NBA Finals live blog: Game 4

Golden State Warriors’ Klay Thompson walks off the court after practice for the NBA Finals against the Toronto Raptors Thursday, June 6, 2019, in Oakland, Calif. Game 4 of the NBA Finals is Friday, June 7, 2019 in Oakland, Calif. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

OAKLAND — This is the live blog from Game 4 of the NBA Finals. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from Oracle Arena.

5:10 Kevon Looney and Klay Thompson both will play tonight, according to Steve Kerr. The Warriors hope Kevin Durant will return for Game 5 or Game 6, assuming there will be a Game 6.

5:15 The Warriors have trailed by 12 or more points in six straight games, and have lost 10 of 12 quarters in the NBA Finals. They seem to be fading.

5:37 Raptors power forward Pascal Siakam is a series-best plus-22 in the Finals.

6:21 The Warriors lead 8-5, and four of the five starters have scored. So far, a more balanced offensive attack than Game 3.

6:27 The Warriors lead 17-10. Kawhi Leonard has scored seven of the Raptors’ 10 points. The rest of his team is 1-for-10 from the field. The Warriors are playing fantastic defense. Can they keep it up?

6:37 At the end of the first quarter, the Warriors lead 23-17. Leonard scored 14 of the Raptors’ 17 points. If another Raptors player gets hot, they have a chance.

6:38 Kevon Looney has six points on four shots off the bench. What a tough player.

6:38 Leonard seems like the only Raptor who hasn’t conceded this game.

6:47 The Raptors trail 31-27 even though Danny Green has missed all five of his 3s. The Warriors are letting them hang around.

6:48 Draymond Green already has six rebounds and five assists.

6:50 This game is interesting, but the winner of Game 5 will win the Finals.

6:57 The Warriors lead 42-34. Klay Thompson has a team-high 14 points. He is shooting 67 percent from the floor. What a competitor.

7:02 Thompson is taking advantage of a short defender — Kyle Lowry. The Raptors should guard Thompson with Leonard in the second half.

7:08 At halftime, the Warriors lead 46-42. The Raptors won the second quarter 25-23. They survived the Warriors’ run to start the game. Let’s see if the Raptors survive the Warriors’ inevitable run to the start the second half.

7:10 Curry has missed all five of his 3s.

7:12 Thompson played 19 minutes — more than any other Warriors. Go figure.

7:13 DeMarcus Cousins should not play again in this game. He is a liability.

7:19 Serge Ibaka kept the Raptors close in the second quarter. He made all four of his shots and grabbed two rebounds.

7:24 Cousins starts the second half. VanVleet starts in place of Danny Green.

7:35. Curry has just 11 points on 12 shots, and the Warriors lead 58-56.

7:41 Thompson has a game-high 22 points on just 14 points. Legendary performance. Game tied at 61.

7:44 Draymond Green just committed a turnover and a technical foul. The Raptors lead 67-63.

7:48 The Warriors have given up 25 points in the third quarter with 2:50 left. Are they running out of gas?

7:56. Yes, it seems the Warriors are running out of gas. They lost the third quarter 37-21, and now have lost 12 of 15 quarters in the Finals. Feels like the end of an era.

7:57 Leonard has 31 points on 19 shots. He is the best player in the world.

7:58 Curry has 17 points on 17 shots.

8:04 Shaun Livingston just knocked VanVleet out of the game with a vicious, accidental elbow to the face.

8:22 The Warriors trail 95-83 with 4:19 left. Do they have one more run in them? Doesn’t seem like it.

8:23 Serge Ibaka has 20 points off the bench for the Raptors. Given the circumstances, this is the best game of his career.

8:36 The Raptors win 105-92. Nick Nurse has thoroughly out-coached Steve Kerr in this series.

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  1. Warriors don’t have anyone that can give them consistent shooting off the bench, and with Durant out they have stretches with no scorers on the floor.

    1. Pretty much true. Quinn Cook can get hot at times, but the bench is this team’s real offensive weakness. So when the superstars go down…….

      But if we can get a game out of Cousins like in Game 2, they have a good shot.

    2. Bench has 12 of the 27 so far. “Strength in numbers”.

      You’re right about Cousins, he should not be putting the. ball on the floor.

      1. This isn’t the Warriors year. Too many injuries and they’re just too inconsistent. Toronto has thoroughly dominated this series with the exception of the 3rd quarter in game 2.

  2. The Raptors just look more athletic and better balanced than the Warriors. And they happened to play the Warriors in the most opportune time.

