Kyle Shanahan wants 49ers to clean up mistakes from Week 1 win

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan watches against the Los Angeles Chargers during an NFL preseason football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Thursday, Aug. 29, 2019. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

SANTA CLARA — Midway through the 49ers’ crucial, gritty, hard-fought road victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Kyle Shanahan berated Jimmy Garoppolo on the sideline.

Shanahan’s face was tomato red. Garoppolo shook his head apparently to indicate he thought he did nothing wrong. Shanahan raised his eyebrows in disagreement and read Garoppolo the riot act.

Garoppolo had just forced an incomplete pass to a covered wide receiver on third-and-12 from the Bucs’ 18-yard line when George Kittle was wide open for a touchdown in the middle of the field. Garoppolo didn’t see him. Earlier in the game, Garoppolo telegraphed a throw to the sideline, a throw which Bucs cornerback Vernon Hargreaves intercepted and returned for a touchdown.

Garoppolo ultimately played well enough to beat the Bucs. But his mistakes revealed Shanahan’s frustration about the 49ers’ sloppy performance, and the challenges they will face if they don’t clean up their act.

Here are the five biggest challenges the 49ers must address before Sunday’s game in Cincinnati:

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    1. Well Seb, he’s the head coach, that’s his job.
      Unlike our criticism, his comments are heard by the players.

      Plus, he included himself in his critique. Which is something good coaches do. I especially like that he is holding JG accountable for missed opportunities. You simply can’t leave 21 pts on the table, given the next few games on the schedule. Shanahan and Lynch seem very serious about winning this year and the players better get on board.

      1. AES, I may be critical of him, but I do it with the intention of helping him get better.
        By outlining his mistakes, I hope he learns from them, and does not repeat them.
        The Niners won their first game, but there were many areas in which they can improve. The Niners are not above reproach, and even their HC thinks so.
        While I initially rooted for Tomsula, I quickly learned he was in over his head. However, one thing that I really admired him about was his insistence on protecting his players, and accepting all blame for things that went wrong. He got it right, because being a HC means that he will be blamed for everything, it is part of his job description.

          1. KS should not whine about negative things written about his players, because he says it upsets them.
            That just means they do read what is written.
            JG has the better perspective. He discounts the negativity, and says he does not let it affect him. He just concentrates on things he can control.
            JG said- ‘ You could crumble up and go into a fetal position and surrender, or you could go out and fight.’ Obviously, he went out and fought.
            Maybe he was surprised that his HC verbally attacked him on the side line, but he is a mature man, and realizes that emotions run hot during the game. KS should realize what Bill Walsh wrote, pertains to him.
            Bill Walsh’s Standards of Performance- Salient points.
            Demonstrate respect for each person in the organization.
            Demonstrate and prize loyalty.
            Show self control, especially under pressure.
            Seek poise in myself and those I lead.
            KS should re-read- The Score Takes Care of Itself.

            1. Sebby, Sebby, Sebstrom………….

              “Demonstrate respect for each person in the organization”.

              By his own admission, Walsh never demonstrated respect for Russ Francis-and the team liked that at the Tight Ends expense.

              Seeing only what you want to see—Walsh was a HOF coach, Seb–but he could rag on people with the best of them-and thats not respect.

        1. “AES, I may be critical of him, but I do it with the intention of helping him get better.” – Seb

          Sorry Seb, you lost me with that comment.
          But if you can prove that you actually have a personal contact with Shanahan, then you have my full and complete attention.

          1. Seb’s connection to Shanahan and Lynch…. Kinda like Gold Earring’s Radar Love….

            We don’t need no letter at all
            We’ve got a thing that’s called radar love
            We’ve got a light in the sky, radar love

            ….don’t need no letter at all

          2. ‘The Niners need to be able to handle adversity, and be resilient so they can recover quickly.’
            KS on his KNBR Podcast- ‘ Our team hadn’t faced adversity yet, and we were going to face a lot of that in that game, and whether we are going to be winners or not this year, is going to depend on how they respond to that…’
            ‘The Niners can plan to win by first reducing the unforced errors. Too many times, they have shot themselves in the foot.’
            KS- ‘ Gave the Bucs a number of free first downs off penalties. Just a lot of self inflicted wounds we weren’t proud of.’
            KS may not be parroting me, but he is humming the same tune. ;p

            1. No, he isn’t parroting you even close or reading your posts in the slightest way. Don’t think your tune is even clse with his song and dance. But good try. Just makes you look foolish thinking you and KS think the same or he even looks here, silly, really is Seb. You are a grown man. Hopefully sane.

    2. Seb is right to call out the team and an apparently lazy QB for underperforming last Sunday. I agree with Shanny: we were not especially good last Sunday and will need to get much better. At times, I wonder if Jimmy G has a passion to play and win.

  1. The Niners need to fix the mental game ( cut down on those STUPID ( expletive ) penalties. We play tougher games down the road, so we need to be more disaplined.

      1. Niners need to extend Buckner this year. He is our best single defender. He has a great character backstory as well: solid Hawaiian-German-Samoan family, went to a real prep school (Obama’s), is quick, tough and tireless. Bosa is too weak and fragile. He has a long way to go to prove he capable and consistent.

