Mock draft 3.0

UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen rolls out during UCLA’s pro day for NFL draft prospects in Los Angeles, Thursday, March 15, 2018. (AP Photo/Michael Owen Baker)

The NFL draft starts two weeks from Thursday. Here’s how the first 15 picks will play out:

1. Cleveland Browns: Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming.

Analysis: Allen has the most potential of all the QBs in this draft. And he’s physically similar to Ben Roethlisberger, whom Browns OC Todd Haley coached in Pittsburgh.

2. New York Giants: Bradley Chubb, DE/OLB, North Carolina St.

Analysis: The Giants have to replace Jason Pierre-Paul — they traded him to the Bucaneers this offseason. Pierre-Paul led the Giants with 8.5 sacks last season.

3. New York Jets: Sam Darnold, QB, USC.

Analysis: The Jets will take Darnold over Josh Rosen, because Darnold’s turnover issue is coachable, while Rosen’s injury issues are not.

4. Cleveland Browns: Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn St.

Analysis: First, the Browns will give Todd Haley another Roethlisberger. Then, they’ll give Haley another Le’Veon Bell in the backfield. Barkley is best prospect in the entire draft.

5. Denver Broncos: Quenton Nelson, G, Notre Dame.

Analysis: Nelson is the second-best prospect in the draft after Barkley. Nelson will dominate the NFL for the next decade.

6. Indianapolis Colts: Denzel Ward, CB, Ohio St.

Analysis: The Colts will pair Ward with former Buckeyes safety Malik Hooker, and create one of the most talented young secondaries in the NFL.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Derwin James, S, Florida St.

Analysis: If James isn’t available, the Bucs will take Vita Vea. They love him. But, James is available in this mock draft, and Tampa desperately needs a safety.

8. Chicago Bears: Roquan Smith, ILB, Georgia.

Analysis: Smith could be the next Patrick Willis, who thrived under Vic Fangio in San Francisco. Fangio is the Bears defensive coordinator.

9. San Francisco 49ers: Minkah Fitzpatrick, S/CB, Alabama.

Analysis: Fitzpatrick can start right away at free safety, corner or nickel back.

10. Oakland Raiders: Vita Vea, DT, Washington.

Analysis: I guarantee the Raiders will pick Vea if he’s available. Jon Gruden clearly feels defensive tackle is the Raiders biggest hole on defense, and Vea is the best DT in the draft.

11. Miami Dolphins: Tremaine Edmunds, ILB/OLB, Virginia Tech.

Analysis: Edmunds is another raw player with lots of potential, like Josh Allen. The Dolphins are rebuilding, so they can gamble on a young project like Edmunds. They don’t need him to produce right away.

12. Buffalo Bills: Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA.

Analysis: Most mock drafts project Rosen as a top-5 pick, but he will fall. He has a history of concussions and shoulder injuries. Teams won’t spend a top-10 pick on a player with his medical history. Just look at Reuben Foster. He had shoulder issues coming out of college, and he fell to the 31st pick.

13. Washington Redskins, Da’Ron Payne, DT, Alabama.

Analysis: Washington needs help everywhere on defense.

14. Green Bay Packers: Marcus Davenport, DE/OLB, UTSA.

Analysis: Davenport will be the second edge-rusher off the board. Not Harold Landry, whom some 49ers fans want the team to take at pick No. 9. That would be a reach and a major mistake.

15. Arizona Cardinals: Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama.

Analysis: Larry Fitzgerald turns 35 in August. Ridley can be Fitzgerald’s sidekick in 2018, and his replacement in 2019.

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  1. Josh Rosen dropping to 12? I highly doubt he escapes the top 5. He’s the best pure passer in the whole draft and is the most NFL ready of the bunch. QBs always get over-drafted either way and there’s zero chance he makes it past Denver at 5.

    Also, you mention that Giants needing a replacement for JPP. What about a replacement for Eli Manning? There’s no guarantee that they will be picking this high again. They need a QB of the future, and it would be idiotic to pass on one. I think Josh Rosen goes to Giants at #2. If they pass on a QB this year, and they finish 6-10, they’ll need to give up a ransom to get back up to the top of the draft to get their QB. Might as well take one now while you have the chance.

    I also think Fitzpatrick would be a luxury pick that we don’t have the luxury of making. S is arguably the only position we’re probably set at already, and have much more pressing needs. UNLESS they envision him as a CB, but I doubt it. It’s a waste to spend a top 10 pick on a Nickel CB too IMO.

    1. “He’s the best pure passer in the whole draft and is the most NFL ready of the bunch.”

      That’s true, but his medical will cause him to drop.

      If Ward can play corner for the 49ers, Fitzpatrick can play corner. He can play everywhere.

      1. How do we know Ward can play corner? Seems to me they’re scrambling to find a position for him. Colbert’s not going to give that job back. Will Ward even play here next year?

      2. I can’t see Rosen dropping, just the nature of the QB position. Everyone is jockeying for position to grab one of the top 3 QBs. If the Giants don’t want Rosen, they will have plenty of suitors for a trade up, despite injury history. If you need a QB in this draft, you can’t wait for one to fall to you or you’re going to be left empty-handed. I think they will go #1, #2, and #3 in this draft. The Bills have more than enough ammunition to trade up to #2, #4, or whatever it takes to land one.

        Yea, I could see how they could play Fitzpatrick at CB. BUT, our coaches have shown a real tendency for outside CBs taller than 6’1 and longer arms. Fitzpatrick doesn’t quite meet their size requirements. So are they going to really spend a top 10 pick on a guy that’s not a perfect fit? With Ward, it wasn’t like they drafted him or hand-picked him for our system. They’re just working with what they have already. They probably better off trading back and getting Oliver from Colorado, as he’s a little better fit from a size standpoint (not to mention gaining additional draft assets in the process).

        I wouldn’t mind drafting him at FS, but with the way Colbert played last year, I’m not sure that’s the best use of resources. Colbert looked 10X better than Ward ever has, and he was just a 7th round rookie. How much better can he be? I’m thinking a lot better.

        1. Dan, would you pass on drafting “Earl Thomas 2.0” because of Adrian Colbert? Would you pass on drafting Ronnie Lott or Harrison Smith because of Jaquiski Tarrt? Fans are always so complacent because a nice player in our uniform showed promise in half a season as a starter. I’m going to say right now, Colbert and Tarrt probably never get named All Pro, but there is a very good chance either Fitzpatrick or James do achieve that honor.

          Remember, Bill Walsh had Joe Montana and still traded for Steve Young. John Lynch had Arik Armstead and he still selected Solomon Thomas. Once you settle for need over the best player available you get less than the best you can be on the roster. I hope we don’t have a top 10 pick again, so why settle for need? Why not get the best?

          1. There’s no guarantee that Minkah will be all pro, or even pro bowl caliber. We know what we have in Ward, Tartt, and Colbert – and they’re all 3 pretty good. I just don’t think that Minkah would be as much of an upgrade to our team from what we already have, versus drafting a bigger position of neee. Roquan Smith is a bigger upgrade over Malcolm Smith than Minkah is over Ward/Colbert.

            At some point, you have to address your needs. You’re only as good as your weakest link. I’d rather turn a weakness into a strength, than strengthening a strength.

          2. It’s high time Adrian Colbert got a little respect. He is a rangy center fielder with blazing speed (4.40) for a guy who plays with his physicality. He shows surprising instincts for his lack of experience at FS, and proved last season he has a nose for a loose football. Colbert also outworks just about every player on the 49ers current roster.

            Joe Staley on Colbert’s work ethic, and surprising impact as a rookie: “He (Colbert) came in every single day, was the first guy in and the last guy out. That’s cliché, but it really was true with him. Every single day I get here, he was already here for an hour, just working on anything he could do. His opportunity came to play, and he really just stepped up and took advantage of it.”

            Colbert picked up in the offseason where he left off in January. “The kid rarely takes a day off. If he’s not in a weight room, he’s running sprints, working his cardio, running hills, running on the beach, or working the jugs machine”.

              1. Good that he realizes if he shows up out of shape that it will put his development at a disadvantage.

              2. That’s his best quality. Making people hear foot steps then delivering the boom!
                He will be a starting safety week one.

              3. Agreed Prime. This kid can lay the wood!

                Some guys just want it that much more than others. Adrian Colbert wants it. He’s a man on a mission. I wouldn’t overlook this kid.

              4. He might be the most underrated rookie last year who stepped up.
                Looks like his work ethic is off the charts.
                I can’t see us taking a safety at #9.
                And yes Razor, I also didn’t believe he was that fast!

              5. I know hah? His official time was 4.40 flat, but multiple teams had him timed well under that, from 4.25 – 4.38. Any way you slice it, that’s F-A-S-T.

                I think Adrian is an ascending player, with a high ceiling. He seems to be the kind of player you see from time to time …. a late bloomer with all of the athletic traits you look for in their respective position, only lacking in the kind of things that come with experience. He has all the requisite athleticism (sub 4.40 @ 6’2″ – 206 lbs) and toughness (remained in the game with a broken thumb, and barely missed any time despite the thumb requiring surgery) you look for at Safety, and he’s a motivated, hard working guy who seems receptive to coaching. His ball skills are still a bit of a question mark, but I suspect that when he gains experience and stops thinking too much, and simply plays the game naturally, the INT’s will show up. We already know he has a knack for attacking the ball and separating the ball from his opponents, and he never shies away from sticking his nose into the action.

                I like Minkah Fitzpatrick. He’s a highly decorated player, and he’s been at the pinnacle of college football. I have no problem with the 49ers selecting him if he’s truly their BPA at #9. However, with the sudden emergence of Colbert, I’d be tempted to take the other top Safety out of FL. State, Derwin James, if he’s still on the board. James is a dynamic, heavy hitter.

                J. Tartt looked solid at both safety positions last year, and J. Ward can play both FS and Slot Corner, so even though the rookie out of Boise State, Chancelor James turned a few heads early last year prior to injury, the 49ers seem to have more depth at FS than SS.

              6. James reminds me of Ronnie Lott. Same personality too as far as I can gather. I think he’s better than Fitzpatrick in man to man coverage as well….

              7. Good point Razor. I still haven’t decided which Safety I like better, but based on the fact that the 49ers have 3 players with experience at FS already on the roster (Ward, Colbert, Tartt) I’m leaning Darwin James, and also for exactly the reasons you stated. I watch Fitzpatrick, and he seems like more of a finesse player, while James is more of an enforcer, and Like you said Razor, James is also very good in man coverage.

              8. One thing seems certain and that’s Fitzpatrick does not possess the length that Saleh is likely seeking at outside corner, whereas James does….