    KD’s 30 point ave per game is sorely missed, but the team just looks tired.
    5 straight finals can have that effect.

    The Giants looked like this after playing in the post season for many years.
    It happens to the best teams.
    But I’m certainly not counting the Warriors out by any means.

    1. Toronto is just the better team. Period. The Raptors have played 6 games now against Golden State this year. They’re 5-1

    2. Warriors lost to the Raptors during the regular season, and the Raptors dispatched the Bucks with ease.
      I wonder if KD can ride to the rescue.

      1. This is the first finals in which the Warriors do not have a strong bench.

        Bell has played sparingly and hasn’t made a difference in that time. Cook can get hot from the outside, but his inside game has no effect because of his size.

        Iggy is a good change pace player off the bench because he doesn’t need to exert as much energy as he does when he starts.
        Bogut can give you a few good minutes but he is very limited.

        Shawn Livingston is one of my favorite warrior’s players, but he is a step slower and his defense isn’t what it used to be.

        1. I thought if the Warriors held them around 100 points, they could win, but the Raptor defense held the Warriors under a 100. That shows a lack of fire power.
          Losing KD, then Klay, and seeing Steph struggle, shows their offense is anemic.
          Sure, the bench should be taking up the slack, but their big guns are silent.
          I will give credit to the Raptors. They are playing good defense, and have made some clutch shots. They are well coached, and are just playing better than the Warriors.

        2. AES, Maybe we should put a tariff on Canada for playing in the NBA!
          It’s absurd they take our top talent and get away with.
          They should only allow American teams to win a NATIONAL Championship.
          BTW do you have that list of democrats who want illegals to vote yet?

  3. Durant is the best player on the planet. He’s the key to this team winning back the championship they’re about to lose. Anybody that suggests he shouldn’t be the leader of this team in that effort is an idiot. Hey wait a minute, didn’t somebody here make the moronic assertion that they need to rid themselves of KD? Coach? Wasn’t that you? Good call. Stick to JV Soccer and track! Lol
    (Eye roll)

  4. Kerr is getting out coached.
    Say what you want about the KD injury.
    Some were saying they play better without him after the Portland series.
    With that said. The warriors even without KD are a far superior roster than Toronto.
    They are flat out getting out played and out coached.
    When the first half was done and they were only up by a couple you knew they were in trouble.
    Toronto’s defense is the best the warriors have seen since they choked away the 3-1 lead vs Lebrons Cavs.

    It’s not over yet, but the dubs are in serious trouble.

    1. Nah. The Warriors just don’t have enough scoring to keep up. Raptors have 6 guys averaging 10+ per game to 3 for the Warriors.

  5. anybody who thinks Kerr is getting out coached just doesnt know basketball. the raptors have way more bench depth than the warriors. they just wear down our starters and we have no one on the bench to step up and can get 30 points each from clay and stef and where is the other points coming from. the nba wanted parity hence the salary cap and this is the was a great run but they met a younger faster team.

    1. The K
      I’ve been watching hoops forever.
      His team even without KD is far superior in talent.
      Luke Walton proved just about anybody can coach that team and win.
      And this excuse about them not scoring is hot garbage.
      That’s what they do. That’s what they were built to do. They had no problem scoring in other series.
      Fact is Toronto’s defense is frustrating and they are out hustling them.

      Toronto’s roster has to be coached well to beat the warriors and they are. Better then Kerr is doing again… with a better team.

      Sorry to hurt your feelings, but maybe you need to up your basketball knowledge

        1. K….
          Nobody said anything about expert, you came in with your feelings hurt throwing around trash talk.
          Sorry you can’t see how Kerr is getting out coached and how he continues to use his lineup as if he has KD still playing.
          No steady pick and rolls or deliberate ISO’ it worked against Portland but they aren’t Portland and actually play defense. Kerr is making it way easier for Toronto to play defense vs them and without having to double Curry all game.
          Sorry Warrior fans. Kerr is getting out coached.

  6. Agree Hammer. As far as Portland? Come on. They are not Toronto. Who says they play better without KD? Coach/GM/All around sports expert GC? The great sports analysts at KRON Sports TV? Lol. Give me a break. Kerr is doing a great job. He’s facing the best team in basketball this year (Warriors 1-5 against them, including 2 regular season games without so many injuries) with a JV team and still keeping it competitive. Out coached? Laughable.

  7. They really miss David West in a series like this. West could body up and against Gasol and Ibaka. Iguodala lives on fast break points, running slams and ally-oops. Those have been conspicuously absent in this series, due in part to his injury, but also due to the fact that Toronto gets back so fast on defense that they limit the Warriors fast break points.

