Manningham on the Niners offense: “It’s easier than the offense I came from.”

SANTA CLARA – Mario Manningham spoke in the Niners media tent for the first time Saturday morning. He talked about his first impression of the playbook, his relationship with Randy Moss and the depth chart at wide receiver. Here’s a transcript.

Q: Have you noticed anything with this playbook that you weren’t anticipating?

MANNINGHAM: It’s easier than the offense I came from.

Q: How so?

MANNINGHAM: It’s a West Coast Offense – everything is by words. It’s much simpler.

Q: Does that make it easier for you on the field?

MANNINGHAM: Yeah, because when you’re out there thinking while you’re running you don’t play fast.

Q: What’s it like working with Randy Moss? It seems like you guys communicate a lot in practice?

MANNINGHAM: I try to pick his brain about every little thing knowing he’s seen so many different coverages, played with so many different quarterbacks and offenses. I ask him about details, like how to get off a jam and how to attack different angles.

Q: Jim Harbaugh said you guys have five No. 1 wide receivers. Do you expect that to continue?

MANNINGHAM: I feel like if you put any of us in there, we can get the job done. That’s the confidence we have and the confidence the coaches have in us.

Q: Is that OK with you and Randy Moss and Michael Crabtree – that there aren’t set starters?

MANNINGHAM: As long as we’re winning, nobody will have anything to say. Yeah, we have a bunch of good receivers and there’s only one ball, but if we’re out there winning, if we have to go out there and run the ball the whole time to win that’s perfectly fine with me.

Q: Could you compare the passes of Eli Manning and Alex Smith?

MANNINGHAM: They’re two different quarterbacks.

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