Lynch and Shanahan are upbeat about the NFL season. But a lot could go wrong.

GM John Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan are ready to start the season. Let’s see how it goes. (AP photo Marcio Jose Sanchez.)

Monday afternoon John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan met the media for the first time since signing new contract extensions. It was a typical presser in the new normal. Which is to say everyone appeared  on computer screens and reporters could ask questions if they remembered to unmute their microphone.

Lynch and Shanahan were upbeat and optimistic in the time-honored way of every football coach and GM at the start of the season. It was, Shanahan said, the first time they’d seen some of the players since the Super Bowl.

And a lot has happened since then.

We all had questions about the 49ers after that Super Bowl loss, but no one suspected that when we sat down with Shanahan and Lynch this time of year, we’d be talking about a global pandemic.

Shanahan admitted to some concern about how health protocols were going to work. But he said now that he is on the 49ers campus, and has seen how the social spacing and protective measures are set up, “I feel better and better about this each day. I get how this can work.”

And that’s great. Glad to hear he’s feeling good about football going forward.

Because there are so many ways for this to go wrong.

To begin with, we’ve seen other sports leagues re-opening their schedules. And in virtually every case — baseball, men’s and women’s soccer, WNBA — players have tested positive for the virus. Major League Baseball is currently hoping that outbreaks among the Florida Marlins and the Cardinals will not be so serious that the season has to be cancelled.

At this point it seems pretty clear that playing in a “bubble” is the way to go. The NBA, WNBA and men’s and women’s soccer have announced no positive tests since they went into isolation, but each had several positive tests before they were “em-bubbled.”

The bad news is football is not played in a bubble.

“Once we play the game,” Shanahan said. “Social distancing is basically impossible.”

We will have to assume there will be some outbreaks on the 49ers and other NFL teams. Richie James has already been on, and then off, the COVID list. And if we have learned anything from baseball, it is that one player or staffer can quickly infect others. It wouldn’t take much to knock out a chunk of a roster.

“It’s kinda this other thing,” Shanahan said. “Football doesn’t matter if we don’t handle COVID right.”

So what do they do if they get a positive test from someone during games or scrimmages? Quarantine him and everyone he bumped into on the field? Quarantine the whole team? Or just isolate the individual player and roll the dice?

We all knew football was going to have the toughest time starting its season. Once games begin, players will literally be right in each other’s faces, spraying (possibly infected) tiny droplets into the air. There will be sweat, and probably blood. And the players are very large men, some well over 300 pounds, which is a red flag for COVID.

If Shanahan said it once, he said it five times, “This is all new to us.” He talked about how he usually comes to camp in the first few weeks, with a plan in place and a confident reply to any question. Now, he said, “I don’t know when I’ve said ‘I don’t know’ so many times.”

The other thing that the pandemic has done is shorten the run up to the first game, which is Sept. 13. The team is doing strength and conditioning now, but won’t actually hit the field in full gear for another two weeks. That first game is going to be on them in a hurry.

“We are only going to have 15 practices before Week One,” Shanahan said. “We are allowed 14 days in full pads, but I’m not sure we can get them all in.”

And once you begin practicing, how do you do it? Preseason games have been cancelled. That was the right call, but it doesn’t make it easier on the coaching staff when evaluating players.

“How do you set up a camp without a pre-season game?” Shanahan asked. “There could be times when we do tackling (during practice.) I’ve never done it before because bringing guys to the ground is where guys get hurt. But we may.”

Once the games begin, football is hoping to avoid what is happening to baseball, with outbreaks popping up, cancelling games and putting players in isolation. Cleveland’s Odell Beckham Jr. said at one point he didn’t think the NFL should even start the season. (He’s softened that stance, but if things go south, other players are likely to support the idea.)

Still, it is the start of the football season. Every team is tied for first and right now a player is telling someone, somewhere, that he’s in the best shape of his life. And Shanahan, hired in 2017, said his family was celebrating his new, six-year extension to the year 2025. Not that it is about the money.

As the son of an NFL coach, Mike Shanahan, Kyle said, “I had never lived anywhere in my life more than four years. So to pass the four-year mark was pretty exciting in the Shanahan house.”

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  1. All professional sports this season is about “rolling the dice”
    Too much of a gamble imo. There doesn’t seem to be a firm plan in place to adjust and treat all the levels of C-19 possibilities. If one player contracts the virus the team has a good chance of adjusting their personnel and keeping their schedule intact. But what’s the effect to personnel and schedules if more than a few and possibly more players show up positive?
    “Rolling the dice” never paints a good scenario.
    No vaccine, no play!

    1. With Jimmy G as QB, the Niner’s are not likely to win a Superbowl. He has consistently closed his eyes when releasing the ball when under heavy pressure resulting in interceptions. This was on display twice in the Superbowl last year. Going over previous games on game pass this is a old habit that predates his broken leg.

  2. If I was a betting man and I am I wouldn’t put too much money on there being a full and uninterrupted season but i’m keeping good thoughts.

  3. What happens if a team loses its entire O-line with a Covid breakout – roll with backups and jeopardize their QB – forfeit ?

    1. Other teams will be faced with similar attrition. Interesting to see no opt outs for the 49er players. I hope Bobby Brown will opt out, or at least be put in an upstairs booth, away from the players, during the games.
      Maybe the SB winner will be the only team to be able to field a full squad.

  4. i was a niner hater- CWN is a corona coward!! every single article dosent really focus on sports, just the fear, doom and gloom from covid! LMAO

    1. this group is a bunch of soft butt kissers!! they bash me pretty good over at SI for being completely wrong about everything. You guys would stick up for me and defend my stupidity though! i sure do miss you strange people :(

    2. the fear, doom and gloom from covid! LMAO

      A 9/11 every few days. Then another 9/11 every few days after that,… then another few days, another 9/11. Laugh your @ss off about that, you POS @sshole

      1. tough word from an internet coward porkrib I’ll try to explain things to you but your pea brain wont get it. when shi hits the fan. theres 2 types of people- those who tighten up their belt and boots and fight!!! then there’s you, and most of your cronies on this blog. Cowards who curl up in the fetal position and hide in the corner and hope things just go away! and for the record, im positive your a coward based on how tough you act while hiding behind a keyboard!
        Covid spreads when idiots gather at bars or parties or in hobo camps.When they act like it dosent exist or dont practice basic personal hygiene.
        It may be news to you…but the majority of us are still at work!!! working hard to defend the old, the sick, the weak, the scared ( basically you, tool) as well as the common familys that have common sense!!!
        Its simple really. Wash, wash some more. keep a 6′ bubble and use lots of hand sanitizer in between washing!

        and OC – this blog isnt surviving. its a shell of its former self! all good posters have bailed. The only people left are the ones that use this as a platform to complain about politics, the president etc.
        And also try to bully anyone new or who disagrees with the fear and hatred they spread! this really is a sad blog with an even sadder group of regulars!!! just a cesspool of misery and disgusting fear mongering bully’s who couldnt fight their way out of a wet paper bag in real life :(

        1. Get lost. Another 5,000 Americans have lost their lives since you posted your stupidity. Fight that with your boots on. And wear your mask while you do.

        2. And what kind of jackass sociopath laughs at those who take seriously something that’s going to remove upwards of half a million Americans by year end? Do you LYAO at drunk driving, cancer deaths too? Find hilarity in school mass shootings? Tell us, little man.

  5. Those last 2 posts got me wondering. Do you think Grant ever steps by to check up on his old blog?

    1. Coach,
      Probably not.
      But many here told Grant that this blog didn’t need him in order to succeed. What makes this blog successful are the posters.
      I appreciate the stage that the PD has provided, but a stage with no performers will ultimately close it’s doors.
      It will always be about the posters.

      1. AES,

        Amen! Grant should be busy looking for new conspiracies — for example, why did Kyle get a 6 year extension and Lynch get only a 5-year deal?? It reeks of Jed being in the Kyle Camp! And then there’s the dadgum yahoo Paraag, leaker extraordinaire… never up to any good….

