NFL Draft live blog: Day 3

Kansas defensive end Dorance Armstrong Jr. (2) runs past Iowa State offensive lineman Josh Knipfel (66) during the second half of an NCAA college football game, Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017, in Ames, Iowa. Iowa State won 45-0. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

This is the live blog for Day 3 of the NFL Draft. I will update this with information and analysis from my living room.

9:07 The Panthers take tight end Ian Thomas from Indiana with the first pick in Round 4.

9:21 The Colts take running back Nyheim Hines from North Carolina State with the 104th pick. Check out the players the Colts have drafted so far: G Quenton Nelson, LB Darius Leonard, G Braden Smith, DE Kemoko Turay, DE Tyquan Lewis and Hines. Great draft so far. Colts GM Chris Ballard is terrific.

9:29 The Giants take quarterback Kyle Lauletta from Richmond with the 108th pick. That’s the quarterback some people expected the Patriots to draft. They have the 114th pick.

9:54 The Cowboys take defensive end Dorance Armstrong Jr. from Kansas with the 116th pick. Armstrong is one of my favorite edge rushers in the draft. The 49ers should have traded up for him.

9:56 Todd McShay said Armstrong played with a partially torn ACL last season. That explains why his production fell. He’s going to be terrific in the NFL.

10:00 Random thought: I wonder if Scot McCloughan pushed the Browns to draft Nick Chubb in Round 2. McCloughan drafted Frank Gore in 2005, and Gore and Chubb are similar. Both blew out knees in college. Both are tough, instinctual runners.

10:26 The 49ers take DE Kentavius Street from North Carolina State with the 128th pick. Stay tuned for my analysis.

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  1. Draft like a son of Lynch. Go, baby go!

    Grant from his living room while in his 49ers Pajamas. The ones with the footies.

    1. Willie, best of Edge, CB, OG will be the pick.

      Edge-Sweat, Ejiofor, Ogo, Armstrong, Holland
      CB-McFadden, Hill, Jackson
      OG-Crosby, Teller, Bozeman

  2. I hope we actually draft a starter at some point. So far I see one starter drafted on a roster that has talent at the same level of Cleveland + Jimmy.

      1. I understand the pick… but who’s place is he taking? Smith or Fosters? If he replaces foster look for the team to try and replace him in 3 years.

          1. Should be replacing Smith by 2019, if Foster is like a cat and gets another life. He can play anyone of the LB positions anyways….

  3. I’d love an Edge rusher, but honestly don’t trust any if them at this point. Have to go with a measurables guy and pray he develops in the pros when he couldn’t in college. If rather draft a guard or db at this spot given the remaining talent.

  4. The agony .

    1. Mock drafts are somewhat entertaining and probably a little therapeutic, but ultimately futile.
    2. I am not on board with the niners 2-4 year plan to win a super bowl. That is absurd.
    3. Even if they think they are 2 years away , how does drafting petis help?
    4. Even if they think they are 2 years away , they still need to draft someone who can pressure opposing qb.
    5. Bizarre strategy. I guess these are the growing pains Lynch talked about when he was hired.

    1. Or they feel they’re not two years out and feel they are right there. And they trust Solomon will become the guy they invisioned when they took him at 3 last year.
      The 49ers were one of the best at QB pressure last year I think I read somewhere.
      They’re in a Seattle defense type of thinking. Seattle never had a real dominate pass rush, their secondary set the tone and gave their front 7 all the time in the world to break down offensive lines.
      It seems they’re trying to go that way instead of a NY Giants strong 4 man rush that helps the secondary.
      Solomon will be key this year. Pressure is on him to become the second threat on that line.

      1. Thomas is not, and was never projected as an edge rusher by SF. And how is SF building around their secondary? What high round picks have they made there?

        1. the safeties are solid. They picked up Sherman and have solid play on the other side. That’s how. And yes they want Thomas rushing the passer better.

    2. Rollotomasi

      I think that you’d rather bitch, moan, and bellyache about what you don’t like about the draft than attend our next Super Bowl…This is the best draft we’ve had in 10 years…live with it…talk about panic…Geez

  5. Ok so does anyone else have an inclination that Reid will resign and maybe fill in at LB at times? Don’t know why but I have that feeling since they changing my thinking every player they draft. It’s totally opposite of what we’ve seen in SF for awhile.