      3. There are also many scouts who don’t like Josh Allen’s mental mistakes and feel it isn’t correctable. Physically gifted yes, but it is the mental process that matters more. If you think he can be a Carson Wentz, I don’t think so, Wentz was far ahead of him coming out of College. He is more like Leaf than Big Ben.

        Minkah while good in a pinch for CB or to use as a hybrid DB. I would sooner take Ward for corner than Minkah and his speed, may allow him to convert as a FS and be a better version perhaps of even Earl Thomas.

        No, I think the niners are going Edmunds or Landry, but using your draft if a QB available the niners are going to end up trading back, cause Buffalo might have competition from Miami or the Cards who will want to get someone they can develop.

      4. Trade down and get Landry w another second rounder. Get a guard, linebacker, cornerback, and another defensive end with rounds 2 and 3. Boom! Make me a GM.

      5. Plus Rosen is a giant delta bravo. When a player says his teammates are too stupid to be in college and the schools are using them for profit, then I’ve got to think a concern exists about his presence in the locker room. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if Rosen falls. Medical will be an issue but so will his personality. Kid is a donkey.

        1. Rosen is a donkey? Your an idiot. Rosen is young guy who is learning to independently think for himself at a strange time in the history of our culture. He’s can’t miss in the New York market, and will be the best QB outta this class. Reuben was off of teams boards chiefly for character concerns.
          I don’t have a problem with the pick, the more talent back there to pair with Colbert and Sherman, the better. And someone commented Colbert won’t be an all pro? How the f do u know? The guy looked like a 2012 version of Dashon Goldson back there, electric.

          1. “There are guys who have no business being in school, but they’re here because this is the path to the NFL.”

            Josh Rosen

            Rosen is a jack*$$ and so are you. How do you think his teammates react when they hear him say some of them don’t belong in school? His own college coach said Darnold is a better pick. I’ve seen Rosen play in person twice. He has all the physical tools and talent in the world. You can tell he’s had elite coaching from a very early age because his footwork and delivery and impeccable. He absolutely DOES NOT have a feel for the position and he’s brittle. Whereas Darnold is a playmaker who just plays the game with natural instinct, Rosen plays the position like he’s reading out of a textbook. He will not do well in the NY market because he’s going to struggle for the first few years and his elitist a$$hat attitude he shares with you will extinguish the fire he has to succeed at a game he sees as being played by people inferior to him. Rosen will be a bust either because of injury or attitude but make no mistake he will be a bust.

            1. I’ve watched Rosen play since HS and you couldn’t be more wrong Houston. You can never predict injuries but if healthy, Rosen will be an excellent NFL QB. You and I previously discussed the interview where those comments were made and disagreed so no point in rehashing, but you are way off on this kid imo.

              1. You never really know. For a young QB, so much depends on where a player lands, who’s coaching him, and the talent surrounding him. Odds are I’ll be right and you’ll be wrong. A lot more fail than succeed and that goes for a lot of kids with elite talent. Rosen definitely has elite talent. I just don’t like his game and I don’t like his attitude as you can tell. I also don’t think this draft class will produce any Rodgers, Brees, Brady, or Garoppolo’s. IMO Darnold has the best chance because he has a natural ability to create and make plays. I’ve been wrong before and I’m willing to say it. I thought Goff would be a total bust and I think Rosen is much much better than Goff. It just goes to show you what a good offensive coach can do for a young QB.

              2. Fair enough. We’ve all been wrong on here many times. My biggest point of contention was your belief that Rosen doesn’t have a feel for the position. He’s one of the most natural talents playing the position I’ve ever seen. Strong accurate arm and great temperament in the pocket. He can read the field before the snap and has the mobility to escape pressure. I can’t see him failing unless he gets injured or as you mentioned he winds up in a terrible situation. But hey I’m not going to pretend I know the future either. Anything is possible.

              3. @ Rocket,

                Just ran across this. Thought you’d find it interesting…

                “A lot has been made about the concerns of poor intangibles with UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen. Those issues remain on the minds of talent evaluators. I spoke with two general managers of teams that are in the market for a franchise quarterback, and both of them said that Rosen’s intangibles are still a major concern after reading the reports from area scouts. They feel because of his silver spoon upbringing, he doesn’t relate well to all segments of an NFL locker room, and they think the desired leadership traits could be lacking with Rosen. Former teammates of Rosen who are in the NFL have been asked by teams about him, and they say he is atypical and a different kind of guy. Team sources also say that Rosen has a reputation for being a partier. He had a hot tub in his room and some team sources are worried about party substances.

                Party substances were a known and minor concern with Joey Bosa and Ezekiel Elliott in past years. Those negatives didn’t keep either from going in the top five. That trend should be extended with Rosen. However, sources are more concerned about it with him because he is a quarterback who is supposed to be the team leader and face of a franchise. Thus, there is a higher standard of expectations. Rosen is going to get a lot of questions on his leadership, teammate relationships, and off-the-field habits over the next few months, starting with his interviews at the NFL Scouting Combine.

                Read more:

              4. Houston,

                The partying concerns outlined in the article you posted here were based on his freshman year. Since then he has grown up and not had any issues as far as I know. I can’t see teams focusing on what happened when he was 18 years old and holding it against him but you never know. The leadership angle I have no idea about but his teammates have spoken fondly about him going back to his sophomore year and most recently at the combine:


      6. NINERS Are at #9 TREMAINE EDMUNDS is The More TALENTED LONG TERMED or Roquain Smith IF THEY Are NOT Available 49ERS NEED to TRADE Back & TARGET LANDRY & Notre Dame Tackle McClusklusky!!! Then in Late 3rd Early 4th Get The 6′-5″220 4.48-40 ELITE CATCH-RADIUS HYBRID WR/TE Equaminous St. BROWN That WILL REVOLUTIONIZE JIMMY-Z & The 49ERS OFFENSE, Then in The 5th ADD 6′-5″ 315 5.09-40 DL NATHAN SHEPARD to CHASE QB & CRASH The POCKET!!!

      7. VA Tech LB Tremaine Edmunds is the most sensible pick after R F debacle, hello? Does that ring the bell? It’s like the Giants not taking a QB according to you while having the luxury to do so. Question is Eli a spring chicken?
        The Niners can get/draft a good corner in the second round. Please spell priority and forget about spelling: HUNCH…

  2. Most mock drafts have the Giants not drafting a quarterback with the second pick considering Eli Manning’s age and lack of productivity I find this shocking.

    Grant why do you feel the Giants won’t be drafting a quarterback?

    1. Because they feel he has a few years left. And Pat Shurmur, the HC they just hired, has a history of succeeding without top-5 QBs.

      1. Speaking of top 5 quarterbacks…Shurmur would get to draft his QB with the 2nd pick overall. Hmmm…what head coach would not want that opportunity?

        Look at the number of safeties getting a look at by the 49ers: Fitzpatrick, Kyzir White, the kid from Yale.

      2. Grant:
        A couple of week ago you told me there was no way the Browns would draft Saquon Barkley at pick # 4,
        because they had signed Carlos Hyde! So did I miss something? Did Hyde break a leg?

      3. And Pat Shurmur, the HC they just hired, has a history of succeeding without top-5 QBs.

        What has Pat Shurmur ever won?

    2. Don’t forget, the Giants also have Davis Webb. They’ve already announced that Webb and Manning will be splitting snaps at OTAs. This will give them a chance to evaluate Webb and decide if he’s capable of being their future QB.

      “I’ve got high hopes for him being a productive player in this league,” Shurmur said last month in Orlando. “It’s a little bit of an unknown … but the advantage we will have is we get that extra mini-camp right up until the draft. It will be a great way for Davis to showcase what he can do.”

  3. Razor’s Encore Mock Draft/No Trades
    #9)Harold Landry, Edge, BC
    #59)Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado
    #70)Dante Pettis, WR, WA
    #74)Austin Corbett, OL, Nevada
    #128)Shaquem Griffin, LB, Central Florida
    #143)Royce Freeman, RB, Oregon
    #184)Tarvarius Moore, FS, Southern Miss
    #223)Christian Dilauro, OT, Illinois
    #240)Mike Ford, CB, Southeast Missouri St.

    1. I would love to see Oliver and Freeman as Niners. Too bad they wont be there when the Niners pick at those spots.

      1. Kiper has my picks at 59 and 70.

        1 (9): Roquan Smith, LB, Georgia
        2 (59): Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado
        3 (70): Dante Pettis, WR, Washington
        3 (74): Kerryon Johnson, RB, Auburn

    2. I love your draft better than Cohn’s… I’d rather have Ito Smith over Royce Freeman, but I like it none the less…

    3. I would love to see this draft happen. Don’t think that Oliver will be there this late though. I see him getting a lot of looks, good looks, in the next two weeks. But he is certainly a good fit for Saleh’s defense.

      You have to play the board in front of you, and this draft (like many drafts) is thin at EDGE. So FO needs to go EDGE early.

    4. Razor: I like your mock draft….BUT…..
      *Not a big fan of Laundry at # 9, but I understand why so many like him ( I can’t get the vision of him being roadkill at ND). But that’s just me.
      * I also like San Diego St. Rashaad Penny , over Royce Freeman, Ore. A) I think Penny is a better system fit and B) After Freeman’s knee injury he’s slower!
      * Pick # 240, check out Alabama CB Tony Brown….6′ 0″ X 198, 40 = 4.35s! A good gunner for ST.

    5. I knew you couldn’t shut down the Mock draft factory so early Razor :)

      Just like the last one, this one is really good. Nobody knows which players will or won’t be available, but this would be a homerun.

  4. “Davenport will be the second edge-rusher off the board. Not Harold Landry, whom some 49ers fans want the team to take at pick No. 9. That would be a reach and a major mistake.”

    I disagree that Davenport will go before Landry. But Fitzpatrick could be the pick at #9.

    BTW, the Niners appear to be sold on Landry. It could be draft smoke, but that would indicate the Niners believe teams might want to trade up to #9 to take Landry, bypassing Davenport.

    “Maiocco isn’t sold on OSU CB Denzel Ward being a system fit in San Francisco, but mentions that the more they watch him, the more San Francisco is sold on Boston College DE/OLB Harold Landry.”

    1. I’m sold on Landry and have no idea why Grant seems to hate him. He was more productive than Davenport in college, and fits perfectly into what they are looking for in a LEO. We’ll see.

          1. Yeah the one dimension meaning getting after the QB. I think one or two guys in the league get paid for doing that as its a premium skill.

        1. His one dimension is the dimension that our team needs more than anything. I also don’t see how one can be one dimensional, while also having like 24 TFL in 2016. Usually bad run defenders can’t make that many tackles behind the LOS.