        I agree that it’s the readers and commentors here that makes the site interesting. Anyway, I’m off for the rest of the week hiking and fishing in John Muir Wilderness. Hope to find more brook trouts and less COVID at 10,000 ft. You folks here all take care of yourselves.

          1. Thanks. It’s a chance to spend some time with my son who’s in high school. Gets him away from the computer!

            1. Ah, yes, I remember being in HS, going with a buddy, being dropped off at one end of Desolation Valley with a bag of Granola, a bag of gorp, and a slab of bacon. We would fry up the bacon, and cook trout in the grease. One week later, they would come pick us up.
              Good luck, have fun and savor these times with your son.

  6. I hope the Niners can create a tiered system, so no one player is interacting with a large group. One of the best ways to ensure the Niners can field a team is if they separate and isolate the starters from the rest of the team.
    The Niners should emulate the Saints. A modified Bubble is better than no bubble, and 3 hotels with about 5,000 rooms are sitting vacant and available within walking distance to Levi’s.

      1. Do not blame me, I have been saying for months that traveling on jets is problematic.
        If you ask KS, he will just say he does not know.

  7. Lieutenant Marathe can show just how valuable he is to sustainability by getting Kittle, Trent Williams, and K’Waun Williams all under contract next year….

    1. Razor,
      I’m sorry to have to say this but no way, not with the cap being reduced by 23 mill. We will be lucky to sign one of them. Teams who are already well under the cap are going to get a chance on some great players relatively on the cheap. The balance of talent is going to even out but at least we will still have a top 5 coaching staff.

      1. He’s got a rep for being a cap wizard so instead of luck maybe some good old fashioned magic!?‍♂️

  8. I wish to express my sorrow upon hearing about Ralph Barbieri He was an icon on KNBR like Gary.
    I have always claimed that Tom Tolbert gleaned and refined his interview skills while teaming up with Ralph.
    However, upon retrospect, Tom was good for Ralph. He moderated and controlled Ralph’s mercurial nature, and brought out the best in him, keeping things light. Tom also was a true professional. He aided Ralph and covered for him, so no one knew of his physical limitations. I liked how their rapier like wits would spar, each taking delight in scoring points, but never taking it too far.
    Ralph’s interview skills were prodigious. He always seemed to get to the meat of the matter, and wrung every tidbit of info from his subject, every time. (OK, maybe not the Burt Reynolds interview….) He always asked such probing, insightful questions, then let the subject sink or swim.
    That Ralph and Tom show was legendary, and I would burst out in a belly laugh because they were so funny, at times.
    Ralph Barbieri is another Angel who is flying, because he takes himself lightly. RIP, Razor.

    1. They were a great team and made each other better. I actually wasn’t a fan of either of them until they teamed up then I never missed their show.

      1. I heard that Barbieri left KNBR under uneventful circumstances.
        But, Barbieri was very good at his job. I’ll never forget his heated exchange with Rick Barry on the air. Barry was starting his time slot and like they still do, there was typically about a 1 minute small talk between the outgoing host and the incoming host.

        Well, that’s when the fireworks begin. It quickly turned into an argument of a (non-athletic) radio sports host (Barbieri) claiming to know more about athletes than someone who actually played in sports (Barry). It got intense.
        Gary finally intervened and helped simmer things down.
        Reality radio it’s best!
        Rest in Peace, Mr. Barbieri

        1. We have been so lucky. Gary, who I hope is enjoying retired life. The mellifluous voice of John Miller. Lon Simmons, Pete Wilson, and another unforgettable voice, Bill King.

            1. “Holy Toledo! ” Bill King, was the best.
              “Ghost to the post.”
              “Holy roller.”
              “Old man Willie.”
              “Sea of hands.”
              Just to name a few.

              1. All great stuff…

                I was at the Coliseum for the Sea of Hands game. Was seated in the end zone (corner), 2nd deck–right above the play. I listened to Bill King’s replay highlights all the way home that night.

                Take a breath Sebbie. I was a 9er and Raider fan back in the 60s-70s, with the 9ers pulling ahead in 1981. Great time for Bay Area football.

              2. I always knew you were a Raiders fan, at heart.
                Trying to snark and belittle die hard faithful Niner fans is what any Raiders troll would delight in doing.
                Glad you finally exposed yourself.

            2. There has been no other announcer prior to him or after him that could call a basketball game like he did. His mouth was as fast as any feet on the basketball floor. Holy Toledo…

  9. The interviews of Sherman and JG were welcome, and refreshing. Sounds like everyone is pulling in the same direction, trying to achieve a minor miracle. Sherman talked about accountability, Brotherhood, chemistry, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done.
    Ol Grant asked JG a question, and he lobbed a softball, about the difference between this season, and his last season, when it pertains to his ACL. I was surprised he did not ask a question about BDN. ;p
    Then Matt Maiocco sucks up by stating- Some people question your game. It was entertaining. JG was professional, and was honest and forthright, while also being very diplomatic about the realities of NFL Football.
    I was only disappointed because some reporter did not toss a lollipop to him and ask him about his relationship with Kittle. Perfect opportunity to get in a light hearted dig. Glad to see both of them taking this Covid 19 Pandemic seriously. I hope they can learn from what the Seahawks are doing. It is almost like they are keeping the first stringers separated from the rest of the team.
    The new CBA is a bunch of smoke and mirrors, filled with rainbows and unicorns.
    I think we have just been rosily scenario’d. Refuse to wear a mask? Just a fine. Maybe they should kick the player off the team with no pay, for endangering the lives of his team mates, and endangering the entire football season.
    Baseball is finding out how they should not underestimate the stupidity of its players. Some Nimrods decide to go gambling, and crapped out.
    Football players can block, tackle and blow snot all over another player, but HEAVEN FORBID trading jerseys after a game. They are just re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

    1. Her Dear John missive flapped unambiguously in the windy breeze, hanging like a pizza menu on the doorknob of my mind. [blf]

      1. Oh, look, Baalke’s team now has Mike Glennon as the starting QB. Guess they are Tanking for Trevor.

        1. Maybe if they really want to win, rather be content to lose, the Jags should at least give Kaep a tryout.
          This is the problem. Some think Mike Glennon and QBs of his ilk are superior QBs compared to Kaep, and I think they haven’t got an iota of football knowledge.

          1. Maybe one day old wind up will return and take the league by storm again. But, now its been 3 years and even with all the protests, and awareness, the black balling continues does it Paul? Shame on the NFL!

            1. Lebron James and both teams knelt. He hoped his gesture made Kaep proud.
              I am certainly proud of Lebron James. He gets it.

  10. Truly need every single player to adopt those facemask/shields that protect from transmission of the disease, and I would say that all linemen should, if they were really worried, get the athletic facemasks that you see guys like Steph Curry training in. This would be a double duty effort to help slow the spread amongst the linemen.

    This season, more so than any, will truly be a survival of the healthiest.

  11. “They are just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.”
    “Mike Glennon as the starting QB. Guess they are Tanking for Trevor.” Seb

    Very colorful wording. You are on top of your game today my friend.

    1. I thought the last sentence of my tribute to Ralph was appropriate, since it pertains to his call off quote.

    1. JP,
      I certainly don’t criticize any player for opting out due to the nature of the times.

      There is very good talent at the WR position in camp. With the ascent of Deebo (hopefully ready to play by the first to third game, Aiyuk, and the return of Trent Taylor and Jalen Hurd along with Bourne, we should be in good shape.

      Pettis is still on the roster and some nice things have been said about Jauan Jennings as well.
      WR might become one of our “strength” positions when the dust settles.

  12. Jimmy will no longer be playing on wounded knee as it is 100%, and he’s able execute any on the move plays Shanny might dial up. This will likely show up in his technique as well when he plants his front leg leading to more drive on his throws….

    1. I hope KS designs some more roll outs for JG. Maybe roll away from their best pass rusher to neutralize him.

        1. Then turtle to the ground just before being tackled. The key is not to let the defender pick him up and carry him out of bounds!