    1. Fred Warner seems like he’s a good fit for that hybrid LB/safety role that Reid played last year. I think we’ll see a lot of him in nickel.

    1. He took Leonard over Warner? That was a big whiff for mine. I think Roseman is the best GM in the game right now.

      1. Philly fans were ready to run Roseman out of town over the Dream Team … until he struck gold with the Wentz draft.
        Baalke was the GM of the year and the fan fave until he wasn’t.
        Bellichick was the greatest drafting GM until he whiffed on several in a row.
        Drafting is a crap-shoot.
        Fans incensed over their GM not drafting their crushes think the GMs are greener on the other side of the fence.
        Somewhere in those thoughts is a thread…..

        1. Not really about analysis or evaluation, it’s about folks’ expectations not being met……..and we’re the amateurs!
          For instance, McG was only on my radar in a trade back scenario, not so much at #9, but at least two front offices valued him higher for their needs. Looks like I and my media expert sources had that wrong, not necessarily Lynch and McKenzie.
          How about the great mantra on here about Landry at #9? How many teams pounced on him when SF “blew” their opportunity to draft him? Round 2.
          Stock up on Snickers bars for Day#3.
          Then we can get all excited about the udfa’s!

          1. That really stuck in my craw ;-) I was on board with Landry as our next Elephant in the draft room. How disappointing! But I forgive Shanalynch and move on ….

          1. Still, he deserves credit. If Jimmy goes on to have half the career of Brady, he’ll go down as one of the great GM’s in 49ers history….

    2. Says the guy who said he was done with this team. Yet still use the term we! Get over it. Ballard hasn’t done anything special except draft Nelson. You won’t hear from the rest of those guys in 3 years.

  6. I think they have done a good job of drafting.
    McGlinchey starter at O-line.
    Pettis starter at Special Teams.
    Warner getting plenty of snaps.
    If we’re looking for rookies that can contribute right away these 3 will see plenty of action.

    1. Trading up into the second to draft a special teams starter is not wise. Especially considering all of our other needs.

      1. “Who knew he played with a partially torn ACL last season?”

        The league. That’s why he went from a day 2 pick to a day 3 pick. Dallas got a good one.

  7. Matt Waldman considered Pettis one of the best if not the best WR in the draft. He compared him to Brandon Lloyd, and before you slam that comparison, remember that Lloyd led the entire NFL in receiving one year in Denver and was an all pro. Lloyd’s issue was that he had a personality disorder that made it a bumpy road at times, but he had terrific hands, and insane body control. Pettis can beat press coverage, has terrific hands and is a threat to take it to the house at any time after he catches it.

    He’s not a luxury pick. He’ll contribute from day one and provide insurance for the oft injured Garcon and Goodwin.

    I think he’s a great pick and would not have lasted through the end of the 2nd.

  8. Blah, half the blog hates our draft. Brown had to be moved and replaced, even if he was committed and healthy. He never fit and he never will.

    Thinking that Pettis will be ST only is really disrespectful to KS. You all really think he traded up in the 2nd for a punt returner? If so, why aren’t you all calling for his job? Pettis gets separation from great route running.

    Warner will start. He’s already better than Smith, Coyle, and Toomer. Warner and Foster are both 3 down players.

    Moore is the only questionable pick so far. But he’s got speed, length, and ballhawking ability, which Saleh covets.

    1. I have zero problems with the draft. These guys have a plan and are sticking to it whether is popular or not means nothing to them and that’s the way it should be.

    2. Well said #80, coach preaches quickness,separation and hands, I think jimmy g will like this, garçon is aging. Also the ot that is good at run blocking, very important to scheme, love the dB, tall, fast and agile, Lynch said cb is his position . The BYU lb is versatile, very good draft to me.

    1. For Hurst to have fallen this far, teams must be really concerned about his heart issue. Not sure what’s going on with Crosby still on the board.

      1. So Jag do you think rashad penny was a good pick for the Seahags or will he be overrated. I liked him a lot but some experts felt he did not break tackles in college and this will expose him at this level.

        1. I think Penny is a very good scheme-diverse runner, but a huge luxury pick in the first round for a rebuilding team. He gets taken down easily by arm tackles because he runs high. He also has a lot of developing to do as a pass protector, just like every player Seattle drafts. I have a hard time believing he would have been selected by another team before the third round, and they probably could have improved their team more with other talent available on the board. He could end up terrorizing us if he puts it all together, but I was happy to see Seattle pick him where they did.

