Niners on Gore: It’s just a strain

UPDATE (5:17 p.m.): Frank Gore just entered the press trailer with a 49ers PR representative. Gore told reporters he jammed his neck while making a block in Monday’s game, and he is convinced he did not sustain a concussion. Although Gore said he still felt soreness at the back of his neck, his headache has subsided.

Either way, Gore’s condition might have affected him on his goal-line run on which a replay review determined he was downed at the 2 ½ yard line – losing a yard on the play.


“I think it was something that wasn’t meant (to be),” Gore said. “To see me fall down . . . any other play, I would’ve made that play.”

Gore said he was not given any tests to determine whether he sustained a concussion. 

* * *

Running back Frank Gore did not sustain a concussion, 49ers coach Mike Singletary said today after practice. He has a neck strain. Although Gore did not practice today, the 49ers expect him to play Sunday against the Rams.

Earlier today, Gore said he sustained a concussion late in the 49ers’ loss Monday night to the Cardinals. He said he still has a headache. But Singletary said Gore will play this weekend because he does not have a concussion. 


Frank has a neck (strain), and it may feel like a concussion (to him),” Singletary said. “I’ve talked to Fergy (team athletic trainer Jeff Ferguson), and he’s one of the finest trainers in the country. He (Gore) does not have a concussion. He’ll be good to go.”


When asked when a decision would be made whether Gore will play, Singletary said, “Today. He’s going to play. As far as I know he’s going to play.”


Gore said he was injured when he tried to block Cardinals defensive end Chike Okeafor. The two players collided helmet-to-helmet, Gore said. The play occurred on the final drive. Gore exited the game for one play, but returned to action.


With :20 remaining, Gore lost his balance while trying to bounce a run outside. Okeafor brushed him in the back with his hand, Gore went down two-and-a-half yards shy of the end zone.


* * *

Today was two-minute drill day in which the offense worked against the No. 1 defense. Not to give away anything that happened during that portion of their practice, but the offense did score on the final play with no time remaining.


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