and managed to obtain 2018 second and third round selections, I take no back seat to any poster on this site. If it took a mock draft for every day for 3 months before the draft, with those impressive results, I will do that again. since my trade back strategy garners many picks, I will tout many players. I remember Rocket going off, and telling me that it would be virtually impossible to trade down unless some team takes unfair advantage of the Niners, and it just does not ever happen, but we all know how it turned out.
              Recently, many posters are recommending that the Niners trade back. I just think they will do it twice, because this team still needs help in lots of positions. They should target obtaining as many picks as possible in the first 100 picks, because this college season has shown good talent, so starters will be found in the first 3 rounds, and maybe into the 5th round.

              Now that the Niners have obtained JG, they do not need to look hard for a franchise QB. The need to draft one is lessened, and the Niners may want to wait for a diamond in the rough in the later rounds.
              This season, the Seahawks did follow my advice to a tee, because they traded back, even at the top of the second round. They got a boatload of players that are locked up into rookie contracts, and are poised to get back to the playoffs. Attrition may stymie their plans, but they made several good moves. Still hope JG can play and demonstrates his passing accuracy, and the Niners can squeak out a win. With all the Seahawk injuries at key positions, they are vulnerable.

              1. What is really impressive is that when he is called out on it, he doubles down on his donkey headedness.

                Still believes that BT is against trade down scenarios too. Laughable. What we are all against is multiple trade down scenarios where one pick is turned into 20 or whatever it is Seb does with his febrile mind.

              2. Security is tight in Seb’s Bizzaro World; reality rarely intrudes and is generally not well received.

              3. Its OK, twitter amongst yourselves all you want. I just followed what Lynch said, and did not demand they accept multiple trade back scenarios, but postulated possibilities to create a trade back mind set. In the end, some of the various trade backs may have been unpractical, but even I know that despite all the mocks, only one outcome will be determined.
                Sure, at times, one may have made a mock that had a trade back, but I may have been the only poster on the site who had a trade back mock as his final mock. Almost all of you just followed the draft order given, with no trade backs.
                I even expressed the possible interest Chicago had in Trubisky, but only 80 gave me kudos for making that call.
                Over my head? I feel you are under foot. I postulated that Lynch should not be quiet, but advertise the fact that they were in the running for a trade back possibility, and that teams should make offers. When Lynch did that, and said he was open for business for trades, I felt like he was reading my posts, because that is exactly what happened. In the end, many teams traded up, and many traded down. This past draft was so full of trades, it was singular compared to many other drafts.
                Lynch did another thing I advocated. Unlike Baalke, who tried to take advantage of any draft deal, I said that Lynch should be open and honest, and only do deals that both sides can profit from. After Baalke tried to hoodwink other teams, they did not deal with him, just like decent FAs avoided him like the plague. Lynch, but being fair and only advocating win/win situations, was able to pull the trigger on many deals.
                Some may have rolled their eyes when I said that Lynch should put on his Trader Bill Hat, and have fun, but when he did that, I felt totally vindicated.

  31. Let’s see what happens vs Sea…..but yeah this article is a bit over the top. Nobody proved a thing by beating NY, if they can back that up with at least a clean outing vs Sea, then we might have something to talk about.

  32. RE: the last TD for Stanford…Cal has kept Love bottled up all game– till the start of 2nd half– he finally got around the edge and hit the turbo boost…you could see him doing that in a niner uni…..
    seems the prototypical, (if there is a prototype), RB for Kyle…a Pac12- stretch run- niner backfield?

    then you realize Brady Quinn is in the booth doing play commentary…. I’ll bet you thought Rodgers had a pouty face going till GB took him, Quinn’s draft tumble had him looking more shell-shocked, I thought…like he was waiting for the gag video guy to show up saying he was really taken in 1st rd….

  33. Come and get it. CJ starts and plays the entire game. Its not that he is the better QB its that he has captured the support of his teammates for his toughness and tenacity. Pure foolishness to start the galloping Garoppolo till either CJ falters or Garoppolo outplays the rookie in practice. Right of passage is sacrament and needs to be honored.

