Overreaction Monday: Who’s to blame for 49ers’ loss in Chicago?

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Trey Lance looks to pass against the Chicago Bears during the second half of an NFL football game Sunday, Sept. 11, 2022, in Chicago. The Bears won 19-10. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

Every Monday during the NFL season is filled with fans and media pundits’ overreactions. Someone needs to be blamed, especially when you are a seven-point favorite and lose the season opener to a team expected to be near the bottom of the league.

Here are some of the best overreactions I’ve encountered in the aftermath of the 49ers’ 19-10 loss to Chicago on Sunday.

The defense lost this game!

San Francisco’s defense tamed the Bears’ offense throughout the early portion of the game. In the first half, Chicago managed only 68 total offensive yards. 

The stingy defense and a Talanoa Hufanga interception set the 49ers offense up with optimal field position. The average starting field position for San Francisco’s offense on their first four possessions was their own 45. They scored only seven points.

Things began to go sideways for San Francisco’s defense on the first Chicago possession of the second half. 

A facemask penalty on Dre Greenlaw extended a Bears drive, and Justin Fields made the 49ers pay when he escaped a sack to find Dante Pettis alone on the right side. Unacceptable.

On Chicago’s next possession, Fields once again broke free from the pocket. With Fields running around, cornerback Charvarius Ward grabbed onto his receiver and was flagged for holding, which gave the Bears an automatic first down. 

Later in the drive, Azeez Al-Shaair was flagged for a personal foul when he hit Justin Fields as the quarterback began to slide. This was a very tough call on Al-Shaair. If you don’t attack the ball carrier, he will keep running, and when he slides at the last minute, there’s not much the defender can do. The laws of physics don’t allow them to stop instantaneously. 

Fields found a wide-open receiver between Greenlaw and Hufanga for the go-ahead score shortly after. 

In addition to the penalties, safety Tashaun Gipson had an opportunity to end the Bears first scoring drive. Gipson did an excellent job of breaking on a Fields pass to the right sideline only to have the ball slip through his hands.

Kyle Shanahan blew it again! His play calling is too conservative!

Last time I checked, Kyle Shanahan wasn’t the one on the field fumbling the ball and missing open receivers.

The first 49ers possession featured a pair of Jet Sweeps. Brandon Aiyuk gained seven on the first, and Deebo Samuel took the second for a gain of six. After Trey Lance picked up the first down with a sneak, Shanahan dialed up the game’s first big play. It was a staple play of the 49ers offense, and Lance rifled the ball to Brandon Aiyuk, who was running an over route from right to left for 31 yards. On the next play, Shanahan went to his best playmaker, Deebo Samuel. Samuel took the sweep around the left side for a gain of four but lost a fumble when he was hit. This took at least three points off the scoreboard.

On the second offensive possession, Shanahan opened with a zone read which led to a 16-yard gain up the middle by Elijah Mitchell. The next play Shanahan dialed up should have been a touchdown. Tight end Tyler Kroft was behind the left side of the Bears’ defense, but Trey Lance’s pass sailed over his head for an incompletion. A sack two plays later pushed the 49ers out of field position. 

The 49ers’ offense finally put points on the board when Deebo Samuel scored from six yards out two series later. 

San Francisco opened the second half with a long drive that stalled deep inside the Bears’ redzone when Trey Lance was sacked, forcing the 49ers to settle for a field goal. It looked like Lance may have had Ross Dwelley open on the play for a touchdown. 

Instead of being up 20, the missed opportunities meant the 49ers held a 10-0 lead.

The issue for Shanahan isn’t his play calling. The issue is his team often plays undisciplined, leading to penalties and mistakes. 

Trey Lance isn’t ready!

Trey Lance’s performance on Sunday was on par with what we saw in two starts during his rookie year and throughout training camp.

There were a few terrific throws from Lance and a few clunkers, including the Kroft miss. 

Lance completed seven of 12 attempts for 114 yards through the first seven possessions. The 58.3% completion rate was slightly better than the 57.7% he posted during his rookie season. At this time in the game, San Francisco held a 10-0 lead. 

