Lessons the 49ers can learn from their past first-round picks

FILE – In this Oct. 28, 2018, file photo, San Francisco 49ers’ DeForest Buckner (99), Ronald Blair III (98) and Solomon Thomas (94) wait for a play against the Arizona Cardinals during the first half of an NFL football game in Glendale, Ariz. Thomas, the No. 3 overall pick in the 2017 draft, has struggled even to get onto the field in pass-rushing situations. He lacks the speed to come off the edge and hasn’t shown the ability to be one of the team’s top inside rushers so he has been mostly relegated to being only a base defender. (AP Photo/Darryl Webb, File)

Bad teams shouldn’t stay bad for long in the NFL.

Eventually, they become good teams if they draft well, because they pick high every year. The league wants them to improve.

The 49ers have the second pick this year, and could take Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa, Alabama defensive tackle Quinnen Williams, Kentucky outside linebacker Josh Allen or trade down.

The right choice could jumpstart the franchise.

But making the right choice isn’t easy. Ask the 49ers.

They would be good already had they drafted the right players in the first round the past five years.

Here’s a look at the 49ers’ top picks since 2014, and the lessons the 49ers can learn from their past mistakes.

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    1. Makes me wonder if there is a deal in the works to move either Armstead or Thomas. Thornton seems like more than a camp body, but I’m not sure on that.

      1. A thought: Looks like he’d be a 1 technique in our defense. A backup to Jones? They were going to meet with Tyeler Davison, but he signed with Atlanta.

    2. Adding Thornton to the mix, and including young players like Street and Taylor, the Niners will have some real competition for DT playing time — or staying on the team.

  1. Choose wisely, Lynchhopper. Listen not for the obvious, look not for the obvious, but clear one’s mind—listen for what you cannot hear, look for what you cannot see.

  2. That was a good analysis and I think the Niner’s will go with Bosa as he is the safest pick maybe in the draft, but who the heck knows what is a safe pick. I really liked Bosa but his politics made me not care for him. But hey if he is a good teammate and a great player that all that counts.

        1. Careful Sebbie… You’re on record (twice) not caring about Kaep being blackballed. Kinda makes you look two-faced.

          1. Cassie, one thing I learned as a peaceful protester, is that one needs to accept the consequences of their actions. Kaep needs to accept the consequences to his actions, and realize that he would get his message across in a much better way, if he did not anger a sizable portion of the fans.
            I am resigned to him being blackballed, and wish he were not, but if he wants to play, he should burn his pig socks and Castro shirt, and promise to stand. He should find a better way to protest, which will allow him to play a game he loves. He should just declare that he has made a difference, started a dialogue, and brought about change, so he does not need to kneel. Then he should read about the Civil Rights Movement, register to vote, and vote, because that is the best way to peacefully effect change.
            If Kaep had truly wanted to force the league to let him play, he never should have settled. Guess he got some bad advice.
            While I have wished him well, and hope he plays again, right now, I am happy with JG and hope he leads the Niners to a couple more rings. If that is not caring about Kaep, so be it. I have moved on, but still think he is far superior to drek QBs like Peterman, Josh Johnson, McCoy, and the Butt Fumbler.

            1. Bitterness………………holding desperately to old grievances……………fertilizing them, nurturing them…………….seeing only what you want to see, and absolutely nothing else………….

              Kap will never consistently beat teams with his arm. His love for Castro has nothing to do with that fact.

          1. For someone in the public sphere, just being who they are is part of their “job”. Or have you not heard of team community outreach, player foundations, etc. No one is suspecting Bosa of being a Rhodes Scholar, but maybe he’s learning that salient point.

          1. AES, I am hoping the political climate will change, and Kaep will be allowed to play.
            Even now, there will be QB attrition during the season, and many backups will prove why they are backups.
            Then we will see if a team will want to win so much, they will sign Kaep, or whether they will be content to lose, without Kaep.

            1. Seb,
              I would like to see Kaep get a chance to play again. But speaking about backup QB’s, CK was a backup to Blaine “fregin” Gabbert. And this happened before the kneeling controversy.
              Becoming a backup to Gabbert can’t look good on your resume.

              1. AES, remember, Kaep was returning from shoulder surgery, had some arm fatigue, which Baalke used as an excuse to shut him down, giving the QB competition to Gabbert.
                However, Gabbert pulled a Gabbert, and benched himself. That season was a dumpster fire, with Baalke refusing to spend any money on Free Agents, so Jed could pocket the profits. Baalke’s draft was OK. He drafted Buckner, but then traded up to get Garnett, who cannot break into the starting lineup. Then he picked ACL Will Redmond, who did nothing, and an undisciplined Rashard Robinson.
                Too bad he cut Bowman, and installed ST player Bellore, who not only jumped out of the gap the RB ran through, he blocked his own players.

              2. Seb,
                Kaepernick went to EXOS in Arizona to work on his passing technique and it actually set him back. Harbaugh felt that if Colin was to have longevity in the league, he would need to become a better pocket passer than to simply rely on his running.
                This topic is nothing new, as we’ve broached it ad nauseum over the years.

                My point is that NFL teams are familiar with Kaep’ inability to morph into a refined QB and they aren’t going to adapt their offense for a one trick pony QB.
                I have absolutely no doubt that he’s being black balled, but the fact that his QB chops never developed also have a great deal to do with him not being in the league.

                Maybe Kaep can pull a Tiger Woods type comeback, but the longer he’s out of the game the harder it’s going to be for him.
                My guess is that if he somehow get’s signed, he likely won’t make it through training camp.

              3. I sure wish they would play to his strengths, instead of showcasing his weaknesses.
                Since he is only 31, he can play for years, if only they stop the blackballing..
                Going to EXOS may have set him back, but at least he was trying to improve.
                I just think some team will lose their franchise QB due to injury, and they will be so desperate to get back to the playoffs, they will give him a chance.

            2. meaning, the way Sebs put it…………if Kaps not on your team, you’ll lose. Put him on as the indefinite starter, and you win. Just like that.

              1. Drek QBs gives a team NO chance of winning. Kaep took the Niners to the SB after 10 games, winning 2 playoff games on the road and setting a playoff rushing record.
                I am not saying that you give him the job. All I want is for Kaep to have a fair chance to compete, or at least get a tryout.

        2. Again, Sebbs? Will it ever end, your constant leaks of bitterness? And of course the answer is–no. Your bitterness has no limits…………not at all unlike a weeping maple tree……….

          1. Saw, your hatred against Kaep has no bounds. I still think he will get his chance to play in this league, because I believe in fairness and decency. I also believe in redemption. If a woman beater can get a second chance, Kaep should also get another chance to compete.

      1. Let’s say I would never buy his jersey. As I said if he becomes a great player great, but I do boycott a few places like Chick Filet, Hobby lobby, and no longer will see movies with Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise to name a few.

  3. Finally.

    Armstead wasn’t a bad pick considering where he was taken. He’s a solid lineman when he plays but has had injury issues and was played out of position when they brought in Solly.

    Ward has been a bit of a bust but I think he was made one more so by the team than by his own doing. His versatility has been his curse, the 49ers have changed his position every year he was with the team. How do they expect a small school prospect to develop when his roll is constantly changing?

    Garnett was a complete bust of a pick as was Foster, Solomon still has some hope but it’s not looking good.

    1. Solomon still has some hope but it’s not looking good.

      Doubt he has any hope at all of achieving anything near what the third pick in the draft ought to during his career. Solomon would have been perfectly OK as a third, maybe low second round pick.

