NFL Draft Round 1 live blog


This is the live blog for the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft. I will update this with information and analysis after each pick.

5:08 49ers draft checklist:

  1. Draft a cornerback who can start as a rookie.
  2. Draft a safety who can replace Jimmie Ward or Eric Reid.
  3. Draft a linebacker who can replace NaVorro Bowman.

5:14 The Cleveland Browns take Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A&M. Most experts consider him the best player in the draft, but I don’t think he’s a sure thing. Jadeveon Clowney was a much better prospect.

5:16 The 49ers just traded down the the Chicago Bears for pick No. 3. Good move. Let’s see what the Niners get.

5:19 The Bears gave the Niners a third-round pick, a fourth-round pick and a third-rounder in 2018. Great move. Why not trade down again?

5:22 The Bears take Mitchell Trubisky, QB, North Carolina. That’s a reach. Do not like that pick. But good for the Niners for fleecing the Bears.

5:26 Trubisky should buy John Fox another year as the Bears’ head coach. Hard to fire him if he has a bad season with a rookie quarterback. Fox can say to his bosses, “What did you expect?”

5:29 The 49ers take Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford. I will grade this pick shortly in a new blog post. Stay tuned.

5:35 The Jacksonville Jaguars take Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU. I hate this pick. The only time a team should draft a running back with a top-10 pick is if that running back is a sure-fire future Hall of Famer. Fournette is talented, but I don’t think he’s a future Hall of Famer. Alabama shut him down three times.

5:43 The Tennessee Titans take Corey Davis, WR, Western Michigan. The Titans needed a wide receiver, but they took the wrong one. John Ross from Washington is better than Davis.

5:51 The New York Jets take safety Jamal Adams. Great pick. He may turn out to be the best player in the draft.

6:03 The Los Angeles Chargers select Mike Williams, WR, Clemson. Feels like a bust pick. Williams is big and slow, and the Chargers already have a wide receiver who fits that description — Keenan Allen.

6:05 The Carolina Panthers take Stanford running back Christian McCaffrey. Another bad pick. You almost never should spend a top-10 pick on a running back, especially one who started to break down in college and will have to become a slot receiver in the NFL.

6:13 The Cincinnati Bengals take John Ross, WR, Washington. I love this pick. My favorite offensive player in the draft. The Bengals will have one of the best wide-receiver tandems in the league with Ross and A.J. Green.

6:19 The Kansas City Chiefs just traded up 17 spots to take Patrick Mahomes, QB, Texas Tech. This is by far the worst pick of the draft so far. Mahomes comes from an “Air Raid” college offense, the same system Jared Goff came from. Goff wasn’t ready to play as a rookie and Mahomes almost certainly won’t be ready either. The Chiefs needed an instant contributor to take them deeper in the playoffs. They failed. I’m writing them off for 2017.

6:27 With the 11th pick, the New Orleans Saints take Marshon Lattimore, CB, Ohio State. Great pick. The 49ers should have traded down and taken this guy. He is the best corner to come out of college in a couple years.

6:33 The Houston Texans trade up 13 spots to take Deshaun Watson, QB, Clemson. Awful. Write them off now. No team in NFL history has won a Super Bowl with a rookie quarterback. The Texans are a playoff team that should have signed a veteran QB.

6:46 With the 13th pick, the Arizona Cardinals take Haason Reddick, LB, Temple. Decent pick, but not the one I would have made. The Cardinals need a defensive tackle after losing Calais Campbell in free agency. I would have taken DT Jonathan Allen from Alabama.

6:51 With the 14th pick, the Philadelphia Eagles take Derek Barnett, DE, Tennessee. Great pick. Barnett might be the best pass rusher in the draft, even better than the top pick — Myles Garrett.

7:00 With the 15th pick, the Indianapolis Colts take Malik Hooker, FS, Ohio State. Another Great pick. Another player the 49ers should have taken instead of Solomon Thomas.

7:06 With the 16th pick, the Baltimore Ravens take Marlon Humphrey, CB, Alabama. Not good. Humphrey gives up a lot of deep catches and Alabama corners never pan out.  The Ravens should have draft LSU cornerback Tre’Davious White instead.

7:15 With the 17th pick, the Washington Redskins take Jonathan Allen, DT, Alabama. Yet another player who probably will be better than Solomon Thomas. The 49ers definitely should have traded down a second time.