  2. Let’s see. On the pick six, they put an injured player out on the edge, I guess to stretch the field. Coleman ran slowly, and was not deceptive at all, so it gave the DB the opportunity to jump the route for a pick six. I am glad the coaches made an assessment, and made an adjustment, by benching an injured player.
    On the missed open players, The first was forcing it in to Kittle, who was the go-to- guy. Then, JG assumed they would double Kittle, so he targeted Bourne, but Kittle was open. I would chalk this up to good defensive scheming.
    KS got red in the face and read the riot act? Did Walsh use that tactic to inspire his players? By getting mad, he lost control of his emotions. Maybe KS should get mad at himself, for not preparing his players better.
    KS is frustrated because they keep making those self inflicted wounds? That is another area where the coaching was deficient. Better coaching will help prevent those kind of mistakes. When a player lines up off sides, what is Kocurek doing? It is just basic competence to coach players to line up correctly. Unforced errors that extend drives? Coaching should instill discipline, with more thorough preparations.
    All the Red Zone futility? Maybe KS should fire himself, and hire a new OC. A competent OC would prepare them better so they stop shooting themselves in the foot.
    Yes, winning could have been easier. They dropped 2 interceptions that could have been pick sixes. Encroachment on third down just gave them a new set of downs, so the coaches should coach the players to watch for the snap of the ball. If Sherman continues to be so grabby, maybe move him to safety, where he can still be a ball hawk.
    I am glad that KS sees the need for improvement. The Niners won by letting the Bucs make mistakes, but not every game will be like this first one. The Niners should not rest on their laurels, because the Bengals played the Seahawks very tough. If they do not clean up the penalties and unforced errors, they very easily could lose.
    KS should take a page out of the Bill Walsh playbook, and ream his coaches, not his players.

    1. Seb you are an idiot…JimmyP made mistakes= who is KS gonna ream the OC???? there isn’t one you moron…good god go away already or at least post stuff and responses that make sense…how many years have you been posting on here???

      1. Thanks for making my point. KS says he does not need an OC. KS is the de facto OC who calls the plays, so he should fire himself, and hire an OC.
        ‘At least post stuff and responses that make sense.’ – Says the hack who calls Jimmy Garoppolo- Jimmy P.

    2. Seb-EVERYONE knows you would have fired KS very shortly after he decided who he wants for his QB–and it wasn’t your guy. Neither were any of Ks’s draft picks……..

      1. No, KS was the HC, and he had every right to determine who he wanted to lead his team. Now, KS is the HC, and I am happy he has JG as his starter.
        Yes, it would be nice to own a 3 billion dollar team, but alas, I am short a few bucks of making that happen.

  3. “Let’s see. On the pick six, they put an injured player out on the edge, I guess to stretch the field. Coleman ran slowly, and was not deceptive at all, so it gave the DB the opportunity to jump the route for a pick six. I am glad the coaches made an assessment, and made an adjustment, by benching an injured player. ”

    Was he injured at this point?

    1. Shanny said Coleman got injured on their first snap on offense, so yeah, he would have already been hurt. But I don’t know that him being hurt was what led to the DB squatting on the route. Watching the replay JG just stared it down, Hargreaves was playing off and watching JG. As soon as JG started into his throwing motion he broke on the pass. I think Hargreaves just gambled that it wasn’t a double move given the situation – backed up deep in 49ers territory on 3rd down.

    2. Hard to see Jimmy G ever being a complete franchise QB. He was way overpaid for a very thin resume. Mullens is the better QB and he is far more dedicated to this team. He knows the playbook and is a solid implementer of Shanny’s vision. We will see a change in QB’s in a matter of weeks.

    1. thanks. I asked Matt Barrows how Greenlaw fared in his rookie start to which Matt replied that it was up and down. Seemed to be more up than down.

  4. Grant…

    Unfortunate you weren’t at the Bucs game in person. You could’ve witnessed Shanahan’s Jimmy pummeling first-hand. Check with the 9ers communication staff–perhaps someone in very close proximity to the incident (player or coach) was mic’d up. Imagine the scoop if you gained access to that audio and broadcast it across Twitter and this blog. Imagine…

    1. JimmyP got reamed…….I could almost read his lips”what the fock was that?” “didn’t you see that?” “why did you throw that?” first time I have seen KS pissed….Coach needs to hold players accountable if they screw up…..

  5. I think Jimmy G should start wearing a blacked out visor so that DBS DONT SIT & read his eyes..he’s not as bad as let’s say Kap the 1-Read Machine BUT AT LEAST KAP PROTECTED THE BALL BETTER THEN JIMMY! I mean Kap never has mind blowing TD NUMBERS,but hell Harbaugh taught both Alex & Kap to throw the ball away & fight for another down,which created low INT NUMBERS! Alex had like 16-20Td’s- 5 INTS similar to Kap but more explosive plays & Kaps running ability gave him the nod over Smith..reason I’m bringing this up is those 2011-14 49ers had a DOMINANT DEFENSE THAT NEEDED A GAME MANAGER AT QB THAT HEAVILY RELIED ON POWER RUNNING GAME,low risk move the chain simplicity throwing game cuz having less then 10ints for the year for the QB RESULTED IN 3 straight NFC TITLE GAMES,1SB..Shanahan is a better offensive mind then Harbaugh was who in all those years had 1 HUGE LINGERING PROBLEM-which was playclock constantly running out & having to use time outs,which eventually bit us in the ass in the SB as we had PERFECT PLAY IN AS CLOCK WAS ALMOST EXPIRING & Kap was bout to run the ball in end zone but boom Harb called time out & u know the rest of the story..