      While at the time I thought the Niners should have taken Jamal Adams at that spot — an outstanding defensive player and leader — I suppose Mahomes in Shanahan’s hands might have been the steal of the decade. Well, maybe after Baker Mayfield, but he went first in his draft year, after all. John Dorsey capitalized.

      1. You need to watch tape on youtube – Solomon T 2018 season…..he is better than what most of you think….

        He is best when playing inside….thats where he belongs…..i believe the coaches see it also…..there was increase in the # of inside play as the season progressed ….

    2. Shoup

      Not that anyone’s listening, but I agree with you on Armstead….Not many on here remember just what was left of our Dline when ‘Cowboy’ retired, and Aldon pulled his last shennanigan…Enter Armstead to a fan base screaming ‘FIX IT’….! I disagree about Ward…I think that he, and Celek have been dead wood forever. Thomas at least gives it his best effort even being in the wrong system. Garnett, IMHO is riding into the sunset to his last rodeo…too many chances….too many disappointments. He should be at least ‘tradeable’….

  4. General rule there is don’t draft guys to play a position they didn’t play in college, and make sure you get a guy that is good! :-P

    Obviously 49ers need to keep adding good players, and can’t afford to draft another high first rounder that doesn’t quickly develop into a top end player. Tbh I don’t think it matters too much the position, so long as they are a difference maker.

    1. Scooter;

      Several years ago we had this discussion where you said that a team doesn’t have to select a guy in the first round that is expected to be an immediate top player/star. I countered that in the top ten that should be the expectation. Over several years since, I’ve noticed that you seem to be adjusting your stance on this and leaning towards the notion that the guy selected should probably be a top player fairly quickly. Would you agree with this statement?

      1. Heh, no actually, I’m not. I think the idea should always be to take the guy that will be the best player from year 3 onwards, not day 1. But I am aware that the 49ers recent track record on draft picks has not been good, so from an optics perspective they need to take a guy that people will say was a good pick early on.

        I will also say that while a high first round pick doesn’t need to be an immediate top player at the position, they should at least be capable of contributing early and show flashes of being a good and potentially dominant player. Otherwise they are just developmental players, and that can be had later on.

  5. Grant,
    I agree with most of your report, but take mild exception to your McGlinchey, Brown take.

    Not taking anything away from Brown but it took him a couple years to gain notoriety. And when assessing Brown’ success it should be noted that he was surrounded by championship caliber players and a shoo-in HOF coach.

    I’m happy that Brown found success in NE, but most players that go to the Patriots typically become successful.
    So the “Patriot way” has been proven to have legs.

    Had McGlinchey gone to the Pat’s there’s a reasonable chance that he would have also shown better numbers.
    That’s hypothetical thinking, but my point is that the Patriots way has substance.

    Heck, Randy Moss had a comeback season when he went to NE.
    Brown gave NE a great season and NE gave him a great opportunity by allowing him to play in their system.
    Like I said a few months ago, NE won many chips without Brown.

    1. We should revisit this point after this season, since Brown is no longer on the pats but on an awful team in Oakland.

      I expect him to fall off a bit as well and McG will look like a better player just from that…and assuming McG keeps developing he will make the trade that much better.

  6. I believe the Niners are batting 500 on free agency and draft. But our team has been so bad for so long.

    Mike M. is solid
    Kittle is solid
    Bredia is solid
    Morsett is solid
    Goodwin is solid
    Petis is going to be solid
    Sheman was solid
    Gould is solid
    Jimmy will be solid
    Nick Mullins is solid
    Kyle is solid
    Fee Ford is solid
    Kwon is a IDK

    Lets see the new cash crop that comes in.

  7. Grant,

    Do think Brown would of been great if he was on the the Cards, Niners, Jets, Raider or Giants.

    When you are on a great team you are another piece in a well order machine. ‘

    Look at the difference in Moss as a Raider/Niner and Moss as a Patriot.

    Mike is a rookie and did way better than I anticipated. Shoot CJ would make anybody look afwul.

    1. Larry A Rowe

      The biggest reason that Bellichek wanted (and got ) Brown was because he was a good pass protector…NOT run blocker…can you imagine carrying 380 lbs to lead a sweep ?…not two in a row…BB had Tom Brady and Edleman and a receiver corps that worked well with TB. He just didn’t fit the Shannahan mold, so we traded him. Mount McGlinchey more than replaced him… plus the fact that we now have a future HOFer, Good job, Lynch…but remember football fans have very long memories….like Bruno Banducci

  8. JL needs to stop trading up, unless that player will put them into the playoffs. He should avoid the red flagged and ACL players.
    While selecting at their present assigned draft slots will produce a good crop of draft picks, the Niners should leverage the overall number 2 pick into as many second round picks as possible, even if it means moving back multiple times. There will be several QB needy teams that may even get into a bidding war to trade up to get the QB they covet. Missing out on Bosa, Q Williams or Allen, will be worth it, if they can get an O lineman, WR and/or Safety in the second round.
    The Niners should also have a fallback plan, if they cannot get any trade partners. I would be happy if they selected Bosa, AJ Brown and Chris Lindstrom with their first 3 picks.

  9. 49er 2019 mock draft:
    1) Az. drafts Quinnen Williams, DT, AL.
    2) SF trades with NYG for pick #6, #17 and #108. NYG get SF #2
    2) NYG drafts Kyler Murray, QB, OK.
    3) NYJ drafts Nick Bosa, EDGE, OH St.
    4) OAK drafts Montez Sweat, EDGE Miss. St.
    5) TB drafts Ed Oliver, DL, Houston
    6) SF drafts Josh Allen, EDGE, KY.
    17) SF trades with Oak. for pick #24 and # 35. Oak. gets SF pick # 17, #67 and #104.
    17) Oak drafts DK Metcalf, WR, Ole Miss.
    24) SF drafts Greedy Williams, CB, LSU
    29) KC trades with SF for #35, #108 + J. Ward. KC drafts Nasir Adderley to replace Eric Berry. SF gets pick # 29.
    29) SF drafts AJ Brown, WR, Ole Miss.
    36) SF drafts Eric McCoy, OL, Tex. A&M
    212) SF drafts Trey Pipkins, DL. Sioux Falls
    SF signs Free Agent Tre Boston, FS, to a Paraag Marathe (1 yr + 1 year option), incentive laden contract.
    SF enjoys a 10W – 6L 2019 season!

        1. Hmm, the real Prime hates trade backs, and does not have the mental capacity to think of the convoluted trade ups.

            1. I have never thought you were Prime. While being a gadfly, you were, however not as profane and angry as Prime.
              Prime would never advocate bundling players , nor trade backs.
              However, if you are Prime, you are admitting you could not stay away. Prime once swore that he was leaving, and never coming back. It would be a typical Prime stunt, to sneak back on with a burner account.

              1. Geep, I am being kind to you, because you, because I do not think you are a tenth as bad as Prime. He was such a rube. I could get him to hurl epithets after only a couple posts.
                i know you try hard, but I just cannot consider you a worthy opponent. ;p
                Then, when you post a mock that would have engendered howls of derision last year, but this year, posters are praising it, I consider my work, done. You even bundled picks with a player.

    1. If the Cards draft anyone else but Murray, the 49ers should be in the driver’s seat for trading down and getting great value. Doubt that will happen, but who knows.

    2. You lost me on a couple picks. Raiders drafting DK Metcalf makes zero sense. They signed AB, Tyrell Williams to massive contracts. They signed Ryan Grant to play the Slot. So that pick isn’t accurate. Niners drafting Gredy Williams is off too. They signed Verett and they like Moore and Witherspoon for the future. AJ Brown could be a Target in they jump back in the first rnd. All in all a fun mock.

