Kyle Shanahan at top brings real meaning to practicing



Part of what I enjoy as a sports writer is to bring you, the reader, places you can’t go. Places like the 49ers practice field. To make you feel you’re standing on the sideline watching practice with me.

For the past couple years, though, there hasn’t been much to watch. In 2015, we had Jim Tomsula who seemed to think the most important aspect of practice was players getting out of the huddle as soon as possible. Twenty times an afternoon he’d yell, “Tempo!” while the quarterback recited the play call to his teammates. “Tempo” seemed like the only word Tomsula ever said on the field.

Then last year, we had Chip Kelly who seemed the think the most important aspect of practice was ending it as soon as possible. Kelly almost never worked his players longer than 90 minutes, and significant portions of that time were “teach” periods when players would stand around and philosophize about football with assistant coaches. Maybe they philosophized about philosophy, like how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. Kelly typically never said a word to anyone unless he was chatting with kicker Phil Dawson — those two were close — or one of Kelly’s special guests, such as country singer Kenny Chesney.

It’s nice to watch a real head coach lead real practices again. I’m talking about Kyle Shanahan, as real as they get.

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  1. Great read Grant.

    Question…. Which of these two offenses do you think this year’s will resemble… Harbaugh’s ground and pound era 2011 or even more of a 49ers West Coast 1994 offense?

  2. “Part of what I enjoy as a sports writer is to bring you, the reader, places you can’t go. Places like the 49ers practice field. To make you feel you’re standing on the sideline watching practice with me.”

    Mission accomplished Grant. Good job and thank you.

    1. Agree. That article got me fired up. Can’t wait to see good fundamentals and technique coupled with sound scheme. My W-L expectations are tempered but I am looking forward to seeing a higher level of play from the 49ers.

    1. The longer he can hold off Foster from taking his spot the better the team will be.

        1. The only way Bowman doesn’t make a 100 is if he’s hurt. I mean, seriously, since he became a full-time starter he’s averaged nearly 150 tackles a year. There is no linebacker (even with balky knee) who is better at run support.

          My only concern is will he remain as limited in pass-coverage as he was in 2015. Because he sucked in pass coverage in 2015 while allowing a 93.5% completion rate on men he covered.

      1. Foster would be best at WILL. The scheme would have him do little pass coverage and would keep him from engaging with too many offensive linemen. Then he could use his superior speed to scrape down the line and make tackles.

        OTOH, with his penchant for getting injured in college (MCL sprain, ACL sprain, at least one concussion, wrist, hand, multipole stingers, rotator cuff), I would rather not have him in the middle where he’ll be in more traffic and engaging in more stack-and-shed with o-linemen.

            1. cubus, I seem to recall reading an article recently that said Harold was rehabbing his toe. The article did not say if this was the big toe that he had been having trouble with. In January he tweeted that he was over that injury. Let’s hope he’ll be able to play.

            2. Brooks. Not only is he getting favorable mention by Shanahan, but he’s also getting the 1st Team snaps. His primary competitor (from the hold-overs) is Harold who has had chronic foot problems for his entire NFL career but had off-season surgery to take care of it.

      2. I think they should both be on the field at the same time, with Foster in when the dime unit.
        Foster should play the weak side backer, this will allow him to flow more freely to the ball. Bow can then man the middle as he is fairly stout and should be best at making the calls and setting the D.

    1. A little heavy on the application of ‘nice’, but the point is made. How are players reacting to this year’s approach?

  3. I have my doubts it could be worse than the underperforming crap we’ve had since 2001 and the first year of the Knapp-Attack.

  4. Great article Grant. Very well written and all very good to hear. I really was wondering what type of coach Kyle would be, whether he would demand respect and yell to get his point across, or if was more of a quiet, mild type that was all brains. Good to hear he is the former, he doesn’t really come across that way in interviews.

    Very cool.

  5. Geez, articles like this are likely to get me thinking this team has a chance of being pretty decent this season!

    Thanks for the insights Grant.

    1. I believe Grant has been projecting a 9-7 finish. At some point he had to start putting out some positive articles to justify that projection.

  6. “….the reader, to places” seems like the correct way to write that first sentence. Minor detail, though. This column, with the details of practices past that I don’t remember reading about before, was really enjoyable to read. All those little details help some of fans to get a better understanding of what is going on with the team. I also like the revised web page and the simplified comment procedure, both an improvement from what you had before.

  7. Very insightful article, Grant. I appreciated it mucho! We are going to have a dynamic, opportunistic, exciting team to watch again. I’m looking forward to TC and pre-season with a considerably heightened sense of anticipation compared to the dismal prospects of the last few years. Nothing kills enthusiasm like habitual mediocrity. Change agonna come . . .

  8. sebnynah says:
    May 25, 2017 at 12:18 pm

    Pete Carroll may rest RW and inflict Kaep on the Niners. Niners may bitterly rue the day they let Kaep slip through their fingers.
    If Lynch is trying to lowball Kaep, and he goes to Seattle, then I will accuse Lynch of being- obtuse.

    Good Info. Grant.

    It’s nice to get the coach I’ve been asking for after two years, while others wanted to recycle Kelly, Kaep and Tomsula.

    I wonder why their still here, since obviously they don’t believe in team concepts, but only in one player…Sad. Truly sad.
    Go root for Seattle, Losers !

    1. TrollD, let me remind you that you actually were rooting for the Raiders. Your posts attacking me and accusing me of not being a die hard faithful Niner fan is just a Raider troll tactic.

  9. I am confused, if I recall correctly several weeks ago Grant was less than complementary when KS was getting involved in on-field activities. When Harbaugh did this Grant thought it was fun and entertaining. If and when a HC interacts with his players during practice why is it sometime okay and other times not so okay? Isn’t it a matter of coaching style? KS’s practice methods seem to apply sound common sense coaching standards.

  10. Dust Mite,

    Kyle Shanahan came to the 49ers with a reputation as an offensive innovator. What’s unknown to many fans, is that he also has an eye for defensive talent.

    It’s almost like the exact description of Bill Walsh, who by the way, is Shanahan’s idol, and he’s read all of Walsh’s books and watched all of his coaching videos–including offensive installations; how to set up a training camp, etc.

    This guy is going to be dynamite.

    1. We can all be thankful that Kyle, with his defensive reputation, isn’t a repeat of Baalke, coaching up the DB’s during the regular season.

      Incidentally, while at a sports bar in Salt Lake City I ran into Vike79, whose brother was a QB at a Minnesota JC.
      The defensive coach—Trent Baalke.

      Vike ’79 said his brother had to put up 600 yds a game just to pull out a victory due to Baalke’s horrible defenses.
      He also wondered what Jed York ever saw in Baalke to name him GM.

  11. The season is still in it’s infancy stage but from what you observed it sure sounds like we have a head coach who wants to play some football. Kyle has seen so much winning football in his life. I’m sure he took pieces of his dad’s system and everything else he’s ever seen and melded it all together along with his own personal philosophies. He could be the real deal, the next great Head Coach. Can’t wait to see what he puts out on the field..

  12. Finally, Grant, you are giving this man his just due. Ever since that super bowl loss, you have came up with every reason why this was a bad pick because he wasn’t from Green Bay, or new England, or he lost the Super bowl, or he would take more money to stay in ATL, or he doesn’t know how to be a head coach, or Jim harbaugh did things one way and Kyle does it a certain way.. blah blah blah. Grant you definitely earned the phrase “Hater”. Dont worry though because over 50 percent of this blog felt your way. Everyone was Hatin because of a bad half of play calling. I still remember an argument I had with Seb. Wow. I guess it just took time for you to get to know this man and see his qualities as a leading man. Kudos for acknowledging that the man at Least knows what he’s doing. Great article Grant. Not because I like the head coach, but it great insight on how he plans on being a head coach. Thanks again

    1. Steele, I was just tempering the over optimistic outlook, like they were headed to the SB.
      I pointed out his shortcomings, because I wanted him to learn from them, and not repeat them. I did not predict he would be a total failure. In fact, I originally thought that since Baalke was fired, they might win 6 games. That is three times more than last season.
      Now that Lynch has restocked the roster with battle hardened FAs, and hit a grand slam in the draft, I think 8 wins may be possible. It sure is nice to hear about how hands on KS is with the players, and the organizational improvements are music to my ears.
      I still want him to hire an OC, because it does not effect the salary cap at all, and the Niners need all the help they can get, after a 2-14 season. Bill Bellichick has an OC. Bill Walsh was his own OC, but I sure hope that KS is not thinking he is a genius like Walsh. KS can have an OC, and still call the plays.

      Yes, Grant threw me another cookie, because I have previously retorted to his detractors that I felt like I was standing next to him watching the practices.
      Hope springs eternal, and I will root for the Niner QB, no matter who he is, just like I rooted for Gabbert, in the early part of the season last year.

      1. Why do you care if he has an oc or not?
        Walsh never had an oc in sf. Bill Bellichick had had an oc because he was never an oc. He was a defensive coordinator and guess what he went 4 years without a DC as he took on those responsibilities.
        At the beginning Kyle wants to be directly involved in installing his system. Note he has an assistant head coach to share responsibilities with so I’m not worried about not having an oc.

        1. Some people think they know more football than the coaches. The claim that he rooted for Gabbert last year is specious. He pined for CK the entire time and talked incessantly about how CK gave them the best opportunity to win and quoted the very same stats that he does now about him returning to the team. This is old news Shoup. If the team does well, he will claim victory and vindication and if they do poorly he will do the same.

          1. Oh, great. I guess if you are not an NFL coach, you cannot post anything on this site?
            Wrong. This is a blog site, and anyone can post anything they want. I certainly do not think much of your posts, but I do not incessantly try to shut you up.
            More red herrings. I certainly was not crowing like some other posters who were giddy with delight that the Niners were losing, just because Kaep was the QB. I was kinda sad.
            Hmmm, I thought you were going to ignore my posts, but like a moth to a flame…..

        2. Lets see, how many Super bowls Walsh and Bellichick have won? How many has KS won?
          Methinks they might not need coordinators, while KS, after the last SB, may need one whether he wants one or not.

            1. Would it hurt him to have an OC? I think not.
              Would it help him to have an OC? Who knows.
              Maybe he should promote Bobby Turner to OC, and hire back Tom Rathman as RB coach.

              1. Ever to stop to think he might delegate certain OC’s duties to his QB, RB coach, quality control coaches?
                No instead Seb you are just a guy with blinders on and can’t see anything in between. That’s why you are slow!

              2. Prime, that is why you are clueless. An OC would be much better than a position coach, because he would be involved in all the phases of the offense.
                Next you will telling me the water boy could run the offense, since being the water boy is your expertise.

              3. A lot of NFL head coaches act as their own OC or DC. They then delegate other duties to their position coaches.
                Garret does it in Dallas. Arians in AZ. Pederson in Philly. Hue in Cleveland.

                Seb stick to mowing grass. It’s mindless work. On par with your IQ.

              4. Prime, Bellichick has an OC, Kubiak had an OC, Carroll, has an OC, and guess what? They all won SBs.
                Garrett, Ariens, Pederson and Jackson have won squat. Maybe they should also get a clue.

              5. Kubiak called his own plays so really he was his own OC.
                Now you’ve switched the argument to defensive coaches like Belichick and Carroll.
                Pretty sure both those guys do most of the game planning and calls during the games as well.

                Sean Payton won a SB as his own OC. Mike McCarthy as well.

                The point is you’re an idiot who changes the debate because you don’t know what you are talking about.
                The point is many coaches can win with or without a designated coordinator as they have others on staff who can aid in the duties.