          You can always develop stength and better technique in the run game. But his ability to bend around the edge is elite and something that is much harder to develop than stength.

          1. Dan

            ‘Not buying the BS…It sounds like some folks on here have a personal bias toward Landry when Davenport is the better edge-rush candidate…bigger , faster, stronger…what more do you need other than some stupid nickname…? Well, you got ‘King’ Solomon and he’s a 4-deep 3T with a neat nickname who can’t break through the OT’s in the league…Get Marcus Davenport…he’s the real deal…

      1. I’m definitely not sold on Landry, but I cannot for the life of me understand people ranking Davenport above Landry. The guy is not a premier rusher, he has not proved to be that type of threat. Its all projection I guess.

    2. Landry isn’t one dimensional. I keep seeing that pop up on here and it simply isn’t true. This kid makes a lot of plays behind the LOS and can also drop in coverage. He’s a lot more versatile than he’s being given credit for. He has to improve in disengaging, but most of the time he’s able to set the edge as well.

      1. I think it’s because his perceived “one” dimension is so f-ing good that people lose sight of the other things he does well….

  5. Grant, I liked your last 49ers mock, with the 49ers doubling up on Edge and DBs (CBs). I think it’s necessary that they do that. I also like the late WR and QB selections.

    As for Rosen and Foster comparison, Foster also had other issues like getting kicked out of the combine and his endorsement choices.

    QBs are always overdrafted and we’re likely to see that again with say (Josh Allen and his completion % or Rosen and his issues.

      1. Jonathan Allen isn’t a QB. No one is saying that injured players can’t drop in the draft. But Rosen is a QB. Not only is he a QB, but he’s the best one. Rosen is not currently injured, so that also makes it a little different than a person that gets a medical red flag at the combine.

          1. IIRC, Bradford was hurt his junior year and missed more than three games. He injured his shoulder and required surgery at the end of the season (before entering the NFL draft). At the time it didn’t stop the Rams from selecting him with the first pick. However, you are right, that Bradford is brittle. So will the Bradford experience scare teams away from selecting Rosen early? I think not simply because he is the most pro-ready QB in the draft. He’ll probably sit at least a year on the bench (if the Giants pick him) and that will help him get fully healthy.

  6. If Rosen falls there’s no way Bills just sit back and wait for him, they will trade up. That would be a great scenario for us if we can get a 2nd and 4th from the Bills….not sure of the value comparison there.

    Although Minkah is a helluva talent i wouldn’t mind having to pair with Tartt.

  7. QB’s will be taken, whether straight up or trade up, makes no difference to me, as long as we get something other than the safe pick…..”I want winners,not players who think it’s about them, and come off the field and it’s nonchanlant. I would rather play with 10 people, and just get penalized all the way, rather than 11, when I know that person is not sold out to be part of this team.”

    Mike Singletary

  8. The San Francisco 49ers are hosting safety Kyzir White of West Virginia on Monday, according to a report by NBC Sports Bay Area.

    “Like his brothers who also attended West Virginia, White was a late bloomer who was lightly recruited and began his journey at Lackawanna Junior College. Despite being a JUCO transfer, White has become a highly-respected team leader who leads by example with his fearless, physical play. Teams are looking to transition him into a hybrid role with the ability to cover tight ends like a safety and support the run like a linebacker. While he’s nothing special as an athlete, his competitiveness and play-demeanor should earn him a spot as a starter.”

    Matt Miller of Bleacher Report, who compares White to Kam Chancellor, wrote the following about him:

    “Kyzir White wins with competitive toughness and mental processing that allow him to fill a variety of roles. He’s a relentless hitter who relishes opportunities to bang pads and will have no trouble transitioning to NFL contact. His size and athleticism are a blessing and curse, as he has the frame and skill set to be a moveable defender in the box but lacks the true speed to have a defined role in a defensive backfield. White’s physicality in all three phases is his calling card and will be the ticket to his earning an early starting role.”

    At the NFL Scouting Combine, the 6-foot-2 and 218-pound White had a vertical jump of 35.5 inches, a broad jump of 113 inches, and had 21 reps in the bench press. Other measurables for White include an arm length of 31 5/8 inches and hands that measure 10 1/8 inches.

  9. Landry or bust! Fitzpatrick is still a beast and I wouldnt be upset with that pick but a edge rush makes any secondary better immediately. He has that burst and bend that u want and his combine numbers put him in elite company. Last year he could of been a top 5 pick. I would take him over Thomas at three last year.

    1. I’ll take the bust in that scenario. A good pass rush can make a secondary look better, but a good secondary also makes a secondary look better. You can not go wrong with Minkah. With as pass heavy as this nfl is, the best defensive QB in the draft is from Alabama. And him in the middle of that thing is what we need.

  10. They will go for some serious OL help. You don’t pay the handsome lad a gazillion dollars to be turned into road kill by the Rams…

    1. That’d be my move, too, John. JG is our most exciting, valuable asset right now…I’d break the bank to protect his butt! Edge rusher, vital. Solid DBs, critical. But where are we without Jimmy G?

      1. Let’s keep in mind that Jimmy has the quickest release in the game today, and made our offensive line look much better on the field than they did on paper. Shanny also shares some of the responsibility for protecting Jimmy by the plays he calls. He already helped him by improving the Center position, and acquiring McKinnon who is better than Hyde in Pass Pro….

  11. If Baker Mayfield (and/or Rosen I suppose, although I think Mayfield is a much better pick) is available at #9, the 49ers I would think might field several offers to trade, and they should take the best one.

      1. Yo Brotha!
        You bet – too long!
        3 young kids and a crazy job. It took Jimmy G arriving at the dawn of the new Dynasty to get me back at the keyboard!

    1. “Fitzpatrick will be a backup” Lol, WTH have you been smoking. This is the next Troy Palomalu! That man will not be a backup. I still believe he won’t be available at 9 but if he is and we don’t trade, and we draft him, look out. They say Barkley and Nelson are the best prospects in the draft, well this man Isint far behind. I think he’s better than Chubb, and just a nose behind Nelson.

    1. Islandguyj49ers:
      * “Trade the pick to New England for 2 number 1.”
      * NE has 1 2018 first round pick, #31.
      PICK # 9 = 1350 points!
      * Next years pick is worth this years pick MINUS 1 ROUND (rule of thumb), which is basically a trendline based on previous trades.
      * NE 2018 1st round pick #31 = 600 points, NE 2019 pick #62 = 284 points! (842 points total). * 1350 – 842 = 508 points the 9ers would be giving away.
      * 9ers 2018 Pick # 9 =1350 points! NE pick # 31 = 600 points, pick # 43 = 470, pick # 63 = 276 = (1346 total points).
      * The 9ers return favor to BB and NE!

        1. Islandguyj49ers;
          You’re correct, I forgot to update the Cooks trade. NE got the rams pick # 23
          Pick #23 = 760 points, Pick # 31 = 600 points…1360 total points… bad

  12. Ur mocks r blah, let’s ponder for a second that Niners decide to pay the steep price of moving up to top 5 or so……should we go with Barkley or Chubb if both are available?

  13. At first glance I was thinking “only two quarterbacks 1-8”, but then I realized I have no idea how teams really feel. Remember how most assumed no way Mahomes gets drafted top half of the first round? Convention can be wrong in both directions.

    I’m liking the spot pick nine is in. Even with only two quarterbacks 1-8 there’s still some quality talent available.

  14. I haven’t studied Landry yet so I can’t say for sure (I know, I keep saying that) but I’ve seen medium sized college edge rushers with “great get off” totally shut down in the NFL. Once the OT stops their primary outside move they are shut out.

    Remember how great we felt when Lemonier and Harold were drafted? Many assumed they could pick up the hand techniques and develop hand punch to compliment their speed. That they would be “coached up.”

    I don’t make that assumption anymore. Landry might have a walloping hand punch and a variety of rush moves. I’ll be watching breakdowns to find out.

    1. Landry is in a dif hemisphere than the other two you mentioned.
      Reid offered a one year deal, hardly his value but considering Kaeps offers I guess he should feel honored.

      1. Thanks. Checking out Landry as we speak. Great “bend” as they say.

        I didn’t mention Reid but it would be great to sign Reid to a one year deal. He’d provide roster and draft day flexibility.

    2. “Once the OT stops their primary outside move they are shut out.”

      That’s Landry. He’s one-dimensional.

      1. Very few OT’s can stop his arc so that alone makes him effective, but the reality is he’s so talented he’s going to learn how to incorporate more into his game. I keep saying this but it bears repeating: he’s got the stuff you can’t teach. He’s a natural pass rusher who is playing with about 20% of the knowledge he will get in the NFL. What we see right now is just pure natural talent. With NFL Coaching and training this kid is going to be one of the best pass rushers in the league at some point.

        1. He’s got an inside move. He just doesn’t use it much. Landry is going to make a defense very happy, whether it’s ours or someone else’s….

    3. Yeah but Harold almost never won around the edge in college. Landry routinely won this. Harold had 7.5 sacks in his best year. Landry 16.5.
      The big difference is Landry’ s ability to bend see 3 cone drill.

  15. Thoughts , analysis, commentary and observations.

    1. If Rosen is available at 9, which I dont believe he will be, Bills or Cards would trade up for him.
    2. 1. Darnold, 2. Rosen, 3 Allen, 4 Barkley, 5 Nelson
    3. It is interesting that Ward is climbing in mocks. Weird, but cool if it happens.
    4. There are several great Roquan and Tremaine highlight videos on youtube. In the comments section Niner fans seem to want either or. I concur.
    5. Ill laugh if Raiders draft Vita. They might . The legend of Gruden is over blown.
    6. As always, actual draft cant come soon enough.

  16. I like Fitzpatrick a lot. BUT I don’t like that pick. The 9ers have serviceable guys who can play safety. I’d rather see the 9ers go O-line or CB with that pick.

      1. Of course you want extraordinary but it’s a little more complicated than one player. Given the current status of the roster, I’d rather focus on making the o-line extraordinary to protect their huge investment in Jimmy G and then focus on upgrading the secondary. I doubt it happens but if Quenton Nelson falls to the 49ers it’s a no brainer. They have to pick him.

  17. I think if you are right Grant about the Giants feeling Eli has a few years left-I’m putting my money on Nelson. Eli with protection and Odell is always a threat. If I’m NYG I’m going Nelson all the way.

  18. New mock.

    49ers trade picks #9 and #74 to GB for picks #14, #45, and #133.

    49ers trade picks #45 and #59 to NE for #23.