From then on, the wheels fell off for Lance, and Lance could hit on only two of six pass attempts for 18 yards on the next two offensive possessions. The dagger came when Bears safety Eddie Jackson picked off Lance.

Chicago scored soon after to take a 19-10 lead. The skies opened after this, the heavy rain making it nearly impossible to throw the ball. 

In addition to the passing, Lance showed what he could do with his legs when he ran for 13 yards to convert a third and 13. Lance finished as San Francisco’s leading rusher, gaining 54 yards on 13 attempts. 

So, who do we blame?

Football is the ultimate team sport, and a game rarely gets decided by a single player or decision. 

The 49ers lost on Sunday because the offense couldn’t take advantage of opportunities when they were presented in the first half.

The 49ers lost on Sunday because the defense couldn’t get off the field in the second half due to penalties and the missed interception. 

The 49ers lost on Sunday because they were undisciplined, turning the ball over more than their opponents, and had 75 more penalty yards. 

In short, this loss wasn’t on only Lance, Samuel, the defense, or Shanahan. It was a total team effort.

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  1. I do think there were a number of bad calls in the came by the refs, and all of them went the Bears’ way. I also think that Lance played just plain bad, and if he continues like this, there *will* be locker room dissension with Jimmy G riding the pine.

    1. I don’t agree about Lance…he wasn’t perfect, not at all, but not that bad too.
      Is just his 3rd start.
      Had we not made so many costly penalties, today we would be here talking about a W and not a L…

      Not that JG at Washington in 2019 played better…we won that game thanks to 3 FG and we had only 2 penalties…
      JG will be long gone before any supposed dissension would ever start in the locker room…

  2. Jack, I agree and any number of mistakes not being made could have resulted in a victory. I have faith that they will play better next week.

  3. Great Analisis… I just will add: The Bears adjust well against 49ers defense in the second half, 49ers did not.

  4. For all those posters who are go nuts about the Oline, 3 of the 5 highest rated offensive players were on the Oline. Of course they can do better and will as the season progresses.

  5. Jack,
    You say that this a total team loss.
    So who is acctounable for this football teams readiness, if not the head coach, then who?

      1. Jack,

        As far as I know, the head coach is more than just one of the guys playing.
        He is the one person who is responsible and more importainly is the person who is accoutable.
        This is his team.

  6. MY TAKE:

    The 49ers interior OL, especially on the right side, IS A MAJOR problem that must be addressed, and should have been made a TOP PRIORITY this off-season, considering the move to TREY LANCE! According to ESPN Stats & Information research: Trey Lance faced pressure on 35% of his drops, despite the Bears, never once, sending more than 4 pass rushers at Trey. This is simply UNNACEPTABLE! The craziest thing about this is that it’s only happened SEVEN TIMES in the NFL over the last FIFTEEN SEASONS, according to ESPN! Is it any surprise then that those teams are now 1W-6L in the situation where their QB drops back 30+ times without facing a single blitz, while still generating an astonishing 35% PRESSURE RATE?

    As Niner fans, you guys know as well as I do how much more difficult it is on any QB, and how much of an advantage it is for any defense, when a team can consistently create pressure without sending more than 4 pass-rushers, because we’ve seen the 49ers DISMANTLE quality QB’s by doing exactly that with their front 4, over the last few years! And I’m not talking about inexperienced quality QB’s either, I’m talking about a HOF QB in Aaron Rodgers, and quality veterans like Kirk Cousins, Mathew Stafford, and Dak Prescott. Speaking of the Cowboys, last night’s game was a perfect example of what you get with poor OL play, as Dak Prescott looked absolutely horrific playing behind the Cowboys shambolic OL (with a 47.2 Passer Rating), and even the 2nd greatest QB of all-time (2nd only to #16 … maybe?), the great – Tom Brady struggled to pass the football behind his injury riddled OL, passing for only 212 yards, and a 87.3 Passer Rating (22nd overall). How in the world can we expect more out of Trey Lance, making his 3rd NFL start?

