Patriots have the history, but Eagles have the talent

The Philadelphia Eagles will beat the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

I never intended to write that sentence.

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  1. The Eagles with Wentz would win. It really is a shame he got hurt. With Foles at QB I just don’t see them winning.

    1. There are two things I think will ultimately decide the game:

      1. Do you get Good Foles who put 38 points on the Vikings NFL’s bests defense (28/33 with 3 TDs)? Or do you get the Bad Foles who was ‘meh’ (though not horrible) against the very good, but not elite, Falcons? If you get Good Foles, or something near that, the Eagles have a very good chance of winning even if their defense doesn’t shut the Patriots down.

      2. If you build a lead, whether by defense or offense, do you stupidly take your foot off the gas and let the Patriots back in it? Seattle AND Atlanta both did it and turned victory into defeat. Both teams had the Patriots on the ropes, then took their feet off the gas and let them back in.

      (a)You’ve got to put major heat up the middle on Brady while not playing a soft zone because he’ll beat that every day and twice on Sunday; and,
      (b) What worked on offense — keep doing it! Don’t try to run out the clock. Rather, keep trying to score points as there is no ‘next week.’

      There’s an old boxing adage — you have to knock the champ out. Yet teams keep playing ‘not to lose’ and losing… So we’ll see tomorrow…

  2. The adage and one I believe in is the best defense wins championships, will be on full display – the Patriots have Brady. I would never bet against Brady. Foles soaring like an Eagle will be needed for them to win.

  3. PHI will need a Herculean effort from OL & DL to pull it off….luckily, they have Herculean Line talent on both sides of the ball…
    getting to Brady will need to be a constant thru all qtr’s…
    Eagles LB’s will be “johnny-on-the-spot” tho’ — suppressing Amendola, Lewis, & White will be a tall order….

  4. Lil cohn knows very little about football so relies heavily on a bunch of statistics. Most on tiny sample sizes. All cherry picked to prove a pre-determined point.

    Who can forget his analysis of Jimmy G vs Cousins?

    Jimmy won//loss ratio is superior. Sample size too small says lil cohn.

    Cousins TD to interception ratio better. Sample size just right says the child.

    No wonder during the season, lil gets his predictions hilariously wrong, week after week.

    Still, even a blind, deaf, and dumb squirrel finds a nut once in a while. We’ll see tomorrow.

  5. So you’re going with the cheese steak, are you?

    I can’t really comment on your reasoning as for some reason the text of the article isn’t appearing when I click on the link, just the header to the article. I tried deleting cookies and rebooting, but oh well.
    I’m in general agreement with tjf above, that Philly’s DL and OL could win the game for them. But they’d better, cuz otherwise Brady will. Big mind game competition between Head Coaches for Foles’ confidence.
    I’m leaning towards Bradychek, but rooting against them. Fun in my family as there are a dozen in New England and another dozen in Philly.
    Prediction? I win; it’s going to be 74F here tomorrow

  6. No matter how talented the Eagles are, if the pass rush fades in the 4th quarter Brady will carve them up. Past win, even if they have a two score lead late in third quarter.

    Eagles are said to have a deep defensive line. Some speculate the Pats will go early no huddle to force the Eagles best defenders to play more snaps.

  7. I am impressed w Phi’s stellar D, but I am taking NE here as I think they’ll just dink and dunk down the field if need b…..

  8. The flu bug has bitten the Eagles and left their feathers ruffled. Meanwhile, Brady’s Patriots are armed and ready to carve them up into a savory souffle. Never bet against the avocado ice cream kid in the Super Bowl….

            1. “And the HOF loses some class in the process.”

              By saying the HOF loses some class, you implied that it already had some class.

          1. Wait a minute! You’re equating them with OJ? Are you sure?
            LT used drugs
            Haley is Bi-Polar
            TO was and remains a diva

            1. Just talking about players who aren’t considered classy.

              LT used drugs and banged an underage prostitute.

              TO is bi polar too.

              1. LT already had a bad reputation when he was elected.


                By FRANK LITSKY
                Published: July 24, 1987
                “Lawrence Taylor, the Giants’ star linebacker, has disclosed in his autobiography that he used cocaine and crack, a powerful cocaine derivative, as frequently as three times a week during the 1985 season.”

                “He said the Giants’ management and the National Football League knew of his drug problems before he voluntarily entered the rehabilitation facility in Houston Methodist Hospital in February 1986.”

                Give TO a break. He’s never had any issues with drugs or the law. He was a diva. Rice had some diva in him, Moss too.

              2. Anybody who didn’t know what Michael Irvin was up to when he played? 1st ballot
                Ray Lewis? Going in
                But all that’s off point too.
                OJ was acquitted; but I equate him with A.Hernandez…NOT Owens.

              3. BT,

                I’m not equating TO to any of them. I was giving examples of HOFers who aren’t considered classy. TO wanted the ball like every other #1 WR. He was a spectacle, so was Deion.

                He wanted to win. He always blocked. Being able to play in the SB.

            2. This is Charles Haley :

              The reputation started with the penis—a fire hose of an organ that brought Haley more pride than any game-winning tackle. As he grew comfortable in the 49ers locker room, Haley would stroll up to an unsuspecting teammate, whip out his phallus, and repeatedly stroke it in his face. Players initially laughed it off. But Haley refused to stop.