    1. Rd.1 Edge Harold Landry. Pure edge rusher, will make Buckner even better.
      Rd.1 T/G Connor Williams. Williams’ ability to play T or G would allow us to trade Brown or Garnett.
      Rd.3 WR Dante Pettis. Creates separation with footwork and route running, should translate well.
      Rd.4 CB Quenton Meeks. Good fit. Coaches son, would be eager to learn from Sherman.
      Rd.4 Stack/SAM Gernard Avery. Versatile, high upside.
      Rd.5 HB Justin Jackson. Can run between the tackles. Good receiver and blocker. Versed in zone running.
      Rd.6 NT/ST PJ Hall. Blocked 14 kicks in college.
      Rd.7 T Korey Cunningham. Led the nation in most pass blocking snaps without allowing a sack. Scheme fit.
      Rd.7 WR/TE Marquez Valdez-Scantling. Ran a 4.37. Could add weight and become a move TE.

      1. Been watching Dante Pettis highlights this evening. I can see him taking short passes for major RAC in Shanahan’s offense.

        I like a “balanced” receiving corps (Possession, Speed, Slot) but multiple Slot WRs creates match-up problems. I can see Garoppolo shredding defenses with a 2-slot attack featuring Taylor and Pettis.

      2. If Williams doesn’t fix that false step, and develop some explosion in his set, he’s going to struggle to play OT.

        1. His step is fixable.

          “Williams is an easy player to evaluate on tape. Great players make the difficult tasks look effortless on the football field. That’s him. He’s a better player than any of the offensive tackles in the 2017 draft class. He reminds me a lot of Joe Staley coming out of college. Both guys are natural athletes and play with a physical edge.”

          1. I’d take issue with that statement. I feel like McGlinchey is a superior OT to Williams. I will qualify that I am a ND homer…;>)

  19. Cleveland- Josh Allen, QB. I agree
    Giants- Sam Darnold, QB. Too good to pass up.
    Jets- Josh Rosen, QB. Most NFL ready. Huge improvement over McCown.
    Cleveland- Bradley Chubb, DE. Need to fix the defense, and there are good RBs later.
    Broncos- Trade with NE. They get the 23rd and 31st picks with a 2019 second round pick. NE selects Baker Mayfield, QB. JG clone that will be the QB of the future.
    Colts- Quenton Nelson, G. Need to protect Luck.
    Bucs- Saquon Barkley, RB. Need to replace Doug Martin.
    Bears- Denzel Ward, CB.
    49ers- Trade with Buffalo. Niners get the 12th and 56th picks for moving back 3 spots. Bills want to leapfrog over Miami, who have serious concerns about Tannehill. Bills select Lamar Jackson, QB. Bills still keep two first round picks and the higher second round pick. Do not think they would want to give up both of their first round picks to move up to 4.
    Raiders- Minkah Fitzpatrick, CB/S. Versatility, and huge need.
    Dolphins- Vita Vea, DT. Replaces Suh. All the best QBs are gone, so biggest need.
    49ers- Marcus Davenport, DE. Senior Bowl game tape looks good. Landry is rated 52 at the CBS draft board, and 26 on Draftek. MD is rated 14 on the Draftek big board.
    Wash- Da’ron Payne, DT. I agree.
    GB- Derwin James, S. Injuries decimated the DBs last season.
    Cards- Mason Rudolph, QB. 6 QBs go in the first 15 picks. MR is the number one rated QB on the CBS draft board.

  20. Mock 3.0
    Niners trade back with NE, who are looking to trade up to get one of the best 5 QBs. Niners move back 14 spots, but get the 23rd, 43rd and 95th picks. It adds up to 1350 pints on the trade value chart, which exactly equals pick number 9. Niners get 6 picks in the first 95 picks.
    Niners end up with pick numbers- 23, 43 (the Niner pick for JG), 59, 70, 74, 95, 128, 143, 184, 223 and 240.
    Using the Draftek big board, and trying to pick within 5 of the rankings, the Niners could possibly select-
    23- Joshua Jackson, CB.
    43- Sam Hubbard, DE
    59- DJ Chark, WR
    70- Billy Price, C/G.
    74- Jerome Baker, ILB.
    95- Rashaad Penny, RB.
    128- Deadrin Senat, DT.
    143- Troy Fumagalli, TE.
    184- Jamarco Jones, OT.
    223- Hercules Mata’afa, OLB.
    240- Troy Apke, S.

    1. One, two, Freddy’s coming for you. Three, four, better lock your door. Five, six, grab your crucifix. Seven, eight, gonna stay up late. Nine, ten, never sleep again.

    2. Seb,
      Nice mock. You plugged some important gaps. First 5 picks would make for a good harvest.
      Not sure Ma’taafa slides that far but if we get him at that spot it could be a steal.
      All and all, a grade B (imho).

      1. AES, I just went off of the Draftek big board. Hercules was ranked 219.
        BTW, I also think that DJ Chark will go before 59, but Draftek had him ranked at 67.

  21. That’s not even close enough to get Mack. That trade wouldn’t even be considered without the 9th pick. It would take the 9th+ 59+ T Brown and next years first. That would be the kind of offer.

  22. Giant’s best bet is to take the QB first. They can get a better DE in the second round then they can a QB.

    1. I think the Giants would take Allen with the second pick, but not Darnold. I think they’re trying to get the Jets to trade up a spot for Darnold.

        1. Yes. They’ll have Manning for a few more years, they drafted Davis Webb last year, and Pat Shurmur has shown he doesn’t need top 10 picks at QB to succeed.

          1. Webb is back up material at best. If he can get you 2/4 games when the starter is out you’re getting the best from him. Not the kind of player you pass up on a potential starter for.

            I’m also not that certain they have that much time left with Eli.

              1. Better then Rosen. I’m also fairly high on Mayfield. Allen is my top QB prospect.

                Once you get past Mayfield you’re better off waiting for Thorson next year. Then you have to hope you can get him. For a team that doesn’t have to trade up into the top 3 to get a top QB that also needs a good prospect at the position this is the right year to sit and take one.

              2. USC QB’s always make me nervous. Darnold has everything on paper you want to see. I agree that his turnovers are fixable and that although not an out of the gate starter he has all of the tools and poise to develop into a quality NFL QB.

                The Giants are absolutely perfect for him. If Eli can manage to stay upright for another season and a half it’ll give Darnold the perfect opportunity to come along at the right pace and with an incredibly successful NFL QB as a mentor.

              3. Chris Simms doesn’t like Darnold at all. Says he doesn’t have one elite trait. Hard to argue with that.

              4. Rosen’s eyes are so close together he’s practically a cyclops. Reminds me of Kaep.

              5. CFC:

                What is that you see in Allen? The link posted below cites well below average statistics. Sure he has a rocket, big arm, but it seems like the enthusiasm about Allen is similar to the enthusiasm there used to be for athletically gifted QBs who could run (but pass – not so much). I guess this might be a natural progression. In other words the “running” college QB is now out of favor and the scouts have moved on to the “big arm” QB (despite poor passing statistics) because it at least has something to do with passing for a league that is passing oriented.


              6. Grant Cohn says:
                April 10, 2018 at 12:21 pm
                Chris Simms doesn’t like Darnold at all. Says he doesn’t have one elite trait. Hard to argue with that.
                Plenty of QB’s out there with Superbowl rings that didn’t appear to have elite traits coming out of school.

                All of these prospects are raw, especially my favorite Allen. Today’s NFL QB can be elite simply by being consistently average with few turnovers. Darnold needs to work on the latter but he has a lot of the traits you can’t necessarily drill into a person.

              7. cubus says:
                April 10, 2018 at 12:32 pm

                What is that you see in Allen?
                A lot of the same things I liked about Mahomes. Extremely raw but checks all of the important boxes. Like Mahomes he needs to end up on a team where he can sit and get used to the speed of the NFL for a season so it’ll be a shame if he ends up on the Browns.

              8. Big difference between Mahomes’ college career and Allen’s is Mahomes got progressively better each season, whereas Allen…not so much.

              9. If the Garoppolo trade didn’t happen and the 49ers had the first pick, Shanny would take Allen. No doubt.

              10. #80 is no doubt right, and you, Grant have doubt casting a dark shadow upon your assertion.


              11. Darnold’s instincts and feel for the game are far superior to Allen’s. If Allen didn’t have the arm and size, he’d be a day 3 prospect based on his tape. I never predict a player to be a bust, but this kid has the red flags that teams should be paying more attention to.

              12. Can’t tout Darnold’s instincts and feel when his decision making and ball security are horrible.

              13. Grant,

                There is no chance Shanahan would draft Allen. Doesn’t fit what he would want in a QB at all, namely due to the accuracy issues which are first and foremost on Shanny’s list of must haves.

              14. I guarantee you Shanahan would draft Allen. He has rare traits. Shanahan and Chris Simms are close friends, and Simms ranks Allen No. 1. I’m sure they compared notes. Remember, Shanahan’s dad drafted Jay Cutler.

              15. Darnold has an ability to slide in the pocket while keeping eyes down field to make plays. That is something that can’t be taught and Darnold has it. The bad decisions are careless but more a product of trying to do to much instead of just taking what’s there. That is easy to Coach as is ball security. Allen doesn’t have the instincts or feel for the game that Darnold does.

                I stand by my contention that Shanahan wouldn’t take Allen. No chance he’s taking a kid with accuracy problems when he’s named that as one of the main things he looks for in a QB. The rare traits you refer to are a strong arm and athleticism. Playing the position at a high level dwarfs both. Simms is entitled to his opinion but it has nothing to do with Shanahan. Cutler had completion percentages around 60 his final two years so he wasn’t as poor in that area as Allen. Let’s also keep in mind that Shanny showed no interest in Cutler last year so that isn’t really a good example for why you think he’d take Allen.

              16. Accuracy and the ability to do it under duress are the two main quarterback traits that translate to success, and Allen does not possess them….

              17. Every game I watch Allen left me with the impression he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. Horrible accuracy. That’s a big problem….

              18. Beathard completed 62% his Jr. year. He fell back his Sr. year but had already shown the accuracy and style Shanahan liked.

              19. @Grant, I’d have to see it with my own eyes to believe it. Did you see him try and throw into the bullseye net? If memory serves me, he missed it by a mile. Really putrid!

              20. “Beathard is not an accurate QB.”

                How dare you say that about CJ! He is accurate and has a strong arm with good zip.

                I’m joking of course. +1 Grant.

              21. I would like to bring in Mike White to compete with Beathard if White can be had for a very late round pick or better yet undrafted.

              22. Put him on Oklahoma and he’d complete 70 percent of his passes.

                Lol. He misses too many easy ones to get anywhere near that number.

                Beathard is not an accurate QB. He completed less than 55 percent last season.