          1. Ideally, it would be nice to run through their line like a hot knife through soft butter for a TD, but that rarely happens.
            You seem to want the ball carrier to struggle upright for every inch, which will allow the defense to swarm him, gang tackle him and strip the ball away. That would make it twice as hard to win.
            You may not care about ball security, but I do.
            Pick up the pass catcher, allow him to make the catch, but make sure he cannot keep both feet in bounds. A ball caught out of bounds is just an incompletion, which is a good defensive goal. Once again, you seem to want to make it twice as hard to win.

            1. Once again your ignorance towards never having played a down in football is evident.

              1. That’s football. Maybe you are better suited for flag football. Non contact, no touching pansy football!

              2. Fuzzy logic, unclear thinking, delusions, anger issues. You really must be suffering.
                Please seek help.

              3. How can someone as old like you whose been on this earth longer than dinosaurs, not get it that football was, is and always will be a violent sport?
                BTW how come you do not use Dee Pee anymore?

              4. Football is evolving, and now fans are complaining about rules that protect players so much, they call it flag football now. Steve Young would have loved to have played with the present rules, because he probably could have played for 5 more years.
                I remember being thrilled to see Larry Roberts hold up a RB, then see Ronnie Lott build up a head of steam, and hit the ball carrier so hard, snot would spew all over his victim. Nowadays, he would have been flagged for a blow to the head, unnecessary roughness, and playing with the intent to cause great bodily harm. Those were the Glory Years for the Niners, but those days are long gone.
                Dinosaurs like you keep thinking that they still play that way. Your thinking, like you, will go extinct. Violence is frowned upon, because the human cost results in Junior Seaus and Nick Buonicontis. Even Marc Buonicontis. You cling to the past, but football is moving on, becoming less violent, so the players do not suffer life time pain.
                Too many blows to the head results in you declaring you do not care if the Niners have as twice as hard a time to win. Your schizophrenia seems to result in you thinking that I am Dee Phiant. Dee does not suffer fools gladly, so he is shining you on. You just do not have a clue. Dee and I went at each other for a while, until he realized that his efforts were futile. Recently, we have been able to have civil conversations, although I have tended to leave him alone.
                Football is becoming less violent, and also becoming more socially aware. Players are using their platform to advocate for social justice. Did you know that Colin Kaepernick, Dr Fauci and Dolores Huerta have all won the Robert F Kennedy Ripple of Hope Award? Kaep exemplified an admirable commitment for social justice. He has been proven right by the brutal murder of George Floyd, and has started a movement, with real police reforms being enacted. Dr Fauci deserves praise for heroically fighting this pandemic with his hands tied behind his back due to the vacuum of leadership, and gross incompetence.
                I remember listening to Dolores Huerta give speeches for the UFW in the fields of Central California. She, like John Lewis, were there from the beginning. All further progress by subsequent leaders was accomplished by standing upon their shoulders.
                I am so proud of Kaep, and hope the blackballing will stop soon. Lebron James made Kaep proud when he and both teams knelt for social justice. Black lives do matter.

              5. Prime Slime, you have to excuse “my musings” since they are not from the real me.
                My teenage nephew hacked into my account and is posting under ‘Seb’ and trying to discredit you finding out that we’re one.
                I know that you have evidence that we are the same, just don’t publish it. No one needs to know.
                I know that the brain damage from hitting your own goal posts on the only time you played football makes you slower, but don’t take it out on me.

    2. The Cohns sure are confident that JG’s better knee health will help his arm strength…

  13. Nice. Both Jeff Wilson and Richie James came off the Covid list, so they were probably just in contact with an infected person. DJ Reed and Chris Edwards were cut to make room for them.

  14. So it is Dion Jordan and not Ziggy.

    Ian Rapoport
    @RapSheet 9m
    The #49ers are expected to sign former #Raiders and #Seahawks DE Dion Jordan, source said. He flashed with Oakland with 2 sacks, but now helps depth in SF – a team that had tried to sign him in the past.

    1. Hoping for the best outcome–both 9ers and Jordan…

      2013 season
      Jordan appeared in all 16 games in his rookie year of 2013 making 26 tackles, two sacks, and two passes defended.

      2014 season
      On July 3, 2014, Jordan was suspended for the first four games of the 2014 season for violating the NFL’s performance-enhancing substance policy. On September 19, 2014, Jordan again violated the drug policy and was given an additional two games to add for the suspension.

      2015 season
      On April 28, 2015, Jordan was suspended for the entire 2015 season for violating the NFL’s performance-enhancing substance policy for a third time. According to sources, Jordan didn’t fail a drug test; however, it was determined that one of his test samples was diluted, which is considered a strike.

      2016 season
      Jordan was conditionally reinstated by the NFL on July 29, 2016, ending what was a 15-month suspension. The conditions stipulated in the reinstatement include he would be able to return to the team for training camp, establishment of treatment resources for Jordan in Miami prior to his being allowed to play in any preseason games, a meeting with the NFL prior to being allowed to play in Week 1 of the regular season, and an in-season meeting with the NFL prior to a full reinstatement. Still, Jordan did not play a down at all during 2016.

      On March 31, 2017, Jordan was released by the Dolphins after failing a physical.

      Seattle Seahawks
      On April 11, 2017, Jordan was signed by the Seattle Seahawks. He was placed on the reserve/non-football injury list to start the season with a knee injury. On November 8, the Seahawks activated Jordan off reserves to the active roster. He played in five games of the season, finishing with 10 tackles and 4 sacks.

      On March 14, 2018, the Seahawks placed a first-round restricted free agent tender on Jordan. On June 7, Jordan underwent knee surgery, described as a cleanup.

      On May 14, 2019, Jordan was suspended for 10 games due to usage of Adderall. Jordan admitted that he was taking Adderall to alleviate his ADHD, but his therapeutic use exemption expired, and therefore, his appeal was declined.

      Oakland Raiders
      On November 9, 2019, Jordan signed with the Oakland Raiders. He was immediately placed on the reserve/suspended list to finish out his 10-game suspension. He was reinstated from suspension on November 12.

  15. Hmmm, they signed a CTE candidate, now a druggie.
    What next? a DV perp? They already have 2 ACL players with Blair and Taylor.
    Maybe they should save their pennies for Kittle.

    1. Seb,
      I imagine his deal carries with it no guaranteed money. It won’t cost them anything unless he really impresses in camp.

      1. Yep, I guess they gained a million dollars in cap space with the Benjamin opt out.
        They will hopefully create some cap space when they get down to 53, but it may take cutting or trading away some veterans.
        Jordan is talented, but seems to wear a ten dollar hat on a ten cent head.

  16. 4 sacks in 5 games for the seahawks in 17. The one short period he was able to play without being suspended he was pretty productive. Who knows, maybe……

    1. Maybe by signing him, they are depriving the Seahawks of a pass rusher, but he may disappear like a puff of smoke.
      I wish the Niners would not scrape the bottom of the barrel, and only target fully healthy players, with no red flags. There must be some talent available from those cutdowns to 80.

    2. Don’t worry you two. Next year we will get our speed rusher to replace Ford by selecting Jayson Oweh, Penn St. in the 1st round!

        1. Depends on how much he’s improved his technique and run defense this year. If he has a breakout season he could shoot up boards no question because he’s a physical freak….

      1. Interesting, Oweh is not listed in the top 100. In another, he is listed at 49.
        If anything, Chris Rumph DE Duke, may be a better option, since he is ranked 32, which is where the Niners may pick from.

  17. Phil Barber just posted a story about the kicker from Kentucky. He quit because the coaches do not care about the players. They have covered up positive results, and refuse to quarantine, making them practice anyways. Masks are a joke, and no coach wears them, or do not wear them properly.
    Sounds like the same thing in Colorado, Those coaches are actively hostile against masks, and threaten to bench any player who has a complaint about lax Covid 19 protocols.
    College football will be a catastrophe, especially with filled stadiums.

  18. Signing Reed and Jordan are smart, low cost/risk moves that add some talented and experienced depth at spots where the 49ers didn’t have much depth beforehand. Reed in particular has the potential to be a high reward pick up, while Jordan can be a nice rotational piece especially while Blair works back from his knee injury.