              He would jerk off in the locker room, in the trainer’s room. He’d wrap his hand around his penis, turn toward a Joe Montana or John Taylor, and bellow, “You know you wanna suck this!” or “You only wish you had this, baby!”

              “Charles used to beat off in meetings while talking graphically about players’ wives,” says Michael Silver, who covered the 49ers for the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. “It got to the point of ejaculation.”

              Haley was socially awkward and unflinchingly vicious. He’d been prescribed medication to treat manic depression, but would take the pills one day, then skip them the next two or three. Haley once exposed himself to reporter Ann Killion of the San Jose Mercury News, a pathetic attempt at gender intimidation.

              He rarely passed up the opportunity to verbally pounce on a teammate’s shortcoming—an ugly child, a protruding mole, a lisp.

              “Charles was a great player,” says Dexter Carter, the former 49er running back. “But there’s only so much a man can tolerate.” Once he got going, the words flew from Haley’s mouth as if they were shot from a Browning .50-caliber machine gun. Anyone effeminate was a “faggot.” African-American players who became close with the coaching staff were “house niggers” and “Uncle Toms.” Whites were “honkies” and Hispanics “spics.” (A joke Haley told with particular brio: What do a Mexican and a hotel have in common? A mop.) Twice, his racial barbs resulted in fights with 49er teammate Jim Burt, a white defensive lineman who decked Haley both times.

              And there’s more. And more. And more.


              Yet the HOF crapped on Owens whose biggest problem he wanted to win and couldn’t keep his mouth shut because he thought he should be the one always getting the ball.

              1. Yes, you’ve detailed a number of behavioral outrages from a then undiagnosed but subsequently clinically diagnosed victim of Bi-Polar Disorder. No sheeet? Congratulations.
                So you’re saying he acted like a deranged man?
                There are Meds for that.

              2. He was on meds. And that kind of crap isn’t what your typical bi-polar does. Bi-polar is, simply put, extreme mood swings. Racism isn’t a mood swing. Being a complete ****ing creep isn’t a mood swing.

  9. Forgot the link.

    In other news (SB). I want to believe the Eagles will win, I really do. I can see them jumping out to a lead (NE’s offense has struggled in the 1st Qtr of their SB appearances. I just don’t see them being able to close. Eagles ahead late, will go with a soft zone defense, Brady carves them up. Eagles 4th Qtr offense will be putrid as the Pats play aggressively.

    NE – 31
    Phi – 27

    1. Yeah. And if the Eagles get a lead then go soft, and the blow it, they won’t be the first team to do it in the Super Bowl to the Patriots.

  10. The Eagles have not faced an offense as potent as the Patriots, or a QB as prolific as Tom Brady. (Sorry Grant, but Carr, Ryan, and Keenum are not even worthy of being compared to Brady.) Nick Foles has done well in taking over for Wentz, but he’s not a good QB. The RB corps for both teams is what will turn the tide during the Super Bowl, and I just cannot see the Eagles being able to stop the Patriots RBs from scoring through the air. It will be a high scoring affair, but I believe Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and the New England Patriots will tie the Steelers in terms of Super Bowl wins.

    Patriots 38
    Eagles 32

  11. New England is the best halftime adjustment team in the league by a country mile. Never bet against Brady. The original point spread of 6 is right on the money. It will be either 5,6, or 7 NE. Spread is 4 1/2 now. Nope, not going to do it for you Philly wagerers who got in too late for the 6. I like Grants analysis. He has a case. He’s making a solid argument. Cox is a stud, but Bill will have remedy for him. Foles is better than he gets credit for, better than Cousins, (hehe), but again, Bill will remedy that. It’s gonna be a great game. Both teams deserve to be there. They are the two best in their selective conferences. We couldn’t ask for more. There’s always some goofy point thing that happens in the SB, so the score will be weird.
    Final: New England 28 Philadelphia 22

    Those of you that have 8 NE and 2 PHL in those 50-100 dollar per square pulls!! Congrats!!

    Then again, I haven’t faired well this playoff season, going 8-12 on wagers, for a dismal -725 so maybe you should listen to Grant and take Philly and the points!! Naw……….

    Either way, enjoy the day everyone. It’s always a great day!! The wives, daughters, and daughter in laws will all be in the kitchen talking and cooking food and the guys will be glued to the TV’s and yelling crazy stuff! At least in my house!! Got to love it!!

  12. I think the Eagles pull this one out–low scoring overall (<50 points total), with the edge in turnovers going to Philly; one of 'em being a back breaker.

    As an aside, will be fun to compare (visually) US Bank Stadium with Levis…

  13. TO worked so hard to be able to play in the last Patriots/Eagles SB. He had 9 receptions and 122 yards with a vomiting quarterback.

      1. How many times did Peyton Manning throw his teammates under the bus? Do you think he should be a HOFer?

        1. I don’t recall Manning getting suspended due to throwing a hissy fit over the team not recognizing a milestone.

          1. TO didn’t know that the Eagles didn’t celebrate milestones, so he felt disrespected. But that’s not even a teammate issue for TO. You moved the goalpost. We were talking about players lambasting their teammates.


            “Hall of Fame receiver Jerry Rice, for example, potentially could have been known as a very disruptive and selfish player in the age of social media and Twitter. As one media source told PFT several years ago, the 49ers’ P.R. staff during Rice’s career knew when Rice potentially would be inclined to say or do something controversial (typically after not getting the ball as much as he wanted it). They’d whisk Rice out of the locker room before it could happen. In today’s NFL, it’s a lot harder to hide those tendencies.”

