Michael Crabtree is not a diva

Some of my readers call Michael Crabtree a diva and I object to that.

I have seen no diva tendencies from him. He’s a pleasure to talk to, actually.

He’s never rude. He smiles when you ask him a question, a smile that suggests he’s listening carefully and he understands what you’re asking.

And when he answers, he answers honestly.

Here’s an example of what I mean. After yesterday’s game he didn’t have to talk to reporters, he didn’t have to give any information about his injured foot, but he did.

Harbaugh probably would have preferred Crabtree to stay silent. Harbaugh is against giving out injury information under all circumstances.

By the time reporters got to Crabtree’s locker, Harbaugh had already declared at his postgame press conference that Crabtree’s foot was a non-issue.

Crabtree set the record straight and he didn’t have to. One reporter asked him if he came out of the game due to general soreness, and Crabtree corrected him: “No, it’s my foot.” He then went on describe when and how he hurt it.

Another reporter asked him about the play when he flapped his arms in the back of the end zone – a real diva move, and he said he wished he hadn’t done it. He seemed sincere. He said he spazzed out, and I diva would never say that.

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