    The Dubs needed the Bucks to beat Toronto, because they could’ve handled them without KD, but it was and has been pretty clear that Toronto has all the pieces in place to be the best team in North America this year.

    The question is, is where does GS go from here besides across the Bay?

    Their best hope is if Durant decides to stay. If he stays, they’ll be relevant, but they have to get better on the bench.

    I think it’s likely that Iggy and Livingston retire. Looney signs elsewhere and they let Cousins walk. Bogut will go back to Australia. That will leave them with Damion Jones at center and he’s not very good. They’ll have to find another rim protector.

    Bell is a FA too.

    Slim pickins on the FA front. DeAndre Jordan is available. Meh. I’ll throw in a dark horse. Joakim Noah. He had a bit of a resurgence in Memphis and could be a 15-20 minute guy at the right price. Javale will be a FA too. Loved his energy. I think they should have re-signed him instead of Cousins, who, quite frankly has been worthless.

    Going to be a very different team.

    1. Iggy has another year. I think Jerekbo is gone. Cook and McKinnie stay. Livingston may retire, or sign for vet minimum if KD returns for one. Cousins is likely gone unless takes a big hit. They need to add a scorer, obviously. My beef w the series is that there have been a lot of small contact fouls, and absent pure shooters, I would prefer to see more cutting to the rim- but Cook, McKinnie and Jerekbo can typically hit 50% of their fg’s- they’re just not.

      Yes- a David West type player who can score in the post would be nice.

      Let’s hope they can bring it back to Oakland on Monday night. If not, the 49ers camp will get a lot more interest w the Giant’s season already done.

      1. Diptown,
        “Yes- a David West type player who can score in the post would be nice.”

        I agree with your take especially on David West.
        Even at his age he was a good player for us.
        His inside game is really missed in this series and his enforcer type presence allowed for him to get important rebounds. The Raptors have had too many second chance shots that have hurt the Warriors.

        Looney has lifted his game this season, but we don’t have another big man that can give us positive minutes.
        Our bench is not championship material this year and it’s coming to roost right before our eyes.

    2. Captain Gasol is useless in the paint. He’s always been a 10-20 foot shooter like his brother. He’s not a banger and had zero post moves.
      Green called himself the best defensive player ever.
      He’s getting abused in the paint by a forward.

      And Juan….
      About every fan I’ve seen on basketball blogs.
      They were all excited after Portland.
      And most agreed with Green being the best defensive player ever.

      I’m not saying all. But let’s remember they won without KD. The excuse of him missing is silly. They are still way more loaded.

      Excuses aren’t going to work if they lose to a slightly above average team this year.

      Most picked the warriors for a sweep or in 6.
      Just take the pill and hope for better next season.

      Sound like raider fans. No bueno

        1. I said Gasol. Ibaka has been ok but not his old form in the paint. Gasol is a pure scorer. Ibaka isn’t and has never been.
          If green claims to be the greatest defender ever he should be shutting down Ibaka with ease.

      1. There’s a big difference between Portland and Toronto. The Raptors are just better than GS. They’ve proven that over 6 games.

  8. If you look at the number of shots that just rattle the rim and then bounce out for the Warriors you know why they are losing. The shots they used to make, now fall short while Toronto is making those shots. They also are getting too fancy while they are behind. Rather than going for the easy 2, they go back to the outside.
    They look tired and are beating themselves against a team that want the W and plays like it.

  9. As a warriors fan game 4 was an utter disappointment. I think once again Steph is getting away without shouldering the blame. He was awful in game 4 at home in arguably the biggest game of his career. We can pick at the role players all we want and compare them to the raptors role players, but just a month ago these raptors role players were awful against the 6ers and Kawhi Leonard bailed them out in a game 4 on the road. The best player on a championship team has to be able to do that because role players are very very inconsistent. The difference for the warriors the last two years and especially in the last two game 3s of the finals was that Kevin Durant was so consistent and always managed to bail them out when the role players and Steph didn’t bring it in a big game.

    As a steph fan it was devastating to watch Klay Thompson play so well injured and give the warriors so much life while Steph choked. His lapses were apparent as a defender and a decision maker. He scored 27 but a lot of it came in the last 5 minutes when the game was all but over. I think it has to be said that he is no where near the level of Durant, Kawhi, and lebron. The conclusion is that the warriors do need kd. Maybe we were very fortunate with all the injuries to other teams in 2015 because looking at Steph in that game, I am not confident that he would be capable of winning a ring without kd. I understand he did do it, but I am feeling very confident and sad to admit that if kyrie was healthy the warriors would’ve lost.