      1. I agree. Instead of Metcalf, the Raiders should draft Hockenson or Fant, because they need a TE, after losing Jared Cook.
        At 4, the Raiders will probably select Josh Allen, so the Niners could select Montez Sweat, Rashan Gary or Clelin Ferrell.
        Instead of Greedy at 24, Devin Bush ILB, Brian Burns EDGE or Chris Lindstrom OG would be available at that spot.

        1. Seb:
          * IMO; Both the Jets and Raiders 2019 draft needs are #1 an EDGE DE and #2 a CB. Both will draft a
          TE in later rounds.

          * 2) Keep an eye on D.K. Metcalf: When Gruden was coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, young receivers occasionally got an earful about the build of Terrell Owens. “You ever see T.O. with his shirt off?,” Gruden would say. “The guy is packed. You need to get in the weight room.”
          * So it comes as no surprise that Ole Miss redshirt sophomore D.K. Metcalf, who measured in at 6-foot-4, 228 pounds (officially) and reportedly had an astounding 1.6 body fat percentage, caught Gruden’s eye. Gruden brought Metcalf’s name up unsolicited when he was talking about how important it was for defensive backs to be able to tackle……..https://www.mercurynews.com/2019/03/01/five-takeaways-from-raiders-gruden-mayock-dynamic-at-the-combine/

          1. Al Davis would pick Metcalf. He loved speed.
            However, Hockenson or Fant fills a bigger need.
            Raiders have less of a need for a WR with AB and Tyrell Williams.

            1. Seb:
              * “Al Davis would pick Metcalf. He loved speed.”
              * Stop living in the past Seb, Al Davis is dead. Did you bother to read the article I posted?
              * Gruden runs things now, and both he and Mayock like Metcalf.
              * In case you missed it, the Raiders can draft a TE in later rounds.
              * “Raiders have less of a need for a WR with AB and Tyrell Williams.” * Until Chucky takes a disliking to Brown’s diva act!
              * The Chargers took Williams as an UDFA out of Western Oregon. If, as you claim, he’s better than Metcalf, why did the Chargers let him become a free agent?

              1. Yes, Al is dead, but he sure loved speed. Al would love that 4.33 forty at 228 lbs.
                Gruden praises every QB, and any player. He also praised Murray, but that does not mean they will give up their first round picks to select him.
                Mayock does not want to mess things up, so he will not take Metcalf, who had injuries and has flaws.
                Getting Hockenson or Fant would be a huge upgrade at TE, and they are way better than the later TEs.
                Assuming AB implodes can be realistic, along with the scenario that AB shines, now that he is happy. Gruden will handle AB with kid gloves and lots of patience, especially if he performs on the field.
                Tyrell Williams was a victim of the depth chart. He sat behind Keenan Allen and Travis Benjamin, with Mike Williams as their third WR. That is why they let him go.
                I did not say that Tyrell Williams is better than Metcalf. AB is, and Tyrell Williams with AB means there is no huge need at WR. However, with Jared Cook leaving, Hockenson or Fant could be solid replacements at a position of need.

              2. Raiders always like a big fast WR, including Gruden. Plus Metcalf in a few years may gain 10lbs muscle and add a few pounds more to that 1.6% fat, now they have a T.E that will still run 4.4’s.

        2. Mock draft 15, based on a trade back with the Giants, and KC.
          Niners trade the number 2 overall pick to the Giants for their firsts and 4th round picks (6, 17, 108). The Niners then trade back from 17 to the Chiefs for their first, second and 5th round picks ( 29, 61, 167).
          The Niners end up with pick numbers 6, 29, 35, 61, 67, 104, 108, 167, 176 and 212. Ten picks, and 5 in the first 67 picks.
          Using the Draftek Big board, and trying to pick within 5 of each number, the Niners could select-
          6. Montez Sweat EDGE.
          29. AJ Brown WR
          35. Chris Lindstrom OG.
          61. Kaden Smith TE.
          67. Chase Winovich EDGE.
          104. Lonnie Johnson CB.
          108. Amani Hooker S.
          167. Tre Lamar ILB.
          176. Keelan Doss WR.
          212. Oli Udoh OT.

          1. Chiefs really want to trade up to get a DB. Maybe Greedy, Adderley or C Gardner-Johnson.
            I had Doss at 212, but after his 4.45 forty, he will rise in the rankings. He is big with good hands, and runs good routes.

            1. Seb
              * “6. Montez Sweat EDGE. You’re suggesting the 9ers should use their #1 draft pick on a player with a heart condition? A condition that could deteriorate and prevent him from playing?
              * A better idea: Draft another player, or at least wait to see if his heart condition gets a pass with the 9ers medical staff!
              * “I had Doss at 212, but after his 4.45 forty, he will rise up in the rankings.”
              * Right! Doss is now at # 214 on CBSSPORTS.COM board and # 288 on DRAFTTEK big board. Hope he doesn’t get a nosebleed that high….Could it be that you are that “HIGH?” lol
              * BTW Seb: Since you use DRAFTTEK, did you notice DK Metcalf is their #1 Receiver?
              * “IF,” you post less after the draft, then who will provide the entertainment?

              1. GEEP, if Montez Sweat has a bad enough heart condition, they would not have let him participate in the Combine. He is fine, and it sure seems like it has not affected his draft status. If not Sweat, I would go with Ed Oliver, Clelin Ferrell, Brian Burns or Rashan Gary.
                FYI, Keelan Doss has All Pro written all over him, and I think he will help the Niners win another ring, if they draft him. ;p
                Those rankings were before he ran his 4.45 forty, so he will be zooming up the draft boards. That 40 time confirmed his potential shown in the Senior Bowl practices and the 3 catches he had in the game.
                Metcalf, with his 4.33 forty, 27 reps and a 288 lb body, has tremendous upside.
                Yes, the draft big boards are extremely variable. I go with Draftek because they have Kyler Murray at 4 and Haskins at 8. CBS has Murray at 7 and Haskins at 12. Sporting News has Murray at 13, and Haskins at 14. Walter football has Murray at 28 and Haskins at 26.
                Considering that I think Murray and Haskins will go 1-2, with Arizona picking Murray, and the Niners trading back with the Giants who select Haskins, Draftek is the closest board to my assessments. What I like about Draftek, is it shows the change from the previous assessment, so I can see which player is zooming up, or falling like a rock.
                Since you seem so worried about me, I will promise to increase my posting. Hope you will be happy, now. There will be a lot of after draft assessments of the players chosen, OTAs and the Mini camp.

              2. Sebbie…

                Any of your WR crushes adept at falling down before contact? You’ve pointed out several times how vital that practice is.

                Wonder if a ‘fall down’ drill could be added at the combine for RBs, WRs, and TEs….?

              3. Cassie, why do they let the QB slide feet first? To avoid injuries. Sliding feet first must sound cowardly to you. Why are you not advocating the repeal of that rule?
                In the 2011 NFCC Game, the WRs caught the ball and fell to the ground after gaining enough for a first down. It was a strategic move, so Carlos Rogers and Donte Whitner could not lay a huge hit on them, dislodging the ball.
                Yes, ideally, a player should catch the ball and run untouched into the end zone. However, in the real world, the defense is coached to hit the ball carrier as hard as possible. Many times, that will even result in getting the player out of the game. Sometimes, a player may become injured.
                Yes, football is a brutal sport. I just want to preserve the health of the receivers, because the best ability, is availability. Staying upright and struggling for every inch may seem brave, but if he is held up, gang tackled and stripped of the ball, it may seem counter productive.