  34. You hit the nail on the head there Oxbow. Since the only reference they have right now is what’s happening in practice, comparing the two that is, if JG is showing better, then play him. From the reports I’ve heard, he is more than a head above CJ skill wise. As a long time HS coach (softball) in the North Bay, if I had a freshman pitcher that had won a game against a similar talented opponent after a long losing streak, and in the meantime had acquired a upper classmen pitcher through a transfer (That has happened to me) who was obviously more talented and eligible to play, and had won games with her previous team, I ‘d pitch her, especially if the next game was against a superior opponent. That’s not even a tough decision. Did the young pitcher earn a right to start the next game? Probably. That seems to be the right thing to do, but unfortunately sports, especially at the varsity level in HS, and any level in college or the pros, is about winning. That’s the only stat that really matters. You put your best players on the field to give your team the best chance to win. Whoever is out there next week to start is who KS feels will do that. I trust his judgement.

    1. Well said Juan. This is about putting the best players on the field.
      If Jimmy G is better you play him. Like all the other positions.

      When you’re trying to establish a culture and changing entire organizational’s philosophy, you send a clear message to all your employees that the best players with the best character will play.

      I’m not discounting what CJB has done. At the time he was a better option than Hoyer. Now if Jimmy G is the better option, then you play him.

    2. Interesting, I have been advocating that the Niners should play the player who gives them the best chance to win, and with Hoyer, there were many superior candidates.
      We may have disagreed with who would be the best player to give them the best chance, but now that the Niners have JG, they need him on the field to be able to make an assessment. Hoyer was the practice warrior, but his play did not carry out through game day. JG, however, is much more experienced than a raw rookie, and even though he has not totally developed sync and timing with his receivers, his past play showed that he was accurate, and made good decisions.
      Trust KS’s judgment? Guess we will have to, but I was not excited about his judgment when he trotted out Hoyer.
      I know JG wants to play, and CJB went back in despite an injured thumb, so I know how much he also wants to play. Niners do not need to follow arcane football traditions, but should just play both, so both can be happy, and both could help lead the Niners to victory.

  35. Gabbert looks good today. I never understood the logic of Chip to bench him for Kaep after just 5 games. He was 1-4. Under that logic, why didn’t Kaep bench himself after losing an unprecedented 9 in a row before his lone win? He should have benched after he was 0-5 to be fair. Please fill me in! Nevertheless, they’re both mediocre and aren’t going to lead a pee-wee team to a title anytime soon. I just think Gabbert got the shaft because he’s just as good, or bad, depending on how you look at it, as Kaep and should have got another shot at it!

    1. Juan, maybe you were not watching the same games as I was.
      Gabbert benched himself. Gabbert did throw 3 TDs in this last game, but he also had Larry Fitzgerald to throw to, and also threw 2 picks when the game was on the line.
      To be fair, you should acknowledge that the Niner defense was putrid, and no QB could lead a team to victory when the defense gave up over 200 yards to third string RBs. More blinders to the real reason why the Niners kept on losing. Despite the 29th ranked O line and 32nd ranked WRs, Kaep had a 90.7 QBR with a decent 16-4 TD to Pick ratio.
      To fill you in, Kaep is being blackballed, and the Pee Wee QBs they have been throwing out there is proving the point. Hundley and Cutler threw 3 picks. Peterman threw 5 picks. Osweiler, Trubisky and Kizer all lost.

  36. I don’t think there is any mystery to why there are more injuries. Players today are bigger, stronger, and faster than they were 20-30 years ago. Back in the ’70s-80’s a ML probably averaged 6’0″ 190-200 lb’s and ran a 4.5-4.7 40 yd dashes. Now they are 6’2″ 230-260 lb.’s and run 4.3-4.6 40 yd’s. It’s that way across the board with all the positions. Bigger, more violent impacts equals more injuries. Though the equipment has improved, it hasn’t kept pace with growth and overall improved athleticism of the players. Throw in bad luck such as roll up injuries, and also frequent simulated turf injuries where players get hurt without contact and you have the situation occurring now.

  37. sebnynah says:
    November 16, 2017 at 11:57 pm
    No, me saying that I enjoy his writing. and other folks saying he is full of it, just means we are diametrically opposed to each other.
    that automatically labels you as all bark, no bite.

    MT9er says:
    November 17, 2017 at 3:32 am
    Hi Seb. I have no motives, ulterior or otherwise.