    Shanahan doesn’t run a Power Run Game,hence y we traded Trent Brown to Pats for a Hot Dog,T.Brown is not athletic nor fast enough to run Zone Schemes..problem is Jimmy makes way too many mistakes on passing downs & the 9INTS In as many games prove that..& judging by how how supposedly Jed wants results this year or somebody is going to get fired if we have a repeat of last 2 years..

    So now I’m going to take Mike Silvers multiple times of seriously mentioning that if Jimmy either continues to struggle & or we losing,that don’t be surprised if Shanahan don’t pull Jimmy for Nick Mullen’s..cuz Jimmy was never Shanahan QB,he wanted Cousins as he’s coached him in Washington as his O-Coordinator as his Dad was the Head Coach,& it’s no secret he didn’t want RG3 nor all the draft picks needed to get him.but that decision was Owners decision..but Mike did get a chance to draft who he really wanted in Cousins in 4th Round & constantly repeated how much of a STEAL COUSINS WAS..Cousins got WAY OVER PAYED FOR A QB W/a 500 record & if Dallas could play Cousins the rest of his career,then that would of made JERRY Jones & Cowboys Fans REALLY HAPPY..but based on Shanahan Type I REALLY THINK HES FOUND HIS COUSINS IN NICK MULLENS! & if u look at the numbers,Jimmy G & Mullen’s have a eely almost identical numbers & about half a dozen of Mullen’s INTS were at least Fluke INTS as they were Dripps/tips of receivers hands,where as Jimmy has bout have Dozen throws that should of been INTS they WERE AWFUL DECISIONS THAT U WOULD SEE A ROOKIE QB MAKE EXCEPT other then actual games played Jimmy ISNT NO DAM ROOKIE,he’s been in the NFL SINCE HARBAUGH WAS COACHING AS I REMEMBER HARBS INTEREST IN WANTING TO TO SCOUT JIMMY & have him throw the Ball around..Jimmys been in QB heaven as far as sitting back & learning from possibly the GOAT FOR 4 YEARS!! Being around the Pats who are WHAT THE 49ers were in the Walsh/Seifert team,best coach,best QB,best teachers..except only recently iv found out from the Patriots Tv announcer that Jimmy G “was the very worst practice QB THAT THEY EVER HAD THRU OUT THE BELLECHICK/Brady Era” now that could be exaggerated or it could be right on the $$,I mean the guy threw 5ints not in all of the entire Camp,no no no but 5ints in a Row!! Yea I said it 5 Straight Pass plays that resulted in 5 straight INTS!! Iv never ever heard of that ever happening & neither has Shanahan..

    So back to the 2011 49ers,DOMINANT DEFENSE,great running game..all we needed was a middle of the pack QB THAT WAS A GAME MANAGER THAT WAS LOW RISK,20-25 throws a game,20-25 runs a game=BALANCED FOOTBALL THAT PRIDED THEMSELVES OF NOT MAKING MISTAKES,VERY VERY LIMITED TURNOVERS/FUMBLES & ESP VERY VERY LOW INT #’s,talking about 5ints a YEAR,well Jimmy is averaging 1 int per game & not negating it by throwing a Mahomes TD PARTY,he generally throws a TD OR 2 per game..well we can get the same from Mullen’s w/out all the turnovers,like I said their numbers look identical but half a dozen were bounced off WR’s hands=Flukey INTS..since we under the impression that either Shanahan is under the hot seat this year or entire staff or maybe Saleh,I give it by week after the bye week & we only have 1 win vs those sorry ass Bucs,then Silver would be proven right & there will be a Qb change & Shanny will down play Jimmys struggles by saying ACL & Jimmy is just not there yet as far as mentally & physically & we don’t wanna Rush his health by making things worse type of spill..

