Loss to Falcons low point of 49ers’ season

Olamide Zaccheaus (17), de los Falcons de Atlanta, festeja tras anotar ante los 49ers de San Francisco en la última jugada del partido del domingo 15 de diciembre de 2019 (AP Foto/John Hefti)

SANTA CLARA — Humiliating loss.

The 49ers, who aspire to win the Super Bowl this season, lost at home to the four-win Atlanta Falcons Sunday afternoon. Lost 29-22 and gave up two touchdowns in the final five seconds. Afterward, the Falcons, who were eliminated from the playoff race weeks ago, did backflips on the 49ers field.


“We didn’t come out to play nearly as hard as they did,” rookie defensive end Nick Bosa said bluntly at his locker.

The 49ers were coming off the most difficult three-game stretch in NFL regular-season history — they played three teams with excellent records and beat two of them. Plus, the 49ers have two big upcoming games against division rivals, the Rams and Seahawks. The Falcons were the 49ers’ weakest remaining opponent, and the 49ers still lost. Now, they’ve dropped three of their past six games.

Humiliating for a team that started the season so well.

“I don’t think we played with any type of intensity,” tight end George Kittle said.

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  1. A team that doesn’t play with full intensity deserves to lose. This had better be a damn learning experience. Very disappointing effort all around.

  2. Thanks Grant…..this game reminded me of the last couple seasons…..couldn’t close out games, poor defense in the clutch, weirdo play calling and strategy or lack thereof….rubber is meeting the road and the road is winning

  3. This is not the kind of game that a team a team like the Niners is supposed to play down the stretch.

    The injuries on the D seem to have caught up. Getting Sherman and Tartt back will help, but they’ve lost DJ Jones, Ronald Blair and Damontre Moore in the pits. That hurts. Sheldon Day is ok, but Thomas is not special in any area of the game.

    I know this sounds like a reach, but Haloti Ngata is a free agent. I would sign him and get him up to speed. Ngata, even at his age, he’s better than Thomas.

  4. This is all a moot point . Even if they won yesterday and beat the Rams next week , they never beat the Seahawks in Seattle, especially with that much in the line, so they were gonna be 5 seed regardless

    1. Not necessarily.Injuries are mounting at a rapid pace for Seattle as well.
      That week 17 game might come down to who has the better backups.

      1. This loss meant less in terms of their playoff seeding, than it did in terms of confidence and momentum. The 49ers own the tiebreaker over both the Packers, and the Saints, thanks to their wins in those head-to-head match ups. Seattle took care of their business against the Panthers last week, and are at home to face off against the Cardinals this Sunday. Because of that, the Niners were almost certainly going to need to go on the road and beat Seattle week 17, in order to win the NFC West and secure home field advantage throughout the playoffs, regardless of whether they beat the Falcons or not.

        Not only that, there is a positive to be had after this tough, inexcusable loss – and that’s the fact that the team didn’t suffer any additional injuries against the Falcons. This is significant, as they are clearly struggling to adapt to the loss of some of their key players, especially on the defensive side of the ball. In fact, this team has a chance to head to Seattle relatively healthy, with an extra day of rest in between these final 2 regular season games.

        I am still very confident in this young team, as well as the coaching staff, and if they get some of those key players back, they can regain momentum and get back to playing at, or near the level they were just a few short weeks back. And if they do that, and take care of business against the Rams, they can certainly go into Seattle (who just lost WR Josh Gordon), knock off the Seahawks, and take control of the top seed and a much needed first round bye, re-positioning themselves as the team to beat in the National Football Conference!

        GO NINERS!

  5. Hey no injuries this game , if you put that into perspective that might hold more value than a W , with the lack of intensity they showed that might have been the goal

  6. Cmon people
    They treated this game as essentially a bye. It makes zero difference with Seattle winning in Carolina. Why go hard? No injuries was good.
    They rested important defensive players and didn’t push too hard to heal a bit. Had to after that stretch.
    Now it’s pedal to the metal. Win out or go home.
    They lose to the Rams (highly unlikely) they go on the road and if not it’s all down to Sea Town
    If they win out then number 1 seed
    This game means not. Relax

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