Matt Schaub to join Kyle Shanahan on the 49ers?

Adam Schefter tweeted an interesting nugget this morning.

If the Niners sign Schaub, do you think he’d be the starter or the backup? I think he’d be the backup. He’s shot. Signing Schaub would indicate the Niners plan on drafting a quarterback with their first pick — probably Mitch Trubisky. And that would be the first mistake the Niners make under John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan. They should not draft a QB with their first pick. No QB is worthy of that selection.

UPDATE: From Ian Rapoport.

Garoppolo would likely cost the 49ers a first-round pick and a third- or fourth-round pick — an expensive price for a QB who has started only two games and would have to learn a new system and play with below-average teammates. This trade would make sense if the Niners had good players and were just a QB away from contending, but that ain’t the case. Seems like Shanahan is hunting for a quick fix. Uh oh.

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    1. John McClain of the Houston Chronicle has a funny nickname for Ian Rapoport. Its something like Ian RefusestoCheckfacts. McClain is a very well respected journalist so I always take things Ian Rapoport says with a grain of salt. Not sure how he would have any idea whatsoever what the 49ers are going to do about the QB situation since the 49ers probably don’t know. Any conjecture is simply spitting in the wind.

    2. I hope we go after cousins!! for a few reasons…….

      1. Qb’s have a high bust rate….especially qb’s not taken #1 overall!
      2. Defenders taken in the top 10 have a high bust rate too…
      3.Cousins led the league in yards through the air and 2nd in yards per attempt!
      4. with #2 over all….you better nail qb, wr or pass rusher…..and we wont this year.

      Washington might want to deal with us and get that 2nd overall pick as opposed to a team like the Cardinals getting kirk for 2 first rounders ranging rom the late teens to early 20’s….

  1. Agree that would be a mistake drafting a QB at number two. I doubt it will be their first mistake after all there is free agent signings or lack of and coaching hires that could be their first mistake.

    1. When Harbaugh arrived everybody wanted a new QB. I for one among many, didn’t think JH would keep Alex let alone get much out of him. So, despite a perceived need at QB, SF waited until Round 2 to pick Colin.
      It could work that way again.

  2. I think Trubisky is the right choice. Is Schaub willing to be a mentor?
    I’d also draft another QB in the 4-6 rounds.

    1. The more I’ve watched Trubisky, the more I like. Yes, he’s a one year starter. However, if accuracy, decision making, ability to process on the fly, throw on the run, solid if not perfect mechanics, extreme pocket presence with scrambling ability, and a strong drive is what makes a great NFL QB, then one season’s worth of experience can be overlooked, IMO.

      I’m curious to see Trubisky’s measurables at the combine. If he’s 6’2″ 220 lbs, or bigger, I’m seriously considering him at #2.

  3. Trubiscuit plays The Sanchize in, History Repeats Itself. He’s got bust written all over him. If you think there’s even a chance ShanaLynch drafts him, you’re sadly mistaken. I think there’s only one quarterback they would even consider drafting at 2, and that’s Watson. His intangibles will appeal to Shanny, and his combine will see his stock rise. Schaub will be Chip Kelly’s version of Thad Lewis. He’ll be there to curb the learning curve. I still believe they’ll engage the Patriots and Redskins to explore trade scenarios for both Cousins, in a tag-n-trade option, and Garoppolo. Ultimately, both will be cost prohibitive and that’s why I agree with Grant. Cutler is the guy to target as your “bridge” quarterback, Schaub would back him up, and your rookie(s). Cutler/Schaub/Rookie/Chad Kelly(IR) is how I’d anticipate the depth chart to work out….

      1. Yup, I called the Shaub pick several posts before, because KS has coached Shaub before, and is coaching him now.

        Still think Brady may retire after today’s game, especially after he might win, because then he could go out as a winner.

        However, I want the Falcons to win because Joe would then be hailed as the GOAT, and Brady, with a 4-3 record would be next best.

        Still think Kaep is the best option, even if they sign Shaub, but also think they should draft a QB. Maybe Kizer will fall to the second round, and the Niners coulp pick him if the fall back to accumulate more second round picks.

        Ack. NO MORE ACL PICKS

          1. Nope. I actually derided Shaub, because of his propensity to throw pick sixes, but after reading about how KS made Shaub better, and the benefits Shaub is getting from sitting behind Ryan and studying with KS, I have reversed course.

            There, I do admit I was wrong. You should be celebrating. ;p

            I also have finally been convinced that KS will become the new Niner HC, so Jed did not muck things up.

    1. I think there is a strong chance the 49ers will draft Watson, but not with the second pick.

        1. At least we know Watson responds when faced with adversity. He’s shown he’s able to overcome it on the field. He’s a very humble character, which means he’s very coach friendly. He can throw the ball with the flick of the wrist, and it comes out at a good release point. I think he’s got potential with a quarterback friendly head coach….

          1. If Watson went to another situation like Dak Prescott, he could shine, but if he went to a team like Cleveland, just expect him to struggle.

              1. North Carolina does not run a pro offense. They run a fairly basic variation of the spread, and Watson has 3 more years of experience against much stiffer competition. He’s also played in far more bigger games than Trubiscuit, who isn’t a very fiery guy by nature. Watson’s intangibles are some of the highest in recent memory….

              2. Commentators mentioned that his WRs were wide open. He will not have big picture windows to throw through, he will have tiny windows.

                Green, unseasoned possible flash in the pan. Yup, Prime, that is exactly who I would think you would want. Kaep is a 4-2 road playoff warrior and is a SB QB. Too bad you hate QBs like that.

              3. Actually, NC plays a spread offense. That said, tape shows Trubisky going through multiple progressions, and almost always finding the open receiver. And the kid has SICK pocket presence, and reminds me of a combination of Romo and Brees.

              4. I’ve been on the Kizer train for 1.5 years, but the Trubisky Express is looking mighty impressive.

              5. Taking a guy with 13 starts as a quarterback in the top ten, is a good way to get yourself fired….

              6. 28 TD’s and only 4 Int’s. That’s pretty good!
                No he won’t start week one but with a year watching and the team adding pieces at RB and WR he will be a good addition.

              7. I’ll take the guy who did it against the top defense in college football, and then did it again to prove it wasn’t a fluke….

              8. Watson is a great college QB. His skill set is more geared to that type of game.
                Trubisky although he lacks experience, has a skill set better suited to the NFL. Accuracy, quick release, pocket passer,intelligence and built physically to endure the physicality.

        1. Sebnnoying you also thought Kap would go 10-0 after taking over for Gabbert.
          You also think players should fall to the ground after possessing the ball to avoid injury.
          You are on record as saying the 49ers should rehire Kelly and Tomsula and they would be better than Shanny and Lynch.
          So maybe you just hold off on anymore stupid suggestions!

          1. Just because you said I did does not make it true. After watching the first few games, You, and everyone else knew that the Niner odds of making the playoffs were slim. I probably merely stated that IF and I mean a big IF, If the Niners were to make the playoffs, the Niners would have to win 10 games to have a shot. That is not predicting 10 wins, that is formulating a scenario for it to happen, with no declaration or assertion that it will happen.

            Keep it up, water boy. Being from Canada, of course you think the CFL is better than the NFL.

            Remember, Kaep took the league by storm.

            1. You did say it, you know you said it and that’s your back up plan all the time, deny deny deny.
              Go get banned again!

            2. And remember Seb, you wanted Chip and Jimmy T to return…

              Speaking of Jimmy T, he looked like the guy who played the bumbling building maintenance guy…

              1. Yes, it was going so horribly, and every decent GM candidate was withdrawing, I just expected that Jed would have to tuck his tail between his legs, promote Gamble and hire back Chip and Tomsula.

                Luckily, out of the blue, Lynch has given Jed a life line. Glad it happened, but nobody saw this coming, even your daddy with his envelope.

                BTW, how is the bait shop coming along? Jed has some plans for a cabana that might be useful.

              2. What a liar you are Sebnnoying. You wanted Chip and Tomsula back because they in your small pea brain, would be the last hope to bring back Kap.
                Now he is opting out to save face and possibly get his name out there sooner cause he knows he is grasping at trying to stay in the NFL, let alone another job.
                Stop your snivelling and BS posts! You’re a one trick pony like Kap!

              3. That was Art played by Mike Finneran. One of the many things that made Night Court such a gem was the slew of character actors that they employed regularly.

          2. I must say, Seb’s theory about offensive play makers simply going to the ground after crossing the line of gain, in order to avoid injuries, is a notion that will go down in the annals of history on this blog. It was an instant Sebnynah classic, and an all-time great!!

            1. Oh, look, Gabriel fell down so they would not strip the ball like they did to Blount. Hmmm, he did exactly what I advocated. Maybe that is not such a bad strategy as some nimrods think otherwise.

      1. In one sense, that’s a shrewd move by the Rams, I must say. However, LaFleur would be a better fit on SF. His ability to operate as an OC outside of Shanahan’s guidence is very much a question mark.

  4. Schaub made a probowl under Shanahan. I would not be concerned. Seattle did the same thing as they developed Wilson. It is a cheap option with a viable QB. No one is penciling SF into the playoffs next season. Allow them to put the pieces in place over the next 2-3 years and Schaub fills that role.

