NFC West transaction tracker and stock report

Arizona Cardinals offensive lineman Mike Iupati (76) pass blocks against the San Francisco 49ers during the second half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Oct. 28, 2018, in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Ralph Freso)

Here is the complete list of players each NFC West team has added and subtracted from its roster this offseason. Which team has improved the most? Which team has improved the least?

49ers’ additions
DE Dee Ford
ILB Kwon Alexander
ILB David Mayo
CB Jason Verrett
RB Tevin Coleman
WR Jordan Matthews
K Jonathan Brown

49ers’ subtractions
DE Cassius Marsh
ILB Brock Coyle
NT Earl Mitchell
WR Pierre Garcon
RB Alfred Morris
OT Garry Gilliam
P Bradley Pinion

Cardinals’ additions
ILB Jordan Hicks
OLB Terrell Suggs
CB Robert Alford
OLB Brooks Reed
ILB Tanner Vallejo
OG J.R. Sweezy
OG Max Garcia
OT Marcus Gilbert
WR Kevin White
TE Charles Clay
QB Brett Hundley

Cardinals’ subtractions
OG Mike Iupati
DE Markus Golden
ILB Deone Bucannon
FS Tre Boston
SS Antoine Bethea
DT Rodney Gunter
DT Olsen Pierre
WR J.J. Nelson
OT Joe Barksdale
OG Daniel Munyer
OG John Wetzel
OG Oday Aboushi
TE Jermaine Gresham
QB Mike Glennon
K Phil Dawson

Seahawks’ additions
OG Mike Iupati

Seahawks’ subtractions
FS Earl Thomas
RB Mike Davis
LB Mychal Kendricks
DE Dion Jordan
DE Quinton Jefferson
CB Justin Coleman
DB Neiko Thorpe
DB Maurice Alexander
OG J.R. Sweezy
QB Brett Hundley
K Sebastian Janikowski

Rams’ additions
FS Eric Weddle
QB Blake Bortles

Rams’ substractions
FS Lamarcus Joyner
ILB Mark Barron
DT Ndamukong Suh
OLB Dominique Easley
OLB Matt Longacre
ILB Ramik Wilson
ILB Bryce Hager
ILB Garrett Sickels
DT Ethan Westbrooks
CB Sam Shields
CB Troy Hill
RB C.J. Anderson
OG Rodger Saffold
OC John Sullivan
QB Sean Mannion


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  1. As of today–Saint Patrick’s Day–I’d say the 9ers and Cardinals about neck and neck as most improved, with the 9ers just ahead. Like it or not, the 9ers have some stability at HC and other coaching positions. Have improved some in the position coach ranks. So far the 9ers have a few free agents coming in with serious promise. Add them to a smallish core of very good players and some good things may happen. Cards are back to starting out in squares 1 and 2. Of course, the draft has yet to come, and free agency remains in play.

    Seattle has improved least, but the overall ‘starting’ core remains good.

    We’re talking greatest/least improvement here, not ultimate standings in ’19.

    1. cassie, are you giving Cards credit for “addition by subtraction”??? otherwise, I don’t see how there neck and neck!
      Cards LOST both starting S’s a OG and a really good kicker. and that’s at least. gained a 37 yr old pass rusher and a starting LB ……lost ATLEAST 4 starters and gained 1 or 2……
      I see a lot of bodies moving around in Arizona…..but I don’t see much of an upgrade……

      I think the niners upgraded across the board…..the only debate is Mathews vs Garcon….one being more accomplished and the other being full of potential

      1. I did say the 9ers were just ahead…maybe the 9ers have longer necks. I’m factoring-in the injury component for the 9ers–may be a big deal, maybe not so big. Today I’m too lazy to research the relative health of the AZ squad.

        1. that’s fair. I see AZ’s moves as pretty poor. I’m to lazy to research as well….but not one name rings out to me other than Suggs and Hicks. But they lost 4 starters at least…..losing both S is tough. And us niner fans know Dawson is a good kicker.

          on the other hand, I think the trade for Ford is the best offseason move so far by any team!!!!! hes youngr than AB and OBJ……comes without drama….and only cost a 2nd rounder.
          Flowers to the Lions is up there….I like the AB deal over the OBJ deal…based simply on the price.

  2. Comparing the current roster to the 2018 roster at the beginning of TC, the 49ers are already a little bit stronger without having yet added draft picks. Dee Ford is obviously the big area of improvement. The other additions are nice but probably haven’t moved the needle much from where they were at the start of TC last season unless Verrett makes a full recovery from injury and stays healthy. Coleman is a nice addition to add some extra depth, and Alexander is an improvement from where they were at the end of last season, but to start last year they had Foster, so really just replacing what they lost.

