One of these five 49er receivers could make big leap this season

San Francisco 49ers rookie Deebo Samuel (19) and Jalen Hurd (17) work on a drill during the NFL football team’s rookie minicamp in Santa Clara, Calif., Friday, May 3, 2019. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

SANTA CLARA — George Kittle isn’t enough.

To finish next season with a winning record, the 49ers will need a consistent receiving threat other than Kittle, their Pro Bowl tight end.

Kittle is an elite pass-catcher, but opposing defenses will double- and triple-cover him constantly next season. One of the 49ers’ wide receivers must draw attention away from Kittle.

Unfortunately for the 49ers, Kittle is their only consistent pass-catcher. None of the other receivers have proven themselves. None ever have gained more than 1,000 yards in a season.

One of the 49ers’ wide receivers must make a giant leap forward next season. Here are the most likely candidates to make the leap.

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  1. Pettis apparently put on 10 lbs. of muscle, and seems poised to have a breakout season. Shanny will use the attention to Kittle to his advantage, because he has weaponry he didn’t have last year….

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  2. The 49ers don’t need any of the receivers to get 1000 yards. Conceivably, they could have three of them get between 700-900+ yards. Hell they it would be okay if four of them got 700 yards, with others also contributing + Kittle.

  3. Looking to identify which WR would fit best in which WR position, the Niners should put Pettis and Hurd at the X position. They will be asked to beat the CB jam, and stretch the field, but generally stay away from the middle of the field.
    Goodwin and Mathews could be the Z WRs. They could go in motion, and operate in the middle of the field, with also some post routes.
    Deebo and Taylor could be the slot receivers, looking to get the quick passes, and run after the catch.
    Bourne may be the odd man out, unless they keep only 2 TEs. Then he could be the 7th WR, and used for returns on the STs. James may also be on the bubble.

    Of course, KS may not want to pigeon hole his receivers, and utilize them with multiple positions and schemes.
    Hopefully, a thousand yard receiver will emerge, and several others will be productive with 500 to 700 yard seasons. Kittle may not get 1300 yards again, but I hope he can run after the catch for a thousand yard season. I also expect the RBs to contribute as pass catchers.
    JG needs to be healthy, but both JG and Mullens are accurate enough to throw for over 4000 yards.

      1. He may have to become one, to stay on the team.
        Pettis got hurt fielding a punt. Taylor muffed a punt. Deebo was a punt returner in college, but they may not want to risk a second rounder to injury. Hurd is absolutely the last player to ask, he may retire. James may be cut, so who do you think they will ask to be on the STs?

    1. Seb, I’m glad you mentioned Mathews. He seems to be a forgotten man although he has lots going for him. He might be one of the guys defenses will have to account for. I also think Grant is discounting Tevin Coleman, whom I think of as the mirror image of Samuel — a RB WR versus a WR RB. As for Pettis, right now I’d put him in the category of “a player to dream about.” Last year he was productive when on the field, but his problem with contact is demonstrably real and I’m concerned that down the line he’ll be edged out of the offense. That’s dramatic to say, but imo he has the potential to become a semi-bust.

      1. George, I totally agree. That is why I think they should use Pettis as the X- WR, let him operate along the side line and stretch the field. They should not send him over the middle. Let Matthews and Deebo go over the middle.
        I hope Coleman can get 1000 all purpose yards.

  4. Which receiver makes the biggest leap? Who has the best combination of vertical and broad jump numbers?

  5. Pettis will take a big jump this year. The added muscle should help him stay healthy. The fact that he acknowledges he didn’t do well with contested catches last year, tells me he’s working on that. Plus Shanahan will scheme to his strengths.
    I like everything I’m hearing about Taylor. If he’s fully healthy, JG will get him the ball. He’ll lead the team in receptions, while Pettis leads in yards.
    Goodwin will have a few big plays, but I don’t see him having a lot of production over 16 games. My guess is this is the last season he wears a Niner jersey.
    As for Hurd and Deebo, I don’t expect much year one. Both are working through injuries and will take at least a season to learn the playbook and adjust to the NFL. I really like what both of them bring to the table and I believe KS will find ways to get them the ball. Both will be fun to watch develop.
    Matthews could find a role as a red zone specialist, or he could find himself on the bubble. I really don’t know what to expect from him or Bourne for that matter. I like Bourne, but he’s going to have to fight to make the roster. Everyone is saying how great he looks, but I feel like a lot of the same was said last year.
    I like Richie James too, but at this point I don’t see him making the roster. Despite his return ability.

  6. Which one of the Niners will make that leap? And what is he going to leap into? Will, it be something like the Lambeau leap – into the stands”

  7. Pettis will have a break out season,70 catches, 1200 yards and 8 touchdowns. Book it Dano.
    Taylor will have 60 catches 1000 yards and 10 touchdowns.
    DEEBO 30 catches 450yards 9 touchdowns

  8. Deebo may take a little time to heal up, but there’s nothing like ‘staying after school and getting after it on the chalkboard’.

  9. What looked to be a loaded wide receiving core quickly swung in the opposite direction (in 2018).
    So, who excelled? The answer is simple: no one.

    Bourne led all 49ers receivers with a pedestrian 42 catches for 487 yards. That’s not ideal.
    Pettis as a rookie made some splash plays, but also lacked in certain areas of his game. He didn’t play strong. Pettis struggled to fight through contact from aggressive defensive backs, and was underwhelming in traffic and going up for contested catches.

    Heading into the 2019 offseason, the uncertainty with this group mounted. After letting Garçon walk, most believed the 49ers wanted to fill that void with a big, tall receiver. I’ve never been one to pick a receiver solely on height alone, I want the total package.

    “What’s the total package?” you might ask: hands, has some suddenness, creates separation, variety of releases, plays big and is open even when he’s not open. I look for a certain skill set, not a certain size. Which leads me right to a guy I feel possesses all of that; 49ers 2019 second-round pick, Tyshun “Deebo” Samuel….

  10. Nice read Grant.
    We now have some intriguing receivers in camp and I honestly don’t know if the player who wins the #1 position in camp can be recognized as a true number one.

    Pettis seems to be the top contender for the #1, but if he’s more worried about getting tackled over the middle than making the catch, he will hurt the offense.

    I get concerned whenever I hear a Receiver Coach use the “mental” aspect when describing a player. Coach Welker (probably more than anyone) knows that a receiver must have a mindset (I call it courage) to catch passes over the middle. If Pettis can’t dig deep to find this, he will never be a number one.

    Deebo shows no fear in going over the middle. He has the mindset that Welker describes. The battle for the #1 will be between Pettis and Samuels, which may go on during the season if Pettis fails to put on his big boy pants.

  11. AES, the 49ers new RB’s this season may also benefit Deebo!****Here’s a look at the top six NFC West running backs ahead of the 2019 season, and no, Todd Gurley isn’t No. 1.

    NFL Preview 2019: Ranking the top six running backs in the NFC West
    By Josh Schrock July 08, 2019 9:53 AM

    1. David Johnson, AZ Cards

    2. Chris Carson —Despite head coach Pete Carroll claiming that there is no clear starter between Carson and second-year back Rashaad Penny, it was clear last season that Carson was the top dog.

    3. Todd Gurley

    4. Tevin Coleman
    The 49ers brought their offense a present in March when they signed Coleman at the start of the new league year. The Indiana product has been a solid back during his career in Atlanta and thrived under then-offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan’s direction in 2016 season.

    Now reunited with Shanahan, Coleman should give the 49ers and Garoppolo an electric option out of the backfield both in the run and the passing game. I expect Coleman to have a solid season by the Bay.

    5. Jerick McKinnon—If McKinnon still has the look of the player he was with the Minnesota Vikings, he’ll be a useful weapon on outside runs, as well as screens and dump-offs. Health is the main concern, but he can be a solid role player to help Shanahan’s offense move the chains.

    6. Rashaad Penny
    While Carson figures to be the bell cow in Seattle, Penny certainly will get his looks in the Pacific Northwest.
    Reply: Don’t sleep on Austin Walter, FA, Rice Universtiy–5’8, but over 200 Lbs, or Jeff Wilson

  12. Yes maybe Matthews breaks out, he is a vet….the rest of the WR’s are meh…..I really do hope Deebo can man up and not limp off the field again and again…where the hell is that #1 WR??? another year another “same old story” its not like they have solved this issue

    1. Matthews may become the #1 WR. He is a battle tested, battle hardened, grizzled vet with good size and speed.
      He is not afraid to go over the middle, and had 16 Red Zone TDs.
      He is also a second cousin to Jerry Rice, so the familial connection is strong.
      The biggest reason why I think Matthews will shine, is because he had a very productive, and impressive OTA and mini camp.

  13. We will see if we have a receiver this year or not.

    Oline has been together for a year
    Jimmy and Mullens are comfortable in the system
    If our recievers are covered we have 3 backs who can catch the ball
    FB can catch

    “When he’s not working on football this offseason, Garoppolo has also been spending time on community service. He’s teamed up with Men’s Wearhouse as part of a Suit Drive this month, where the clothing store distributes gently used professional attire to people looking to re-enter the workplace through job readiness programs.”

    “JimmyG is going to score a lot of touchdowns this season, and he’s going to look good doing it — I guarantee it”

  15. I called Kittle to have a break out season last year and I’m calling Pettis to do the same this season.

    1. MD,
      It comes down to mindset with Pettis. If he could develop the mindset of say Trent Taylor, he could become the undisputed #1 WR.

      With many Safeties coming in at 210+ lbs, WR’s can expect to take some brutal hits over the middle. But the mindset has to be that as a WR, I’m going to keep coming at you.
      That’s a football mindset.

    2. Good Call re Kittle. I think there’s significant rationale to support your making that call re Pettis. But it could be less visible if it is spread around, which I anticipate since there appears to be a significant strategy to keep the opposing defenses guessing and from countering/neutralizing key SF playmakers as per recent history.

  16. Jalen Hurd and Jordan Matthews? Interesting they aren’t included at all. The 49ers don’t have a true #1 WR and that may be ok. IF teams double Taylor and Kittle then guys like Pettis and Goodwin or maybe even Deebo should have monster years. I’m not sure what the season holds for the 49er receiving corps but I do know the days of Jeremy Kerley, Quinton Patton, and Torrey Smith as the starters are over. This WR group is much better and much deeper than in years past. On the top end, the 49ers could easily have 3 WR’s who surpass the total yards of the leading receiver from last year. Kendrick Bourne had 487 yards.