                As I said, he had a 62% rate the previous year so had shown he can reach a number above 60. Allen has not. The NFL success rate of QB’s with the kind of numbers Allen has is somewhere between slim and none.

                Shanahan likes Beathard so I can’t see him looking to replace him, but I’m all for taking a QB on day 3.

              23. As I said, Beathard isn’t accurate. Allen will have a higher completion percentage in the NFL than Beathard.

              24. As I said, Beathard isn’t accurate. Allen will have a higher completion percentage in the NFL than Beathard.

                Beathard at least had a season over 60, and wasn’t selected until the 3rd round. Trying to use that as a basis for believing Shanahan would take a 56% passer in the first round doesn’t make any sense.

              25. Shanahan has said multiple times he doesn’t even look at box scores. He could care less what Allen’s completion percentage is. I absolutely guarantee Shanahan would take Allen No. 1, as would most of the league. We can agree to disagree.

                On a related topic, I think the Giants will trade down with the Jets, just as the 49ers traded down with the Bears last year.

              26. We’ll have to, not like we’ll ever find out the truth.

                Interesting theory regarding the Jets. If Darnold doesn’t go #1 I could see it but I still think the Browns will take Darnold #1. After that the Giants stay put and take Chubb and the Jets take Rosen imo.

              27. A lot of people are predicting Allen to go #1, and it’s likely because Dorsey took another big armed kid last year in KC, but they are very different QB’s. At the end of the day I can’t see Dorsey passing on Darnold.

              28. Also, Haley worked with Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh. Cleveland will take Allen. Darnold has small hands and a windup and poor decision-making and bad ball security. He’s like a poor man’s Alex Smith coming out of college.

              29. Darnold is a much better QB than Allen – so are Rosen and Mayfield for that matter. Watch the film. It’s indisputable. If the Browns take Allen #1 it will be a colossal mistake. I think Dorsey is smarter than that.

              30. Teams aren’t drafting based on which QB is the best right now. Rosen is the best right now. But Allen has the most upside by far. Not even close. The Browns will take him No. 1.

              31. I disagree. Teams rarely take a QB #1 who hasn’t played at a high level in College. Allen’s upside is all based on projection. Most of the QB’s in this draft have a better resume than Allen. All of the Allen hype is based on measurable and arm strength much like Jamarcus Russell – who also was better at the College level than Allen. As I said earlier I don’t like to predict busts, it’s disrespectful to the young guys who are working their butts off for this opportunity, but if Allen goes #1 the probability of that happening is very high due to the expectations that will be put on him and is inability to play the game as well as he tests.

              32. Resume is irrelevant. Teams are drafting based on traits and projections for the future, not college performance. Mentally prepare yourself for when the Browns take Allen No. 1.

                If Allen goes to Cleveland, he will have a very strong running game with Hyde and Barkley, most likely. Early on, the Browns will use Allen how the Jaguars used Blake Bortles last season.

              33. I don’t need to prepare myself. I understand it could happen and it’s not like I’d be surprised because it’s happened before with examples like Jamarcus Russell and Jeff George. The #1 factor in choosing any player should be how well they play the game. Trying to guess how good they will be long term is a fools errand and will lead to a lot more misses than hits. There has to be an established level of play at the College level that tells you a player has a shot at being a top performer in the NFL.

                Allen isn’t just a bad choice at #1, he’s a bad choice for the first round. His College play is historically bad for a prospect being touted as a possible first round pick:


                As I said above: if the Browns take him #1, it will be a colossal mistake.

              34. Every single player is a projection. Being good at college football doesn’t mean you’ll be good at NFL football.

              35. “His accuracy is very easily explained. He’s inaccurate.” – @MichaelKistNFL on Josh Allen

              36. This quote sums it up pretty well:

                I just keep coming across one problem when I consider Allen as a prospect: He does not seem especially good at playing football.

              37. You keep focusing on traits, but the traits are a cannon arm, size and athleticism; not great QB play. When you focus on things that aren’t linked to how well a player actually plays the game, it means you are trying to talk yourself into drafting him because you are enamored by the physical traits; not the ones that actually dictate success and failure.

                If Josh Allen were a couple of inches shorter and couldn’t throw it 80 yards, he wouldn’t be in consideration for a day two pick never mind a day one. All the hype on this kid is based on how great of an arm he has and that is almost always going to wind up in a bust for the team that over drafts him. He reminds me a lot of Kyle Boller.

      1. 14 regular season games certainly didn’t change my mind about Thomas so I’ll wait for the same from Landry before considering changing my opinion about him.

        1. I’m really not sure what Thomas has to do with Landry, but since you brought him up, are you calling him a bust, and thereby edifying yourself over our GM/HC and scouting dept.?

          1. Razoreater says:
            April 10, 2018 at 11:18 am
            I’m really not sure what Thomas has to do with Landry
            Didn’t my first post address that?

            1. No, it just lead to my question. You doubled down by comparing his 14 game season to 10 months of scouting and analysis of Landry. From what I can gather, and correct me if I’m wrong, you want us to believe that an hour or two of youtube videos on a player by yourself, and then the 14 games played by Thomas provides us with a more accurate portrayal of the player….

              1. No comparison between any amount of scouting and 14 games of actual NFL action. The 14 games from Thomas showed that he wasn’t a top 20 prospect. Which is what I also believe about Landry. I don’t know what’s confusing about this to you.

              2. Yea, why should anyone even bother scouting. Complete waste of time like this conversation. Good talking to ya….

                Addendum to edit:

                14 games in and it showed he’s not a top 20 pick? Ha!

              3. Not what I’m saying. You’re acting like you’re just looking for a fight Razor. You’ve completely miscontrued what I’m saying and it wasn’t that complicated to begin with.

              4. Perhaps your opinion Thomas wasn’t worth a top 20 pick, which is a backhanded way of saying he’s a bust, is more odious than most, and particularly repugnant when it comes to the opinions of Shanny/Lynch who selected Thomas….

              5. I don’t consider Thomas a bust.

                I also don’t think Shanny/Lynch had a particularly great draft either.

              6. Looking forward to Solomon proving the doubting Thomas’ wrong this year, and if they add a consistent edge disruptor like Landry, I’m sure he and Buckner will be most appreciative….

  23. Landry’ poor game against ND seems to get a “pass” by many Landry fanboys because of his ankle injury.
    But in my honest opinion, why play him against possibly the best O-line in college football if he is still injured unless the coaches thought he was well enough to play.

    If Landry wanted to use this game as a showcase to show NFL scouts how well he could play against big competition he failed – but hey there’s always the ankle injury to fall back on.

    1. No one’s giving him a pass, but if you’re suggesting that one game means he’s not the most explosive pass rusher in this class and a threat to get to the quarterback on every play, then I would enthusiastically disagree….

      1. One of the issues that I had in the ND game is that Landry hardly went up against Nelson or McGlinchy and he still was ineffective.
        The only way Landry makes sense is if we trade down and grab him later in the rd. Pick 9 is not a wise selection for a one dimensional player. We saw how a one dimensional player failed at QB not that long ago.
        A one dimensional player with little versatility in other areas to his game will quickly be nullified by defensive coordinators at the next level.
        I see Landry as a solid player in year 2-3 when he develops more strength and technique.

        1. That’s where we differ. I see double digit sack production in his rookie dimension, while Kiffin helps him become a multidimensional pass rusher. I also don’t think he’s as bad against the run as some are making him out to be….

      2. Razor
        I know you’ve watched the ND and BC game….
        Question: Did Landry get ragdolled by Nelson and run over by McGlinchey for over 500 rushing yards? Unless his ankle was broken, that shouldn’t happen to a first round #9 pick! IMO a first round # 9 pick should be on the field all 3 downs and capable of taking over a game. Laundry is a good prospect, but he’s going to find the NFL has other Nelson’s and other McGlinchey’s…. and there won’t be a hurt ankle to blame! Not a put down, just my opinion, like it was with Mata’afa and I’d like to see them both prove me wrong and become all pro’s.

        1. GEEP, it’s called a double team. McGlinchey and Nelson had to stop him because he was abusing Hainsey and Kraemer. The problem was the rest of BC couldn’t take advantage of ND selling out to stop Landry. Make no mistake, players fear Landry’s speed and over compensate for it, but his bend is excitebike level. Granted, he lacks refinement and could stand to get stronger, and develop more awareness and discipline(see the 65 yard Winbush TD), along with hand usage , but that’s all teachable. These are the reasons I see him as a situational pass rusher in his first year, just like Aldon Smith….

          1. Razaor:
            “GEEP, it’s called a double team. McGlinchey and Nelson had to stop him because he was abusing Hainsey and Kraemer.”

            Thanks Razor for the definition of “DOUBLE TEAM,” it’s a new for to me…..I didn’t know laying flat
            on your back, after first getting abused by Nelson and knocked down and run over by McGlichey was called a double team.

            1. Yep, if I had to choose two players to get


              by and not feel so bad, it would be those two. They’re pretty good….

              1. Razor:
                LOL: Well that part I agree with you, both Nelson and McGlinchey are “PRETTY GOOD.”
                It’s a #9 pick getting abused, that I have a problem with.
                OLD ADAGE: It ain’t the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog…..and
                that dog didn’t have much fight in him. But neither you or I will decide who the 9ers draft
                at #9, if they’ll trade down for more picks……or if Laundry will be available in the 2nd round?

              2. Aw, we’re just hacks and that’s one play in one game. After 10 months of scouting and analysis, Tuls has Landry #9 on his big board. I haven’t put anywhere near that amount of time, let alone couple it with the kind of expertise that he brings to the table. One thing I do know is that Landry has the most explosive first step and ridiculous bend of any prospect in this draft, and it’s reinforced with production. You just can’t beat that with a stick….

              3. Didn’t we have this discussion last week WRT Armstead? Of course none of us are professionals, but we can have a different opinion. First it was, we can’t disagree with Lynch and the staff. Now nobody can disagree with Tuls and Ledyard?

                I think Landry will be fine, but Tuls and Ledyard aren’t gods. Btw, look at Ledyard’s final mock.


                “2. San Francisco 49ers: Jamal Adams, S, LSU”

                Go ahead, tell us Ledyard was wrong. He put in all that work. You don’t know better than Ledyard do you?

              4. Disagree all you want. Has nothing to do with the fact he’s put in much more time and effort than all of us put together.

            2. Wrt Adams, we were never going to draft a safety when our number one priority was stopping the bleeding up front.

              1. The Tul’ disciples can’t be crazy that he has Tremaine going to the 49ers at 9.
                Truth be told, it’s a crapshoot on who we pick at 9.