    JIMMY G THE HONEYMOON IS WAY WAY OVER & done with..U must prove u were worth the Top 5 QB $$ at the Time..or else we got this Undrafted kid who gets paid McDonald’s Manager $$ vs a IBM CEO $$ with this Defense so TALENTED & STOUT WE NEED ALEX SMITH GAME MANAGER RESULTS..Mullen’s is just a Lil undersized but hey so is Baker,Russel,& Kyler our DIVISION got a few except Goff WHOS bout Jimmys size..I really want Jimmy to take off & throw 30TD’s to 7 INTS..otherwise I would settle for Mullen’s 16-20TD’s to 5-10 INTS that could possibly get us our first “WINNING RECORD SINCE 13 or 14 if u consider the 8-8 year which technically wasn’t a losing season,so it’s been 5/6 years & 5/6 Head Coaches later..I def feel like Shanahan is the Best Coach since Harbaugh & we lucked into him maybe cuz of him being a ball boy on our last SB THAT WE WON WHEN HIS FATHER WAS THE O-Coordinator..if there wasn’t that history he would of passed on this job since we were the Top 5 not Top 5,meaning we were among the 5 worst franchises in the NFL & Shanahan being among the Top 5 best Offensive Minds in the NFL,he might be Top 3 w/Sean Payton,Andy Reid & coin flip between Shanahan & Boy Genius w/a Top 3 Roster vs our Top 3 Worst Roster,& Eagles Doug Peterson also in that mix..if anybody getting fired IT BETTER NOT BE SHANAHAN CUZ WHO WOULD U REPLACE HIM WITH?? Jim Tomsula??

    Grant what do you think buddy???

      1. So Grant…

        When do you pull the trigger on that Denise interview?

        Every 9er flaw can be traced back to ownership. The interview could open with ‘why she (and by extension, the York family) tolerates mediocrity’…the mediocrity you and others uncover.


      Did you miss the double pick 6 game against Cards? Did you know he was benched in favor of Gabbert ?

          1. That actually kinda bolsters V’s point. Protecting the ball – you never know what might have happened had Kaep threw it out to the edge there.

            Question for English Lit majors: is WHY a bookend for IF?

  6. Everyone gave this team a pass because they won.. That game was a s**t show.. They only won because TB was so atrociously bad they couldn’t beat a college team.. . It was 3 pt. game with three minutes to go.. SF should’ve been up 30.. How many third and a mile did the SF D give up? Three embarrassing first downs.. Personally I was disgusted with their ineptitude.. They play anywhere close to the level they played last Sunday and Cincy blows them out..

      1. If they play similar football they did last Sunday the Bengals win 31-9.. If they play similar to their effort vs KC in preseason, 49ers 24, Bengals 10..

      1. The game was an aberration and because it was a win you look the other way.. They won’t win a game with that type of performance for seasons. When was the last time the 49ers won a game and played so sloppy? They lost all their sloppy games the last two seasons under Shanny.. Good football teams do not play mistake laden sloppy stupid football. Bad teams do..

        1. “When was the last time the 49ers won a game and played so sloppy?” – Don

          Ahh, last Sunday. You’re right about playing sloppy. They should have put a 50 piece on Tampa. But you still would be whining about something – chances are you would have been whining that they blew a chance to score 70.

          There’s a table waiting for you with all the other whiners. Look for the card that reads “paralysis by analysis.”

          1. What don is saying is 100% correct. If the offense plays like that again on Sunday the only chance they have to win would be for the defense to get them a couple pick 6’s and a blocked punt.

            The win was great deodorant for a really bad offensive performance with many of the same issues we’ve seen under the current regime previously.

            1. If….

              Jack, you have become the master of ifs and buts around here.

              You know, as we’ve been told 1,000s of times, that’s Sebs favorite dead poets poem. He must be living rent free in the old noggin, eh? hehe.

            2. “If the offense plays like that again on Sunday the only chance they have to win would be for the defense to get them a couple pick 6’s and a blocked punt.” – Jack

              Yeah, I think we covered that topic already. My take, we win as a team and lose as team. Is it safe to say that you prefer to micro manage every aspect of the game?
              Is so, there’s a table waiting for you as well 😉

              1. The team was soooo close to proving Jack right: lousy play (especially lousy QB play) = big fat zero in the standings. Don’t worry Jack, you got another chance this weekend.

              2. AES,

                This has nothing to do with micromanaging.

                Being happy that the team won and seeing that they probably won’t be able to keep winning that way aren’t mutually exclusive.

                Paralysis by analysis?

                The team won. That’s great. Analyzing how they played during that time doesn’t stifle anything. For crying out loud, even Shanahan is saying that they can’t keep doing those things.

              3. Dumb

                I don’t claim to be the genius other posters would lead the board to believe.

                However, this game the offense might be proficient “but” the defense stinks up the joint. You got your bases covered only two games into the season. And the game after that, “if” special teams blunder (maybe a blocked punt or a few shanks out of the 4th rounder), it’ll be the trifecta. In any case it’s all jaw’s fault, for his lack of commitment.

              4. “The team won. That’s great. Analyzing how they played during that time doesn’t stifle anything.” – Jack

                You keep bringing up facts and stats from Sundays game that we saw for ourselves. We saw for ourselves that the offense was sloppy. We saw that JG was not sharp and missed on opportunities to score. We know the defense helped the TEAM win and that there’s a lot to clean up.
                Let me add, that I’m positive that the coaches are working on these things at the writing of this post.

                Finding reasons why they should lose games (coaching, JG, Oline, DB and Joan in Accounting etc.) is not my cup of tea. I’m still basking in the sunshine of Sundays TEAM win.
                You set a high bar with the team winning 11 games. Would you be upset if they won many of those games in the ugly category?

              5. “Would you be upset if they won many of those games in the ugly category?”

                Of course not. Dumb question to be quite honest.