    1. “The 49ers don’t have a true #1 WR and that may be ok.”

      That’s the way I was going with it. Wouldn’t be surprised if the Niners once again didn’t produce a 1000 yard receiver. With three QB’s and a array of receivers last year they still manage 4200 + yards.

      1. I agree. I can see pros and cons to having multiple good to very good receivers versus one great guy and multiple average guys. These days I think the biggest pro is that if one guy goes down with an injury, there are still a number of good to very good receivers left versus if the great guy goes down your left with just average receivers. OTOH, the great guy can usually be counted on to make the big play in the big moments.

        1. I think the need for a #1 receiver is a bit overblown by pundits. I agree that if we have a a group of good receivers it gives us opportunities on every play for someone to be open. It’s like needing a #1 RB these days, where RB committees have started to rule the day.

          1. The thing is we’ve seen Shanny make chicken soup out of chicken $hit last year. It doesn’t take a big imagination or a #1 wr to envision what he’ll be able to do with a newly stocked pantry….

            1. Agreed. I do think some of the players mentioned need to mature and step up, they don’t have to be a #1. What if Pettis and Taylor step up and both produce 800-900yd seasons? My biggest concern is durability for all these guys.

    2. I was wondering about Matthews also. He has had a string of nagging injuries but he is a talented WR. He was on the niners draft radar coming out of Vandy.

      1. If Hurd spends most of the season inactivated then that would seem like a total wasted pick to me. They needed help in the secondary and there were viable alternatives at Safety when Hurd was picked. IMO, there were also better options at WR when Hurd was picked. So to waste that pick on a project that can’t contribute for an entire year and then follow that up by drafting a damn punter when there were still other WR’s and Safeties on the board would be a colossal draft FU in my book. If Hurd and Wish don’t turn out to make strong contributions in the next 2 years then that’s a fireable offense for a GM in my book.

        1. Houston

          I wouldn’t worry too long and hard about it….C4C knows that next week will get some fresh postings from both Grant and MM… like the rest of us, he’s bored and just wants to stir up some mud….

  17. “I called Kittle to have a break out season last year and I’m calling Pettis to do the same this season.”

    I’m calling Pettis to see where he gets that cool paint for his fro.

  18. 1st day of camp for the Hat Tricks, the new minor league hockey team in Danbury, Connecticut. Coach John Krupinsky had something to share with the team:

    “We’re not women’s soccer”. “We’re not the NFL.” “If there’s anybody here who is going to be disrespectful to either the American or the Canadian national anthem, grab your gear and get the f**k out now because you’ll never see the ice in this arena,” he said. “We don’t have that problem in hockey. We’re better than that, but there was no sense in wasting anybody’s time if that sh*t was going to happen.”

    Rapinoe says she’ll have a “substantive conversation” with “anyone” … who “believes the same things we believe in.” That tells you all you need to know about this woman….

    1. Bush league bravado from a coach who will never achieve greatness. He is a waste of time.
      The Women’s soccer team just added a 4th star as a World Champion. More people will listen to them rather than some jingoistic bombast.
      I am proud to live in a country, where dissent is a right everyone can exercise. If you do not want dissent to be legal, go move to Russia.

      1. They all just stood for the anthem in NY, and they all had their hands over their hearts…except Rapinoe.

        1. The rules state they must stand. Rapinoe stood, but is using her platform to protest against injustices.
          Her bravery, in the face of unmitigated hate, makes me even more proud of her. The flag symbolizes the right to protest. In North Korea, she would be shot by their government for her actions.

          1. I’m not talking about the soccer league, I’m talking about the parade in NY just hours ago.

            Her bravery? LOL, is that what’s on display when she refuses to talk with someone who disagrees with her? Not what I’d call it, but whatevs….

          2. Ha! this, coming from a guy who’s nickname is “Seb-skov”.

            Educate me, Sebs-whats her big pisser? Because unless you clear up my ignorance on this issue, she is also dis-respecting all of those people who gave their blood, say, on D-day………….Iwo Jima……..Gettysburg……….etc……….also fighting for an imperfect nation, but rather having faith in the best things the Republic stands for.
            Of course, she’s quite happy to pick up a pay-check from the very nation she dis-respects……….
            She’s got a bitch? What is she doing to remedy it? Calling attention to herself? Then she should go to Hollywood. They like attention, too.

            1. Saw, to clear up your ignorance, no, those people who fought for freedom, also fought to allow dissent. It is in the Constitution. She is the embodiment of the ideals they fought for, because she is striving to create a more tolerant, loving, perfect union. Disrespecting the flag? Like shooting unarmed civilians? Burning churches? Dissing McCain, a war hero? Making a Gold Star wife cry? Denigrating a Gold Star mother? Putting kids in concentration camps with no beds, and tell them to drink out of toilets? Those actions disrespect the flag way more than advocating for social justice.
              She asks for more love, and less hate. Guess you disagree with her.
              You, and the others in the peanut gallery can diss and denigrate her, but she was just feted with a ticker tape parade in NY, lionized as a hero, while you spread vile ignorant hate. Guess who I admire more?
              You really should just stick to football. I have tried, but your comment deserved a response.

              1. She dissed the Service-men and women of all those different wars, and New York lionized her? My mistake, I thought it was for the whole team…………and New York loves her for it?

                There’s a big surprise…

                She’s striving to create a more tolerant, loving, perfect union?
                Kids in concentration camps? Which brings to mind, say, Auschwitz?
                Calling people who disagree with you childish names?

                And you say your for “Love and Tolerance”? Specifically, for who?

                Once again, Sebby’s forum for invective………….a modern “bleeding heart” for everyone except those who obey laws and pay taxes……….and were going to be paying a whole lot more, as it continues to trend up and up………….lets call them “Kalif. LooOOove taxes”……….

              2. Interesting. She got a big cheer when she held up that trophy, she was not boo’d.
                Obey laws and pay taxes? You mean the guy who assaults women, cheats to win an election, tells others to defy subpoenas and promised to show his taxes, then hides them illegally?
                The guy who inflates his worth to get loans, then shows billion dollars of losses to avoid paying taxes?
                Quit leading with your chin.

          3. Rapinoe is a bad ass because she backs up her talk.

            I don’t blame her for not wanting to go to the White House. She knows it’s nothing but a waste of time. I wouldn’t go either for the same time. The man in office doesn’t give a rats ass about anything she’d have to say to him.

            1. Rapinoe is a bad ass because she backs up her talk.

              She’s so bad she’s afraid to have a conversation with anyone who disagrees with her.

              The man in office doesn’t give a rats ass about anything she’d have to say to him.

              Sure, just like he didn’t give a jack’s ass about anything Kardashian had to say to him.

              1. Trump’s position on social injustice, equal pay, the LBGTQ is already well known. He is who he is. The better play is to build a base to fight on her side.

              2. The better play is to build a base to fight on her side.

                By alienating 65% of the American people? 😂

                In 2017, at the height of the NFL anthem protests, polls showed that 64% of Americans said athletes should “be respectful during the national anthem,” while just 24% disagreed. Considering that only 42% of Americans approve of Trump, that means there are millions of Americans who, like Rapinoe, don’t like the president, but also don’t like athletes protesting during the anthem. How exactly is this the better play?

              3. Not sure how it became so trendy & chic for multimillionaire athletes who live lives of wealth & privilege 98% of the population will never know to show such disrespect for the traditions that honor the country that helped provide their luxurious lifestyle. I find it abhorrent to trade patriotism for some misguided statement on social justice, especially from people who have been coddled and idolized their entire lives by the very countrymen they say oppress people. I find it even more distasteful to dishonor our country while wearing a uniform emblazoned with our flag.

                Apart from all of that, the behavior of some of the women on this team has been exceptionally classless and disgusting. If they are trying to raise the bar on the term “ugly American” to a whole new level then bravo, mission accomplished.

              4. It is not surprising that a person of the preferred race and gender wouldn’t understand.

                Rapinoe loves this country and wants to see it be even better.

                I find the outrage over the celebrations hilarious. When the NFL clamped down on celebrating they were called the No Fun League. They recently changed this and we now see celebrations after touchdowns, turnovers or almost any big play and fans cheer it on. The USWNT celebrates scored on the biggest stage and people are up in arms about it.

                So it’s cool for one, and bag for the other? Get it f¥<king together people. LOL

              5. I would call that comment imbecilic but that would be an insult to imbeciles. Equating in-game celebrations to kneeling for the anthem to the country that idolizes you and is the source of your great wealth & fame is just plain idiotic. It is not possible for me to care less about in-game celebrations. I do think their post championship behavior has been tasteless and classless behavior for a world champion starting with the “Hide your kids, hide your wife, and lock your f***in’ doors because we got the key to the motherf***in’ city, and I’m comin’ for all y’all b*tches.”
                I mean it’s just stupid and poor behavior from a few of these women that makes the entire win less enjoyable.

              6. She no longer kneels for the national anthem.

                Oh. It’s the post-championship behavior you don’t like. Got it.

                Imagine the outrage if hockey players were shown drinking margaritas out of the Stanley Cup, or partying like drunken sailors with it. Oh wait, that’s happened the last two years and been celebrated.

                Imagine if a player on a World Series team was celebrated for wearing a rally thong, or was cracking beers during the parade. Oh wait. That happened.

                Imagine an NBA championship team drinking and carrying on during their championship parade. Oh wait. That happened.

                Imagine a player from an NFL Super Bowl team had a player at the parade yelling “if I don’t have breakfast I’m f¥€king pissed off” or “f¥€kingPhilly”. Oh wait that happened too, in a speech that is now hailed as great.

                Get out of here with this pansy @$$ whining over it coming from a member of the 2 time World Cup Champs. What a bunch of soft motherf¥€kers.

              7. @ Jeff,

                You obviously don’t possess the mental acuity to know the difference between a team partying with their fans in celebration of their achievement versus a team showing utter contempt for their fans while they party to celebrate themselves. It would be pretty silly of me to attempt to have any type of dialogue with someone who can’t hold an intelligent conversation. So move along, little man. I’m done with you.

              8. Contempt for their fans. That’s pretty rich! They were partying with their fans on the field right after the game. Yesterday when she said “Hide your kids, hide your wife, and lock your f***in’ doors because we got the key to the motherf***in’ city” they were celebrating with their fans.

                I guess Ovechkin parading around weeks after winning in a drunken stupor with the Cup or the guy a few days ago using the Cup to mix margaritas with his family are both completely different.

