NFL Draft 2019 live blog: Day 3

San Francisco 49er head coach Kyle Shanahan speaks to the media during the NFC/AFC coaches breakfast during the annual NFL football owners meetings, Tuesday, March 26, 2019, in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Matt York)

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for Day 3 of the NFL Draft. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press room.

8:51 Thoughts on the 49ers’ Day 2 picks:

  • Why did the 49ers take Deebo Samuel instead of A.J. Brown? I prefer Brown.
  • Jalen Hurd would have been a good pick in Round 4. He’s a project and he’s coming off an injury. Good Day 3 pick. Reach in Round 3.
  • Some decent safeties still are available. The 49ers need to take one, and they pick second in Round 2.

9:00 More thoughts on Day 2 before Day 3 starts:

  • After watching Joejuan Williams’ clips, I decided he’s better than Greedy Williams. It gratified me to see the Joejuan get taken one pick before Greedy.
  • The Chargers got a good safety (Nasir Adderley) to pair with Derwin James.
  • Andy Isabella is a great fit for the Cardinals as a slot receiver in their Air Raid offense.
  • Juan Thornhill will help Kansas City’s defense immensely, and they’ll need help, because they won’t score as many points without Tyreek Hill.
  • The Jaguars got a good tight end (Josh Oliver) without reaching. Cough, cough.

9:10 The Cardinals take Iowa State wide receiver Hakeem Butler with the 103rd pick. Their four starting receivers are Larry Fitzgerald, Christian Kirk, Andy Isabella and Butler. Nice.

9:12 The 49ers trade down with the Bengals for pick Nos. 110, 183 and 198.

9:14 The Bengals take North Carolina St. quarterback Ryan Finley. He’s the C.J. Beathard of this draft.

9:17 The Saints take Florida free safety Chauncey Gardner-Johnson with the 105th pick. That’s one good safety the 49ers missed by trading down.

9:22 The Raiders take Eastern Michigan defensive end Maxx Crosby with the 106th pick.

9:25 The 49ers just traded Dekoda Watson and the 212th pick to the Broncos for the 148th pick.

9:31 The 49ers take Utah punter Mitch Wishnowski with the 108th pick. Oh my God.

10:11 The Seahawks take West Virginia wide receiver Gary Jennings Jr. with the 120th pick. Great choice. He’ll be better than D.K. Metcalf, the Seahawks pick in Round 2.

10:37 The Patriots take Auburn quarterback Jarrett Stidham with the 133rd pick. Stidham was one of my draft gems, along with N’Keal Harry and Joejuan Williams. The Patriots drafted all three. They owe me a nickel.

10:49 The Raiders take LSU tight end Foster Moreau with the 137th pick. I like Moreau. Similar to Kittle when he came left Iowa.

10:50 Round 5.

10:52 The Cardinals take Alabama free safety Deionte Thompson with the 139th pick. Another decent defensive back off the board. At least the 49ers got their punter, though. Ugh!

11:10 The Lions take Penn State cornerback Amani Oruwariye with the 146th pick. Another decent defensive back off the board.

11:14 The 49ers take Arkansas linebacker Dre Greenlaw with the 10th pick in Round 5. Stay tuned for my analysis.

12:17 The Falcons take Washington cornerback Jordan Miller with the 172nd pick. Another defensive back the 49ers didn’t want.

12:22 Sixth round.

12:23 The Cardinals take Fresno State wide receiver KeeSean Johnson with the 174th pick. Johnson is the third receiver the Cardinals have taken.

12:25 The 49ers take Stanford tight end Kaden Smith with the 176th pick. Stay tuned for my analysis.

12:39 The 49ers take Vanderbilt offensive tackle Justin Skule with the 183rd pick. Stay tuned for my analysis.

1:19 The 49ers take Virginia cornerback Tim Harris with the 198th pick. Stay tuned for my analysis.

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  1. Grant – What Safeties would be good picks for the Niners?

    Where do you see your other Gems going today? Will QB Stidham come off the board in round#4?

    You already hit BIG on some of your Gems.

    Tytus Howard OT from Alabama went at #23 over several more highly touted O-linemen.

    Joejuan Williams of Vandy, another Gem, actually went before Greedy Williams who was touted as a first rounder by some of the draft experts. Great pick by Belichick, who knows something about defense and winning Super Bowls.

