Niners sign Leonard Davis

SANTA CLARA — More breaking news: The 49ers have signed guard 33-year-old guard Leonard Davis to a one-year contract.

Davis (6-6, 375 pounds) did not play a single snap last season, but he will compete with Alex Boone for the Niners starting right guard job in training camp.

Here’s what Davis said to reporters this afternoon:

Q: When you came to visit the 49ers in March, did you have an inkling this would happen?

LEONARD DAVIS: I was hoping it was going to happen. Right now I’m here and I’m glad to be a part of the team.

Q: Did you have time to fully recover from your foot surgery?

LEONARD DAVIS: I actually got released in April or May.

Q: Did the Niners give you a conditioning test?

LEONARD DAVIS: Yeah, I went out and ran with everyone else. It wasn’t too bad. I did the same as everyone else.

Q: Do you still feel like you can be a starter?

LEONARD DAVIS: Yeah, I feel like that. I felt like that last year.

Q: Have you talked with the coaches about your role on this team?

LEONARD DAVIS: No. I came in yesterday, came into the facility this morning and took a physical, passed it, got my equipment, signed the contract and came out here on the field.

Q: Do you feel more comfortable at left or right guard?

LEONARD DAVIS: Left is more comfortable but I’ve had success at right guard. It really doesn’t matter.

Q: Were you interested in the Niners because of their potential to be successful?

LEONARD DAVIS: That was a reason, but they feel like for me, they like to run the ball a lot and that fits my style. That’s better for me. Obviously, you’ve got to be able to good in all aspects of the game.

Q: What other teams did you visit with before you joined the Niners?

LEONARD DAVIS: This was the only team.

Q: Did you always have confidence you’d be in training camp?

LEONARD DAVIS: I’ve always had confidence. Where (I’d end up), I didn’t know. There was a period during OTAs and minicamps when guys were getting signed, and it got my hopes up that maybe a team would bring me in, but that didn’t happen, so I just kept training. I knew someone would give me a chance come training camp.

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