            1. No I didn’t. That was just another example of Owens throwing someone under the bus, only that time it was an entire franchise.
              Osens never thought anything was his fault, from dropping passes to creating division in a locker room. He was a cancer, pure and simple. That is why he played on the number of teams that he did.

              1. “No I didn’t. That was just another example of Owens throwing someone under the bus, only that time it was an entire franchise.”

                The franchise isn’t a person. You had no answer to my Manning question so you brought up the milestone stuff. I bet you didn’t know about the Eagles not celebrating milestones either, I didn’t.

                As I mentioned earlier, the HOF is filled with players that have done the same things or worse things than Owens. Yet people still hate on TO. Why?
                1. He’s a show off. Like Manziel, fans want to see the cocky guy fail.
                2. While TO wasn’t perfect, the media hated him and trashed him constantly. Misquoting him and his teammates, not telling the whole story.


                “things boiled over when McNabb cursed at him in a huddle after a play.”

                “When I tried to address that after the game, he blew me off,”

                But it’s all on TO? Mcnabb is a saint? Beat writers never have an agenda?

              2. More BS tactics by the butt-hurt media from back in the day.


                “From Glenn Dickey in the San Francisco Chronicle: “The 49ers have been waiting five years for Terrell Owens’ maturity to equal his ability. They’re still waiting. After his dropped passes led to a 49ers defeat on Sunday, Owens sat sulking on the stool in front of his locker, neither talking to the media nor interacting with his teammates. Coach Steve Mariucci tried to justify that yesterday, saying, ‘Different players react differently.’ Yeah, there’s the right way and then there’s the Owens way.” (Note the phrase “nor interacting with his teammates,” clearly contradicted by several other reports.)”

                “The media used words like “sullen.” They used words like “pout.” They used words like “sulk.” But those are words descriptive of inner emotions, impossible to confirm.”

                Impossible to confirm like Mid’s relish comment. The media also stirred up crap between TO and Garcia.

          2. Different teams, different standards. But even on the same team there are double-standards and we’ve all seen it.

            1. Stop using lousy excuses to justify a player who relished being a cancer in the locker room.

              1. “Stop using lousy excuses to justify a player who relished being a cancer in the locker room.”

                Wow. Even if he was, you can’t possibly say he relished being a cancer.

              2. Sure TO rubbed many the wrong way, but if he is being measured by his personality it bears mentioning that the great Vince Lombardi was not liked by some of his players. Bill Belichick who will undoubtedly enter the Hall one day is far from a media darling himself.

                The Steeler’s Jack Lambert was one of the dirtiest players I ever saw, but he’s in the Hall. Staying with the Steeler’s, Franco Harris ran out of bounds in order not to get hit the last 2 years before he retired – he’s in the Hall.
                Deacon Jones made the HOF because of his vicious forearm swat at his opponents head on his way to reaching the QB.

                If these guys can get in, I certainly have no problem with TO getting his gold jacket.

    1. Lattimore a feather in Grant’s draft cap. I was worried he’d be fragile. He had a great year.

      1. He is fragile. He missed all or parts of multiple games with injuries and only managed 70.98% of the Saints’ defensive snap-counts.

        To put that in perspective, Witherspoon didn’t even suit up for multiple games, was routinely exiorated as a future bust by Grant, yet still managed to get in 58.67% of the 49ers defensive snaps PLUS another 111 snaps (23.92% ) on special teams.

        It was never talent that caused the downgrade with Lattimore. It was his ablity to stay healthy.

  14. Good statistical evidence in your arguments. Also, nice use of a pun as you slid the word “Eerie” in as the 3rd to last paragraph – for Erie, PA, home of the great Raider Fred Biletnikoff, and to solidify your pick of the Eagles!!!!!

  15. It’s the Hall of Fame, not the Hall of Nice. Glad TO got in, even though he’s jerk to his teammates.

    1. Brodie

      TO gave us something to cheer for…against…and something to look forward to…”What the hell is he gonna’ come up with next..?” Congrats TO….you were a monster on the field…but you could have been SO much more….

    2. Brodie,

      Agree 100%. Owens was a first ballot HOF who was passed over because certain voters didn’t like his antics. That should have resulted in them being removed as voters because the election process is not or at least not supposed to be about anything but the on field performance. He was one of the most dominant players at his position in the history of the game. That is all that needs to be said.

  16. Man Grant, Jerry Thornton put you over his knees and spanked you like the red headed step child!! Any comebacks? Your not going to take that are you? Brutal.

  17. Agree. Said shortly after the Championship games were over that people were sleeping on how good this Eagles defense is. They’re going to be the reason Philly wins tomorrow.

    1. Twitter rumor via Grant Paulsen says Washington trying to trade Cousins. Could Franchise tag, then trade.

      But Washington insider John Keim tweets it would be a massive risk for a team to trade for Cousins because of the high tag price.

      I think it’s very unlikely Cousins gets traded. Washington’s probably just chucking rocks into a murky pond, hoping something floats to the surface.

      1. They can’t trade him. He’d have to sign the tag, and he’s not going to do them any favors.

        1. Yup. And do they even have the cap space to tag him before the trade?

          And the team trading for him would spend huge bucks on a POd quarterback that’s been prevented from shopping his wares. An angry one year rental.