    Very sad day for me as a huge Steph curry fan. I understand the media just loves him and almost never slanders him, but after all the hype he got before the finals with people saying he’s on kd, lebron, and kawhis level, he has to shoulder this as they would’ve.

    1. Steph was stellar in game three and did the exact same thing you are asking him to do. The problem was the supporting cast had nothing to contribute. Bad breaks eventually catch up to teams and it’s finally happened to the Warriors this season.

      Steph had nothing left in game four.

      They’ve done a terrible job drafting.

      Bell has been okay based on his relative draft position, but he’s not a top tier sub at this point of his career.

      Damion Jones is terrible.

      The kid from Cincy is still way too green to give big minutes to.

      It’s tough drafting so low but decent players can still be found. Last year the Knicks grabbed Mitchell Robinson in the 2nd and he’s being talked about as being a foundational player for them or a blue chip trade piece for the Brow.

      If he is there, I want the Dubs to draft Carsten Edwards. He’s the closest player to Curry in this draft.

      Draft aside, Meyers is going to have to work some magic or the Dubs could quickly settle into irrelevance in their fancy new home.

      1. Steph scores 47 points, and posters are ripping him? smh.
        The loss of Klay just showed how important his defense is to the team. Game 4, he showed how he is a Warrior, but he was a Wounded Warrior.

        1. Seb..
          Save the excuses dude.
          With Thompson playing they have beat them once this whole year.
          Thompson was the one in the lockeroom after game two talking trash about seeing them in Oakland.
          Thompson looked good last game.
          So save the excuses of this injury slowing them down.
          This team should beat this raptors team without KD.

          They were heavily favored for a reason coming in to these finals and that was without KD’s status.

          Toronto just has a better coach and are hungrier and more physical in this series.

          I’ll give a little room for them being tired. It does take a toll going to five straight nba finals.

          1. “They were heavily favored for a reason coming in to these finals”

            Because the sports books knew that everyone was overlooking Toronto. It was easy money for them.

          2. We will see. If KD comes back, look out. Attrition is a factor in many leagues, but losing a 2 time finals MVP is hard to overcome. Blazers lost 2 of their games by a total of 5 points, so KD was missed then, too.
            Klay did play well, but he was not 100%. If the Warrior team is at full health, the Warriors can win 3 games.
            Steph says he does not know what is wrong with himself, but he does not look like the old Steph. Maybe he needs to face elimination to awaken the old Championship Steph.
            Like many said, Kerr is still best coach in the league, but Nicks is also a good coach. Kerr has been resilient, dealing with all the injuries, but if he has KD back, Toronto will not be handed the Championship.

            1. “Like many said, Kerr is still best coach in the league, but Nicks is also a good coach.”

              I don’t agree with this… Popp is still the best IMO, he has won with many different styles and leaders. He has beaten better teams with lesser talent and his teams consistently performed better than the some of their parts.

              I think Kerr is often underrated as a coach but he has had the most talented team in the league for the past 3 seasons one of those teams blew a 3-1 lead in the finals.

              1. Considering they won 3 out of the last 4 Championships, Kerr has done well.
                However, I will concede that Greg Popovich is an elite coach, and has done more with less talent.
                I am sure Steve Kerr would say that Pop is superior to him. If Kerr claws his way to a Championship, after being down 1-3, we will have another argument.

    2. I am kind of in agreement with you here… I hate to say it and I want Curry to be a guy I trust in big moments but I just don’t. He plays with so much joy its fun to watch. However, in a big moment I would prefer Klay or KD to have the ball.
      Step’s production drops across the board in the playoffs and he has gone cold often in Key moments but the worst part is that I feel he is more likely to turn the ball over than make a big play in high pressure moments.

    1. LeBron has never been a true leader on any team he’s played for.
      Why would he shoulder any blame.
      He’s a diva and iMO will never be top 3 of the GOAT’
      Some have the drive in their veins to take over and shoulder the blame.
      He doesn’t have that KB and MJ killer instinct. He plays solely on his talent.

  10. MD,
    The LeBron, Jordan talk no longer has merit.
    MJ, is the best. Not only more ships, but he made those around him better.
    LeBron went to LA and it’s a dumpster fire.

      1. LeBron has retired. Let’s face it. KD won’t be far behind him either. He’s setting up a media company, just like LBJ. The goal for KD and his business manager, Rich Kleinman is to eventually own the Knicks. That’s their plan. KD wants to be a mogul and Kleinman’s lifelong dream has been to own the Knicks.

