Marlon Moore: “Complacency is death.”

SAN FRANCISCO — Here’s what Marlon Moore said at his locker after Sunday night’s preseason game, courtesy of the 49ers.


How did you feel tonight? You had some balls early on thrown your way.

“It felt pretty good to be able to go out there and actually play. For the first two preseason games I could count my snaps pretty much on one hand. To be able to go out there and get into a groove, actually get hit, get tackled and whatnot, it lifted a big burden off my shoulders and I feel like I can play a lot better.”


When you’re in a position battle it’s also about opportunities. When you’re targeted that helps, does it not?

“Oh yes. You have to come up with the ball every single time that you’re targeted. Regardless if it’s your fault or the quarterback’s fault, no matter what you’ve got to come up with it. We missed a few plays, but we’ll go back to the drawing board, look at them all over again and see what we can do better to get those balls caught.”


What’s the mindset now? Do you take a sigh of relief now that you caught a couple balls?

“No. Complacency is death. You never let up and even though I caught a couple balls today, it has nothing to do with the regular season and going forward. I’ve got to come out there with a rookie mentality like today never happened, enjoy this win for tonight, but tomorrow we’re back to work onto San Diego.”

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