Nine wins? Not likely, but 49ers have attainable goals


A few months ago, I predicted the 49ers would win nine games this season.

I’m starting to think I was wrong.

The Niners currently have two wins. To get to nine, they would have to win seven of their next four games, and that just doesn’t seem doable.

But they definitely can win a few of their next four games. They’ve won two of their past three, they have momentum and a quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, who they hope is the future of the franchise.

Here’s a close look at the remaining schedule, and a prediction of how many games the Niners will win.

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  1. If the 49ers can buy a C, WR and draft a starting OG as well as have a strong class, they could get to that milestone 9 wins and be a Wild Card team in 2018….

    1. I don’t think 9 wins gets them a wild card birth. In division next year Seattle and the Rams should both have more than 9 wins, then there are the division champs Minn, Philly, N.O., now we are at 5 teams in the playoffs.
      GB with a healthy Rodgers has more than 9 wins and a healthy cowboys team should reach 9 wins even if I hate admit it.

  2. lol…you are starting to think you were wrong……..why not just say “you were wrong”…..

    when did you start thinking?……when it was only 5 or 4 games left

  3. Week 16: vs. the Jacksonville Jaguars

    This game will give the best gauge of who JimmyG is……..

    1. Why week 16 vs the Jag’s?

      I mean yes, I certainly think it’s Jimmy’s G’s (aka Jimmy G-Spot) toughest test of the season, but I’m not sure it’s fair or realistic to gauge Jimmy’s development right now, or his potential against the league’s best all-around defense, at least statistically. Jax is ranked #1 against the pass and they lead the league in sacks. Their defense is simply loaded with talent at every level, so that’s the kind of game you would hope Jimmy would have the entire playbook at his disposal, which of course he probably won’t. The 49ers have also struggled to get the running game going against the better defenses they’ve faced this year, and unless the interior of the offensive line suddenly starts playing at a entirely different level than they have played through the first 12 games, I’m not sure it’s a realistic measuring stick for Garoppolo at this stage. Especially considering the 49ers are playing a road game Eastern Time Zone!

      That said, if JG does have a very good game against a defense like the Jag’s, with a somewhat limited playbook, no #1 WR, a below average interior OL, and less than spectacular running game to keep the Jag’s off balance, well then we are almost certainly watching something incredibly special!

      1. I agree its not fair based on the limited time he has spent with the offense……my point is I will like to see how he reacts to a defense who will frustrate him…

  4. I think the Niners could go 5-11.
    At the beginning of the season, I predicted 8-8. If only they had won 3 of those close losses, they could have reached that 8-8 record, with 3 more wins.
    The Niners may beat the Texans, Titans and Rams.
    Like Grant said, without Watson, and with Savage, the Niners just need to neutralize Clowney, to have a good chance to win.
    Titans were beaten by the Raiders, so they are not too formidable.
    Jags, with their defense, will be tough, so I do not expect a win unless Bortles throws 3 picks.
    Grant may think the Rams are another loss, but I think the Niners will always play them tough, and with JG, the Niner offense will let the Niner defense rest. Rams may also be looking past the Niners, and resting players for the playoffs.

    1. I wish they had ejected Gronk for his vicious hit. Maybe they should have a rule that states a player who intentionally injures another player cannot play until the other player recovers.

      1. thats not a bad idea, Seb-skov. But now it has to be proven “intentional”. For the obvious ones, a slam dunk. But the other ones……………….

        1. Gronk looked pretty intentional.
          Ju Ju, on the other hand, hit Burflict, the dirtiest player in the league, so maybe that should also be a factor.

  5. Few weeks ago I was wondering if we would win a game. Now we have two wins with the prospects for two more. I felt the same, the next two games are winnable, now whether they win or not is going to depend on the continuance of mistakes. Almost two full years of mistakes killing the team, it needs to change before winning consistently becomes the normal.

  6. The 49ers will beat the Texans and the Titans and have an outside shot of beating the Jags. They will get beaten by the Rams, one of the NFL strongest teams this year. That’s how I see it and I’m often laughably wrong in my sports predictions. As for those nitwits pointing at the early close losses and trying to count them as almost wins, in order to crow “oh look how close I was to being right again, look how close! — close only counts in horseshoes, hombre.

    1. The highest they would pick would be 8. Too many variables to figure out. Currently we pick third. Any wins by the lower tier teams (4 wins or less) benefits us immensely just in case we managed two more wins.