  9. I could be wrong on this but I feel the edge player we took from Utah last year could be very good this year. Getting good players that Shanahan and lynch like. Brick by brick!

  10. I believe that Pettis is going to be very good in Shanahan”s system. He may only get about 20 receptions this year but I think having a great (not good) but great punt returner is far more impactful than many here Grant included think. He will have 5 to 7 opportunities a game to score or shorten the field for Jimmy G. He could be the difference in 3 or 4 games this season.

  11. Who says the colts draft is “great”? Never heard of any of those guys. And in 3 years we never will again. Well Nelson obviously.

  12. KENTAVIUS STREET(Baalke type pick)

    Powerhouse with compact frame and a 700 pound squat to his name
    Able to cave-in lesser tight ends who are tasked with trying to base block him
    Shows some fight at the point of attack against tackles despite his lack of length
    Heavy hitter when tackling
    Runs through the ball carrier and makes sure they feel it
    Straight-line pursuit speed appears to be faster than expected on tape
    Won’t go to it often, but has access to an explosive spin move that can win as inside counter when he times it right
    Uses low center of gravity and powerful rip move to play through a blocker’s edge once he gets the door open

        1. With that in mind, it’s a good pick. Saves the team money, and at the same time they get a player that better fits what they want to do upfront….

      1. That is exactly my read on it. If Armstead underperforms again this year, Street is his power replacement. However, having strongly approved of the 49er draft to this point, and acknowledging that Street could turn out just fine with our coaching, this selection does seem to be premature for the 4th round. With his acl tear, Street would have been there in the 5th and likely even the 6th round. One thing is most certainly clear: Lynch and Shanny see things quite differently then 90% of the draft masters on this blog.

  13. So when grant says, stay tuned for my analysis, does that mean he has to Google and YouTube real quick in order to give his opinion on a guy? Because that’s what he had to have done to assume the colts draft is “great”

  14. Edge is done. One more year of no pass rush.
    Granted, next year’s class looks better, but I hate the idea of ignoring a need altogether. It’s a complete give up on competing this year.

    1. I tend to be overly optimistic this time of year, but I’m excited to see what Cassius Marsh can do next year. I think he’s good for 8 sacks

  15. Arik Armstead’s replacement next year. Another pick with the future in mind. This draft has not been about this season and their needs this year.

    1. Agreed. I can understand the pick if they know right now they don’t intend to re-sign Armstead. Not all that enthused about another player with a torn ACL, though. And I’m guessing he would have been available at #142.

          1. He was an ascending player prior to the injury.

            I’m assuming the 49ers medical staff thoroughly vetted the injury.

      1. “I’m guessing he would have been available at 142” .. How do u know that? How do you figure that? There were a bunch more picks between now and 142. They got the guy they wanted before anyone else did. Just leave it at that. 90 percent of you guys swear you know more than Kyle and John. Hell you swear you know more than the scouts that watch these guys. These men have a plan in place and are sticking to it. It’s just that simple.


    From the article:

    “What They’re Saying
    Street is the Freakiest athlete on the ferocious Pack D-line, which is the best-kept secret in college football. “They’re the tone-setters for the team,” said strength coach Dantonio Burnette. “These guys are super competitive.”

    Last year, Street had nine tackles for loss and 5.5 sacks as he started to emerge as a difference-maker with his refined technique catching up to his uncanny athleticism. This spring Street, at 6’2,” 283 pounds, was timed in the 40 at 4.58 and 4.62. And Burnette says those 40 times are electronic times — not hand-timed. Street vertical jumped 40 inches, broad jumped 9’11”, cleaned 400 and bench pressed 475 pounds. He is the most flexible guy in the NC State program, and despite his weight, he has the kind of agility where he could stand up and play outside linebacker, says Burnette, himself a former first-team All-ACC linebacker.

    Burnette has worked with some all-world caliber D-line Freaks in his time from Mario Williams and Manny Lawson to his days at Pittsburgh with Aaron Donald, a guy who ran 4.68 in the 40 and verticaled 32 inches while weighing 285 pounds at the combine. Donald, an NFL star, plays with a mean streak. He thrives in the NFL because he has such great get-off and is excellent using his hands. As explosive as Donald is, Burnette says Street is even more explosive. “He made a huge jump last year. He started to translate the stuff he’s developed in the weight room over to the field, and I think he’s really gonna have a great year.”