    Was the 49ers OL better in run-blocking than it was in pass-protection, yesterday? Perhaps “marginally”, at best! And according to PFF – 49ERs Offensive Center – JAKE BRENDEL, playing arguably the 2nd most important position on a Kyle Shanahan OL, was the 3rd lowest graded offensive player on the field yesterday (51.2 on 68 snaps). Remember, this is the guy who’s making all of the line-calls, and taking the pressure off of Trey Lance! Then again, it’s not like Brendel even had all the much to call, considering the Bears were able to generate pressure on Lance at an astounding 35% rate, with only 4 pass rushers. And according to PFF, ROOKIE RG – Spencer Burford wasn’t much better!

    This is in a lot of ways, a very different defensive look when compared to the way teams attacked Jimmy G. The 49ers faced a lot of run-blitzes off of stacked boxes with Jimmy, which naturally opened up the middle of the field. Apparently Kyle doesn’t believe that Trey Lance deserves the same benefit? What is happening in Kyle’s brain? Is it arrogance, or simply a lack of foresight? If we all knew the interior of the OL was biggest question mark heading into the offseason, why didn’t Kyle make it a priority, when he knows how important the OC position is on his offense?

    So my biggest question becomes: How in the world did the 49ers drop the ball at OC like this? Can somebody please tell me? They knew very well that ALEX MACK was retiring before the start of FA & way before the draft. And yet, the 49ers made replacing Mack one of the LOWEST PRIORITIES, refusing to address it via FA, and when it came to the draft, the Niners used their first 2 of their first 3 pick on luxury picks, including another RB who, just like last season, wasn’t even active on game day! In fact, 2 of the 49ers first 3 draft picks were HEALTHY SCRATCHES to start the season, meanwhile the interior OL (right side) is left with huge deficiencies! Perhaps the most astonishing thing for me is this offseason … is that we all knew this! I was sounding the alarm on this blog during free agency, and then when the 49ers took another RB in TDP with their 2nd pick, before they addressed OC, RG, and SAFETY, I nearly flipped my fricken lid! Sure enough, the OL is a problem, and Safety depth is a major concern, and clearly these were the two biggest factors in the 49ERS opening day loss!

    This is how you develop a QB, Kyle? Seriously? I am so angry at Kyle because this feels sabotage at worst, and at best, it feels like ROSTER MALPRACTICE, when developing Trey Lance, and giving him the best possible opportunity to succeed, apparently was never a priority this off-season! SMAEFULL!

    And really upsets me, is that Trey Lance seems to be hanging out to dry! Kyle has taken every opportunity this offseason, to send the message the the team ISN’T ALL IN on Trey this season, so now Trey Lance has become the focus of social abuse from a large portion of the fanbase, and will be seen as the symbol of this season’s failures, if the 49ers can’t get this fixed. And the fact is, Kyle Shanahan STACKED THE DECK against Trey Lance by neglecting every NFL quarterback’s most important support group, – THE OFFENSIVE LINE!

    1. Snickers for you dude! Hahaha.
      PS-Nobody’s going to wade all the way through your manifestos. I scrolled down to the last couple of paragraphs and laughed.

      1. That’s fine, Brotha Tuna. Then how bout something simpler for you simple-minded folks? –

        Offensive line: F

        Trent Williams was easily the Niners’ best offensive linemen, and even he committed a false start penalty. Mike McGlinchey looked rusty at right tackle, getting completely embarrassed by Dominique Robinson on a third-down sack, and the 49ers’ interior offensive line did not exceed expectations. Aaron Banks, Jake Brendel, and Spencer Burford were consistently collapsing into Lance’s face, forcing him to move around in the pocket.

        It may surprise you to know that the Bears never blitzed on Sunday. All the pressure Chicago generated was by sending four or fewer rushers. Burford did have some great highlights in the run game, and frankly, since he’s the only rookie on the line, his performance is probably the most understandable. The fact that 2021 second-round pick Aaron Banks and veteran center Jake Brendel looked as bad as they did is a far bigger cause for concern for the 49ers’ offense.

        – By Marc Delucci – SB NATION

        1. Don’t attack the messenger Brotha! I understand your frustrations, because I’m feeling it.

          But all you have to do is ask yourself this one simple 2-part question:

          1a) Is the 49ers interior OL the least experienced interior OL (LG,OC,RG) in the NFL, in terms of experience? I believe they have 5, maybe 6 NFL starts BETWEEN them!