        2. Yikes! It’s not complicated!
          If they tag him he gets $34M! Who can afford to trade for that?
          If they tag him and can’t trade him? He gets $34M and Alex gets his $$$$, and Wash has a Donahue-Level Cap Meltdown.
          FFS peeps!

      2. It makes no sense for the Redskins to tag him. Teams know they have no intention of keeping him, and it is too expensive to have him on the tag if he isn’t going to play. And any team trading for him would still have to negotiate a deal with Cousins after that anyway, as nobody would want him playing on a third tag? So highly doubtful any team would give up anything for him. Redskins would have zero bargaining power.

        So, won’t happen. Cousins will be a FA.

        1. Whether Cousins signs a possible FT or not, it would still count towards the salary cap for a period of time that includes FA. On Rotoworld:

          Of course, Washington wouldn’t be able to execute a trade until Cousins signs his $34.5 million franchise tender, which he could put off for weeks or even months while still counting against the Redskins’ salary cap. The Redskins would also lose out on a 2019 compensatory pick if they choose to tag Cousins. Ultimately, we expect Cousins to hit the open market.

        2. Yep it’s all rumor with no substance. They can’t trade him after committing to Smith and everybody knows it.

            1. Double wrong Razor. But nice try in misrepresenting my opinions. Kinda desperate on your part.

              I simply stated that this has been reported by multiple outlets, and asked Grant for his opinion.

              Do I personally think it makes sense for the Redskins? No. Let me repeat ….. NO!

              Do I think anyone who understands NFL contract negotiations thinks Cousins likely hitting the open market next month would have ZERO effect on the 49ers negotiations with Garoppolo. Also No.

              You on the other hand, clearly don’t know how this stuff works.

              1. Anyone who thinks that Cousins presumed availability on the FA market next month, along with his established relationship with Kyle, would have no bearing on the 49ers/Garoppolo negotiations, simply don’t understand how the NFL, as a business, works. Plain and simple.

                Is it the be-all-and-end-all in their negotiations? Of course not. But it gives the 49ers newfound leverage, and is probably one of the reasons it appears a deal may be in the works sooner than we thought. Cousins is a good QB. The 49ers caught a break.

    2. That would be a good choice for a QB that needs play makers around him in order to excel.

      1. Not true at all. He threw for over 4000 yards and 27 TD’s with pretty average playmakers around him this year. It’s also pretty obvious that most QB’s need playmakers to be successful.

  18. Eagles finna get smashed!

    31-16 Patriots.

    Eagles secondary is average. Eagles LB core is garbage. Tom Brady is the best ever and will tear them to shreds.

    Also people don’t think people are acknowledging the difference between the Patriots and Vikings offensive lines.

  19. Happy for TO. I heard one reporter (before the HOF vote) say that Owens may not get the votes needed because of his off field issues. Someone correct if I missed it, but I don’t recall TO having any off field problems.

    The guy had a way of wearing out his welcome on the teams he played for, but he was also the guy who gave 100% in every game as well as becoming one of the most physical WR’s to ever play the game.

    I wasn’t good with TO’ recent comments about the 49ers but aside from that his numbers and ability to be a game changer throughout his career earned him a place in the Hall.

    1. They elected a guy who brokered down a murder charge by taking an obstruction of justice charge. Even more ironic, the other two were acquitted on self-defense so Rice was the only one convicted of anything. And he flipped on his buddies, after lying to the police, to protect his reputation as a marketable ‘Super Star.’

      And, of course, Charles Haley. Possibly the biggest ***hole to his team-mates to ever play the game.

      So all the three-year wait did for me is to solidify my belief that the HOF is more about the Hall of Media Attention. If you don’t suck-up to the press, they crap on you. If you do, you’ve got a big leg up on the HOF.

  20. Perfect. Cousins, all of a 26-30-1 lifetime regular season record and 0-1 in playoff starts, goes to the Vikings. The great Kirk Cousins! LOL! Good luck. If he doesn’t at LEAST reach the Super Bowl with that team, it’s all his fault. No more excuses for poor Kirk. No more of the Kaep defense of “it’s the teams fault, or the coaching staff, or the GM, or the hot dog vendors, or the cheerleaders”.
    Hmmm, since Grant has stated that his sample size to evaluate a QB is 50-60 games, and Kirk has 57 to go with that mediocre record, yet he praises him as if he is a great QB, gallingly comparing him to the likes of Brady, Brees, and other top signal callers, I would hope that he cuts Jimmy G the same slack in his first 60. That hasn’t been the case so far, even though JG has started out that 60 with a pretty good 7-0. Interesting.

  21. When a cohn makes a pick the smart money goes the other way. It’s official, patriots win. Book it.

  22. Agree AES. To me, he was the football version of Barry Bonds. Both were jerks, but both were among the best I ever saw and both deserve to be in the HOF. They were more than worth the price of admission. I’m happy for TO.

  23. The good news for sportswriters across America, is that nobody elected to the football Hall of Fame, ever took Steroids or other PED’s. Right Grant and Lowell?

    Patriots by 7.

  24. The outcome of this game was written in the stars on October 30, 2017. Tom Brady will go down to an injury on the 2nd Patriots drive of the SuperBowl. Brian Hoyer will come in and lead the Patriots to a Super Bowl win with a 4th qtr TD Pass.