                But your just bitter because you thought KS was going to reinvent CK but instead dropped him like a bad case of diarrhea. You know the stuff that comes out of your mouth daily?

              6. Prime, Rick Dennison was the OC for the Broncos, so Kubiak had an OC, despite your protests.
                I knew you were talking out of your rear end by claiming the Saints and Packers did not have OCs. Saints had Pete Carmichael JR and the Packers had Joe Philbin.
                Try harder, but at least stop looking so clueless.

              7. Prime, your IQ just dropped 10 points and it is highly amusing to hear Mr Potty Mouth talk about diarrhea.

              8. Seb Carmichael and Dennison were just tittles.
                Who calls the plays? That’s truly who the OC are.
                Wether Shannahan has someone on staff with the tittle of OC or not matters zero.
                He calls the plays, he designs the plays, he orchestrates everything. Just like all those other coaches I mentioned.

                You are too confused and dumbfounded on tittles.
                It’s like talking to an invalid with you!

              9. Prime, there you go again, proving my point. Those HCs may have called their own plays, but they were still smart enough to have an OC.
                Offensive Coordinator- He is the guy who coordinates the offensive line, RBs, TEs, WRs and QBs. He is the guy who must meld them into a cohesive unit so they can all perform their various tasks in tandem with timing. In game play calling is important, but if they do not prepare properly ahead of time, you get another 2-14 season.
                An OC facilitates, schemes, plans for contingencies, evaluates and focuses on the offense. The HC may be strong in certain areas, but he must focus on all 3 phases of the game. He will ignore other phases at his own peril. Sure, there have been times when a HC will just let the DC take control of the defense, but he still should delegate his authority. Sure, the HC may want to dominate and control the offensive side, but he better have really competent DC. I do not know Saleh, but he has never been a DC before. It should not be automatically assumed that he has all the answers. It was nice to hear about those long runs by Hightower and Bibbs, but conversely, the defense was not strong stopping the run.
                Like I said before, Bellichick has an OC, and he helped win a SB. I just want KS to have as much help as possible. You think he does not need help. You also forget the team went 2-14 last season.

              10. Prime-‘ You are too confused and dumbfounded on tittles. It’s like talking to an invalid with you.’

              11. Bellichick always an offensive Coordinator he was never an offensive coach. That would be like Kyle Shanahan not having a defensive coordinator.
                FYI Bellichick went for several years as his own defensive coordinator which is just like Shanahan being his own OC.
                But hey its not like Walsh or Bellichick were smart.

              12. It’s near impossible to argue facts with someone who is hell bent on being right.
                If KS had brought back Kaep there would be no talk about needing an OC. Since he didnt, now the title is the grievence. It’s simply my deductive reasoning that if KS is implenting his own Offense, he is the most qualified to teach that offense to everyone. Having an OC would juat undermine the learning process. The OC would be a puppet learning along side everyone else from KS.
                I would expect a position coach to be promoted in the next 2 years fulfillimg the role of OC when that individual has command of the offemse KS is implementing

              13. “No, Bellichick started out as a ST coach.”
                And at what point was He an offensive coordinator? Never. In his 25 years of coaching experience prior to NE, he coached on the offensive side of the ball for exactly 1 year. Where as He had 19 years of experience on defensive side of the ball. Excluding his Head Coaching years in Cleveland.

                That is why the comparison of his situation to Shanahan’s makes no sense.
                Him going without a DC would be like Shanahan going without an OC… and guess what, he was his own DC for a number of years so the comparison doesn’t work.

                I guess its stupid to emulate what two of the best coaches in NFL history have done. smh

          1. Freeekin Seb!

            Yet another-ANOTHER-invalid comparison with Shanny and the other two. Neither Walsh or Bellycheat had won a SB until they became HC! And as HC, they had total control over every aspect of their team. Shanny has never had total control over his team–until now!

            You know all this-why do you play these silly word games, like no one can figure out what your doing……………………..

  13. Back In The Saddle Again! Oh Shanny boy, the routes, the routes are crossing. Good read, Grant. Seems as if you’re primed to take your reporting to the next level, as you cover the next 49ers dynasty at it’s inception….

  14. This is the kind of content I like reading Grant. I appreciate it when you let us in on what’s happening in practice and this was very informative thanks.

    I’ve been waiting a long time for the WCO to be brought back which is why I’ve been so eager to see the Shanahan’s hired the past couple of years.

    1. Remember when Harbaugh showed up and said he was going to run a WCO?
      Then we got Ground Chuck A La Romano……..

      1. he actually did run limited WCO passing concepts. But it was grafted into his ground and pound offense. He had Bo Schembechler and Bill Walsh create an unholy love child.

  15. if I had to guess, “people plays” were ways to practice getting the QB and receiver in sync for either site adjustments or option routes?

    Did you see Baalke sneak out on to the field to play Corner?

    I wonder if Tomsula’s emphasis on “tempo” in practice was because one of the biggest criticisms of his predecessor was not being able to get plays off in time and a mandate to fix it was brought down from on high?

    Keep up the observations Grant.

    1. That was exactly why Tomsula stressed tempo. For years, the 49ers had issues with getting the ball snapped on time. They would either take a costly delay of game penalty at a crucial time or they would have to take timeouts. It happened with Alex Smith and with Kaepernick. I’m sure that Baalke told Tomsula to fix that. And run the ball! Those are two things that Tomsula succeeded at. Probably the only two.

  16. This is more of what we need. Content that informs us about what we have giving us insight as to what goes on and how it differs from what was before. As another poster pointed out it would be good to contrast Harbaugh’s approach to practice with Shanahan . Good job Grant!

  17. Rotoworld today:
    “The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports DeShone Kizer is “on the fast-track” to winning the Browns’ starting job. Coach Hue Jackson said Kizer has been a “quick study.” Kizer is being pushed to get up to speed as quickly as possible. Cody Kessler has been getting the majority of first-team reps, but it’s starting to look like the Browns have no plans to slow play Kizer.”

    Someone here made the witty comment after Cleveland had drafted him that his career was over before it had a chance to start. I think it was Scooter but am not sure. Anyway, it appears the process has begun.

    1. Heh, yeah, I think a few of us said something along those lines. I hope for his sake they don’t rush him.

    2. Why not ? I mean Cleveland’s record on QB development is unparalleled, right?

  18. Been out of the loop. Is that WR from the CFL still on the roster? Picked him up last yr/was having a good camp. Tore acl?

  19. A very well written, expressive, and entertaining article Grant. One of the better sports articles I’ve read in quite some time.

    A few of the highlights for me were:

    a) The term “people plays”. Did Chip Kelly really use this term to describe some sort of pass patterns? OMG that is laugh out loud funny stuff. Did he really expect his players to take that seriously?

    b) “the read-option or the zone-read or whatever Kelly called that simple play, over and over and over”, an obvious nod to what was a classic interaction between you and Chip during an early press conference. I’ll be honest …. I thought those terms were interchangeable, in fact I’ve heard these plays referred to as the former, far more often than the latter.

    c) “hand signals from the sideline, frantically gesturing like those people on airport tarmacs”, at this point I could feel the burn in my internal abdominal oblique muscles from the laughter. Seriously funny stuff Grant!

    Chip Kelly honestly believes that deception is meaningless as long as the players can execute his schemes because it’s a always a matter of numbers. One of the problems with this philosophy is that NFL defenses move and react a lot faster than college defenses, so unless your offensive players can execute his zone-read schemes flawlessly at all times, which is simply not realistic, it’s very hard to consistently move the chains. In fact, before we even got to midseason last year I found myself mumbling the words “no, not that same play again, for god’s sake” on a regular basis, and I felt like banging my head against the wall.

    How does the saying go? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. SMH

    1. 49reasons

      No, this is all horsepoop….Chip never used ‘people plays’ in his jargon
      Yes, Grant got his feelings hurt when ‘Chip’ corrected him in his first presser…and Grant has been out to crucify him ever since.
      I think that a more appropriate saying is ” You dance with who brung’ you…” which is exactly what Chip attempted to do… for all of the ‘experts’ on here…that’s what got ‘Chip’s stellar collegiate record as well as his first two pro seasons which if I am correct, was the best record of any 49er HC since Bill Walsh

      1. Oregoniner, I could give a rat’s arse about Chip’s collegiate record. We’ve seen time and time again that you cannot draw a parallel between success at the college level, and the NFL. What makes a great college coach doesn’t necessarily translate to the pro’s. Chip was a fantastic college coach, but it seems easy enough to draw conclusions based on Kelly’s trajectory as an NFL HC, that his simplified schemes were no match for NFL level coordinators and coaches. In my book, a HC is judged by how well his teams perform over time. Chip’s W-L record got, not gradually worse, but drastically worse as time wore on. Now, there are likely multiple factors that contributed to his professional crash and burn, but it seemed clear to me that, as NFL defenses adjusted to Chip Kelly, Chip Kelly never made the appropriate adjustments in response, and his teams suffered because of this.

        In Chip’s defense, one factor that played a big part in his demise was when the NFL made it clear that they were not going to be protecting QB’s who run the zone-read in the same way that they had protecting pocket passers over the last half of a decade or more. They basically green-lighted defensive coordinator’s ability to aggressively go after the zone-read QB at the mesh point, treating him more like a runner than a QB. And Chip really never adjusted his scheme in any significant way. There was always a question as to whether Chip’s high-tempo, simplified inside and outside zone scheme concepts could work at the NFL level, not in his first year or two, but over time, as NFL coordinators began to develop schemes that took advantage of simplified reads. By and large, NFL defenses are much faster and more effectively “reactive” than college defenses, and were better prepared to adjust to his schemes. And NFL coordinators are also better than college coordinators, as a general rule. Once these coordinators figured out how to slow Chip’s offense down, and stop his offense from sustaining long drives, the high-tempo that was once a strategic advantage became a huge disadvantage on the other side of the ball. His defensive units consistently lost the battle of attrition, and all of the extra snaps took a huge toll over the course of the season.

        I view Chip Kelly as a failed NFL experiment. This doesn’t mean I think he’s a bad guy. I certainly respect him as an innovative offensive football mind, but I also recognize that his offensive philosophy is far better suited for college football, and his failure to adjust at the NFL level is, IMO, what ultimately led to his downfall.

        1. Actually, I take back that first line. I respect what Chip Kelly accomplished at the collegiate level. He was an innovative college HC, and he deserves respect for that.

          In fact I’d love to see if he can take another college program to the same level as he took the Ducks.

  20. Well, ladies and gents, it’s the beginning of a holiday weekend. Figure it starts at 6:00pm Friday through to Monday/Tuesday Midnight. That’s 80 hours. I’d suggest taking a moment, perhaps 30-60 seconds between camping trips, skiing, water skiing, picnicking, mattress sales, concerts, and cook-outs to pause and remember the long line of men and women who lost their lives in service to their country. They paid too much, at least we shouldn’t forget.
    Thank you. As you were.

      1. Never got to meet my father in law do to the vietnam war. He was a Huey driver. I think of hoping often and others that gave their lives for this country. It is amazing what people complain about in this country! Thinking of all of you that served and those that died way to early!

        1. Reb
          Try the book “Chickenhawk” for a humble, personal view of one Huey pilot’s experience. And pray for peace.

          1. Experienced many Huey adventures–fortunately not under fire–at Ft. Benning, Ft. Lewis, South Korea, and Ft. Ord.

              1. Take a history lesson or two Razor, and you’ll understand how many soldiers died fighting for “causes” that weren’t fought on the basis of the simplistic, and narrow minded black & white idea of good vs evil. You go right ahead and frame war, military conflicts, and the soldiers that die fighting them, with such a simplistic naive view Razor, if it makes you sleep better at night.