      1. The problem is the getting more picks by trading back basically goes off the table. On the upside about 3 of those top picks should be and one might be a running back. A solid o lineman, edge rusher or db should be available.

    2. Hard to imagine the 49ers will be picking outside the top 10, no matter what happens from here. Top 10 pick is fine.

      1. The worse they’d be if they got to 4 wins would be 8th, but that would require the other teams not to win. Don’t know how the strength of schedule would play out.

        Regardless it doesn’t look too bad.

    3. I think one good thing going for us is 4 of those bottom teams play each other.

      I mean Broncos Vs Colts (Both 3 wins currently) and Bears vs Browns (3 wins and 0 wins). Also Colts play Texans @ Indy. So Colts might go up to 5 or 4 wins and two other teams (Bears and Broncos) will have 4 wins each.

      So I think, we will win 1 more game (Against Texans), end up with 3 wins and then pick 3rd. :)

  7. Grants thinking is that what I smell burning? lol. Just kidding Grant.
    I think they lose these last 4 games.
    Texans, 9ers may have had a chance at winning if they played at home. But back to back road games are too much I think.
    Tenn will be playing for their playoff lives which make them a dangerous team. I don’t think they will be able to stop Tenn running game.
    Jacksonville, too much talent for the 9ers to overcome.
    Rams, 9ers may keep this close like last game but the end result will be the same.

    1. roodles111

      It all depends on how many injuries we (niners) sustain from here on out, and how many the Texans and the Titans have from here on…we’re all about even right now….

  8. Is it possible the 49ers trade out of the 1st round entirely? If they are in the 6-9 range and there isn’t a WR, OLB, OT or corner worthy of taking, I’m thinking getting a 1st in 2019 and more 2nd or 3rds this year might be a better option.

    Can’t believe that winning actually hurts this team.

  9. Just one of many things GC was wrong about. The Niners have a real chance at one more win imo. That is this week in Houston. The TItans, Jags and Rams are all teams that should beat the Niners. They are playing better and JG is a big improvment at QB, but they are still hamstrung by an overall lack of talent across the board.

  10. Going into the season I predicted 4-5 wins. Four might be possible. Five not too likely now.

    1. I predicted 7 wins, boy was I way off…I think they have a chance beating Houston, probably lose the rest but if JG looks good like 70%/300yds and they win the next 2 games, I would pull him for the last 2 which they’ll probably lose anyway, but I doubt they pull him and then write him a 5yr/$110M contract which I hope he’ll take. If they win 3-4 games and pick 7-9 in the 1st, I hope they get Nelson to start the OL rebuild.

  11. “A few months ago, I predicted the 49ers would win nine games this season.

    I’m starting to think I was wrong.”

    Hmm. Looks like we can conclude from these two statements that you need not take any math to get a journalism degree at UCLA. The nine win ship sailed in October when the final gun sounded in the Eagles game. Grant – think about adding a math expert to your list of inside sources.

    P.S, Don’t forget to tell us when you KNOW that you were wrong. I wanna be there to see it!

  12. Good article Grant. Too many people are purposefully getting bent out of shape at your injection of sarcasm that is aimed at yourself. ?

      1. I’m waiting for him to say: “Hey, everyone makes mistakes. I even did once. Two years ago I thought I was wrong but I wasn’t”

  13. I think it’s very possible to win all the remaining games because we now have an offense that can stay on the field.
    The bigger problem on this team is the pass defense. Can’t pressure the opposing QB and cannot cover.
    If those 2 things can get rectified, we have a chance to win out.
    I see a win this weekend, another against the Titans, loss to the Jags and win and be a spoiler against the Rams.

  14. sebnynah says:
    December 5, 2017 at 9:12 pm

    TrollD, you, on the other hand, went hysterical when I mentioned that the Niners should stop shooting themselves in the foot. You talked about breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares.

    TomD’s Take: Seb, you can run but can’t hide. You stated white phosphorus grenades were exploded and now I have you backpeddling worse than Tommy Hearns vs. Sugar Ray Leonard when you said you misspoke and used another ordinace.

    Your overuse of militia phrases in bringing up your arms cache as your statement above demonstrates is only a phrase I invented for you during your attendance at Aldon Smith’s ‘assault rifle gone wrong’ party. I was only attempting to limit your overuse of weaponry jagon. Others , such as Cassie Baalke, had noted an ‘uptick’ in you war phrases before Las Vegas, and chided your for it, but to no avail.