    1. It seems that limb I went out on by saying a deal would get done in February wasn’t so precarious afterall.

      1. I hope you are right Razor and I am wrong, would love to see this get done as soon as possible.

      2. so, you’re sure this happy NBC sports JG story makes your branch less likely to break…especially as you’re jumping on it again?

        Florio concludes:
        “Some believe that agent Don Yee, who represented Tom Brady through multiple below-market contracts with the Patriots, will try to make up for that by maxing out Garoppolo’s financial windfall. That won’t happen over the long haul unless Garoppolo and Yee make it clear to the 49ers that there won’t be a long-term deal until the window closes on the application of the franchise tag.”

        1. I don’t believe Yee has to prove he’s a tough agent through the Garoppolo deal. He’s paid to do his job, and Brady had instructed him to do team friendly deals. I think that premise is a load of BS….

        2. If Yee puts his own interests ahead of Garoppolo’s, then he isn’t doing his job properly.

          “If Brady asked Yee to get him every last dime from New England, that’s what Yee would have done. But he wanted to do something to help the team, and Yee, working with the Krafts, got it done the way Brady wanted. Regardless what the outside world thinks, Yee did the best job for his player. Which is why Brady has Yee for his representative.”

          About the tag. What’s the point now? Before Jimmy played, getting tagged would have set the bar at 24 mil. He wouldn’t have gotten 24 mil at the time of the trade, so the tag made sense back then. Now that he has played 5 games, Jimmy will be paid like a top QB with or without the tag.

    2. So Lynch & Shanny are not going to take Grant’s ludicrous advice & trade Jimmy G??? LMAO
      I told Grant his mindless article would make him look like a fool.
      The Skins may franchise tag Cousins anyways, so they can trade him and get something for him.
      Grant’s grade on his ” 49ers should trade Jimmy G” article: F minus!!!

      1. SANTA CLARA
        The 49ers and Jimmy Garoppolo’s agent have gained “significant momentum” on a long-term deal for the quarterback, according to a report from the NFL Network.

        Though there is work to be done over the next several days, there is optimism suggesting a deal could be done in the “near future,” the network reported while citing unnamed sources.

        There’s reporting… And then there’s rampant speculation and opinion mongering for clicks…

      1. Trade JG LMAO!!!! You have a greatest hits of being wrong on just about everything you write. Good stuff man.

        1. How am I wrong? That trade is the best move for the 49ers whether they realize or not. Time will prove that.

          1. “Time will prove that.” Are you suggesting that there is no playoffs/SB in the near future for the Niners?

          2. 99% of pundits disagree with you, but you keep doubling down. You’re going to end up crapping out.

          3. Probably not. What time will prove that you will, once again, bury your failures and change your tune. That’s your history.

            Strangely enough, I don’t disrespect that and, in fact, I admire an ability for someone to move on and correct his/her world view to fit the facts. But you should use that to develop some humility. You’re failing on that part.

          4. Grant (Larry),

            There are thousands and thousands of 49er fans waiting to purchase season tickets and individual game tickets, as soon as Jimmy G is signed.
            Cousins would have to prove himself to the 49er fans and his teammates like Jimmy already has.
            Tons of Revenue would be lost from ticket sales and Jimmy G jerseys.
            The fans would be at 49ers headquarters protesting for months if Jimmy G was traded. Especially the thousands who already bought his jersey.

            Lets keep it real Grant…Your trade idea is absurd. Just wild, overthought speculation for clicks.

              1. Nobody accepted Beathard as anything but a backup, however somebody accepted Hoyer as Shanny’s starter at the beginning of the season. I wonder who that was…;>)

              2. Most fans, including you, were begging for Cousins just three months ago. Fans would warm up to him real fast.

              3. “Fans will accept any QB Kyle Shanahan wants at this point.”

                Didn’t you read the comments in the Cousins thread. This is JG’s team now, not Shanny’s.

              4. Sure, I was on board for Cousins, but as I’ve explained many times; I never believed BB was interested in letting Jimmy go. Now after seeing him play, I wouldn’t let him go for three 1st round picks, because I think he’s special and could be a top 5 quarterback in the league….

              5. Fans will accept any QB Kyle Shanahan wants at this point.

                Absolutely. Most were on board with Hoyer and Beathard last year. The focus is always on the latest savior and that is now Garoppolo, but if he refused to sign a long term deal, people would turn on him in a hurry. Fans are fickle.

      2. It’s not leaking if both parties agree to release the information, and if you’re honest, you don’t know either way.

              1. Why wouldn’t the Garoppolo camp not want it in the papers? Have they publicly denied or expressed disappointment at the report?

          1. Your idea was wrong because you do not trade a potential top 5 QB that players are begging to play with. A guy who took the least talented offense in football and made them the top offense in the nfl the last 5 weeks. Mind you just learning the playbook that is complex. For a guy that is a soild QB who has reached his peak and who 2 different GMs would not pay what he thought he was worth. Cousins is a top 12-15 QB… Which has value to several teams. JG is on a different level. Especially once he has a proper team around him.

            I understand what your doing. You are trying to get attention. You throw stuff on the wall hoping for it to stick. But there are several well educated football fans that comment on your blog that find these articles to be a joke at times. It’s not a good look.

