“Should be a one-game suspension” for 49ers LB Reuben Foster, per Ian Rapoport

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster (56) against the Arizona Cardinals during an NFL football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport told KNBR Monday morning that 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster “only faces a one-game suspension” after getting arrested Friday night.

Tuscaloosa Police charged Foster with second-degree marijuana possession, which is not a crime in California, where Foster lives most of the time. But, marijuana possession is a crime in Alabama, where Foster was arrested. And marijuana possession is against NFL rules.

Rapoport said Foster and the 49ers probably will try to fight the suspension on the grounds that marijuana is legal where Foster plays.

Here is a timeline of incidents Foster has had during the past 12 months.

  • March 3, 2017: Foster shouted at a hospital worker during the NFL Combine. The League removed him from the event and sent him home.
  • April 20, 2017: Foster told NFL.com he failed a drug test at the Combine. His urine sample was diluted.
  • April 27, 2017: Foster hosted a private draft party sponsored by a company that makes marijuana and tobacco vaporizers. The next day at his introductory press conference, I asked him why he had a vaporizer company host his draft party. “This is a new leaf,” he said, “and I’m not answering that. Um, I’m not answering that. I’m sorry. Next question.”
  • October 17, 2017: Foster fled armed robbers after getting held up at gunpoint outside the Love and Propaganda night club in San Francisco.
  • January 12, 2018: Foster posts bail after getting arrested in Alabama for possession of marijuana.

Are you concerned about Foster’s pattern of behavior? Can the 49ers count on him to stay out of trouble?

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  1. Hell yea I’m concerned, and no he can’t be counted on. Gonna have to use a 4th round pick on an ILB to cover our butts, and send a message. Seems to me that the 49ers had to have had an inkling this type of situation was on the horizon, given part of the reason behind hiring Norton Jr. was to mentor him….

    1. Razor,
      I think you are unduly down on this kid. As long as he doesn’t have the addiction gene, he’ll be fine. Needs some mentoring, and yes, needs to move to CA permanently. We need his entire state tax contributions ;-)
      Nevertheless FO may take a third-day BPA draft pick on an ILB.

      1. I’m not trying to be. I’ve smoked pot since I was a kid, but I don’t have 52 other guys counting on me, and being paid handsomely for it. He’ll be ok, but I mean, you can’t handle him with velvet gloves either. Know what I mean? Need some tough Love…lol.

        1. Amigo
          When you were toking and then diluting samples in the Corps, were you letting down the rest of the guys in your platoon by risking not being there for them? Or was I, when I was toking off base (no urine tests back then)?
          Could be we live in glass houses and shouldn’t be throwing stones……?
          He’s responsible and will have to pay the piper and answer to his coaches and teammates, but not so much to us. He’s a black guy from Alabama and should know the score, so there’s that, but I’m not going Holier Than Thou on him because, Let’s just say I couldn’t be elected President or Governor.

          1. Maybe, but we weren’t at war. I understand your point, but I’m also keeping it real. I’m not judging him. Btw, I never got in trouble for it either in USMC. I was too cunning. I never travel with my smoke, and if I go on vacation, I always hollow out a can of peanut butter, double freezer bag it and stuff it in there. Put the peanut butter back in nice n smooth and seal it up. I then package it with crackers and such, and then mail it to my destination. Smoke smarter, not harder…lol.

    2. The niners needed to draft a Middle Linebacker regardless. To many question marks at the position to feel settled there. Malcolm Smith is coming off an injury and Foster was already often injured even before the pot issue. There are just far to many unknowns to be confident in the position. And Honestly, a fourth might be a little long to wait to address the issue. Truthfully, if the draft breaks poorly and qb’s don’t fly off the board early a LB might be the best player available.

        1. Too many other needs on the teams make using the first pick on an ILB ill advised Razor. Besides, there are some interesting ILB prospects that would be available later on in the draft.

            1. Which way do you want to see the 49ers go with the pick if they are unable to trade down or up? I know the overall consensus is Nelson, but I don’t see him falling to the ninth or tenth spot in the draft.