7:22 With the 18th pick, the Tennessee Titans take Adoree Jackson, CB, USC. Bad pick. Jackson is a punt returner. He will fail at cornerback because he’s small and he’s a bad tackler.

7:28 With the 19th pick, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers take O.J. Howard, TE, Alabama. Howard is one of the top two offensive players in the draft. I’m surprised he fell this far. The Bucs will be dangerous next season.

7:31 With the 20th pick, the Denver Broncos take Garrett Bolles, OT, Utah. This is a reach to fill a need. Bolles will be 25-years old next month and would be a second- or third-round pick most years, but this year’s class of offensive lineman is poor.

7:37 With the 21st pick, the Detroit Lions take Jarrad Davis, LB, Florida. Decent pick, but I think Zach Cunningham is a better linebacker and he’s still available.

7:39 With the 22nd pick, the Miami Dolphins take Charles Harris, DE, Missouri. I like this pick. The Dolphins now have one of the best pass rushes in the league.

7:44 With the 23rd pick, the New York Giants take Evan Engram, TE, Ole Miss. The Giants offense ranked 25th last season, so they could use another weapon. Although Engram doesn’t improve their biggest weakness — their running game.

7:48 The Raiders are up next. If I were making the pick, I would take Tre’Davious White.

7:51 The Raiders don’t take White — they take Gareon Conley, CB, Ohio State. Very interesting. Conley is better than White, but Conley was accused of raping a woman a couple of days ago — that’s why he fell this far in the draft. Good pick if Conley doesn’t go to jail for life.

7:58 With the 25th pick, the Cleveland Browns take Jabrill Peppers, LB, Michigan. Peppers is so over-hyped. He’s a linebacker in a defensive back’s body. If he were as good as some people think he is, he would have played safety in college.

8:08 The Atlanta Falcons trade up five spots to take Takkarist McKinley, DE, UCLA. McKinley will replace 37-year-old free agent defensive end Dwight Freeney. Smart pick.

8:21 With the 27th pick, the Buffalo Bills take Tre’Davious White, CB, LSU. Great draft for Buffalo so far. They traded down 17 spots and selected an excellent corner.

8:22 With the 28th pick, the Dallas Cowboys take Taco Charlton, DE, Michigan. The Cowboys needed another pass rusher after the NFL suspended DE Randy Gregory for one year for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

8:28 The Browns trade up and take David Njoku, TE, Miami. The Browns officially have better offensive weapons than the 49ers.

8:30 The 49ers just traded up with the Seahawks for the 31st pick.

8:32 The Niners gave pick Nos. 34 and 111 to Seattle for the 31st pick and took Reuben Foster, LB, Alabama. Stay tuned for my grade of this pick.

9:59 With the 32nd pick, the New Orleans Saints take Ryan Ramczyk, OT, Wisconsin. They reportedly wanted Foster, but the 49ers jumped ahead of them to get him.

10:00 That’s 30 for Round 1. I’m heading home. Come back tomorrow for Round 2.

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  1. Strap in and hold on. May this pick(s) start us forward in a new era of domination!

  2. Cleveland Clowns on the clock, hoping for the Herschel Walker phenomena to descend through the roof . . .

  3. Gruden likes Jamal Adams as the best player in the draft? I might have to change my Adams love…=)

  4. Wow. I read what Sapp said. But holy embarrassing. If Garrett put in less effort in those plays he’d be taking a nap. That’s just terrible.

  5. Hah, no surprises after all . . . now let’s get down to the real dealing . . .

    1. Nah. Lynch playing with the old timers. This is a good sign. Vic got him a playa!
      Stay tuned.

      1. That’s what I think. Someone is going to want to take Fournette before the Jaguars have a chance to.

  6. I have no conflicts or grudges with Godfather Fangio. He just got himself a stud and an All Pro player in King Solomon.

  7. Great move they just stole a pick from the Bears they never intended to pick Thomas

    1. Agree. He would’ve been somewhat redundant. I’m on a delayed feed, so I don’t think it’s quite official yet that the Bears picked Thomas.

    1. Bears took Trubisky. Niners get to pick the exact player they wanted in the first place.

    2. Beautiful . . . LynchShanny are already filling the Draftmas stocking and we’ve barely started.

  8. “The Bears gave the Niners a third-round pick, a fourth-round pick and a third-rounder in 2018.”

    For just moving down one spot? Huh?