                I’m just saying …… leave the complexities of war and peace up to the deep thinkers who understand wars are fought more often for geopolitical reasons, for land and natural resources, for strategic national security interests, as well as religious reasons, and why it’s naive and incredibly stupid to think it’s as simple as the black & white idea of “good vs evil”, with no shades of grey in-between.

              2. However, if you have access to some sort of scientific good vs evil measuring device Razor, that doesn’t rely on your own personal life’s experiences, let the world know about it.

              3. In Christ there is no grey area, and by extension, there is none to be found in evil.

              4. OK, now I get it Razor.

                By the way, without getting too philosophical with you, I will tell you this: You may believe in Christ, but that alone doesn’t make you righteous. I hate to rain on your parade but, although you may believe freedom of choice helped pave your righteous path, statistics prove otherwise. You’re core religious beliefs almost certainly have everything to do with what you were taught and raised to believe, as opposed to a conscious decision on your part, or some divine intervention. IN FACT, had you been born and raised in Israel for instance, there is a better than 97% chance that you wouldn’t even believe in Christ as your savior in the first place.

                Gnaw on that fact for a little while and hopefully it will help give you a little more perspective on the complexities of what I am trying to tell you.

              5. Personally, I put no stock in religion. By the word religion I have seen the lunacy of fanatics of every denomination be called the will of God (or Christ, or Allah). I have seen too much religion in the eyes of too many murderers. Holiness is in RIGHT ACTION, and courage on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves, and GOODNESS. It’s what is in your heart, and how you act upon it every day that determines whether you are a good man – or not.

              6. Not to believe in evil is not to be armed against it. To disbelieve is to be disarmed. If your will does not accept the existence of evil, you are rendered incapable of resisting evil. Those with no capacity of resistance become prime targets for Possession….

              7. When did I ever say I didn’t believe evil? My point is that war & peace is not always as black & white as the term good vs evil would imply Razor. In fact, it’s not even close to what that archaically simple idea would suggest.

              8. In fact, one would think the idea of applying a religious litmus test to war would have died out during the Christian Crusades of the medieval period. We know from historical records that many men who fought for the cause during those crusades were not even actually motivated by religion. For these man, it was often about satisfying feudal obligations, glory and honor, as well as opportunities for economic and political gain.

                Sound familiar Razor? Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

              9. I’ll say it again as simply as I know how: In the “word” of religion, I have seen the lunacy of fanatics of every denomination be called “the will of God” (or Christ, or Allah). I have seen too much religion in the eyes of too many warmongers, murderers, and militarists. Holiness is not about religion, it’s about RIGHT ACTION, courage on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves, and GOODNESS. It’s what is in your heart and how you act upon it each and every day that determines whether you are a good man – or not.

              10. The heart, the conscience of man, in his corrupt and fallen state, is deceitful above all things. It calls evil good, and good evil; and cries peace to those to whom it does not belong. Religion is man made….

              11. Of course religion is man made.

                Take Easter for example. Easter Sunday is a festival and holiday celebrated by millions of people around the world who honour the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, described in the New Testament as having occurred three days after his crucifixion at Calvary.

                However, most historians, including Biblical scholars, agree that Easter was originally a pagan festival. According to the New Unger’s Bible Dictionary: “The word Easter is of Saxon origin, Eastra, the goddess of spring, in whose honour sacrifices were offered about Passover time each year.” By the eighth century Anglo–Saxons had adopted the name to designate the celebration of Christ’s resurrection.

                “Goodness” however, is a state or quality of being good. Moral excellence and virtue. Above all else it’s about kindness, compassion, generosity and right action!

              12. Only two spiritual realms exist, the Holy Spirit and the demonic spirit. The demonic enters in because evil is disguised in various ways: political, religious, and cultural….

              13. And where in the “spiritual realm” do children born in one of the many tribes that live in the remote highland forests of Papua New Guniea, or deep in the rainforests of South America fall? Isolated people who have never even been exposed to the politics of western or eastern culture, or the great organized “religions” of the world? If Christians believe in free will, can these tribal people be considered “Holy”?

              14. Many isolated tribal people do fit the definition of “spiritual”. Are they not worthy of the Holy Spirit? And does this make them demonic? If these people have never been presented a choice, than free will really doesn’t always play a role in religion, and if that’s the case, what is the point of religion, and why would Christ be the only answer to salvation?

              15. You mean mortuary cannibalistic tribes that eat their dead during funeral rites, which they practiced throughout the 20th century in the Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea and the Brazilian and Peruvian Amazon? What about the ancient Aztecs in Mexico who were believed to have sacrificed and cannibalised thousands of humans on an annual basis?

              16. I’m certainly not going to convince you to rethink your religious affiliation, or even reconsider the definition of good and evil on this blog Razor. So we may as well end this discussion.

                It always fascinates me just how many people believe they are on the righteous path, but cannot explain to me whether their spirituality was a conscientious choice, or whether they are predisposed to their point of view due to circumstances beyond their control. I’ve never heard a reasonable answer as to why it is that a person’s religion has more to do with random circumstance, than freedom of choice. Why is it if a person is born in Central America, there is an 85% chance that they consider themselves Roman Catholic. Why is it of a person is born and raised in Isreal, there is a better than 97% chance that they believe in Judaism. Or if one is born in North Africa, they are more likely to believe in Islam than any other faith?

                Or, if freedom of choice exist, why God chose to isolate Aboriginals who trace their creation not to Genesis 1, but back to the “Dreamtime”, an era long past when the earth was first formed.

                One Aboriginal man explained it thus:

                ‘By Dreaming we mean the belief that long ago these creatures started human society, they made all natural things and put them in a special place. These Dreaming creatures were connected to special places and special roads or tracks or paths. In many places the great creatures changed themselves into sites where their spirits stayed. Aboriginals have a special connection with everything that is natural. Aboriginals see themselves as part of nature … All things on earth we see as part human. It is true that people who belong to a particular area are really part of that area and if that area is destroyed they are also destroyed.’

              17. I have no way of knowing for certain whether or not you were born into a Christian family Razor, but if I had to put a wager on it, I would be willing to bet you were.

                Why? Because the chances of you waking up one day and making a conscientious choice to believe what you believe, devoid of external factors such as what you were taught as a child are slim. Even rarer yet would be that you made some kind of religious conversion as you became an adult.

                Why is this important? Because it goes to the heart of orgnzied religion, and in your case, Christianity. Why would a great and loving God set up such a random system of salvation? If one’s spirituality is so heavily influenced by childhood circumstances, how is it fair for your God to expect people who are raised to believe in a different faith to denounce that faith and accepte Jesus Christ as their savior? And wouldn’t the opposite be true? How would it be fair to expect you to denounce Christ in favor of Muhammad?

                Organized religion is nothing more than a riddle wrapped in an inigma, when you really start pondering these questions, because when you study the origins of our major religions, one must simply use blind faith in order to justify the inconsistencies and illogic of their faith.

              18. Circle of fire my baptism of joy at an end it seems
                The seventh lamb slain, the book of life opens before me.
                And I will pray for you.
                …Some day I may return.
                Don’t you cry for me
                Beyond is where I learn.

              19. Maybe you can answer me one more question Razor:

                Let’s say that you and I were equally kind and compassionate. Let’s say you and I were equally generous to others, and neither one of us believed that violence towards other living beings was morally acceptable, except for in the case of self defense. Let’s say for the sake of argument that the only moral difference between you and I is that I was raised to believe in the core tenets of Judaism, i.e. in individual and collective participation in an eternal dialogue with God through tradition, rituals, prayers and ethical actions, but not in the individual salvation from sin through faith, repentance and in receiving Jesus Christ as my God and Savior.

                Is it your belief that, even if I lived a moral life of kindness and compassion towards others, and treated others with dignity, love and respect, that simply based on being raised to believe something different, and therefore not believing or accepting Jesus Christ as my God and Savior, that I am going to be turned away at the gates of heaven, and may in fact even go to hell?

              20. So I take your answer as YES?

                And if the answer is yes, wouldn’t someone who is going to be turned away at the gates of Heaven and perhaps might even be going to hell, be considered evil? Because according to you Razor, only two spiritual realms exist, the Holy Spirit and the demonic spirit.

                So when we really get down to the nuts and bolts of good vs evil, I can only interpret what you believe is that the only way to be “good” and not “evil” is to accept Jesus Christ as your savior.

                Uggh! And one wonders why we have so much senseless violence and so many senseless wars?

              21. The punishment that we deserve for the sins we have committed was put on Christ. Therefore, we are now free to live without fear. We are free to experience unconditional love, and most important of all, we are free to live for him even if we don’t do it perfectly….

              22. And full circle we go. As you pray for peace, I will pray for the extinction of evil.

                Matthew 7: 17-23

                “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name? Did we not drive out demons in your name? Did we not do mighty deeds in your name?’ Then I will declare to them solemnly, ‘I never knew you. Depart from me, you evildoers.'”

              23. Many have gone to their graves preaching passages like Matthew 7:21-23 only to find out that Jesus was talking about them, not someone else….

              24. Not the kind who pontificated On And On about how Shanny was going to take Son Of A Mitch Trubiscuit for 3 months, that’s for sure….

              25. No Sebrazor you’re the kind of lunatic that talks a big game and makes comments to needle people and then openly admits to doing it.
                Your also the kind of lunatic that has some sick obsession of trying to draw attention to yourself.
                You are killing the blog! But what do you care. Your a demented, twisted loon!

              26. Your rantings about how Shanny would take Son Of A Mitch Trubiscuit for 3 months straight is one of the reasons you don’t get more attention. Only a confused tool or a DA would spew such nonsense. It’s only natural that you’re embarrassed, I would be too….

              27. You repeat and cling to things ad nauseum. You’ve had to create another profile to garner more attention to yourself.
                It’s the type of desperation that screams for attention.
                It’s borderline demented.

                We’ve lost so many great posters on this site because of weirdos like you.
                We have to scroll down multiple posts just to get to someone who is truly talking football.
                You occasionally switch to “Razor” but when the meds wear off, you switch to Sebnynah and pollution boils.
                Hopefully the next blog administrators cares enough to ban you like Niners Nation did. Until then it’s more lunacy I guess!

              28. You’re a fiction writer, but unfortunately you’ve never had a bestseller. A bitter little canuck who shot his wad on a one year wonder….

              29. Hey 49………

                You gave me the same sermons when I dared to question one of your sacred Cows another time………I came from a cave, or I’m religious, or some other bilge, simply because I believe in different things than you do.
                I could say many things and write a long winded sermon as you often do………..just suffice it to say, you are in no way filled with love and tolerance in any way, shape or form. Giving subtle, snotty little insults like you do shows an intolerance to many things. And chief among them is to have a civil discourse with others who don’t think like you do.

              30. I agree with Razor. It is as simple as good and evil. They actually did a psychological test on this concept involving Kindergarteners. The youth were asked if it was ok to steal medication to save their mom if they didn’t have the money and she needed the medicine. The kindergarteners said no it was still wrong. By 5th grade, the answer had changed and remained the same through adults.
                We tend to justify our own needs. Our own needs do not reflect the greater good. If we took the mindset of those kindergarteners, would there be a reason to wage war? If we had a perfect understanding of right and wrong, what meaning do worldly possession hold? There isn’t any value in fighting for monetary purposes because as the Aztecs, the Myans, the Romans, and every other civilization before us has discovered, those possession stay behind after you’re gone. You take your memories and your experiences. The dirt stays.
                You argued Razor’s point for him without realizing it. In Christ, there is compassion, forgiveness, and charity. Those teaching are not about wars and possessions. Those teachings are black and white. Christ did not amass worldly treasures or conquer cities. It is when individuals such as yourself try to implement a gray area that wars and contentions arise.
                A gray area is self serving justification. I commend Razor for his beliefs, though they are not mine. We share a hope for a better world and in that common ground, the hope can continue to grow.