              1. In that scenario, it’s a tough one, MWD. Let’s say we add Coleman, WR, Saints, Norwell, OG, Panthers, Trumaine Johnson, CB, Rams through Free Agency. I like Marcus Davenport, LEO, UTSA. Might be a little high, but as far as I know, he’s clean character wise, and he’s pretty damn good at converting speed to power, got good bend and balance, quick feet and burst, and he’s 6-5, 260 pounds. Like most college players, he’ll need to work on fortifying his arsenal, along with leverage. Competition could be a concern as well. Now it’s your turn. Which way you leaning at this point in time?

              2. As you have said, it is difficult to pinpoint one until we know what Lynch and Shanahan will add in free agency, but right now I am leaning towards CB Joshua Jackson. The team has been needing a #1 CB for a while now, and I feel like he could be the solution to that problem. If he gets picked before the team is on the clock, then I would like to see the team go with the best edge prospect available.

              3. Jackson would be a good pick, MWD. There’s some quality corners in this draft. Oliver, McFadden, Carlton Davis, Adonis Alexander, all with good size. Denzel Ward too, but I’m not sure he fits their size requirement, as he’s listed at 5′-10 inches tall….

    3. And that might be out the window. I’m told Seattle wants to hire Norton as their defensive coordinator, and that there’s a clause in his contract that allows him to leave for a higher position in Seattle

    4. He should take a look at what happened to Alden Smith . He started out as a hall of famer. Now who knows where he is . It’s all about caring and being smart . Smoke at home , bring the party to you ,don’t let another career get into the systom

      1. League testing has gotten more sophisticated through the years. If he smokes in January, they would know it in April. They use various methods, to include hair follicle testing urine and blood testing. You can’t outsmart a medical industry backed by billions of dollars in research and medical breakthroughs….

    5. Also the problem he has with almost weekly stingers. If he doesn’t change a tackling technique and he’s constantly leaving the game be cause of numerous stingers, that might lead to medical attention or surgery. He needs to humble himself fast to get mentoring and guidance before it gets out of hand.

  2. Lol, Reuben Foster almost being robbed is not his fault, that could happen to anyone.

    That being sad, he definitely likes blazing, and that could be a problem if he cant stay clean during the season where he’ll be randomly tested frequently. Hopefully the coaching staff talk some sense into him to stay off the weed during the season and follow the state rules.

  3. Don’t understand why you are including Foster getting robbed at gunpoint as an incident of concern. Are you suggesting all young people stay home with the doors locked and curtains drawn? I’m not really worried about Fosters behavior. He is immature and needs to grow up just as many kids his age need to grow up. I am more concerned about his playing style and the wear & tear on his body. Foster seems to play with a “Better to flame out than fade away” mentality. He could be a 3 year player before he totally breaks down. From what I’ve seen of him in interviews I like the kid so I hope he has a longer career than 3 years.

    1. Yeah, the attempted robbery is in no way Foster’s fault. He was actually smart to run instead of trying to fight a bullet. He then reported it to the police. He couldn’t have handled that unfortunate situation any better.

  4. Yes, it is a concern. They get Malcolm Smith back next year, and will probably re-sign Coyle, but might be a good idea adding some additional depth. Foster looks like he could be a great player but has so far shown poor judgement off the field and an inability to stay healthy on it.

    1. Coyle is just that, a replacement. No way he’s starting if not for injuries. That being said, he’s a good backup. So if your going to be worried about a backup plan,better be someone with at least the same skill level. That’s not Brock Coyle.

  5. Rueban Foster is an idiot. It doesn’t matter if weed is legal in California, it’s NOT in the NFL. I don’t give him a pass because he’s young, I hold him more accountable. It’s not about him anymore. A whole organization is depending on him, his family is depending on him, so your telling me he can’t leave the crap alone for 10-15 years, after he’s done playing? He can’t help any NFL team if he’s suspended, he can’t help his family if he’s not bringing home pay checks. This is looking more and more like an Aldon Smith situation. Sorry dog, but your boys aren’t going to be there to help pay bills when your suspended indefinitely because you keep doin dumb $###. Hopefully Kenny Jr can help him out. Hopefully, he grows the F### up!

    1. Alcoholism is a disease. It ruins lives and tears families apart. Marijuana …. not in the same class of substance abuse. Foster is young, and and he’s a good kid by all accounts. Sure, he’s a bit immature, but I’d be willing to put a strong support system around the kid and give him a chance to grow up.

      That said, he does need to grow up, take responsibility for his action, and get his act together. I suspect he will do just that.

