LaMichael James: “I’m not sure if I was ready a few weeks ago.”

SAN FRANCISCO – LaMichael James spoke at his locker after the 49ers beat the Dolphins on Sunday. Here’s what he said.

Q: That first kickoff was pretty deep. You took it out. Were you going to bring it out of the end zone regardless?

JAMES: Oh yeah, I’m bringing it out for sure. I’m going.

Q: Why?

JAMES: Confidence. I have confidence in the ten guys blocking for me. I was ready to do it, I felt like I had a great look and Delanie said, “Come on.”

Q: When you guys are running those pistol plays, how similar are they to what you ran at Oregon?

JAMES: It’s pretty similar. It’s kind of a zone read, but you’re in a bug eye formation (pistol full house). It’s a little different. I’ve never run from that formation before.

Q: Is there any part of you that wished you had been able to play earlier this season?

JAMES: Not at all. The coaches know what they’re doing. I’m just here to help the team win. I’m not sure if I was ready a few weeks ago.

Q: Have you ever been this fresh this late in the season?

JAMES: I’ve got those fresh legs. That’s 100 percent true.

Q: Could that be a big deal for the rest of the season and the playoffs?

JAMES: Oh yeah, it’s definitely a big deal at this level. Those guys have been pounding for two or three months now. Today is my first day ever getting tackle, so I have a little bit of an advantage.

Q: Are you sore at all?

JAMES: Definitely not.

Q: How do you think Colin handled himself in the huddle?

JAMES: Colin’s a great guy. Any time you’re in the huddle with him, you know he’s not going to be nervous, he’s going to get everyone lined up, he’s a competitor. I can’t say enough about the guy. He’s a great team player. The most athletic quarterback I’ve been around in my opinion.

Q: Did you have any butterflies before the game?

JAMES: I didn’t have none, and that really surprised me. I really wasn’t nervous at all. I just went out there I just played stress free.

Q: Why do you think that was?

JAMES: Confidence from my teammates and my coaches. My teammates have been talking to me all week telling me, “It’s just like practice, you were the best in college, you can do it at this level.” It really had my confidence up high. Bruce Miller was always in my ear making jokes. Even in the huddle, Randy making little jokes, telling me he was going to do some things to me that I cannot say if I don’t run the ball hard. Stuff like that helps me out being a young player in my first game.

Q: The offense ran a few plays from the pistol in the first half and then a lot in the second half. Was that an adjustment the coaches talked about at halftime?

JAMES: I really can’t give up the adjustments. I’ve got to keep everything internal when it comes to play calling.

Q: Do you think that kind of offense can work in the NFL?

JAMES: It worked today.

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