    But wow… diametrically opposed simply because we disagree on a sports blog? Seems a bit much, no? Same goes for you somehow or another deciding I am all bark and no bite, when I have neither barked, nor threatened to bite anyone. And I don’t recall barking at, or biting you at all. Why so defensive (or easily offended)?

    TomD’s Take: MT9er,

    Can tell you’re new to this site–unprepared for the blow by Seb across the chin for doing absolutely nothing other than stating your opinion.

    I think Gadfly stated it best when he wrote an opinion that stated Seb’s a narcissist. Of course CassieBaalke, East, Prime and others realize this.
    CassieBaalke actually wrote a parody song about Seb borrowed from Carley Simon–“Your so Vain” you probably think this songs about you.
    Gadyfly posted that also.

    In closing, MT9er, Seb also suffers from another malaise–paranoia envy syndrome…..Since there’s much in this world to envy—envy in love, envy a smile, envy a writing style, etc., etc., Seb attacks all whose skills surpass his own……MT9er, you’re simply another innocent poster doing what posters do on a sports blog, ie, responding to a post and Seb takes it as a life or death personal threat to be met with a nuclear bomb.

    Pay no attention, and welcome aboard.

    It may pay future dividends to realize Seb is also a Raiders fan who has another account name stepping in when others attack him by the name of Razor….Prime refers to Seb as Sebrazor, so don’t be fooled about this guy…..Notice his other account name begins with an ‘R and ends with an R just like his favorite team, Raider.

    1. Coach +1

      Niners remain in top 3 for 2018 draft, another reason not to play JG—so we don’t have to spend a top 5 pick on a QB due to injury and can trade down for draft capitol in a QB labeled draft, “The year of the Quarterback,” experts have called it.

      The San Francisco 49ers had this weekend off for their bye, but they still managed a pretty big win. The New York Giants beat the Kansas City Chiefs 12-9 in overtime, and that means they will remain behind the 49ers in the 2018 NFL Draft order.

        1. I’d be happy seeing JG play– after the OL keeps CJ clean for the next 2 games…along with a better run game, making play action valid again!

  38. After watching the Giants Chiefs game today I came to the conclusion that last weeks win might just be a little more impressive than we all thought.

  39. Prime and Coach,

    49ers go against a battle tested coach who earned his scars learning defense under George Seifert on the dynasty 49ers.

    One basic tenent of a conference rival is to end the QB’s season –the intimidatation factor. Beat a team before you even show up on the field—something the dynasty 49ers were known for.

    Our O-Line vs. Seattle’s D-Line is a no brainer—don’t start a QB who his own coach said is still uncomfortable in the playbook against a team known for putting out QB’s….Draft capitol in year 1 of a rebuild is the highest priority now that we have our Franchise, so we can surround him with talent.

    Many remember the 49ers-Rams NFC champ game when Jim Everett fell down when Dana Subblefield never touched him….Intimidation sack

    If he’s injured, we have to spend that capitol on a QB, wasting a # 2 slotted position.

    1. Tom some valid points. But to counter, we have a running game. And we have a couple backs that can make plays catching the ball out of the back field.
      That’s going to help the oline.

      To beat Seattle you have to run the ball. Jimmy automatically makes play action more dangerous. His quick release is an advantage against their pass rush.

      Last thing this game is at home. What better time to see the future against a team that is vulnerable.

      1. Prime,

        Can’t argue against logic.

        How about this…Walsh let Deberg QB to the 50 yardline, pull him, then insert Montana once over the 50, letting Joe play only in positive situations.

        He sometimes would pull Deberg in the redzone for a more mobile Montana who would run for TD’s.

        However, Montana had the benefit of a summercamp.

        An article earlier this week stated the niners have nothing to gain starting JC, since there’s no playoff hopes and that they were better off not playing him with a subpar O-Line and lack of go to weapons who cant get open 100 per cent of the time like a Jerry Rice.

        I’m just worried that he might double pump and get hit w/o weapons

        1. He will be fine. Players play, they don’t get stashed away till a better time.
          We are a 1 win team. What do we have to lose?

  40. Raiders have reached their ceiling with the current team and coaching.
    Jack Del Rio is showing signs of wear and tear on the sidelines and more importantly with the overall play calling.