          2. I see Chase Winovich is zooming up the draft boards. He has some really good game tape.
            However, there were several players near 67 who would have been good candidates, too.
            Elgton Jenkins OC, Miles Saunders RB, Conner McGovern OG/OC, Charles Omenihu DL, Parris Campbell WR, Isaiah Buggs DL and Terry McLaurin WR.

      2. Rebuild A Winner:
        * “You lost me on a couple picks.” I’m sorry to hear you got lost, I hope you find your way back.
        * “Raiders drafting DK Metcalf makes zero sense.” Maybe to you, but then you’re not the Raiders FO.
        * “Niners drafting Gredy (it’s Greedy) Williams is off too. They signed Verett (it’s Verrett), and “they like Moore and Witherspoon for the future?” Who’s THEY? Is that what Lynch and Shanahan told you, or just your opinion? Verret has yet to play a down, but you know he’s better than Williams? As a 9er fan, I hope you are right. But If he was that good, why do you think he was a free agent? BTW: Neither Witherspoon or Moore’s future looked all that bright last season. We’ll see how well they do this season.
        * “All in all a fun mock.” Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. I’m Looking forward to your mock draft.

        1. This is a QB driven league, and Gettleman tried to get the Number 2 pick from the Niners, dangling OBJ as trade bait.
          Giants realize that Haskins will be gone before they pick at 6, so the only way to get Haskins, is with a trade up. Many are surmising that the Giants will go defense at 6, but that is just blowing smoke, since this draft is deep in D line and pass rushers.

          1. In what world does Haskins go before 6?

            Cards (Murray if drafting a qb).
            49ers (no need for qb)
            Jets (no need for qb)
            Raiders (no need for a 1st rd qb)
            TB (no need for a 1st rd qb).

            Both Oak and TB are in the same spot with QBs that are in prove it or move it years. Carr has a 22 million cap hip but a 27 million dead cap #, they aren’t cutting him, however next year that dead cap is only 5 million vs 21 million cap hit. He either proves to Gruden he’s worth resigning/keeping or they release him. Thats why this year they’d draft a guy in the 2nd or 3rd, a guy who doesn’t have to start.

            Winston is on his final year in TB, with a 20 million cap hit/20 million dead cap (its the same number). Next year he’s an Unrestricted Free Agent, so they aren’t trading him and aren’t cutting him. Again like Carr, he has to show he’s worth an extension or he walks. Most likely he walks, but he’s the starter this year in TB, so they too go for a 2nd or 3rd round guy…and maybe hold out for Tua next year.

            Then its the Giants.
            Jax (just signed Foles)
            Lions (still have Stafford, 55M Dead Cap, he aint going no where)
            Bills (no)
            Broncos…maybe but no
            Pack (no)
            Dolphins (QB next year)
            Falcons (no)
            Skins (no)
            Panthers (no)
            NYG again
            Vikings (no)
            Titans (no)
            Pitt (no)
            Sea (no)
            Ravens (no)
            Texans (no)
            Oak again
            Eagles (no)
            Colts (no)
            Oak again
            Chargers (no)
            Chiefs (no)
            Pack again
            Rams (no)
            Pats (no)

            You have almost no teams trading up, you have legit 1 team that could take a qb (Cards) but Haskins isn’t their guy, and then it’s open until NYG. Heck, the Giants could trade back and take him.

            And thats assuming Cards take Murray 1. They could trade back and get him later, or take someone else and the you have the 2 qbs still there. And its possible NYG hold onto Eli this year and go after a rook next year (or maybe try to get Trevor Lawrence in 2 years).

            1. Guess you did not watch the games where Gruden gave some telling glances towards Carr. Gruden and Mayock have purged Mack and Cooper from the team, and Carr is the last big vestige from the Reggie Mackenzie era.
              The Raiders will not keep or cut Carr, but most likely trade him to a QB needy team, gaining draft picks, and lessening the cap hit. Raiders may also move up to get Murray, so Carr’s days are numbered as a Raider.
              If Mayock is rebuilding the team, the first place he will start is at the QB position, since this is a QB driven league. The only way the Giants can assure they get Haskins, is trading up with the Niners, and since they have 12 picks, including 2 firsts, they have plenty of bargaining chips.
              Arians gave Gabbert a big boost, but ended up benching him, so he may not want to boost Winston, and have Winston pull a Gabbert, and bench himself. Getting an accurate QB that does not throw picks may allow the Bucs to make it to the playoffs.
              Even if the Bucs do not select Haskins, they are prime trade up targets for teams like the Broncos, Bengals, Dolphins and Skins, to leapfrog over the Giants and poach Haskins.
              Haskins threw for 50 TDs, so that is proof he is both accurate, and productive. Many teams will bitterly regret not trying to get Haskins, if he continues playing like he did in college.
              Giants, by blowing smoke, are just posturing, trying to lower Haskins’ cost. Both the Niners and Jets have expressed a willingness to trade back, so if the Giants wait, they will lose out on Haskins.
              Many teams may be wanting to move on from their aging QBs, and see the Mahomes model as the best way to do that. Lions, Bengals Broncos, Steelers Chargers, Pats and even the Packers may want to draft the successor QB. The Jets, Card, Bills and Bucs may want to upgrade their QB. The Dolphins and Washington have no franchise QB.
              Last season, the league saw a lot of attrition, and the drek QBs did not shine.
              Guess you are thinking that the Giants may be Tanking for Tua, but the Giants fans adamantly dismiss that notion. The NFC East is up for grabs, and they want to win.

              1. I also monitor the other team’s blogs. The BBV blog has one poster talking about Gettleman blowing smoke, too, trying to drive down speculation for Haskins.
                Fortunately, we will see how this unfolds next week.

  10. Good breakdown Grant. Disagree a little on the Brown take. Remember this guy Bosa’d the team and sat out way long for a concussion and had problems with practice also.
    His true colors will show in Oakland. If they come out losing I doubt he plays all 16.

    The Armstead and Thomas take only furthers my thought on not picking Williams.
    He’s not a sack guy and we have run stuffers already. This dream some have of him and Buck reliving the Young and Stubblefield days is crazy IMO.
    It’s gotta be Bosa or Allen. Two sure fire hits IMO. If they don’t trade back.

    1. I drove through Bakersfield once coming from Lake Tahoe, and it was at least 250 miles of nothing, not even a gas station. Is it still like that?

      1. You are thinking of the roads leading to Bakersfield . The city of Bakersfield is blighted with a petroleum pall, that hangs over the city and clings to your clothing. They have Valley Fever, Spotted Tick Lyme’s disease and is beastly hot in the summer, with blinding dust storms. The winters have pea soup Tule Fog.
        California is blessed with beauty, but also has its chemical cesspools.

        1. Hey back off about Bakersfield. We are talking Merle Haggard, Buck Owens and other musicians from the area, progenitors of the “Bakersfield Sound”, one of the most important genres in the fusing of Country and R&R.

        1. I was driving a little red Chevy Chevette with two other buddies, and we were headed to San Diego on vacation. 1985 or so.

          1. The Chevette…GMs version of a Honda Civic (they even look alike). I feel as if my neighbor had one when I was younger…as well as one neighbor having a 76 Dart (4 door I believe..yuk) and another neighbor with a Mustang /Cobra II (76 or 77), white with blue stripes.