    As in your white phosphorus explosion with children present that you blamed on a military vet; your neighborhood fire blamed on a chainsaw mishap; human/civil rights defender turned knuckle dragger when telling Cassie Baalke not to eat at the same table as men when she should be shopping—and above, plagiarizing my phrase about you at Aldon Smith’s party; all can be summarized by one phrase: hypocritic narcissist.

    I believe your continual use of weaponry phrase belies a serious personality disorder that should be examined by medical professionals, ASAP.

    Please, stop using my phrase meant to help you: “breaking into gunsafes” and seek treatment.

    1. Tom,
      You continue to make assumptions that some of us are interested in being reminded of what Seb says. For the record, I don’t.

  15. 2018 NFL Mock Draft by CBS Sportsline

    3. San Francisco 49ers
    Courtland Sutton, WR, SMU. Get used to this pairing, as Kyle Shanahan has coordinated offenses that featured Andre Johnson and Julio Jones in the past. Sutton may not be as tremendous of a prospect as either of those two, but he’s close. Sutton is a productive size, speed, and athleticism specimen.

    1. Pass. He has issues catching the ball and using his height to his advantage. I would prefer Allen Robinson if he hits free agency and is willing to come to the 49ers.

        1. Cobbs is one WR prospect that I like, but I honestly want to see Brown in Shanahan’s offense more.

      1. Same, Mid. If not Robinson, I’d look long and hard at Sammy Watkins. He could be a nice big play threat opposite Garcon, and create some nice matchup problems for defenses with Goodwin and Taylor in the mix also.

          1. Indeed. It will mean a lot of the 49ers cap space would be committed to the position, given they used FA to get their top 2 wideouts this year as well, but I think it is the way to go given it is looking like the strength of the FA class.

        1. Not on board with Watkins Scooter. He’s an injury prone underachiever who complained about his role with the Rams earlier this season.

          1. Yeah, I get that. He has had some injury issues, but even so he’s only missed 11 games through injury in 4 years. He’ll play through injury.

            He also may be a bit me oriented, but he’s got talent. His stats this year don’t do him justice as he came to the team late. He’s started to come on over the past month. I think he would add a nice compliment to the receiving unit.

    2. Just saw a few mock draft boards that Sutton from 3rd to 23rd in the !st round, great WR, tall, fast but not break away speed. If the 49ers pick around 7th Sutton will be there but JG needs a solid OL and time to throw to anybody especially against tougher faster D’s. The OG from ND, Q. Nelson has been flying up the charts, now 4th to 12th, a month ago he was bottom of the 1st. 7th may be high for an OG but they say he’s worth the reach. He would be a terrific starting piece of the OL rebuild. Of course much more is needed, OT, Center, ect…then WR, DE and on IMO.

  16. “A few months ago, I predicted the 49ers would win nine games this season.

    I’m starting to think I was wrong.

    The Niners currently have two wins. To get to nine, they would have to win seven of their next four games, and that just doesn’t seem doable.”

    This is your best writing. Probably my favorite article you’ve ever written just from a writing perspective. Think you’re right on most of it but the 9ers won’t beat the Titans. Tennessee wins that game. They have more to play for so sheer energy and motivation will lift the Titans over the 49ers in that game.

    1. The Titans tend to play down to their opponents. They are, from a fan perspective, the ultimate **** tease. You think you’re getting something, but you go home with blue balls…

  17. I don’t see the 49ers beating the Texans either even tho Watson is out there defense is still better then the Bears D and Brian Cushing is back and Staley will have a hard time with Clowney. I just hope Jimmy doesn’t get hurt that should be the main goal I want the Niners to stay in that top 3 pick range and next year we’ll be 10-6!

    1. Maybe last year. This year their defense is worse than ours. And while we’re no longer the NFL bottom-dwellers, we’re still bottom-third tied at 24th PPG.

      And after a 3-3 start, they’re now 1-5 their last 6 games.

      I think the Rams and Jaguars are tough opponents that’ll take our ‘A game’ to be competitive and, if things really work out, win. But the Titans (despite their record) and the Texans are, despite we’ll be underdogs, actual winnable games.

      Doesn’t mean they will. Young teams tend to blow up and it takes a few years for young players, if they have the talent, to develop the skills necessary to win with regularity in the NFL.