    1. what you say is true scooter……however, your giving Foster far too much credit! your judging his value based on “projections”……he was projected to be a very good LB in this league!!!!!! but hes done NOTHING!!!!!! no all pro, no pro bowl, never led the league in tackles…….basically hes never done shiiiii !!!!! your being too kind. KA is leaps and bounds more accomplished…..making him a HUGE UPGRADE over RF!

      1. No need to get your panties in a twist over it j.

        Foster played well as a rookie and is obviously a talented player.

    2. I disagree about Tevin Coleman. He’s a starting caliber back and has been a starter. Played pretty well last year as well. That’s not depth, they added a healthy starter. It can be argued that the day they signed Coleman, the other two guys became depth.

      1. He was the “backup” at Atlanta, though really just part of their platoon of two backs. When Freeman went down last year he was capable in full time duty. The same can be said of McKinnon and Breida. They now have three RBs that are good platoon guys that are all capable of being full time starters. They therefore added depth to that position.

  3. I excite about our additions. About time they signed some big names instead of those cheap scrubbs who amount to nothing. We don’t want to be missing out on everybody.even though I know we can’t get everybody.

    1. They signed those cheap scrubs last season because there was no one else worth signing. They waited for this season to maximize their resources. You can do that if you are not pressured into winning right away. The players signed last season were just place holders till better players came along.

    1. Didn’t most of us say that last year about Seattle? Everyone counted them out with all those players they lost, but they played well enough to get to the playoffs. Are they anywhere near what they were a few years ago? No. But they certainly aren’t in full rebuild mode like we are either. Very much still competitive.

      Still can’t stand them, but I’ll definitely eat my crow on that one.

      1. Last year Seattle got 4 easy games vs divisional opponents. And barely made the playoffs. This year they won’t get those games. Don’t forget GB they could easily grab Seattle’s spot from last year. Not buying Seattle this year.

  4. I actually like what the Seahawks have done. Addition by subtraction, trimming the fat and clearing space for younger guys to come in and compete – that is their mantra, and it makes sense to have younger guys, even UFAs rather than older more expensive veterans who have reached their ceiling.

    I like the moves the Niners have made as a whole, however I think they could get rid of a few more fringe players that probably wont make the roster (i.e. I liked that they released Marsh) such as Malcolm Smith, and maybe they didn’t need to sign Mayo and Brown who are likely to get buried on the depth chart or will be camp bodies at best. Keep the competitive theme going, so far Lynch and Shanahan have been decent at unearthing late round/UFA talent.

      1. Reunited and it feels so good. Reunited ’cause we understood. There’s one perfect fit, and, sugar, this one is it. We both are so excited ’cause we’re reunited.

  5. Pete Caroll has proved that he can coach up players and make them fit his system. The jury is still out on the new coaching staff for the Niners.

    I like the FA signings so far though….need a strong draft. At least 3 starters……another Edge, WR and TE/OL

    1. Shanahan isn’t coaching his players up!!??? hes not a master of “his system”!!!!????
      how you explain UFAR qb looking like the 2nd best rookie qb in a class that included 5 first rounders!!???
      or MB with 5.3 ypc average???? projected 3rd stringer!!
      CjB already has a better career than some #1 overall picks ( J.Russell, Couch, Leaf)??

      1. What about players like Solomon Thomas, Akhello Witherspoon and Tarvarious Moore? TThey were Top 100 picks.

        1. wrong side of the ball obviously !! on a serious note….no one would be whining about ST had he been a 3rd round pick…..instead of the 3rd OVERALL!! if you draft a DT at #3 and hes not Aaron Donald 2.0…….ppl are gonna be pissed! The guy has dealt w tremendous personal issues with the death of his sister or whatever….its impressive that he hasent just packed it in…..quit the league to go smoke pot or something.
          hell benefit with an edge rush.

          Same for AW. played well as a rookie….but last year, a perfect storm! no pass rush, no reliable safety to help…and teams constantly throwing over there to avoid RS.

          TM trying to switch positions and didn’t play much. jury still out on him as well as the other 2 players mentioned.

          1. This is what I said….Jury is still out on this “new” coaching staff. We just have a bunch of new position coaches who will try to coach up these players…..Jury is still out on them, making it work. Let’s wait and watch.

            1. Faith, I totally disagree, that was my point! KS has killed it on the offensive side of the ball!!! every stinking qb hes thrown out there has looked a heck of a lot better than the combo of Kap and Gabbert! both of whom were high draft picks! a 3rd rounder and URFA have looked far better than those 1st and 2nd rounders……..and JG looks far better than all 4!!
              MMcG looks better, and far cheaper than TB…..
              Goodwin has had the best couple years of his career here….
              MB was leading the league in rushing b4 injuries set in, he still had an impressive 5.3 ypc….he started the years as a 3rd stringer basically. first backing up jet, then baking up AM.