    Jamel Dean of Auburn, another Gem, went to the Bucs in round 3 at #94.

    Also, you hit on the trade of Josh Rosen to the Dolphins.

    1. Safeties who would be good picks for the 49ers:
      Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, Florida
      Amani Hooker, Iowa
      Sheldrick Redwine, Miami

      I expect Stidham definitely will come off the board in Round 4

  2. There ya go Seb. You got your trade back. Now can we not here that phrase again until 2020? Thanks in advance.

    1. Kinda like Gettleman. He was excoriated for his first 2 picks, so he got desperate, and traded his second, 4th and 5th round picks to move up.
      I had proposed a deal where Gettleman would send their first, second 4th and 5th round picks to move up with the Niners.
      Sure am glad the Niners accepted a deal that was fair, and not too good to be true.
      Glad JL is learning from his mistakes.

  3. It is so clear to me that this is Shanahan’s team. JL is a yes man to Shanny. This year he had better produce! Seems like he thinks he can score more points than the other team. The non address of the secondary is almost as egregious as what they did with pass rushers past couple of years.

    1. Seriously??? After all the defense this team has drafted and spent in free agency, you’re convinced that this is Kyles team? Wow where do you guys come up with this crap? Get over it, they have spent 3 years on defense with draft and free agency. Now you’re mad because they want offense 🤔🤔🤔

      1. Last season they drafted an OT and WR with their first 2 picks. In 2017, KS stood on a table and demanded they trade up for Joe Williams, who was off JL’s draft board.

  4. No we still have a pick this round. Coming up. We got Cincy’s fourth plus two sixes I believe. Nice trade. We pick coming up after Oak.

  5. Deionte Thompson? He’s a pure FS in this system. Let’s go get him John! David Edwards would be another one to go get, OT, Wisconsin.

      1. Absolutely. You just saw Kingsbury reach for Isabella yesterday because he’s a scheme fit. Shanny does the same thing because it’s his offense, and so I think everyone stays in the lane they know best, and quite frankly why they were hired. It just so happens that your GM is a savant when it comes to safety. John Elway on qb’s? Not so much….😃

          1. The 6th rounder played above his pay grade for a season. We’ll see what Harris has this year. He’s definitely a savant when compared to me.😉

  6. There are 3 safety’s that I still like at this point. If they can pull one of them and get the C/G Jordan from Ohio St….then that might make a pretty decent draft haul imo.

    1. After that pick I want to see the draft board!!! Because you know they are going to say we got our guy on our board.

    1. Rarely come to this blog anymore. Just during draft time mainly. As long as the Yorks own the 49ers and are in charge, I see the team going nowhere. And this year’s draft is yet another reaffirmation of that. Now following Baker Mayfield and my beloved Browns.

  7. This feels worse than when Baalke used a 5th rounder to take Pinion. They have four sixth rounders that they could have used on a punter.

    1. He actually had a 5th round grade, so without a 5th rounder, they got their punter on the cheap for the next 4 years.

      I think these 6th rounders are gonna be where they show their chops in identifying and filling out the rest of the roster.

    1. We have been clowns for some time.

      You should see what people do when I tell them I’m a 49er fan.

      Almost as bad as the reactions to the Browns (incredulity and pity).

  8. Yea baby!!!!!! That’s two picks for Juan! I’m glad they are listening to me. A reminder!

    Juan 1.0

    2. Nick Bosa EDGE Ohio St.
    36. Deionte Thompson S Alabama
    67. Emanuel Hall WRF Missouri
    104. Max Scharping OT Northern Illinois
    176. Michael Jackson CB Miami (FL)
    212. Mitch Wishnowsky P Utah

    Couple Mitch (Ray Guy 2.0) with our revamped defense. Field position baby. Great pick.
    Scorecard: Juan 2, Seb and his Idle 0

    LOL! Let the negativity begin!

    1. Juan, gratz, You do have a lot of good football knowledge.
      However, picking a punter in the 4th round seems kinda obtuse…..

      1. Naw Seb, with all do respect, not as much as you guys. Your very smart, all kidding aside. I’m just an old football fan who has been to more 49er games over 64 years then most around here. Sorry, that’s the truth and I can honestly state that without the kicking game we had in the glory years, we wouldn’t have 5 trophies. I witnessed all those years, in person, including all 5 SB wins. But, having said that, I think you and others over think things sometimes. As far as rounds, I don’t focus on that as much as you do. I just want players. Great players. What round they get them in, I don’t really care, and I don’t over analyze. Hey, you got your trade back. Be happy. It’s laughable to me how some discard the importance of the punter and the kicking game. To me, those folks don’t know much about football. With all due respect. To gamble that he would still be available in later rounds is obtuse.