      1. Texans defense is not as good as the Bears defense. They’ve had too many injuries. Clowney is one of the best players in the NFL and they have a couple good secondary players but overall the Bears have been playing better. The Bears use a vanilla scheme where they try not to give up big plays. The Texans take chances. This is the type of game where Kyle Shanahan should excel with his game planning. Cushing coming back is actually a liability for the Texans. Cushing is a shell of his former self. If they have Cushing covering TE’s then Kittle could have his best day as a pro. I think it will be close because the Texans offense is a horrible matchup for the 49er defense but I think the 49ers will win this game.

  18. I predicted a 4 win season. It could still happen.

    There are 8 teams with 4 wins or less. Don’t think the 49ers draft pick 8th, but the pick could be well out of the top 3. Dreams of shaking down quarterback needy teams like the Browns/Titans did in 2016 is fading.

    First Round – Long term OT, Edge, WR, CB. Better if OT can also play Guard till Staley retires.
    Free Agency or rounds 2 to 7 – Guard, WR, TE, C.

    1. Brodie,
      That’s where I see the niners going with either Connor Williams or Chubb.
      Nelson is good but Connor gives them more versatility as he could play guard or either tackle position.
      Landry could also be in the mix as an edge rusher, he is not as long as Key or good all around as Chubb, but is more explosive and has excellent bend. He is the best pure pass rusher I have seen this year, so the niners may want to go that route as well.

      1. I’d bet Saleh & Hafley are looking at him closely indeed…
        after the show he put on sunday…

  19. Any thoughts on Dontae Johnson to resign or let go?

    I think he has grown but not sure if he can do more than what he has done so far…..

    1. Johnson is better than I initially gave him credit for but he’s not a quality NFL starter. With his length and speed I almost feel like he’d make a better safety than Jimmie Ward. He certainly seems more durable than Ward.

      1. if we don’t resign him …..means we need to sign or draft a starting CB

        so far the major starting needs are – G, OLB, CB, WR

        second level needs – C, ILB, TE

        1. Definitely need to sign another CB. I also think we will need another safety or even 2 safeties. I’m not as high on Tartt as others are, Ward can’t stay healthy, and I think Reid will be somewhere else next year.

          IMO team needs next year on Offense: 2 Guards, Center, #1 WR, and a TE.
          On Defense: it’s CB, S, OLB, and ILB.

          To go out on a limb I would say Eli Harold, Eric Reid, Arik Armstead, Aaron Lynch, and Tank Carradine will not be on the roster next year. Some of those may be cut and others just sign elsewhere in free agency.

          1. wow…..Arik cut?….thats a big one……i doubt that

            Reid i think they should resign…….the others can go….

          2. Houston,
            I agree with your list with the exception of Armstead I believe he will be given 1 more year. Teams don’t release 1st Rd picks who are still under their first contract that often.

            1. I’m going with injury settlement for Armstead. That shoulder will never be good. From what I’ve heard Armstead has had multiple shoulder dislocations since high school. It was draft malpractice to select a d line an with that injury in the 1st round. Armstead may hv been able to play with 1 arm in college but no player can be good in the NFL with that injury.

          3. Houston,
            This would almost be a complete exorcism of Baalke’ troupes. But except for Reid, I tend to agree with moving on without these players.

            I would like to see Adrian Colbert get more playing time in order to have a larger sample size, but I like the little I’ve seen from him so far. If he can supplement his play up to this point we may not need to draft another Safety.

            1. Colbert, Tart and Reid = safeties
              move Ward back to NCB
              Draft or sign a starting CB
              Draft or sign a starting OLB
              Draft in the lower rounds a ILB
              Keep Durmeviel and the guy with crosses on his face as Pass rush specialist

              And we are set…….for 3-4 years on defense….

            2. If we are in the 5-10 range my draft crush( I know its early) but we should go with Minkah Fitzpatrick from Alabama.
              Having a lock down corner is something we have not had since Deion Sanders.

              1. Quinton Nelson, OG and Fitzpatrick CB in the 1st round……would be the best thing that can happen to the 49ers

                Nathan D. Clements 49ers was a lockdown corner…..

              2. I agree One. If we can trade back into the 1st and get both guys, that would be a draft for the ages.

              3. Nelson yes, but I’m trading back up into the bottom half of the draft for, Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado DBU.

