Letter to Jim Schwartz, not pertaining to The Handshake

Dear Jim Schwartz,

You want to call a running play against the 49ers, but it doesn’t exist.

Il n’existe pas.

Justin Smith will stop it while thinking of other things.

Take your running plays and throw them away. They’ll only help you lose on Sunday.

You have to pass against the 49ers. Remember how Bill Walsh used to set up the run with the pass? You have to set up the pass with the pass, and then pass some more.

The Packers tried to run on the Niners 9 times. 9 times. That may seem like a small number to you, but it was 9 too many. Green Bay wasted 20 percent of their offensive plays handing the ball to Cedric Benson. Every time they did, it seemed like they killed their own drive: “Here comes Benson, and here comes second and 9.” He finished with 18 rushing yards.

You’ve got to spread the Niners out and throw quick passes for short gains. That’s your best chance to move the ball.

Force the Niners into their dime defense – the one where they take out Patrick Willis or NaVorro Bowman for No.4 cornerback Perrish Cox – and then go after Cox.

That worked for the Packers when they tried it. Aaron Rodgers threw to Randall Cobb, their No.4 wide receiver, 9 times and Cobb caught all 9. The Niners couldn’t stop him. He should have been targeted 9 more times. They still didn’t win. I don’t think you’re going to win either.

You don’t have a No. 4 wide receiver as good as Cobb, so you’re going to have to figure something out. I can’t figure out everything for you.

Whatever you do, don’t run.

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