            1. Your idea was wrong because you do not trade a potential top 5 QB that players are begging to play with. A guy who took the least talented offense in football and made them the top offense in the nfl the last 5 weeks. Mind you just learning the playbook that is complex. For a guy that is a soild QB who has reached his peak and who 2 different GMs would not pay what he thought he was worth. Cousins is a top 12-15 QB… Which has value to several teams. JG is on a different level. Especially once he has a proper team around him.

              His idea isn’t wrong based on your opinion RAW. You lose that ability the minute you say “potential top 5 QB” because you are basing the opinion on what you think he can become. You also aren’t accurately portraying the Cousins situation both in terms of his play and the teams desire to keep him. He’s played like a top ten QB for the past 3 years and the Redskins tried to sign him long term to a deal bigger than the one Smith agreed to. I posted an article on the previous thread that details it. Give it a read.

              Garoppolo may wind up being a better QB than Cousins, but the idea proposed by Grant wasn’t based on a QB swap. It was based on gaining a number of high draft picks and signing a top ten QB. That is far from a bad idea, in fact most teams would consider that a very attractive option imo.

              1. Agreed it is about potential, but your success rate increase significantly with more picks. My point all along has simply been there is a greater chance for success if you have both multiple high picks and a QB who has proven to be a high level performer for a long period of time. I get the hype on Jimmy and agree he has a very high ceiling, but it’s about which option gives you the best chance for long term success and for me that is the picks and Cousins option.

                As I said on the previous thread though, we all know this isn’t going to happen, so no point in getting all worked up about it. It was scenario that fuelled a lively discussion.

          2. lol. Most of the credible national writers get information from Marthe & York before most (but not all) of the local beat writers get it. And ya’ll have yourselves to blame with all the childish personal attacks you’ve made over the decades in all those little over-hyped-over-nothing hit pieces.

    3. Am I the only person that would have preferred not to hear anything about this until the deal was in place?

      And I don’t mean that from a leaks perspective. It’s just that now this adds to the drama. If it now goes into March/ April people will be wondering what the hold up is. Would rather they just get this stuff done on their own schedule and not hear anything about it.

      1. Agreed Scooter.

        I ‘ll throw out a conspiracy theory. If the stories about Brady being jealous are true, Garoppolo would have noticed, beyond just getting locked out of TB12. So the news about Jimmy’s imminent long term deal comes out on SB Sunday. Hmm.

    1. I avoid trying to predict scores, but that score did occur to me; only going the other way. Wild guess.
      On another note, this morning I read a disturbing Guest Editorial in the NY Times by the wife of a former NFLer who (likely) suffers from CTE. The human toll is pretty awful, and her perspective reminds that debilitating diseases strike whole families, not just individuals. Sobering. For me it’s another straw on the camel’s back.
      Look the article up if you’re interested, but it’s a buzz kill.

        1. Crabs
          Hard for me to bet against Bradychek, but hoping for Eagles ?
          Keeping the tv off until 3pm. Headed out to Nick’s Cove for fish&chips and an Ugly Dog Stout. Cheers!

      1. BT,

        It is a very sad story. I feel for so many of these guys who are struggling now. It won’t help those already afflicted, but at least we are finally seeing better care used on dealing with head trauma now as compared to when some of these guys played. I’m not sure the game can survive long term in it’s current form, but there Is at least an attempt now to try and do something about it rather than pretending the problem doesn’t exist.

          1. Good question Razor. I can’t see the sports themselves every being outlawed, but parents not letting their kids get into them at the grass roots level could have a significant impact on their viability long term.

    2. AES

      I like your score…I pick the Eagles by 10, but don’t have the guts to name the score….4th Qtr should be fun…

      1. OR,
        Howz it going my friend. On paper the Pats have the QB advantage but if the Eagles D can disrupt Brady’ pocket area it will make a huge difference.

        The Eagles defense will need to win this game by providing consistent 3 and outs, sacks and a few Int’s.
        Plus, I would love to see Brady leave this game with a 5-3 record – just saying.

  25. The conventional wisdom is if Foles has a great game 300/3 Eagles win and if Foles has a decent game 250/2 Eagles have a shot . I agree with that and am hoping for a great Foles game.

    I really dislike the Pats.

  26. And he got beaten like a rented mule, on the national scale, for that Belichick piece… Which was a nice laugh…

    1. That was the biggest sports column in the country last week. Cowherd is a jealous know-nothing clown.

      1. When I was in the military we had an on-base theatre. Really cheap, a buck for a movie when tickets were five bucks. One movie a week, take-it or leave-it.

        Well, wasn’t much to do where I was stationed. Unless you like watching tumbleweeds or driving two hours round-trip to the nearest decent town.

        So I saw a lot of bad movies. One was Porky’s. Really stupid HS movie. But there was this one sub-plot where this kid kept going back to Porky’s (a dive bar) and getting his butt-kicked all while telling people he was winning despite the obvious fact he’d been beaten to a pulp.

        You’re that kid.

        1. “One was Porky’s. Really stupid HS movie”

          Was into the story until I read that!
          Porkys is an awesome movie.
          Get some coffee sir!