              31. Ah, the classic oxymoronic irony strategy hah sawbrodie?

                My intolerance to religious intolerance, homophobia, Islamophobia, and anti-semitism make ME the intolerant one. How convenient!

                Matt, my argument with Razor isn’t whether, in Christ, there is compassion, forgiveness, and charity. Nor is it about whether those teachings are black and white. It’s about whether there is only one path to salvation, that path being faith in Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior. Because to accept this belief is to condemn all others.

                I respect Razor’s faith, but I don’t accept it. I’ve studied sociology and theology and, IMO, the deeper you dig into humanity’s organized religions, the more inconsistencies and hypocrisy you find.

                I have to ask people of faith …. just how many religious wars need to be waged, and how many innocent children need to die because of these religious divides, before one questions their own faith? When will people realize there are two sides to the religious coin? When will people realize they don’t have all of the answers? When will people realize that doesn’t make logical sense that a great, just, and loving God would ever create such a cruel, unbalanced, and unfair world in which a person’s core beliefs have more to do with the randomness of the world in which we live? When will they ever question whether their faith has more to do with what they have been raised to believe, than freedom of choice, or a conscientious decision to surrender or accept any particular religion or faith?

                For many peaceful people like myself, it’s not enough to simply say “God works in mysterious ways” when it comes to war and peace. It’s not enough for people like me to simply surrender to blind faith when knowledge, “God given knowledge” according to people of faith, creates more questions than answers. I will never accept the premise that there is only one true God, and therefore only one way to find peace, happiness, or salvation.

                Razor, I respect your right to believe what you want to believe. More power to you. Nor do I have ill feelings towards you or anyone else who may dissagree with me. However, I cannot accept your belief because I see the opposite side of that coin, and to accept your way of thinking, means to reject every other! I am willing to stand up for what I believe is right, and speak out against things I dissagree with, like religious fanaticism and religious intolerance. Or the simplistic notion that humanities conflicts are as simple as good vs evil, which was the root of the origin of this debate.

                So I’ll say it one more time:

                In the “word” of religion, I have seen the lunacy of fanatics of every denomination be called “the will of God” (or Christ, or Allah). I have seen too much religion in the eyes of too many warmongers, murderers, and militarists. I believe Holiness is not about religion, it is about doing what is right. It’s about courage on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves. It’s about love for others, and treating everyone with dignity and respect regardless of their color, race, creed, sexuality, or religious beliefs. And above all else it’s about goodness! Ultimately, it’s what is in your heart and how you act upon it each and every day that determines whether you are a good man – or not.

              32. And don’t think for a second Razor, that I haven’t noticed you failed to answer most of my questions. I understand why you haven’t. Because to answer some of these most basic questions is to actually challenge your faith.

                But I have to ask: Does your God choose one’s spirituality or religion for them? If so, than doesn’t that directly contradict much of what the Bible teaches you? If not, how do you explain the fact that one’s religion is so heavily influenced by their life’s circumstances. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that a child who is born into a Muslim family, and raised in a small, middle-eastern village which is almost exclusively populated by Muslims, is far more likely to believe the teachings of the Koran, than he/she does the Old Testament. Your God certainly has control over the most basic of things as human conception doesn’t he? After all, conception is a sacred thing, right?

                I don’t ask this question to trick or deceive you. You seem firm and righteous in your beliefs. I ask because I seek answers, and this is one of the most basic questions that seems to directly contradict what is taught by the religious scriptures of most organized religious faiths, and one of many that I cannot ever seem to get a direct answer to.

    1. Well said Brotha. And thank you and all our veterans that frequent this blog for your great service!

  21. Great to hear we have real coaches conducting real practices. Maybe the talent level is better than everyone thinks too. Maybe guys like Harold, Blair, Lynch, Robinson, Ellington, Garnett, Brown, and MacDonald all bust out and play well under good coaching that they didn’t have last year, in which case, this team is pretty talented.

    1. Alan M

      Well written post….I also have been that voice of positive as to the talent that Shannahan and Lynch inherited on the roster…and I agree with all of your ‘prospectives’ other than Ellington who is IMO a ‘china doll’…too fragile I would much rather have held onto Rod Streater and traded/cut Ellington. I also rue the loss of Hodges and Balducci to FA in favor of older more seasoned players…..As I said…nice post….

  22. This is why I come to this site, and even endure my detractors. It is because of the writing.

    Scintillating prose, keen insights, and succinct sentient sentences.
    When you mentioned bootlegs and controlled rollouts, you made my day.
    Keep up the good work, Grant, you are a chip off the old block.

    1. Seb,
      While I respect your opinion, my reason for coming here (I have since the days of Matt Maiocco) is to get my 49ers news. Imo, Grant’ best work is bringing me news from all 49ers activities from TC and throughout the season. And I like that he puts his own twist on stories which is a fresh breakaway from all the cookie-cutter reporters in the area – well except for Kawakami.
      But as for me, just give me 49ers news!

      1. AES, believe me, I just want to focus on the Niners, but some posters cannot handle different opinions. You know me, I have have invited posters to ignore my posts many many times, but they cannot stop the ad hominem attacks. Of course, it says a lot more about them than it does about me, but in the end, I will just continue on, and they will be wasting their time.
        I agree, Kawakami is another pot stirrer, but talk about annoying! ;p

    2. This is why I come to this site, and even endure my detractors. It is because of the writing.

      If you came to the site to partake of the writing, and contributed less of your writing to it, guess what. You wouldn’t have near as many detractors.

      1. Rib, I too, am a pot stirrer, and say controversial things. I also like to write. Guess Grant does not mind because it just means more clicks.
        Your best bet is to just scroll past….

        1. If you admit to stirring the pot, then quit f-ing whining about detractors. It gets old. And yes I do scroll past 90% of your blather.

          1. Rib, I said I endure my detractors, I am not whining about them. They can do what they want, but they cannot touch me. I put up with them, but I noted that they like to dish it out, but sure cant take it.
            Hmm, did I get you to lose your cool and resort to an expletive?

              1. Yawn, you all are such willy nillys, to get all upset about a blog post. Buck up. Grow up.
                Posters who get all bent out of shape over a blog post are mental lightweights.
                I will say this one more time, I heartily invite you to scroll past my posts, it is not that hard to do.

            1. Hmm, did I get you to lose your cool and resort to an expletive?

              Always about you again. And I don’t resort to expletives, I lead with them. It’s a New York thing.

              1. He’s a martyr and a troll. He will don and doff those costumes as the need arises.

    3. Grant,

      This, and your individual human interest stories, is the stuff we don’t get elsewhere. More please!

      1. Agreed.

        Grant: IMO you should take ribico’s comment seriously. I think it would be a better career path for you than the “bad, contrived reality show” path you sometimes take.

  23. Oh, and love the way you bring your reader out on the practice field with you! Great read man! Thanks for sharing!

  24. Maybe you should take the advice of Bill Walsh, historically from Kilkenny, I believe. He said that one should expect to be insulted, but you should never let that affect you. He said that columnists are just doing their job, and to never let criticism dictate your emotions. He said that one needs a thick skin to stay in this business, and people who fly off the handle will not last long.
    Grant is just doing his job, and criticizing his mistakes does not mean he thinks KS is a bad person.
    People who go are thin skinned and let grudges shape their personality, are the Baalke’s of the world. KS grew up in this environment, so he knows how it all works. KS is too smart to go all emo.

    1. He also said to never trust the press because they’re lying, manipulative dogs with an agenda.

        1. Bill Walsh was suave, unflappable and at times, witty and humorous. He never said a bad word about a player, because he would say that even though he would heap praise for hour on a player, if he said one tiny negative thing, the press would jump all over that, and ignore the praise.
          Bill Walsh was also a master manipulator, and knew how to play the game, and especially the mind games. He was the one who counseled to never let them see you sweat, so even if they were zinging him, he took it with aplomb.
          Baalke would go all emo and hold grudges, so now he is finally kicked to the gutter.
          Lynch is like a breath of fresh air, and his steadfast leadership was a big factor in KS accepting the HC job. It sure is refreshing to see KS attracting decent coaches, because I see no Browns rejects as DCs or any DJs.

    2. Seb,

      I don’t know what possessed me to read this particular post, but credit where credit is due, your comments about Walsh’s take on criticisms in the press are very much on point. Walsh not having a thicker skin is one of my biggest disappointments in a life time of following SF sports teams. Walsh himself later said that he wished he could’ve found a way to not leave the 49ers so early. He felt like he would’ve won at least two additional SB’s, if not more.

  25. Grant!!!! I cannot put into words how much I enjoyed this!!!! 5 thumbs up all the way! I was there on that field with you with this read! I want both Tomsula, and Kelly brought up on charges right along with Trent Baalke now! Here I was blaming him for the 2 year debacle! He only played a role!
    Hearing that we have a “real coach” out there working the troops is so reassuring!
    From this intel it can be concluded that there are no doubt other coaches as silly as Tomsula,
    and Kelly through out the NFL. I would be willing to bet some of the teams on the 49ers 2017 include idiots like that.
    This is why I am not budging from my 9-7 prediction!

  26. Grant …
    let me add my sentiments regarding the writing
    of this piece ..
    It’s one of your best, fer sure !!

    Not quite Pullitzer … but .. the seeds have been sown ! .. ;-}

    Keep up the good work !

  27. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know what Lynch and Shanny are getting paid over these six year contracts? I can’t find it anywhere.

  28. Don’t think the amount was ever given out .. BB ..
    just both Shanny and Lynch got matching 6-year
    contracts and no off-setting language

  29. Barrows: Keep an eye on 49ers safety Lorenzo Jerome
    May 26, 2017 at 1:45 PM •

    Lorenzo Jerome was among the undrafted free agents signed by the San Francisco 49ers following the conclusion of the 2017 NFL Draft in April. He played college football at St. Francis University, a small Catholic school in Loretto, Pennsylvania.

    His 4.70-scond 40-time was the worst among the defensive backs who participated.

    “I’ve watched two practices in which Lorenzo Jerome has participated and he’s come up with an interception in each of those,” Barrows said.

    “And he played that critical free safety spot – that Earl Thomas spot – that Jimmie Ward is playing and I think Jimmie Ward is a really good fit there. The issue with that: Jimmie Ward has gotten injured a lot since he joined the 49ers. The question is: What happens if Jimmie Ward goes down with an injury this year?


    Strengths Has outstanding instincts and ball skills. Has the strong hands and catch radius of a wide receiver. Takes direct paths to the ball and operates with optimal timing in attacks on the football.
    Has experience playing over the slot and will overlap his coverage if he smells the football headed near him.
    Rose to the occasion in a big way at both NFLPA game and Senior Bowl grabbing two interceptions in each of those games. Seems to find access to a second gear with the ball is in the air. Aggressive in run support. Races downhill and attacks the legs each and every time. Flashed dangerous potential as a kick and punt returner in all four years in college.

    TomD’s Analysis: Sounds like the description of Hacksaw Reynolds, Ricki Ellison and Jake Delong–past 49er middle linebackers w/o speed, but who read play development like Albert Einstein, so in those cases, speed is irrelevant if you can predict what the play’s going to be and be in the backfield hitting the RB, just as the QB is handing the ball off—it’s called ‘blowing up a play’.