                Little man? Aw come on sweet cheeks.

                Only difference between Rapinoe’s actions and those of the other parties I just mentioned is one is gay and critical of certain aspects of society, and your little b!t<h @$$ and others like you can’t handle it.

              9. If they are trying to raise the bar on the term “ugly American” to a whole new level then bravo, mission accomplished.

                Houston , they are much more respected around the world than that orange clown squatting in the Oval Office.

              10. I mean it’s just stupid and poor behavior from a few of these women that makes the entire win less enjoyable.

                Would you feel better if they were offering BJs in the parking lot, Houston? I remember you relating that tale that totally cracked up you and your spouse. But a little off color comments from some female athletes? Tsk tsk.

            2. Jack, Rapinoe refuses to be a prop, to help a stable genius talk more about those colonial airports. She would go, and have a conversation, if she thought he would listen, but he does not want a dissenting viewpoint, he only wants to have them kiss his arse. He did not even watch them play the whole game, which led to them becoming 4 time World Champions.
              She does not respect a serial sexual predator, who likes to serve cold fast food.
              She is not afraid. She is brave, like Kaep, to peacefully protest, in the face of hate and death threats.
              He is feeling the burn, because they are talking, after winning it all.

              1. She loses all cred when she refuses to sit down and talk the other side that she has a problem with.
                The facts are there. And women’s sports is not the cream of the crop in the sports world.
                So whine about it and injustice.

                You guys are wasting your time with these guys.
                They will follow and believe anything rich elites, espn and cnn tell them.

                It’s bad enough hacks like her and CK have to politicize our sports!

              2. Hack! LMAO! She’s the best female soccer player in the world. Now Kaepernick, yes, he fits the hack description.

                Do I agree with her on the pay thing? Not completely. I do respect her ability to fight for what she believes in though.

              3. ………”Like Kap”. There it is. Once again. Also Sebbys favorite word, “Hate”. Seb, how do you know so much about what she like’s and doesn’t like? Are you projecting yourself onto another one of your hero’s again?
                And come up with something other than hate for anyone who disagrees with you-can you do that, please? Man, if I had a dime for every time you laid that on someone who disagrees….

                HEY Jack–“preferred race”? Is that not a racist comment in and of itself?

              4. Hey Bottomfeeder,

                I’m so white I make Casper look like he has a tan. I know that being male and white has afforded me privilege. If you think pointing that out is racist so be it.

              5. You guys are wasting your time with these guys.
                They will follow and believe anything rich elites, espn and cnn tell them.

                Rich elites? Says the guy firmly in Trump’s cult, he of the cabinet with an aggregate wealth of over 4 billion$. You are some funny stuff MD. No wonder you and those like you are easy pickings for Don the con.

              6. « No wonder you and those like you are easy pickings for Don the con. »

                What are these people like in your estimation Rib? Just curious.

              7. My favorite part of your comments MD is they’re coming from a guy who wears a tinfoil hat and thinks the NFL is rigged, especially when the 49ers are on the short end.

              8. What are these people like in your estimation Rib? Just curious.

                Those who seem to revel in the idea the Trump really cares for “people like them”. Who’ve bought in the con about the “fake news media”. Evangelicals who give a pass to the man who behaves literally like the anti-christ. What it comes down to is that they see, in Trump, a guy who also hates everything that they hate, and sticks it to the libruls That is all they care about.

              9. AG Barr:

                “Thank you, Mr. President, and congratulations on today’s executive order,” “Congratulations again, Mr. President, on taking this effective action.”

                Remember when Obama was President executive orders were the height of incipient tyranny? Now… congratulations? What say you, Catfish? Razor? md?

              10. Mueller is getting cold feet, is what I say.

                When’s the last time you watched Fast N Furious on NetFlix?

              11. Cold feet? Yeah, don’t think so. A Marine combat vet, bronze star recipient? He’s faced tougher things. Semper fi, right Razor?

      2. Bravado? It’s called laying down the law, Seb-a-Niah!

        Rapinoe is either afraid, incapable or just really doesn’t care if all she’s willing to do is talk with people who agree with her.

        I’m proud of my country despite not trusting a single member of congress, the senate or any president. Dissent all you want, but when you refuse to take an opportunity to present your argument to someone who’s in a position to affect the kind of change you supposedly are so passionate about just because you don’t like him is laughable. Even Kardashian understood that….

        1. The stable genius who talked about colonial airports? Who can barely read?
          The law and order person who ignores subpoenas? Then uses taxpayer money for a re-election rally to subvert a traditionally non partisan day? Thank goodness God has a sense of humor, and rained on his parade.
          The guy who separates children from their parents, puts kids in concentration camps and forces them to drink out of toilets?
          Okay, back to football.
          Marquise Goodwin was accused of stopping to produce by Grant. He had extenuating circumstances to divert his focus from football. His wife had medical complications which resulted in a tragedy. She told him to play. The second time that happened, she was in distress, and Goodwin was unavailable, because she needed him. That was a very legitimate reason why he did not produce. His family needed him, and the Niners were compassionate and understanding.

          1. Yep, the most powerful man in the world and president of these United States. That’s the one!

            I like you, Seb. I can agree to disagree, burn one with you, and even be a friend. It’s when you viciate into stupidity and ridiculousness under the pretense of solemnity that you lose me….

            1. Razor, I like you too. You have kept me more balanced, and make me realize that we can be polar opposites, yet still both love our country, and love the Niners.

          2. Great parents, aren’t they Seb? Knowingly bringing their children into harm’s way, breaking the law of a sovereign state…………..Ever seen Mexico’s border, Seb? At it’s Southern border? Looks like the Maginot line…………
            You’ve got your 2.5, Seb-why not step up to the plate and donate it to some of these people? That would give you real credibility…………………

            And no, I don’t hate you OR them. But I don’t like people who see our civility as a sign of weakness.

            1. Saw, they are fleeing almost certain death. They are seeking asylum and dreams of a better life.
              Ever heard of the Statue of liberty? ‘Give me your tired, your poor huddled masses, yearning to be free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, the tempest tossed to me, I lift my lamp to the golden door.’
              Since you like to talk about Nazis, they also declared the Jews and other minorities to be illegal, and put them into concentration camps. Likewise, the guards of these Auschwitz’s will have a day of reckoning, and the people supporting them.
              You may piously declare you do not hate, but it leaks from your soul.

              1. The Jews of that Germany were already living there, Seb-most of them for centuries…..another one of your false Sun Zoo arguments.

                More fibbing, Sebs? I don’t talk about the Nazi’s except long ago when, in effect, I called you the Minister of Propaganda….long ago. From there, you got on your Sebby pious horse you rode in on and tried to make it out I called you a murderer…………..very weak.

                Your not a victim, Sebs-so forget it.

              2. They still rounded them up, put them into concentration camps and separated the children from their mothers. If you cannot see the similarities, I feel sorry for you. Sure, they did not gas them, but putting children in cages and forcing them to drink out of toilets is torture, plain and simple.
                Children are dying from lack of care, but they are hiding the true death count.
                Quit lying about your Nazi comments. You threw those insults at me, so I have every right to throw them back in your face. Maybe you should think before spewing hate.

            2. Great parents, aren’t they Seb? Knowingly bringing their children into harm’s way, breaking the law of a sovereign state………

              Victim blaming, eh fish? That’s morally repugnant even for you.

              Since you are so smugly self satisfied, let’s see the legal immigration documents of your forebears when they came to this country.

          3. Lots and lots of childish name calling from someone so filled with love and tolerance………there’s certainly nothing adult about it…………..and I will admit I’ve never heard Kap call people names.

          4. Lmaoooo. Ok now I know seb watches cnn.
            He isn’t talking about Obama who actually built these “prison” camps for people who aren’t supposed to be here.
            But hey when he told them not to come so they don’t face that kind of horrible torture it was ok then.
            AC, fresh water, snacks all day, video games for the poor kids who shouldn’t be in with adults anyways.
            Man I’d bet our homeless would love to live in these “prison camps”
            Seb you’re a waste, can we put you on the trading block for some foreigner who would actually love this country.
            What a joke!

            1. AC, fresh water, snacks all day, video games?
              Sure, they showed that staged propaganda to the media. Then we see pictures of children crowded in cages, no beds, only a mylar blanket, thirsty kids told to drink out of toilets and no video at all.
              I love this country just as much as you. Maybe more. Maybe you should leave, because then you can violate human rights better in some tin pot dictatorship. I hear they are killing drug dealers in the Philippines. Maybe you should go see his best bud in N Korea. There you can march lock step in those military parades with lots of tanks.

          1. It’s always been my view that our job as American citizen’s is never ever trust any government official. Especially the ones that show up, and say, I’m here to help. We must be a check, and balance to their power. Scrutinization is your best trap when it comes to the rat infested Washington D. C. swamplands….

            1. Especially the ones that show up, and say, I’m here to help.

              So if you were a soybean farmer, and a trump official showed up “here’s your bailout “, you’d give him the stink eye? That’s big of you Razor.

              1. So if you were a soybean farmer, and a trump official showed up “here’s your bailout “, you’d give him the stink eye? That’s big of you Razor.

                I take it you’re not familiar with Horne vs. USDA. Your naivete could be problematic whenever the government is involved. That’s just one of thousands of examples where less government is more.

                Yes siree, that phrase is right up there with, “I’ll still respect you in the morning”, and “The check is in the mail”. Ever heard those before? Now you get it…🤦‍♂️

              2. So you are saying the “patriotic farmers” trump likes to talk about, screwed by his tariffs, could be more patriotic by telling trump to stick his federal payout where the sun don’t shine. I’m liking you more, Razor.

              3. I hate to drop a truth bomb on your political utopia but the government has been around long before Trump.

        2. I can see why she wouldn’t want to have discussion, substantive or otherwise, with people who don’t believe in the rule of law, craps on the 1st amendment (“press is the enemy of the people”), advocates the jailing of political opponents, lies as well as you and I breathe, talks the word of murderous despots over his own intelligence professionals, whose own idiocy is readily apparent to his former appointees (“f-ing moron”), his instability readily apparent to our allies career diplomats, on and on and on. Why waste her time?

          Even the Kardashian, at least the one named West, realized there was no further point in debasing yourself in front of that man-baby.

          1. Ah, Ribs, you never stop with your politics-never. With you, if it wasn’t Trump, it would be some other Republican-be it Lincoln or T.R.