  6. I think that the 49ers, and some teams are more progressive thinkers especially when it comes to cannabis. Even the way the 49ers are talking about challenging it doesn’t include any of the false stigma that usually gets attached to cannabis. The Warrior’s head coach publicly regularly advocates for NBA players to be able to use it – and his best argument (the best argument there is ) is that it is much better and healthier for athletes to use cannabis for pain and recovery than any other pain meds that they have available – the opiates and narcotic pain killers often don’t work or cause other issues like addiction. I think all the contact sports will rethink this and get to the right place, but that it takes time to change the way people think about it. Still, if you’e in possession where it’s illegal, yes, you must be ready to face the consequences for breaking the law.

    1. This is not a team issue. These suspensions are handed down from the league and the team suffers, and that is most likely the issue the cares about.
      The teams implement fines/contract penalties to try and persuade the players not to do things that will get them suspended, not because they care if a player is doing drugs or not.

  7. Aldon Smith 101? I hope not thats problem with throwing millions at kids. I prolly would have been in trouble if s1 threw 2 or 3 million at me lol

    1. No way!!!!! Alcohol is far more destructive. I don’t think we’ll ever see Foster in a rehab situation like Aldon, who had a serious drinking problem.

      1. Sorry, but if lots of athletes can’t temporarily quit a drug that is banned, and will cost them $$$ and/or a career, it is addictive as heck. Dump this loser while he still has trade value.

  8. people need to calm down…….calling him an idiot is an overreaction……also saying he let the team down is over doing it…….

    i don’t blame him at all……all the ganja news will be irrelevant in the near future…..

    1. It’s actually great news. Norton did a terrible job as DC in Oakland so having him in charge in Seattle is not a bad thing at all.

        1. I’m sure he would have but there are a number of good Coaches out there. I actually like him going to Seattle as DC a lot better. By hiring Norton and Schottenheimer, Pete Carroll is making his team a lot easier to deal with. Now all we need him to do is hire Geep Chryst as QB coach.

  9. So much for Ken Norton being a mentor to Foster. He’s just been named Seahawks defensive coordinator. Freaking sucks!!!!

  10. Ken Norton leaving isint a big deal. Hell he hadn’t even gotten his feet wet. There is nothing to miss about him as a coach. There are plenty of good ILB coaches. I say the go find one. A vet with the skills as a LB coach. Or a player who had a respectable career as an ILB.

    1. Singletary did not think Willis was a good prospect, so I have my doubts about how he would do with Foster and the other ILBs.

  11. 49ers need to draft a ILB in 3rd round or FA. Getting robbed is not Reubens fault but I see a disturbing pattern and any of you saying it is not a big deal are being blind to the fact that this kid has serious maturity issues. We need a rock at ILB, need to add a CB, pass rusher, OG, T and WR.

  12. No loyalty in professional sports. Not for a quite a while. I don’t blame KN for taking the job and the money. I do think Carroll gave the Niners the middle finger while smiling, laughing and chewing his stupid gum! Not much the Niners can do other than pin a large crooked number on them next year. Twice.

  13. Yes, we are all concerned about our first round draft choice. Character issues have a way of re-emerging time and time again. We knew that was a risk. I was never impressed with Ken Norton as a coach. He is not an impressive defensive coordinator. He might have been ok as a mentor/babysitter for Foster.

  14. I’m a little concerned about Reuben Foster’s behavior. (I’m alot more concerned about Jeff Sessions behavior… ha ha!)

    Recently a female friend told me a story. (Mild mannered. Late 40s. Teetotaler. Never been arrested. Think kindergarten teacher). She was driving through Alabama with California plates. Going exactly with the flow of traffic. Gets pulled over by a police car. When she asked why, he said “you have California plates. Your probably a pot dealer.” (really)

    They cuffed her and made her sit on a a curb for three hours with no bathroom break (despite her pleas) as they tore her car apart looking for pot. Every once in a while they threatened her with jail unless she confessed.

    When they finally let her free, they threatened she better drive out of Alabama with no stops… or else. She was tailed while she drove out of the state. This happened two years ago.

    I’m betting Foster possessed pot, but if he says he didn’t I’ll give his denial due consideration.

  15. Apparently reading is among the other things Grant doesn’t do well.

    The report says could face a one game suspension. Big difference between that and should or just leaving out the word could all together.

    How you have a job is beyond me.

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