Mean Tweets (part 2)

Remember that recent Twitter dustup between the 49ers’ Vernon Davis and Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett? Well, apparently it isn’t over.

Ok, first, a recap of the tweets that got it rolling. These came on Tuesday, after Davis had landed from a cross-country flight.


Davis: I slept the whole way it’s so beautiful this morning

Dockett: did u think about #24 and u know what #24 I’m talking bout!!!

Davis: last time I checked I was standing over top of #24 with a football stuck to my glove TD!

Dockett: u better pack a big ass lunch! U think adubb almost killed u last year, u aint seen shhh! U just wait ohhh u just wait buddy!

No. 24, of course, is hard-hitting Arizona safety Adrian Wilson, unwittingly drawn into this cyberspat. The exchange was widely reported and gleefully admired by fans of both teams. Well, Dockett upped the ante yesterday, sending this message at 5:59 p.m.: “remember when ur coach sent u in the locker room, said ‘can’t coach em, he selffish, and can’t play with him’ lol u soft dude!”

Ouch. The whole Mike Singletary scolding from a year and a half ago, waved in Davis’ face.

The tight end responded two minutes later: “let the games begin!!– Oh its on I promise on everything I love I’m gonna try and KILL YOU! #PROMISE #MNF”

A couple minutes later, Davis doubled down: “ohhhh I’m scared!! That wa ten years ago. I bet y’all front 7 don’t think I’m soft.”

The funny thing is that Davis was part of a panel to discuss school funding for the arts at the de Young Museum last night. He was supposed to be on stage at 6 p.m., but got there a little late. Now we know why. He was jousting with Dockett on his Echofon.

After the educational event, Davis made no attempt to downplay the semi-angry discourse. “We’re cool, but I’m serious about what we’re talking about,” he said. “I’m really serious. I mean everything I say. OK, me and Darnell, we’re good friends. Yeah, don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to get out and fistfight him or anything like that. But when it’s time to play a game then Darnell’s not my friend. He’s on the opposite team, and any moment I get to destroy him in the blocking game, I’m a do it. And I really mean what I say.”

Got that? Davis means it. And he offers no apologies for taking the sentiment public.

“I hope my teammates see it, too,” he said. “I hope they see it so they can get going, and they can know what they’re  getting into before the game starts. And I want them to feel that way. … That’s how you’ve got to approach  this game. There’s no ‘i’ in ‘team’ and no one man can win a game by himself. But when you’re matched up individually, may the best man win. It is about winning.”

That date once again: Nov. 29, a Monday-night confrontation that’s getting more interesting all the time.

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