No Vernon Davis at practice, Harbaugh fills in at tight end

SANTA CLARA — Vernon Davis was a no-show at the beginning of practice. Jim Harbaugh will speak at 1:00 p.m. and he will be asked why Davis was absent.

Konrad Reuland also didn’t practice. He has a brace on his knee and he’s limping. He caught passes on the sideline.

So when the first team offense warmed up together, Jim Harbaugh filled in at tight end. He’s already played quarterback and punter in practice, so why shouldn’t he try a new position?

He lined up twice on the left side of the line and once on the right. He turned his 49ers baseball cap backwards and put his hand on the dirt in a three point stance. Then he ran three double-move routes in a row – a quick fake out and then a cut back up the field.

The plays were designed for Harbaugh and Harbaugh only. The whole offense dedicated three reps in a row for Harbaugh the tight end.

He caught the first ball over his head, butchered the second one, and caught the third.

And although he may have been the healthiest tight end at practice, he looked like he had no knees or hips when he ran. He has a serious limp from all those years he played in the NFL.

Still, I applaud the effort. He left it all out on the field today.


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