Paging Eddie D

Hey, folks.

“Interim” 49ers beat reporter Phil Barber here. As Eric Branch fights fatigue and holiday travelers to get back to the Bay Area, I’ll be covering the haps at 4949 Centennial today. I’ll throw you a longer report later. But before I get to some transcribing, here is a brief rundown on the press conference we just witnessed.

Jed York took the podium first, but just to introduce temporary coach Jim Tomsula.

When Tomsula got his turn, he seemed subdued. He clearly respects Mike Singletary, and didn’t want to appear overjoyed at his turn to coach an NFL team. York said Tomsula had apologized to him for not wearing a suit and tie today. The former D-line coach had been breaking down film when York informed him he would be acting coach for the final game. Tomsula spent the rest of the night at team headquarters.

He was a little disheveled, and the big guy started to sweat profusely under the glare of the interview lights. Niners PR director Bob Lange eventually brought him a towel.

Tomsula praised Singletary as a man, and insisted he wasn’t thinking of using the final game as a steppingstone or as a chance to evaluate talent for 2011. He wants to beat the Cardinals.

Jed York then took the stage and talked about his impending search for a general manager. Here’s what we know: The first person Jed will talk to regarding the process is his uncle, former 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo. He has no timetable for hiring the GM, but will immediately begin speaking to people who are not currently under contract. York will be the primary, or perhaps sole, interviewer. He will choose the GM, and the GM will then hire a new head coach and decide who has power over the draft, the roster, etc. Trent Baalke is a candidate for the GM post.

OK, digest those tidbits, and come back for more a little later.

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