              2 year win total b4 KS=4
              2 year win total after KS-10

              remember this- a couple years ago…KS was the offensive genius everyone was raving about…almost won the SB when he had a roster with a little talent!!

              hes been forgotten in favor of his prodigy, SM, due to a poor roster he inherited and all the injuries.

              ill give you this- DEFENSIVLY…….its still a work in progress and some coaches are unproven!
              but its unfair to put that label on the entire staff!

  6. Very solid signings with a few to be potentially great…..depending on health. Draft still looming and plenty of cap space remaining, plus a few good vets will be cut around the league when their replacement is drafted. Niners are sitting real pretty right now…….yeeeeee!

  7. Let’s keep in mind we get some guys back from injury Jimmy G, Kentavious Street and Mckinnon who can also be counted as additions. We are in pretty good shape going into the draft. Still need WR, CB, S and G

    1. There is a strong liklihood that we go into training camp with edge rushers Dee Ford and Bosa/Allen. Last year we went into camp with Marsh and Attochu. That is a very significant improvement.

      Front 7 wins super bowls.

    2. Jimmy G
      Kwon Alexander
      Jimmie Ward

      In 2019, the 49ers have the chance to lead the NFL in most games missed by starters due to injury. If they draft Bosa, the chance for missed games is even higher.

  8. Some of the gum between the bricks have been replaced with mortar. The team is stronger. Shopping in the draft should give them a new Ford Bosa to park in the driveway. Our neighbors to the north and south are strong, while in the desert they’re about to get strong. We need to come out and show that we’re the new bullies on the block, and run over anyone that gets in our way….

    1. Razor, I am not going to whine and cry if the Niners go with the pundits, and select Bosa. He is very talented and would bolster the defense. The defense will have been rebuilt with major additions throughout. I will be happy if they take Bosa, and expect stout defense from him.
      However, I will lament the fact that the Niners could have gotten good additional picks if they traded back. Then I will move on because they they are strategizing in a different way. The season will unfold and we will make assessments during the off season.
      Whatever the outcome of this next season, there will always be the wonder at the path not taken. This decision to move back should not be done without weighing the alternatives, assessing risks and calculating rewards. What if they could trade back, and still get Bosa? Moving back to 4 with Oakland, watching Murray and Haskins being selected 1-2, then watching the Jets take Josh Allen. Mayock is going to push for Haskins, so he can throw the ball to Brown. Gruden is going to trust Mayock’s judgement, because they just need to use one of their later first round picks to select a very good edge rusher.
      Then, if the Jets take Bosa, the Niners take Allen, who seems like a sack machine. Either would be fine with me. Both would improve the team, and both could play for years, with their speed and talent.

      1. They’ll base their final decision on more professional expertise than all of us in here combined, and so I will be happy with however they choose to proceed….

              1. You need to roll the ‘n’, Razor…

                I suppose I could tweet it to him. I expect Bozo would have a strong response, and perhaps block me in retaliation. Very scary.

            1. The video I’d like to see is the one where you call him Bozo to his face.

              I’d rather not. All the bust-callers would be like, look at the anger issues.

    1. Those darn red flags. Actually, I am looking at Ed Oliver, He has an explosive first step in the film.

      1. @Razor, Try try, try to understand, Montez is a Magic Man.

        @Seb – My oldest son played high school football against Ed Oliver. They graduated high school the same year. I’ve been watching him since he was a freshman in high school. Oliver has the best motor of any d-lineman I’ve ever seen. My son was playing the slot receiver spot. He ran a little reverse and got into the open. The safety took a nice angle and forced my son to cut back inside about 25 yards downfield. Ed Oliver came from the d-tackle spot on the backside of the play and absolutely destroyed my son after he cut back. My son was a 4.5/4.6 guy so he could move a little bit. The motor on Oliver was just amazing. Oliver and Malcolm Brown now with the Patriots were two of the most dominating d-lineman I ever saw play in high school.

  9. We need six players and have 5 draft picks, assuming pick 2 goes to Allen.

    Back up tight end
    Tackle of the future

  10. On paper the Rams and the Seahawks both took hits.. Either has been active in FA. Both teams have better coaching than their counterparts.. . Arizona will take Kyler Murray and I think struggle big time.. Seattle is the $64,000 dollar question. Can’t bet against Pete Carroll and a future HOF QB in Russell Wilson. The Rams still will be deadly Offensively. Despite significant personnel changes will be better defensively. The 49ers are in total prove it mode. Intriguing additions but mostly gambles. And a head coach who struggles strategically on game day inside the 20.. Time for Kyle to put up or shut up..