    1. Sort’a. True, Shanahan was the OC in 2009 when Schaub went to the Pro Bowl but he wasn’t around when Schaub returned in 2012.

      Also, how much credit does an assistant coach usually get for their player getting voted to the ProBowl?

  5. If they get outbid for JG then I suspect Schaub starts at least most if not all of the portion of 2017 that he’s healthy for.

  6. All this here say means little at this point. In the lead up to free agency and the draft it’s the lying season.
    The only good thing about Schaub would be that he could be an additional teacher, prior to getting cut in the final cut down.

  7. If that happens, most likely as a temporary starter or primary backup. I don’t see them drafting a qb in the first or second rounds, so they could also still be in hunt for Garopo or Cousins or even Hoyer. The move would not bode well for retaining any current 49er qb, unless its the ex-Viking.

  8. UNDISPUTED ‏@undisputed 32m32 minutes ago
    “I know a Hall of Famer when I see it. @terrellowens was the 2nd greatest receiver to ever put on cleats.” — @ShannonSharpe

    I wouldn’t necessarily agree he’s the 2nd greatest receiver to play in the NFL but he’s up there and he definitely deserves his jacket. BS politics is the only reason he doesn’t have it and that should have no place in the decision.

    1. TO racked up the numbers, but he did not display any leadership, or act with class, 2 things that will go a lot more towards him entering, or not.

      1. That argument doesn’t hold water.

        Michael Irvin’s numbers don’t even scratch TO’s nor was he a leader plus he had arrests for drugs which basically ended his career. You can’t say Irvin deserved to get in but not TO.

        1. TO does not have any rings. Irvin does.

          Heck, they let Ray Lewis in, the guy covered in blood.

          They will keep TO out until his last year of eligibility.

          I would rather see Roger Craig, Keena Turner, Randy Cross and Jesse Sapolu in before TO.

        2. Again, another argument that doesn’t hold water. The HoF is replete with players that have no ring because nobody is dumb enough to believe that a player won a SB by themselves especially a WR.

          None of those players listed were/are the leaders of their position in nearly every statistical category like TO is. None of those players forced the opposing coordinators to game plan specifically against them. They were all good and we all have warm and fuzzy memories about them because they were on winning teams but none of them were inherently special to their position. You’ll never here a commentator on SuperBowl sunday say that Randy Cross or Rogers Craig were the second best players at their position to ever play the sport.

    2. Too bad the great flameout of the Singletary tenure did include a character session or two with Mr Owens he might have become not only a great physical talent but a fully mature adult .This is not a measure in the consideration of admittance but certainly one in the loftier and vanishing notion of great sportsmanship.

    3. Agreed. The HOF voting is a joke and it’s now become an exercise in making sure every half assed player who was likable gets in over a period of time, while ignoring guys who are more deserving because they weren’t media favorites. So many undeserving players already in that it’s cheapened the achievement as well.

    4. CFC, your comment sparked my looking up the requirements for membership. There appear to be only two: retirement for at least five years and the general approval of sports writers. So the writers do have a lot of leeway. That’s too bad in my way of thinking. I think character/sportsmanship should be a criterion, in which case Owens would never make it. I assume you would vote him in based solely on his accomplishments, and to that I would agree. But you mention “politics.” I know he’s a big supporter of President Trump. Is that what you meant? Probably not, I would guess, because the writers have not liked Owens before Trump ran and Owens probably was not vocal on politics before then. Please comment. By the way, I’m very thankful you’ve stayed with the blog.

      1. I really appreciate the comment George, I enjoy my time with you guys and this blog’s layout is second to none so I’m not going anywhere anytime soon, to the chagrin of many I’m sure. Now in regards to my commitment to the 49ers, that’s a different story :)

        1. CFC, I consider you a worthy opponent. You are knowledgeable and can frame an argument.

          Still will disagree with you, but I am used to that. ;p

          1. Is this blog Mortal Kombat? What’s with the opponent innuendo?
            Seb maybe it’s time to ban yourself, you’re an idiot!

            1. Lighten up. You are such a downer. I did put a ‘;p’ at the end.

              Maybe you should google Monty Python and the black knight.

              1. Prime, you were the one who SWORE you were leaving and never coming back.

                I have been on here long enough to say that I am a regular. You may have tantrums and degenerate into expletive filled screeds, but you cannot and will not drive me away.

                Grow up, stop sniveling, and deal with it. Keep up your juvenile antics. Others think it is amusing, and I relish using you as a punching bag.

              2. Prime, you are not a worthy adversary. You are pathetic, and I feel sorry for you.

                Try harder, you are starting to bore me.

      2. Politics is a poor word choice on my part. I used it in reference to the vote casters basing their decision on things that have no part being included. I believe the players impact on the game is what should be measured. Statistically speaking, there’s no conversation to have. His numbers should by default make him a HoF but even beyond the numbers the impact that Owens had during his time in the league was significant. Owens was the epitome of what is called a true X receiver. Fast, tall usually drew a double team and would force defenses to shift to his presence on the field. When you look up X receiver in the dictionary you should see a photo of Owens and Moss. He’s a player that caused coaches to game plan against him. That level of impact along with the production are why there should be no discussion on whether or not Owens deserves to be in the HoF.

  9. Garropolo is going nowhere. Bellichick will only part with JG if another team gives them a king’s ransom, and may not anyways if Brady retires after today’s game.

    Cousins will sign a long term deal with Washington because Gruden wants to win, and decent QBs are as precious as rubies.

    Niners would be better off trading back to accumulate more second round picks, Keeping Kaep and concentrate on fixing the defense.

      1. George, you may be right, but Gabbert is not the future. Ponder did become the second string during those last couple games, so he may thrive in a KS system. However, Ponder showed enough to get attention from other QB needy teams. They should sign a FA, and Shaub seems like a logical choice. No matter what, they need to draft a QB. My 2 choices are Cooper Rush who did well in the Shrine game, and Jerod Evans, who is a dual threat QB.

        Hope all this topsy turvey and drama is not upsetting you too much, but the Lynch hire is the first smart thing Jed has done in a while, and KS looks real promising. If he can help the Falcons beat Brady, he will be able to attract even better coaches.

        Maybe it will be like what the Falcons did this year. Starting 3 rookies kinda reminds me of that ’81 Niner team when they started Lott Williamson and Wright in the back field.

    1. Agree George,CFC is one of the guys I pay attention to this blog-Scoots, Rocket,Razor,All for ,BT,Mid, and several not mentioned including the ever affable George!

  10. Caroll /Schneider didn’t run out and grab a quarterback the first season. Reggie McKenzie didn’t run out and draft a quarterback his first season either.

    Patiently build the roster with the best players available. Let the new quarterback step into a more developed team 2018-19.

    1. The Niners are in no major hurry to address the secondary and offensive line.
      The rebuild is critical at the LB unit, WR, and QB. I’d add some additional depth is required on the dline and at RB.
      So why not go out and get your QB this year? If it’s not Jimmy G or Cousins, then you you have to address it via the draft.
      There is also plenty of money to spend via free agency so yes it’s a rebuild but the 49ers still have a very young roster and have plenty in which to work with. The need specifically is at QB and WR.
      The 49ers have to leave day one of the draft and free agency with a new QB, WR and pass rusher for the next 5 years.

      1. If there’s a quarterback worthy of the 2 overall pick, draft him. But is there one worthy of that pick?

        Its all about assessment. If Shanahan comes to the conclusion that a particular quarterback is worth it, fine.

        But its going to be a long rebuild. 2018 is said to be a good QB class. And Cousin’s could be a free agent.

  11. Admittedly I am a Luke Falk proponent so easy for me to say wait. This year I think picking a QB like Peterman or Webb in the mid rounds seems a reasoned approach !

  12. Schaub will start if we can’t get Cousins or Garoppolo. I don’t think we will take a QB with our first pick unless we trade down.

    1. #80

      Who wants ’em ? If it’s not Schaub, there are many ‘journeymen’ QB’s out there. Why trade for someones castoff and inherit someone elses sins.l…create our own…draft QB in the third and 5th rounds. This is the start of “knee-Jerking” season…don’t be impulsive. Look at what happened with Kaep…we’ve been stuck with him for 5 years.

  13. Matt Maiocco ‏@MaioccoCSN 44s44 seconds ago
    Kyle Shanahan will want to talk to Patriots LB coach Brian Flores about the #49ers defensive coordinator job, @JayGlazer just reported.

    1. That would be a very good get and a similar skill set to what Shanny Jr brings to the table, just on the defensive side of the ball….

  14. Shaub or Cutlet are not long term solutions. Who ever KS wants is fine with me. I would suggest trying to resign either Gabbert or Ponder also.
    From what I am reading there is no QB worth taking at 2. The Niners are so needing top talent they should not reach for a QB but should take the best player on their board regardless of position. I hope they take this approach in the first three rounds. After those rounds then a project QB makes sense.