              4. My thinking is Lynch would rather have a top talented player than multiple picks……due to the lack of talent on the team

                we have 2 picks in the 1st…..I think it will be hard to trade the first one……the second 1st rd pick could be used to go up in the 1st round

                Saquon Barkley
                Derwin James
                Minkah Fitzpatrick
                Tavon Bryan

                these are my top picks (not in a set order) in the coming draft…..

                if the 3 QB’s go…….i see Minkah as the player Lynch would want from the remaining players on the list….

              5. Normally I would never take a RB in the 1st but this Barkley kid is unreal.
                I’m all for building the oline but we also need a home run threat. Wether that’s RB or WR, we need one.
                Then on defense same thing. Either a lock down corner or an edge rusher.
                Bradley Chubb might also be a consideration in the top 5.

              6. yup…would be special if we drafted Barkley……but this draft is deep at RB………Barkley, LSU’s Derrius Guice, Stanford’s Bryce Love, Alabama duo of Bo Scarbrough and Damien Harris…….

              7. Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado is a solid player……but I am tired of solid players (aka Armstead), we need game changing players…..I will go for Minkah Fitzpatrick from Alabama…..he is a sure no-bust

              8. @OldCoach – i thought we had NO 1st….

                sorry….it is a 2nd…….sucks……

                Nelson or Fitzpatrick with our 1st……and maybe trade back into the 1st

              9. One,
                In regards Arik, he’s an ok player and would have been fine if he was drafted in 3rd rd. But as a first rd pick… he’s what I feared he would be… a decent player against the run who offers little in terms of explosive plays or real pass rush.
                Getting a solid corner in the second is fine. Getting a lock down corner… Well that happens about every 15 years. Deon and Revis are the only ones I’ve seen in my life.

              10. That’s what I’m talking about One. No more “solid” players. We need game changers, guys who can change the game with one touch of the ball. Explosiveness!

              11. Oliver is a track star who happens to be one of the most athletically gifted corners in this draft. Long and physical for a speedster, he can locate the ball and attack it. We have to move up in front of Seattle in the first round for him, because he’d be the perfect compliment to Witherspoon in this scheme….

  20. Brodie,
    Even at #8 I believe we may be able to swing a deal. Darnold and Rosen will be gone by the 3rd pick but I still believe there will be one or two draft crushes that will develop at the combine or after possibly Falk or the guy at wyoming or someone who is not even on our radar at this time. It won’t be a blockbuster but we could still pick up 2 or 3 extra picks.
    Lets not forget today is the anniversary of the day that will live in infamy.

    1. That’s possible, Allen and Mayfield may be in play here,
      and if a team loves one over the other and wants to assure they get them… Well, stranger things have happened.

      1. If someone is willing to trade up for Mahomes at #10, surely Allen, Mayfield, or Jackson could have a team smitten enough to do the same….

    2. OldCoach, if the 49ers stay at 3 they could still trade back with QB desperate teams. But if they win a few more games, I think they pick around 5.

  21. Niners will probably pick at 5, because even if they do win, other low teams play each other, so one of them will get a win, and the Niners are currently at 3. Niners could secure the number 3 spot by losing out, but getting wins is way more important than draft position.
    Looking at the standings, the Niners should trade back with Miami, who should be around 10 or 11. They need to draft a QB, and the Jets, too, but I do not think they will want to help the Niners in any way.
    Trading back 5 or 6 spots may garner another second round pick. Trade back again 5 or 6 spots and get another 3rd round pick. Then, the Niners will have 7 picks in the first 3 rounds. Everything is contingent on what they do in during free agency. They should spend the cap money on a Guard and WR. They should lock up Hyde with an extension, because I like 1000 yard rushers, and they have Joe Williams waiting in the wings. They should re-sign Reid, because they should retain veteran leadership.
    If the Niners pick around 15 after trading back twice, they should draft Billy Price, C. Then with one of the second picks, they should draft a tall fast number one WR. Then, according to availability, they should draft BPA, and select a pass rusher, G, CB,ILB, S, and TE with their first 7 picks.
    Once past the first round, the Niners should use one or more of their later picks to move up, and get the player they covet. However, they should trade back twice in the first round to garner more picks, while getting the player they targeted from the first.
    Now that the Niners have a franchise QB in JG, they do not have to spend their first round pick on a QB. Trading back is smart, and trading back twice, is twice as smart, especially if Billy Price is ranked at 16. Many teams will be looking for a QB, and maybe even Jax will want to move up from 25, their current position. Then, maybe a third trade back could let the Niners have 9 picks in the first 3 rounds, and every one of those players will be the foundation to build a winning team from. Of course, the Niners may win out and other teams may lose out, and they could be drafting at 10, but I doubt that.
    Still, the Niners should draft another QB, since this draft is loaded with talented QBs. But fixing the O line, getting offensive weapons, and bolstering the defense should be the main priorities, now that JG is on board.
    However, if they franchise tag him, and other teams get into a bidding war, the Niners should consider all options, especially if they can get 6 picks for JG, including 2 firsts and 2 seconds. Then obtaining Cousins and getting a boatload of picks, may be another good option, especially for a rebuilding team.

