Overreaction Tuesday: Jimmy Garoppolo is back!



San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (10) during an NFL football game against the Los Angeles Rams in Santa Clara, Calif., Monday, Oct. 3, 2022. (AP Photo/Godofredo A. Vásquez)

Every game during the NFL season is followed up with overreactions from fans and media pundits. If the home team loses there’s blame that must be levied, and after wins everything is rosy.

The San Francisco 49ers dominated the Los Angeles Rams on Monday night. The win moves the 49ers into first place in the NFC West by virtue of their 2-0 record division record.

Here are some of the best overreactions I’ve encountered following the 49ers big win.

Jimmy Garoppolo is back!

Jimmy Garoppolo sets the limit of the 49ers’ offense. His primary role is to facilitate the offense by getting the ball into the hands of Deebo Samuel or Brandon Aiyuk and letting them do the work.

The 49ers’ most explosive offensive play, Garoppolo’s 57-yard touchdown pass was a perfect example of this. The throw from Garoppolo was only five yards beyond the line of scrimmage, Samuel did the rest after making the catch.

Garoppolo completed 16 passes on Monday night, nine of them at or behind the line of scrimmage.

On throws beyond ten yards, Garoppolo was 2-6. Among the misses was a poorly thrown deep shot down the left sideline to Charlie Woerner and an overthrow of Jauan Jennings.

Although Garoppolo missed some big-play opportunities, his performance on Monday night was exactly what the 49ers need from him this season.

With the defense playing at historic levels, Garoppolo just needs to be smart and not lose the game by turning the ball over or stepping out the back of the endzone.

If Garoppolo can stack together games like Monday night, the 49ers will play deep into January.

The 49ers’ defense is elite.

This statement is correct.

The 2022 49ers defense is the most fun to watch of any team since the 1994 Super Bowl team with Deion Sanders.

Through the first four weeks of the season, San Francisco’s defense has allowed only 37 points. Each of the last three opponents has been held under ten points.

In addition, the defense has yet to allow a touchdown in the first half this season. On Monday night they became the first team to keep the Rams out of the endzone since Seattle pulled it off in December of 2020.

What makes the 49ers’ defense so good is they have playmakers at all three levels.

Nick Bosa registered two sacks against the Rams, bringing his season total to six. He has recorded at least one sack in each of the 49ers first four games, making him the first in franchise history to accomplish this feat.

Samson Ebukam joined Bosa with a pair of sacks on Stafford, including a forced fumble that was recovered by Kerry Hyder.

Charles Omenihu, Hassan Ridgeway, and Deommodore Lenoir each registered their first sacks of the season.

At the second level, Dre Greenlaw and Fred Warner form arguably the best linebacker duo in the NFL.

On Monday night, Greenlaw led all San Francisco defenders with 15 tackles and Warner was next with nine.

The backend of the defense is led by Talanoa Hufanga. The second-year safety recorded his second interception on Monday night, taking it 52 yards the other way for a touchdown.

Hufanga and fellow safety Tashaun Gipson have combined for three interceptions. This ties them for the most in a season from the safety position since Kyle Shanahan took over in 2017.

On the outside, Emmanuel Moseley and Charvarius Ward give DeMeco Ryans a pair of shutdown corners.

Going back to the historical ranking of this defense compared to others in recent 49ers history.

The current unit has held opposing offenses to only 3.8 yards per play. The best mark set by the great defenses in 1994, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2019 was 4.7 yards per play.


The 32-yard touchdown run by Jeff Wilson Jr. was the longest of his career.

Deebo Samuel registered his first 100-yard receiving game of the season. It was the tenth time in his career he’s gone over the century mark.

The 49ers won their 51st game on Monday Night Football, tying them for most all-time with the Pittsburgh Steelers. It was also San Francisco’s sixth consecutive win at Levi’s Stadium.

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  1. Good write up Jack. Lenoir seems to be playing well but where is Sam Womack. I thought we would see more of him.

    1. Womack likely won’t play unless Lenoir is injured. Shanahan said last week that Deo was having better practices during the week that earned him the starting role.

      The guy that has faded to obscurity is Ambry Thomas. Not sure when he makes an appearance or that he even needs to at this point.