  15. I heard this and thought I’d pass it along…IN THE SPIRIT OF FUN, please don’t let anyone get insulted-
    > If the Patriots win DT will somehow try to take credit.
    > If the Falcons win DT will blame it on The Media
    ; >)
    (Everybody OK?)
    Enjoy the game y’all

  16. Bringin in Schaub is hardly a surprise. Even if they got Cousins or Garoppolo (or some other vet) I expect Schaub will be a 49er. His experience in Shanahan’s offense will be a valuable resource.

  17. All Done Smith is Aldon Smith again (at least for now). He will be reinstated in March.

    I hope he pulls it together. Hate to see such talent wasted.

  18. Its my birthday today. I hear they are having a big football game in my honor. Heading into Santa Rosa to celebrate.

    If anyone wants to send a gift, I have a few suggestions.
    – Mclaren 570s w carbon fiber package.
    – Swarovski birding binoculars.
    – New kitchen w Viking gas stove, Complete Allclad Set
    – A cheery “Happy Birthday”
    – The Bears release Vic Fangio from his contract
    – The The Browns swap 1 for our 2 just to be nice

      1. BT and 80, thanks. I’m going to a party at bother’s place. In 82 we slept in a VW bug outside the Stick for 3 days to get playoff tickets vs NY Giants.

        Going to be fun.

  19. Wasn’t the rumor hat lafleur was going to come with shannahan to be OC and the 9ers?

    Now it’s beteeen rams and or hawks?

    1. Tomorrow or Tuesday latest. And with reports now coming out of the Patriot’s intention to extend Brady during this off-season, indicating their conviction that he can play into his 40’s, Jimmy G. now becomes a prime target for Lynch and KS. If Grappo has any say-so, knowing what you know about what’s happening, all other things being mas o menos equal, where would you prefer to play? Jimmy G./Schaub or Ponder/ mid round rookie with coachable potential.

      1. No he isn’t. Owens was a much more dominant player than Craig. Craig’s overall numbers aren’t worthy of the HOF which means he’ll get in eventually.

    1. Romo could not survive behind a fantastic OL in Dallas, so how on earth would he survive behind the spotty protection in Kansas City?

  20. Again, Julio’s impact on the game is immense! We need a player like him to have any success against Seattle’s secondary.

    1. Razoreater February 5, 2017 at 4:46 pm
      To all those that said Brady was the GOAT, eat dirt!
      You were saying?

    1. This is a Glam Event. Performers get exposure to a massive global audience and a certain prestige for top billing. Not really a serious music event, but there have been some terrific performances.

  21. 21-0. YESSSS!

    Grant –

    Here is your next article…

    Just what’s been reported and what seem like some good options. Last chance to guess, fill in the gaps, suggest alternate options:

    HC Kyle Shanahan

    OC Matt LaFleur
    QB Mike LaFleur, Bill Musgrave, Jeff Garcia ??
    WR Mike McDaniel
    RB Tom Rathman
    TE Eugene Chung,
    OL Keith Carter, Steve Loney

    DC Jason Tarver and OLB
    DL Bryant Young,
    LB Bill Davis
    DB Jeff Hafley

    ST Richard Hightower

    S&C James Hardy

    Carve it up…

  22. So far my wishes are coming true. They’ve pounded Brady and they are destroying them! What more could you want? It’s beautiful, baby!

  23. Unfortunately I’m not getting to watch the game (stuck at work), but based on the score I guess the Falcons aren’t intimidated. Great to see them sticking it to the Patriots.

  24. KS’s offense looks very good, can’t wait to see how he can improve the Niners.
    That being said, it will be a long climb to respectability with the lack of talent on the team.

  25. Atlanta’s Def is exausted! They have been on the field pretty much the entire 2nd half. I won’t be surprised if NE scores here.

    1. ricardo February 5, 2017 at 7:17 pm
      Atlanta’s Def is exausted! They have been on the field pretty much the entire 2nd half. I won’t be surprised if NE scores here.
      Great another offensive scheme that keeps the defense on the field too long, just what we need. ;)

        1. Nobody says Patricia when they talk about the Patriots defense. Most people don’t even know who the guy is.

    1. In terms of what Bill Walsh did for the league as a whole, no, not even close. Belichick’s accomplishment’s are centered solely around what he’s done for the Patriot franchise. Walsh, changed the way the game was played.

      My first comment wasn’t meant to be taken all that seriously btw.

      1. I’m not sure cause I’ve never been but I don’t think there are any Bill Belichick conference rooms at NFL headquarters but I do know there is one that says Bill Walsh on the door.

    1. No. Brady is a liar and a cheat. He has one more ring than Joe and SB Ls to go with it. I will never say Brady is better than Joe. Never!!!

  26. Freeman whiffing on that block to let Hightower sack and cause that fumble was the turning point.

    OK, now I hope to hear about KS accepting the Niner job.

    1. The second half was full of mistakes. All the mistakes listed above and why not call a timeout in OT when it is clear your D is gassed?
      I hate to see the flag thrown though. It hasn’t been a foul the entire game. Why end the game on a penalty?

  27. Our future HC called a bone head play that cost the Falcons the Super Bowl. Atl had the ball at the 25 with about 3 min to go. They already were in FG position. A FG makes the score 31-20. Game over. But Shanahan calls a pass play and Ryan is sacked, taking them out of field goal range.

  28. Grant’s first question for the new head coach should be:

    So…a 5 step drop pass from the shotgun when you needed one yard? What was that all about?

    1. Would have worked if Freeman hadn’t completely whiffed on Hightower. Ryan has to see how many guys are on the line and check to a hot read in that situation as well.

  29. With the big come from behind win, I’ve got to imagine that the temptation to walk away is going to be pretty strong for Beli and Brady this off season. Hard to walk away on a higher note then this.

  30. What? No comments on the worst choke job by the Falcons ever, or greatest come back ever ? Did not know tom BradyS mom has cancer, even when you have it all, life can still be a struggle. I fell asleep and woke up when the patriots started to make it close, I think they just made my top three franchises that make me want to puke! Patriots 3 sea chickens 2 and Cowboys 1

        1. They had 14 plays on the 3 possessions after going up by 25. They ran it 5 times and passed it 9 times. The run pass numbers were 5:6 until the sack and holding call on back to back plays during the 3rd possession forced them to throw it 3 times in a row.

  31. Another bone head call by Shanahan was on the strip sack. The down and distance was 3rd and one.

    Seriously, if the Niners had lost that game the way the Falcons did, all Niners fans would be calling for Shanahan’s head. Atl has the best kicker in the league, the ball on the 21 yard line, and the next two plays are passes that result in a sack and a holding penalty?

    These calls reminds me of our last Super bowl when all the Niners had to do was run the ball at the goal line but decided to throw up fifty-fifty balls to Crabtree in the corner of the end zone.

  32. Atlanta is now involved in some of the biggest collapse in the post-season (NFCCG 3 yrs ago and today) history.

    Common denominator – Matt Ryan

  33. Shanahan isn’t even coaching the 49ers yet and fans are already complaining. That is absolutely pathetic.

          1. Because none of those candidates were set to become the next coach for the 49ers. Shanahan is, and fans are literally nitpicking over one of his games. He just won an assistant coach award, and some are praying he is a better HC than OC?! That is beyond ridiculous.

            1. Par for the course. No matter who was chosen to the next HC, there would be certain people complaining about them already.

              I think rocket’s comment below is funny given he complained about Tomsula and Kelly straight away.

              1. I think rocket’s comment below is funny given he complained about Tomsula and Kelly straight away.

                Kelly had a bad breakup from the team he coached for three years, and Tomsula had never coached a defense, let alone a team.

              2. Yes I did and for good reason as both were bottom of the barrel candidates that nobody else wanted.

                Shanahan is the hottest HC candidate available and nothing changed after this game. We’ve got people complaining about his play calling and it really makes me wonder what they are watching. The Falcons had 3 possessions after going up 28-3 (they had a 4th but it was with 53 seconds left in the game and deep in their own territory so I’m not including that as a true possession). The first one featured a holding penalty on 2nd down that killed the drive and forced a punt. The second ended on Ryan’s fumble and the third was a drive that began at the Falcon 10 and moved into scoring position before Ryan took a sack and the Falcons were called for a hold. Somehow the play calling was responsible for the Falcons blowing a 25 point lead. Smh.

              3. And? Still the same thing. People voicing concerns about the new HC before giving them a chance. Its a bit hypocritical to be complaining about it given I believe both you and rocket complained about the Tomsula and Kelly hirings.

              4. So far all I am seeing as to why this is different to Tomsula and Kelly is that you like the Shanahan hiring, rocket. Not exactly a reason to be critical of other people voicing their concerns re Shanahan, when you have done the same in the past.

              5. Its a bit hypocritical to be complaining about it given I believe both you and rocket complained about the Tomsula and Kelly hirings.

                No it isn’t. There was evidence of Kelly not being a good coach from his tenure in Philadelphia, and that evidence was increased when the 49ers were the only team calling on his services after he was fired. Meanwhile, anybody with a brain could tell Baalke wanted a yes man when he hired Tomsula, and that was before the horrific introductory press conference.

              6. So let me get this straight in my simple mind. You thought Tomsula and Kelly were bad hires straight off the bat, so you thought it was reasonable to voice your opinion about it. You think Shanahan is a good hire, so believe anyone voicing a contrary opinion is ridiculous. Does that about sum it up?