              1. No love and tolerance there, I’m afraid………..most of the profanity seems to be coming from the love and tolerance gang. That always sways people. Lots of emotion. No sound arguments.

                Critically thinking-wise, kind of makes one wonder if they really are all about love and tolerance………lets see how this goes…….

            1. And there’s a healthy dosage of your political commentary in this thread as well.

              As usual with those who moan about “ politics in sports “ it’s perfectly fine when the politics (and there has always been politics in sports ) agrees with your politics.

              Let me put it in terms familiar to you – Catfish the Pharisee.

              1. Pointing to bad behavior to justify bad behavior?

                IS THIS SEB????????

                Well you almost finished up without the name calling–except until the very end…harmless tho it was.

                And Ribs, your bearing false witness against me. I dont think I have ever brought up politics on this blog, mostly because I despise it, and typically because I respond to it and ask people to stop.

              2. Rib….. you deflect better than a Chicago Bears kickers kick off the goalpost in a close game.

                Let it go buddy.
                Like most liberals you are arguing emotion and not facts.

              3. Md, stick to CNN sucks, build the wall and lock her up. That’s the level of political sophistication You can handle.

              4. Fish, you had plenty of political smack to drop in this thread, so drop the “oh me? Little me? Little old loving follower of my lord and savior me??” act. Religious hypocrites are the worst.

      1. Oh really UC? And did your girls learn that from you? I hope you corrected them that a better name is “world champion “

        1. You usually don’t see me doing the name calling thing. No haven’t spoken to them directly about it, I certainly will suggest they tone it down, however I couldn’t possible suggest for them to call her a World Champion, they would kick my butt up and down if I did. Now that they learned from me :). I didn’t teach them parties I taught them the Constitution is the leader of our Nation. So yup its personal baby whether you like it or not.

            1. Jack that’s not true, I may agree with their displeasure that doesn’t mean I agree with how they voice it, that’s why I didn’t post it. Just pointing out there is discontent from some of the young and of the female variety also. Hmm sound familiar – kap…

              1. “I may agree with their displeasure that doesn’t mean I agree with how they voice it”

                You agreed plenty when you wrote, “I would not call her a woman,”

                So what would you call her? Let us read it.

              2. Not willing to do that Jack, would be willing to send you an e mail with what they called her (probably not as bad as you think) and the reason why I wont post it here. If its your desire you can freely post it yourself after reading it.

              3. I’m asking what YOU would call her since you’ve written that YOU wouldn’t call her a woman.

              4. ah, sorry, got ya, well my reaction was pretty much the same as I had with Kaep, I do not recognize him as a man either its a person – so if you want it here we go, that person I called it a rich b—- and the latter a rich a—— not sure why I use the word rich. But I do know why I use the other words :). Jack I am ending this discussion got something to do. Have a fine night.

              5. “This is my charge to everyone: We have to be better, we have to love more and hate less. Listen more and talk less. It is our responsibility to make this world a better place.” ⁠— Megan Rapinoe

                Certainly sounds like a “rich bitch” to me.

              6. Is anyone allowed to call anyone a woman or man now a days?
                Isn’t that offensive to some?
                I mean has anyone asked what the said player identifies as?

                See how this game you liberals like to play can go?

              7. Megan Rapinoe is a woman. This thread was started by a man who said he “wouldn’t call her a woman” but instead he’d call her a “rich bitch”.

                Is calling that bull$h!t out being a liberal? If you think so oh well.

        1. My flag flies clean. Sorry if yours is soiled. I didn’t soil it I would suggest you look to the left and then to the right. Maybe hang it high to help ensure that the person continues to have that right whether I agree with her actions or not.

          1. “I would not call her a woman, my girls have a much better name for her….”

            This is a straight up prejudice comment. If you think what they are calling her is as good as you wrote, let it fly big guy.

            1. Holy cow that’s not prejudice Jack, that’s just plain stinking disgust.

              I was more politically correct when I used

              “…ensure that the person continues…”

              Tip toe through the tulips…oh my goodness.

              1. “I would not call her a woman,”

                That is a textbook definition of prejudice big guy.

                “preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.”

                So if you wouldn’t call her a woman, what would you call her?

              2. preconceived – so what you are saying is that we were all prepared for this person to do what it did just so we can refer to this person in a certain context. Its called an instantaneous reaction nothing preconceived.

                Tip toe through the tulips…

              3. “Tip toe through the tulips”

                This isn’t a phrase I’ve come across before so I had to look it up.

                So because she’s a lesbian you wouldn’t call her a woman? Is that it?

              4. This isn’t a phrase I’ve come across before so I had to look it up.

                😂Tiny Tim was a regular on Johnny Carson.

              5. Jack lol oh boy, I didn’t even know that person was a lesbian. I don’t follow soccer whatsoever and that’s regardless what type of person that plays it or watch it for that matter. Could care less about that persons sexual taste, or what religion that person is or what color of skin that person is, makes no difference to me. I only care about that persons disrespect and that person got what that person gave, so be it.

                Jack you come across that you know everything about everything and you didn’t know, Tip toe through the tulips. For me it means tread very lightly amongst the sensitive people.

              6. Whats really going on, Jack, that you have to fuss with everyone?

                Geez, no wonder BT left. Your cheap little pissing contests bring nothing to the football blog.

              7. Jack knows about football plays and how they brake down. (Because of his subscription to PFF)
                That’s it. Other than that he believes he’s the smartest thing on here.
                I’m here to tell you… he don’t know Jack!

              8. I don’t have a subscription to PFF.


                I don’t have much patience for people who say they wouldn’t call a woman a woman or would call one a rich bitch.

                If you don’t know that Megan Rapinoe is a lesbian than you probably also don’t know anything about what she’s fighting for.

              9. “Tip toe through the tulips. For me it means tread very lightly amongst the sensitive people.”

                Thank you for the clarification. As I wrote in my comment that you just replied to, this was a phrase that I had not come across before, and your definition or use was different than what i found when I searched the web. That’s why I asked the question.

              10. Jack I don’t care what ‘it’ is fighting for. The message got lost when it kneeled. For some reason you can not get that thru your head. No Jack its not about gender or lack of it, its not about race, nor is it about religion. You have little patients for me, I have no patients for kneelers and their supporters. Jack you get upset at rich b and yet you have called most everyone in here a disgusting name at one time or another – hypocrisy much!!!

              11. Rapinoe no longer kneels. She stands just like everyone else. Referring to someone everyone knows is a woman as “it” is an interesting choice.

                Am I a hypocrite? I recognize that I probably am at times. I try to see both sides. Unfortunately when I see someone getting called out for doing something that others are celebrated for I’ll point it out. If you don’t like it or whatever, oh well.

              12. “Rapinoe no longer kneels”

                That works for me, I will listen to Rapinoe message. I may or may not agree with it but I will listen to it.

              13. Thanks Seb – my command of the English language has a lot to be desired, I get it, I know it. Way back in the day before Cohn one of my very first post was to acknowledge my weakness in spelling and the English language as a whole. Feel free to correct me anytime, however that might be a full time job.

              14. “That works for me, I will listen to Rapinoe message. I may or may not agree with it but I will listen to it.”

                Right on undercenter. We may not agree on it, I can respect that.

                My initial response to Kaepernick was similar to yours and others who were outraged. Maybe Cassie can look it up in the archives. My stance didn’t change until I took the time to listen to the reasons behind it . While I might not agree with taking a knee I respect that we all as Americans have the right to free speech and that was his choice. This is a very similar situation.

                Enjoy the weekend.

    2. I honestly could care less about Rapinoe and shes from my home town (kindof, nearest city).

      I don’t care about her protesting or patriotism or whatever. Why, because it’s women’s soccer, a less athletic version of one the most boring sports I can think of. Yes, I know the rest of the world loves it… but personally, I hate any sport where the fans are tougher than the athletes.

    1. Well, this just in….

      “Three-time All-Pac 12 safety Jalen Thompson has been selected by the Arizona Cardinals in the 2019 NFL Supplemental Draft, NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero reported.”

      I have a sense Thompson will be a very solid player. Not predicting, just a sense.

  19. Grant on Twitter…

    Follow Follow @grantcohn

    Kyle Shanahan wants to attack base defenses — that’s why he keeps Kyle Juszczyk on the field. But Juszczyk isn’t a threat as a receiver, runner or blocker. So, opponents should defend Shanahan’s offense with a “big nickel” defense — two LBs, two CBs and three safeties.

    1. Not a threat? It must have been some imposter wearing his jersey catching those wheel routes down the sidelines.

    2. I often wonder why Kyle doesn’t use Juszczyk more in his offenses. Grant can be hyperbolic, he’s on the right track just has the wrong interpretation. Juszczyk can be a receiving threat, Kyle just needs to use him more. Juszczyk’s goal line blocking could use some work.

    3. He makes a good point. Juszczyk Is targeted only 2.5 times per game and a safety would match up better with him in coverage.

      1. Jack Hammer

        Road apples ! I believe that Kyle knows when to use ‘ Juice’ Use him all the time and you lose your edge

  20. sebnynah says:
    July 10, 2019 at 9:16 am
    The stable genius who talked about colonial airports? Who can barely read?

    Reply: Suddenly feigning disgust at someone other than yourself proclaiming genius. The hypocrisy is as thick as a San Francisco fog suddenly…Or is it that Pres. T. has taken usurped your spotlight, Sebbie.

    1. TrollD, you seem to want to call me a genius. I just claimed to be smarter than another un named troll.
      I have never ever said I was a genius. I also think KS is not a genius.
      Bill Walsh was a genius. He changed the game. Everyone else is just striving to emulate him.

  21. I’ve already stated that I’m expecting big things from Bourne and Taylor but my money is on Kendrick. I acknowledge that Bourne could very well be a cut but I believe he’ll not only make the team but he’ll excel. He’s durable but what I like most about him is he’s smart and he knows Shanahan’s system. Those last two factors are why I think Lil Shanny will keep him but all three plus his athleticism are why he’s going to have a break out season this year.

    Taylor will bounce back and have a solid year but it’s hard to say just how much production he’ll get an opportunity to create. Going to be a crowded field. He’ll probably start to shine towards the middle of the season as injuries pile up.

    In regards to Pettis, I just don’t have confidence that he’s going to be a guy you can rely on week in and week out. He’s a hot/cold type that will struggle to stay healthy in his career. Similar to Goodwin you’ll never know which player you’re going to get each week if he’s even out there at all.