  19. And ….. of course the Seahawks swooped in claimed yet another 49ers player off of the waiver wire!

    The Seahawks are such an annoying rival team. They are like that annoying younger brother who does stuff for seemingly no other reason but to get some kind of reaction out of the older brother.

    And I’ll admit, even though this doesn’t seem to be a particularly smart move by the the annoying younger brother, simply because roster spots are fewer and seemingly more valuable this season due to COVID (plus, Reed won’t be the same player this season, even if he manages to rehab himself into an early return, like Kwon did last season), it’s still extremely aggravating to me, none the less, as I would have liked to have had DJ Reed come in and compete for a roster spot in 2021. I guess that could conceivably still happen though, but again …. the Seahawks are annoying AF!!!!!

    1. The Seahawks have no pass rush, no offensive line, and no 1st round draft pick until 2022. They’re in the same boat as the Rams except they’ve got a better quarterback. I look at them like the kid that shows up every week thinking this is the week he doesn’t get his ass whupped….

    2. Personally I love it. The fact the Seahawks are consistently going out of their way to sign ex-49ers just means they aren’t 100% thinking about/ planning how to make themselves better. The 49ers are in their heads. I’ve always believed you should worry about yourselves first.

      1. You are right Scooter. The Seahawks haven’t drafted well in the last 3 years. This is clearly a move of trying to get depth but with zero plan.
        I never like Reed anyways. Too small and too slow.

        1. He’s alright, IMO. Definitely undersized for a Safety, but pretty decent backup nickelback/slot and at least average on Special Teams. Quicker than fast, but decent long speed.

          But yah, no great loss. I am wondering though, if the Seahawks doctors disagree with the 49ers recovery timeline for Reed? Maybe his torn pec is less severe than it could be? I don’t know … it’s kind of weird, because it’s hard to see him anywhere near top form anytime before the end of the year.

          1. 49, the main reason for them signing DJ Reed, is to pick his brain, trying to gain every advantage they can. Pete Carroll has done it for years, and it has helped them be in the playoffs for years. I was not surprised at all, and the speed in which they did it, just shows how desperate they are.
            They certainly did not sign him for his talents, since he is injured and will not play. Torn pecs do not heal over night. Kwon tried, and was limited, so he did not play well.
            I agree, it is no big loss. I am hoping that the emergence of Tim Harris may have had a factor in their moving on from Reed. Maybe DeMarkus Acy will be the sleeper signing.

  20. The Seahawks are desperate, because they will lose Dunbar and traded away McDougald. Since they went all in on Adams, I expect they will try to sign Clowney, since they have 17 mil in cap space right now.
    Imagine the intel…. KS will know that they will know what he knows……..etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Guess this is payback for the Niners signing Jordan. KS just needs to change things up and be less predictable. Guess that is also why the Dolphins traded for Breida, and the Eagles traded for Goodwin. They are future opponents this season.
    The Seahawks have still not fully addressed their O line, drafting a first rounder or signing a high priced FA. The ones they have signed have not been the answer. Now we have The Seahawk Guard Chance Warmack opting out. If the O line struggles again, RW will be sacked more, and the run game will sputter. Carson and Hyde may be a good tandem, but the Niners should hold up Hyde as he struggles for every inch, then gang tackle him and strip away the ball. They do have decent WRs, but RW will find it hard to throw with Bosa in his face.
    In fact, one thing DJ Reed may disclose is that the Niner pass rush is legit. Ford, Armstead, Kinlaw and Bosa. That front 4 is going to give Brian Schottenheimer nightmares.
    One thing the Niner coaches know well, are all of DJ Reed’s weaknesses. If he does play, I hope they exploit all of his weaknesses.
    Another reason why I think the Seahawks will struggle is their first round pick. Jordyn Brooks. He may be good against the run, but KS will be exploiting his lack of coverage experience. The Seahawks reached for Brooks, when Patrick Queen was available, and taken the next pick by the Ravens. Also, 2019 first round pick LJ Collier, has not shined.
    The Seahawks were pedestrian last season, and were extremely lucky to win several games due to the opposing FG kicker missing FGs. This season, they are desperate, and going all in to win it now, but the Niners are still the team to beat. The Niner offense is solid, and should be able to score on their defense, and the Niner defense is scary, and should provide a daunting challenge to every team.

    1. Seb,
      You don’t have to worry about Goodwin spilling info, he has opted outof the 2020 season.

  21. With the mess that college football is looking like for 2020, giving up some picks for a proven All Pro may not have been the worst idea.

    1. “Some picks” LOL! Sure Hammer, if you don’t know how to draft in the first round by all means get rid of them for a safety or a corner.?

    2. Was it the “worst idea” to give up a kings ransom for a guy who primarily lines up as a Strong Safety, given the potential impacts of COVID-19 in terms of the 2021 NFL draft?

      I’m not sure I’d call it the worst idea. Sure, there is bound to be some uncertainty in regards to next years draft class, but I think most of that uncertainty will come in the mid-to-late rounds, which could certainly impact the 2021 3rd round pick that Seattle gave up. However, it also impacts the 2021 4th round pick the Seahawks received as well. I highly doubt COVID-19 will have any effect on the 2022 1st round pick the Seahawks also gave up for Adams, nor do I think the virus is likely to make a difference in terms of how much money Jamal believes his next contract should be worth. And that’s a problem. Just as we are seeing with Kittle, COVID-19 is likely to seriously complicate Jamal’s contract extension. And this could end up being an absolute mess of a negotiation, and Jamal Adams is not the kind of person who I would expect to give in. He knows his value, and he expects to be paid what he believes he is worth …. regardless.

      I think the biggest potential issue with extending Adams, especially as compared to George Kittle, is that, because of how much Seattle gave up in order to make this trade happen, Adams has a lot more negotiating leverage (especially as compared to Kittle), and that’s a big deal when it comes to contract negotiations. Jamal has already made it clear that he believes he’s not only the best Safety in the league, but that he’s also a defensive “weapon”, and as such, he expects to completely reset the Safety market.

      Oh, and BTW Seattle, Jamal doesn’t care how much you gave up in order to acquire him …. he gots to get paid!!!

    3. Big 10 Season for 2020 cancelled. Just the next domino to fall. Those drafts picks are gonna be next to worthless come April…

      1. Worthless? Just give me Jayson Oweh with the 32nd pick and let him train with the Bosa Constrictor all summer.

        1. I hope the Niners draft a center, with the 32nd pick.
          Creed Humphrey may be gone, but Trey Hill may be available at 32, and he can play center or guard.
          Hopefully, Ford and Bosa will continue their dominant ways, and make drafting a pass rusher superfluous.

          1. He won’t draft a center/guard in the first round…ever. Oweh would allow them to get out from under Ford’s massive cap hit….

            1. Saints drafted Cesar Ruiz at 24.
              The center touches the ball every time, and usually sets the blocking assignments just before the snap. An elite center should be a foundation piece for every playoff team.
              The Niners need to move on from Richberg, if his knee does not fully heal.
              I hope Ford helps the Niners win a couple rings. He is talented enough to do that. His main limitation is that Baalke knee.
              I looked up Oweh. He was ranked 58th in one poll, and 97th in another.
              Fixing the O line should be a high priority, because it will help protect JG and give him enough time to throw. It will also help in the run game. The Seahawks are the poster childs on teams that go cheap on the O Line, with cheap results.

              1. We’re elite at OT, a position that Shanny prioritizes. Now he also prioritizes Center, specifically intelligence. That’s why he went out and got Richburg. Garland was adequate last year, and I have a hunch we’ll find Richburg’s replacement either on day 3 of the draft, UDFA or through F/A.

                I don’t give a rat’s ass about Oweh’s rankings. His first step is elite and that’s what we need to replace Ford and his big money contract!

              2. Well, Draftek has him elevating 65 slots to 40, so some others are appreciating his skills.
                However, scouts also raved about Solomon Thomas’ first step, and look how that turned out.
                If the Niners drafted Trey Hill, he might be a foundation piece for the next 10 years.
                If they do draft an EDGE at 32, the players I like are Quincy Roche with his 13 sacks and relentless motor, and Chris Rumph may also be a good prospect with his quickness.
                Oweh may also be a good prospect, but all 3 could benefit from having a good season, and College Football may be cancelled.