              7. You are arguing for the sake of arguing Scooter. My dislike of Tomsula and Kelly was due to the fact they were not the best or even middle of the pack candidates. No other team had interest in either one of them and for good reason. Shanahan on the other hand is a highly respected candidate who was one of the more sought after options available.

                The guy is coming off a year of coordinating the best offense in the league, being voted best Assistant Coach and whose team had a 25 point lead half way through the 3rd quarter and there is concern about his play calling? Seriously?

              8. Nah, I just think people have a right to voice their concerns about their new HC. I also think people have a right to voice their optimism.

                And I think people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. So you didn’t like Tomsula and Kelly, and was proven correct. Congratulations. Who’s to say those worrying about Shanahan won’t also be proven correct?

              9. Concerns about the fact Shanahan has never been a HC before I understand. Concerns about the play calling of perhaps the best play caller in the league this year, and in a game in which he had a 25 point lead in the 3rd quarter, really makes no sense to me. The run pass ratio was 18:23. There was nothing wrong with the play calling.

        1. Mid,
          I’m not talking about KS performance today although he is part to be blame on the 2nd half collapse. I’m just making a general statement that I’m sure every Niner fans including you that we hope that he will be a better HC than an OC.
          Not the other way around like Norv Turner. Great OC mediocre HC.

      1. ricardo,
        KS will be fine. I’m not putting high expectations on him his first year as head coach. Right now I (like many here) am enamored with his OC ability and will hope to see that reflect on a team with little talent. The reality is that KS is coming into a burned out dumpster fire and sorting through anything of value.

        As far as the game last night. Instead of putting some of the blame on Shanahan, they should admire a QB that has sealed his legacy as the best QB of all time.
        I have been watching football for almost 60yrs and must say that last nights performance by Brady was the greatest I have seen by a QB in the biggest stage ever.

        I’m sure that many Falcons fans this morning can analyze and nitpick at all the things that went wrong in the game. But when the dust settles (and it may take a few days or much longer) football fans will ultimately have to admit that the reason why the Falcons lost was because of Tom Brady – G.O.A.T

  34. I listened to so many radio shows since the beginning of the season, and when I say a ton of radio guys and callers called for Tom Brady’s demise again. It’s ridiculous. People speak in absolutes every year, “Tom Brady is done”, it’s what’s said every year at the beginning of the season. What’s crazy is, when he actually is done, those same people will come out and say, I told you so.. Wow, Brady is a hell of a ball player.

  35. Gregg Rosenthal ‏@greggrosenthal 35m35 minutes ago
    Falcons offense went 4 plays or less four times in the second half

    1. Yep I covered that above. Two of those possessions were ended with a fumble and a lack of time on the clock at the end of the second half. The time of possession in the second half favored NE by a whopping 4 minutes.

  36. At the end Arthur blank looked like some one needing to fire someone, would Ks stay if he fired dann Quinn and offered him the HC? It would be dumb on so many levels but Arthur Blank ha never been the most stable human being!

    1. Lots of people will second guess those two plays because they resulted in sacks, but Shanahan gave his MVP QB the ball and let him play. It’s up to Ryan to throw it away and not take a sack especially when the defense shows a blitz look which was obvious on the 3rd and 1 play.

      1. They should have ran the ball once they got in FG range while up 8. Worst case scenario, they have a two possession lead. They essentially took points off the board.

        If it were Kelly calling the plays, this blog would have exploded with criticism. The good news is that Kyle will learn from his mistake as a Falcon and won’t repeat it with us.

        And I agree with ht. It was a great game. It was close and had one of the greatest catches ever. I was entertained.

        1. Worse case scenario is the Freeman or Coleman could have coughed up the football on a run play.

            1. Less likely, but not guaranteed. From what I was able to see, the run game went cold when Coleman was injured. Freeman is wanting to be paid like a top RB, but he failed to capitalize on the opportunity to prove his claim.

              1. WC,

                I think the idea was that Freeman was supposed to leak out into the flat, but he has to pick up that free rusher on the play when he sees it. He made a half hearted attempt to put a shoulder into him and completely whiffed on it.

            2. It’s less likely but that strategy cost us a trip to the Super Bowl when Roger Craig fumbled. Easy to second guess. I agree with Rocket that Ryan should have seen the blitz and dealt with it. That fumble was on him. Coaches put their players in a position to win but the players still have to do it.

              1. I meant to say that the fumble was on Ryan TOO because that occurred on another series. On the fumble, the Pats overloaded the right side of the Falcons line and did a stunt. The TE ran a skinny post with man coverage and took the only pass defender on the right side with him. It looked to me that Freeman was actually the hot read (all other receivers were running deep routes) and since there was NO ONE defending that area, if Ryan had not stared down his receiver on the left he could have dropped it off to Freeman and there was only the FS covering the TE between him and the goal line. Also, it looked like the line screwed up their assignments and Freeman assumed that Hightower was the responsibility of the RT. A well designed play by our new HC executed poorly IMHO. A disaster play for the Falcons which easily could have been a disaster play for the Pats. The players lost that game not KS.

            3. #80,

              They also could have run it into a defense selling it out to stop it, gained nothing and missed the FG attempt at which point the second guessing likely would have been about going too conservative. I like the fact the Falcons kept playing their game. It’s up to the players to make good decisions and Ryan didn’t in taking the sack instead of throwing it away.

        2. #80,

          I do understand questioning the play call in that situation and it was not my intention to criticize anyone doing that. I was just surprised that there were a few questioning how well Shanahan will do in that capacity when he takes over in SF. He is one of the best play callers in the game and that is the last thing I’d be worrying about.

          We are also fixating on one play call in a situation that if the QB throws the ball away, it’s forgotten. That aggressiveness is who Shanahan is, and it shows he had trust in his players to make a play. I like that personally, and I remember a lot of people around here on Monday mornings during the Harbaugh era complaining non stop about how he wouldn’t keep his foot on the gas or go for the throat to finish teams off. Shanahan has that mentality and I welcome it.

        3. “If it were Kelly calling the plays, this blog would have exploded with criticism. ”

          This right here. If Shanahan wasn’t about to become our new head coach everybody would be killing him right now. Nobody wants to have to explain that the new head coach just f’d up the SuperBowl.

    2. I find it foolish to question staying aggressive against a Patriots team with a league best scoring defense and a potent offense. The claim is that a field goal would have given the Falcons a more comfortable, but what lead is truly comfortable for a team who is playing against the Patriots?

        1. If Ryan had been able to drive the ball closer to the end zone instead of taking a sack, then most of the people trying to place the the blame on the play-calling would likely have called it a great play. The reality is Ryan should have thrown the ball away instead of taking the sack, and Matthews should have known better than to hold onto Long during crunch time. Those two mistakes cost the Falcons points, not the play-calling.
          It should also be noted that the Falcons defense failed to hold its ground when the Patriots offense were facing a third and ten deep in Patriots territory shortly after those two costly mistakes by Ryan and Matthews.

          1. If it worked it would have been a good call. But it didn’t work, so it’s a bad call.


            According to WSB-TV in Atlanta, Shanahan told those close to him at the team hotel, “I blew it.”

            If Freeman had picked up the block, if Ryan wouldn’t have held on to the ball. Yep, all the more reason to run, it is a safer play. As I said above at least he learned this lesson before he got here.

            He isn’t even here yet and people are making excuses for him. Objectivity people.

            1. Objectivity people.

              Objective people would be faulting the mistakes made by the players on offense and the failure of the defense to stop the Patriots on third and ten deep inside Patriots caused the meltdown and led to the ensuing loss.

              1. And he was right to do so, even if he was not at fault. That’s an example of a good coach, and leader for that matter.
                No matter how one looks at it, the three mistakes by the players on the offense and the one made by the defense in the game caused the loss.

            2. #80,

              Some are questioning his ability to call plays and attaching it to how successful he can be as a HC. That is what I don’t agree with. Second guessing is going to happen when you are on the losing side, it comes with the territory, but questioning the ability of Shanahan to come to SF and have success as a play caller doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. I could be wrong, but his track record tells me that play calling is not something we should be worried about.

              1. rocket,

                I’m not one of those people. I think last nights game will make him an even better HC. He won’t make the same mistake again. I’m happy that it was a lesson learned with Atlanta instead of us.

    1. Great point! It was boring until the patriots came back! Personally I can not stand Hoody and the patriots! Watching them is like watching Cowboys or Seahawks. I guess I wanted KS to come in on a High! This may motivate him more. But thwarts your simple message is the best, hope we can just enjoy the game more, not be to critical and be patient as their is not a lot of talent on this roster.

    1. I really think that’s a bit over blown. The recent baseball and basketball championships with teams being up 3-1 and still losing is far worse then letting a team come from behind in a single game. Letting arguably the best QB/Coach tandem in league history come from behind in the 4th quarter is hard on the ego but it’s hardly the biggest choke job in sports history, it wasn’t even that hard to believe it could happen otherwise people wouldn’t have been making comments about the Patriots having life after their 2nd TD.