              6. “Would you be upset if they won many of those games in the ugly category?”
                Of course not. Dumb question to be quite honest. – Jack

                Aren’t you the person that brought up Shanahan’ SB blunder when he was hired?
                How about calling out Shanahan for bad offensive playcalling even when players were not executing.
                Or not on board with the Bosa pick (just to name one)?
                You have spent time this week explaining that the defense helped win the game. So what! It’s part of their job to help the team win games.

                I believe it’s fair to say that you are not happy with this regime and the constant nitpicking certainly reveals that. In any case, that’s the reason I asked the question.
                Dumb question? I guess it depends on who I’m asking.

              7. “Aren’t you the person that brought up Shanahan’ SB blunder when he was hired?”

                Not right away, no. I was initially happy with the hire, then started looking at his body of work and became less impressed.

                “How about calling out Shanahan for bad offensive playcalling even when players were not executing.”

                Yes, I do call Shanahan out for how he manages the game. He lucked out a bit on Sunday even with some of the things he did. You can find my comments on the live blog if you’d like.

                “You have spent time this week explaining that the defense helped win the game.”

                It was a response to a post about a potential change at QB. I pointed out that the win was nice, but if the offense doesn’t pick it up there could be changes. I make that comment with the belief that the defense may play terrific but the offensive woes will cost games if not improved. These lost games will then lead to changes being made. Will that happen? We’ll see. Do I want it to happen? No, because then we are looking at another lost season.

                I can understand how many such as yourself only care about the win, and don’t want to see how certain things could lead to losses down the road if not corrected.

                “I believe it’s fair to say that you are not happy with this regime and the constant nitpicking certainly reveals that.”

                The current regime has now won 11 of its 33 contests. I don’t prop up losing.

              8. “Nor apparently, winning.”


                Jack Hammer says:
                September 8, 2019 at 8:38 pm
                Ugly game from the offense for the most part, but the defense kept them in it and was really good.

                Cool to be 1-0.

    1. Hey Don – Step 1 in the 49ers (and any other recovering loseaholic’s) three step program is beat the teams you should beat. They did.

  7. Haha!

    Looks like the Bengals have their own robot morons–unsure if they’re in the billions, however (Bengals blog post)…

    Andy had a career day absolutely torched a pretty respectable Defense and all we can talk about are his days being numbered? Really guys give the guy a break it’s not the easiest thing in the world to accurately get rid of the ball as he does all the while having no resemblance of an offensive line blocking for him. How bout we give the guy a break and get behind him as our leader and give him some protection instead of pondering on what kind of garbage draft picks we could possibly get if he plays good. Here’s a thought, if he plays well we might actually win some games. And god forbid with some coaching maybe 1 of them could be a playoff game. No way in the world Marvin benches his 1st round pick and just look Trey Hopkins game in and was our best lineman, with ZT we have some hope but our team needs support not relentless criticism.

  8. Take care of the penalties and I think you will find that the red zone issues for the most part fall by the way side. Take away the penalties the passing yardage increase significantly. Take away the penalties its 3 TD’s against 1 pick six. Pre snaps and penalties in general are the biggest killer of positive plays and has been a problem for years.

    Pre snaps are a discipline problem that ranges from coaching staff to self discipline.

    Cosell says JimmyG left 100 yards or more on the field due to inaccurate passing. True statement by Cosell, but the so called journalist that they are, they leave out other criteria such as if the penalties hadn’t happened how many more yards. Its all JG fault, some yes, no doubt, but lets be fair about it and tell the whole story on where the yards went.

    Pick six – KS calls a play to an injured player on a out pattern, shame on KS. JG throws the ball without caution shame on JG, Coleman fails to become a defender, however that may due to his injury. Bad play call, bad pass, bad receiver reaction = pick six.

  9. Well number 1 and 2 is JimmyP….he stares down his #1 and forces throws and does not do a good job of reading the defense on the field pre snap…..its just not there…..and yes Coach we saw chewed out JimmyP on the sidelines for missing a wide open wr over the middle not once but twice….a lot of pressure on JimmyP unfortunately he may not be as good as we all think he should be. He is basically a rookie QB out there ….

  10. What I’m seeing and hearing is this team maturing. I think they’ve established a very good culture, and are beginning to take individual accountability. I like where we are right now defensively, and special team units. All we need now is everyone to stay relatively healthy upfront offensively, and work towards establishing consistency. Consistency in execution, and consistency in precision. If that happens, we’ll earn an entry into the big dance off….

    1. Good points Razor. The defense to me is going to carry the load for the first half of the season while the offense finds out what they are.
      What I like is the 49ers packed their defense that first road game and I expect the same Sunday.

      Niners 26
      Bungals 10

      1. Yea, like you, I fully anticipated the defensive need to buoy this team for the first few weeks until Jimmy and the offensive found their groove. Anyone that didn’t, shame on them.

        Initially I felt the Bengals game would be easier than Tampa, but after studying their tape from last week, we’re gonna have our hands full. The Bengals defense is not your grandfathers anymore. They’re very good on the backend, and formidable upfront. Not sure how Shanny plans to attack them. Offensively, the Bengals aren’t the slow, plodding offense they once were either. It’s quick throws, and innovative play calling. I’m a little concerned we may get ambushed in the jungle. We’ll have to play a near mistake free game, and force field goals in the redzone if they want to be undefeated on the plane ride home….