    – Bruce Feldman’s “Freaks List”

    Street wreaked havoc off the edge and was the best pass-rushing defensive end all week. He showed great speed and balance and the ability to bend off the corner. His intensity was also on a par with anyone on the field.

    — Tony Pauline of on Street’s Shrine Game practices.

    Final Thoughts
    Bradley Chubb gets all of the attention with respect to the NC State defensive line. The attention afforded him is well-earned, but people should be paying attention to Street as well.

    He doesn’t look like a traditional NFL defensive end, and that could well hurt him in the draft. However, if a team’s defensive scheme is flexibile enough, Street’s versatile build and explosive power could make him a dangerous defender. In a 4-3 defense, he could be a natural fit inside at 3-technique, but with the ability to play the defensive end in short-yardage downs, or to create mismatches (and confusion) along the offensive line.

    Because of the division in which they play, the Giants need defenders that can be very stout against the run. Having one who can also be a disruptive force inside (or vice versa) could be a boon.

    If the reports of his athleticism are accurate, Street could see a meteoric rise up draft boards following the NFL Scouting Combine. Despite the fact that he is playing in the East-West Shrine Game, it might be a mistake to tag him as a mid- to late-round prospect.”

    1. Wow, thanks for that George. Now, Street looks like a tremendous value pick with 2019 in mind. I think it’s more than obvious we’ve got some very astute football minds at work on the Lynch/Shanny train. Rock n Roll, Boys!

    2. Lots of work into this George! Thank you? What’s your thoughts too early? Balke special? Will be worth the wait?

  17. This draft is illuminating.
    There have been lots of wheeling and dealing. I attribute that to JL, who put on his Trader Bill hat last draft, and showed how moving back is a good strategy. Unfortunately, this year, Buffalo, which was probably the best trade back target, leapfrogged ahead of the Niners, so the Niners missed out. I sure wish the Niners could have done another trade with the Saints, because they gave up a 2019 first round pick. Cards were never going to give the Niners additional draft picks, so Oakland benefited.
    I think Seattle has taken it to another level, by trading back so much, they only had 2 picks these first 2 days. However, they now have 8 remaining picks. Maybe they assessed that they could find quality players later on, which may prove that this is a deep draft. Maybe they think that locking up so any players with rookie contracts will help control their salary cap, and help build for the future.
    I am ecstatic that the Niners obtained Jimmie Garoppolo. The Niners did not need to spend tons of draft capital for a QB. That 5 game win streak was manna from heaven, because now, decent Free Agents were attracted to the Niners, so they had the luxury of obtaining the BPA. They were not constrained by desperately needing to fill gaping holes.
    I commend the Niner draft room for being able to keep quiet about who they were targeting. I commend Lynch for his overall approach. It sure looks like he made it a consensus decision making process. I think KS wanted McGlinchey. Hightower, the ST coach, wanted Pettis. I think Saleh helped choose Warner, and the scouts found a diamond in the rough with Moore.

    1. Assessing the Seahawk draft, they had lots of picks, but only took one O lineman. Maybe they think they can find more UDFA linemen. Looked at some of the draft grades on their picks, and it looks like they did not have a very good draft. Sounds like they over reached on a lot of players, with many weaknesses.

  18. Crosby, Okoronkwo, Holland, Avery, or Meeks for me at #142. Teller, McFadden, John Kelly and many other good players still available as well. This is a strong area for this draft.

  19. Ack, another ACL player. Glad it was not an early round pick. Later round picks allow for taking more risks on them.
    Obviously, they are building for the future. He hurt it during his pro day, and not during a game with bodies falling on him. Maybe it is not too serious.
    This is a Paraag pick.

  20. 4th downs are important too. Pettis is the one guy on the roster who can take it to the house…Got tired of the little midget on punt returns…I will say one thing. He was a step above Baalke’s special teamers in that he Trent Taylor could catch a punt.

    An added bonus. In 4 WR packages we have two players who can actually play the slot and the one just drafted can take those passes from the slot further than Taylor did last year—-Garoppolo just got an explosive weapon from the inside—choose your double team wisely this year LA Rams.

    FYI: Bill Walsh had Dana McLemore and John Taylor returning punts. Now we have a threat
    taylor highlights

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