      2. So, there’s no bad Press, eh? Any notoriety is good?
        Your “Bellichek is Bezelbaum” piece was a national laughing stock. I’m no Cowherd fan, but the notion that he’s jealous of you…? C’mon man! I’ll roast a Crow or a Raven or a freaking Turkey Vulture if that article launches you into The Big Time. Sebmentia strikes deep, into your life it will creep…
        Your ‘trade JG’ scenario is at least a possibility and might be worthy of consideration in some FF context or if one was hiding under the covers and never watched JG run Shanny’s Offense.
        And then you play the “Leaking” card when a contrary idea gets out, because it couldn’t be true that you might be wrong. If they’re not closing in on an agreement, what plausible advantage could there be to either side leaking that they are? Hint: It’s OK for you to be wrong because you’ll never admit it later.
        You consistently paint yourself into a corner with your absolutist positions. We’re used to it here, but others scoff. The Pats and Eagles fans in my family all said they didn’t even finish reading the B.B. hit piece. My 40 year old attorney nephew asked if perhaps it was tongue in cheek and went over his head. I assured him otherwise.

          1. Grant said “a lot of us wanted Cousins a couple of months ago. Can’t argue that.
            I know I did, until the franchise savior came over. Garapolo was my first choice, but never thought they would trade him this season and for that price.
            Cousins will go to Denver and they will easily win the AFC west again.

            1. Exactly. In fact, my first scenario wish list was McDaniels, Caserio and Garoppolo. When it became apparent that most felt there was no way in hell that could happen, including myself, I shifted my attention to Shanny/Cousins….

              1. Exact same scenario wish list for me to Razor.
                But I’m kind of glad that Shanny got the job. My worries about McDaniels was how players would respond to his style of coaching.
                Shanahan seems to be well liked in the lockeroom. I’m sure JG added some “liking” to the room also.

                I was a little worried JG might have wanted to be franchised only to raise the money bar, or look elsewhere. This makes me feel better!

              2. McDaniels and Caserio were my first choice too. I loved the idea of bringing the Patriot way to the Bay. Loved the idea of Kyle as well but the history of HC’s on their second job swayed me to McDaniels by a hair. Really happy with Kyle as HC and now he’s got a QB, so it worked out pretty well.

      3. Cowherd is a jealous know-nothing clown.

        Yep total gas bag who uses half truths to form a rant. Can’t stand him or any of the similar talking heads like Bayless and Stephen A. Smith who just live to here themselves talk.

  27. Grant is so bummed that we won’t be trading Jimmy G and signing Cousins. He will overreact to every Jimmy G bad throw, every poor decision, every 49er loss etc.
    Everyone in here be prepaired for Grant to unload on Jimmy G every chance he gets until he leads the 49ers to a Super Bowl victory. Nobody will be harder on Jimmy G than Grant. Take it to the bank.

    1. “Nobody will be harder on Jimmy G than Grant.”

      He’s already hard on Garoppolo, no pun intended. But yeah, it will probably get worse.

      1. #80
        Grant doesn’t even respond to me anymore. He knows deep down I’m right about his lame trading Jimmy G idea.
        I still like Grant and agree with him very often. I prefer him over ALL other Bay Area reporters. Grant has more courage than all of them combined when it comes to 49er press conferences. He has the balls to ask the tough (intelligent) questions. I like Grant’s dad too. The other Bay Area reporters are soft. Grant is very much like the reporters in New York… that’s a compliment.

        1. Even if the trade never happens, Cousins should help the Niners negotiate with Garoppolo, and that’s important. I’m not surprised this report came out just a few days after Smith got traded.

          1. Your premise is pure speculation. The Cousins trade has no bearing on Jimmy’s deal and here’s why. The franchise market is already set, and both Jimmy and Shanny want to get a long term deal done. The difference would be a couple million at best, and that’s not going to make a big stink in negotiations in my opinion….

            1. Crab15, I appreciate your comment about Grant being like a New Yorker. Remember his dad — me — is a New Yorker and that may have rubbed off on Grant. He often visited New York as a kid to visit his grandmother — my mother — and he always fit right in. Being a New Yorker is, in a sense, a way of thinking. Grant is independent, forthright and brave. Thanks again, Lowell

          2. Good point Grant. I would be willing to speculate that the fact that Cousins is almost certainly hitting the open market, has already played a role in the49ers/Garoppolo negotiations. If a deal gets done in the next week or two, it would be a lot sooner than most of us anticipated. Could the fact that Kirk Cousins is likely to hit the open market 40 days from now, and would likely jump at an opportunity to reunite with Kyle, have expedited the negotiations?

            Yes, of course!

            I made this point on your previous column’s comment section.

              1. Jimmy G. won’t be hitting the open market Razor. The 49ers aren’t going to simply let him walk. Sheese, SMH. Where do you come up with this stuff?

              2. Do you understand the difference between a player who is under contract (or franchise tag), and a free agent Razor? I’m not sure you do.

                Kirk Cousins is likely going to be a free agent. No chance in hell Jimmy will be. I’m not going to reiterate why Cousins , who would probably love to reunite with Kyle if the price is right, becoming a FA in March, affects the 49ers/Garoppolo negotiations again.

                If you don’t understand how the business works Razor, I can’t help you.

            1. “Supposedly”, the Skins are considering the option of tagging Cousins, and attempting to recoup some of the assets they gave to the Chiefs for Alex.

              Grant, do you see that as a viable play for the Skins?

              1. My question was for Grant, Razor.

                Your “Cousins hitting the open market would pale in comparison to Jimmy hitting it” comment tells me you haven’t had enough coffee this morning to engage in a reasonable debate.