            1. We dropped some acid on the way, and I remember I had Ted Nugent Double Live Gonzo cranked with my foot to the floor doing 106 mph. Felt like the sides of the car were coming off!

      1. A pity he is gone. I didn’t always agree with him (in fact we often disagreed over the past couple of years), but he usually made good arguments.

        1. Yeah, you guys had some good back and forths. Usually well thought out takes on both sides. A lot of pros and cons to consider.

    1. Sometimes it’s good to take a break from the blog.
      I took a two week sabbatical some time ago and it worked well for me.
      I would hate to lose Rocket. We lost Brotha last year. Hopefully they along with the other posters (who have been idol during the off-season) come back soon.

  11. grant just writing B.S to fill the niner hate narrative…..
    2014- ward hurt ALL THE TIME! roby ok, but never got extended or resigned by the team that drafted him……ward did however!!! Wards play and versatility is ok, and he MUST be liked in that building…. its a shame he breaks a bone every year….but he plays 3 positions well if healthy!

    2015-still playing a 3-4 need a large end that can defend the run…..Armstead fit that roll perfectly!!! granted…..other than Justin smith….we had done a great job of finding guys like this in late rounds and developing them…..in a 3-4, your ends are basically DT’s with a nose tackle in the middle…..the OLB supply’s the rush……. Marcus Peters was a punk coming out of college….we already had a history of guys w off field issues….Peters has had a damn good career so far…..but still got traded for a ham sandwich……EVEN THOUGH THE CHIEFS WERE A DECENT SECONDARY away from a SB!! what does that say about MP?????

    2016- Buckner=2nd best DT in the game, nuff said!!!! (even though he was drafted to bookend with AA in the 3-4…..he was the new Justin Smith…..AA was the ray Mac replacement…..still needed a Aldon Smith replacement)

    2017- hoyer the starter, keeping the seat warm for Kirk Kousins. They weren’t sold on Trubiskey, jury still out on him…..didn’t wanna spend the 2-3 pick on Foster ( better to roll the dice on RF with a later pick) now run a 4-3….so we need a DE…..its not looking good for ST……but he hasent quit or been arrested…..

    2018- I don’t like REPLACING guys cuz your too cheap to re-sign them…..that’s not how teams improve! but if your gonna do so and get a pass……..this was the perfect scenario! guy that dosent fit the system, is already fat….and likely to get fatter now that hes the highest paid at his position

  12. Nice write-up Grant, but I do have to disagree with most of your lessons from drafting each prospect. With Ward, I think the pick was right because he did have a productive rookie season before he was injured. However, the main problem for Ward is that the turnstile coaching staff the franchise has endured during the past few years each had a different idea of where Ward belonged in the secondary, and his play has suffered because of it in my opinion. I think the lesson with Ward is that moving a draft pick around too much from year to year should be avoided.
    Your lesson with Armstead is fairly spot on, but I believe the better lesson is to avoid taking prospects in the first round that are only good at one thing, a lesson which I feel will apply to Metcalf for the team that chooses to spend a first round pick on him.
    Your lesson with Thomas is partially right, but I would add that a team should avoid drafting a prospect if they do not plan to put him in the right position. However, there should be an asterisk next to this lesson because it is hard to estimate how much the loss of his sister impacted his play in 2018.
    I believe you are 100% wrong about the lesson with McGlinchey. Brown simply was not a fit for the scheme Shanahan runs, and while Brown helped the Patriots win the Super Bowl, the overwhelming consensus is that he was more of a benefactor of Brady’s quick release. Honestly, the lesson with McGlinchey is if you find the right fit, take it.

  13. Off topic.
    Sometimes a team can shock the sports landscape, and sometimes a team can suck in the sports landscape.
    Warriors blew a 31 point lead and lost to the Clippers tonight.
    They sucked and choked big time!

    1. That is on Kerr too (he always seems to get off easy for bad games)….. that said, gotta give props to the Clippers and Doc Rivers who never caved. Dubs gotta play discipline ball….. and isolate KD on the lower block if they are going to put Beverly on him, duh.

      Looking forward to the draft. Thanks for all the input from the college scouts here….

      1. That game was pathetic. Kerr deserves much of the blame. The Clippers have effectively removed KD from the game. Having said that, I don’t understand why Beverly isn’t called for a foul when he pushes KD as he stands in one position without the ball. Isn’t KD allowed to occupy space without being pushed off of his position?

    2. Losing Cousins was a gut punch, and things spiraled out of control after he went down.
      Hope he can recover. There will not be 4 game sweeps, and Houston may go to 7.

    3. OT, but very thrilling. The Giants are studying the possibilities about building a Fence.
      I may be politically incorrect, but- BUILD THAT WALL. ;p

  14. A couple of thoughts…
    I don’t mind trading back however if they trade back from 2 to 7 and select someone like Rashan Gary then I would argue it was a horrible move. In trading back they need someone that will fill a hole, not someone that that will play in a similar role to ST, Street, Armstead, Blair and Taylor. They need another True edge rusher, corner or safety on defense. (Even if they did go that route, I would rather have Oliver or Wilkens).

    In the 5 to 12 range these are the guys I would target. White, Sweat, Taylor, Murphy or Burns (and of course Allen if he fell). *note* I rank Oliver above every one of those players with the possible exception of White.

    1. Shoup,
      I would be highly surprised if Devin White is not a pro bowler in his rookie season and beyond. This kid is Patrick Willis personified.
      DPOY candidate. It would be a reach for the 49ers to take him at #2, but they would not be disappointed if they did.
      Neither would I.

  15. I’ve been an advocate of a trade back, but frankly, I don’t trust Lynch and having multiple picks is now more valued than having one, high pick so there’s less on the table for a trade. That’s why Bosa is the pick–don’t over think it.

    I think they can get a fourth for Armstead and I’d look into trading him. Get what they can for Garnett, even if it’s s pick for next years draft.

    1. If the Cardinals select Murray, I’m not sure who the 49ers can negotiate a fair trade with. Perhaps if Gruden is really as enamored with Bosa as rumors suggest, that might be a possibility. With Haskins falling, I’m becoming more pessimistic that a trade will materialize.

      1. ‘…with Haskins falling…’
        But is he really? Fans and media fussing about this and that, but teams’ evals are whatever they are and aren’t likely changed by opinions from Kiper, McShay, me or you. It’s been rumored (disinformation?) that Giants aren’t high on Haskins, but that came out in Feb. The notion of risers and fallers is most applicable with respect to things learned at Combine by teams: measurable, medical, interviews. The perceived movement this late is just talking heads and fans chattering.
        I do agree with your point about difficulty with finding a trade partner at#2; it’s not a given. GM’s get extravagant over QBs, but a team wanting DL or Edge can sit tight and get one.

        1. Haskins is falling? The guy who threw for 50 TDs? Haskins is not only accurate, he is very productive.
          Giants are blowing smoke, to drive down his price.

        2. Since we fans virtually never have all the facts, I heard about Haskins falling from Chris Simms. Combine issues with weight and cramping on the 40 and simple OSU offense were things that he cited. He claims that the talk has quieted substantially on Haskins. But you’re absolutely right in that who knows what will happen; what’s rumor and what is not. I also read somewhere else (can’t find the citation now) that a number of GMs have Haskins in the later part of the first round.


          1. One year vain Jerrah Jones did a tv interview with his team’s board behind him. Zoom-ins shown after the draft revealed how different their ratings on players were from the consensus public media rankings, and given how the draft played out, were different than other teams’ boards as well. That suggested to me not to get too trusting of the conventional wisdom rankings, and to not necessarily trust mock drafts.