                It has almost come down to a “flavor of the day” with many football draft outlets these days.
                I only expect this to get worse in the next couple of weeks. Who knows it can come down to a “flavor of the hour” by the week leading up to the draft.

                WRT Landry, some “experts” have him rated as high as a top 10 pick talent all the way to 25 in some mocks (CBS Draft Mocks).
                One had him rated higher than Chubb and many have Davenport rated as the second best pass-rusher after Chubb.
                One thing we can agree on is that any debate regarding Landry, Davenport, Tremaine, Minkah and Ro.Smith won’t be settled until April 26.
                Lynch might throw a wrench in our personal idea #9 pick and go after Ridley?

              2. I’ll have no problem with Edmunds, I just disagree that Lynch will select him. I think he’d take Smith over him, and we’ll find out who was correct after the draft. I’m looking forward to it….

        2. Question: Did Landry get ragdolled by Nelson and run over by McGlinchey for over 500 rushing yards?
          Answer: No he didn’t, his team did. He made a mental error and overcommitted inside on one play and was kicked out a bit to far on one play… but the bigger problem there was the DT got sealed and no one filled. People keep saying he was rag dolled in the game but its simply not true, he was spot played on passing downs mostly and was off the field for large chunks of time.
          The narrative that he was constantly run over is false. Notre Dame owned the entire line of scrimmage and had gaping holes to run through, a lone DE wouldn’t make much difference in that scenario. Its especially true when hes not on the field.

          1. Well said Shoup. There were two plays he made a clear mistake on that I saw. I put up a link a few days ago to the Draft Breakdown video of that game and it clearly shows exactly what you just said. Landry was getting great pressure early on and ND countered by going to more 3 step drops and doubling him on deeper attempts. On the play someone described him as getting rag dolled on, he was holding his own against McGlinchey and got plastered by Nelson on the double team. I don’t know anybody who wouldn’t have been taken out on that play. He did pretty well setting the edge for most of the game but as you said, there were gaping holes inside all day.

            1. That’s why I believe it’s not a coincidence that we heard Maiocco tell us the 49ers like more as they watch more of him. My concern is not whether or not he can learn more moves, or stop the run. My concern is his hand to hand combat, which will need strengthened….

              1. His hands aren’t bad, but he does need to improve no question. Biggest thing is developing a chop to combat the long armed OT’s he’ll face at the next level.

            2. Yeah this site is turning into facebook news… never actually look at what happened but make a condemning statement and spread that information as fact. smh.

  24. Razor your beating a dead horse here. Landry will not be the pick at 9. He will not be best available at 9. Picking Landry is by definition a need not BPA thinking which lynch has talked about routinely this off season. They filled holes in free agency that have tipped there hand on the direction they will go IF they stay at 9. 1. Fitzpatrick( moved Ward to corner in case Fitzpatrick falls). 2. Smith/Edmunds(Haven’t upgraded that position with an adequate upgrade with the uncertainty of Foster). 3. Trade down…. Which opens the door for Landry, Davenport, Sutton….

    Best Available player at 9 is the approach.

    1. RAW, you are beating a horse that’s still alive. When BPA between players is miniscule you go with where need and positional value intersect:

      Fitzpatrick graded out with a 6.19
      Harold graded out with a 6.15

          1. That may be true, but I really get the impression Lynch played free agency in order to be able to go BPA in general. Personally, I’m a fan of BPA at a position of need not BPA in general.

            1. He’s unique to be sure, and he’s got as much potential as any player, but to realize it he’ll need to develop his gap integrity intuition….

      1. I have reservations about Edmunds, but there is no doubt he’s extremely talented. If he’s the pick I’ll be fine with it knowing the Coaching staff believes they can Coach him up on the problem areas.

  25. Let’s assume Dirty Landry and Hitzpatrick turn out to be great, say like Aldon Smith (without the head issues) and Troy P., respectively. Who do you pick?

    I’m going with the ball hawk but wouldn’t be mad either way.

    1. @Gabriel

      Tuls, after 10 months of scouting and analysis has Hitzpatrick ranked 6th, and Dirty Landry(I’m flattered) ranked 9th. I’m taking Dirty Landry because he’s the most explosive, flexible edge rusher in this draft, backed up by production, and that’s exactly the dimension this defense needs to take off. Safety and/or corner isn’t the need or overarching talent to justify taking over Dirty Landry….

      1. I’d have no objection to adding a sack artist to the team. I just like having a secondary that strikes fear every time the QB throws the ball.

        I’m also not convinced safety isn’t a need. Pop Tartt and The Colbert Report are solid but there’s not much depth after that. I know Ward can plug’n play but he’s not always healthy.

        1. Since #80 is a big fan of full disclosure, Tuls has Edmunds ranked 22nd on his big board after 10 months of scouting and analysis.

          @Gabriel, not sure how you see safety as a greater need than edge pressure. Tarvarius Moore in the 6th round is a player we could develop at FS this year. Reid from Stanford is a great safety. Cruickshank is a poor man’s Hitzpatrick….


            9. San Francisco 49ers: Tremaine Edmunds, LB, Virginia Tech

            Reuben Foster is in trouble, again. Regardless if this team is relying on Foster for the upcoming season, they still need to address the inside linebacker spot opposite of Foster. Edmunds physical traits may be too much to pass up here for Lynch, giving them a player with one of the highest ceilings in the draft at just 19 years old.

            1. Mock draft versus evaluation in the ultimate throwdown…lol. I could be wrong, but I don’t see anyway, shape or form that the 49ers have Edmunds over Landry. Landry has proven edge production traits that translate to double digit sacks. That’s without Kiffin’s tutelage into multidimensional attacks. I don’t see why a team would pass on that when you have nothing close to it. They already took out enough insurance on Foster through F/A….

          2. It’s not a strong conviction Razor, more of a fan preference. I want speed and turnovers! But like I said, I certainly won’t complain if we get some Dirt to throw on the opposing QB…

            1. 2016 saw Landry log 22 TFL’s, 16.5 sacks (an FBS record) and 7 forced fumbles. Add four pass deflections and an interception for good measure. 2017 he saw lots of double teams challenging his team mates to make plays. He still was on pace to have 13 TFL’s and 7.5 sacks, and yes he had a bad spring which inhibited his best gift, bend….

        2. Hmmm. Suddenly I’m thinking that the team might go secondary to take advantage of the few years they get out of the acquisition of the player/coach, Richard Sherman.

        3. Gabriel,
          Like what you’re doing here with the nicknames. The nickname master around here is Razor, but you bring a nice flow.

          I believe we have a glut in the secondary at the moment. We can either make all the current secondary players interchangeable (like last year) or draft one player that eliminates the access. Also, a LB might become a major concern by Thursday evening after Foster’ arraignment and court decision.
          At this point, I would be happy with whomever Lynch and Shanny pick – though I strongly believe they trade out of 9.

          1. Thanks AES. I read much more than I post but I’ve always been fond of Razor’s nicknames.

            Kiper is mocking Smith at pick 9 (posted the link below). I too will be happy regardless. They’re already going to be competitive and fun to watch. Whomever they pick will just make them better.

  26. Razor, I actually thought I was being original but I may very well have lifted it from you. Happy to give you credit for it, though I won’t quibble with the “great minds” remark. 😏

    1. I’ll give you all the credit. Some in here get butt hurt by my nicknames. I need someone to take some of the heat for me…;>)

  27. I’ll take that heat…

    Jimmy Garoppo-Lo and behold we finally have a quarterback!

    Marquis run like the Good-wind…

    DeForest I don’t give a Flying Buckner…

    Should I stop?


    “It should be noted that more teams are slotting Edmunds as a strong-side linebacker”.

    Been saying this for how long? It is his best fit. Think Anthony Barr.

    Not surprised to hear teams are grading Smith over Edmunds. But then I thought this was already a pretty common understanding – most analysts already had it as such.

    1. I’ve always felt SAM was Edmunds best position, and not sure how much value Saleh puts on that position. I think Attauchu can play it as well. I’ve also had Smith over Edmunds, and feel like he could play Mike if needed. His intelligence with deciphering blocking schemes on the fly and intuition, coupled with his speed make him a superior selection to me. His size has never concerned me, because Dion Jones has proven size isn’t everything….

      1. This should make you happy, as Maiocco has just mocked Edmunds to the 49ers. However, he’s not sure where to play him…lol. Maiocco is one of those try hard athletes….

    2. Not surprised to hear teams are grading Smith over Edmunds. But then I thought this was already a pretty common understanding – most analysts already had it as such.

      Not around here apparently.

    3. “It should be noted that more teams are slotting Edmunds as a strong-side linebacker”.

      I agree with this, but add an important caveat … Only a small handful of players have the athletic ability as Edmunds in this draft. Edmunds may start his career as a strong side LB, but if the D-Cord only keeps him there it will be like keeping a race horse stuck in a stall.

      There’s no way an intelligent D-Cord ignores Tremaine’ versatility. If he can’t come up with different defensive packages to exploit Edmunds talent he should be fired.
      Edmunds at only 19 YO, could still be growing and obviously will get stronger with specialized team training.
      Honestly, I’m a little surprised that some here can’t see this and only have him pegged for one position.
      Anyone who can have the ability to possibly play multiple positions should be viewed with a wider lens.


    “The 49ers have kept a close eye on Fitzpatrick all season and it’s telling he met with officials in Santa Clara for two days this week.”

    “I think Armstead makes the most sense to trade – and it was apparent when the team drafted Solomon Thomas last spring.”

    “Moving back in Round 1 could also open the door for one of the best tackles available like Texas’ Connor Williams or Mike McGlinchey of Notre Dame.”

  30. All this safety talk I hope is smoke and mirrors. Is Fits really the next Ed Reed? Can he really play center field? I heard he is better in the slot or at the line like a SS. So more like Troy Polamalu. Sure he can play outside corner but can he do it at an elite level for years? If you break him down to bare minimum isn’t he just a safety?? Why draft into a position of strength for us….b/c he is the next Reid or E. Thomas… hmmm… I’d actually favor the FSU SS over Fits but I like them both. Who is to say Tartt will NOT turn into an all pro. He started playing real well last year. Colbert too. Is Ward fragile yes but we can get snaps out of him this year. I’d even resign Eric Reid.

    What’s the point… blau blau, we don’t need a safety. We need to shore up LB and PASS RUSH!!!! I’d rather trade down and get a future OT and more picks then select one of these DBs (including Ohio St cat).

