Packers present stiffest challenge yet for 49ers

San Francisco 49ers defensive end Dee Ford (55) against the Arizona Cardinals during the first half of an NFL football game, Thursday, Oct. 31, 2019, in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

SANTA CLARA — The Packers can’t compete with the 49ers on paper.

The standings favor the 49ers — they’re 9-1. The Packers are 8-2. And the statistics favor the Niners as well. They have outscored opponents by 140 points this season, while the Packers have outscored teams by only 45.

But the Packers have reasons to feel confident this Sunday night against the 49ers. The Packers are battle tested. They already have beaten four teams that would make the playoffs if the season ended today. Those teams are the Minnesota Vikings, the Dallas Cowboys, the Oakland Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs.

The 49ers have played only one team that’s on track to make the playoffs — the Seattle Seahawks. And the 49ers lost.

Sunday night’s game against the Packers will be the biggest test of the season for the 49ers.

Here are five legitimate concerns the 49ers should have.

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    1. I think the 49ers could lose the rest of their games.
      Or at least most
      10-6 is not far fetched.
      If they go 13-3 and only lose to the Ravens and one other team, I’ll be extremely surprised.
      I think the GB game is super important-if they lose it then i think missing the playoffs becomes a serious possibility

  1. These next 3 weeks are rough. Will determine if we slide all the way down to the 5 seed or maintain the #1. Lets get it!

  2. The Packers should be the one worried. The Niner defense is legit.
    If the Charger defense can shut down Rodgers, so can the Niner defense.

  3. Yeah, yeah every game has been a test so far. Back to back east coast games to open the season. Desperate Steelers. Prime time against the Brownies. McCaffrey. Second game against Cards, the squirrel who gave them fits in the first game. Seahawks, (no team since 72 has gone undefeated). …. blah blah on and on.

    Grant, if the Niners handily defeat the Packers, do us a favor and remove the word “test” from your online dictionary.

  4. Sunday night’s game against the Packers will be the biggest test of the season for the 49ers.

    Since you omitted “so far” I’m guessing you mean this is it, the biggest test of all. Disagree there. If we must continue with this “test” nonsense, the Ravens (away east coast game. currently playing the best ball in the league, another of those slippery QBs that has given this excellent defense fits), Saints (2nd of back to back away games, in that thunder dome) and last Seahawks (likely decide 1st round bye or wild card, in Seattle at that) games will be bigger ones.

    1. The way NFC is going, every game is important for the Niners. But if you were to ask me which is the “easiest” for the Niners among the remaining six, I’d choose this one over the tough divisional game against the Rams. Niners have better team speed and better knowledge of Packers’ game-plan. (Kyle’s offense practiced against Pettine’s D with the Browns) . Rodgers will make plays and put up numbers, but Kittle’s return should lead to a Niners win, say 31-24.

  5. Go Eagles! I’ll stick with SF -3 and the over (48), especially after Coach/GM GC did just the opposite. Not surprising. Always “rooting for a tumor”.

    SF 28 GB 24

    PS. Is it just me, or does Coach look like he’s shops in the women’s department at Target? Holy shmolly. Does he own an iron? I know the PDYNT is rinky dink, but don’t they give a squat what their representatives look like in public? Jeesh.

    Have fun today folks. Should be great.

    1. I think Grant should go full throwback sports hack. Post-bender, eyes bloodshot, grizzled, three day stubble, chomping a stogie butt, maybe a crumpled fedora with a racing ticket in the hatband. A little authenticity please!

      And go Niners! Test the F out of these cheeseheads. 35-14 good guys

  6. The Niners should gain inspiration from Bill Walsh. He said the Niners need to beat them to the punch. I hope the Niners play some smash mouth football, and establish a running game, despite the Packers counter measures.
    If the Niners can run the ball, it will open up the passing game. If Kyle Allen can complete a lot of passes against the Packer secondary, so can JG. I still hope they are conservative with Kittle, but if he plays, I hope he can shred that secondary.
    One matchup that I think the Niners have a distinct advantage over, is KS over Lafleur. Lafleur is just too much of a novice, while KS has almost 3 years of HC experience.

  7. Two things, Sebbie…

    1) Should Grant dress like Bill W.?

    2) Is it possible to play smash mouth football without being violent?

    1. HAHA FRM!
      But you have to remember that when you use seb-nena’s own words against him it’s considered abusive.
      And when you make fun of Grant’s dress code, you get banned.
      At least he tries….

  8. I’d say the Hawks were the tougher challenge… Better team than the Packers and a division rival. Thinking the Packers are in for a rude awakening tonight.

  9. Got a good feeling about tonight’s game. Rodgers is overdue for a couple of INT’S . It’s also time for Bosa to come up with a couple of sacks.
    Niners 35 Cheese heads 19.

  10. I am wondering, with Ford out, maybe put Bosa at LDE. then he will not be going against the LT, who is the best
    O lineman. Put Buckner at RDE, so he will have one on one blocking. If they still double Buckner, then Armstead might garner a single blocker, who he can drive back into the pocket.
    Bosa going against the RT, may have a better chance at getting a sack.
    Both the Eagles and Panthers shot themselves in the foot, and did the Niners no favors.

    1. While I am on this innovative streak I am also thinking we might move McGlinchy to LT, Sherman to the slot, and activate CJB and let him run it up the gut.
      GB will not know what hit them.
      While we are here, Wishnowsky can also play as a 3-deep Safety and Toilolo can go solo in the port-o-potty setup on only the road team’s sideline so we can gather intel.
      I will stop now to let all of you lay out your cards and propose your little ingenious twists in this game.
      Rest assured my catfish will be bluffing with two cards short of a pair.
      GO NINERS!!

    1. Kicking seems to be worse than ever in the league and playing an even bigger part in how the teams finish. Missed extra points, short field goals! WTF! I attended the Newman vs Piner playoff game this weekend and the Newman kicker, high school mind you, looked as good as some of these pros. I don’t think he missed one from 35 in his pregames warmup with more than plenty to spare. Made all of his extra points (7) easily. What’s going on with the guys that are getting paid handsomely?

  11. Wonder if Pettine will play base defense if Shanhan employs 21 personnel on say, 3rd and 5. Normally, Pettine sticks to base D with 21 and 22 personnel. Lots of mismatch potential here not just for the TEs but for for Juice. Packers linebackers are especially poor on coverage.

  12. Lol, haters will be haters. Eat crow again grant with your five reasons. Please keep doubting this team like you did in the beginning of the season with your prediction of a losing season.

    Go Ninersssszzzzz

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