    2. If Lynch is no good then lucking into a player like Bosa just masks the issue for longer.

      Trading back for more picks makes a lot of sense for the 49ers. Just have to trust they then get the right guys. If not, Lynch is closer to the exit door.

        1. Maybe. But then Lynch and Shanahan have said they look 3 years out when planning. They will be more interested in the guy that will become the best player, not the guy that is best day 1.

          And I would expect they don’t need to pick #2 to find a guy that can help improve the team immediately as well as long term. Getting some other high picks to boot means they can get more guys that can help improve the team immediately and long term.

          1. Scooter, the 49ers are further along the path of roster building now. Not as many holes for starters. I think the time is now to add an elite player rather than add more good players who may or may not realize their potential. I’d like to believe we won’t be in a position to be drafting another elite talent after this year….

            1. Call me crazy, but I prefer a haul of Burns/ Allen, AJ Brown and Juan Thornhill to Bosa and just one of those guys.

              There are still enough spots on this roster that can do with a significant upgrade that the team shouldn’t dismiss the idea of getting as many high picks as possible.

              In saying that, as per my post below, if they do get Bosa and one of Brown or Thornhill, I would still be very happy with that.

              1. As much as I like 3rd Degree Burns, he doesn’t compliment Ford as well as Bosa does. Allen is more of a boom or bust type player for mine.

              2. You are crazy Scooter.

                You are also correct in saying there are enough spots that could use upgrades. A draft like the one you suggest would really set the team up nice.

              3. 9 day 7 minutes and we’ll find out whether they value trading down over Bosa or Williams. After those two, it gets rather murky. Once you get into that mud, you better be prepared to get dirty….

              4. Scooter,
                You bring up some valid points in terms of the roster. It is still one of the lesser rosters in the NFL in terms of talent. That is one of the reason’s I was arguing that Shanahan deserved another year. (This year is kind of a put up or shut up year in which he needs between 7 to 9 wins to save his job and they can’t all come at the end of the year. )
                The team needs major upgrades at CB, S, WR, OG, and LB. Off-season pickups like Verrett and Alexander can’t be counted on to improve the those units. One could also argue that Edge should still be counted as a position of need given the depth and Ford’s injury history.

                In the end I think it really comes down to how good do you see Bosa being? Do you see him as being a perennial pro-bowler or as a 10 sack a year guy? If its a 10 sack a year guy then I would argue they should trade back. If you think think he’s a perennial pro-bowler then you take Bosa and don’t worry about getting additional picks.

              5. “It’s getting harder the longer we’re here,” Shanahan said at last month’s owners meetings when asked how many starters he expects to get out of this draft. “Our first year, I think all of our guys ended up playing. I think they all did start at one time, whether you were a seventh-round draft choice or a first-round draft choice.”

              6. I certainly hope its getting harder to make the roster, razor. But sadly the team is still in a position where many positions on the team are unsettled and lack depth. There are a number of spots where early and mid round picks have a good chance of winning starting spots/ playing big minutes as a rookie, or providing important depth in case of injury.

              7. Scooter, where do you see opportunities for our draft picks to earn a starting role? I see the obvious:
                1a. 5T
                1b. Z receiver
                2c. FS
                3d. Sam LB

                CB Unless you draft in the 1st round, I do not see the talent to challenge anyone currently on the roster.
                OL Same as above, plus learning curve, plus the desire to keep continuity.
                RB Backlog
                TE Draft depth plus Kittle allows for a Mid Day 3.

              8. I said starting role or important depth in case of injury. You mentioned four spots I agree with, but I would also sat CB is definitely in that conversation as well. Very unsettled opposite Sherman. Just because you don’t see a guy you think might challenge for a starting spot after round 1, I expect a day 2 guy could very well compete to start, and if not start, provide important depth.

                They also need depth along the OL that could step in and start in case of injury, particularly interior. If they had more early picks they could potentially use one on one of the better interior guy and he could actually challenge Person for a starting spot. That is a position they can definitely upgrade.

                A second TE is definitely an area they can improve considerably as well.

              9. Scooter, Thornhill has played CB, and so if they were to draft a player like him with experience at both CB and FS; that would seem to me to nearly solidify your depth in the secondary.

                OL ~ I think drafting a player like Alex Bars in the 6th round makes a ton of sense.

              10. Yes, Bars (or someone else) in the 6th makes a lot of sense… because they don’t have enough draft picks to use one on a premium guy at the position. However, if they did, then all of a sudden they might be able to draft a guy that could compete to start against Person and Tomlinson, and potentially also provide a quality backup (and maybe eventual replacement) for Richburg.

              11. Yea, Richburg, Thomas, Garnett, Ward, Tartt, Smith are all in a prove it year. Good thing is I have confidence that Person can be an effective backup at Center, but I agree that at some point in the near future, you need to begin to develop a replacement. I don’t think Magnuson is that guy. Maybe Richburg’s injury, along with not having mastery over the offense contributed to his poor play than the lack of skill. To be determined….

            2. “Scooter, where do you see opportunities for our draft picks to earn a starting role? I see the obvious:
              1a. 5T
              1b. Z receiver
              2c. FS
              3d. Sam LB”

              Wow, you think this team is a lot more talented than I do.

              I would argue we have replacement level starters at RG, LG, WR1, Edge, WR3, (Pettis is a 2), 2CB’s, FS, SS, SAM, WILL…

              I feel that Jimmy hid a lot of flaws and the team was one of the least talented teams in the NFL last year. So when he went down, the only teams that they were less talented than SF were Oakland and AZ.

    1. Faith+9er
      * “Seahawks keeping Wilson for $35million a year. Giants will trade up now?”
      * Yes they will….And a major reasons why my mock draft has them trading down with SF for a QB

  16. This draft is a total win for the Niners. If the Cards do draft Murray, and I think they will, Bosa, the best player in the draft falls in their lap. If the Cards go Bosa, Murray becomes the trade chip. The only weird that could happen is let’s say the Raiders or the Jets want to make a deal with the Cards to get Bosa. They could leap frog the Niners, the Cards get extra picks and still get Murray. That’s the only way Bosa doesn’t fall to the Niners, and if that’s the case, Lynch has got to be fast and make a deal with a team like the Giants, Bengals or Dolphins so they can get Murray. Don’t let him fall to 3 or 4.

  17. Great piece on Bosa (link below)…He’s clearly the best player in the draft…unless we draft democrats only lol. He was one of the only white kids on his youth teams growing up and learned a lot about different cultures. He has life-long friends who are former teammates & coaches that are black and they speak very highly of him.
    The haters need to back the hell off of this young man. Who the hell are we to judge him on his political preference?? He could end of being a democrat down the road, people change.
    I really don’t give a sh*t who he votes for. It’s all about football in the NFL! We need stud football players to get to the next level and win our 6th Super Bowl! I’m tired of losing…Give the kid a chance man! He will mature over time. Are we all f’n perfect people?? FOH haters!!

      1. Agreed. This is the type of player you want to be associated with your franchise for years. Punch the Bosa ticket for me.

    1. Who the hell are we to judge him on his political preference??

      Did you even bother to read his tweets Crab? If you did, you’d realize that it is Nick Bosa who sure seems to have no problem judging people on their political preferences.

      I really don’t give a sh*t who he votes for.

      I personally couldn’t give a sh*t who he votes for either. As a wrote in an earlier post, my problem with Nick is not about supporting any particular political figure. It’s the incendiary things he seems to enjoy posting in order to “trigger” (Nick Bosa liked being described as, “not being afraid to say this stuff and trigger liberals” his words, not mine) people who have different political and social views.