    1. I generally agree on Bourne, with maybe a few less superlatives. Mathews would have to really stand out to threaten Bourne’s job.
      I disagree on Taylor, I think he’ll be a factor early, often, and late. Jimmy already likes and trusts him and trained in the Welker-Edelman slot concepts. Welker will add some nuances to Taylor’s game.
      Much of the criticism of Pettis is exaggerated imo, I expect him to show good year two progress. We’ll see what the learning curves are for the rookies.
      My 8-Ball says that there might be some ‘soft tissue injuries’ late in TC, with Hurd, Mathews, and James being candidates.
      All speculation……..

    2. Hmm, considering how often he seed to line up at the wrong position last season, I’d not have guessed that high football IQ was one of the traits of Bourne’s identity.
      OTOH, I expect a big year from Pettis if he stays healthy.
      James is most likely cut.

      1. I haven’t seen anything from The Bourne Identity to suggest he’s that good or smart. The biggest thing working against him in my view is his versatility. He has none, and Matthews does….

    1. Barring a ridiculous offer, the 49ers will not trade him. He’ll either retire or show up week 1. Nothings changed.

  22. Grant…

    I understand you have keen insight when it comes to the kicking game–especially place kicking. How is Jonathan Brown performing…not just stats? Does he appear confident? Relaxed? Is his technique sound, or skittish? Are there decent alternatives to Brown if Gould skips camp, gets traded, etc., and Brown fails?

    1. It would just confirm the Machiavelian-Marathe power grab. He already wields undue influence, with all the Kneedy players and red flag specials. Even the first, second and third round picks could not practice due to injuries.
      JL may not have been the decider on those poor draft picks, but he is getting the blame, unfairly.
      Wonder if analytics told them to draft a punter in the 4th round.
      Maybe they want to save some money, to pad the profit line. Who cares about winning?!
      No GM? I wonder what possibly could go wrong….

      1. * It would just confirm the Machiavelian-Marathe power grab. He already wields undue influence, with all the Kneedy players and red flag specials.

        * Identifying a narcissistic Personality Disorder; By Steve Bressert, Ph.D.

        * Grandiose sense of importance: Claims 9er FO follows his recommendations for team improvements
        * Preoccupation with unlimited success: Unrelenting, delusional support of Kaepernick for 9er success
        * Belief that one is special and unique: Claims Father was a Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, to prove his IQ
        * Exploitative of others: When challenged, refuses to answer questions, changes subject and demands they provide information he uses to manipulate them
        * Lack of empathy: Anyone that challenge him is demeaned a TROLL, a loser and dismissed as intellectually inferior
        * Arrogant, and jealous of others: Constant need to demean Baalke, Paraag, Lynch, Shanahan and anyone he feels threatened by

        1. No, I claim the Niners do the exact opposite from what I recommend. They do not avoid the Red Flagged players and ACL players. KS thinks he can win without an OC, and goes 4-12. They keep shooting themselves in the foot, and do not seem to learn from their mistakes.
          I have moved on from Kaep. I am perfectly happy that JG is the franchise QB. I wish Kaep well, and hope some team will want to win so much, they will sign him. What I was upset about, was their insisting that Gabbert and Hoyer were better QBs, being content to lose without Kaep, rather than trying to win with him. Having JG fall into their laps made it all moot.
          Refuses to answer questions? Like you do when I ask for your bona fides?
          You were the one who claimed I had less intellect than a head of lettuce. If you do not want to called a troll, stop trolling. You disparage my intellect, then turtle about your own credentials, which points to the fact that you probably do not have a GED.
          Arrogant and jealous of others? Look in a mirror lately?

  23. Looking at the WR situation, Bourne, Matthews and James seem to be competing for one spot.
    Matthews, being the savvy vet, may have the advantage. In the OTAs and Mini Camp, he showed he could high point the ball, had a large catch radius, and snatched the ball away from the DBs. He made impressive catches.
    James may make the roster due to his returner status on STs.
    Bourne really needs to shine in the TC, to have any chance of making the team. However, one injury to a WR, and he may make the team.

  24. OT, but what would I call Megan Rapinoe?
    A World Champion, and MVP.
    A brave social justice warrior and hero.

    1. Seb,
      I agree by and large with you. She is a World Champion and MVP, but let’s not forget that women have been fighting for social equality long before Rapinoe came on the scene.

      My question for the news media would be why is Rapinoe’ voice suddenly louder than those women who have advocated for decades?

      I have my own theory as to why the media magnifies this story.
      Rapinoe is gay and dislikes Trump.
      The media did the same thing with Kaepernick and Basley Ford during the Kavanaugh investigation.
      There is an obvious anti – Trump movement among many of our national news media.

      It has been vogue for these media types to highlight anything or voice contrary to Trump since he’s been in president.
      Now, I didn’t vote for Trump, but I’m not blind to what the media is guilty of.
      Personally speaking, Rapinoe is only one of many voices that stands on the shoulders of the true pioneers who started the women’s rights movement decades ago.
      Those women were the real heroes.

      1. There is an obvious anti – Trump movement among many of our national news media.

        The media has been taking its marching orders from the democratic leaders for quite some time.

        1. And that’s why the prison guard and builder Obama never got slack for the facilities he built that these illegals are “suffering” in.
          The media is a joke. And the bigger joke are their blind mice who follow them.
          Eh eemmmm Seb.
          Stay woke and **ck Trump though. Right seb? 🤣

          And for the record Fox News is no better.
          Gotta have one station pumping the hatred to divide!
          Working as planned.

          1. Attack the media as if it is the enemy of the people? They are just doing their job.
            Obama never separated children from their mother, and put them in cages. He did deport millions over 8 years, but did it with due process and in a humane way.
            The stable genius who talks about colonial airports is the real divider, not uniter. Pump up hatred? He is a master at that.
            He is a con man, and so far, has duped people to vote against their own self interests. Soybean farmers are going bankrupt, yet still support him. Homeowners lost the mortgage interest deduction, but still support him. 20 million people may lose their health care, but many support him.
            He accepted foreign help to steal an election, so he is an illegitimate president, and deserves my scorn.
            I hope they LOCK HIM UP, and make him drink water out of the toilet.

            1. Just doing their job. Wonder if you say that about cops who abuse their power. Get real. Since when did journalism or news sources become party affiliated? 95 percent of trump news is negative.
              They were caught rigging questions for Hillary in the debates.
              They e pushed racism and false stories.
              Just doing their job? Yeah they are as actors!

              And Obama DID separate families. DID build cages for illegals.
              DID tell them not to come here if they didn’t want to face that.
              It’s one of the few things I agreed with him on.
              Where was the media then? Where was the leftist outrage?
              Do you really believe people are this stupid or forgetful?
              I get it. You only watch what you’re programmed to watch.
              You’re never going to turn off the fake news you watch.
              But don’t sit there and alter facts!

              And btw your “hero” soccer player.
              Well looks like she and your news like to bury some family history.
              Look her brother up. Pure white supremacy skinhead!
              And you don’t think the news would be the first to blast that out of it were trump?
              Yeah some hero!
              But hey. “They’re just doing their job”
              Convo finished. You’re nothing but another mindless TV watcher.

              1. Rapinoe said that she “thought [the tattoos] were horrible.” But, she added, “I could rationalize them: I understood that when he first got in there, he was searching for identity, trying to survive.”

                Making excuses for her brother and his racist ways and ideology.
                Sorry. If you really need to survive in prison and you’re that worried about it, there are PC departments or you just don’t join a gang. Millions of prisoners aren’t gang affiliated.
                And again he she is making excuses for her racist brother!
                Again Seb. Where was the news doing their jobs at on this one?
                Right in front of our faces they buried this story!
                I’ve said it before I’ll say it again.
                The Democratic Party is filled to the brim with racists. Suckering the minority for decades. And believe they hate Jewish people.

              2. MD, Rapinoe should not be condemned for her older brother. He has made bad choices, but now, his hero is Megan. He is covering his tattoos, and sounds like he is remorseful for descending into a racist prison culture. If he can change, and lionize his gay, progressive, social warrior sibling, there is hope.
                Obama did not separate out of spite. He did it to protect the children. Sometimes. parents do not act like loving parents. He never, ever forced children to sleep on the floor and force them to drink out of the toilet.
                Yes, Obama did deport criminals. However, he supported the dreamers, the innocent children who only want a chance to be productive citizens, and live the American dream. He wanted them to get on the path to citizenship.
                I feel perfectly fine supporting Megan Rapinoe and Obama. They are not bringing disgrace to the office of the Presidency. They did not cheat to win an election, and they certainly are not stable geniuses who talk about colonial airports. They do not consider themselves above the law, and lie every time they open their mouths.
                Reagan considered Russia to be the Evil Empire. He wanted them to tear down that wall. The other guy is kissing Putin’s arse and wants to build a wall in the ocean to keep out 29 tons of cocaine.
                Yes, the Democratic Party does not call Mexicans rapists and does not support white nationalists, Nazis and the KKK, like the Republicans do. The Democrats also do not support giving nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia, which will pose a existential threat to Israel. Maybe you should listen what your Fuhrer says about the Jews.

      2. I have heard the same song since the 60’s its just a different singer. Some think this is some sort of new movement. They didn’t experience the 60’s when some set themselves on fire to make a point. They didn’t experience Kent state or Watts. They also didn’t live Woodstock short mini skirts and burning bra’s. They didn’t experience the massive protest back then, now they think they invented a new message and all they have done is taken a very old message with a new voice.

        AES – quit making sense.

      3. AES, you are right. The media does fixate on Trump, but it is merely exposing his faults. They are just doing their job. He is deserving of every slight, because he has brought shame to the office of the Presidency, and lowered the prestige of America to the rest of the world. He has torn up treaties, dismantled alliances, started trade wars, and caged kids. He is not smart, and reels from one debacle to another. Inept incompetent and corrupt, sum up his existence. He could not tell the truth to save his life. It will soon come crumbling down. The Emperor has no clothes.
        I also agree about your take on Rapinoe, to a point. She is standing on the shoulders of giants, who led the way. She is hot because she is the MVP of a World Championship team. Her voice is loud because she is taking on the stable genius who talks about colonial airports. However, Rapinoe will fade after a while, from being in the spotlight. It happens to everybody. Yet, she still will be a role model and a trend setter. Those legends deserve acknowledgement, but if they were alive today, they would be cheering her on. Rapinoe is not downplaying their accomplishments, she is carrying on the tradition.