    1. I agree MosesZD. I think that’s why we got what we did; the Browns were threatening for Trubisky, and the Bears had to take the risk.

  9. Holy crap they got e extra picks and still have their choice between Thomas and Adams. Great great move by the 9ers

  10. If they don’t trade down again, it is almost bound to be Adams and we are cooking in the secondary with gas again . . .

  11. I have a feeling our extra picks could be used to trade up for a second 1st round pick.

  12. I can’t be the only one appalled at the pomp and pageantry of the current draft event. It creeps me out, like I’m watching a slave auction.

    That said, I’m still watching to see what the Niners do.

  13. Well, not my preference but I’ve got no problems with King Solomon, hooray . . .

    1. Begrudgingly ….. I give you props Razor, with 1 caveat.

      This is a deep safety class. Do the 49ers take Thomas without trading back for additional picks? We’ll never now?

      1. Time to change my avatar ……., damn it!

        I’m obviously not upset with Thomas, especially with all the additional picks. My first choice was for the 49ers to trade back for additional picks. But Adams was my favorite player in this draft.

  14. Shrewd. Lynch did something totally unexpected. Got multiple picks.
    Glad he went with a new option. Chicago went Trubisky, Niners went King Solomon. Nice.

      1. I got up on the table and banged it for him, but you with right there with me. Props bro!

        1. Well then Razor you were definitely the leader I just followed earlier then most! Love our D line…

        2. Of course, 2/3rds of the NFL community had Thomas mocked to SF so it wasn’t exactly some kind of brilliant pick.

          I am curious to know what plans they have for Thomas’ role.

          1. Gotta admit, without the extra picks involved, I’d be a bit disappointed. Maybe Thomas will surprise me and make plays as a DE, but now I’m thinking Armstead is definitely penciled in to play the LEO.

            1. Those picks are pure gold. Lynch can use those picks to rebuild the defense while also getting a speedy WR and fast O Lineman. Getting a 2018 third round pick is a bonus.

              Who knows, Webb may be available at that pick.

  15. All the PAC 12 DL. Whenever they play sec teams they get beat up. Look how mediocre they were in NFL on our team. I don’t like this pick obviously

    1. 2016 Pro Bowlers from Pac-12 schools

      DE Cameron Jordan (New Orleans Saints)
      DT Jurrell Casey (Tennessee Titans)
      DE Everson Griffen (Minnesota Vikings)

      Jordan, btw, is one of the best D-linemen in the NFL. His problem is he plays on a trash defense and a team noted for being an offensive power-house so people don’t know his name.

        1. Patience Padawan, he will play inside and out. Did you hear Armstead is still not fully recovered from shoulder surgery?

          1. NFL teams scheme against players. Sure, I hope he turns into a pro bowler…but… go niners.

  16. Safety or Corner? Y’all were jesting me right? C’mon man! Stop the run, sack the qb. Rinse and repeat. King Solomon can do that, and become the leader of men we need to takeover for this defensive line….

    1. I was hoping for Thomas but was afraid it would be Lattimore. Thank the Maker I was wrong.

    2. I think it was just the case of BPA.

      Lynch moved back and leveraged moving back for pick, still getting the player they wanted.

    3. Yep, you called it, well done. I love the player and pick. Would have loved Adams also.

      1. I liked Adams, too, but in the practices, I guess they like Ward, and King Solomon has that quick first step.

        I am glad for Razor, he called it all along, once he abandoned Kizer.

  17. We got a non-stop motor guy in Thomas. We will see by 2027 if Thomas, Adams, or even Lattimore had the better career.

  18. That’s one right! Finally, a friggin pass rusher. Nice trade back. Got the man they wanted and more picks. Whoever told me they were going to break their tv, have at it!! LOL

  19. Like in round ball, you got two guys who can do it? Who’s bigger?
    Thomas is a big play maker. There are other play makers, but the big ones are rare.
    I’m ok with this.

      1. I loved the guy, didn’t know if they worried about previous picks; new regimes don’t have to. SF had a number of good choices, I’m ok with this one. Attitude YES! I know they considered trades back and didn’t bite.

    1. Great character guy so no domestic violence garbage or chech and Chong situation, and we got three more picks out of it!

    1. Runs north & south. Not a complete back, so-so vision. But Tom Coughlin likes to run between the tackles with a big back and isn’t interested in fancy modern stuff like ‘pass catching.’ Fournette is exactly what he wants.