        1. Yeah. It’s not gonna be a cake walk at Cincy. It’s their home opener too.

          Though I want the 9ers to win, I think it will be a close game which we lose. Will be glad if I’m wrong!

          Niners 24
          Bengals 28

    2. I think the defense keeps Cincinnati largely contained. The punt game will have the Bengals starting drives deeper in their territory–for the most part. The offense will be a mixed–some very good, some flat.

      As of today–barring catastrophic injuries–I’m thinking 9ers 29, Bengals 20.

  11. For the JG haters (Seb and others) still clinging to the Kaep storm.

    Steve Young explains why Jimmy Garoppolo’s injury may still be impacting his throws
    By David Bonilla
    1 hr ago • 0

    Young believes some of the miscues by Garoppolo on Sunday are likely because of his hesitation to put full pressure on the knee, as he did before the injury.

    “Crossing routes to their left, you have to really open up and turn and torque over the top of your leg to get the ball actually on target,” Young said. “Even when you feel great, you’re behind a lot of the crossing routes away from your throwing hand. So that probably is a big factor.

    “And then (throwing) high is always a factor, right? Because you can’t drive and then drop your knee and put the weight on it. That’s the part that makes the difference. High and the crossing routes, especially for him to the left.”

    1. Sebs hating on Graps??

      Theres been talk, a lot of talk to that effect…………….

      Why do we know its hate? Because Sebs NEVER held Kap to this scrutiny………… was always somebody else’s fault when Kap screwed up………….remember that 5 yd game he had? Somebody else’s fault………

      1. Saw, just more delusion from TrollD.
        I have stated many times that with JG, I do not think Kaep needs to come to the Niners.
        If I prefer JG over Kaep, how can I hate JG?

          1. After JG struggled against the Broncos, I was critical of his performance.
            However, since then, JG has done well, and lead the Niners to victory.
            JL gave JG a vote of confidence, so the Niners are happy that JG is their franchise QB. I am too.
            If I wanted to disparage a QB, CJB is a logical target, but I want to keep high his trade value. That is so CJB can garner a 5th round pick to a desperate team. Luck retired, Flacco has struggled, Foles is injured and Darnold is sick, so attrition is naturally occurring.

  12. Grant is having fun…

    Grant Cohn

    45 percent of you think processing speed is the most important trait. 95 percent of you probably would agree Mullens processes much faster than Garoppolo. Yet, 100 percent of you say Garoppolo clearly is the better QB. I still think fans just like his jawline.

    1. Matt Breida doesn’t sound too worried about his quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, even if the media is quick to overreact…

      “He wasn’t worried about much. […] Just seeing the confidence in him with his knee was great. I feel like that didn’t bother him at all during the game, so it’s going to be a great year for him, I feel like.”

      “I think it feels about the same,” Breida said. “I think the first game, you’re always going to have your mistakes. Guys are finally playing a full game for the first time. Preseason, I think starters play like a half.

      Sometimes they don’t play at all, so I think the first game, for every team around the league, is just knocking off the rust and getting everyone back in full-game mode. I feel like that’s what we did, and I feel like we’re going to make a big improvement from Week 1 to Week 2.”

      The defensive front has been revamped, and that is helping the players behind the line thrive. It’s nothing new to Breida, though.

      “I’ve been seeing it all camp and all offseason,” Breida said. “I knew those guys would go out there and ball, and have a great game, and they did just that.

  13. “KS calls a play to an injured player on a out pattern, shame on KS. ”

    Sorry to single you out undercenter but I see this from a lot of posters and it drives me nuts.

    When coaches call a play, even if they are hoping to get a certain player open, they expect the qb to throw to the open receiver. That’s why play calls have multiple routes (on that particular play they had 4 receivers downfield) and Tevin was the second read.

    The sad part is if he had waited for a tick longer, he had 2 guys breaking open, Goodwin streaking down the field being one of them. On this play it almost looks like he predetermined where he was going .

    1. The stats say that Jimmy had the 2nd quickest release in Week 1. I guess I didn’t really understand what “release” means in this context. It appears to mean the time from when the QB takes the snap to when he makes the throw. I guess I thought it meant the time from when a QB starts the throwing action to the actual release of the ball from his hand. Release as defined where JG had the 2nd quickest would take into account the amount of time that it took him to process who to throw the ball to. If that’s the case, then the fact that JG had the 2nd quickest release probably means that he was throwing to his first read most of the time.

      I don’t think this is necessarily a good thing. If the OL is giving you time, then the QB should take the time to go through the progressions, esp. if the first read is not very open. If the OL is porous, then there isn’t much choice. It seems like the OL was mostly giving him that time to wait a bit for the receivers to get open.

      So, if this is the definition of “release”, then I think I would rather a relatively slower release as long as he is not getting sacked and has a good percent completion rate. I don’t think that having a quick release, by this definition, is all that great of a thing (unless the OL is porous).