    2. Haha! Another one of Sebby’s false gods!

      Step up to the plate and help her out, Sebs…………give some of your land that you bragged about to these folks………give to the have-nots freely, just a half acre……… worked for it and they have not, and that gesture would be huge.

      1. Saw, I do not need to help her. She has the stage, and is shining brightly.
        She states the truth, and is a big advocate for justice. She is fine, and making a lasting impact.
        She has exposed the secret, even in the NFl. Over the years, there have been many Gay football players. Yes, big studly macho men, who are Gay, have played. Some have even gotten married and had kids with his wife, to hide his inclination, but the secret is now being exposed. Throughout history, gay soldiers have been fighting right alongside straight people. Look at the Spartans. they have been noted as supreme fighters, and legendary warriors, yet had male lovers, because they thought one would fight harder to protect the one they love. Megan Rapinoe is declaring her independence from having to hide being a World Champion Gay athlete. Wonder how long it will take an openly Gay Football player to become accepted in the NFL.
        I bring up the Nazi innuendos, because you are the one who first accused me of fostering Nazi styled propaganda, when in actuality, you are projecting. I am not the one advocating torturing children by putting them in cages, and depriving them of stimulus. It will permanently scar these children, and the consequences may last for generations. Forcing children to drink toilet water is a human rights violation. Separating children from their mothers was done by the Nazis in concentration camps. Then you blame the victims.
        The recent roundups are just reminiscent of the Gestapo rounding up the Jews. They declared the Jews illegal. It will employ thousands, and create a police state, which will help him get re-elected, but is a huge waste of time and money. Thankfully we have the media, and they are recording and documenting these crimes against humanity. It will be the same as those Auschwitz guards. They will not escape justice, and accountability. And you, for defending these despicable acts, will have an enduring infamy.
        You have been relentless in your right wing screeds, so do not play the Po’ Lil’ me card. You have not only responded, you have many times instigated your ultra conservative agenda, way too much. I feel perfectly free to assign your Nazi leanings, to these current events, because we are repeating history. You own putting kids in concentration camps, because you defend it.
        Stop gaslighting. I do not think anyone should get a free ride. In fact, I would like to end all corporate welfare, and close all the loopholes, because many fortune 500 companies pay no tax. You object to the poor stealing from the rich? I want the rich, to stop stealing from the poor.
        Saw, maybe you should stick to football, because if you want to needle me, I will bring up your Nazi dogma.
        I have really tried hard to stay away from politics, and did not comment on many threads, but you seem to be begging for it. Stick to football, and we all will be happier. Trying to look like the clown, disparaging me, just defines you and your rhetoric. Continue spewing your toxic venom, and expect some pushback.
        Back to football. Do you think that they will keep Toilolo, or Kaden Smith? Maybe both? I think they will cut Smith, and put him on the PS. Then they can save a spot for Richie James, with his ST contributions. Kick off specialists are hard to find.

        1. Ok, Sebs………………..I give up-ya figured me out……..and to you, i say………….

          ARBEITEN MACH DAS LEIBEN SUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          And yet, there is nothing-nothing at all in the archives about you pissing when Obamas boy, Jeffrey, President of GE–paid no taxes-him, or GE. No complaints at all…………………..

          For that, why did you freely choose to not rail and rage away at the Democratic Congress he had for awhile. No obfuscation, Sebby–Congress controls the purse strings and the legislators pass these tax laws-you know all this………….and nary a peep from you…………quiet as a church mouse, no?

          Now, let me get back to my hatin!!

          1. By the way Sebs-you never chastised the parents for going Hollywood and knowingly subjecting their kids to a very hard go of it. The parents were advised this makes very good copy on the American fake newspapers, and they wanted their way-so, the kids be damned, I want what I want.

            Would you have knowingly subjected your kids to this? I know I would never have done this to mine.
            But the end justifies the means, eh, Sebs? There is always another way-always. Just because they hadn’t thought of it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

            Otherwise, how did all those East Germans back in the day get across the Berlin Wall? They would have been shot if caught-but way more often than not, they made it-and none of their kids were used as pawns.

          2. I will say this again. I want all Americans to pay their fair share of taxes. I want the Alternative Minimum Tax reinstated for corporations. You have not said a peep about eliminating corporate welfare.
            Since 2010, the Obama administration did not have a cooperating Congress. Blame the Republican led Senate, and until last year, the Republican led House for all the bad tax laws, and inaction on reforms.
            The Republicans delayed those 2 years, but the Democrats did pass Obama Care. Now, with a Democratic House, and a vulnerable Republican Senate, things may start happening after next election.

  25. Better Rivals Podcast this week is on “The Wide 9”. Neumann states that “the wide 9” is not a defense or a scheme. It is simply a technique for the defensive end (an alignment that is an outside shade of the tight end whether the tight end is actually lined up on that side or not). So a defense can still run the same fronts (over/under), it’s just that gaps are somewhat wider, which makes the LB’s job a little harder.

    1. They also touch on how the alignment could really help Buckner/ Armstead/ Thomas get 1-on-1s with lots of space at the 3T, as well as the potential issues against the run up the middle.

      As they say, there is good as well as bad with the wide 9. Will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

  26. Gould is threatening to sit out the season. I blame the Bears for this impasse. They are trying to be cheap, and refuses to give up 2 first round picks for a franchise tagged designee.
    If the Bears want to advance further in the playoffs, they need a better kicker. They lost home field advantage because of their kicking game. Gould is their missing piece to the playoff puzzle. They need to offer what he is worth to them.
    I think a fair deal would be- the Bear’s second round pick that they will get from the Raiders, for Gould and a Niners 4th round pick. Bears would still get a pick, and the Niners would recoup the second round pick they gave up for Dee Ford.

    1. Really Sebbie….your over-the-top posturing isn’t a good look for you. The Bears can do as they dam* well please. Take your (contrived) pious anger somewhere else.

      Attack Caltrans…

      1. Well, they should solve the traffic woes by being smart, and re-striping. It would not take paving an inch of roadway. They should re-stripe the 101 south bridge over the Petaluma river, creating 3 lanes and a merge lane. In SoCal, they would put 6 lanes in the same space.
        In Santa Rosa, they should re- stripe HWY 101 north from 5th street to the Steele Lane exit, creating 3 lanes and a merge lane. They should consider closing the 5th street on ramp during the high traffic times, and force cars to take the College Avenue onramp.
        Above all, they should close the additional lane on HWY 37 east at Sears point. That just creates a bottleneck. They should start the merge lane on 37 before the hill, and designate the north turn lane sooner, so people do not try to drive up, then jump into the 37 east lane.
        The Bears are trying to take advantage of the Niners, but I guess you are fine with that. Right now, it is a lose/lose situation. I am merely proposing a win/win scenario. Guess you do not want the Niners to obtain a second round pick. Guess you are content with Gould sitting out the season.

        1. Traffic conditions and CalTrans development planning are two more areas that you don’t understand. Not a clue.
          It’s really difficult to get the info needed to comprehend the freeway widening plans from Corona Road through The Narrows. A person would have to read the Press Democrat to come across obscure information like that. Perhaps you’ll come to understand when the project is completed in 2022.
          Or not.
          Stick to weed whacking.

          1. Oh, Chuckie, I drive that 101 South, and see that 35 foot section that has no traffic on it, over the Petaluma River They could re-stripe it and make new lanes within a week, not 3 years from now.
            It would aid in safety, because then, the merge lane would be totally separate from the bridge lanes, which could allow for a half mile of merge interface, rather than a couple hundred yards.
            The 101 North- 5th Street to Steel Lane proposal needs more detail than could be outlined in a paragraph, but I submit to you, they almost put 5 lanes in the same space on 101 south by the Marin Civic Center. Yes, they could increase space by moving the sound wall, but that could be accomplished without disturbing traffic.
            Of course, I am assuming that Caltrans has the intelligence and expertise to think up those solutions, but I think a lot while stuck in traffic, and know that re-striping is not that hard to do.

            1. Brilliant. Then half a mile later the third lane would merge back into two lanes since the third lane pavement hasn’t been lain yet south of Kastania. Merging 3 to 2 never causes a backup, right? Except the 3-2 merge backup at Corona just a few miles north.
              Painting lanes doesn’t begin to address congestion. But hey, contact CalTrans. I’m sure they’ll be delighted to hear from you. You’re a genius on all matters. Be sure to invoke SunTzue, Kap, Fidel, etc. It’s also about time you did something about the border issues, climate change, and peanut allergies.

              1. Sebbie, I’m confident, has a 10-point improvement plan for Caltrans… Wonder if the Caltrans Director should wear Walsh’s hat?

              2. I drove all the way to Flagstaff, Arizona, last month, with a stop in LA. Where was the worst traffic? Petaluma.
                It is interesting that they force drivers into tight construction lanes, then we see absolutely no work being done on the other side of those concrete barriers.
                Sure does not take a genius to see the lackluster, lackadaisical manner of highway widening construction, with obtuse priorities.
                Maybe you are a sheep, and will accept poor planning without a bleat. I just get angry at all the wasted time and dollars, burning gas, sitting in traffic.
                Am I a genius in all manners? No, I just have ideas that may help solve problems. In the 80’s and 90’s, the planners invited public comment on a variety of topics. Wastewater was a huge issue. Traffic was another problem that needed addressing. I may have been the first person to advocate sending the wastewater to the Geysers. I did not see any one else propose that idea in the public comments section.I just read about the steam depletion, and saw those plumes of water vapor along the ridgetops, and thought that they should re-inject water to generate more steam. That was a stopgap measure. I hoped Lake county would inject their wastewater, because eventually, Sonoma County should treat their wastewater to a quaternary level and re-use it. Years before it was mandated, I advocated that all new construction should have separate water lines between the house and the landscape irrigation. That way, the treated wastewater could be used to water the landscaping.
                I am a design build contractor, so I like to design things. I have talked these last few years about how the Niners can improve, but I have made proposals for years on a myriad of topics that interest me.Does that make me a genius? No. Just like with the Niners, I just want competency, and follow common sense, while also not being complacent. I just think there are better ways of solving problems.
                In order to solve the traffic problems, Restriping is a very cost effective way to facilitate the traffic flow in congested areas. In Southern California, they cram 6 lanes in areas, where up here, they have 4 lanes. Just looking at the HWY 12 Dutton overpass, they have 3 lanes, but HWY 101 at 5th street is 16 feet wider, but also has only 3 lanes.
                Sure, It will be solved when eventually the roadways are widened, but thinking outside the box will alleviate traffic for a fraction of the cost, and it could be implemented quickly. Re-striping only solves specific bottlenecks, not the entire system.
                At Sears Point, expanding the road to 2 lanes, then narrowing it down to a single lane after a quarter mile, is just creating a traffic problem.
                In 1994, I proposed starting the merge lane earlier, when it went from 3 lanes to 2 lanes, on HWY 101 out of Novato. I thought the bottleneck would be alleviated by merging from 3 to 2 lanes on the straight stretch, over half a mile, instead of a 200 yard merge around a corner. Thankfully, they accomplished that fix, and traffic flows smoother, and it only backs up at times, instead of every commute day.
                So yes, it is satisfying to see the improvements where I proposed changes over the years. Like with the Niners, I will not get attribution, but I am the kind of guy who does not dwell on the obstacles, but thinks of things yet to be.
                To quote Robert Kennedy- ‘Some men see things as they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask- Why not?