      1. Yeah, Ambry is only getting snaps on ST right now. My take on it is Ambry is not physical enough for the NFL. Even after he had that Int against the Rams last year, I never really considered him to be a starting quality NFL CB. To me that fade for Ambry was expected. Will be interesting if he can raise his game to actually get some defensive snaps. Deo on the other hand was misused until this year. That’s according to a few 49ers podcast guys who I think are pretty sharp. Deo’s skill set is perfectly tailored to the nickel CB position but they had him on the outside last year – I guess because they had Jet and didn’t need another nickel guy. Deo seems to be playing well but for some reason I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop with him against a quality slot receiver. Need a little more time to build trust in him. After the preseason, I was excited to see Womack play in a game that counts.

  2. Thanks, Jack. I hope we get to see Purdy on this road trip. At one point he was warming up just to stay loose but some of us felt a bit of frisson with the thought of seeing him.

    1. allie,
      If he plays at 100% of Baker Mayfield’ level he can be a Brian Hoyer clone.
      I like the kid, but he was the last pick of the draft for a reason.
      But for your sake and as well as for the 49ers, I hope he finds success in the league.

      1. He will have success as a Niner. He has far more experience than Trey. It cost way too much to get Trey and nothing to get Purdy. Let us see Purdy play.

  3. I think you said it best. The 49ers got exactly what they needed from Jimmy. This team is starting to remind me of Harbaugh’s niners with Alex Smith at the helm. As long as Alex Smith played within his limits we were dominating because the defenses were great.

  4. I cannot trust Jimmy G. He was fortunate last night, especially on that Deebo grab that saved an interception. Jimmy G is always a threat to blow the game. I do not see the Niners in the SB with such a QB.

    1. They already have gone to the Super Bowl with Jimmy. The Jimmy pass was great. He gave Deebo the best chance to catch the ball.

    2. Don’t trust him…it isn’t gonna make a hill of beans difference in the season, whether you or any other fans “trust” him….do you trust the coaches? How about the front office? How about the offensive line?…it’s only football, and with what’s going on in the world, and this country, these days, I’d be more concerned about trusting America’s ‘leaders’

      1. Yep, turned on TV this morning & talk is of a war with China over Taiwan. Good golly, that would quickly put the 49ers and the rest of the NFL out of mind.

    3. allie,
      Some people, like myself would call it a perfect pass to Deebo. The pass was exactly where it had to be, just slightly above the defenders reach.
      Great pass from JG, that put the game on ice and sent the Faithful home with a big smile.
      Feeding off of the reigning champs made it especially satisfying for me.

      1. No, had Deebo not snatched it aggressively, it could have been a pick 6. The announcers all agreed. Thanks, Deebo!

  5. Jack, you left out the TD to Kittle that Jimmy threw.
    That was a great pass (play) but somehow 85 couldn’t drag his right foot in bounds.

  6. Jack,
    Good read as always.

    A little different topic.
    I understand that Jimmy Ward and Jason Verrett were due back to practice today. Could you confirm this and if so, are you prevy to the 49ers practices to get a look at their progress?

    1. Bb,
      I think we will be seeing less and less of Womack when they activate Ward and Verrett. I believe they will cut Thomas and then sign him to the P.S. but when they activate the 2nd of the two they will be in a tough spot. They might like to release Womack and then sign him to the PS but I don’t think he will clear waivers. They may end up losing Womack, I don’t see them cutting another player from a different position group. It could be D.J. Reed all over again.

      1. Coach,
        It would be a really tough decision for Shanahan and Lynch to make, but personally, I would find a way to keep Womack even if it means losing Verrett.

        I really like Verrett and appreciate all of his hard work coming back from serious injuries. But, his injury history gives me pause and that’s why I would keep Womack.

  7. allie,
    Some people, like myself would call it a perfect pass to Deebo. The pass was exactly where it had to be, just slightly above the defenders reach.
    Great pass from JG, that put the game on ice and sent the Faithful home with a big smile.
    Feeding off of the reigning champs made it especially satisfying for me.

      1. David,
        Backup QBs are like shooting stars… They shine brightly for a few fleeting seconds and then they quietly disappear into the night, lol.

      2. I love Purdy. Nice face, smart, in command. He will be with the Niners a long time. Jimmy is gone soon. Trey starts but Purdy will be ready next year.

  8. Jimmy is doing what Joe Montana did for the Niners, more short yardage plays with slants and quick outs like Joe did with Jerry and other backs. The writer here, is downplaying Jimmy’s performance, if Jimmy can be protected I see no reason why the Niners can’t be in the Playoffs this year…

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