      Saying stuff that bothers people just to “trigger” and get a reaction from them, is one of the reasons our political system is in the gutter these days, wouldn’t you agree?

      I’ve changed my avatar because I have a problem with a lot of Nick’s inflammatory twitter feed, but that doesn’t mean I won’t root for him on game day if the Niners do draft him. However, for sake of team unity, if the Niners do draft him, I hope he spends a little more time listening to other points of view in the locker room (even if he doesn’t ultimately agree with them politically), and a lot less time going out of his way to “trigger” people whom he disagrees with on twitter.

      1. reasons –

        I read everything bro, did you do anything stupid when you were 21 years old? Or were you perfect at that age? You know you did some sh*t you’re not proud of, just like we all did.
        Let’s see how Bosa matures over the next 3-4 years before we condemn him. Think back to who YOU were as a person at age 18-21, compared to who you are now.

        1. I hear you Crab, I just got a kick out of the irony of your statement Who the hell are we to judge him on his political preference??, when Nick has spent a lot of time on twitter doing exactly that.

        2. Crab15

          I seem to recall you railling about our defense over the last couple of years…what is it that makes you so accepting about Bosa if he is a bust…Not that I’m saying he will…Will he mature over the next 3-4 years..? Did Garnett…. ?…Thomas…?

          We are basically going into the draft needing an edge rusher to fill out the Dline. Why would we risk taking Bosa who’s been twice injured, and the last time dropped off the OSU team to prepare for the draft.. ? I’d rather take a shot on Josh Allen, who has played 4 full years, and he racked up 17 sacks, never being injured, is faster, stronger, has better coverage skills than Bosa….Doesn’t that make better sense ?

      2. 49-

        you’ll never stop preaching. Ever. Why not have some fun with it and change your name to “ThePreacher”
        No worries- we’ll know who you are.

        1. I’m not sure how calling people out on their BS, and pointing out irony and hypocrisy when I see it, would be considered preaching, but whatever. I guess you’re right Catfish, though I prefer “The Preacher of Truth”. That has a better ring to it, and is certainly better than “Catfish” aka – a bottom dwelling scum sucker, don’t you think? I mean, your screen name – Catfish … literally sucks, pardon the pun.

            1. 49, when I see preacher, I just assume long winded sermons.
              Maybe you should walk back from that word association. Just sayin’.

            2. Guys, if you read the above post, you’d know the temporary screen name change was all in jest.

              I do like my Saintly Jimmy G. avatar though, that might be a keeper.

  18. Bosa is great, and I will be happy if the Niners stand pat, and select him at number 2.
    However, I am thinking strategically, and getting more second round picks will accelerate the rebuild.
    2 is inherently better than one. 2 chances of succeeding. One chance may flame out if he becomes injured, and core injuries are tricky.
    Maybe the best move will be to select Bosa, then trade him to Gruden, who wants a replacement for Mack. Moving back 2 spots is manageable, and would not cost the Raiders their 24th or 27th picks. The Raiders could offer their first, second and 4th round picks (4, 35, 106), along with a 2020 third round pick to balance out the TVC. Gruden gets his EDGE rusher, and still has 2 first round picks where he can get good quality, and starters.
    Missing out on Bosa and Allen may be worth the loss if they can get an O lineman, WR and/or S in the second round, instead of just one of those.
    Glad Maiocco is puffing up Bosa. That is just increasing his trade value.

    1. Seb –

      No way Niners are trading Bosa if they draft him. I’m glad that you know how good Bosa is and weren’t fooled by Grant’s cherry picked videos of Bosa’s weaknesses. Bosa made way more good plays then poor ones.

      1. Every player can look All pro showing his highlights, and inept showing his struggles.
        Bosa does have some good tape, but I have also seen him pushed down to the ground.
        Since everyone is touting his family connections, Joey Bosa disappeared in his last playoff game, so Nick may suffer the same fate.
        If Bosa is as good as you say, Gruden will give the Niners a boatload of draft picks to trade up to get him.

  19. I agree with most of this article.

    1. Ward was the most egregious error. He was undersized. He did not play against future NFL caliber players in college. He had an injury history. Finally he was drafted to play a position which was not a natural fit.

    2. The other lesson to be learned is that the Niners have to stop drafting Pac 10 O and D lineman. Buckner is the bight spot in an otherwise blackhole of underperformance and disappointment .

    3. If we draft Bosa or Allen in the first and one of the WRs in the second , we will be in pretty good shape.

    4. No need to overreach at S or G.

    5. Back to WR. I dont buy the notion that we can’t draft receiver A because he did not run the exact same routes as Garcon . New tricks can be learned.

  20. I had my doubts about Bosa because of his decision to sit out most of the season due to his injury.

    I feel that he (and his handlers) could have used better language when he said that he was going to use the time off to also prepare for the NFL. That type of language opened the door for a bus load of interpretation, most of it negative.

    But it’s obvious that this kid lives for football. His heart and passion for the game is undeniable. And his ability to become a better player is genuine.

    Some could damn him all they want for his different political views and they are certainly free to do so, but when the dust settles, I want a person who plays his butt off and brings heart and passion on on every play.
    If that player is Bosa, I’m good with it.

    1. Never thought about players deciding to change sports midstream so to speak. With the #1 pick, I can see why the Cardinals would want a “no baseball clause” in Murray’s contract. Can teams start negotiating with draftee’s agents prior to the draft? Is that what happened in Winston’s case?

  21. Looks like some leaks from the schedule came out before tomorrow’s release.
    Thanksgiving looks like a revenge game with our Niners playing the Seahaks.
    Rams at Cowboys
    And Bears at Lions

      1. Don’t forget Mr Ford on the other side. If not the traditional ford truck he could run him over and never break down. 🤣🤣

        1. Bosa/Thomas/Buckner/Ford looks straight up Gangland on paper. Between those 4, someone will track down and eliminate Wilson. We all know where Goff will be, but it’s Wilson’s agility and dodge ball like open field antics that have been our kryptonite. I want to see him buried….

          1. Yeah Ford does eat Wilson’s for breakfast though.
            Don’t forget the LB’s too. Wagner is no slouch on speed. And it seems the “new guy” gets to that ball well too.

              1. Stop me now stop me. Better yet, let’s see if Thomas can no longer make doubters out of us.

              2. I am counting on the loss of Zgonina, and the hiring of Kocurek, to be instrumental in the proper utilization of Thomas.

  22. The thing I really like about Ford is that he goes for the strip sack. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve yelled at the TV when our guys get sacks but they didn’t try to strip the ball from the QB, who was holding it in one hand. I know it is harder than it sounds, but it will be great to have an edge rusher who specializes in the strip sack!

    1. Down side is slipping off and the QB getting away for not wrapping up.
      At this point I’ll just take sacks from this team. 😛

    1. Well, there’s your proof. All is fabricated. Every event, every outcome doctored. Pursue other interests. Give up.

      1. Cassie Baalke, the league Toadie. Defend the officiating all you want, I will just point out that Rams- Saints game. The officials can easily determine the outcome of the game, in so many ways, by throwing ticky tacky flags or swallowing their whistles. Also, do not get me started on their last SB.
        Glad they are considering an official in the booth.