  27. Seb
    * Since you believe the 9er FO follows your advice, instruct J. Lynch and the 9ers FO to send Marathe to use his Machiavelian powers and change Goulds mind! What are you waiting for?

    1. Please stop addressing me. It will make this site a lot more civil.
      Reading is fundamental. I did just propose a trade that might benefit both sides.

  28. No, Seb, must I continually monitor your web errors. One need not shout “I’m a genius” from the rooftops to proclaim genius. Simply describing yourself as one w/o actually using the word will suffice.

    Below, Geep and Cassie have caught you, ONCE AGAIN, describing yourself ascribing the Chicago Bears & 49er front offices as co-actors in your on-going, delusional, assertion that most NFL front offices care what you think.

    The Following article by Kayla Maynarich, “10 Warning Signs You’re Dealing With A True Narcissist,” show Seb’s brand of narcisssm falls in at #2. 2. They are preoccupied with fantasies about their superiority to others. They always know more than everyone, even subject matter experts. They will disregard facts that do not align with their own personal opinions. They do not care how little they actually know about a subject or if their opinions are even backed up by evidence. If they believe it, then they will convince you that it is true.

    GEEP says:
    July 11, 2019 at 8:45 am
    * Identifying a narcissistic Personality Disorder; By Steve Bressert, Ph.D.:

    * Grandiose sense of importance: (Seb) claims 9er FO follows his recommendations for team improvements

    Cassie Freakin’ Baalke says:
    July 11, 2019 at 8:52 am
    Really Sebbie….your over-the-top posturing isn’t a good look for you. The Bears can do as they dam* well please. Take your (contrived) pious anger somewhere else.
    Attack Caltrans…

    sebnynah says:
    July 11, 2019 at 8:45 am

    Gould is threatening to sit out the season. I blame the Bears for this impasse. They are trying to be cheap, and refuses to give up 2 first round picks for a franchise tagged designee…

    sebnynah says:
    July 10, 2019 at 10:10 pm
    It would just confirm the (49ers F/O) Machiavelian-Marathe power grab. He already wields undue influence, with all the Kneedy players and red flag specials. Even the first, second and third round picks could not practice due to injuries.

    1. TrollD, you seem obsessed about IQ. Have you taken your test?
      I never have claimed to be a genius, and never claimed to be an expert. I am merely giving my opinion, and if confronted with a logical counterpoint, will acknowledge the legitimacy of that argument.
      Your grandiose sense of self importance shows in your obdurate insistence to put me down. It must be the only way you feel good, but your psyche becomes scarred after a while.
      You are the one who fantasized about breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares, yet you think I need help?
      Retyping comments over and over does not make you look smart. It makes you look manic, obsessed and delusional.

      1. Dont you worry, Tom!

        I’m a hatin Nazi and you love guns! We’ll get a bunch of us together, start a new Wermach (Sebs, did I spell that right?) and we’ll go into Sebastopol and raise it to the ground! Ironic, aint it? The Germans invading another Russian city!

        Everything ‘cept the old apple orchards and the antique businesses-they have some historical value……………….maybe we can steal a few paintings.

        1. And we WONT do it in no piss-ant Prius!!!!!!!!!!! I have a “66 Ford pick-up with a gun rack in it………..

            1. Please do not joke about terrorist actions. Your instability is showing. I think you violated protocols by advocating criminal acts.

  29. 49ers offensive Line:

    Joe Staley–There are no two ways about it, Joe Staley is as good as they come at the left tackle spot. He’s earned an overall grade above 80.0 in each of the past seven years, and he’s the only left tackle in the NFL who has earned pass-blocking and run-blocking grades above 70.0 in each of the past three.
    Mike McGlinchey –Didn’t wow in pass protection a season ago — but he was exceptional in the run game. The Notre Dame product paved the way for Matt Breida & Co. all season long, earning the league’s third-best run-blocking grade (78.2) in the process.
    Laken Tomlinson –If can take the step from good to great
    Weston Richburg –can recapture the kind of form that earned an 89.3 overall grade back in 2015, this unit has the potential to way outperform its ranking here.

    Richburg NFL Profile:

    One of the best surprises of the week during Senior Bowl practices.
    Built like a barrel through the upper body with a wide, hulking chest.
    Athletic prospect with great feet and lateral agility.
    Powerful enough to get defenders off their spots in head-up situations.
    Stubby, low-centered body with long arms and very strong hands.
    Plays with a great motor that doesn’t turn off or wane through games.
    Slides well and sets into protection with balance and awareness.
    Very smart player who seems to naturally take leadership of any huddle he walks into.
    Adept at diagnosing the defensive front and getting the calls out to linemates.
    Plays with hips and head on a swivel, displaying flexibility, bend and ease of motion when redirecting.
    Fires off the line of scrimmage with a nice pop in most every circumstance.
    Keeps excellent pad level in the run game.
    Has a keen, innate understanding of angles and uses leverage impeccably.
    Consistently puts himself in position to win even when seeming physically overmatched by the competition.
    Simply appears to be a player who does his job effectively and solidly in most circumstances.
    Via Bleacher Report

  30. Seb
    * “Please stop addressing me. It will make this site a lot more civil.”
    * “Reading is fundamental. I did just propose a trade that might benefit both sides.”

    * What is it you tell everyone…to just scroll past?
    * You are your worst enemy Seb! By repeating your constant screed, I’m exposing your own personality disorder(s)!
    * Your narcissistic / paranoid ego attacks me, but ignores your own hypocrisy. Your claim to respect education, but ignores the work of a practicing, licensed Ph.D.
    * Do yourself, and the rest of us, a favor Seb….Take a vacation for a month and reflect on what the Ph.D’s are telling you! “THAT SEB, WILL MAKE THIS SITE A LOT MORE CIVIL”

    1. Sigh, you obviously have not learned your lesson. Your huge ego seems to demand you haunt my posts. Your trolling is pathetic, and juvenile. So be it.

      1. Seb
        * “Sigh, you obviously have not learned your lesson.”
        * My lesson of what Seb, your delusions of grandeur? My lesson on diagnosing your authority complex? Or
        my lesson on your inferiority complex due to your fathers success? How they’re all separate personalities within your total personality, As defined by Dr. Karin Hastik….

        1. GEEP, you are now diagnosing bloggers? Good luck.
          Maybe you need to establish your bona fides. You do know what that term means?

          1. Sleb:”
            * “GEEP, you are now diagnosing bloggers? Good luck.
            * “Maybe you need to establish your bona fides. You do know what that term means?

            * No Sleb I’m merely pointing out your personality disorder(s) and suggesting you seek professional help from a practicing Psychiatrist! Had you bothered to check, you would know what I posted was publications from their research. Something you refuse provide about your fathers….Which raises the question: Is your father really a professor at UCD? Was he really a Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi? Or just another pathetic attempt to embellish yourself?
            * Ironic, is it not Seb, how you subliminally revealed your own attempt to establish your bona fides by using your fathers to establish yours…..And yet you refuse to provide TomD or myself with any of the information we’ve requested about him? What are you hiding Sleb?  What are you afraid of?

  31. Check Grant’s Twitter activity (Grant is very proud he’s not a toady)…


    The media clearly wants the 49ers to be good.

    11:03 AM – 11 Jul 2019

    1. Oh poor Grant, that singular voice crying out in the wilderness. Well, he’s doing his best to show the Niners will NOT be good, dammit!

  32. Grant…

    I know you’re busy and all that. Your blog is festering–unclear if you’ve noticed. Perhaps it doesn’t concern you, and maybe you’ve concluded that the Press Democrat (PD) has more important matters to concern itself with.

    If there’s anything you can do to help get this back on the rails–your stated focus is 9er football and the NFL–it’d be welcome.

    Might be interesting to check with other sports media bloggers–those affiliated with legacy print media outlets–to discover ways to sustain a sports focus. Too, please share with us PD principles/values (if the PD has any) when it comes to offensive content–that would be content the PD finds offensive.


  33. 🎼
    “Well you win, it’s your show now
    So what’s it gonna be
    ‘Cause people will tune in
    How many train wrecks do we need to see
    Before we lose touch of
    We thought this was low
    It’s bad getting worse, so
    Where did all the good people go
    I don’t see them
    On the TV show
    Where did all the good people go?” 🎵
    (Jack Johnson)
    Where did all the good posters go?

    1. No disrespect to Sebbie (sorry). After This Land Is Your Land (Guthrie)

      This Blog Is Your Blog

      This blog is your blog, this blog is my blog
      From Santa Rosa to the land down under
      From crappy DBs to freakin’ QBs
      This blog was made for you and me.

      As I was reading about our HC
      Grant had dissed him as a glor’fied OC
      An’ Grant said Foster was agoin’ to prison
      This blog was made for you and me.

      Seb’s ranted and rambled, and quoted Sun Tzu
      His ten point plans yeah, are re-tread how-tos
      An’ Solomon Thomas his weight’s a mys’try
      This blog was made for you and me.

      And lots more, just imagine….

      1. My posts are haunted by Cassie Baalke
        it is pathetic, and desperation.
        She is the embodiment of her father
        Some day, she’ll get a freakin’ clue.

