Michael Crabtree’s dogs

Matt Barrows, the great reporter from the Sacramento Bee, just reported that Michael Crabtree has a foot injury and he could miss four to six weeks of training camp and the preseason.

He’s also reporting the 49ers want to sign a veteran wide receiver.

This is the third straight year Crabtree’s feet have failed him in August. What is it about the dog days of summer that hurts his dogs?

What kind of therapeutic shoes should he wear? Birkenstocks, Adidas, penny loafers, Keds? On good authority from my sister-in-law the chiropractor, he needs better orthotics. Could it be as simple as his choice in in-sole? You make the call.

And who do you think the 49ers should sign to replace him as he sits?

Here are some names:

Vincent Jackson

Braylon Edwards

James Jones

Malcolm Floyd

Steve Smith

Mike Sims-Walker

Roy Williams

My vote is for James Jones.

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