    Suddenly, D.Carr is looking average, his receivers can’t catch or get open, Cooper has nearly disappeared.The defense is going through the motions and seems to be playing with zero emotion and passion.
    It’s as if the whole team has settled on the fact that their window for a championship run closed last year when Carr sustained a broken leg.

    1. Their pass defense is atrocious. Ken Norton Jr. should be fired.
      And shame on Reggie McKenzie for not giving Mack any help.

  41. Tom, you make valid points but the problem is they don’t know if he’s the franchise QB. They need to see what he can do now so they can make a decision. What does telling your offensive players (not just the oline) that “you guys suck so we’re not going to play Jimmy because he might get hurt” do for team morale and the overall winning culture that they are trying to develop? I think it’s a divisive move myself. Show your players confidence I say! Any time you put a player on the field your putting them in danger of getting hurt. Playing scared is not the answer. Which ever way KS goes, he’s going to get second guessed so why not go for it. I say play him.

    1. Juan, with all do respect, that’s not the message Kyle has been giving. He’s been clear: Jimmy doesn’t have a firm grip on this offense.

      So what is gained by playing him now, if he isn’t comfortable with the playbook? There is no reason to rush him. The 49ers aren’t going to let him walk in the offseason, I promise you that. Kyle has scouted Jimmy extensively, since his college days. He’s pretty sure he knows what he has in Jimmy G.

    1. Jack Hammer is Pure Evil.
      Ummm…yeah…no…he’s not.
      He pays to attend games. Is that a fan?
      Critic? Yep. Fan? Well, yeah….
      1-9-0? There’s gonna be critics…..even from Fans….
      …even Jed gets that…..

    2. Umm, I wouldn’t call out Jack’s critical Raiders posts as some sort of proof that he isn’t a Niner fan. By the way, Jack Hammer is right ….. Derek Carr is vastly OVERRATED! As are the Raiders, I mean Traders … !

    3. No, that is just another catfish. The Jack Hammer we know is not a troll, like he was called out as one on that other site.

    4. I have to be honest. When my niners are going nowhere there are two sites I like to go too and look at when I’m feeling down.
      Seattle’ when they lose, and Oakland’s when they lose.
      Seattle’s after losing Dick Sherman and Kamp Chancelor have been Golden!

      It helps a bit. ?

      1. ..”it helps a bit” – confirmation of a loser…….your whole life is all about losing……

        The story of the loser named Ninermd

        Ninermd is a ‘loser’ who is not living the fullness of life that he was created to live. In fact he hated every single day, he didn’t want to wake up, He was living a life that he thought every one else wanted him to live and so he never took responsibility for his actions and although he was achieving a level of success he was on a downward spiral of unhappiness that bounded down the hill into the valley of severe depression. He is a loser because he wasn’t embracing the beauty of the gift that is life.

        Anyone who feels “it helps” to visit other team sites to feel better about themselves is a big time loser……..ha ha ha

        Let’s find out in these 10 classic signs of a loser:

        1) A loser worries, stresses and frets about the things of tomorrow instead of enjoying the things of the now. – Ninermd check

        2) A loser always talks about how great it would be to do ‘x’ but will do whatever it takes to ensure that ‘x’ never happens because they are afraid. PS ‘x’ means the biggest dream that they have for their life. ..ninermd check

        3) A loser always allows their fears to decide what they can and can’t do….ninermd check

        4) A loser does not stand in their own confidence but relies on others to make them feel special……ninermd check

        5) A loser is so wrapped up in their own story that they are unable to step outside of the narrative and see how amazing the world really is….ninermd chech

        6) A loser is someone who watches those around them be successful but will never do what it takes to see success become reality in their own lives….ninermd check

        7) A loser would rather sit and watch TV then go outside, lay on the ground, watch the stars and be in awe at how wonderfully made the Universe is….ninermd check

        8) A loser is someone who stands in front of the mirror only to see scars and wounds as opposed to incredibly immense beauty……ninermd check……can’t really blame him …..dude is really ugly

        9) A loser blames everything and everyone for their current situation in life as opposed to understanding that they are the only individual who can bring about change…..ninermd check