  37. We got a taste of Shanahan’s play calling abilities in the Super Bowl – the good and the bad. He’s too much of a risk taker. With 4min left, up 8, and in field goal range, he decides to pass on 2nd and short. WTF? Just run 3 times and kick the FG. That would have put Atlanta up 11 and NE with probably no timeouts, and about 3min left in the game.

      1. Kyle’s honeymoon with some of his new fans here in Grant’s Pass is over. Rocket, why are you trying to diminish the force of their amazing insights with facts?

        Here are a couple more facts, their running game was getting stuffed after the right tackle was replaced, and as the Patriot kicker had shown, even a point after is no give-me in the NFL this year.

        Shanahan went with his strength, and lost. That’s it.

        1. Calling a shotgun pass with an extra 5 step drop when you only need 1 yard isn’t what I would consider going with your strength. I’d call it unnecessarily putting your QB in a bad position as well as taking an unwarranted risk given the circumstances.

          It’s more then just one play that he’s being criticized over and I haven’t once heard someone say he wasn’t playing to his strengths.

          1. Calling a shotgun pass with an extra 5 step drop when you only need 1 yard isn’t what I would consider going with your strength. I’d call it unnecessarily putting your QB in a bad position as well as taking an unwarranted risk given the circumstances.

            Why does any team pass the ball on a short yardage play? They had been stuffed running the ball the play before that. If you feel you have a better shot at picking up the first down with a pass then you do it. It’s being questioned because there was a fumble, but it’s not like teams never pass in that situation. They kept running their offense. Ultimately it cost them, but that is who they were all season.

            It’s more then just one play that he’s being criticized over and I haven’t once heard someone say he wasn’t playing to his strengths.

            Right it’s two plays and on both plays it came down to QB error. I get that you think the play calls were wrong and I don’t deny that they were based on the outcome. All I’m saying is the play call itself is based on the situation and what you think you will see based on film study and the situation at that point in the game. If you feel that the defense is cheating against the run and you can exploit that, then the call makes some sense provided the QB knows he can’t take a sack which Ryan had to have known in that situation.

            1. Have I once questioned the call of a pass or have I been questioning the particular pass play called? I’ve never once said they should have run or that they shouldn’t have passed. I’ve criticized the particular play call but not because it was a pass but because it was an unnecessarily risky pass in that situation.

            2. “Right it’s two plays and on both plays it came down to QB error.”

              No, it’s scoring 28 points and then being shut down as the opposing team was making a comeback. The bonehead plays just didn’t help his case any.

              1. The Falcons had 3 possessions after going up 28-3 (they had a 4th but it was with 53 seconds left in the game and deep in their own territory so I’m not including that as a true possession). The first one featured a holding penalty on 2nd down that killed the drive and forced a punt. The second ended on Ryan’s fumble and the third was a drive that began at the Falcon 10 and moved into scoring position before Ryan took a sack and the Falcons were called for a hold.

        2. Eric Branch ‏@Eric_Branch 30s30 seconds ago
          #Falcons K Matt Bryant was 9 of 9 from 40-49 yards this season; 28 of 31 since 2013.

    1. I know kyle calls the plays obviously, but anyone think Quinn played a part in it as well? I mean shouldn’t the HC make the choice hey let’s run this ball and take the 3 points, or hey let’s go for the home run. I get the criticism but come on.

      1. I’m guessing, but I think Quinn just deferred offensive play calling to Shanahan. Also, Quinn’s defensive should get as much of the blame for the loss.

        1. HT – I think the new RT also blew his assignment when Ryan was hit by Hightower and fumbled. There were 5 guys rushing on that play and 5 lineman. Pass blocking assignments generally provide for assistance only when there is one more rusher than blockers which there wasn’t on that play. I think that the RT was responsible for Hightower and just plain blew it. Properly executed, the RT makes a move at Hightower in an attempt to just divert him slightly; all other rushers are accounted for; and Ryan sees the action and checks down to Freeman who was uncovered and would have run a long ways if the pass was completed. Sometimes it’s just plain bad execution, even with good teams. They just do it a lot less than what we’re used to.

  38. Welcome to the 49ers, Kyle. May you learn from your mistakes, build on your success and help return our beaten down franchise to glory!

  39. From Maiocco after the SB:

    “After spending a few hours next to Kyle Shanahan over the past week, I can’t imagine there was a better head-coach candidate this year.”

  40. I thought it was a great game. To completely blame the loss on KS is ridiculous in my opinion. Maybe he did make some mistakes, but I look at it as he learned something valuable on someone else’s time and not ours. The hiring can’t come soon enough for me.

  41. Even though the Patriots may be historically one of the most dishonest organizations in the NFL, I must congratulate them on possibly their finest SB win.

  42. Sigh
    When I think of the most exciting finish to a Niner SB I think of Joe’s 2:00 drill at the end of the 2nd SB vs Bengals. Pressure. Diminishing time. Clutch drive. TD to John Taylor.
    The game was back-and-forth in the second half. The Bengals took the lead late. Coach Wyche looked at the clock and worried. Joe lead the comeback drive and 9ers won.
    Close game. Exciting game. Satisfying win for me. Clutch comeback.
    I do NOT think of that as the game where the Bengals collapsed.
    Folks want to point fingers at Ryan and Shanny. OK. The offense didn’t control the ball,or put up more points in the second half. But what about the Falcons’ defense?
    They allowed those comeback points.
    There seems to be too much clucking Chicken Little on the blog. It’s happened once or twice before.
    On to filling out staff, FA strategies, then Combine, back to FA, then draft.

    1. >>On to filling out staff, FA strategies, then Combine, back to FA, then draft.

      Yup, new season has started. Everyone is 0-0.

  43. Your right on York the Dork. The play caller always gets the blame (see previous posts on this blog regarding the plays at the end of the SF/BAL SB!) People are always looking for a scapegoat. KS called a masterful game and the call for a pass in that situation was definitely aggressive, but NE was playing run so I think it was a good call. ATL just didn’t execute, and Ryan compounded the lack of by not getting rid of the ball. You obviously can’t take a sack there. You can woulda shoulda coulda every play in a game. It’s up the the players to execute the play that is called and not one player on ATL is gonna blame KS for calling a pass in that situation. Ridiculous. No lead is safe in the NFL, especially when your playing one of, if not the greatest QB’s and team ever. Great game. OK, let the second guessing continue………………!

  44. So, I wonder if more Falcon coaches will be available after this debacle.

    Niners should throw money at Hightower, but he may not want to come here.

    1. Hightower, and Bennett for that matter, have been labeled by the Patriots as priority signings since the middle of the regular season.

      1. After winning the SB, players tend to get big pay increases, so some players may get priced out due to the cap limits.

        Luckily, Brady is smart, and it helps to have a wife that makes millions. I think he is playing for very little, but has told the Pats to use the money they saved to keep other players.

        A winning strategy.

        1. After winning the SB, players tend to get big pay increases, so some players may get priced out due to the cap limits.

          Take a look at the cap cushion for the Patriots Seb.

  45. Seb, grovelling to Grant to stop writing Kap news columns because Grant’s a meanie; suggesting the Niners rehire the Tomsula-Kelly-Kap triumvirate; Now accusing all posters disagreeing with your looney asylum (which is really where your computer priveledges were 1st banned) is myopic–a typical malaise associated with myopic-narcissism.

    Since the ban has had the reverse effect of prodigious typing and an ever and ever-expanding universe of your inane posts for all of us to enjoy, I’m hoping your asylum uses restraints on you, with your computer in view, 2 ft. from you, as forced learned behavior.

    1. TrollD, this requires a reply.

      No, I am not groveling, and was pretty harsh towards Grant. Good thing he can take criticism like a big boy, unlike you, and some others.

      Whining and crying that I post is what makes you a troll, since you yourself writes long multiple posts, but I notice that posters generally ignore them and never respond to them because they will be flooded with your drek.

      Goodness gracious, being banned is not the end of the world, and it just means that I engendered a response that was totally uncalled for, since I never regressed to expletives or name calling like some do on this site. I just said that true fans want their team to win, just like I want the Niners to win more rings.

      So go crawl back under your rock, it is truly ironic that you accuse me of exactly what you are. Do not expect more responses because I promised Scooter that I would refrain from engaging you, but since you seem to be obsessing about me, I just wanted to kick you in the teeth one more time for old times’ sake.

      I will be commenting on the coaching hires, free agency and the draft, so keep whining. It will do you no good, and the fact that you cannot handle my posts just makes me want to post more.

        1. EasyBib

          Definition of snivel

          play \ˈsni-və-liŋ, ˈsniv-liŋ\

          intransitive verb

          to cry or whine with snuffling

          to speak or act in a whining, sniffling, tearful, or weakly emotional manner

  46. In hindsight it is easy to say after the Julio catch put them on the 27 “kneel down three times, kick a 50 yard FG and put the game away”. I remember the last time Atlanta went to the Super Bowl they were on the other side of the same scenario. Denny Green did exactly what all the armchair play-callers are saying Kyle should have done and…Gary Andersen (who had not missed a field goal the entire year) missed a 38 yard field goal which would have put the game away. Atlanta went on to tie the game and won in Overtime.