              3. Oweh’s 4.33 40-yard dash, 36.5-inch vertical, and 4.11 short shuttle at 6-foot-5 and 257 pounds matches up with what Saleh wants opposite Bosa. He’s only got a year of experience but after working with Bosa on his hand technique (he’s got a sweet chop, dip and rip) and developing pass rushing plans he should become a lethal qb hunter. If he plays this year those are the areas where you’re looking for improvement, along with setting the edge against the run….

      2. Next to worthless? That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. The top players have a lot of film and research put into them already so it’s not like teams will be flying blind in the first round. Actually considering the drop the salary cap could take over the next couple of years, first round picks may be more important than ever.

          1. It may be more difficult to prepare for the draft but it doesn’t make the picks worthless. The teams with the strongest scouting departments will still find the diamonds. I think with the salary cap dropping these picks take on even greater importance. Not only the draft picks but the udfa’s may be very talented. Lastly just because the season this fall won’t happen doesn’t mean we might not get a shortened season during the winter and spring.

  22. Back up T Shon Coleman opts-out. Barrows makes an interesting point about his preexisting condition . The reality is SC and Benjamin would most likely have not made the final roster.

    Matt Barrows
    @mattbarrows 2h
    Coleman was treated for leukemia when he was 18, cleared two years later. That presumably means he qualifies for the “high risk,” $350,000 opt-out stipend. Like Travis Benjamin, he was sked’d to be a free agent in March.

    1. Rollo
      It is actually bad news for the 9ers O line. It means Brunskill will very likely end up at swing tackle taking him out of the competition for starting guard or Center. I believe he would have won one of those positions and would have been a huge upgrade at guard.

      1. OC, what about Skule. He had a bad game against Seattle but another year older/wiser.

        1. Agreed Coach, this definitely hurts a bit. However, while I could be wrong, it was my feeling that Coleman was a fringe player anyways, and hardly a lock to make the Niners roster this season. Remember, they drafted Colton McKivitz. Pardon the overused term, but I have heard the team is high-on McKivitz, as they really like his aggressive nature. Coleman obviously has a big edge in experience, and was probably viewed as the superior pass protector coming into camp, but McKivitz plays with a mean streak and a real nasty disposition, plus …. he’s versatile.

          Second year Tackle, Justin Skule, is a guy who I expect to make a sizeable jump this season, provided he lived in the weight room during the offseason. Skule moves very well for such a big dude, but it was his lack of functional play strength that really hurt him during his rookie season. Being thrust into the starting lineup is a tough ask for any rookie, but especially for a late-round developmental prospect like Skule, who clearly needed to take advantage of NFL-level strength and conditioning. Tony Pauline of Draft Analyst wrote the following about Skule within his scouting report prior to the draft:“Skule has next-level size and a great feel for blocking and gets the most from his ability. He’s a versatile lineman who can be used at the next level as a swing tackle.” It’s good now then, that he was able to gain experience with substantial playing time last season, and it’s worth noting that the 49ERS offensive line was ranked as second best in pressure allowed via Pro Football Focus, even with Skule as part of that equation.

          1. I have no worries about the OG or OT positions. Only a bit of worry about the situation at Center.

            The 49ers likely start the season with this –

            Starting 5:

            LT – Williams, LG – Tomlinson, C – Garland, RG – Brunskill, RT – McGlinchey


            OT – Skule, McKivitz, OG – Compton, Amichia, Reynolds, C – Richburg, *?
            *Real question now at Center, with Jake Brendel also opting out.

            1. And, right on cue, the 49ers sign veteran Center Spencer Long.

              Long is 29 years old. San Francisco had an opening for an offensive lineman after Jake Brendel chose to opt-out of the 2020 season. Offensive tackle Shon Coleman also decided not to play amid a pandemic this season. Washington made Long a third-round selection out of Nebraska in 2014. Long has 67 game appearances through his six NFL seasons. He played a season for the New York Jets before joining the Buffalo Bills in 2019.

              Just call me Nostradamus.

          2. Yep, McKivitz was drafted to be one of the backup OT options. Don’t know how much I believe the talk about him being an option to complete for the starting role if they didn’t trade for Williams, but they definitely feel he can be decent. With Coleman out, he and Skule will likely be the primary guys competing for the swing OT role with Brunskill competing with Compton for RG.

            1. Thanks Scooter. BTW Scooter, speaking of playing with a mean streak, do you know if Ross Reynolds has any experience playing Center?

              There was quite a bit of hype surrounding Reynolds (the collegiate road grader with a nasty disposition) after the Niners signed inked him as a Priority Free Agent last year. In fact, a number of executives and scouts were genuinely surprised that Reynolds actually went undrafted. He was the Hawkeyes’ top-graded run blocker in the 2018 season and he shined at Iowa’s pro day, knocking out 27 reps at 225 lbs in the bench press, and then leaping 35½” vertical jump which is mighty impressive for a 6′-3½”, 298 lbs. offensive lineman. According to multiple scouting reports, Reynolds is in the mold of the type of lineman Kyle prefers, smallish, but with very good movement skills, and no problems getting out to, and blocking at the 2nd level.

              Even Grant Cohn touted Reynolds on here, stating: “rarely gets beat during one-on-one pass-rush drills” and already “plays like a veteran” during training camp last year. Then again, maybe that’s the problem, given Grant’s track record and all, lol.

              1. I, too, have been scouring the draft scouting reports, and looked at the assessments. I wanted them to select Cesar Ruiz C, in some of my mocks, because I did not think Richberg would be fully recovered from his injury.
                Of all the new players, McKivitz may be a candidate, since it is said that his versatility could allow him to play all along the interior O line. Scouts say his short arms may make guard as his best position.
                There have been many examples of guards shifting to center in emergencies, but the best scenario may be for Ben Garland to play well, and stay healthy, until Richberg returns.

              2. All reports I have seen indicate the team expects Richburg to be available. So they have their centres. And I suspect Brunskill will be their 3rd option there, as from memory he trained a bit there last season.

                I try not to get too excited by UDFAs until they actually show something in meaningful games.

              3. Good stuff Scooter, Sebnynah, Coach, Shoup, and Razor.

                Scooter, I hope the reports are right about Richburg being ready by opening day, but I still have my doubts.

                Anyways, I’m hearing Brunskill, Compton, McKivitz, and Reynolds, will all likely compete for backup RG (with Amichia slated to backup Tomlinson at LG), with the losers of that RG competition to compete along with Skule, for the Swing Tackle position. Sure seems like plenty of bodies, even with the absence of Coleman and Brendel.

              4. Oops, I mean all 4 of these guys competing for 2 spots at RG, with the losers competing with Skule for the Swing OT spot. If the battle at RG is at all close, you’d have to think that Brunskill might be slated as the favorite for the backup OT spot, given his performance there last season.

                We’ll see. Let the cream rise to the top!

              5. By the way guys, keep in mind that one of the new caveats in this year’s roster rules due to COVID, is that teams can suit-up up to two additional players, as long as they’re offensive linemen. So, I would expect at least one additional roster spot to go to an offensive lineman, an OL who my not have made the roster under different circumstances.The big, 6-7, 345 lbs OL – Jaryd Jones-Smith would be one darkhorse worth keeping an eye on.

              6. Well, it looks like Richberg is more injured than they expected, and his rehab may take longer.
                It also signaled that they were not comfortable with any of the other O linemen being a center, as a replacement for Garland, if he became injured.

            2. I have to hope Brunskill wins that guard spot.

              It was a real weakness against teams with solid interior linemen and may have cost the team the title. Considering that I don’t view Tom Compton as even average, it would be a major disappointment if Brunskill didn’t overtake him in my mind.

              In fact, this is an area I think the team has been a bit too Laissez-Faire with. Essentially relying on Jimmy to overcome pressure in his face more often than not. I have to wonder what Jimmy could do with average pass protection and I wish it wasn’t a mystery.