  20. Prediction: Titans take Marshon Lattimore. Will save their second first round pick for a WR.

  21. Outstanding first moves by our new GM/Headcoach, a dynamite New Era has begun . . I’ll check back in later to see if there’s a trade up back into the first round, otherwise manana, for the bonanza . . .

  22. Great job Lynch and Shanny, got more picks and got what you wanted. Nicely done. Welcome aboard Thomas…

  23. That’s one for one!! Great move by JL and KS. Got the man they wanted and two more picks this year and one next!! BW would be proud. Whoever told me they were going to break their tv if they drafted Thomas with their first pick, have at it!!! LOL! Seb, I would assume you approve of the move. Good call on the trade back.

    1. lol Nobody knows. He’s got the tools. He doesn’t take plays off like Garrett. His production was mostly limited by scheme, not talent. There’s no reason to assume anything at this point.

    1. Nice job Prime for saying Trubrisky would go at 2… just wrong team but impressive either way!

    2. And Bears loved your guy.
      I think Shanny liked him too, but Ferrari Showroom everything looks good…….

  24. Really expected them to take the top DB and come back for WR looks like it will go the other way.

      1. What do you think of him? He may just be a younger hoyer, 1st or 2 is high, I projected a 3rd round. Not saying he is Montana, but he did not have the strongest arm and he turned out ok!

        1. Peterman has potential and I think Shanahan can get the most out of him. I wouldn’t take him before the 3rd though.

    1. I’d agree but I think Ross and Williams are both also good enough that they should have taken the best Corner or Safety and then “settled” for either the 2nd or third best WR given they aren’t that much of a drop off from #1.

  25. Could we move back into the 1st and still keep our second round pick. What would it take for say 20th or so pick.

  26. Rapoport – Cleveland trying to trade for Cousins. Cousins would have to approve any sign-n-trade.

  27. They could have traded back 5 more times and still got thomas..horrible horrible horrible…our team is now gonna be soft like the pac 12 conference we keep drafting from..I hate this pick

    1. lol. He was the #2 rated player in the draft. And, as I pointed out way up thread, despite your hate of Pac-12 DLine, there were THREE of them in the Pro-Bowl this year.

  28. That’s one for one! Great move by JL and KS. BW would be proud. The man they coveted and three extra picks (one next year)! I forget, but whoever told me they were going to break their tv if they pick Thomas, have at it!! LOL! Seb, nice call on the trade back. I never saw your final mock but regardless, I would assume you are satisfied.

  29. Keep watching folks ..The next 10 players off the board will be better players than that bum we picked at 3!

    1. Ya know….in Real Estate …a place is worth what it sells for.
      You have lots of opinions, but the professionals don’t agree.
      Zall right; keep, talkin’, but at the end of the day…….

  30. Lynch got a third round and a fourth rounder. What a bonanza.

    Pocic , Dalvin Tomlinson, Tankersley, Desmond King and Gerald Everette are all available around 67.

    1. The reports of the secret work out that were leaked earlier make that a good guess.

  31. I still believe Adams is a better player than Thomas but the 9er Dline this year could be an incredible unit. I see a heavy rotation with many rested linemen in the 4th quarter.

      1. Razor,
        I will be rooting my ass off for him but to be truthful I liked him just not as much as Adams

        1. You will come to love him like you loved Bryant Young or Justin Smith by the time he’s done.

  32. Razor – Congratulations. You got your draft crush, I got the extra picks in a trade back.

    The Browns must be P.O.d losing out on Trubisky. Cousins+Agent would have to OK any sign-n-trade.

    1. “Redskins sources say report that Browns trading for Kirk Cousins is NOT true” – Dianna Russini

    2. We’re winners, well as much as fans of a 2 win team can be;>)

      Would you mind updating our picks now with the trade down with the Bears?

    3. Jason La Canfora – “I’ve heard the Skins have not received any calls from the Browns on any rumored Cousins trade”

  33. I’m predicting Hooker; Chargers need a Safety. If not, then Jonathan Allen would help them.

  34. Adams is something special, a QB and the leader for any defense. Thomas is good, but is he that special talent? Thomas will help against the run but Adams is a heat seeking missile against the run AND he will make plays in the secondary.We will find in the next decade.

    1. King Solomon is a leader too, and his relentless play is contagious! He will track down Russell Smurph and make Seahawk fans blue….