        1. Juan, do not sell yourself short. I value your input on this site, because you actually do not verbally abuse me like some others.
          I fully admit I am just a die hard faithful fan, and never played a down in a game. However, like you, I attended those games in 1979, though the Glory Years, and those are the memories that will sustain me.
          To be totally honest, I am a little grumpy because Amani Oruwriye was my last best chance to get a hit on my mock. That would have evened out the score between you and me, but alas, it was not meant to be.
          I still think the best strategy is to select position players to provide depth and development, locking them into rookie contracts, and wait until after the draft to get an UDFA punter or kicker. Guess the Niners disagree. I wonder how many punters have been drafted in the 4th round in the history of the game. Not many, I assume.
          Yes, the Niners finally made a fair deal, and got a trade back. They even bundled a pick and a player to move up in the draft. Glad JL is learning from his mistakes.

            1. Hope springs eternal.
              With this draft, I do not think JL hit a grand slam, but he did advance the runners, so they are poised to win.

  9. Well, we did need a punter…I was wrong about the round and player, but did note that the Niners were definitely taking a punter in the draft: “WHAT I THINK THE NINERS WILL DO: Jake Bailey, P Stanford. I know many here realize we can get a punter and/or kicker as an undrafted free agent, but the Niners have invested too much time and travel by their Special Teams coaches not to think where there is smoke, there is fire. A punter will be selected.”

    Really wanted Amari Omuwariye for Corner though. D’Andre Baker for the SAM position.

    Khari Willis would have been a better pick than Chauncey Gardner-Thompson, so good for the Colts. Thompson has some serious issues (which Grant pointed out in his great video breakdown). There is a reason Thompson is falling. I think we can get Lukas Denis in the 6th round, and would be fine with him over Thompson.

  10. Wow a punter. No OL! No CB! No saftey! Was this a Jeb York pick? Or is everyone involved with the draft on drugs!

      1. I inadvertently swallowed hot coffee and then spilled some on my lap.
        But it may not be as outrageous as it looks. At least they got a starter. They seem to feel confident that most of the day 3 picks will be camp bodies and practice squad players…

  11. It takes all three phases to win in the NFL. Punter is among the most important positions on the team. Look up this guy. He’s a friggin howitzer. You’ll love him, guaranteed. Best punter in the country. He’ll be the Patrick Mahomes of this draft. You know, the guy most people said wouldn’t make an immediate impact in the league. Right?

    1. Personally, I hope the Niners drive the length of the fied and score, so a punter is used infrequently.
      Guess they are counting on a lot of punts……

      1. You think? Not a single OL. I’ll assume they feel if Jimmy G can’t get it done ( with the current lineup), they have Mullen’s? I guess in retrospect Mullen’s did create and win games with current lineman we have on the roster.

  12. Gil Brandt: “Mitch Wishnowsky is the former Aussie Rukes rugby player. He’ll change the position of the field for the 49ers. Tremendous punting talent in mold of Michael Dickson. I love this pick in Round 4”

    1. CFC maintains Brandt is no longer relevant. I’ve maintained that he’s more relevant than CFC, myself or anyone else in here.

    1. Mid,
      Shouldn’t first half of Day 3 picks be more about needs and second half about Best Athlete Available (BAA)?
      Maybe FO feels that the DBs in rounds 4 and 5 are neither good athletes not good enough technicians to be backup… They got the best player at a position they need a starter. That’s the only way I can explain it.

  13. 1. If I recall correctly about 1/2 of the people on this blog complained constantly about the punter. Too many touchbacks and out of bounds kicks.
    2. Mitch is supposed to have excellent control of his kicks.
    3. Is everyone sure he would be available in the later rounds?
    4. Is it possible Lynch thinks the DB talent in the draft is not better than those on the roster?
    5. A good punter can win a game or two by pining a team deep in their end of the field in the last few minutes of a game.
    6. KS has been clear he was very unhappy with how the team closed or didn’t close out games last year.