    1. Funny but one of our biggest problems has been playing on the road. Haven’t seen anyone talk about upgrading that failing. Maybe they need to bring in some more talent in the analytics department to evaluate each players’ potential. Either way, if we want to get beyond 8-8, we’re going to have to find a way to win some games on the road. Kyle is 3-16 so far and one win was against the Rams scrubs. Seriously, it’s tough to blame that on the players. Just saying.

  11. Niners have done well. I do not think they will stop adding players, but will not rush and overpay, tapping into the talent pool.
    I must commend the FO. They have been bold, they have been decisive, they have been aggressive, they have been productive. They have spent cap money. JL has done a good job. KS looks like he has some input on the selections, but not too much, since the big deals were on defense. I will even give Paragg his due, he has written some shrewd contracts, that are team friendly.
    They say everything changes after Free Agency. It sure has. Niners have been busy this off season. They are trying very hard to improve the team. With Ford, the Niners have a pass rusher.They may focus on another area. They should be amenable for a QB trade up, but not desperate, and should be happy and content to select Bosa or Allen. Maybe they will decide to get the best O lineman in the draft to keep JG healthy.

  12. Who is the best o lineman?

    O~line~Pass rush.

    Who is the caparision to the big 3.


    O~line all I here is crickets.

    1. Jawan Taylor. He can play tackle or guard and could be groomed to help replace Staley. Could become a starter for the next 10 years. Luckily, this draft is deep in Pass Rush talent.

    1. Steve,
      Yeah, I have a sense that the Bosa’ would rather play the system then play in the system.

      But having said that, no one has ever doubted Nick’s talent. He will be a QB’s nightmare if he can stay healthy and not fall into the LaVar Ball syndrome with his dad.
      That may be too much to ask of him, though.

  13. The best thing so far about the Niners off season signings and trades is that they have opened up multiple possible moves for the coming draft. They have far more options than they did before and options are always good.

  14. Josh Allen’s ceiling is Von Miller or Khalil Mack.
    Nick Bosa’s ceiling is Joey Bosa.
    Josh has one season with a pro level linebacker coach and fired off 17 sacks. He’s had no major injuries and he’s a dedicated team guy.
    Bosa has had pro level coaching since he was a kid. He’s got a scary injury history and doesn’t have the team commitment Allen does.
    Bosa will be better day one. Allen will have a better career.
    Not to mention he fits a larger need than Bosa.
    Just sayin

    1. So you think the jets would give us a ton of draft picks to move up one spot to take bosa over Allen and then we can take Allen at number 3???

  15. TDN Mock Draft Machine:

    2. Nick Bosa, DE, Ohio St.
    36. Juan Thornhill, FS, Virginia
    67. Terry Mclaurin, WR, Ohio St.
    104. Sean Bunting, CB, Central MI
    176. Trey Pipkins, OT, Sioux Falls
    212. Deonte Roberts, LB, Rutgers

    *No trades.

    1. My Picks

      2 Quinnen Williams DT

      36 Chris Lindstrom OG

      67 Darnell Savage S

      104 Iman Marshall CB

      176 Jaylen Smith WR

      212 Jonathan Ledbetter DE

    2. Not sure what was up with the first post. I kept missing out on Thornhill in the 3rd round. Actually had Rapp available once in the second but that never materialized again. Anyway, I really like these picks, solid prospects covering important needs.

      2 Quinnen Williams DT

      36 Chris Lindstrom OG

      67 Darnell Savage S

      104 Iman Marshall CB

      176 Jaylen Smith WR

      212 Jonathan Ledbetter DE

  16. Still think that trading back is the best strategy, and the Giants would be the best trade partner. However, Oakland may be in the mix, and maybe they can trade back twice, and still get the player they covet.
    At 6, maybe the Niners would still want to trade back with Miami or Denver, who will be coveting a QB.Then, they might miss out on Bosa and Allen, but will gain by getting 2 or 3 more starters.

    1. I will say that the trade back scenario needs willing trade partners, and that the Niners should be content to stand pat and pick at number 2 if no good deals are viable.
      Above all, the Niners should not be taken advantage of, or fleeced. JL needs to accept only good deals, that are a win/win for both sides. Giants may have wanted Buckner, or the number 2 pick for OBJ, but they are just starting high, with the possibility to settle for less. That is a pretty basic trade strategy.
      The good thing is that the Giants have shown an eagerness to move up to number 2, so the Niners are sitting in a position of power. If the Giants persist in unfair deals, they will just miss out on Haskins, so they should be advocating deals that the Niners like, too.
      Maybe he should have asked for Solomon Thomas….

  17. Frank Gore says he will finish his career in a 49er uniform.

    What if after next year, Breida is traded or not resigned……Gore comes in on the minimum and we win the SuperBowl…

    1. Has to be at least one rookie that makes the starting lineup – they should have put some blanks in there.

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