  35. Not necessarily advocating for this, but I wouldn’t be surprised the 9ers move back into the first round.

  36. Lol hearing rumors on rottoworld that Cleveland is contacting Washington for Cousins. You mad bro? Lmaoooo

  37. McCaffrey was my draft crush, and while I think he will make any offense better, I can’t see him fitting the Panthers offense.

    1. He fits by being different. The Panthers’ receivers are all big 6’4″ receivers with limited ability to cut or quick moves in confined spaces. McCaffrey gives them a slot with quick moves, a running back to pair with Stewart (lightning to Stewart’s thunder), and a different dimension. They need more variety.

  38. I think the Bengals will take the first Alabama player, and it will be O.J. Howard.

    1. Wrong guess, but I was right about Ross going in the top 10. Great pickup by the Bengals.

  39. That highlight of John Ross makes me not want Adoree’ Jackson (falling on his ass…)

          1. Not really. Lattimore would give the Chiefs a nightmarish secondary, and Johnson needs to be replaced at ILB.

              1. Dumb move. They have an aging and injury-prone front seven, no answer opposite of Peterson, and a RB corps that runs hot and cold. And they gave up their 2018 first round pick for a project. Those are the type of trades that kill a team.

              2. No argument from me. It was a dumb trade. But once they made it it was always unlikely to be anything other than a QB.

          2. I knew a QB was coming so I was glued to the TV. I would have guessed Kizer.

  40. Bears didn’t draft a safety and 3 receivers went in the top 10 including Ross.

    Me 2 Grant 0

    I told you. I’m better at the draft then you are :)

  41. Seb,

    You’re draft acumen was proven wrong. Last year, you through up a hundred mocks and if the 49ers chose one of your draftees, you crowed victory.

    This year, once again, you were proven a loser, choosing Malik Hooker with your 1st pick while I correctly chose Solomon Thomas.

    Winner and still Champion, TomD, by KO of the mightly Seb.

    Incidentally, I dated my mock so you and others can go back and research my correct choice…..I also stated the 49ers would trade down a month ago, so was correct there, Seb, the anti Karnak.

    I would like to add a hearty thanks to Grant for his last minute work at the 49ers camp in helping me with my final choice.
    April 26, 2017 at 4:17 pm


    Thx for the info

    Did not know that Aaron Lynch weighed close to 300 Lbs.
    I based my first pick on the 49ers plethora of pass rushers.
    I reserve the right to change this pick based your recent info.

    Now my first pick is back to DL help: Solomon Thomas

    1. Well, if Alex stays healthy Pat will get at least one full season to sit.

  42. Marshon Lattimore to the Saints? They need a CB, and they get the no. 1 CB on the Board.

    1. Alex will be in on run plays and they’ll put Mahommes in for passes :)

      1. Do you think they’re hoping that watching and working with Alex will make Mahomes a bit more conservative. It might…

        1. My guess in terms in of playing the position they want him nothing like Alex but in terms of preparing for the game they want him to be his twin.

  43. I’m glad to see Mahomes go to a coach (Reid) off the Bill Walsh tree. Watch him thrive in that system. I think he’s the best QB in the draft. Second coming of Favre? It’s gonna be fun to watch.

  44. Writing is on the wall for Alex Smith. Do or Die year coming up.. Your replacement is now in the building, top 10 pick . . ..

  45. I wonder how long it will take for Seattle to release the photo of him in Russell Wilson’s Seahawks jersey? It would be a good troll.

  46. My all 32 went right out the window by pick 10. Bat hsit crazy draft this year.

  47. Good chance the Chiefs made that expensive jump in order to steal Mahomes from the Cardinals, who might have been slavering at the chops over Palmer’s potential protegee . .

    1. This also has to be considered a bad scenario for the Browns.
      I have to assume they wanted a qb with their second or 3rd pick… are Watson or Kizer worth one of these picks?

  48. Your writing the chiefs off? But they have your favorite GM. You Know, the same one u Gabe so much praise to for not talking to the 49ers. John Dorsey, the Almighty.

    1. Your writing the chiefs off?

      It is largely going to depend on what they do for the rest of the draft, but sacrificing a future first round pick for a project at QB could harm that franchise.