        1. Sleb
          * “My posts are haunted by Cassie Baalke!”
          Typical of a paranoid personality disorder! (Out to get him)
          * “It is pathetic, and desperation!” (It’s desperate Sleb)! Typical of a narcissistic personality
          Believes she’s an inferior being unworthy of his condescension.
          * “She is the embodiment of her father!” Typical of a paranoid personality disorder!
          Projecting his own feeling of inferiority about his father.
          * “Some day, she’ll get a freakin clue!” An ingrained misogynistic attitude. Feels superior to

            1. Sleb
              * “Try harder.”
              *Thanks for the encouragement Sleb, glad you appreciate it….Now do yourself (and the rest of us), a favor….Take a vacation for a month, and seek professional help!

              1. Why? The TC is starting soon.
                Maybe you should take your own advice, and leave for a while, and seek help.
                I stated that I would try hard to ignore your posts. I did not promise not to reply. Since you seem to want to haunt my posts, I feel perfectly fine responding to your screeds.
                Take a month break? I want to post even more. Last thing in the world I want to do, is do you a favor. Hope you like what I post. I feel another 10 point plan is needed.

  34. Back to football.
    Looking at the roster, I see 12 out of the starting 22 having injury issues. No bueno.
    Players on the bubble may include, Kendrick Bourne, Richie James, Erik Magnuson, Garrett Celek, Ross Dwelley, Jefferey Wilson, Julian Taylor, Antone Exum, Mark Nzeocha, Greg Mabin and Sheldon Day.
    Player who may still be injured at the start of the season include- Jalen Hurd, Kentavius Street, Kwon Alexander, Jason Verrett, Jimmie Ward, Garrett Celek and DJ Reed, which may allow room for a bubble player to make the 53 roster.
    5 players who may surprise fans include- Josh Garnett, David Mayo, Levine Toilolo, Dontae Johnson and Alex Brown.

  35. LOL Cassie frreakin’ Baalke. Hilarious, but Seb has no humor.

    You ended your ditty with “just imagine.”

    Perhaps since no new articles are on the horizon you could put some words together to the tune of John Lennon’s, Imagine….

    I will start you out:

    Imagine there’s no narcissm,
    it’s easy if you try,
    No spell checker below us,
    above us only Seb,

    Imagine all the posters,
    living for the day ,

    Imagine there’s no blog,
    Nothing to lie or backstab over,
    It isn’t hard to do,……………………………………………..Take it from here anyone?


    1. Imagine there’s no countries
      It isn’t hard to do
      Nothing to kill or die for
      And no religion, too
      Imagine all the people
      living life in peace
      You may say that I’m a dreamer
      But I’m not the only one
      I hope some day you’ll join us
      and the world will live as one.
      Imagine no TrollD
      What a heavenly thought
      No more delusion, or trolling
      I can hardly wait
      Imagine all the people
      posting away in peace
      You may say that I’m a dreamer
      But I just want more rings
      I hope someday we’ll be happy
      and our dreams are realized

  36. Seb,

    I am taking my I.Q. test now.

    To become a tenured professor, one must post a minimum of 15 papers in high ranking journals.
    Which of those journals at UCD is your father published?

    Your answer allows us to glean your I. Q., since you avoided Geep’s request for it, by associating your father’s UCD work to your intelligence.

  37. And another retweet by Grant…

    Lowell Cohn

    Noted football philosopher, my son @grantcohn makes good point. At this time of year national media hypes 49ers. People hope 49ers will be good because a good 49ers team is good for the NFL. Totally understandable.

    10:46 AM – 12 Jul 2019
    3 Retweets 5 Likes 🗣I Am the STONE that the Builders REFUSEDozDon HogueGrant CohnNickSuper Dad👨🏿‍🦰👨‍👧🏆
    3 replies 3 retweets 5 likes

    Don Hogue
    1h1 hour ago

    Replying to @LowellCohn @grantcohn

    Somewhere Ira Miller just rolled his eyes. 😁

  38. The receiver that will “take the leap” is Pettis. He will be the 49ers leading WR this year barring significant time lost due to injury, or an unusually strong debut season from a rookie WR by Samuel. Shanahan hand picked him, he gets open, and Shanahan knows how to scheme production.

    Now while I feel quite confident he will be the 49ers leading WR this year, I don’t think he will be a dominant WR. I’m expecting flashes and cold streaks, much like Goodwin. Until he can prove his capability and toughness to make catches in traffic I just can’t see him as a dominant or consistent player. I expect Taylor and Samuel will be the guys JG relies on when he needs a conversion in a tight spot.

    And of course I expect Kittle will be the overall leading receiver for the team. I also expect the RBs will produce more in the passing game this year. So while I think Pettis will be the leading WR, I don’t think he will top 1,000 yards.

        1. I’m salivating at the thought of motioning Hurd out of a split back set into the box, and running him on counters and the like, with McKinnon as the pitch man outside the defense must account for, with Kittle as the lead blocker in case the DE crashes down to stop Hurd, all in the Red zone. The possibilities from the Shanny Armory are no longer figments of our imagination….

      1. I have heard multiple reports that the offense changed a fair bit as a result of the McKinnon injury last year. They will have McKinnon back plus Coleman this year.

        1. Got it.

          If this is true it sure makes me wonder what Shanahan is doing. The backs last year other than Morris were good when they had the ball thrown their way. Losing 1 guy shouldn’t force that drastic of a change, especially at that position.

          1. I think one thing that needs to be kept in mind regarding Breida’s good receiving stats last year is that it was a small sample size, and he didn’t run many routes lined up as a WR. With more passes thrown his way, and more reps split out wide, he may have looked more like his 2017 self as a pass catcher. And if he looked great in practise doing all the same stuff McKinnon was supposedly doing, I imagine Shanahan would have used him more in the passing game.

            1. I get all that, and I agree that Breida and the others wouldn’t be used in the same ways.

              I guess I see what you’re saying. Last year the offense probably stayed the same, but instead of using a back in the spots where they’d planned on using McKinnon they were forced to use a WR.

              Am I on the right track there with where you’re coming from?

              1. Yes. But also that even where they used a RB they probably didn’t use him the way they would McKinnon. I expect with a healthy McKinnon and Coleman (and JG) we will see the offense pass more often, and have the RB line up all over the place with more shifting.

  39. Incognito…

    From today —

    From 4/2019 — “Former NFL offensive lineman Richie Incognito pleaded guilty last week in Scottsdale, Arizona, to a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge stemming from an arrest in August.

    Court records showed that charges of making threats and defacing property were dismissed.

    Incognito, 35, had been arrested after allegedly threatening employees at a funeral home where his father’s body was being held. According to a police report, Incognito made his hand into the shape of a gun and told one of the employees he had a “truck full of guns” in the parking lot.

    It was the second time Incognito was in police custody after being released from the Buffalo Bills’ retired list last May. Two days after the transaction, Incognito was taken by police in Boca Raton, Florida, for an involuntary psychiatric commitment after a disturbance at a gym.”

  40. 2weeks to training camp, maybe then this site will be about football instead of Bull **** comments.
    Maybe by then everyone will be focused on 49ers football!!!!I

    1. You got that right, Sponge Bob! Wouldn’t it be great if Grant kicks anyone off for prattling their politics? I could live with that.

      1. Isn’t better to avert your eyes than throw a tantrum. I am not particularly interested in the constant drama which surrounds some of the contributors here or the life story of our draft error punter. I don’t wet my pants but rather turn to other entertainment options. There is a world wide web out there.

        Oh and during the offseason there is nothing wrong with commenting on the crime family who inhabits the White House.

  41. Football on the horizon –

    1. Niners training camp starts on the 26th. Curiously it is one of the last starting camps.
    2. Weddle to the Rams.
    3. Ritchie james had a 53 yard TD catch against Raiders and a 99 kick return for TD a few weeks later. Everyone was singing his praises but the tides seem to have turned.
    4. Raiders on Hard Knox will be amusing. 8/1/19 start.
    5. Congrats to woman’s world cup team. Their accomplishments and dignity dwarf mrs putin.
    6. Speaking of mrs. putin, the creepola repeatedly cavorted with pedophile to no ones surprise. Rapists of a feather …

  42. OT, but I think it is coming up .
    Grant, many felicitations on your upcoming nuptial. You are one lucky dude.
    Just remember, those 3 most important words- Yes, my dear.
    Oh, not the ones you were thinking of? I have 3 more that will ensure marital bliss- You are right.
    Live long and prosper.

  43. The NFL owners want 18 game seasons. Why? For more money.
    They also want players to play only 16 games. That will go over nicely.
    Lose their QB for 2 games, and the backup will make the game just like a preseason game.
    Imagine not having a kicker or punter for 2 games. That will be just dandy.
    A better proposal would be to do it incrementally. Expand the season to 17 games, and see how the players adjust to playing more. If there are way more injuries, they can revert back to a 16 game season.
    The NFL owners are greedy. They want to have them play more games, but still pay them the same. They should pay them one sixteenth more, eliminate 2 preseason games, and use one of those weeks from the eliminated preseason game schedule to establish a second bye during the season. That will help the players have more rest during the season, so they can heal up and be fresher.
    Pay the players more, expand the rosters, stop deactivating 6 players, only expand one game, experiment, then assess,add a second Bye and eliminate 2 preseason games. That is better option than making such a drastic step to adding 2 games to the schedule, without considering the consequences.

    1. It’s called negotiation Sebbie…a time-honored tradition. Ever been involved in negotiations?

      1. No, the league imposed the move back of the extra point attempt, with little or no negotiations.
        They are forcing teams to play on 3 days rest, and I did not see any negotiations.
        Their idea about negotiations is- We are going to do whatever we want, and do not care to listen to anyone else.

      2. Looking at the Player’s Association, they are adamantly against expanding the schedule. They think it will result in more injuries.
        NFLPA is against it, and the owners will do it anyways, just to make more money. Not too much negotiation going on.

    2. Couple of questions.
      1. Are they expanding the preseason or just taking 2 preseason games and making them regular season games?

      2. Would the roster size be left the same?

      1. I do not know. The article mainly focused on 18 games. Preseason game conversion would seem to be the logical target.
        I sure hope they eliminate the 6 player, game day sit downs, and expand the roster to 55.

        1. I would assume the total number of games would stay the same but 2 preseason games would be regular season games.
          That said if they do this, they should allow teams to expand the roster to help them survive the season without having to bring in too many street free agents.

          1. I agree Shoup..
            Or they can take one preseason game away…and add another bye week to NFL schedules..

            But im a big proponent of roster expansion anyway….
            Expand the roster from 53 to 60..

            Like u said…injuries happen…but also u can keep and continue to develop players.

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