    No field goal is a gimmee, particularly in a pressure situation. Kyle wanted to try and get another first down, use up 2+ minutes, and then kick a FG if it became necessary.

    Also, Ryan had no business taking the sack. He was out of the pocket and all he had to do was to heave the ball out of bounds.

  47. NE handed the ball back to the Falcons with 19 seconds left.

    We all know Shanny should have called 3 straight dives or mix in one off tackle. Certainly no east-west runs to allow the DL to shoot a gap, or a 7-step drop, chancing a hold call or sack, because the games already won—ball on the 20 is shorter than your extra point kick.

    Face it fans, the more playoffs a team’s in the more chances for good or bad luck.

    Recalling the Niner 3-peat attempt when the Seifert led 49ers ran Roger Craig on a dive play to center the football, before kicking the NFC Championship game winner….LT read the play and shot the gap, and punched the ball out of Roger Craig’s arm to recover the fumble….If Craig had had both arms gripping the football the 49er’s 3-peat. However, Craig went for the glory, thinking he could find a hole and take it to the house, when all that was necessary was to sit down with the ball and center it.

    This is twice, where a Bellichek coached defense lucked out when the opposition had the ability to kick a game winner by doing absolutely nothing…As I stated, the more of these games you’re in the more chances for a lucky play !

    1. Tom D: I have always thought that switching from a right handed Montana to a left handed Young had something to do with the Craig fumble.

      You may recall Joe receiving a vicious hit by Leonard Marshall a bit earlier in that game which forced Young to come in. Young completed a nice pass to Brent Jones to get in the FG range and that was when Siefert decided to sit on the ball which led to the Craig fumble. Intrestingly, If the Niners had won that game, Young would have been the starter in the Super Bowl against the Bills.

      Just to refresh your memory, the 49ers were ahead 10-9 when Craig fumbled. They did not need to kick a field goal. They just needed to get a couple of first downs in order to run out the clock.

      I don’t ever remember a longer walk leaving the stick after a Niner game. It was my lowest point ever as a 49er fan. Even worse than the defeat by the Cowboys in the NFC championship a couple of years later.

      1. No, I was there, too, but Howard put his helmet on the ball, did not matter which hand it was in.

        Yup, the Stick was as quiet as a morgue after that game.

        1. Seb: OK. Maybe I was overanalyzing it.

          Although I think you will agree with me that if Joe had not gotten hurt the Niners would have won going away.

          In fact, the play on which Joe got hurt Rice had broken open down the right sideline. If Joe had a fraction of second more time, that would have a touchdown to pretty much put the game away.

          And, not to forget the most painful memory: Parcells ran a fake punt to get a crucial first down late in the game. I found out later that the 49ers had only 10 men on the field on that punt. Painful…Painful..

      2. And the 3peat, along with the 49er 18 game road winning streak under Montana is something the so-called greats, Brady and Bellichek have never accomplished:

        San Francisco 49ers (18 consecutive road wins from 1988-1990)

        Winning on the road in the NFL is tough business. Doing so for a stretch of two-plus seasons is nearly impossible, unless you’re the talent-laden 49ers of the late-1980s, early-1990s. The 49ers won the Super Bowl following the 1988 and 1989 seasons, and were vying for a rare three-peat during the 1990 season. With teams routinely gunning for defending Super Bowl champions at every chance they get, it’s amazing what the 49ers were able to pull off and this accomplishment only speaks to their status as one of the NFL’s all-time greatest dynasties.

      3. All the 49ers needed was a punt. The Giant’s offense wouldn’t of had time to get the winning field goal from their own twenty.

  48. Mistakes by the Falcon players was the catalyst for failure in yesterdays game. To place the blame on KS is just ridiculous.

    1. uc, I attribute the loss to a bunch of things, all tied together. In the end, it was a matter of luck:
      1. Half-time adjustments by NE on defense to slow Atlanta down. It worked in a few sequences, including causing Ryan’s big fumble.
      2. Lopsided score forced NE into no-huddle offense. This wore down ATL defense, including their pass rush. Pressure on Brady faded.
      3. Very bad call by ATL not to go for field goal after NE came within one TD for tie. (I assume Shanahan learned something here he will never forget.)
      4. This is where I think it was a matter of luck: NE winning the coin toss for OT. Had ATL won and gone on offense, their defense could have rested. But as it was, NE drove down the field pretty easily.

  49. HOUSTON — Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan will become the next head coach of the San Francisco 49ers once a contract is placed in front of him, a source told following the Falcons’ 34-28 loss to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI.

  50. Zach Klein

    Those who spoke with Kyle Shanahan last night at Falcons team hotel tell me he said “I blew it” #SB51

    8:31 AM – 6 Feb 2017

  51. I look forward to KS. But a 2nd half no-show after 1st half domination….we’ve seen this before, and it cost Chip his job. Can KS finish is the question?

    1. Max,

      No way I condem Kyle for going up against a Pat’s team that’s got the all-time best coach and QB, with 7 SuperBowl appearances.

      They had a chance to sit on the football on the 20 and kick the game winner…There’s an old saying: “When the brass ring is in front of you, you grab it…In this case the brass ring was the Lombardi Trophy.

      I once had a wrestling friend who was matched against a muscle bound opponent who looked like Arnold Swarzeneggar for All Regional.

      Before the match, his opponent walked into the stands and confronted my friend (who was calmly sitting with his girl friend) and stated: “I’m going to kick your as_ today.”

      When the match started, my friend zeroed in on his opponent like he was shot out of a cannon. Just as the ref signaled for the match to begin, like a D-lineman guessing right at the snap count to sack the QB, he put timed the ref call and knocked the man to the ground with a vicious form tackle.

      It was a ferocious match, and by the 3rd round my friend down a point, tried to humiliate his opponent with the painful, but well-known guillotine maneuver.

      However, time was ticking down toward match over, and this move is a clock eater. Just as he got him in the hold and was awaiting the pin call, time expired and he lost. If he had simply chosen the half-nelson move he would have won…By getting greedy he losts.

  52. Well, ya know, a call is a poor call if it doesn’t work. A call is a good call if it works. A pitch is a good pitch if a batter swings and misses. A pitch is a bad pitch if the batter hits it for a hit. A shot is a poor shot if it doesn’t go in the basket. A shot is a good shot if it goes in………………………………….. Just saying! In ANY game, this is so. Again, it up to the players to execute the play, pitch, shot, etc. that is called. That is the essence of sports. They decide whether a call was good or bad. There has never been a sporting event played EVER where there are calls made that are later opined to be poor, or great. Some will say a particular call was poor. Some will say the same call was brilliant. Monday morning QB’ing. Also the essence of sports. :)

    1. Ignorance is bliss to many people, even if it can be proven that they are wrong by choosing that path.

          1. It’s part of the blame. Do you agree with the play calling? Would you have called run, run, run, and FG? Do you think Kyle is wrong when he himself said he blew it? Those questions are for everyone.

            1. Maybe they should not have run into the teeth of the defense. Set them up. Act like you are going straight ahead, and attack the edges, where there are less bodies. Maybe play action boot.

              Patricia did a good job.

            2. Any coach worth his salt would take fault even though the blame should not be placed on his shoulders.
              I find it interesting many people are ignoring the fact Ryan said he should have thrown the ball away instead of taking the sack.

        1. Nope. You, along with many others, are placing the blame on Shanahan when the evidence points to mistakes by the players on the offense and defense, along with Brady’s magic, for the cascading reason why the Falcons lost. The odds are also fairly strong that the same people would be lamenting Shanahan went to the conservative route too soon if he had chosen to keep the ball on the ground but still lost.

              1. The Shanahan fan club are unable to provide an unbiased answer right now. I understand their excitement about his hiring, but I don’t see the need to defend what was clearly a bad call. Even if it had worked it was a questionable call, it just wouldn’t be getting the scrutiny it is getting.

                Much like Wilson passing the ball at the goal line rather than giving it to Lynch. If it works, it goes unnoticed. It didn’t work and people rightly question the call.

              2. You comment in itself is a biased take, and you are being hypocritical because of it. You would have a point if fans like Rocket and I were only saying the play-calling was not as fault without providing strong evidence to the contrary. However, Rocket and I have provided strong evidence to the contrary.

              3. Lol. I bet every coach wished fans (and owners) only ever blamed the players for when things went wrong.

              4. Again, you are being hypocritical. Tell me we would still be having these conversations if Freeman actually attempted to block Hightower, or Ryan threw the pass away. Or how about if Matthews did not bear hug Long? Would there be complaining if the Falcons defense had stopped Brady and the Patriots offense on a crucial third and ten deep inside Patriots territory?
                I get you are trying use my liking the coaching candidate Shanahan, but frankly that is a fallacious argument. If the play-calling by Shanahan was at fault, then I would be agreeing with those who are currently questioning his play-calling. However, there is visual evidence that the mistakes by the players on the field, including by the defense (which Shanahan has zero control over), played a bigger role in the loss.

              5. Scooter,

                If Ryan had thrown the ball away you wouldn’t be on here questioning the play call. It’s the results that bring second guessing and this case is no different. I’m not supporting Shanahan because I believe he is blameless. He has his part to play, but the fact is the Falcon defense and the MVP QB have a much bigger role in this loss and that is being lost in the blame Shanahan campaign.