    If James is one of these players, he’s a must start on day 1.

    Lorenzo James 2016 Highlights:

      1. AES

        Thanks for the reminder….I almost forgot about Derrick Smith…when he filled a hole, you could hear his pads

  30. Prob off topic, but I was wondering with the fullback taking on a bigger role in the offense in comparison to what we’ve seen from this team recently. If our new star fullback gets hurt, who takes his place and are we majorly screwed?

    1. Good question. There is a rookie on the 90 named McCloskey who they’ll probably hope to sneak through to the PS who they could promote in an emergency.

      1. Ordered chicken hawk by Robert mason. Shocking that mason was in over 1,000 combat missions and lived.The odds were not good for Huey pilots and other service members. Damn! I really do not know what a bad day is. I have seen some missed up stuff and worked with peoples lives that were in Ruin, but contemplating all the lives lost in war and those that coped with surviving the after math! Razor is right, evil needs to go!Also ordered low level hell by Hugh Mills. Brotha tuna, maybe you and Razoreater and others like htwaites, Cassie balke and whoever else were ready “to give all” as whine country put it, i know you guys are not cocky but pretty humbled for the experiences you were put in and life lessons that must have left deep scars, I can never thank you enough and the women and men who did not get to come home and do what we do. People like Pat Tillman who had it good but gave it all up and was killed by “friendly fire”. Now that is not fair! Not we have been subjected to crappy teams thanks to the yorks. Appreciate Brotha Tuna for putting this “Holliday” in prospective, and appreciating my mother in law even more for the wonderful and loving person she is and not being bitter and broken for having to be a single parent. True heroes are those who will never think of themselves as such but are the true beacons of hope in a dark and dreary world!

        1. Heartfelt, my Man. Wise to appreciate the families, their burden…….
          Here’s the deal:
          each CA (combat assault/ contested insert) was the Charge Of The Light Brigade. A UH-1 had the same amount of armor as a VW bus: none. Every time we felt the nose dip as we headed in (I was door gunner), we gave it up, we expected to die. Sometimes we did. But when we didn’t, it was a surprise, and we’d already paid a heavy psychological price to accept it……
          Sometimes 3 or 4 times a day, 16-18 hour days, 7 days a week, for 12-13 months. And I had it better than the infantry. And I’m happy as F! That I made it back. Good guys didn’t.

          1. I agree with Rebel, Brotha…we’re all better off for having you here. Always look forward to your comments.

            1. Reb – One of the truly most realistic and best depictions of my experiences is the movie Platoon by Oliver Stone. The movie is based on Stone’s actual experiences. I didn’t enjoy seeing ‘Nam movies when I came home but I saw an ad for Platoon and the guys were wearing 25 Infantry Division patches which was the unit I served with. That got me interested. When I saw the movie there were so many parts that seemed like a real documentary to me so I started researching the history. It turns out that Stone served with the 3rd Battalion of the 22nd Infantry and I served with the 2nd Battalion. The huge firefight where Charley Sheen get’s wounded is based on the Battle of Fire Base Burt which took place in early 1968 during Tet (that’s when BroT and I were there). There is a scene in the movie where Stone plays an officer and is standing in front of his company CP, and the sign reads: C/3/22. (Charlie Company/3rd Bn./22nd Infantry) Towards the end of the firefight the guys who roll up on tracks (armored personnel carriers) are part of my unit. I recently met a guy at Home Depot in San Diego who was a Navy Corpsman attached to the Marines. His brother served with Stone and he told me that Stone took his brother and several others and flew them to Hawaii for the premier of Platoon, all at his own expense. I truly have not seen anything other than actual documentaries that was as realistic a depiction of the conditions as I experienced them. Others may disagree. Happy Memorial Day to all.

              1. Thank you Whine country. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts, also glad you are here to contribute! Platoon was pretty powerful, If wishes were horses but wish you and others did not have to go in the first place. Especially my father in law Joe who my wife did not get to know and the others we think about on Memorial Day. Side note I also have great conversations with vets at homedepot and Costco. Hope millennials and generation z study the past or they will be likely to repeat it in the future!

              2. To all our veterans. Thanks for all you did. To all who didn’t return. You gave your all, we owe you more than we can ever repay. Our nation is always in your debt. One weekend is never enough for the amount of sacrifices you went through.

    2. Kittle could play FB in a pinch. In time he could be interchangable with Juice in a TE/FB hybrid position.

      “One of the better all-around tight ends in the draft, Kittle is a shifty route runner and a solid run blocker, and his ability to block on the move could make him a do-everything option for the 49ers. Expect Kittle to compete for snaps as a “move” tight end, but he can also contribute as a traditional fullback in new head coach Kyle Shanahan’s offense.”

  31. EastCoast9er says:

    May 27, 2017 at 7:35 am

    Some people (Re: Seb) think they know more football than the coaches. The claim that he rooted for Gabbert last year is specious. He pined for CK the entire time and talked incessantly about how CK gave them the best opportunity to win and quoted the very same stats that he does now about him returning to the team. This is old news Shoup. If the team does well, he will claim victory and vindication and if they do poorly he will do the same.

    TomD’s Take: Seb also posted 50 drafts last year and this year and claimed the 49ers chose one of his players.

    Seb already stated Shanahan is inept at his job for firing Kaep–that he doesn’t know QB’s.

    EastCoast9er says that Seb is now, covering his bases and saying that Shanahan will be successful.

    TomD’s Take: Get off the fence, Seb. We’re tired of you ripping a coach, only to come sniveling back after the fact– (witnessing Shanahan’s draft and major FA and UFA talent coup).

    1. TrollD, you are the guy who fantasizes about breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares, who roots for the Raiders and think they should have traded Kaep for Tebow.
      Maybe you wonder why I do not take you seriously.

    2. Kaepernick came and went without a Seattle Contract. They confirmed he is as bad in practice as he is in games.

      1. No, sounds like they talked, only. They know how Kaep can play, considering they beat the Niners by only 2 points last season in the last game.
        Kaep is being smart by being patient. Through attrition, some team will need a new starter, or even after a few games, some team will see that their starter is just not cutting the mustard. Kaep will play, but do not know with which team.
        Seahawks could only offer the minimum, due to their salary cap restraints. If Fitzpatrick can make 3 mil as a backup, Kaep should make at least that amount. Glennon may be only a backup, and they are paying him 15 mil.

        1. Wherever he plays, I’m happy it’s not here in SF. Like I said!
          I’m also happy to see you snivel at the fact he won’t be a Niner.
          Karma dude!

          1. I have been talking about him leaving, and speculating on teams he might end up on from the day he opted out.
            Now, with all the other doors closing, Kaep may be forced to return, even though he is tired of being stabbed in the back. After these practices, and Barkley failing, Kaep is still a way superior option.
            Interesting to see Kaep say that he would accept a backup role on the Seahawks, but they give him a way better chance to make the playoffs, compared to the Niners. Wish him well, but still think he has the best chance to start if he returns to the Niners.
            I am confident that Lynch will make a wise decision, because he is very smart, and seems passionate about winning.

            1. Kaepernick couldn’t pay SF to come back. We are not talking about a running back or a receiver that can learn basic terminology and come in 3 games into the season and start. A QB needs to be brought in to learn the playbook before TC.
              Kaepernick for all his attributes is not NFL QB quality.

              1. He made it to a SB after only 10 games. Not too many QBs have ever done that.
                KS should ask Matt Ryan what he thinks of a QB that can come back from a 17 point deficit in the playoffs on the road.

              2. Didn’t Ben Roselesthber win 15 games his rookie season? Then follow that up with a superbowl win. Then followed that up with 3 superbowl appearances in 7 years. That is the mark of a great QB. Kaepernick didn’t win one, didn’t make it back to one, and now doesn’t have a team to compete for one. That is the mark of a trashy QB.

              3. 15 is not 10. 10 is more impressive.
                Rothlisberger got away with rape, so I am not going to put him up on a pedestal.
                Yes, Kaep did not win one, and he did not make it back to one, but he almost won one. He came within 5 yards of winning it. And he came within 1 pass of returning. The fact that he did not have a team that had a good enough supporting cast is due more to Baalke’s incompetence than Kaep’s skills.
                Sure, he does not have a team right now, but some team will lose their QB, and in desperation, will hire Kaep. Then if he has good enough support, I expect him to do well.

              4. The point is the NFL is littered with QB’s who had flashes and the window slammed shut.
                Tommy Maddox. Steve Beuelein. Cordell Stewart. Rob Johnson. Scott Mitchell. Frank Reich. Jay Fiedler. Elvis Grbac. The closest to Kaepernick’s situation: Mark Rypien. HC left after the super bowl and he was never the same without Joe Gibbs.

                I am not saying you’re wrong to believe he will be on an NFL team this year. Michael Vick got a chance and so did RGIII, so why not?

                Any NFL QB could be successful with a supporting cast. I do not think there is a drastic difference in ability between the best in the league and those struggling. When you reach the NFL ,especially as a QB, you have intangibles and a skill set that is in the top 3%.
                The biggest difference is the supporting cast and the coaching staff. The talent level is very close.

                So, I will give you the argument that Kaepernick will be on an NFL team this year. I just don’t think there will be success because the team with that much supporting cast is not built around Kaepernick’s skill set.

  32. Die-hard fan in 49ers front office grew up in the dynasty days
    By Eric Branch
    Published 4:17 pm, Saturday, May 27, 2017

    Long before front-office executive Adam Peters was helping the 49ers sign players, he was trying to get one of their greatest players to sign his game program.

    The problem? Peters was a 7-year-old die-hard who was overwhelmed when Joe Montana, sidelined after back surgery, shared an elevator ride with him and his mom at Candlestick Park in 1986.

  33. On Rotoworld:

    Franchise-tagged QB Kirk Cousins says extension talks with the Redskins have been “really positive.”
    “As one person told me, Deadlines do deals,” said Cousins. “That’s just kind of a rule in negotiating, so why would something happen way before a deadline? I’m not in a hurry, they’re not in a hurry, so we’ll just see how things go.” The Redskins have been talks with Cousins since the start of the offseason, but haven’t gotten anywhere. It sounds like Cousins is still open to an extension if his demands are reached. Washington has until July 15 to work out a deal.

    1. Rather Kirk Cousins is saying the right things or not, there is proof that, their is no clear cut awnser for him to be in SF next year.

      1. Right now, Washington has -15 mil in cap space. If you consider the top 51, they have 4 mil in cap space.
        Cousins may not be able to be affordable, so his contract extension is problematic.
        Washington will be looking hard at Nate Sudfeld.

  34. Nice article Grant. Thank you. Can’t wait to see Kyle and Hoyer go to work with this offense and bring back the kind of quarterback play we’ve been lacking for years. No more erratic, schizophrenic, flustered, crappy play from two lousy quarterbacks playing the most important position in the NFL. Goodbye forever to the “best chance to lose” and hello to the “best chance to win”. Can’t wait!

    1. Last playoff game, Hoyer threw like the DBs were the intended receivers, 4 times, and fumbled once for 5 turnovers. You think that he gives the Niners their best chance to win, I think otherwise, because when the pressure was on, he crumbled.
      Thankfully, the supporting cast has improved, so no matter who the QB is, I think the Niners can at least be competitive.

  35. I interesting reading today.

    1. I learned that Carlos Hyde also ran the outside zone at OSU. OSU is not just an inside zone team, though it’s their primary scheme. They also run the Counter-Trey & Sweep-Read (a variant of the outside zone). And Hyde was outstanding at all of them because, for a relatively big back, he’s got exceptional balance and quickness.