        10) A loser will never allow themselves to truly love…….ninermd check….in his defense nobody wants to love him…

        ninermd Are you a loser?……….YES

    5. Speaking of fairwearher fans and trolls.
      Eh emmm Onelame… could this be???
      Still riding Smiths jock?????
      Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

      Yea I don’t buy smith would ever garner a high trade value
      Regardless of him playing like MVP or not

      Posted by ChiefinNineringItUp on Nov 20, 2017 | 8:04 AM

      1. @ninermd – pathetic….you truly are a joke…..

        you’ve been quiet about Alex since……now see them lose a couple of close games you come out of your daddy’s basement…….

        ninermd – a true definition of a self hating dude….

        the fact you visit these other team sites……confirms again what we say about you…… really are a good example of sad-moron…..

    1. He’s terrible.
      I still remember when Grant was campaigning for him to be the next niner coach. I remember at the time thinking “based on what results?”

    1. Better watch out. BT will laugh at you for advocating to trade back.
      This mock is wildly optimistic because Nelson is ranked at 4 and the mock had him at 11.
      However, I do like the Equanimeous pick, just for the name.

  42. It’s not my mock but I would also want to trade back. And I think it might be possible given that many of the teams that need a qb are picking a little lower. I expect the Browns will take a qb at 1.
    The niners will most likely be picking second… and the Giants also look like they may need to look towards the future. With that in mind teams like the New York Jets, Miami, Buffalo, San Diego and Denver all may want to move up to get their Qb.

    And while Nelson is good and probably won’t fall to 11 I can’t see him going at 4. The position just isn’t as valuable as a QB, Edge, or LT. Qb’s are always over drafted and this years class of Edge Rushers and LT’s is pretty good. This along with Barkley’s dominance should push him down some. Rosen, Darnold, Chubb, Key, Williams, Barkley and his own line-mate McGlinchey push him down in my opinion. So I would guess he will go somewhere in the 7 to 10 range.

    1. Shoup,
      It wouldn’t surprise me to see an O-lineman going high in the 1st rd. We are all familiar with the old cliche that “defense wins championships,” but a great O-line can help neutralize a good defense.

      Cowboys, Vikings and NE have built their teams around a strong O-line. This season teams like Minn and New Orleans are making a run to the playoffs because they are playing very well as a team but their O-lines are strong.

      Our O-line has been put together with crazy glue and duct-tape since losing Goodwin, Iupati and Boone to FA.
      Joe Staley is still our best lineman no doubt, but that is also an indictment against our FO because they should have drafted O-lineman during this time.
      I remember the Cowboys taking heat for drafting Fitzgerald high some years ago. But they started building their O-line around him and now they have one of the best interior lines in football.

      I would go after Nelson high in the draft because he is a special talent. And like the freakin’ Cowboys begin to build our interior line around him going forward.

      1. Niners traded back with the Cowboys, and allowed them to draft Travis Frederick C.
        Niners then picked a couple ACL players.

          1. That ranks right up there with the pick of AJ Jenkins, with Alshon Jeffrey taken 14 picks later, and the Rashard Robinson pick with Dak Prescott going 2 picks later.
            Thanks, BAALKE. :(

              1. Who says this new regime has not? Stop complaining about things in the past. Its a waste of time and you sound like baby doing it.
                You think anything Baalke or that worthless QB they had here last year matters now? No

              2. Whos defending Baalke? You are just a miserable weasel always complaining about something that’s not relevant anymore!
                Move on dummy!

      2. AES,
        I think we might have a slight misunderstanding. I’m not against Olinemen being taken early. In fact I think some will be… I merely stated that I think an offensive guard is likely to slide as offensive tackles, qb’s, edge rushers and cb’s are more highly valued.
        Normally about 1 guard is taken in the first rd per year. I’m not certain one has ever been taken in the top 10 let alone top 5. Tackles yes… but guards taken that high are very rare.

        1. Shoup,
          I should have prefaced my post by saying that I agreed with your trade down scenario. Getting Nelson at #11 by trading down would be nice.
          Also, my point was that our team is in desperate need to shore up the o-line positions and that drafting one high would be fine with me.
          I would strongly consider drafting Nelson if we draft inside the top 5 picks.