              6. Rocket, if Lockette doesn’t get blown up by Browner, the Seahawks score a TD in the SB and win the game and nobody questions the play call. If everyone executes perfectly there is no problem. Will wonders never cease?

                Even if it had worked, doesn’t mean it was a good play call in the situation. Just means we wouldn’t be talking about it. He put his team in a dangerous play when it simply was not needed and it backfired. Bad play call.

              7. Mid, it isn’t a fallacious argument. You do like Shanahan. It would be fallacious if you in fact didn’t like Shanahan. But that is by the by.

                I am not excusing the players for making errors. They did. And it cost the team. But that doesn’t make Shanahan blameless. He put them in a dangerous situation unnecessarily.

              8. The key play IMHO was the fumble and easy TD by the Pats. No one can be sure but either Freeman or the RT screwed up big time. I think it was the RT but maybe I’m wrong. The point is, when a good OC is calling plays is he supposed to second guess himself and say that the play is too complicated to run properly? I can never be certain who screwed up but one of those two did for sure – and KS can’t be expected to know which plays his players can or can’t execute properly. The saying is: “Better lucky than good” and Tom Brady has at least 2 SB rings more because he’s lucky than good. Disagree all you want but that’s my $.02.

            1. That is not up to me to decide Scooter. It is up to Shanahan as to whether he chooses to take the blame; he has, and that is his choice. But the play-calling is only part of the equation. The execution and decision making by the players on the field are the other parts. It does not matter if what the called play is if the players fail to execute and make the right decisions. From what I saw, there is plenty of evidence that shows the players failed to execute and make the right decisions when they needed to, from Freeman’s love tap blocking to the failure of the defense to stop the Patriots deep in their own territory in the closing minutes of regulation.

              1. No, there were examples of all three faltering, sometimes all at the same time, with Kelly and the players in 2016.

              2. Yep, and that’s exactly what happened here too Mid. Both the players and coaches made mistakes.

  53. I think it is sad that KS even feels the pressure to say he “blew it”, because if the plays had worked the same people questioning the calls would be calling him a “genius” if the plays had worked. Really ridiculous but not surprising. Seb, your right, it’s a whole combination of circumstances that lead to that result.

    1. Juan I noticed your posts are less hyperbolic. maybe Kaep brings out the worst in you.

      I actually read a few other of your posts, and agreed with them.

      Did not comment because I did not want to go back to our conflict, but if you can continue to write insightful stuff, I will read them.

    2. First, why assume he’s feeling pressured to say anything? Maybe he genuinely feels responsible. And second “If the plays had worked.” If, if, if. If I had picked the right numbers I would have won the lottery. It’s not about what could have happened, it’s about what ‘did’ actually happen. What did actually happens was that Shanahan called a play that most people who follow the sport recgnize as a highly risky play in that situation and guess what, everybody was right to think that. It was highly risky and he got bit for taking a chance. That’s called making a choice and being proved that it was the wrong one.

      1. Yep. Which would be ok if it hadn’t been for the fact a FG would have all but locked up the game at the time, and they were in FG range. So yes, it was a bad call.

        1. Yep, I told my wife as the first half came to an end that 31 points is the magic number where I’d feel comfortable with an assured victory….

          1. Yeah, at Halftime I told The Ducheess that Hotlanta needed a minimum of two field goals to win, because…’s Brady.

  54. Just watching the game now, I guess if KS had called a run on third and two after the run where Coleman got hurt, Ryan wouldn’t have got sacked and fumbled and NE wouldn’t have the ball on the ATL thirty. If he had run and not got the first, they would have punted and then NE would have had to navigate the mostly length of the field, instead of the short field. I guess KS really blew that call too. Of course, if they had punted and it was blocked and run in for a score, it would have been a bad call, and on and on and on………………..

  55. Well Seb, we’ve all settled in on our position on CK. I don’t feel the need to continue to “beat the dead horse”. But you are right, that subject does rile me. We’ll see how the chips fall as far as he is concerned. I have stated that there is at least a 50% chance that he’ll be back, for multiple reasons, so we’ll just have to see what happens, and if he does return, I’ll pull for KS and staff to revive his career. I’m a Niner fan first and foremost, and I’ll trust JL and KS if that’s their decision.

  56. I am really hoping the 49ers learn from the past and do not take an early round QB. At where we pick we have other positions to fill. I think our QB of the future is in the next draft….not this one. I’d rather have O line, LB, CB, D line be higher priorities this year and not necessarily in that order. If trade downs happen, I’m hoping a few picks get added to next years draft to either get more players or to do some maneuvering. Not that I want this team to be old, but they need a few more veterans for leadership.

  57. If this had happened to the 49ers Grant would have killed Quinn for not making the right half time adjustments and for his team coming out ‘flat’ in the 2nd half. Probably would have had a jab about them being ‘gassed’ in the 4th quarter as well. He also would take shots at the OC for risky play calling when there was every reason to be conservative.

    Ryan would get a B- he’d give all the coaches F’s.

  58. Horrible play calling by Shanahan at the end of that game. It will be a defining moment in his career…
    A) Part of a story of how a few catastrophic calls can change a career
    B) A story of redemption, overcoming a dark moment to achieve success.

    But I’m still very happy he’s becoming the 49ers next head coach. His influence goes beyond the X and Os of the Falcons offense. There are key free agents that were part of the Falcon’s Super Bowl run that joined the team based on Shanahan’s urgings and eye for talent.

    I’m excited to see how this offseason goes. The 49ers might actually be a team players and staff want to join again.

    1. B2W,

      I think you are making this bigger than it really is. Of course you are entitled to your opinion, but the reality is there are two plays that are being talked about and that is because they resulted in sacks and a fumble on one. Both calls were questionable in the sense that calling a run would have been the safer thing to do, but what needs to be remembered is that the play call is not set in stone, nor is it expected that the QB who just won MVP would take a sack in either instance.

      The 3rd and 1 call should have been changed at the line by Ryan. There was a blitz look being clearly shown by NE and he has to check out of it, or at the very least throw it away. The second play was a 2nd and 11 after the loss of a yard on a first down running play. Should they have run the ball instead? Yeah they probably should have, but I also think the go for the jugular mentality is warranted as well. You don’t know if your kicker is going to shank one, you also know the Patriots are playing run all the way. You have the best passing offense in football and at worst you expect your QB to throw it away if it’s not there. That’s putting the ball in your players hands and giving them a chance to put the nail in the coffin. I really don’t have a problem with that and I’ve seen teams lose numerous times because of being too conservative.

      Whatever the case, the last thing anyone should be worried about imo, is the ability of our new HC to call plays.

  59. Boy, third and ten from the their own fifteen and NE converts because ATL is in a prevent defense (dime). Boy what a bad call by Quinn. He should have blitzed. They almost got to Brady in the end zone with just a four man rush. That is the play of the game. Let’s see, what other call can we criticize? That call is way worse than KS’s call. Jeesh! You know what, I think the best call of the entire game was the coin flip in overtime. Undoubtably.

    1. Excuses, excuses. Shanahan’s play calling was questionable period. So was Quinn’s. Freeman whiffed and Ryan held on to the ball too long.

      Plenty of blame to go around and Shanahan gets some of it. Not all of the blame but certainly some of it.

  60. PFF – Brady Pressures by Quarter… First – 60%, Second 36.8%, Third 30%, 4th/OT 12.9%.

    High powered offensive teams need defensive depth. Edge or interior. That’s why I’d be fine with Jonathan Allen if we don’t get good trade back offers.

  61. So even Shanahan himself has taken responsibility for not winning the game. As he should to some degree, though obviously it is not all his fault. The players deserve their fair share of the criticism.

    However, it shouldn’t come as too big a surprise he made a questionable play call in a critical moment. He’s an excellent playcaller, but this was the first time he’s called plays in a SB. In fact, this year is the first time he has called plays on a playoff winning team – his 9th year as an OC. He doesn’t have a lot of big game experience. He’ll learn from this game.

  62. What a great call by 18 to call heads on the coin flip in OT. My God, could you imagine if he had called tails? Of course, thats a “what if”. But I’ll bet there would have been some that would have called that possible tails call “catastrophic”. Thank God for him or he would have had to admit that he “blew it”. Of course, thankfully for him he “did” call heads. Phew………..

  63. I think to be fair, the entire Falcons coaching staff should have to go on National TV and announce in chorus, “we blew it”. ;)

  64. Kyle Shanahan’s 9 years as an OC has produced a career record of 67 wins, 77 losses in the regular season, and a 2 and 2 record in post season. He’s the hot candidate because of how the season went with the Falcons, and because his offenses have generally been pretty decent. But he brings a pretty awful record with him.

    I am cautiously optimistic about Shanahan and Lynch, and also very excited to watch how this unfolds over the next few years. But while I have hope, I am not convinced he is the great HC candidate some want us to believe. He’s the hot coordinator. But as many analysts have said, one thing teams should avoid doing when hiring a new HC is just go for the hot coordinator. So much more to being a good HC than being a good playcaller. Fingers crossed both he and Lynch have what it takes.