              1. Every indication from Benton points to Brunskill, but they couldn’t just give it to him. He’ll have to earn it, and I’d be surprised if he didn’t. McKivitz vs. Skule should prove an interesting competition now that Coleman has dipped. Skule baptized in fire last year in one corner, and McKivitz behind the 8-ball with a nasty demeanor in the other….

              2. Razor,
                I see McKivitz as a guard in the NFL his arms are too short to play tackle at this level. I believe he has the ability to be a good guard. Maybe he beats out Brunskil at guard so we can move Brunskil to swing. I believe on this team our swing tackle may end up being as important if not more than a starting guard.

              3. The extent of McKivitz guard experience is relegated to one game in 2018 and at the Senior Bowl. I don’t know how much of a threat to Brunskill he’d be at guard, especially when he’ll be playbook challenged. Now that Coleman is gone they may want him to focus on OT to see how much he can push Skule. Tbd….

              4. Redskins RB – Derrius Guice was released on Friday after he was arrested on domestic violence charges, including one count of strangulation, three counts of assault and battery and one count of destruction of property

                Hey Razor, I just thought I’d remind you that, to my chagrin, you claimed that you would have drafted Guice over Saquon Barkley prior to the 2018 draft. Don’t worry Razor, I know you were simply committed to going against the grain, but I never could understand the pushback as to whether the hype surrounding Barkley was warranted.

                Who is the best running back in the NFL? That’s a question several NFL executives, coaches and players recently set out to answer this offseason, according to ESPN, and they ultimately settled on Saquon “Sa-quads” Barkley.

                Coming in second to Barkley was the all-purpose phenom – Christian McCaffrey, while Zeke Elliott checked in at No. 3 overall. Rounding out the top five were Alvin Kamara and Derrick Henry, respectively.

              5. In 2017, the Niners traded one of their third round picks for a second round pick in 2018, with the Saints. The Saints chose Alvin Kamara.
                In 2018, the Niners traded that second round pick from the Saints (59), to the WTF for their second and fifth round selections ( 44, 142), giving up their second and third round picks( 59, 74). With those second and fifth round picks, the Niners selected Dante Pettis and DJ Reed.
                With those second and third round picks, the WTF chose Derrius Guice RB and Geron Christian OG.

              6. You can have Barkley where you got him and I’ll take Mostert where we got him. Never, ever draft a rb in the first round!

              7. You can have Barkley where you got him and I’ll take Mostert where we got him. Never, ever draft a rb in the first round!

                Lol, that’s besides the point isn’t it, Razor.

                Sure, Kyle has no need to use a first round pick for a RB, as he prefers to split the load between a number of capable backs. And perhaps more importantly, the type of skillset he’s looking for in a RB isn’t typical for lead RB’s around the league, so they are more likely to be available in the later rounds, or even as free agents for that matter.

                And, while I tend to agree that it’s tough to justify using a top 10 pick for any RB in this day and age, for teams who are looking for a more traditional workhorse, with natural receiving abilities, using a mid-to-late first round pick for a talent like Barkley, McCaffery, or even Jacobs, may still make plenty of sense in the back half of round 1, IMO.

              8. Hey Seb, speaking of Dante Pettis –

                What are his chances this season?

                My early August impression of the 2020 version of Dante “Crazy Legs” Pettis, for what it’s worth, is that hejust might be growing up before our eyes. The new hair and the extra muscle mass, may be a sign that the kid is taking his NFL career a little more seriously this year, which just might be an indication that he’s ready to do whatever it takes to reach his potential. He’s always had the talent. Now I’m excited to see if he’s ready to lay everything on the line, a do whatever it takes, treating each and every down, every blocking assignment, and every potential reception, as if it meant everything at every moment!

                The key word for Dante Pettis is the noun – Urgency: the quality or state of requiring immediate action or attention

                The time is now, Dante. I suggest you treat each and every opportunity you get on the football field with a sense of urgency, as if it could be the very last opportunity you ever get! Now …. GO GET IT!

              9. No way in hell Barkley was worth a top 10 pick. I would fire any GM on the spot if he ever took a RB in the top ten….

              10. I can’t argue with that Razor, but I would have had no problem with most GM’s for drafting him in the back half of round one.

              11. Back to my original point – that still doesn’t explain why you would have been OK with a GM taking Guice over Barkley at any spot in the draft, lol.

                After seeing the news that Derrius Guice is likely to miss a lot more time, I just thought I give you a friendly reminder that you actually had Guice ranked ahead of Barkley heading into the draft, as we hotly debated the issue. At the time, I had a sense that you didn’t actually believe Guice was the better RB, but that you might just simply be going against the grain for sh_ts and giggles …. but now I’m not so sure, lol.

              12. Can’t predict injuries but it highlights the business side of not drafting one until day 3.

                You were right that Barkley was the better back. I stand corrected.

              13. 49, Pettis is on thin ice. I would like to see the Niners trade him away, and get something for him, rather than cutting him, and getting nothing.
                I think Jauan Jennings may out compete Pettis, and make him expendable. The return of Hurd and Trent Taylor and the drafting of Aiyuk have made the WR position very competitive.
                However, trading away Bourne will give more cap space, so he may be traded, so they can extend Kittle’s contract. Then, if Bourne is gone, they may keep Pettis, because KS drafted Pettis, and will not give up on him so quickly. Pettis may also stay because Deebo and James are injured, and will not return soon.
                It will be interesting to see how they line up in formations. If they go 22 personnel, the WR position may be relegated to a less important role. The signing of Jordan Reed may make the 21 personnel less utilized.

              14. Razor, I agree that drafting a RB in the first round is reaching.
                In the Niners case, I wished they had kept their pick, and selected Kamara, because it resulted in them picking Pettis and DJ Reed.

              15. Fair enough. BTW Razor, putting our Guice and Solomon Thomas debates aside, I wouldn’t even bother to debate you if I didn’t respect your football acumen, just so you know. And I do appreciate what you bring to this forum, even if I don’t always agree, especially your Razor-isms, lol (King Solomon, Ugh ?).

            3. Scooter_McG says:
              August 7, 2020 at 2:39 pm
              All reports I have seen indicate the team expects Richburg to be available. So they have their centres. And I suspect Brunskill will be their 3rd option there, as from memory he trained a bit there last season.

              Brunskill actually played center last pre-season.

  23. JL is not infallible. Days after he stated that no 49er has opted out, and he does not anticipate any will leave, Travis Benjamin, Shon Coleman and Jake Brendel have all opted out.
    This Covid 19 Pandemic is throwing a wrench in the machinery, but hopefully, the Niners are resilient, and can cope with this adversity. Hopefully, JL has well thought out contingency plans for when players are infected with Covid 19.
    This might make it possible to re-sign some of those players cut when they went from 90 to 80, but I also hope they are scouring the waiver wires. Maybe find a center cut from the Cowboys or Steelers. Poach a player from the Seahawks, to return the favor.

    1. Freakin’ Zilla

      Obviously, I am double-exited to see that the Niners have picked up Dion Jordan….HE’S A DUCK…! It’s a small risk for a potential big payoff….I watched 3 years ago as he all but single-handedly destroyed a good U of Colorado team…I was constantly reminded of one of my old-time favorites..Ted Hendricks AKA “The Mad Stork” who made All-Pro for the Raiders….They both have condor-like wingspan, and a unstoppable bull rush…..So, for another reason, I am jazzed to see the 49ers get another X-DUCK in the fold…..GO NINERS…!

      1. OR,
        The 49ers FO seem to have a liking to Oregon players especially on defense. Jordon was a beast in college, hope he can bring some of that magic to the 49ers.
        I really like the signing.

  24. Has anyone heard whether the NFL is going to adjust their TV rules as to which games will be televised? With no crowds sell outs will no longer be a measure as to whether a game will be televised or not. I’m hoping we will have 2 games at 10:00 and 2 games at 1:00 every Sunday. I hope the management at KPIX won’t automatically put the Raiders on TV if there is a great AFC game on at the same time.

  25. Washington takes immediate action and releases Guice after domestic violence incident. So what is taking so long with Dan Snyder. Meanwhile Jean Carroll will have her day in court versus her alleged rapist -Trumpy.

