Officials did poor job in Super Bowl

I don’t usually write about the officiating, but the officials put in a weak performance yesterday. They did not take control of the game from the outset. They missed defensive holding calls on both sides and they missed some blatant offensive holding calls, too.

I can understand the final play of the game where the back judge and the side judge both swallowed their whistles. The last thing you want is an official’s call to determine the outcome of the Super Bowl – similar to what you see in the NBA where a foul has to draw blood to be called at the end of a game.

Michael Crabtree did a horrible job against press coverage on that final play, and when he hesitated off the line of scrimmage like he was attempting to set up cornerback Jimmy Smith with a stutter step, it was all over. Crabtree doesn’t have the quickness to win in that close environment after a stutter step when the defense is blitzing.

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