    2. Of all receivers, TEs & backs with 20 or more receptions in 2016, at 81.8%, Hyde had the 7th highest catch-rate of all NFL players. Number 2 was Hightower. Kyle Juszczyk was at 75.5% (and no drops). We have a bunch of pass-catching studs in the backfield, much like Atlanta has now and something we haven’t had since the days of Garrison Hearst and Charlie Garner.

    3. Hyde was successful on 48% of his runs last year. That’s equal to Gore in 2012 when we (allegedly) had an elite line. It’s better than Gore in 2013 when we (allegedly) still had an elite line. Ironically, the 2014 line (supposedly complete trash by then) helped Gore to a 50% success rate in 2014. Funny how, so often, reality differs from narrative.

    4. I don’t dislike PFF because they sad bad things about the 49ers. I dislike them because people put way to much reliance into a bunch of hacks who routinely get it wrong and act as if they’re citing some Holy Text. They’re dudes. They guess at what’s happening. Anything beyond mere counting by them is problematic. A blast from the past (and the one that opened my eyes (never mind Belichick thinks they suck which reinforced my opinion and I’m not arguing with him)):

    Chilo Rachel — Secret Superstar

    Most eyes are fixed now on the shiny new rookies, but more should be seeing that the real star of the 49ers offensive line is a guy many had written off 12 games into his career. The scary thing is, at just 24 years of age, we may only be seeing a glimpse of what Rachal is capable of. Close to our Pro Bowl team this year, it won’t be long before his performance (correct voting permitting) earns him these kind of honors and more.

    Until then though, Chilo Rachal remains a Secret Superstar.

    He wasn’t a superstar. He was the opposite of a superstar.

  36. I got an important meeting coming up. You think if I contact CK (or his representatives) we could combine a fitting with a protest?

    44L, 35″ waist, go 35 on inseam too. Maybe a nice gray with subtle pinstripes. I’ll need a shirt too, 16.5″ neck. No tie, c’mon man this is Silicon Valley.

    Where should I report for the event?

  37. I found this really interesting from the link posted below (it’s an interview with KS right after he was hired).

    “At the 1:13 mark, Shanahan talks about how he started sitting in on meetings with the defensive staff when he worked under Jon Gruden in Tampa Bay. This is the quote that was really intriguing:

    I really got to understand fronts and coverages, and that’s when it really clicked for me on offense. I had a knowledge of all these plays, but I didn’t know actually why we were running all these plays. That’s what, I feel, changed my whole career in terms of not just running plays to run them, but knowing why you’re running them, and why you gotta change things depending on the front you’re going against.”

    1. I remember reading that BB likes to have his assistants sit on on opposite (Off-Def) meetings just for perspective.

      1. Later in the interview, Shanahan talked about thinking several plays in advance, but also needing to adjust when necessary. Classic chess.

        1. Wonder if Coach S will also play classical music during offense practice like Walsh used to, to get the right rhythm.

          1. I. Seb…..”Where he (Seb) believes there’s still a place in Kaeps life .”

            “What a fool believes, he sees…..No wise man has the power, to reason away.

            “I believe he’s never gone away….The wise man has the power, to reason away.”

            By The Doobie Brothers

            II. The clever do all things intelligently,
            but the fool displays folly…………

            Above Source: The Bible.

            Fool, Seb. Kaep’s just washed out in Seattle….He’s not coming back unless the SasKactchewan calls.
            Maybe a session with a therapist will right the ship, eh, Sebby ?

            What a Fool Believe– (he sees),
            By the Doobie Bros.


          2. Classical music?
            You mean like Chuck Berry, Ray Charles, Elvis, BB King, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson?

            1. Some classical music and modern movie music supports/evokes the “quest” for something. I’ve wondered a few times if this type of “quest” music played at practice might bolster the idea that the team is on a quest for a Superbowl. Of course the idea and desire are obvious, but the manifestation of ideas is often supported by sensual perception. When asked to describe a journey, people often associate the senses with that description.

  38. Incidentally, Seb, your main points of contention with Kyle Shanahan as an obtuse and bad coach have been dismantled, point by point.

    1. In the prior article, you called Shanahan obtuse. In another, a bad coach for firing Kaep and not recognizing his talents:

    sebnynah says:
    If Lynch is trying to lowball Kaep, and he goes to Seattle, then I will accuse Lynch of being- obtuse.
    May 25, 2017 at 12:18 pm

    Point one has since been disproved by the NFL experts:

    Direct quote from note QB Guru, Kyle Shanahan: “Colin’s had a great career. I think Colin has a certain skillset…If your quarterback can’t execute it and go through it, it doesn’t always matter what the O-line or the receivers are doing.
    “With Brian, you have a very smart guy who works at it, will hang in the pocket and is fearless, will keep his eyes down the field and deliver the ball to the right spots. It gives people a chance to be successful.”

    Shanahan appeared to be looking for quarterbacks who are more proficient at going through progressions and making plays from the pocket. Kaepernick was not deemed as a good fit for Shanahan’s offense….Matt Maiocco.

    TomD’s Take: Matt Maiocco and Grant have documented Kaep’s progression reading ineptness.
    They watch film for a living, so I’ll believe them over you, Seb, who doesn’t even rank NFL novice evaluator.
    Consequently, Seb, your Shanahan as obtuse analysis is in the dumpster fire, exploding.

    Point # 2: Seb, your point that Shanahan didn]t hire an Offensive Coordinator, so is a rank amateur has been subsequently dismantled just today, by Matt Maiocco:

    Shanahan delegates offensive duties to 49ers staff
    By Matt Maiocco May 28, 2017 12:05 PM

    Shanahan has assembled a supporting cast that he said makes him comfortable to delegate responsibilities whenever his attention has to be focused on something other than the team’s offense.

    Mike McDaniel and Mike LaFleur joined Shanahan after time together on the Atlanta Falcons’ offensive staff. McDaniel is the run-game specialist, while LaFleur, the wide receivers coach, is the pass-game specialist.

    TomD’s Take: Seb’s research lazy. Any 49er fan researched the coaches brought from ATL by Shanahan. They allow Shanahan to delegate activities as Kyle takes in the big picture—another responsibility of the HC.

    During Tuesday’s OTA session open to the media, Shanahan could be seen bouncing from group to group, spending a large chunk of the early part of practice with the defensive line and linebackers as they went through “run fits.”


  39. It appears Solomon Thomas and Ronald Blair have the edge overTank Carradine, who may be a training camp or trade casualty.

    1. Makes sense considering that Thomas and Blair are better against the run, They’re really the only two options at strong side DE which is a run stopping position.

      Tank can still make the team as LEO if Lynch is fat or if Armstead can’t handle the position.

  40. Prime Time says:

    May 27, 2017 at 12:18 pm

    Ever to stop to think he might delegate certain OC’s duties to his QB, RB coach, quality control coaches?
    Seb stick to mowing grass. It’s mindless work. On par with your IQ.

  41. sebnynah says:
    May 26, 2017 at 12:57 am

    TomD’s Take:
    And calling Kyle Shanahan a racist is just about as clueless as rafting through the Amazon Rain Forest , atop the Amazon river without oars, while trying to evade the poison arrows of the inhabitants you just trespassed on.

    Yup, from all these comments, racism is alive and well in America. if ignorance is bliss, many are in the throes of ecstasy.
    If KS is clouding his judgement by considering politics and emotions, he will not succeed. If Lynch lets Kaep go to a division rival, he risks looking clueless if Kaep starts to play well with a strong supporting cast.

    1. Yup from all these COMMENTS, racism is alive and well.
      TrollD just pulled a Trump tactic, projecting his own worst traits on some one he hates.
      I know who the real racist is.

      1. Wait a minute, Sebby!!!! You once called me a racist! Now TomD is…….??
        Or are we both?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  42. 49er Draft Re-Analysis:

    I see the Niners’ draft as a success mostly due to their first trade: they just robbed the Bears at the top of the draft. Dropping from the 2nd overall pick to 3rd, and still getting Thomas — the player they wanted anyway — eventually netted the 49ers: a seventh-round selection, the Saints’ 2018 second-round pick, Chicago’s 2018 third-round pick, and the move up for Foster. San Francisco traded up twice (for Foster and Beathard) and paid very reasonably to do so.

  43. When You Can’t Merit a Job With Detroit, You’ve Hit Rock Bottom:

    Jim Caldwell isn’t interested in Kaepernick, but believes in him | ProFootballTalk
    The Lions don’t have a veteran backup to quarterback Matthew Stafford. They’re nevertheless not interested in adding Colin Kaepernick. Via Carlos Monarrez of the Detroit Free Press

    1. I was listening to ESPN, yesterday,, on the way home from work. The ‘guest expert’ gave it a 50-50 shot for Kaepernick to be signed to a roster. I felt like laughing. The press is making this a story about black-balling, racism, etc. despite the fact that RGIII, who is the same QB for all intents and purposes, is also jobless.

      It’s like teams don’t want a back-up who can’t run anything but a junk offense the NFL has solved and to do so, you’d have to completely revamp your offense and your personnel to fit what little they can do well. Better to get some journeyman, like Barkley, as your back-up.

      1. RGIII is playing on one leg.
        I thought Barkley would do better than Hoyer, but he obviously is not lighting up the practices.

          1. Hey Sebbi… Trying to recall; what was your prediction for the 9ers 2017 season win/loss?

            1. I originally said the Niners would have a 6 win season, but after free agency and the draft, I am hoping they might not have a losing season.

            1. Prime, it is so easy to rattle you enough to get you to devolve into spewing expletives.
              It is very easy to refrain from going into the gutter so I will not claim victory, but some how, you just cannot help yourself. You lose again.

              1. I wish to honor all vets, but 2 in particular.
                My Uncle ran under heavy fire with a wire, climbing over unexploded bombs to re-establish communications. He said he was lucky because 2 others tried and failed, so the wire was partly extended. His CO said that his actions may have turned the tide of the battle, because the spotters could relay the enemy coordinates for the air force and artillery.
                The second is my wife’s grandfather, who flew a spotter plane in France. He had no machine guns, but once fired his 45 handgun at an ME109. Luckily, he flew hugging the ground, and drew the plane in range of ground forces that shot it down. My wife thinks he got credit for that kill.

  44. by Alex Schubert

    To prepare for Colin Kaepernick, the Bills invented a drill where one DB runs the ball into the endzone while 3 others celebrate behind him.

    1. No wonder the Bills have not been in the playoffs in the 21st century, when they think practicing like that will help win games.

  45. Seb on Kaep — July 2015. Fun for a slow Sunday…

    sebnynah says:

    Kaep needs to throw a more catchable ball. He can improve his completion percentage by getting more touch on the ball. Kaep will get less balls batted down at the line of scrimmage if he gets more loft on the ball.
    My question is- why make it harder to catch?

    sebnynah says:

    Additionally, Kaep should work on his arc, He should be able to drop it in past the LBs and in front of the Safeties. Throwing a frozen rope make those passes difficult to execute.

    sebnynah says:

    Coach Tomsula should sit Kaep down and make him watch every pass Joe Montana had ever thrown. I guarantee he would improve.

      1. He’s still a sub-60% passer. Even worse, he changed his passing mix to be shorter so it should have gone up. It didn’t. And while at 4.53%, he didn’t have the best drop rate, that’s not the explanation for his continued non-NFL performances as that’s not too far off NFL average. And Alex Smith, who had close to the same exact depth-of-throw profile AND had a higher drop rate at 5.11%, managed to complete just over 67% of his passes.