          1b) And if they are among the least experienced, if not THE least experienced, how is that acceptable to you as a Forty Niner Faithful, knowing how important this year is for Trey Lance – their most important player on the team?

          And my simple follow-up would be:

          2) Why are taking it out on me, bro? I didn’t have any say on the matter, and in fact, I’ve been bringing attention to this issue since February!

          1. Yes Jaxson- Agreed, good post, thank you.

            The Oline it seems has been suspect during preseason, the game yesterday and may very well continue to be.

            Its starts with running the ball. If the OL can, in the next few games, get the job done opening up the run game one would think the rest should take care of itself. We shall see with good thoughts moving forward.

            How can you even evaluate your rookie QB and running game?

            Sure enough the Oline will be addressed as soon as the off season starts for the 49ers just like the secondary was addressed this off season. Seems like FO may be running a bit behind.

            To be fair they have been drafting lineman all along, just none of them seem to be hitting quite the same like they have with some of the other position groups

            Fingers crossed the oline can get better as the season progresses after all they do have TW- one of the best right tackles.

            1. Cheers William, and it’s not all doom and gloom. This is still a very strong all-around roster. But as the old adage goes, you’re only as strong as your weakest link.

              Maybe this OL will improve as these guys gain experience, but what happens in the meantime? Unfortunately, the clock is already ticking on Trey Lance, as a consequence of holding onto Jimmy G, even though it that’s entirely unfair and unrealistic. My worry is that the 49ers veteran leadership council is going lose patience with Trey prematurely, and I wonder how does this team develop an identity early this season, with a festering QB controversy? Unlike last season, this season has the potential to completely unravel at the seems, IMO.

      2. Careful Brotha, disagree with this guy and he’ll start sh*t posting impersonating you.

        Jack keep your eye on this guy, there’s a reason he’s been asked to leave blogs.

    2. Totally agree with everything you said. Center is the QB of the offensive line, and you need a proven veteran starter there to help out an inexperienced QB like Lance. It should have been a top priority in the offseason. Shanahan and Lynch keep burning draft picks in the higher rounds that are gone within two years. It’s ridiculous having 2nd and 3rd round picks who aren’t even active during games.

      1. The 49ers could have had Trey Lance and Creed Humphrey in the same draft. You’d be set for a decade with that duo. Keep Laken and draft Creed and then fill the RG spot with a good FA. That’s a Superbowl winning O-line.

        1. Bingo, Creed Humphrey would have been a terrific pick.

          I just don’t know how OL doesn’t become the #1 priority once you draft Trey Lance.

          And Jake Brendel?

          First let me say, I am not trying to be disrespectful to Jake Brendel. Making it onto an NFL roster, even as a backup lineman, is an impressive feat.

          That said – Kyle Shanahan is on record stating that the OC is the 2nd most important position on his OL, outside of LT. And the fact of the matter is that Jake Brendel is an undrafted, 30 year old journeyman backup Center who, before yesterday, had only started 2 meaningless games over his entire NFL career, and who has bounced around the NFL, mostly as a practice squad guy.

          I could understand if injuries were the issue, because you can’t predict injuries (knock-on-wood). But that’s not what happened on the interior. Aaron Banks wasn’t even good enough to suit up for most of his rookie season, let alone play. And your starting RG (Spencer Burford) is a natural OT, who played OT in college, and who’s build and skill-set is better suited at OT.

          What the heck happened?

          1. And one more bone to pick:

            Why is Kyle Shanahan treating Trey Lance like he’s Larry Csonka? What in world is Kyle thinking, using Trey between the tackles, on short yardage, with Juice and Jordan Mason on the roster?

            I love the physical way that Trey Lance runs the football with, but I promise you he won’t make it past mid-season, if Kyle’s going to keep running Trey Lance like a power rusher, up the middle, like a dang fullback!

            Come on Kyle, you’re better than this!

            1. Jaxson is so right. He has told us all what is the problem and who is responsible for it. Lynch gets some blame to for another questionable draft. Yes, I also warned about Mack and was furious that Kyle and lynch did not go after top OLmen available knowing that the inexperienced lance was the man. Remember that Chicago is bottom-ranked so the game is a real concern.
              By the way, I was calling for a high draft pick at center back in 2019.