          1. The stench of Baalke reminds me that the the one constant from the last SB to the present, Is Paraag.
            JL should ban him from the Draft War Room, because he made desperate poorly thought out trade ups that backfired spectacularly, like Foster and Joe Williams.
            JL should not put his minion out to drum up business, he should use a former GM like Mayhew, so the other GMs can respect him, and not think of ways to take advantage of him, like they did with Paraag.
            I would not be surprised if Paraag was the instigator of the Trent Brown trade. Belichick schooled Paraag and the Niners, getting that blind side protection that helped the Pats win another ring.
            I am just reminded of Jed’s hat in hand, GM search. Jed’s humiliation tour, with Paraag as his sidekick.
            Paraag and Jed are best buds, but business is business. Banning Paraag from the draft would be the smartest thing JL could do. No more red flagged players because they are such good value. No more ACL picks, because the Niners cannot afford to side line a player for a year. They need immediate help. No more unfair desperation trade ups. Yes, it should be a consensus, with the coaches and scouts having a big say. Let the FO sit back, and let the football people make the big decisions.
            JL is light years better than Baalke, but Baalke listened to Paraag, too. JL should be bold and decisive, and use his own gut feelings to nail this draft.

  23. There is a consistent theme with the WRs they are bringing in for visits. Unless the 49ers are completely blowing smoke, sure would seem they will be looking to add a big bodied WR.

  24. Not to defend under preforming picks, but drafts have “flat spots.”

    Flat spot: You want to trade back and get similar talent (sometimes even the same player). But that very same situation is inverse motivation for teams to trade up.

    2015: Armstead – Baalke traded back from 15 to 17. He wanted to trade back even more (despite his public claims to be nervous about losing Armstead after the trade).

    2017: Solomon Thomas – A strange draft. Move the Sticks had only 6 of the top 20 free of injury or off field concerns. The “Clean Six.”

    2017 was the kind of draft bound to get some GM fired either for drafting a player that gets hurt in trouble, or fired for passing on a major great talent that turned out to be healthy/good teammate.

    My initial draft crushes were:
    – Malik Hooker (perfect for the new cover 3)
    – Marshon Lattimore (talented player + high position importance)

    Both had injury concerns. (Lattimore’s “injury” turned out minor. More of a rumor. He was fine)

    Traumatized by injured players, I changed my draft crush to Thomas.

    Lynch traded back one spot. Peter King said Lynch burned the phone lines trying to trade back again but “didn’t get any serious offers.”

    1. Armstead and Thomas will likely never justify their draft slot but I think both are ascending. Armstead has unique strength+length. Thomas is an explosive quick twitch athlete. Both are smart. Both great teammates. Both (especially Thomas) would be mortified at the idea of letting their team down.

      I expect Thomas to be nice surprise this season. He’s been through personal hell. Might never be like a number 3 overall, but I think he plays quite well this season.

      1. B2W,
        4-5 years from now when Thomas is still playing on the Dline, I have a feeling that many will still be calling out Lynch for using a #3 pick on him.
        Go figure.

    1. Keelan Doss is far superior. He ran a 4.45 forty in the rain. ;p
      Butler is good, but the chatter is about his drops.

        1. Ore, Butler is projected as a first round pick. TO was selected 89th in the third round.
          TO definitely exceeded expectations, but no one is touting Butler as a HOFer. I am only doing that for Keelan Doss. ;p

    1. Shanahan has all offseason to prepare for Tampa now, which is a good thing.

      Week 14 on the road vs Saints – that is bad. Tough to play the Saints on the road especially late in the season when they are very good. :(

  25. Wow, Grant sure called out Durant. Hope he responds well, instead of imploding.
    They put Beverly on Durant and he managed only 8 shots? That is a mismatch every time.

    1. Durant has displayed less than impressive traits over this past season. He’s already out the door and doesn’t really care. If I was Steve Kerr/Bob Myers, I would have traded him to the Knicks prior to the all star break.

      1. Durant was the Warriors second leading scorer on Monday night.

        Part of the reason he had only 8 FG attempts was that he was being fouled often, as his 12 FT attempts shows.

        In 2 seasons as a Warrior he’s been the MVP of the finals both seasons.

        The team fell apart on Monday night with turnovers and sloppy play over that last 1.5 quarters.

          1. “He’s not there.”

            Last year he tied with Steph as the team scoring leader. This year he’s barely behind and still averaged 26ppg.

            He’s still there.

            On Monday night, after going up 31 94-63, the Warriors got a total of 17 points from their big 3.

            Durant 8
            Curry 7
            Thompson 2

            But yeah, let’s blame the loss on Durant.

            1. He fouled out and committed nine turnovers. He was not engaged in Game 2. It was a pathetic effort, probably the worst of his life.

          1. In the 4th he had 2, one on a very questionable call.

            This loss looked a lot like game 1 of the WCF from 2016. Nobody could hit their shots in the 4th and you could see them pressing.

            Not a big Durant guy, but the narrative around him is bogus.

            1. If you were at the game, you would have seen Durant frequently stand in the corner or pass the ball instead of taking a rookie off the dribble or not hustle back on defense. He committed four offensive fouls and nine turnovers. His head wasn’t in the game.

              1. Was wondering what the focus would be once Cousins went down.

                Durant, Curry and Thompson scored 17 points total over the final 19 minutes.

                Durant had turnovers. Curry had turnovers. Thompson took a total of 2 shots in the 4th, scored 0 points.

                This was a total team failure, at least from the big 3.

    2. I like Durant, but he is an ultra sensitive (historically) individual who poorly handles even the slightest critique.

      There’s the situation with Draymond early this season that took a while to shake. There’s the hanging cloud of going to New York after the season.
      Now, he’s clearly on the hook for letting Beverly find living space in his head. The other big factor for the loss is that there was no answer for Lue Williams who always has his way against the warriors.

      But with all this, I don’t see KD being a detriment to the team. And having Beverly guard him allows Steph and Klay to get their shots off without being badgered by Beverly.

      I wouldn’t put the loss on KD.
      The embarrassing loss to the Clippers was a total team breakdown from top to bottom. Losing like that wasn’t good to see if you’re warriors fan, but at least the series has a little more interest now.

  26. Lessons 49ers can learn from former 1st round picks:

    See Seb’s insistance that Jarryd Hayne and a subpar Kaep be part of the 49ers roster. These are examples of the losers Seb foists upon our Niners.
    Perhaps a look in the mirror would cure Sebbie of this mailaise that he’s the salon of knowledge, but, in the end, failure is only recognized when said players are booted from the roster. Truly sad

    1. TrollD, both Hayne and Kaep were not first round picks.
      Since Kaep took the Niners to the SB after only 10 games, and came within 5 yards of winning it all, and one pass from returning, it was wise to retain veteran talent and leadership.

    2. Hayne was an example of Baalke’s massive ego, thinking he could take a JH led team and install Tomsula who was plainly over his head. Baalke also thought he could take a player who had never played football before, and make him a media star in Australia, and proficient in the NFL.. Then Baalke panicked, and did not give Hayne a fair chance. In fact, Baalke showed how unfit he was to be associated with the 49ers by cutting Hayne on the team bus.
      At least he should have gotten the ST coaches to teach Hayne to let some bad punts go, and not dive to try and catch it.

  27. Hey Sebbie…

    With details beginning to emerge concerning the ’19 schedule, how to do you see gut spilling playing out?

    1. Seb’s busy waiting for the redacted version of the Mueller report, most likely another 4 pager was readily available for congress. Seb is is secretly wondering how Jared Kushner got the nations highest security clearance to Russia when graduate Generals from West Point , CIA vets, etc, etc, could not and is looking for an explanation in tomorrows report

  28. I learned my lesson last season. I’ll wait until the end of this season to give my prediction on what their final record will be.

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