Patrick Willis and Mike Iupati are out. Tramaine Brock, Chris Culliver, Anthony Davis and Jimmie Ward are questionable.

Here are the 49ers’ and Broncos’ game status reports, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


Out: G Mike Iupati (concussion), LB Patrick Willis (toe)

Questionable: CB Tramaine Brock (toe), CB Chris Culliver (shoulder), T Anthony Davis (knee, ankle), S Jimmie Ward (quadricep)

Probable: CB Chris Cook (quadricep), CB Perrish Cox (quadricep), TE Vernon Davis (back), DE Tony Jerod-Eddie (shoulder), WR Stevie Johnson (hip), DE Justin Smith (not injury related), DT Ian Williams (ankle, shoulder)


Out: RB Montee Ball (groin)

Probable: CB Omar Bolden (groin), S David Bruton (ankle), CB Chris Harris (knee), K Brandon McManus (right groin), LB Corey Nelson (hamstring), RB Juwan Thompson (knee)

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  1. Borland starting I see manning abusing him all game. Unless he’s learned discipline with no time on the field he’s in trouble. Wast it Denver who coughs him up in a pass to the right end in pre season? Borland bit on something and left his man open for the TD. If so you can bet manning will test that again.

      1. They just said on 710 that this is what separates teams like the Patriots etc. yo’ve got to be make hard decisions. He’s cost us a lot already. Well . . .

    1. OMG I don’t see how we can recover from this and all the injuries. Looks like you’ll have the div.

      1. All of the NFCW is banged up. We are down 3 out of 5 pro bowlers on defense as well. Cardinals aren’t any better and the Rams are the door mat. It will be who can outlast the others and pull it together. Its not a given but the playing field is even due to injuries.

        1. I was also listening to another discussion on 710 (why did I never listen to the radio b/4) and they said refer. abt Hawks practicing is causing some of these injuries. . .

    2. That’s a massive move. And they are selling him for a pittance compared to what they gave up for him. Didn’t get much of a return from Harvin on the field either.

        1. Haha!

          I will say, part of being a good personnel man is knowing when you’ve made a mistake and to cut your losses. They swung and missed on Harvin, but at least they have been willing to admit it was an error pretty early and minimised the loss.

      1. I’m in shock , I guess he’s a bit of a prob. and not that good? PC does keep news to himself. No one saw it coming — not even 710.

        1. He’s also expensive. Their going to need the cap space next year. Guess everyone was so worried about secret sources in the 49ers locker room they overlooked actual dissension in the Hawks locker room.

      2. I wonder what the trade terms were. I’ll laugh if they didn’t get something better then a 3rd rounder for him.

        1. If he lights it up, could be as high as a 2nd from what I’ve read, but it’ll more than likely be a 4th or somewhere in that area. Seattle just wanted him out and that salary off the books long term it appears.

          Minnesota really comes out of this looking smart which is unheard of for that team.

      3. NBC Sports on hour ago “Seahawks want to expand Percy Harvin’s role”

        Amazing how fast things change.

          1. Maybe part of it had to do with him being listed as questionable and a game-time decision to play the next game because of a thigh injury. Sounds like the Seahawk brass finally decided enough is enough.

            1. I know, this guy is always injury prone. And I guess we’re still not saving much $$$ by cutting him. Bye bye 2014 season

              1. Not if he hasn’t been productive and he’s a distraction. Have some faith in your coach and the talent level and the scheme of Seattle.

  2. Rats… Harvin sucked up so much energy for so little in return both in Seattle and I-can’t-spell-the-name-of-that-state that he was a trusted agent for the Niners.

      1. dat is not true….didn’t he play against us last yr?……the whole point of our 1st round pick (slot cb) was because of harvin…

        1. They held Harvin out of the NFC Championship Game and he was still working his way back in week 2.

      2. I read Baldwin’s comment about how we played like crap the last two games. Is your interpretation that we were better off without Harvin??

    1. After giving up first-, third- and seventh-round picks to get him, then paying him, they got 10 games from Harvin…….ha ha ha……seagrlz sucks!!!

  3. Dear Golden Tate. Thank you for doing the dirty deed. Now you and Harvin are both gone and Wilson is heartbroken. You da man!

    1. Pick 2 or 4 is what they are reporting. Maybe he’ll do better with someone else. Something had to happen and maybe we’ll never know. I don’t think it’s about his skill level.

  4. Seattle takes a 7 mill cap hit next year and gave up a lot in draft capital to get him, but I think they made a good move here. This guy is a pain in the ass to deal with, and is making a lot more than he should be. The Seahawks realized pretty quickly he is not a WR but a RB who can play WR as long as he gets the ball in space. His greatest value is as a KR and that along with his production doesn’t add up to 11 mill a year. Hard lesson for the Seahawks, but they did something about it and likely don’t need him to compete for the SB again.

    1. Viking fanbase must be laughing — they kept telling us. His attitude, aggressive manner toward teammates started to have an affect on the Seahawks.

    2. Ouch, I assumed wrongly that they’d save some $$ getting rid of him. Must have been really bad to get him out this quickly mid season. How is it that the Jets seem to collect dysfunctional players?

      1. I think this is just an attempt to give the fans something to be excited about in the midst of a lost season.

    3. Exactly, rocket. I should have read this post before I responded to Jack.

      Everyone makes some bad decisions. But better to realise it early and rectify it than stick your head in the sand and hope it gets better.

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