    1. really hard for me to say if we should change DC…….my gut feeling say we need the continuity……..

      a big fan of Vic but not a fan of changing defensive personnel…..

    2. and the one guy that comments on sacbee article: “get Fangio back and find a way to make Saleh “co-exist” with him”…
      reader posting goofyness is spreading amongst the media….

  22. One play I would like to see JG accomplish is- Line up Goodwin on the right. JG takes the snap, looks left, points left, pump fakes left, then he heaves the ball down the right side line. Goodwin would act like he is not involved in the play, does a double move, then sprints up the right side line.
    I think JG can be deceptive enough, and he has the arm strength to accomplish that goal. Then Grant will be happy, because he wants to see some deep balls thrown.

  23. Prime Time says:
    December 7, 2017 at 10:37 am
    I agree One. If we can trade back into the 1st and get both guys, that would be a draft for the ages.

    I agree with Prime. I’m had it up to here with drafting top 10 over the years, only to leave the counter with a garnish covering one half your plate, even though the restaurant picture featured a jumbo salmon and steak dinner…..Armstead, Thomas, etc….I want Winners. A stud this time. I don’t care what position !!!

    1. Although Nelson’s a stud, I still think we have Dummerville as our 3rd down specialist, can draft a guard after packaging a pick for 2 second rounders.

      I’d spend the FA cash on CB–Fuller and the Pats , Malcom Butler. With the other 100 million dollars I’d spend on WR, DeAndre Hopkins then draft either of the pass rushers, Arden Key or Laundry

      1. I don’t follow this at all.
        Nelson would be a guard that’s draftable or you trade back for 2 seconds and Nelson not there. But what does Dumerville have to as I with this?
        The niners should spend big on two corners then another 100 million? They don’t have 100 million… certainly not after taking Jimmys contract into account and who knows what would be left after signing two of the top FA corners.

  24. The impact of Colbert.

    “It’s the way the game was going, for sure. I don’t know if they really had an opportunity to challenge us downfield. We were playing really, really good coverage on the backend. They had the one 21-yard screen that was the result of some poor tackling on our part, something that we’ve been working on to get better at. But, other than that, I think that was their biggest one. They hit a slant that went for 12, but they had one explosive pass the entire day and it came on a screen. We feel really good about what we’ve been able to do back there. For him patrolling it, it does help that if they do try to test us on the sideline, he does have the ability to go redline to redline. Which is sideline to sideline.”

  25. Last years draft was about selecting best player available. I disagreed with it.
    Next year we have to select by need. With as many picks as we have, we should be able to address the glaring holes we have.
    1. WR
    2. Corner
    3.Left guard: I’m guessing Garnett comes back transformed and ready to solidify the RG position.
    4. OLB x 2
    5. RB: if we don’t sign Hyde. I’m still torn as to if we should or shouldn’t sign him.

    1. Agree 100% with #1. I would just add the word “big” before the WR. 6 Ft 2 inch minimum. Enough smurfs. we need someone who can go up and wrestle away 50/50 balls from db’s.

  26. Watching Saints-Falcons, and wondering where we would be with Lattimore iso the useless King Salmon (not a typo)… ?

  27. Niners did make an unforced error in the draft.
    Instead of trading away their third round pick from the Bears to the Saints, maybe the Niners should have used that pick to draft Kamara, the guy the Saints drafted. Then the would not have had to spend a late draft pick to move up to get Williams.
    Kamara is very productive, and makes defenders miss. Too bad he was concussed with a helmet to helmet hit in this last game. However, I am glad he did not break any big runs and the Saints lost to the Falcons, so the Niners may be getting a slightly better draft pick. With all the injuries, the Saint are going to find it a lot harder to win.

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