    2. With Garnett coming back, there is no critical need at guard.
      The Niners should just follow the advice of Derrick Deese, and play Garnett in his natural position, left guard. Forcing him to play RG was disastrous. Baalke forced them to play Beadles in his strongest position because he wanted Beadles to succeed, since he was Baalke’s only FA acquisition.
      Niners should also follow the assessment of Baker Mayfield, who said Orlando Brown is a team leader, something Lynch is looking for. Mayfield credits Brown for the Oklahoma success.

  43. Oh I agree 49reasons, as I stated in an earlier post. I’d play him based on two factors, that he has out performed CJ in practice and that he has digested and perfected enough of the playbook to perform without hinderance. Otherwise no, I’d continue with CJ. What I was commenting on in that last post was not playing him for fear of injury, which was what was being discussed. That I think is ridiculous on several levels. They have some huge decisions to make regarding JG. They can’t just shelve him and hope he is as good as advertised. I want to see him but only when he is ready. If he’s ready now, play him. They’re 1-9. Perfect opportunity with nothing on the line other than getting better. JMHO

    1. Juan, I agree. If KS does not allow JG to play, it is as if he does not think JG is smart enough to handle the playbook. After 4 weeks, he should have more than a rudimentary grasp of the playbook. JG wants to play, and if they continue to bench him, he may decide that he should go to a team that does not waste his time by refusing to let him play.
      If they are afraid of playing players due to possible injuries, why bother playing the game? Every player is at risk for injury, and it is the job of the coaches to put them in positions to succeed while reducing the chance for injury.
      KS should definitely not force JG to sit in the pocket after a 7 step drop, or dial up 57 pass plays and only 16 run plays. KS should devise plays that can be executed quickly so the pass rush cannot get to JG, and JG should hand off the ball as much as possible. JG should also get rid of the ball quickly, with the goal of getting the ball into the hands of his playmakers.
      Still think they should make it competitive, so both QBs get to play, and the one with the most success gets to play the most.

  44. Andy Reid: Say team, what time is it?
    Team: It’s Pattie Mahomes Time!
    Let’s give a rousing cheer,
    Cause Pattie Mahomes is here,
    It’s time to start the show,
    So team let’s go!

  45. Whatever happens this week there’s going to be a metric ton of second guessing going on, that’s for sure! I can’t wait to read them all! I started to write down all the stuff we’re going to read and after about 30 minutes and two cups of coffee I gave up. Too much! It’s endless. I can’t sit here and write 10 paragraph posts like Seb, oops I mean some, so I’ll refrain. I will say that my gut feeling at this point, and it’s early, is that Kyle is going to start CJ. So keeping with that scenario, I’ll throw out at least two SG’s.
    Unlikely scenario:
    CJ starts and the Niners win a close, hard fought battle! Well, gutsy call by KS to stick with CJ, especially coming off a well played victory against the Giants. But was it the right call to start him? After all, JG is the newly appointed future franchise QB so why in hell wouldn’t he have started him? If he had also won, which is a possibility, that would have catapulted the team hugely in the right direction and solidified the QB position for the future. Because he started CJ, we still have a QB controversy with untold question marks. The more he plays CJ, the more the team is going to coalesce around him and alienate JG, and when he does get his chance, maybe the effort from him teammates won’t be quite so emphatic. Even with the win, bad decision by KS!

    Likely scenario:
    CJ starts and the Niners can’t score much and lose. Well, nothing surprising here being that Seattle has had our number for eons. But maybe things would have been different if JG had started. Seattle is always going to dominate a rookie QB, even with injuries. Carroll was drooling to face CJ. CJ looked confused and out of sync. JG would have performed better with his quick release and poise and maybe make the ‘Hawks respect the pass more instead of stacking the box and challenging CJ to throw, which didn’t work out well. KS is showing lack of leadership and confidence by not starting Jimmy. Really horrible decision by KS!

    Oh God I could go on and on. It’s going to be fun. Can’t wait!

  46. Alex Smith has really prospered under Reid’ scheme. Short passes with the occasional long ball has been a good fit for AS.

    Dinking-n-dunking looks good when the team is ahead.
    But the issue with AS happens when he is forced to throw the deep pass when the team is behind late in the game.
    Still believe Reid went after Mahomes for that very reason – throwing the deep pass!

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