    1. That summarizes perfectly how I feel as well about him. I’ll be more surprised if he meets expectations then if he falls short.

          1. I’m having a senior moment. Maybe you can help me.

            Who are the great NFL coaches that won on a regular basis at the highest levels without a great QB or two?

            Who was the smart guy in New England who waited until their third sixth round pick to select Tom Brady? What were the other 31 teams doing?

            Who are the great coaches who have maintained that the QB is just one more player on the squad?

            Sorry for so many questions, but the older I get, the more questions I have.

            1. For fun I’ll try and come up with some:

              Bill Cowher was with the Steelers for 12 years before Ben came around and I think most considered him pretty good if not great before he did.

              Joe Gibbs won 3 Super Bowls with 3 different QB but none of them ever made the HoF.

              John Harbaugh, is Joe Flacco really all that great? Is he really even all that good?

  65. Here are the 49ers free agents this year. Who should they bring back? I wouldn’t mind if they retained Cromartie, Tiller, C. Davis, Dorsey, TJE, Streeter, and Hodges.

    Chris Jones, DT
    Vinnie Sunseri, SS
    Carl Bradford, ILB
    Marcus Cromartie, CB
    Andrew Tiller, G
    Chris Davis, CB
    Mike Purcell, DT
    Chris Harper, WR

    Glenn Dorsey, DE
    Phil Dawson, K
    Blaine Gabbert, QB
    Michael Wilhoite, ILB
    Tony Jerod-Eddie, DE
    Shaun Draughn, RB
    Jeremy Kerley, WR
    Nick Bellore, ILB
    Rod Streater, WR
    Christian Ponder, QB
    Thad Lewis, QB
    Jim Dray, TE
    Andrew Gardner, G
    DuJuan Harris, RB
    Gerald Hodges, ILB
    Quinton Patton, WR

    1. I almost wish we’d keep all of them including Kaep and Gabbert just so we can go out and win 2 games and everybody has to write an apology letter to Chip.

    2. Niners should re-sign 10 players.
      Chris Jones
      Marcus Cromartie
      Andrew Tiller
      Chris Davis
      Mike Purcell

      Glenn Dorsey
      Jeremy Kerley
      DuJuan Harris
      Gerald Hodges
      Quinton Patton

  66. Round 1 (No. 2 overall): Mitch Trubisky, QB, North Carolina

    It’s likely a forgone conclusion that 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick will opt out of his contract with the 49ers and become a free agent. That would leave the 49ers, temporarily, with zero quarterbacks signed when the new league year starts in March. The second overall pick would seem like an ideal opportunity for Lynch to target what he would hope to be a franchise quarterback for Shanahan’s high-powered offense.

    This is not what I would do as general manager of the San Francisco 49ers, but this is the move I believe the team will make as the draft unfolds.

    Mitch Trubisky is a fine quarterback. He’s strong-armed, a good athlete and is the best of the bunch among the 2017 class of signal-callers. But in terms of pure value, he’s a mid-first-round talent. Reaching here for a quarterback is desperate, and I’m never a fan of picking based on need this early in the draft.

  67. Just one other note. I consider a tornado ripping through a town such as Moore, Oklahoma, and destroying almost the entire town and killing many, or a plane crashing with unfathomable loss of life, and those are just a couple of examples of many, many horrible events that we have witnessed as a country over the years, as “catastrophic”. Calling a football play(s) that doesn’t work and even theoretically helps to lose a game “catastrophic” is just a tad of an over statement. I tend to keep things in perspective. But that is just me.

  68. Grant I’m having the problem again where I see new posts from the home page but when I click on the ‘article’ I’m loading an older page. I’ve tried on both Chrome and IE and the same thing happens. For example the top topic says there are 420 comments but when I click on it to read it then says there are only 375 comments.

          1. OK. It may be connected to the similar problem that I’ve encountered where no new posts are added until the related cookie files are deleted. That would be the web site too.

    1. Gret, go splash some water on the gimp(IT guy) and poke him with a stick until he puts down his jelly donut and stops playing World of Warcraft long enough to fix the site.

      1. Yeah, getting old. It’s the site. I’ve weasled my way in here and there, like now, but I’m no Hacker. More like Mongo.

  69. Round 1 (No. 2 overall): Mitch Trubisky, QB, North Carolina

    It’s likely a forgone conclusion that 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick will opt out of his contract with the 49ers and become a free agent. That would leave the 49ers, temporarily, with zero quarterbacks signed when the new league year starts in March. The second overall pick would seem like an ideal opportunity for Lynch to target what he would hope to be a franchise quarterback for Shanahan’s high-powered offense.

    Miller noted:

    This is not what I would do as general manager of the San Francisco 49ers, but this is the move I believe the team will make as the draft unfolds.

    Mitch Trubisky is a fine quarterback. He’s strong-armed, a good athlete and is the best of the bunch among the 2017 class of signal-callers. But in terms of pure value, he’s a mid-first-round talent. Reaching here for a quarterback is desperate, and I’m never a fan of picking based on need this early in the draft.

    Round 2 (No. 34 overall): John Ross, WR, Washington

    Ross is one of the most explosive receivers in a this class. He’s even drawn comparisons to Pittsburgh’s Antonio Brown or Washington’s DeSean Jackson. Ross would immediately become the best wide receiver among after the 49ers finished with the league

    1. Wow, Trubisky is rated much higher on everyone’s big boards than Derek Carr was in 2014!

      Nice! Trubisky must have a lot of potential then I would imagine!

  70. Jeff Cohen ‏@jeff_cohen_ · 52m52 minutes ago

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    sheila marie dizon

     Follow

     More

    @timkawakami What’s with Jed delaying the inevitable and finally revealing one of the NFL’s worst kept secrets?

    1:03 PM – 6 Feb 2017

    Ryan Ethan ‏@RayEthan408 · 54m54 minutes ago

     More

    @timkawakami after that choke job they are probably giving him some time to recover

    Molly Yanity ‏@mollyyanity · 59m59 minutes ago

    @timkawakami Maybe he watched last night’s game?

    @timkawakami Does it make me a terrible person that deep down i want Shanahan to decline the job now so that Jed is utterly screwed?

    Jeff ‏@Haleysdaddy0304 · 57m57 minutes ago

     More

    @timkawakami Maybe he’s texting schefter, Dilfer, and Silver to see if they’re still on board with the hire after that mess last night.

    1. TomD’s Response: Arthur Blank is a cool, level-headed owner. After the as_ kicking Bill Walsh’s 49ers gave ATL for 17 years, he’s letting Jed run around like a chicken with his head cut off, only to sign an 7.5 mil. check over to Kyle to be ATL’s next Asst. to the President/Asst. Head Coach.

  71. Test post to see if this fights through the miasma? I’ve tried clearing cookies and rebooting et al and can’t get the blog to refresh on any device. I seemheadlines from other posters to get a gist but can’t link through to a refreshed post or comment to even read folks’ complaints all the way through. Self defeating, PD.

    1. I got in this time by making my above comment on the bottom of an old page…..and staying here scrolling around blindly.
      Marco! Marco!
      Polo Polo Polo Polo!

      We’re Third World Coyote Country in Sandy Rosie and Slownoma County

  72. Matt Maiocco ‏@MaioccoCSN 19m19 minutes ago
    Matt Maiocco Retweeted Aaron Nagler
    In 4th Q, while clock was running, Falcons had five offensive plays. They snapped ball with :09, :14, :20, :13 and :04 left on play clock.
    Everybody involved should know better but the ultimate responsibility for something like this falls on the shoulder of the head coach. Even if he didn’t remind them before the drive to take the play clock down, the first time Ryan snapped it with time left he should have been on the headset saying something. I doubt Ryan was ignoring coaches suggestion so it’s safe to assume it was never said.

    1. Matt Maiocco ✔ @MaioccoCSN
      After spending a few hours next to Kyle Shanahan over the past week, I can’t imagine there was a better head-coach candidate this year.
      9:56 PM – 5 Feb 2017


      1. Booyah? You throw out an old tweet as if everybody hadn’t already seen it in a reply that had nothing to do with Kyle Shanahan and then cap it with a booyah as if you’ve made some kind of point with it? Nice work there bud.

    1. Titans biggest draft needs are CB, S, WR/TE, LB. Although they’ll probably need to draft a DL with Klug rehabbing an ACL they’ll almost certainly not trade away their two first round picks let alone use one of them on the position.

  73. “This is a very exciting day for the San Francisco 49ers and our fans,” said 49ers CEO Jed York via a statement issued by the team. “Throughout this process, we learned many things about Kyle that convinced us he is the perfect coach to lead this team. Over the years, he has proven to be one of the brightest minds in the game of football and his recent success speaks for itself. Kyle’s leadership has brought the best out of his players at every phase of his career and we look forward to watching him build a talented staff to accomplish the same with our players. “Kyle and John are top-tier, football men with outstanding pedigrees who join the organization with a tremendous amount of respect for each other. The future of this franchise will be constructed from their vision, and we look forward to watching them work together for years to come as they . . .” – See more at:

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