        There was no improvement. There was continued regression. And he’s not even Alex Smith level in the short-intermediate. Compare:

        1-to-10: 63.3% to 70.7% for Smith (53% of attempts for Kaepernick, 46% for Smith)
        11-to-20: 36.8% to 49.4% for Smith (20% of attempts for Kaepernick, 17% for Smith)
        21-to-30: 38.9% to 29.6% for Smith
        31-to-40: 25.0% to 36.4% for Smith
        41+ 0% to 33% for Smith

        Now, to be blunt, neither one of threw many balls over 20 yards so you can’t really tell all that much after 20 (even is Smith is winning 2 of 3 categories). And Reid throws a ***K – ton of bubble screens and passes to backs behind the LOS, so that really makes things tough there and I’m not willing to dig that far to make the point. But where NFL QBs make the majority of their living – shallow and intermediate — Kaepernick, despite having a receiving corps with better hands than Smith had, was significantly worse in exactly where he needed to throw with touch and timing (as the target has little time to adjust his route to a poorly thrown ball, unlike the deep ball).

        So you didn’t ‘see’ anything. You imagined he got better. But he didn’t. And last year was not a boost in positive performance like you, and others argue. Rather, he cut his mistakes down to nearly nothing by rarely throwing a ball that could be intercepted which, in turn, jacked up his QB rating..

        And that was Kelly’s low-risk offensive design. An offense that has made both Mark Sanchez and Nick Foles look like world beaters. And has, unfortunately, given ammunition to the shallow finger-pointers.

        1. Sure wish the Niners had a WR like Julio Jones, Demaryius Thomas or Dez Bryant. Wide receivers that could really stretch the field and provide targets downfield.
          Chiefs had Jeremy Maclin and Chris Conley. Conley ran a 4.33 forty.

  46. -It ain’t the size of the dog in the fight. It’s the size of the fight in the dog-
    60 Minutes had a piece on a guy who is the sole US survivor of the Bataan Death March. He’s 98 and participates every year in a race to commemorate the event. He goes 8 miles of the marathon course.
    He was interviewed and there’s fire behind his eyes and gravitas to his words.
    There’s fight in that dog!!!
    Much respect.

    1. In 1940 my dad brought an Army private home who was on his way to the Philippians and Bataan. He had been a rodeo rider and gave me his spurs before he left. I was seven at the time. We never heard from him after the war.

      When our daughter was in love with horses I gave the spurs to her along with the story. She left them at our house when she went off to Maui to live. She probably forgot the spurs story.

      Then I gave the spurs to our son’s daughter because she loved horses. She still loves horses, and is in her last year of Veterinary Medicine. I’m going to check with her to see if she remembers the story that I gave her with the spurs.

      Sometimes it’s hard to give a story.

      1. Was a brutal time. My uncle was aboard the USS Pennsylvania at Pearl Harbor on 7 December. His battle station was below decks. During the second attack wave several bombs were dropped on Pennsylvania and in the immediate vicinity–Pennsylvania was in dry dock at the time. Several were killed and wounded in the compartment next to his. He went on to serve on several aircraft carriers throughout the war.

    2. I was trained to survive in a prisoner of war camp. It’s not uncommon for prisoners to announce that they will die, and then be dead the next morning. Others go to unbelievable lengths to survive. I would never presume to know which group I would be in.

      1. HT
        The Hanoi Hilton survivors said everybody breaks. You give it as spirited a try as you can. Your peers (a very select few) forgive you.

        1. Our twenty day training course was based on WWII and “Korean Police Action” information. The message in 1955 was “This is the way it is. Resist.” Most of us didn’t expect to reach a prison camp.

  47. Once again, the equation is simple:

    Mediocre quarterback with a 3-16 record in his last 19 starts + divisive sideline activism + unreasonable contract demands = unemployed mediocre quarterback.

  48. Nice to hear:

    “It’s definitely easier for me to call the plays this time around,” Hoyer said. “I remember last time kind of having to think about it, whereas now I find myself knowing that when Kyle starts to call a play I can kind of put it together. Just hearing it the second time around has helped, and knowing the plays, there are a lot of words; I think calling the play is half the battle, and it’s something I really don’t think about anymore. It comes naturally to me.”

    As with any coaching and scheme change around the league, there’s always going to be an inherent learning curve. Depending on the difficulty of that system, it can be a long, excruciating process. But when the Niners entered free agency looking to make drastic changes to their quarterback depth chart, they targeted Hoyer in large part because of his familiarity with Shanahan’s offense.

    And could imagine the FUBAR it’d be if He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named was still QB with this crap going on:

    In an appearance on 95.7 The Game, Romanowski had this to say: “Let’s talk ****** preparing for games. And you know how they get iPads now. And they regulate, and they can watch how much film you watch. [Blaine] Gabbert, when he was a backup, was watching four to five times as much film as ****** was.”

    There’s more to playing QB than running and lifting weights. In fact, running and lifting weights are probably the two least important things.

    1. Yup, Gabbert watched so much film, just like Cosell, but if he could not process what he was watching, it did little good, and Gabbert amply demonstrated that he just could not figure it out.
      Ipad use may have meant he turned it on and left it, but that was proprietary information and should never have been divulged, unless Baalke wanted to stab him in the back again. Romo is the perfect shill to do it.
      Interesting, running helps with cardio and will help maintain his speed and elusiveness. Lifting weights is important so he can shrug off arm tackles. Every pro player works hard at his running and strength, so I think it is very important.. Sure, he should be studying also, but both Chip and JH never thought he refused to study. If fact, he spent that off season with Warner and others, studying hard to work on his pocket skills.
      The good thing is that he has made it to the SB after only 10 games, setting records in the process, so he will be a quick study. Sure, it would be nice to have him practicing with the team, but leaving him twisting in the wind while others are struggling like Barkley and CJB, just makes their decision to ignore him all the more puzzling. It is almost like they do not care if the QBs are inferior, and they will be content to lose so they will be rewarded with a high draft position.

      1. lol. He was carried. It’d get into things you don’t understand (EV, etc.), but he was carried.

        1. Good one. One can build/grow knowledge in a temporal sense, or repeat the same first lessons over and over and never quite progress–to the point one should as a top tier professional NFL QB.

  49. Here’s a simple analogy:

    John and Kyle looked at Kaepernick as of he were a really fast race car. The problem is that he can only make left turns and go really fast. If the they’re scheme were set up for a track like that, then maybe they would have considered signing him. But the NFL is more like Laguna Seca. They need a car that can make left and right turns, brake and stop on a dime. The Kaep car isn’t equipped, and to change it to fit the road track was too much. On top of that, the Kaep car had decals that were offensive to a large proportion of the fans. Though the Kaep car had some fine races, it never won the big race. In fact, it crashed two yards from the finish line! ;)

    1. Kaep was sacked 47 times, but he also used his speed and elusiveness and probably avoided 47 more sacks. Hoyer, with his 5.03 speed will be fair game for the pass rush.
      The problem is, all 3 other teams in the division have good defensive lines. Hoyer, with his sluggish speed, may get beaten like a pinata, especially if the O line plays like last year.
      Yes, Kaep reminds me of a formula one racer, while Hoyer reminds me of a Pinto.

      1. Sebnnoying, no one cares about a former QB. Time to move on. Hoyer is the starter. Deal with it and shut up!

        1. He’s hoping Kaep lands in Seattle. There are direct flights from Santa Rosa for Groupies.
          It ain’t going to be New York; check Mara’s quotes on PFT.

          1. He may land in Seattle, but the Seahawks cannot pay him more than the league minimum due to salary cap restraints.
            Right now, I think Lynch will finally decide that he would rather Kaep play for him, than against him.
            Sure am glad he left that door open.

            1. What will happen when you realize that door isn’t really open? You’re already having a nervous breakdown on this blog over him.
              He isn’t coming back to San Fran. He will totally hurt himself if he doesn’t take the Seattle gig. Waiting around for a starter to go down to injury is a fool’s errand. He only fits 3-4 systems so it would have to be one of those teams that had the injury. And he isn’t learning anyone’s system now to know what to do if called on. Doesn’t matter if he’s running and lifting, he should be working on his deficiencies and breaking in with a new offense.
              I see why people call you delusional. It gets stalker-creepy after a while

              1. Van, I must admit I bring up the open door scenario just to needle Kaep’s detractors.
                And no, I will not be upset at all if he signs with another team. I know he must be sick of all the times he has been smeared with leaks and stabbed in the back.
                I have expected him to leave for awhile,and wish him well, wherever he lands, but still want the Niners to win multiple rings.
                Stalker creepy? you must be referring to TrollD, he is the one fantasizing about breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares.

            2. Lets bet on that Seb? This time we will get you to copy and paste the details so your other log in Sebrazor doesn’t get confused and embarassed!

              But I know you are too yellow to bet. So confident in Kap returning, lets put your money where you mouth is?

              1. The campaign manager for Son Of A Mitch Trubiscuit is lecturing me on embarrassment? Ha!

              2. 10? Surely King Solomon, under the recent mentorship of DeMarcus Ware will record 20, 30, perhaps even 40 sacks! Long live the King!

              3. Great to see your thinking process hasn’t evolved since harping on and on about how Trubiscuit would be the apple of Shanny’s eye….

              4. confused and embarassed


                You’re such a tool

                Prime Time describes a person who daily pontificated how Shanny would be enamored with a one year wonder quarterback in the top 5….

              5. Prime example of how the truth can set you free, but first it makes you miserable.

      2. Yeah, F1 racer who can’t get past the 5th lap without over steering and punching through hay bales on turn 3.

      3. Kaep reminds me of a formula one racer as well, the fast car driven dead last by a guy with no peripheral vision who’s driving skills look better than what they are cause others carried him (49ers Defense), people crashed in front of him or he hit a straight away and just floored it. (i.e. see Green Bay Defensive Coordinator game planning and Green bay defensive players)

      4. Seb,
        Do you think Hoyer will be sacked more than Kaep was in 2016? Did CK have a porous O-line? Yes. But CK also was about a second slower in his release than almost every QB starter around the league.
        I really like Kaep and wanted to see him become a vibrant force in the NFL, but aside from the poor play of the O-line there were many “holes” in CK’ game that has led to his current state.
        Imo, Kaep likely could have avoided half of the sacks had he developed a quicker release on his passing. Hoyer will have less sacks because of his quicker release.
        He could have also had a better completion percentage had he stayed in the pocket for a micro-second longer to allow his receivers to break open.
        Let’s face it, many of CK’ QB issues were self-inflicted.

        1. You are wasting your breath and knowledge in explaining any and all football insight with this guy.
          He’s in it to needle 49er fans, admitted it, and to seek attention on a player no longer of importance to this organization.

          Ask yourself, when Alex Smith was traded, how did the blog react? Did any of his fans continue the clamouring?

          1. You’re one to talk, wasting 3 full months of your blathering breath on Son Of A Mitch Trubiscuit! You could use a knowledge bump….

              1. The voices say you’re an attention whore with an insatiable appetite for foolishness and pomposity….

              2. I’ll use words you’re pea brain can handle. “Trubiscuit, Shanny, franchise, next 10 years”, right?

              1. Atta, boy! Randy Rhodes was a national treasure, and I still blame Ozzy for his death.

              2. You’re demonstrating classic bi polar disorder, by insisting I shut up whilst in the next breath exclaiming I should keep talking….

          2. “Ask yourself, when Alex Smith was traded, how did the blog react? Did any of his fans continue the clamouring?” Prime

            Well actually, yes, many here continued to burn the candle for about a year after Alex signed on with KC as a free agent.
            I really don’t view my response to Seb as a waste of time. Not trying to give insight to him, just sharing my opinion.