    1. BL,
      Ha! Maybe Bill “it was consensual with all the women” Clinton could be a juror.

      1. You are sooooo concerned about Clinton, yet the same and worse allegations have been made against Trump. And you say he has your vote. There’s a word for that.

        1. at the same time you whine how the MSN attache the political correctness to everything…

          This is a deliberate and sustained effort to damage the reputation or credibility of an individual.

          Whatever you are trying to imply with that quote – says more about your sick mind…

          ..right or wrong this same Biden has served his state for years……common sense dictates that should count for some respect…

          Starting today your new name is RazSlut

      2. Jones, a former Arkansas state employee, sued Clinton during his presidency for allegedly exposing himself to her when he was governor in 1991. Kathleen Willey claims that Clinton fondled her breast and forced her hand on his crotch in the Oval Office in 1993, when she was a White House volunteer.

        Most seriously of all, Juanita Broaddrick claims that Clinton raped her during his 1978 campaign for Arkansas governor.

        1. AES…and Razoreater…Are you kidding me…?…He (WJC) EXPOSED himself to TPT Paula Jones; FONDLED the breast of Kathleen Willey (unproven); and CLAIMS to have raped Juanita Broaddrick some 43 years ago…but never went to court…? Nice to know that we have such a bunch of historians on the blog….maybe it was all consensual ….l?……TRUMP’S GOING TO COURT ON CHARGES…!

          1. OR,
            If Trump is found guilty he should go to jail.
            I’m baffled that the “Me Too” movement gives Clinton a free pass. They have somehow managed to convince the gullible public that Bill’s actions were consensual.
            Funny how a play on certain words can change/shift public opinion.

            1. Bill’s actions were consensual.

              The actions that led to his impeachment were consensual. Those others, hearsay.

              You must be be totally disgusted by these similar allegations against Trump. Allegations from accusers that will soon have their day in court. Under oath. So digusted you plan on voting for him again. Spare us your hypocrisy and fake moral outrage.

          2. Pattern of behavior capped off by his intern insemination in the oval office, and also by the frequent flyer miles on the Epstein jet….

      3. OR,
        What Razor said. And I venture that these women were the few courageous ones to speak up. It amazes me that senate could bring Kavanagh before congress on so-called allegations they said was committed over 30 yrs ago, but have sunk their heads in the sand when it comes to Clinton.
        The Clinton pacifist will always sweep this under the proverbial carpet.
        No bueno

  26. Kshan is genius – Thank God we have him as Coach.

    “If you have tight ends on the field who can run-block, that means you’re going to get three linebackers out there instead of two and a nickelback,” Shanahan explained Thursday on KNBR’s Tolbert, Krueger & Brooks show. “And when you have those three linebackers, then you’re going to have one safety, so you’ve got four guys down.”

    Who will that lone safety cover? Kittle or Reed? That leaves the other matched up with a linebacker, said the coach. As for the safety, Shanahan likes either of his tight ends in that one-on-one matchup.

    “But then let’s say they put a nickel on the other, where the matchup might not be quite as good, even though it’s not dead,” Shanahan continued, “now you’re in a premiere-run look. Not to mention, now I guarantee you a linebacker is on our halfback.

    “So, you get all three of those guys, and one of those guys is going to get a very good matchup until they put all DBs in there, and that’s what you want. You want them to put DBs in there so we can just have it easier and run the ball, and never risk a sack or a turnover.”

  27. I wonder if the Niners would be interested in Daniel Kilgore, if Richberg is still on the IR. He might provide competition for Ben Garland. Kilgore could also compete for that RG position.
    Now that Shon Coleman and Jake Brendel have opted out, the backup players may have more clarity.
    The starters could be- Trent Williams LT, Laken Tomlinson LG, Ben Garland C, Daniel Brunskill RG and Mike McGlinchey RT. The backups would include- Justin Skule LT, Kofi Amichia LG, Westin Richberg C (if healthy), Ross Reynolds RG and Colton McKivitz RT. They should keep at least ten O linemen, since the game day rules allow for an extra Lineman to be activated, I believe.
    Maybe Tom Compton can be traded back to the Jets since they lost Brian Winters.

    1. seb

      secretly I have been hoping to somehow return Kilgore to the niners….mostly because Garroppolo was comfortable wit him at center….

      1. Ore, Kilgore was ranked as one the the best O linemen on the Dolphins, but they cut him anyways, for salary cap relief. If the Niners can get him for the league minimum, he may be a decent option, but he is also 32.

  28. Wow, this Marco Martinez at All49ers SI is incoherent.
    He should try practice reading the same script at least 10 times, before standing before a camera.
    I hope I am not being too harsh on him, but he sounded like he was on crack.
    It sounded like he stumbled on a word, then the rest of the sentence came out in a torrent of words. When speaking, there is a rhythm and cadence, to make something sound intelligible and understandable. Grant gets it. he has concise diction, and one can easily follow his train of thought. I really liked his periscopes. Recently, it looks like he is talking smoothly, but I can tell that he is reading script, too.
    Do not get me wrong. Public speaking is one of the hardest things to do. I would probably sound worse than Grant’s underlings.

    1. If incoherency is not a barrier to someone who holds the highest office in the land, why should it prevent Mr. Martinez from achieving his goal?

        1. Nah, Trumpy is trying to figure out which non-extradition country he will slither off to after 1/20/21. Prosecutors are closing in .

          1. Yup. Who gets the unenviable job of seeing to his DNA as part of the Carroll rape lawsuit discovery? Ewwwyuck.

        2. Speaking of hiding….Where are those tax returns Trump promised to reveal in his 2016 campaign promise? You mean he lied about that? Shocked, shocked I’m telling you!

      1. Now, now, he did speak the truth. I will commend him for finally stopping to lie with every breath.
        The one thing that I absolutely am positive that is the stone cold truth, that nobody can deny, is when he said-
        ‘Nobody likes me.’

  29. Perusing the other blogs, I notice that VOX is redesigning the NN site.
    They changed it totally, and posters are howling.
    One poster said it succinctly, when he said it was just a ploy to thwart political discussions with the biggest election in our lifetimes coming up in less than 3 months. Just stick to football, and better yet, just go away.

    1. Too bad you are banned from Niners Nation. Shameful Niner Poe.
      What did you actually say to get banned? Or did they just get tired of your same old babbling?

  30. I guess the Reed signing pushes Woerner to the practice squad this season. Too bad I was looking foreward to seeing what the kid could do. Without any preseason games I guess we will have to wait for next year. Another player that no preseason games will really hurt is Chase Harrell. I really wanted to see him try to break in at DE.

    1. With Reed’s medical history, Woerner will need to be ready at the drop of a hat.

      With the decimation suffered along the defensive front last year, Harrell could be called upon to contribute.

        1. Back off. Razor is cool to me. He and I may be diametrically opposite politically, but I will defend to the death his right to have his opinion.
          We need more civility on this site, and name calling says more about you than it does about him.
          If you do not like what he writes, just scroll past and ignore him.
          He is a die hard faithful Niner fan. We should look towards our commonalities, more, and reject the divisiveness.

    2. Old Coach, I am wondering if the signing of Dion Jordan made the conversion of Chase Harrell to DE unnecessary.
      However, he is 6′ 4″, 249 lbs, and ran a 4,51 forty. He might be more effective as a TE, because he would help create those mismatches that KS covets.
      Maybe he could be worked out in both positions, and used judiciously, to maximize his potential.
      They should use Jordan Reed sparingly, with long breaks between snaps. Maybe make him a third down specialist.

      1. Seb,
        Harrell will have to compete with Kittle, Dwelley, Reed and Woerner. I don’t give him a very good chance of making the team as a TE. With the addition of Reed, Woerner may be pushed to the P.S.. If he can rush the passer they will find a spot for him at least until Blair is healthy.

        1. Old Coach, I will see what Reed does after 4 games. If they can protect him, and he avoids injury, I will consider him an asset. If he can be productive and stay healthy, great, but I just know that concussions are cumulative.
          Woerner may be groomed more for the FB position, or as a Hybrid TE/FB.
          Harrell, like Woerner, may make the team with their STs contributions.