    3. New name but the same theme and nobody reads every word regardless of which name you use. Do you have anything else to say or this going to be it every week just like last year.

  7. I haven’t been able to watch the game yet, but I agree with your analysis based on what I have read from your and other sources Jack. It is going to be a long season if the team can’t play more disciplined.

  8. Football in general has become almost unwatchable during the first 3 weeks. The hard cap salary cap has made it impossible to build depth. Coaches are scared out of their minds of preseason injuries. The contract between the union and players have so many time restrictions it also makes it impossible for coaches to prepare teams. In 1981 the 49ers started camp on July 7 and the first regular season game was approx Sept 10. Teams practiced twice a day for 2 to 2.5 hours per practice with one practice on some saturdays and sundays off. Cheap ass owners (the hard cap) and an over reaching union lead to really crappy football for Approx. the first 3 regular season games and that is exactly what the 49ers played yesterday, very crappy football. imho

    1. This is a great point, Coach. While I believe the Bills are the best team in football, I don’t think even they are as good as they showed. On the flip side most teams just don’t have their synchronicity down just yet.

      1. Felix,
        Prior to the cap teams could spend as much money as they wanted for back ups. Now after you pay for a QB 1 and your other starters a team has pennies to spend on back ups. This causes coaches to over protect their starters, not only do they sit the starters in preseason games they sit them during already limited practice time. I remember during the mid 80’s (pre cap) when the 9ers had the best NT in football Michael Carter and backing him up they had not one but two former all pro’s as back ups. Fred Smerlas and Jim Burt. Walsh wasn’t panicked about practicing Carter because he had two outstanding BU’s. Now you are lucky if you can afford 1 competent starter.

  9. I read absolutely everything 49er related, except for sites and writers that I choose not to. Hammer this is actually the cleanest explanation that Ive read. Speaking for myself I do struggle to keep things simple sometimes… ( Keep It Simple Stupid) But man I still feel sick today and have this terrible feeling like we drafted the wrong QB.

    We’re winning that game with Justin Fields. I get it like he holds the ball, stares guys down, one read, so on and so forth. But his elusiveness and big play mentality is back breaking. I thought thats what we signed up to draft? I mean Lance is only 22 and yet is as elusive as Flacco. ( Ok overreaction and he did have a couple nice throws where he stepped up and reset his platform… He does lumber in the pocket like Kaep though)…

    I mean the Bears already got the blueprint for Lance, right? Rush 4 take away the deep ball, make him throw short into tight windows. Yes, not every team has an all pro MLB roaming the field. ( I thought Roquan Smith quietly dominated)…

    We know alot of things are week one woes and anomalies, just like every week one. But Lances accuracy and running style are not, and they are hardly going to scare anybody. In fact my fear is those 2 things wont keep him around very long, either by injury or default. ( NFL QBs have to fit the ball into tight windows. This is the 49ers, home of the Bill Walsh accuracy rule and West Coast offense. We know this)

    I hope my fears are over reacting, im an explosive type and I am prone to this. But man that doesnt explain that sinking feeling in my gut, like we blew a perfect oppurtunity in the 21 draft

  10. It takes a full 3-5 games before a team finds itself. We don’t know the teams identity yet. Bears will end up with a top 5 draft pick so the 49ers really needed to win that game. It’s not the end of the world but it’s as bad a start as you could possibly have for the Trey Lance era.

  11. Pass on Brady, pass on Mahomes, but trade three 1st rounders for Lance. Now they are forced to stick with Lance, even if they eventually conclude he’s not the answer. This could end up really bad for Shanahan and Lynch.

    1. Or, he could be the first QB to win a Superbowl since Steve Young.

      For me, the 49ers are a franchise of Royalty. Their historical run in the 80’s have earned them that place of honor, imho.
      But unfortunately, sometimes royalty breeds spoiled followers. They seek entitlement on every level.

      Here’s a thought, why don’t we wait until 4-5 games in, before making a more experienced based educated assessment on Trey.

      1. Spoiled followers??? The Yorks took over the 49ers in 1999, 23 years ago and have
        yet to win a Super Bowl, meaning anyone under 30 in the Bay Area has no direct
        memory of the 49ers being a Super Bowl winning team.