      But, he might be just getting rid of the ball quickly because he is still wary of his knee and, although he won’t admit it in public, doesn’t quite yet trust his OL. JG in his presser also mentioned that he had swelling in his knee as a result of the plane ride.

      1. Jimmy had the 2nd quickest release in Week 1

        No he has not.
        this is TT, (time to throw), not ‘release’ – this is a missunderstood stat all around the web those past days.
        This is temperate with air yards attempt, in which Jimmy is on the bottom, unfortunatly.

      2. Cubus, Ninerfromparis explained it well.
        But a lot of people mix those two up.
        A quick release relates to how quickly the ball comes out of his hand from the point when he starts his throwing motion… Jimmy has a compact throwing motion, so his release is quick. So your first understanding was correct.

        The Time to Throw stat is interesting because it could mean multiple things… he was under duress quickly, he wasn’t patient enough, he predetermines his throws, or his receivers were winning quickly. A fast time to throw can be a great thing if the reads are correct, if not I could mean he is not progressing as qb.

        He has to answer some questions this year.

        1. Pretty much what I said Shoup. My only reason for hesitating is that there is a written article over at Niners Nation praising the fact that Jimmy G had the 2nd quickest “release” (really, time to throw time). But to be fair, in the comments section a couple of posters took that definition to task as to its importance. I wrote the following in the NN comments section as well:

          It looks to me like there are two major definitions of “release” and people are confusing the two. It seems to me that a quick release in terms of the time it takes the QB to get the ball out once he starts his throwing motion is always a good thing (assuming the QB is accurate). But if release is defined as the time it takes from the snap to get the ball out, then it may or may not be that good of a thing. A “quick” release using the 2nd definition should mean that the QB is not getting sacked. Jimmy said he had swelling in his knee from the plane ride and I suspect, although he won’t admit it, he doesn’t fully trust the OL yet. But at the same time, because the OL did a pretty good job for most of the game, he missed the opportunity for big plays that could have been made had he just spent a bit more time going through progressions.

          It’s easy to write this, but I’m sure very difficult to execute, because everything is moving around the QB and no two plays are alike.

    2. No problem Shoup, I have no problems with other opinions if they differ from mine. You presented your thought process in a dignified way, no complaints here.

  14. From Cam Inman (In Ohio this week I believe)…

    The Bengals were 0-for-3 in the red zone in Seattle. That led to Cincinnati’s demise. It doesn’t help matters that seven-time Pro Bowler A.J. Green is sidelined with an ankle injury. Green has 63 touchdowns in 111 regular season games.

    To fill their red zone shortcomings and Green’s void, expect the Bengals to look Tyler Eifert or Tyler Boyd’s way in the red zone. You can’t have a 0-percent touchdown rate in the red zone and expect to have a positive outcome on the scoreboard.

  15. The 49ers defense had to do some shuffling around once Kwon Alexander was ejected.

    Nzeocha, who was opportunistic. A ball went through O.J. Howard’s hands, and Nzeocha broke on the pass, and the ball fell in his hands. He only managed 16 snaps on defense, but Nzeocha filled in admirably.

    Nzeocha is here because he was responsible for driving a Buccaneer back into the punter and getting a piece of the ball. A blocked punt to start the season is how you set the tone, especially after a season where you rarely started in opponent’s territory.

  16. If Niners can successfully pressure the Red Rifle (Dalton) we win this game.
    I expect Handsome Jimmy G to have a big game Sunday! He was just game rusty last week. Screen shot this lol

    1. “I expect Handsome Jimmy G to have a big game Sunday!” – Crab 15

      Hate to admit it, but my wife refers to him as Jimmy GQ. Aaaarrrgh!!
      But if he can win games for us I might have to break down and join her 😉
      Dalton will be doing a lot of ducking, diving and running when our F7 comes after him.
      Our defense will be feasting on Sunday!

    1. Hey Grant… Gotta be the GM–with a jaw line–covering for his jaw line QB, no?

      [Grant says — “I still think fans just like his jawline.”]

  17. I think mechanics is the most important trait for a quarterback. Once you come into the league and you’re behind the 8-ball in mechanics, it’s very difficult to develop. Similar to coming into training camp out of shape, which stunts your growth in everything else. Processing speed is right there with mechanics, because they kind of go hand in hand. I wonder though if it’s as important as it used to be with all these RPO offenses….

    1. Mechanics? Hoho, Sebs would disagree with you on that with about a volume’s worth! Better hope he doesn’t read this or your gonna get an ear-full!

      1. No, he is entitle to his opinion. Mechanics enables a QB to throw in rhythm, and aids in accuracy.
        However,my most important criteria is the ‘IT’ factor. He either has ‘IT’, or he does not have ‘IT’.

  18. Well I hope Shanny is actually coaching Jimmy G in the meeting room while watching game film and not just berating him on the sideline or complaining about him in the media. It’s the first game of the season so Jimmy G will either get better or he won’t and we can all start arguing about Justin Hebert, Jake Fromm, or Jacob Eason. For what it’s worth, I like Joe Burrow in the 3rd round.