      1. I feel the same way. But a big percentage of this blog was either crying or laughing because the Almighty Ted Thompson protege wouldn’t talk to us. This was a dumb move.. I’m glad he didn’t come here. Great pick John

  49. Can you imagine if the Browns took Jonathan Allen? Allen and Garrett both? That would be a grand slam.

  50. Man, I am so glad we didn’t take Lattimore. Injury prone his whole life and to think Grant wanted us to take him with our second pick. Crazy.

  51. Peterman, my favourite qb in the draft is niw possible with an extra third. Unless the stupid pick of KC creates a qb frenzy.
    Thoughts, Grant?

  52. Well i was just kicked out of the bar waiting for my uber..Ive never wished so hard that Im wrong about Thomas ..
    Hopefully he works out ..I just dont see it

  53. I love how they keep assuming the Texans are choosing Watson. Could be someone else.

      1. Yeah. I know. It’s the automatic assumption I was commenting about. I’ve seen a lot of those those ‘automatic assumptions’ blow up over the years.

  54. So 4 QB’s first round will happen for sure. the question is will it be 5?

    1. All the talk about this QB class being as bad as 2013 is looking pretty silly right now.

        1. Whether it works out or not, one thing is certain – teams are much more excited about the prospects of these QBs than they were in 2013.

  55. Whew. I put Peterman down for Round 2. I was worried that he’d be yet another QB to leap Watson and be taken in Round 1.

  56. Hah, there goes overthinking Seb’s last desperate straw-cockeyed theory about where his football idol would end up. Houston Texans made the wise decision. No impostors on board their train. And Watson can lurk just out of the top ten and glower with vengeance in his eye.

  57. Grant- Why are you so high on Ross and Lattimore? Seems like two guys that can’t stay in the field to me.

  58. All 3 QB selections have been trade ups. Not at all what people were expecting for this class. Need > all

  59. Wonder what the Cardinals are thinking now… THey’ve had two teams trade up over them to take QBs.

  60. Kizer is the second coming of Kap. Might not make it in the first round. Probably will go somewere in the 32 but then again. (see bets, hedge)

    1. Right, I’m good with that, 2nd round, anywhere, as long as he doesn’t land in the scarlet and gold . .

    1. For sure, give us a really good deep cover man, we need to upgrade the secondary.

  61. Lynch could trade back into the 20’s if there’s a player they really prize sitting there and the deal is right, but I suspect they’ll probably stand pat and take their day two bonanza . . . check back in later. Must admit this is the first draft I’ve really liked in years!

  62. Oh yea, someone owes me a Pliny for the Thomas prediction. Fess up bud! Was that a growler or just a pint? Man, smashed tv’s and plinies! Lov’in it!

    1. Never questioned Paraag’s abilities – just that he needs to stay in his swim lane.

      1. But did he ever leave it? I have never seen anything but accusations without even semi-credible evidence. It’s been, as far as I can see, a fact-free character assassination.

  63. Titans need a DB but with Howard on the board it’s going to be a tough call.

  64. Andrew Siciliano‏Verified account @AndrewSiciliano 3m
    Per @NFLResearch, this is the first time since 1982 that an offensive tackle wasn’t taken in the top-15.

    1. Easy for me to say now, but honestly I was surprised he was being rated so highly.

    1. Giants are super pissed at this point. I doubt they expected Howard to get close but they were probably really hoping Bolles would make it to them.

  65. Grant, Jonathan Allen has two attributes that Soloman Thomas does not, Allen had two arthritic shoulders.

  66. Maiocco says the 49ers are one of 3 teams trying to trade for the Lions spot…QB!!!

  67. Do the Niners consider trading up using the picks they got from the Bears to take a risk on Foster?

    1. I’m not sold on Winston yet. Too many INTs. Too many bad passes. He really needs to sharpen up.

    1. He gave an inspirational interview with Suzy as well. Impressive for such a young man.

  68. Grant, u mentioned a few times that u thought the 9er’s should have traded down again, and for the record, I agree. But as the round played, out, I think u can see there might have not been a trade down partner. The Chiefs and the Texans did not need to go all the way up to #3 and most of the rest of the teams looked like need met value with their picks. So who do u propose they should have traded down with?

  69. Tweet of the night:

    PFTCommenter‏ @PFTCommenter 1m
    nice 2 see OJ followed by a white bronco 4 a change

  70. James Palmer‏Verified account
    Bill O’Brien reiterates what Rick Smith told me. Savage is the starting QB.
    Yea, cause it’s April.