        1. All 49ers Faithful should know their team’s history. I consider myself fortunate to have witness every SB win and the last 2 SB losses.

          Instant gratification isn’t always so instant.

  12. Not sure if anyone can make a fair assessment of yesterday’s game because of weather and poor field conditions.

    A team that would normally lose to a superior team has a chance to win in these conditions especially when mistakes and undisciplined play occur.

    Besides the inclement weather, it looked like many of our starters looked a little off on their timing.

    Personally, I believe that being held back from getting significant playing time in preseason might have an effect in real game play.
    It could be said that for many of our starters yesterday was a glorified preseason game.

    Hopefully, they look much more sharper and precise in the next game.
    I believe that they will and also get better with each game.

    1. “Personally, I believe that being held back from getting significant playing time in preseason might have an effect in real game play.
      It could be said that for many of our starters yesterday was a glorified preseason game.”


    1. I think there’s a lot that goes into the two. Spending money is one part. How long has a line played together goes a long way? What experience does each player have? Is the coach putting the line in the best position(very few OL are great at pass blocking AND run blocking)? Etc.

      We have a lot of changes happening including from the looks the style of offense we’ll be playing. It’s going to take a while for them to all be on the same page.

  13. Elijah Mitchell out for about 2 months with sprained MCL.

    I guess we’ll be seeing more Deebo in the backfield.

    1. GN,
      Wilson has also had injury issues in his short career.
      Hope he stays healthy.
      But if JW gets injured we could very well have an all rookie backfield with TDP and JM. Of course, Juice would be leading the way.
      Deebo only needs to run occasionally so he’s not targeted by the defense.

      1. Kinda off topic but I want to hear less talk from George Kittle
        This guy is always hurt every other game. Less talk more play

  14. For those who don’t see any hope for the Oline, here is David Lombardi…
    “And Aaron Banks registered a 78.4 pass-block and 71.5 run-block grade, both good. Only 1 of the 2 pressures he allowed came in a true-pass set.

    This verifies the tape: Burford and Banks absolutely held their own in their debuts. Ironically most CHI pressure came vs SF tackles.”

    Like I’ve been saying, these guys are going to get better with each game.
    Patients, 49ers Faithful.

    1. I think it’s a complete first week overreaction. Especially losing to the bears. Add in there’s a bunch of changes which means a bunch of unknowns and people truly freak out. I don’t think the OL or the team is as bad as many make.

      1. KY,
        Freak out, and Fickle might be twins with one being more dramatic of course, lol.
        The “sky is falling’ crowd after only one game is rich, to say the least.

  15. Did we release Hasty prematurely ?
    Reminder that the first game last year wasn’t pretty. We did beat the Lions but had the game gone on 5 more minutes – who knows.
    Big game tonight. We play Seattle and Denver in consecutive weeks.

    1. That pass to Ray Ray is something we have not seen a Niner QB done in a long long time! Absolute dime.

  16. Y’all should know by now it takes 2-3 games for Kshan to get ready

    Kshan always goes in the season with a plan – and almost all the time the plan falters in the first couple games

    This year it is the injury to RB1 – now Kshan will reboot

    You could tell something was not right when we starting using Deebo ALOT in game 1

  17. Brock Purdy has 1467 career pass att.Trey Lance has 417 career pass att.We are in for a long season,Lance has a tremendous amout of catching up to do.Everyone just needs to be real, its going to take a season or 2 for Lance to come into his own.The question is…..Can we keep this loaded of a team together for 2-3 more years?For us to have a realistic chance at a superbowl.Mr.Irrelevant in this years draft has 1000 more pass att.Everyone needs to temper expectations.

  18. Petey, has Seattle playing inspired ball tonight. The defense looks solid and fast and Geno Smith is holding his own.
    Perhaps, I was wrong in calling them the bottom-feeder’s in our division.

    1. They are amped up tonight but look for them to have a massive letdown next week. Typically it’s what happens after an extremely emotional week leading up to the game. The fact that they won makes me think they’ll be exhausted mentally, perhaps letting up a little and relaxing coming into next week. On the flip side the 49ers don’t want to start 0-2.