      1. I agree. Always agreed. That’s Kyle’s biggest flaw in my humble opinion. He’s a stubborn little guy. Why wouldn’t you want the help? He could still have the final say on plays. Doesn’t make sense to me.

        1. I would even welcome Mike Shanahan as OC. They worked out well together, and Mike would never undermine his son, or be considered a threat to his coaching.

  14. So we had the worst secondary in football last year and we drafted a punter. This guy may never see the field unless he moonlights as a safety! hahah, FUJL

  15. for me this punter has more value than any actual cb/s project on the board, because he will make special teams great again. i think they know completely what they are doing. this is a very profound draft and will feed any childish fanboy crying for ol & db help in the 6th round, don’t worry.

    1. You forget that the team too another WR in round three. Now this…

      Wasted opportunities….

      Every year with this regime.

  16. Ok this guy is a technician. He’s worth the pick and will be a perineal pro bowler. His kicking style isn’t just of a punter but actually a soccer player. The way he angles his punts to the sides to cut down half the field is amazing. This guy is impressive!!!!

    1. He’s the best. Jake Bailey would have been the best this year but he was unlucky to be in the same class as Mitch who seems to be a generational punter — whatever that may mean…

        1. While you edge towards the caboose of the Lynch train, stop for a while at the diner car to enjoy an IPA and look out into the beautiful spring morning here in the Bay Area, or maybe pick up a glass of Redwine (Miami safety picked at #119), and consider this:
          Mitch is a 27 year old who runs a 4.63 …..

  17. Highly questionable spot for a punter, but if the team had its mind set on grabbing one at least go after the best.
    I would have picked Sumia, but hey, it is what it is.

  18. Man, you know who is killing the draft (much to the chagrin of the rest of the league)? The Patriots. It helps having 12 picks to start, but Jeebus:

    1. N’Keal Harry. I preferred AJ Brown, but what a solid player that with the outside size and ability to win 50-50 balls.
    2. Joejuan Williams. Grant nailed this guy as a sleeper, and I mentioned in that blog that I liked him after hearing about him from a couple scouting reports.
    3. Chase Winovich. Non-stop motor, fits the Patriots perfectly at Outside Linebacker. Replaces Trey Flowers, and I can’t imagine him not succeeding (high floor player).
    4. Damien Harris. Solid running back, great backup to Sony Michel.
    5. Yodny Cajuste. I was high on Cajuste, ranking him slightly above Tytus Howard.

    There is a reason they are the class of the NFL (also, having Brady and Belichick helps).

    1. I would give the Pats an A for the draft, and they picked last.
      I am giving the Niners a C so far in the draft, and they picked number 2.

  19. If they draft a kicker I’d want a guy who is excellent in the medium range. Given the way the Niners tend to stall out on drives and settle for kicks, a high percentage kicker for that range should suffice. Don’t need a guy who can occassionally kick a 60-yard bomber.

      1. Think one of the 6th round picks should be on a kicker Razor? I’m leaning that way myself, should be able to get something for Gould on the trade market.

        1. Well, they said they’re not trading Gould so not sure. Depends if they like one and whether or not they can stash him on the practice squad I imagine.

  20. The punter pick was horrific!
    The worst part about it was seeing Shanny & Lynch in the war room high-fiving & laughing after they just picked a punter in the 4th round. They were celebrating like they had just won the Super Bowl! How embarrassing!!

  21. Paraag told Lynch if he takes Bosa he only has $250,000 to spend on all other picks. So this is what we get. But don’t anyone say he decides who we draft.

  22. Wonder if the Bears will trade one of there starters
    DB or S; for Robbie Gould? Lot of noise about Robbie in the Chicago papers

  23. 1. Nick Bosa A+
    2. Deebo Samuel B
    3. Jalen Hurd B-
    4. Mitch Wishnowsky A
    5. Dre Greenlaw C+
    6. Kaden Smith B
    7. Justin Skule B
    8. Tim Harris B+

    Overall Grade B+

    Nice job fellas!


  24. I believe the 49ers followed their faith and selected the right players for this draft in the 2019 class I’m promoting playoffs for the niners hope you see my point of view the 49ers had a grade average in my books of C- for the most part they wanted to select not for this year but for the next couple seasons

  25. Overall, I would give Bosa an A-, for his injury issues and the possibility of a hold out.
    The later players did not impress me, so overall, I think this draft deserves a B-.

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