  71. Giants could go OL. They missed out on Conklin last year and now Bolles this year. If they don’t take the TE it’ll be a tackle.

    1. Foster would be the dark horse candidate here. Still think they look OL

  72. I was sort of hoping to get Thomas, but I couldn’t understand why we would use our first rounder on Dline where we are already strong….I’m sure there must be a reason….?

  73. Engram, huh? There are several teams who have upgraded their passing games tonight.

    1. Whoa, I hope we’re not convicting this guy. RayDuhs made a leap, may be ahead of the curve. Possible the charges are bs. I don’t support abusers, but there have been some spurious charges. Hold him to it.

      1. I’m not convicting him, but you have to admit it is an interesting choice given the recent allegation.

  74. The 49ers will trade back into the first for Kizer so they have the 5th year option.

  75. I think Seattle wants Obi but didn’t expect Foster to be here. Could be either one.

    1. They’re definitely taking Obi if they’re willing to trade down and pass on Foster.

    1. They might be happier with Cook. Man if Cook is there at 34, I’d love to see him in this offense.

  76. Bad criticism on Peppers Grant. Peppers was needed to play at OLB in 2016 to due a lack of depth at the position with the Wolverines.

  77. Dallas will take wither White or King. Looks like the Browns moved into #29, that’s gotta be a QB.

  78. Cowboys should have clipped off the Browns balls and drafted Njoku to replace Whitten.

  79. Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet 18s18 seconds ago
    The #49ers are about to come back in to No. 31 with the #Seahawks.

  80. Makes more sense to take a QB at 31 then 34 for the extra contract year.

  81. Niners trade back into first round. I’m happy with any of the following:

    1. Kevin King
    2. Reuben Foster
    3. Zay Jones
    4. Obi Melifonwu

    The only one I don’t want is DeShone Kizer.

        1. Interchangable MIKE/WILL. Perfect fit and grooms Foster to eventually take over MIKE in hopefully 5 years from now.

  82. I love the value of getting Foster at #31 but when are they planning on getting a CB??

    1. Scooter it might be King not Foster. Anyone know what they gave up hopefully a couple of our 4ths

          1. Sure is. I would have been happy with either Foster or Cunningham. Foster in that Telvin Smith role makes a lot of sense.

    2. We will likely draft one with the next pick but our corner need is a bit overblown.

      We have drafted a lot of dubs the last 3 years. Robinson is prolly gonna be our #1 and we have will Redmond a 3rd round pick who was hurt last year and dontae Johnson will be in the mix as well. In this system it’s all about long press corners and we have a decent amount o young guys who fit that mold

  83. By the way, thanks for nothing Baalke. All of these drafts that have gone defense heavy and we still have to use our first two picks on that side of the ball. FFS

  84. Solomon Thomas and Reuben Foster. That is one heck of a fantastic first draft haul.

    1. This has the makings of a draft for the ages if it continues in the fashion it has thus far.

        1. I think we gotta go secondary in the 3rd, we have 2 picks so we can go offense with the other and more offense in the 4th.

        2. The team still needs a CB or two and a backup FS. They could address QB, but I think they will wait until Day 3 for that. However, the team could address WR, TE,
          or RB tomorrow.

    1. No surprise there. I saw him getting pushed around too much in his draft breakdown tape.

  85. I posted this earlier but its worth repeating. Lynch is putting a defense together that will rival the one he played on at TB

  86. A+++

    We gat 2 of top 5 best difensive player in whole draft. Period. Grant can go pound sand. We are a better team in 1 round than we were last year by a consideable degree.

  87. I will bet any amount of money that Foster will get a tattoo with the #30 to symbolize the number of players who was picked before him. He will be on a mission when he plays the teams that passed on him.

  88. Best possible draft IMO. We get our Leo and BPA all while collecting extra picks and we get the best linebacker in the draft. I don’t care what grant says. Both picks are great.
    2 top 5 players on my entire draft board

    Baalke take notes!!!!

  89. Nice, Niners move up and get Reuben Foster, just like I advocated.

    Obviously, the scouts coaches and FO thought that he was too good a talent to get past the Saints and Browns.

    Glad it only took a 4th round pick, to move up and get a player who was rated in the top 10.

  90. I’m calling Grants grades:

    D- for Thomas, should have been Lattimore

    D+ for Foster, just cause

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