      As an aside I really appreciate the job Slimey Pete has done, man. I don’t think he gets enough credit to be honest. I can’t stand the guy as a 49ers fan, but it’s only because he’s such a great competitor. You could tell he wanted to win badly tonight- he wasn’t going to hide it. He wanted to bury Wilson and I absolutely love that drive at 70+ years old. Gotta respect an opponent that comes at you hard, every time.

      1. Geno Smith may not be a perfect QB, but it’s clear that he has more physical talent than Jimmy G. So much for all of the speculation of Jimmy G to Seattle. I do believe the Rams are interested in Jimmy as an insurance policy for Stafford, considering Stafford’s elbow issues, but again, even if they weren’t one of the Niners’ biggest rivals, how much would the Rams really be interested in giving up for a backup QB/insurance policy?

        My point is: I don’t think there is any chance that Garoppolo gets traded before the deadline, and it’s not because of questions about Jimmy G’s poor big game performances over the years, or questions about his shoulder. I think the 49ers have genuine reservations about going all-in on Trey Lance. Niner fans need to brace themselves for a season-long, mother of all QB controversies, the likes of which the league has rarely seen! And we’ve all heard the decades old adage “if you have 2 starting QB’s, you have none!”

        And that begs the question: How can the 49ers possibly develop an identity this year, when the locker room is already split on who should be leading them at QB?

  19. I guess now that Mitchell is going on IR, Mason will be the speed guy. I’m starting to wonder if these speedy running backs are capable of holding up to the pounding in the NFL.

    1. Felix,
      My memory is off right now, but I’m trying to remember if there’s been at least one RB that has played a full season in Shanahan’ era without suffering an injury.

  20. Let’s see. Do I trust Russell Wilson to get me a 5 yard first down on 4th and 5 with the game on the line, or do I trust my kicker to make a 64 yard field goal?
    It’s RW for me all day, every day.

  21. Ahhhh…it’s already started…considering all of the ? going into the season, how many of you actually believe this 9ers team can maintain the standard we’ve seen the last few seasons? Are you realistic in your expectations? I think that earlier, during TC, Jack asked what we thought the w-l record for this season would be..not positive, but I believe that I posted 9-8…that’s a fair assessment….they should have beaten the Bears, but as has become the norm, they failed to capitalize on opportunities early on, and got out coached in the second half…the middle of the O-line is going to be a weakness until later in the season..or all season..they are not very good right now…if those are the 3 best lineman on the roster, imagine how the other guys are struggling…9-8… and glad to have that at years end

  22. Overreaction???
    No more like an underreaction!
    EVERYBODY predicted a W and the wunderkind failed.
    We are invested in giving this kid an education in football and still think that he’s going to take us to the SB.
    That’s a joke.

  23. Do you guys know who Kyle Shanahan chose to emulate Justin Fields on the scout team last week? You would think it would be Brock Purdy wouldn’t you?

    **Spoiler Alert**: It was Jimmy Garoppolo!

    So let me get this straight …. you prepare to face a super mobile QB during your weekly game plan installation and preparation in the leadup to gameday, not by utilizing your extremely mobile 3rd string QB (Purdy) to emulate Justin Fields on the scout, but rather your super immobile, slow-footed, cement-shoed, 2nd string QB (Garoppolo) on the scout team?

    This is how you prepare for a mobile QB? By NOT practicing against a mobile QB on the scout team? WTF?

    And this YAHOO SPORTS headline kind of sums up Kyle’s 49ers these days:

    “‘Mobile’ QB Jimmy Garoppolo’ plays Justin Fields role in 49ers’ Bears prep”

    Is this some kind of practical joke by Kyle Shanahan? Honestly, this is one of the dumbest headlines that I have ever seen! Using the descriptor “mobile” to describe QB Jimmy Garoppolo is like using the descriptor “heartthrob” to describe actor Steve Buscemi!

    What is going on in Santa Clara? It’s time to start questioning if Kyle Shanahan has way too much power in this 49ers organization! Because for all of Kyle’s X’s & O’s brilliance, the poor guy has nothing when it comes to good ‘ol common sense!

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