            1. And that’s cool AES. Just be aware of Sebs true intentions.
              As for the Alex Smith saga. It ended quickly when he became a Chief.

              Seb is campaigning for a return of CK. I think that is proposterous on so many levels.
              But hey, you want to fuel his obsession with CK, go ahead. Have at it. It’s stupid, but you go ahead.

        2. AES, I sure hope not. Hoyer does have skills, and I agree, I am sure he will be getting rid of the ball quickly so the pass rush does not have time to get to him. I am not going to say that Kaep does not need to improve, or that he did not regress. I just think that with a better supporting cast, he will do better. Devey and Pears were turnstiles, and last season, the O line did not grade out too highly.
          3 major facts include improving the O line, and getting better receivers. Juszczyk will help with the blocking, and I hope he is utilized like Tom Rathman was. Having Hyde healthy and productive, while also expecting good things from Joe Williams. I will not say that Joe Williams has quick hips, but I will say that he is a strong North/South runner. Having a running game will take pressure off the O line, and set up the play action.

      5. Once again going on, on and on about Kaps foot-speed. But you never talk about his quickness and elusiveness in the pocket………..

        Why is that?

        Your false idol is also faster than Montana………you conveniently never talk about that, either. Why is that?
        See you at Marty’s Top ‘O the Hill, Sebbs!!

  50. On this Memorial day I just wanted to tip my cyber cap to all the vets who contribute to the conversations on here and thank you for your service. You can never be repaid for your sacrifices but please know you are revered and appreciated. Thank you.

  51. On this Memorial Day, I wish to honor my neighborhood hero, who protected me from the neighborhood bully. He was a 3 letter sports star, and while on leave, brought to us younger neighborhood kids smoke and phosphorous grenades that we set off down by the creek. That was mega cool.
    Unfortunately, 2 weeks from returning, he died in a rice paddy. I do not think I ever heard his father laugh again.

    1. That sounds like a complete fabrication. I don’t believe for one minute that you were setting off WP in Sebastopol.
      Can you even tell me the blast radius of a phosphorous grenade? Don’t look it up, just describe it. Liar.

        1. Yeah, I came back twice, once by plane and once by ship. They went over us closer than TSA. They even went through our wallets to confiscate any gruesome photos or souvenirs some guys tried to bring back.
          Nobody smuggled back several grenades. Never happened.
          And even we were scared of the WP as you had to have a pretty good arm to heave it far enough not to blow up or incinerate yourself. Smoke grenades were even bigger and harder to conceal. A phosphorous explosion would’ve started a fire and brought out CDF, local fire, Sherriffs, SWAT Team and HazMat Team and Bomb Squad.
          So the grenades part is made up. The guy too?
          WHAT’S HIS NAME SEB? You want to honor him, share his name. I can access a list Tuesday of all the Sonoma County residents who lost their lives in Nam.
          GOT A NAME? Let’s see if even that part is true………

          1. BT, of course, it was not a fragmentation grenade, or an explosive device, and of course, he was not stupid enough to let one of us kids set it off.
            We went to a creek bed area with wide gravel bars, and he set off 2 devices. One had red smoke, and the other blazed brightly, and almost seemed to pulsate.
            No, I do not want to reveal his name, because some one like you would want to besmirch his name. He did not do that to create anarchy, he just thought it was a nice gesture for the neighborhood kids, because we would try and set off major fireworks during the 4th of July. Believe, me, those 2 grenades were tame compared to what we set off.
            He was our hero, now you want to denigrate and dishonor him for smuggling something home. Guess what? Many soldiers returned home with battlefield trophies. I think my wife’s grandfather brought back a German luger, taken off a German officer he killed in North Africa. Of course, I never saw it, because he died before I met her, but that was the family lore. Guess you want to dishonor him, too.

            1. No, aho, I don’t want to denigrate him. Name him to honor him. Why not?
              Which of the names on the Sonoma County Veterans’ Memorial Monument is your buddy? I left flowers there Sunday. Which name was his?
              Poser. You’re making this up and you have no name for your imaginary friend.
              “Died in a rice paddy” is so cliche. You’re full of it.
              I never said frag grenade. YOU said phosphorous grenade because you don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s not a nice gesture to give kids incindiary devices (which include smoke grenades) except in your fantasy world. You’re pathetic.

              1. BT, I went to the Vietnam memorial and found his name, and used a piece of graphite and paper to rub his name. I gave that piece of paper to his mother, and she said she really appreciated the gesture. She also said she missed him every day.

                You do great disservice to him to say that he was a figment of my imagination. He was real, and we all wept when he came home. I thought this day was a day to honor vets, not call people liars and threaten to besmirch his memory.

              2. I do no disservice to a real person. That’s your fig leaf for not producing a name. You got nothing. I call your bluff. Find that piece of paper. Read the name. Produce the name.
                Then, if you do, I’ll vet the name, and we’ll see.
                Name and branch of service. And if you know he died in a rice paddy, then you know the date he died. How about Brigade and Battalion if Army, Regiment and Battalion if Marine?
                Jack sh#*!
                The wall you’re talking about was the mobile wall display, not the Sonoma County Vietnam Veterans’ Monument, which is permanent.
                You’re not protecting him or his family you fraud, if he exists, you’re trying to save face but falling flat on your face.
                You’re a bad liar.

              3. I will endure your scorn and protect his name from some back biting vindictive vet who would probably heap dishonor on his service because he was being nice to his neighborhood friends who worshiped him as a hero.
                I visited DC, and went to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, and found his name on panel 54W, row 1-.

              4. Classic Seb he thrives on this BT. Don’t let him get your goat. So he lives in a fantasy world of his own creation. He does this with football, it shouldn’t surprise us that he does this with other aspects of his life.

                He’s a classic Narcissist. Thrives in the chaos he creates. Whether it is Kap or any other issue he champions where he is the shining beacon of all that is pure and good and moral. Everyone else is not. He’s doing it with this issue too. Making himself the hero for caring on the legacy of a childhood hero while you, an embittered old man are trying to besmirch the name of a beloved vet.

                Lost on him is the fact you called on him to produce facts which he won’t. But that is his rationalization. That he is protecting his legacy (Don Quixote rides again!). This guy has serious issues!

                Forget about him, toast your buddies, know those in the sane and rational world appreciate all you and your real friends did and fought for, and are glad you made it back, and mourn those who didn’t; whether they didn’t come home or came home but not whole.

                This imbicile thinks he wins something on the internet when he’s never won anything in his life. I feel pity for him.

              5. Seb as blog poster…

                “If we’re blogging about [insert topic here], at some point we’ll face a critic, an accuser. This can be a bewildering mess if we assume s/he will listen to reason. If we defend ourselves, the ante will be upped. If we over-explain ourselves, s/he declares victory, becoming increasingly strident with the reward of attention and sympathy.” — CZBZ of The Narcissistic Continuum.

                Last sentence would appear to apply to our beloved Sebbie.

              6. Not to mention that the only war that you could go on leave to the States and return to action was WWII. Unless you count R&R to Hawaii during the Vietnam adventure. Oh what a tangled web we weave…

              7. WC, he was on leave before he went to Vietnam. I asked him why he wanted to go, and he said that he was tired of only playing basketball, and thought it was his duty to go fight for his country.
                He also mentioned that he would serve only 6 months if he volunteered, while the draftees had to serve a whole year. He died on the 29th, but was slated to return on the 12th of the next month.
                Luckily, he did get leave during his duty. His folks got to go to Japan, and spend time with him. I remember his father talking about what a wonderful time they had together, how much fun they had.

              8. East, when you call somebody an imbecile, it is better if you spell the word correctly, because misspelling words make you look dumber than one.

  52. No, that’s not what the film shows. Kaepernick caused most of those sacks by fleeing the pocket at the slightest hint of pressure. His eyes drop and he runs, the only true talent that he has, but knowing that, the defenses adjusted and took his running lanes away and sacked him. The happiest people on the team to see him depart are the offensive linemen. Hoyer will stand or move “in the pocket”, go through his progressions and hit his open receivers. Kaepernick could never do that because he couldn’t, and wasn’t willing to learn. Hence unemployment.

    1. Juan, you and I must have watched different games. Kaep did go through his progressions and still had no WR gaining separation. Then he would take off, and many times, convert the third down.
      In 2015, he had turnstile O linemen, and he could not set his plant foot before he had a pass rusher in his face.

  53. Actually Seb it would be you vs.
    99.9% of the professional and public opinion who have analyzed his play. So maybe you are watching in a parallel universe. In this universe he doesn’t go through progressions. Does he occasionally hit an alternate receiver other than the one he’s supposed to hit (designed one read offense for him) while he’s running out of the pocket at the slightest hint of pressure? Yes, bit that is not going through progressions.

  54. I agree with you Seb. The parallel universe theory make’s sense. I could never understand what you could possibly be watching to arrive at your conclusions. I’ve either attended or watched on television every Niner game since the mid sixties and the quarterback you describe as Colin Kaepernick is in no way the quarterback I have watched the last 5 years. Absolutely no resemblance. Going by the analysis I have heard from virtually everybody on the planet other than you and maybe three other people, I would assume that they are in my universe, not yours. All I can go by is what has transpired in my universe concerning Kaepernick. In this universe he’s a limited quarterback with lousy mechanics, which leads to chronic inaccuracy, who can’t read defenses, who panics, drops his eyes and runs at the slightest hint of pressure, and is a very fast runner in an open field. That’s the quarterback I’ve been watching for the last half decade. The guy your always talking about, I’ve never seen him.

    1. Interesting, you must have blinked when he ran for 181 yards in the playoffs. That is an accomplishment no other QB has ever done. Maybe you were asleep when he amassed a 4-2 road playoff record.

  55. Grant’s most recent post (this one) started with such promise–the apparent ascendancy of Shanahan. Most everyone was thrilled with Grant and the topic. The 9ers may yet have a bright future–blossoming sooner than many may have thought. Yay!

    Alas…fast forward to this afternoon–the tone has devolved. Wonder how that happened…

  56. I think Kurt remains with the Skins on a long term deal before July 15th(Deadline). I believe John and Kyle have prepared for this hence getting ammunition for the 2018 draft where the likes of Darnold, Allen and Rosen could be available. But weirder things have happened.

    1. Not so fast. Captain Kirk said he’d never do a deal with Allen. I’m leaning towards Snyder slapping him with the transition tag next year….

  57. I am going to transfer into Seb’s universe, as described by Juan. In that universe I’m George Clooney. I have Clooney’s looks, sucess and chick appeal (sorry ladies), and I have Bobby Axelrod’s resources. I’m definitely going to enjoy that universe. When I get there I expect I will see Tom Brady unemployed, buying suits for protesters. This will be interesting.

    1. Would this be a depth signing? Would it mean that Ward is struggling at single high? Would it mean that Ward is needed at CB?

  58. Grant – You gotta get us more posts. These threads are being kept alive by Seb’s pissing contests. Come on man.

    1. How about we ban the d bag and get back to what this blog was once about, football, not Sebnnoying?

  59. SHAME on all you posters that keep on replying to Seb posts.

    Stop criticizing him all the time and start ignoring his posts.
    He himself invited you all to do just that.

    Why is that so difficult to do?
    My Gosh…

      1. That I believe is a classic Seb expression. When are you just gonna come clean and be one poster you filthy liar?

            1. Every morning as you gaze into the mirror, you find that your face is still frozen in a frown and reflects failure, disappointment, and shame. Boo hoo!

  60. Thanks for the love BT but got a lot of respect for a lot of you fellows out there. Hats off to all of you who served and let no one here disturb your peace.

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