  31. Feeling a bit negative today but I want to vent on this Barkley thing… Everyone is getting all up in arms over an elite RB. Psst… really. If you have a decent defense and can stack the line most RBs are neutralized. Niners used to bust AP up back in his prime. What recent super bowl team has one with a top flight back or has been consistently in the playoffs??? Who… Seattle with Lynch… I guess Emit Smith…

    If you have a good scheme and decent athletes at the RB position you can succeed. It is all about the passing game. I have to be honest, even if Barkley dropped to us I’d not take him over other talent out there. I think there will be a run on QBs and Barkley there may be so serious talent fall to us at 9 or still be there to trade back with Buffalo or Miami.

    If i were Browns, I would take QB and Chub or Nelson. Carlos Hyde will prove to be good for them as a work horse.

        1. Without question, Barkley IS THE BEST player in this draft class. The only question is …. does he fall based on the fact that he plays a position of which has been devalued over the last handful of years (though it seems to be making a comeback), combined with a draft class that appears top heavy in Quarterbacks, and Quarterback needy teams?

          I doubt it. He’s simply too good. He’s elite at everything teams are looking for in a RB in today’s NFL, including what he carries between his ears. I suggest Cleveland would be making a grave mistake to pass on Barkley twice, but then again, we’re talking about the Browns, so perhaps Barkley falls to the Broncos or the Colts?

          1. @reasons @BrownsGM,fan base, couch, football gods ==> IMO take a pass rusher over a RB all day every day. Browns will probably so some silly Browns move and select the Wyoming QB and Barkley.

            When they could just take Darnald and Nelson or Chubb.

            I’m so glad Barkley will be gone before Niners pick so this is not an issue. @Niners please take LB or trade back. (this assumes nelson and Chubb are off the board).

        2. Barkley is the best player in the draft.

          You are certainly not alone in saying that but I disagree. He’s a very good player at a position that produces very good players into day 3. He is an amazing athlete who had multiple games where he was completely shut down in the running game. As is often the case, the combine has artificially made many believe he’s the best prospect in the draft. Same thing is happening with Josh Allen, although Barkley is a much better player.

          1. All I can say is what I’ve been saying for months …. if you cannot see how special he is by watching his game film, I can’t help you. Just sit back and enjoy the way Barkley dominates in the NFL, and remember just how many people saw it coming.

  32. if Barkley falls to 9 then you’ll at least admit that 8 NFL teams disagree with you…
    the RB position and the modern NFL run game are now a situational adjunct and “defensive tendency influencer” for modern NFL pass happy offenses…
    because as we now know….pass happy offenses are what sells…
    dilly dilly…

  33. Top qbs are so rare that some team is going to over value the top 4 qbs so my own projection is 4 qbs go before the top ten picks are finished and a total of 5qbs go in the first round. Not much of a guess but will go on, want good building blocks for the red and gold.

    1. Very true Reb. QB’s get drafted so high because of the importance of having one. There’s no way Rosen will slide out of the top ten for this very reason. There are also some tantalizing prospects that will get over drafted because of it.

  34. Jon Ledyard when asked what the 49ers would do:

    Trading down is a real possibility. If a QB slides, they are prob most likely partner with Buffalo. But Landry, Fitzpatrick, Derwin, Ward, Roquan all make sense there. Wynn too.

    When asked if teams would take Edmunds before Smith:

    Yes but he wouldn’t.

  35. @MikeMayock

    First 4 guys have top-10 documented Mock Accuracy Scores over a 5-year period. Marino had the best Mock Accuracy in the nation last year.

  36. Ok… so the Draft hats are out and I gotta say..
    I’m disappointed in the hats the 49ers are using. Boring, no phrase just plain ol NINERS.
    Could have used NINER EMPIRE or FAITHFUL. Heck I’d settle for GOLDRUSH.
    But no. NINERS! Thumbs down on this years draft lid. Ok rant over!

      1. Wouldn’t surprise me at all. Those two could be a very formidable, and dangerous duo for years to come. Similar to Justin Smith and Aldon, but without the mental disorder….

    1. Exactly what they need. Regardless of whether they take Landry or not, they will be taking someone before the end of the second day they hope will do just that.

  37. Landry, Fitzpatrick, Derwin, Ward, Roquan or Edmunds will more than likely be on the team this year. Tbh, I wouldn’t be unhappy with any of them….

    1. Exactly. Lots of good looking prospects that all would upgrade the team. Shouldn’t be able to go wrong really.

  38. My hack draft, 1-10:

    1. Browns: “Green Eggs and Sam” Darnold
    2. Giants: Saquon “Don’t Call Me Charles” Barkley
    3. Jets: “Joshua’s Tree” Rosen
    4. Browns: Bradley “Morning Chubb”
    5. Broncos: “Wake’n Baker” Mayfield
    6. Colts: Quenton “Welcome to my Pancake Social” Nelson
    7. Buccaneers: Der-“Win the Day” James
    8. Bills, via trade: Joshua “Back off Rosen That’s My Tree” Allen
    9. Our Heroes: Minkah “Hitzpatrick,” aka “Hitz by Fitz”
    10. Roquan “Don’t Call Me Saquon” Smith

    1. Very nice Gabriel. Best mock draft post I’ve ever read. Better than Berman even at his best.

      If the 9ers get Fitzpatrick I think you’ve got to go retro with the moniker. This team has a 79-81 feel with the excitement so I’m going with “Fitz and the Hot Licks” kind like “Dwight Hicks and the Hot Licks” back when the 49ers won their first Superbowl with 3 rookies starting in the secondary.

      1. Thanks for the kind remarks, everyone. I’m flattered (especially by the Berm comparison – thanks Houston).

        Fitz and the Hot Licks works for me. I like the retro feel.

  39. Draft Analyst’s Tony Pauline relays that there’s a recent groundswell of support for Georgia LB Roquan Smith as the first linebacker selected in the draft.

    This flies somewhat in the face of the conventional wisdom which has held for most of the evaluating season, as Virginia Tech’s Tremaine Edmunds has been widely viewed as the likely first linebacker selected. As a wise man once said, not so fast my friend. Pauline hears that the Colts very much like the 6-foot-1, 236-pound Georgia standout, but would like to move down from No. 6 if they’re going to draft him. As for what separates Edmunds and Smith, the analyst writes that Smith’s ability to “chew up ground quickly” and his sideline-to-sideline speed are appealing to NFL squads.

    1. A number of sites have had Smith ahead of Edmunds from the start as have I. He’s the superior player by a pretty good margin at this point imo.

      1. Better Rivals stated it well in my opinion. Smith is the product you hope Edmunds will develop into, so why not just take Smith. While I think the upside of Edmunds is higher due to his versatility, I believe Smith will be a pro bowler so I don’t see the upside being worth the risk.


    “The top 10 players on many boards around the league right now are the four quarterbacks, Saquon Barkley, Bradley Chubb, Quenton Nelson, Tremaine Edmunds, Denzel Ward and Roquan Smith.”

    “Minkah Fitzpatrick and Derwin James do not crack the top 10 on many boards, and most in the league believe they will be selected somewhere between picks 11 and 20.”

    “Several people I’ve spoken with speculated that the New York Giants and Buffalo Bills likely have a blueprint in place for a trade that would allow the Bills to move up to the second spot in the draft.”

    1. Crazy year for the draft in that there is no true “hands down” number one pick.
      Will it be Darnold, Rosen, Allen?
      This is the year of the draft crap-shoot!

  41. OldCoach mock #2 same as #1 with a trade back and 2 extra picks (I really like my picks from mock #1)
    Trade #9 with Buff for #12, #96 and #121.
    Rd 1 #12 Marcus Davenport DE UTSA
    Rd 2 #59 Greg Stroman CB V Tech
    Rd 3 #70 Duke Ejiofor DE W.F.
    Rd 3 #74 Austin Corbett Nev G\C
    Rd 3 #96 Will Richardson NCST OT
    Rd 4 #121 Rashad Penny SDST RB
    Rd 4 #128 Jason Cabinda Penn St. ILB
    Rd 5 #143 Korey Robertson S. Miss WR
    Rd 6 #184 Parry Nickerson Tulane CB
    Rd 7 #223 Nick Stevens Col St QB
    Rd 7 #240 Greg Senat Wag. OT


    “Reuben Foster update: His placeholder arraignment date is tomorrow, April 12. However, a Foster appearance is not currently listed on the Santa Clara County court docket. I asked the DA’s office about this. Their response: “We will be announcing our decision soon.”

    This next quote is from a defense attorney.

    “Sounds like they are not filing charges. Just by hunch based on 17 years as a criminal defense attorney.”

    Is this the likely outcome? Maybe JPN can weigh in.

  43. Taking McGlinchey No. 9 overall would be overdrafting, and this is something the 49ers do not want to do again
    McGlinchey is a perfect fit for the San Francisco 49ers. McGlinchey is definitely a first-round talent.
    The former Fighting Irish would make a good replacement for Staley, but moreover, give the 49ers youth in scheme and on the perimeter.More than likely, Lynch will go out and secure an EDGE with his No. 9 overall selection. It only makes sense to draft a

    True EDGE guy like Marcus Davenport than to rely on Arik ‘the heartless wonder’ Armstead, or Solomon ‘the project’ Thomas to pressure quarterbacks.

    All eyes are on Lynch and his game plan will show quickly come draft day. Let’s hope for a strong showing.
    Via Fansided

    1. .40 is close to death. Very sad, what Smith is doing to himself. He needs to be locked up, before he hurts someone or himself.

  44. Doing the math

    4 QBs to be drafted before the 9th pick
    Options are:

    Bon appetite💪💪💪💪

    1. I’ve heard (and previously reported) from sources that Derrius Guice is John Lynch’s top running back in the draft, and given what Shanahan prefers in his runners, it wouldn’t surprise me if he were the target in a trade-down scenario.

      1. Much like the Pauline report re: the linebackers and Maiocco’s statement the 49ers like Landry, the idea the 49ers like Guice over Barkley does not surprise me in the slightest. I know the “Barkley is the best prospect in the draft” crowd will snigger, but for me (and many) a very important aspect of playing RB in the pros is being comfortable in tight spaces, and that is not an area Barkley excels.

        1. Seems like you’re saying Barkley won’t play well in the pros. Yeah, I’ve got to go ahead and disagree with you on that one…

              1. Football Outsiders’ own QBASE system projected Allen with more than a 60 percent chance to bust, due in large part to his inconsistent play breeding poor results on the stat sheet. Drafting Josh Allen is a commitment to developing a skill set that has yet to prove it can develop and does not have any tangible indicators to hint toward success. The gamble on Allen is too steep a price for the slim potential of a payoff.

              2. That’s a worthless calculation. So much of a QB’s success or failure depends on the situation he’s in. That’s out of his control.