          1. Seb,
            With the size and speed Harrell possesses he could be a monster on special teams.

            1. I agree. Additionally, I hope they use JaMycal Hasty as a ST gunner, and save Mostert, so he can be fresh running the ball.
              I think they said that Woerner was also a good ST player in college.

    3. Hey Coach, any thoughts on Kongbo?

      I did a little digging after the Niners went out and signed him to a futures contract in January. I know he’s raw, but the hope is that working alongside guys like Ford, Bosa, Hyder (and now Jordan) to go along with Kocurek’s phenomenal coaching, could end up taking this kid to the next level. I’ll tell you what though … Kongbo sure is a physical speciman. He’s exactly what the prototypical DE build looks like in my mind. I’m curious to see how he looks right now because even though the Niners have him listed at 254 lbs, word has it, he’s hovering closer to 265 lbs. According to reports going back to 2016, Kongbo was as heavy as 275 lbs. If he is at 265, with his length, he’s going to look an awful lot like what I imagine to be the prototypical DE.

      It’s going to be a lot harder for Kongbo to break out now that there are no preseason games, and especially now with Jordan in the mix. But don’t be surprised if, in lieu of an injury or two (lets hope not – knock on wood) Kongbo finds his way onto the active roster at some point this year, and reminds us all of a kid named Aldon.

      1. Due to the advancements in medical science, the success rate for ACL injuries is good.
        However, when a player tears his ACL and MCL, the success rate is much lower.
        I wish Kongbo well, but they should not count on him making the team. Maybe once he clears waivers, they can put him on the PS.

      2. 49,
        I haven’t found a lot of film of Kongbo doing it on the field. He seems to be a bit of a workout warrior but if he had the opportunity to show his wares in preseason games he might surprise us all. I just don’t see many camp surprises happening this year. They did expand the P.S. so maybe he will be around next year to surprise us.

    4. Coach, I wouldn’t assume that Reed’s signing automatically pushes Woerner to the PS. I don’t think the team is too keen on the idea of losing two rookie TE draft prospects to waiver claims in back to back years (they lost a 6th round pick – Kaden Smith to the Giants last season, and Smith is now considered the Giants #1 TE after he broke out towards the end of last season) –

      I think Woerner vs Dwelley is now set up to be one of the biggest training camp battles happening over the next month. If Woerner proves to be the superior blocker, I think Dwelley could be the odd man out, since Reed gives the team so much more than Delley as a receiver. That is …. provided the team is confident that FB Josh Hokit will clear waivers, and make the PS.

      Should be a fun battle to follow! My money is on Woerner to beat out Dwelley.

      1. OK, Kaden Smith is being looked at as a potential #1 TE. Yes, even ahead of Engram, because Smith is considered to potentially be the better all-around TE. The Giants organization is very, very excited about what Kaden brought to the table at the end of last season, and they genuinely feel like the sky is the limit for him.

        Now, on the flip side, the 49ers have been limited in terms of draft picks over the last couple drafts. Are they really prepared to have wasted 2 of those picks before they ever play a single down in a regular season game, only to see these 2 picks (players) shine for the team(s) that claimed them off of waivers? I don’t think so.

        It would be woefully premature to give up on a blocking TE like Woerner before he even gets a chance to play a single regular season snap, especially since he was the top rated blocking TE in this years draft class, which is exactly what the team needs in a #3 TE now that they have Jordan Reed. Top rated blocking TE’s have value, making it hard to slip them through waivers.

        1. I think there is a very real possibility the team keeps 4 TEs again this year. Listening to Shanahan, it sounds like he really wants to put stress on defenses by providing packages that teams are torn between playing 3 LBs to defend the run or playing extra DBs because the eligible receivers are too good for their LBs to cover. Not really that different from last year in philosophy, but with the addition of Reed and return of Hurd he has even more flexibility on the roster to provide mismatches in either the run or passing game, depending on how teams choose to defend them.

          1. It’s a good idea by Shanny given the fact that we don’t have a proven wr on the roster.

  31. NCAA football is all but canceled. Meanwhile New Zealand has had ZERO NEW CASES for 100 days. Trump is an incompetent corrupt immoral lifelong loser. He is a disgrace to this nation but curiously some people still support him.

    “Commissioners of the Power 5 conferences held an emergency meeting on Sunday, as there is growing concern among college athletics officials that the upcoming football season and other fall sports can’t be played because of the coronavirus pandemic,”

  32. 53 player roster.
    QB- Jimmy Garoppolo, Nick Mullens.
    WR- Kendrick Bourne, Brandon Aiyuk, Jalen Hurd, Trent Taylor, Jauan Jennings.
    RB- Raheem Mostert, Tevin Coleman, Jeff Wilson, JaMycal Hasty.
    FB- Kyle Juszczyk.
    TE- George Kittle, Jordan Reed, Charlie Woerner.
    LT- Trent Williams, Justin Skule.
    LG- Laken Tomlinson, Kofi Amichia.
    C- Ben Garland, Spencer Long.
    RG- Daniel Brunskill, Ross Reynolds.
    RT- Mike McGlinchey, Colton McKivitz.
    LDE- Dee Ford, Dion Jordan.
    LDT- Arik Armstead, Solomon Thomas.
    RDT- Javon Kinlaw, DJ Jones, Kevin Givens.
    RDE- Nick Bosa, Kerry Hyder.
    Sam- Dre Greenlaw, Azeez Al-Shaiir.
    Mike- Fred Warner, Joe Walker.
    Will- Kwon Alexander, Demetrius Flannigan- Fowles.
    LCB- Richard Sherman, Tim Harris.
    RCB- Emmanuel Moseley, Ahkello Witherspoon.
    NB- K’Waun Williams, DeMarkus Acy.
    SS- Jaquiski Tartt, Marcel Harris.
    FS- Jimmie Ward, Tarvarius Moore.
    Special Teams:
    K- Robbie Gould.
    P- Mitch Wishnowsky.
    LS- Kyle Nelson.

    1. seb

      secretly I have been hoping to somehow return Kilgore to the niners….mostly because Garroppolo was comfortable wit him at center….

      1. Deebo, James, Blair Richberg and Taylor are all injured, and recovering.
        Guess they need to waive Jennings, Hasty, Acy, Long and Givens, put those injured Niners on IR, then bring back those players, as promised. I think that is how it is done.

    2. Sebnynah, I like your roster, however, with the thread that COVID poses, I think keeping 3 QB’s is a given. Also, I’d consider finding room for Verrett on your roster, as he’s been getting 1st string reps, and will be given every opportunity to earn a roster spot.

      Couple other names to keep an eye on:

      LB Jonas Griffith
      and a dark horse – OT Jaryd Jones-Smith

      *Note: Last week I posted that I had my doubts that Richburg would start the season on the active roster, and from the sound of it, it seems I was right.

  33. Being on the NFL Covid List does not mean Richie James had Covid. It’s possible he tested positive but it also could mean he came in contact with someone who tested positive. Think that needs to be clear when we talk about guys who land on the Covid list. Also, NBA, NHL, and soccer are physical sports that require players to come into contact with opponents. The risks and difficulties of playing an NFL season is no different than any of those other sports. The basic question is, what is the protocol when a player tests positive or is in contact with someone who tests positive? The NBA bubble is probably the best preventative measure possible but I have serious doubts about players actually adhering to the bubble rules.

    1. When you’re being paid to be a professional it’s imperative that you protect the team by adhering to that professionalism….

        1. Mistakes with accountability is all you can ask for. It’s a kids game but the kids are being paid to not make those kind of mistakes. How would you like to be that kid that gets your starting qb quarantined? Not me!

  34. “These guys that are sacrificing for our team to have the opportunity to compete for a Super Bowl and build on what we did last year,” McGlinchey continued, “that are making the ultimate sacrifice to be away from their loved ones and people who need them, you owe it to them to be responsible as an individual. And you owe it to the rest of the league that’s in the same situation. You just hope the guys are going to feel that responsibility and morality to do that and make correct decisions so we can all have a great season and stay safe.”

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