        BTW, if I were James Dolan, I wouldn’t let KD or Kleinman get anywhere near their franchise if he wants to keep it. We’ve seen hostile takeovers in the NBA before. Jim Fitzgerald and Dan Finane did it with the Warriors. The Ballmer led group was a beneficiary of the Donald Sterling set up. Rumor has it, that Magic Johnson wanted in on the Clippers but didn’t get the title after the carnage. We also saw it in Seattle, when the OKC group moved in on the Sonics and rigged their exodus. All different versions, but if Dolan was smart, he would keep KD and Kleinman out of the henhouse.

        Steph is now the executive producer of Holy Moly and some other projects. Gone are the days of guys just playing basketball. They want in on the world game and want to parlay their names and brands while they’re playing, not after when people begin to forget them. We’re in a new era. Not saying it’s better or worse, but players who simply played and worked their asses off just for the game, are a vanishing breed.

        1. More money now than in the past…
          These guys have retirement money in their early 20s…100+million dollars…

          Alot of the old skool guys had to keep playing….and also took odd jobs in the offseason just to make it…

  11. If Trevor Ariza has anything left, I’d like to see him on the Dubs. He’d be a very good fit.

    Also, I think the Dubs should take a stab at Taco Fall late in the second. At 7’7 he could present some real challenges for 10 to 15 mins a game and add a different wrinkle to what they do.

  12. The Warriors averaged just over 117 pts per game this season. In their 6 against Toronto they’ve averaged just over 105 and been held to 93 and 92 at home. They’ve hit their season average only once against the Raptors with 119 in regulation up in Toronto.

  13. Anyone know if Durant is playing tonight? Even if the team can only get a half of a game out of him, it is worth it to have him on the bench. I might use a strategy of playing him sparingly if the rest of the guys are playing well. But if they falter, at least KD would be available to play and hopefully get the team into a competitive position. Still the lack of playing time might take its toll on KD’s consistency and that to me is the biggest value he brings to a team that without KD is boom or bust.

          1. KD out, Cousins in.
            Two guys with something to prove.
            What a series this would have been if both were healthy!

  14. Win tonight. Bring it back to the Bay. Win again and set it up for a game seven. Everyone wants a game seven in Toronto with people losing their minds.

  15. Never, have a I seen a series with so much drama, emotion and energy. If it goes seven (and I think it will) it will go down as one of the most memorable finals in history. If the Warriors can somehow pull this off, it elevates them to one of the greatest teams of all time. Win or lose, enjoy it all while you can.

  16. Anybody else notice the sub packages and rotations Kerr implemented finally.
    His best coached game of the season. Easily.
    And maybe it took KD to come in and leave for Kerr to realize he had to switch up the offensive plan without him there.
    Looks like the fans are getting a full series. And anything can happen in game 7. If it goes there. Advantage champs.

    1. “Anybody else notice the sub packages and rotations Kerr implemented finally.”

      Anyone else notice the Warriors tied their best shooting percentage of the series, 46.3%? Tying what they did in game 2? Who won that game?

      “His best coached game of the season. Easily.”

      Amazing how much better the coach looks when the team hits their shots.

  17. If Nurse has been out coaching Kerr, that ended last night.
    I know that this subject has been kicked around since the Raptors loss last night, but it bears repeating.

    Nurse may have lost the game by calling
    a time out at the most inopportune time.
    Calling a T. O. when his team, especially Leonard had taken over the game was inexcusable.
    IMO, that was tantamount to throwing
    out a roadstrip to stop a fast moving vehicle.

    If the Warriors can weather the loss of KD and other injured players (that are playing) like Klay (hamstring), Curry (finger), Looney (chest injury), Cousins (still hobbled) and win the series, I’m sure that the Nurse vs Kerr talk will abruptly come to an end.

    And if the Raptors never contend for a ship again, Nurse’ horrible T. O. call will haunt them/him for a long time.
    Just ask Kyle Shanahan how that feels.

    1. Larry Kreuger mentioned that, and tied it back to the Niners by talking about the Time Out JH called just before Kaep strolled into the end zone., in the SB.
      Coaching does make a difference.
      Warriors do have a chance, but the road team has won 4 out of 5 games. Cousins will need to show up in order to replace KD. Glad to see Steph become the Championship Steph, and Klay looks fully recovered from his injury. Iggy with his 30 minutes, looks like he is fighting every second, and helped make a difference.

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