    Also, stop reposting Mike Silver. The guy is the NFL Networks version of Mike Florio. “Let me just make crap up and I’ll occasionally be right.” The man is a disgrace to your profession so you’re better off leaving him out of your posts.

  19. All this talk of JG getting benched is silly. I think Shanahan should take a cue from Sun tzu & Cortes and burn the boats. Cut Beathard and Mullens to let everyone know Jimmy G is the man and the 49ers will either conquer the NFL or perish trying with Handsome Jimmy taking snaps.

  20. Week 2 and at least we are still undefeated.

    Plenty of things to clean up. Nice change from the start of the year for the last several years.

    Not sure how this weekend will go. Should be a win but the Bengals are pretty decent. Seattle had its hands full (at home).

    I expect that Sherman will be tested.

  21. This back injury of Jalen Hurd’s gets more concerning all the time. It started out as day to day, and now he’s been out for just shy of a month. I’d love to see him on the field with Deebo. Having two receivers who are bullies is something the Niners haven’t had in a long time.
    Also Bosa’s ankle apparently got “dinged” on the first play of the Bucs. I want him on the field just as much as anyone, but maybe let it heal before putting him in another game. High ankle sprains are notorious for lingering when they’re not healed properly. Or maybe this new training staff is just being overly cautious?
    The D needs to be healthy and dominant while JG gets his feet back under him. I expect Hurd and Taylor to really help Jimmy get more comfortable.

    1. Yup. I’m curious about Hurd’s status too. I believe a healthy, confident Hurd on the field would make a tangible difference. Training/conditioning staff being cautious, yes.

      1. Does anyone know specifically what is wrong with Hurd? Or, as Cassie says, is it a cautionary thing? It’s as if nothing is healing on this guy..

    2. I don’t expect to see Hurd healthy until after the bye. Back “tightness” can last up to 4-12 weeks, and since they determined it wasn’t serious enough to put him on IR, I have to believe he should be back practicing in a couple weeks….

  22. Bengal’s Offensive Coordinator (I think Grant knows this guy…UCLA, De La Salle)…

    Callahan, 34, is entering his 10th season as an NFL coach. He comes to Cincinnati from the Oakland Raiders, where he served as quarterbacks coach in 2018. Previously, he was quarterbacks coach for the Detroit Lions from 2016-17. From 2010-15, he worked for the Denver Broncos, for whom he served as coaching assistant (’10), offensive quality control coach (’11-12), offensive assistant (’13-14) and offensive assistant/quarterbacks coach (’15).

    Under Callahan’s direction last season, Raiders QB Derek Carr recorded a career-high 4049 passing yards and a 93.9 passer rating, led the AFC and ranked fifth in the NFL in completion percentage (68.9), and ranked fourth in the AFC and sixth in the NFL in total completions (381).

    Over Callahan’s two years with Detroit (2016 and ’17), Lions QB Matthew Stafford ranked in the top 10 in the NFL in TD passes (53), passing yards (8773) completions (759), completion percentage (65.5) and INT percentage (1.7). In 2017 alone, Stafford ranked third in the NFL and first in the NFC in passing yards (4446).

    In Callahan’s six years with Denver, the Broncos’ offense ranked in the top five in the NFL in total yet yards three consecutive seasons (2012-14). The Broncos won five straight AFC West titles from 2011-15, appeared in Super Bowl XLVIII and won Super Bowl 50. In 2013, the Broncos’ offense set NFL single-season records for points scored (606) and TDs (76), while QB Peyton Manning passed for an NFL-record 55 touchdowns and earned consensus MVP honors. Also in 2013, the Broncos had five players who scored 10 or more touchdowns, most in league history.

    After playing quarterback at UCLA, Callahan began his coaching career at his alma mater, where he served as a graduate assistant from 2006-07. He played quarterback at De La Salle High School in Concord, Calif., and was part of the school’s national-record 151-game win streak (1992-2004).

    1. Gonna be tough to run on these guys, and tough to pass. I think we beat them on special teams, and red zone defense. Heat will again be a factor. Does that mean he’ll game plan to run the ball 30 times again? That’s what I’m expecting. Could be a low scoring game.

      1. Did you see the stats for the Bengals last week? They aired it out big time. Dalton was 35 for 51 and they rushed 14 times for 34 yards. Be interesting to see what they do this week and especially if they do decide to abandon the running game whether our pass rush and secondary can follow up what they have started this year.

        1. I watched part of the game, and it was a lot of short passing, getting the ball out quick. Which is why I’d assume they play more man, and jump those quick routes in conjunction with our pass rush….

  23. Kyle will utilize various personnel pkgs. 13 is solid—would be nice to have Hurd in the slot, but he’s injured, so a Juszyczyk, Breida RB tandem, and 2 TEs I thought could take advantage of Cinci’s weak LB core.

    1. After successful usage of 22 personnel (run game/short pass game) I would utilize 21 personnel to set up play action passing (excellent in exploiting weak LB cores). From there, go to Razor’s 13 personnel after JG has gained some confidence in a hostile enviro with the short passing game.

  24. Some writers and fans think there’s a QB controversy in SF.
    “ If you listen to the fans you’ll be sitting up there with them.”

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