          1. No no, I think Barkley will be an NFL starting RB/ offensive weapon. But I don’t expect him to be an All World RB like some do. His best attribute for mine is the dimension he provides as a receiver out of the backfield. That’s where he will be exceptional. As a runner I think he will be rocks and diamonds. Have some great games where he absolutely kills teams, have some games where he is almost entirely shut down.

            On a play to play basis it will be the same. Lots of carries where he gets not much or loses yards, but a few big runs here and there to prop up his average.

              1. Totally different players though. Fournette is a guy that wears teams down. Consistent yards getter. Barkley is a dynamic runner and receiver. Chunk yard getter. They’re both going to be pretty good at what they do.

              2. I think some team will take him in the top 5 believing he will be a transformative type player. Probably the Browns.

          2. I see your scratching my head icon Grant.


            The notion that Barkley isn’t comfortable in tight spaces is absurd, to say the least. I’m with you in terms of scratching my head. I don’t see how anyone who has watched Barkley’s game film, can’t see the special qualities he posses as a running back, and just how well that translates to today’s NFL game. Barkley’s explosiveness, lateral agility and burst are simply unmatched by any NFL RB, and he weighs 230+ lbs. His vision is right up there with the best as well. And when you factor in his elite abilities as a pass catcher, and pass protector, he’s in a league of his own, and might very well lead the league in all purpose yards before he turns 23 years of age.


        “He’s the best running back prospect I’ve seen in 25 years,” Saints coach Sean Payton told me. Another team, which had given only four draft prospects perfect grades in the last 20 years, told me Barkley is the fifth.

        Asked several GMs/scouts/coaches for their top 10 in the draft as of today. Here’s the consensus, in an order close to this: Barkley, USC QB Sam Darnold, North Carolina State pass-rusher Bradley Chubb, Allen, Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield, UCLA QB Josh Rosen, Notre Dame G Quenton Nelson, Alabama DB Minkah Fitzpatrick, Ohio State CB Denzel Ward, Georgia LB Roquan Smith.

        1. Shanny related bit from that link.

          “Robert Klemko of The MMQB on the question most teams ask every player they interview at the combine. It’s some version of this: If you could pick one college teammate to be on your team in pro football, who would it be? (Or, put another way, pick the best player on your college team). It puts players who would normally say nice things about every teammate on the spot. Because they can choose only one. “Sometimes you know there’s one guy on the team who’s the best player, and you ask everybody that question,” 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan told Klemko. “And if no one says that No. 1 guy, that means the guy is not liked. Then you consider what position he is, and you have to decide if you can live with that. We’ve definitely been turned off from a guy if a number of his teammates don’t like him.”

          1. Interesting…

            “Sometimes you know there’s one guy on the team who’s the best player, and you ask everybody that question,” 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan told Klemko. “And if no one says that No. 1 guy, that means the guy is not liked. Then you consider what position he is, and you have to decide if you can live with that. We’ve definitely been turned off from a guy if a number of his teammates don’t like him.”


    * Aldon Smith had a BAC of .40 — five times the legal limit — when arrested Friday, and it’s a miracle he’s alive!
    * When troubled former star pass rusher Aldon Smith was arrested on April 6, it was yet another sad turn in what has been an extreme downward spiral for the former Raider and 49er. The details that have emerged from the arrest, though, are even more shocking: At the time of his arrest Friday night, Smith posted a blood alcohol content of .40 — five times the legal limit….

    1. The blood-alcohol content doesn’t shock me. Aldon is probably a binge drinker. Binge drinkers build up an incredible level of tolerance by going days on end consuming only alcohol. Non-binge drinkers would likely be comatose with a BAC at .40, whereas binge drinkers may be conscious, and even semi-aware at that level, due to their elevated level of tolerance.

      Very sad. If Aldon doesn’t get professional help he’s probably not long for this world. One of my very good friends had this affliction. A group of us intervened, dragged him to the hospital where his BAC was measured @ .45 upon admittance, and he was still physically resisting us, and the nurses.

  46. Here’s every Barkley TD, despite having a weak O-Line.

    1st TD. He’s decisive running north-south and looks good in close quarters.
    2. He cuts back and again looks good in close quarters, breaking tackles along the way without jukes or leaps, just running hard north-south.
    3. Similar to the 1st. Decisive north-south run.
    4. Maybe my favorite. He picks up a block, releases, then catches a short pass. Looks good in close quarters, again running north-south.
    7. Decisive north-south run.
    8. Decisive north-south run, but kicks outside after gaining 3 YDs up the middle.
    10. This one is beastly. The kind of power run up the middle that people say he hasn’t shown. Love the way he finishes this play.
    11. A quantum leap. Dr. Beckett would be proud.
    13 and 14. Decisive short yardage TDs.
    15, 16, 17, and 18. Attacks the hole.
    22, 23, 25, 26 Up the middle.

    Intermission. Half way through and Barkley looks good between the tackles, in close quarters.

    1. 28th TD. Decisive up the middle.
      34. Good power.

      So what happened to this Barkley? I think he lost trust in his line, leading to indecisiveness. It makes sense that PSU would want to run Barkley outside more than inside to utilize what he does best, his pro team will do the same.

      But did the inside runs go away completely?

      39th TD. Up the middle.
      40 and 45. Up the middle, then kicks outside.
      46 and 47. Up the middle.
      49 :-). Up the middle.
      52. Up the middle.

  47. Marino’s 2 Weeks Out Mock Draft:

    1. Cleveland Browns – Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming

    Will John Dorsey get lost in Allen’s physical traits and pull the trigger with him at pick No. 1? I don’t think it’s out of the picture.

    2. New York Giants – Sam Darnold, QB, USC

    Darnold is the one QB I believe New York would take at No. 2 and the Browns selection of Allen makes it a possibility.

    3. New York Jets – Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma

    Mayfield is a perfect fit for Jeremy Bates system and is the type of locker room presence the current Jets’ regime prefers to complement last year’s top pick Jamal Adams.

    4. Cleveland Browns – Bradley Chubb, DE, NC State

    John Dorsey is a believer in having a deep pool of pass rushers and Chubb is the best one in the draft. He could pair with Myles Garrett and Emanuel Ogbah to form a lethal trio.

    5. Denver Broncos – Quenton Nelson, G, Notre Dame

    The opportunity to pair Nelson with Garett Bolles on the left side of the line is not one I foresee John Elway passing up. Nelson has the upside to become the best offensive lineman in the NFL.

    6. Indianapolis Colts – Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State

    The Colts trade back with the Jets works to perfection and they still get an elite prospect at No. 6. Barkley can become the focal point of the offense as Andrew Luck is re-acclimated and form a potent backfield tandem for years to come.

    7. TRADE: Buffalo Bills – Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA

    Buffalo didn’t spend the last year stockpiling draft capital and trade away Tyrod Taylor to enter the season with A.J. McCarron and Nate Peterman as its quarterbacks. Rosen is a perfect fit for Brian Daboll’s Erhardt-Perkins passing game.

    8. Chicago Bears – Tremaine Edmunds, LB, Virginia Tech

    Edmunds is a rare blend of size, speed and physicality that would fit perfectly in the middle of Vic Fangio’s defense and continue the tradition of tone-setting middle linebackers in Chicago.

    9. San Francisco 49ers – Roquan Smith, LB, Georgia

    Whether it’s the off-field issues for Reuben Foster, returning from injury for Malcolm Smith or the shaky performances so far from Eli Harold, question marks surround all three of the 49ers current projected linebackers. Smith is a speedy and physical linebacker with exceptional processing skills.

    10. Oakland Raiders – Mike McGlinchey, OT, Notre Dame

    Starting left tackle Donald Penn is 35 years old and right tackle Vadal Alexander is an underwhelming option, leaving the short- and long-term future of the offensive tackle position questionable. McGlinchey is the best offensive tackle in the draft.

  48. Gotta give you your profs.. You smoked out Allen last fall way before he was even considered a top 10 selection.. Cleveland will take him #1.. I think the Niners select either Edmunds or Smith at #9. Think Lynch will also take shots in later rounds or UDFA’s on big, tall WR’s who can leap. Take advantage of Garoppolo’s ability to get the ball into small windows with receivers who can out muscle, out leap smaller cornerbacks in the Red Zone..

  49. This is exciting. This draft feels more unpredictable than other drafts, at least to me.

    If we stay at 9, we could go DE, LB, CB, S, possibly OL (in the unlikely event Nelson drops). None would be a surprise and none would be a disappointment.

    Is it Draftmas yet?

  50. This is not good:

    Reuben Foster has been charged with felony domestic violence. The DA’s office alleges that he inflicted great bodily injury, forcefully attempted to prevent a victim from reporting a crime, and possession of an assault weapon – all felonies.

    1. Gabe, it’s ashame to. I mean when are these big azz athletes going to get it through their skull, they don’t need to hit women. I don’t understand. Especially in a world that frowns heavily on domestic violence. If she didn’t want to leave, pick up the phone, dial 911. If she hits u, then you leave the house and call 911. Regardless of what happens, the guy is always guilty in public opinion. Take yourself out of the situation before the situation happens. It might be hard, but it’s better than being fired or doing jail time.

      1. It is not just “big azz” athletes. Don’t forget Trump Aide Rob Porter who beat both of his wives. After news became public Trump s called him a “great guy” and “widely respected”. Then there is the Governor of MO who beat his mistress and has been indicted. There are wife beaters in all walks of life.

      2. Agreed, Steel. The repost tweeted by NN says he

        physically attacked (her) leaving her bruised and with a ruptured eardrum.

        That is disturbing. Takes a heavy hand to rupture an ear drum. FFS.

  51. Bye Bye Reuben Foster. I hope you turn your life around and don’t follow in the steps of Aldon Smith both of you could have been Hall Of Fame players.

    1. Michael, he’s going to find a job next year, hell even this year if he’s not suspended indefinitely. Teams should start putting in contracts that can be null and void for domestic violence. They trust these guys to be men, the men should trust the organization for trusting in them. Prove it with your money.

      1. AGREED… if he cleans up his act and he might…He will be a HOF player on another team within 2 years. Sucks for us. He will be playing football again that is for sure. Probably not for the Niners though. Kind of sucks with the hypocrisy of teams. It is like everyone needs a second chance I agree to that, depending on circumstances. I think teams should hold the rights for these clowns kind of like someone retiring. And if they are signed by another team some compensation should go to Niners.

  52. Cut Foster . Draft Tremaine . Niners must hire a psychographics team to help with draft pick selections. We have had several bums, criminals and unmotivated goofs over the last 5 years spanning multiple regimes.

  53. Foster should never play in the NFL again.
    A felony for domestic violence should come with an NFL pink-slip. Time for the league to make some hard line decisions and an example going forward.

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