              2. Somebody else didn’t get laid this morning. Anybody with an ounce of common sense would know the Redskins will not franchise tag Cousins. It would be the stupidest thing they’ve ever done, and they’ve done some pretty stupid things….

              3. Ooh you’ve got a stupid report hinting at a completely ludicrous idea that has 0% chance of happening. Good on ya!

              4. You go right ahead believing that Cousins likely becoming a FA in March has no bearing on the 49ers negotiations with Garoppolo Razor, if it makes you feel better.

                Some of us who understand the business a little better than you, know how this stuff works. I can guarantee you it’s a factor. And if the 49ers FO aren’t allowing this fact to affect their leverage, then they are foolish. All indications are that the 49ers would like to get a long term deal done this offseason. If Kirk would like to reunite with Kyle, he’s a much better 2nd option than drafting a rookie at #10, naming Beathard the starter for 2018, or acquiring another, lesser accomplished veteran QB. Therefor, his presumed availability gives the 49ers more leverage in terms of negotiating a long term deal with Jimmy this offseason ……… PERIOD!

                End of story!

            2. You did, and I agreed with it. That’s why I said Alex Smith is a gift from God to 49ers fans. He gave them all the leverage.

        2. I like his tough questions too. It’s the click bait hit pieces that annoy me. But they do get clicks, so I can understand why he does it.

    1. Good move by the Brownies. Mayfield is McCloughan’s pick of the litter, so should be interesting to see which direction they go….

      1. Razor:
        McCloughan’s been vocal about his support of Oklahoma’s Mayfield, but as a “personnel consultant,” how much weight will his opinion carry? And after firing Sashi Brown, will Dorsey now clean house in the scouting and analytics Department? The scouts who were there before are still there, as well as Paul DePodesta, the analytics specialist and chief strategy officer!

  28. Nothing like shining up the new ride and hearing the Niners and Jimmy Grapes are close to signing a long term deal. Great start to the super bowl Sunday.

    And since it’s worked for me so far this post season. The Eagles have ZERO chance to win this game.

    1. It’s terribly irresponsible for Lynch to waste time on contracts and scouting reports when he should be practicing coin flipping.

      1. I’d like to know if either party gets an opportunity to even call the flip, and if it’s not decided by the NFL. Then they notify each franchise of the outcome….

      2. That gave me a chuckle Brodie. Most of the mock drafts have the Niners using the 9th overall pick so we have that in our favor too.

      3. Would be great TV if the coin flip was televised with over the top dramatization. Up close and personal bios of Lynch preparing. Studying the physics of various currencies. Voice coaching how he says heads or tails. Secretly filming Raiders coin flip practices. War room arguments with Shanahan whether to call heads or tails.

      1. In referencing the report of progress on JG’s negotiations Florio goes all in on Yee’s supposedly got to ream Lynch to make up for lost revenue on Brady’s deals, and that there’s no way they’ll sign until the tag is applied.
        Uh, why? Yee and Lynch and everybody knows what the Tag numbers are; they’re making those negotiations now. Who needs the extra drama?
        If they can get this deal done before FA, Jimmy can concentrate on football and setting up his house, and Lynch and Marathe can move their focus on to supporting cast.

        1. “Yee and Lynch and everybody knows what the Tag numbers are; they’re making those negotiations now. Who needs the extra drama?”

          If they really are close, it suggests that the 49ers are not trying to “nickle and dime” the negotiation.
          Frankly, I’ve enjoyed Lynch’s enthusiasm… bit of a breath of fresh air from the usual don’t-let-anyone-see-your-cards BS.

    2. WOW !…You guys missed the main signing of the day….BROWNS SIGN MCMLOUGHAN…Two more years and they’ll be kicking our butts

  29. What I find funny is the angle some pundits take regarding Yee and his desire to dispel his willingness to take a team friendly deal through the Garoppolo deal. His job is to do his clients bidding, and Brady directed him to do those deals. It’s not a reflection of Yee’s incompetence, rather him just doing his job….

  30. I’d be surprised to see Garoppolo’s agent agree to a deal before the new league year, but it isn’t impossible. If the Niners are willing to pay him in line with Stafford or in that vicinity Mr. Yee would have no reason not to accept. That would be a bigger contract than he’s earned, but if they feel he’s their franchise, then they should do it.

    1. Jimmy doesn’t seem like an unreasonable person, and Yee has a close relationship with Marathe. I have no reason to not believe the deal gets consummated this month….

      1. I hope you’re right Razor. It would be nice to have that done going into FA.

        Who’s winning this game today? My thinking is the Patriots will pull out a close one based on the fact Belichick is hard to beat when he has this much time to prepare, but I hope Philly pulls off the upset.

        1. That is the smart money but I am hoping cox hits Brady early and often, you never know, can you believe those three or four bettors who have bet a million dollars on the eagles?

      2. A former agent on a Maiocco suggested Yee will drive a hard bargain to offset the “team friendly” reputation he got negotiating Brady’s contract.

        But I think people may be reading tea leaves a bit too much. At face value…
        – The 49ers like Jimmy
        – Jimmy likes the 49ers
        – The 49ers have lots of money
        – Yee and Lynch have had good dialog on a regular basis

        I think it gets done.

        In the past Marathe structured contracts to make players bet on themselves. Rolling guarantees, roster bonuses, performance de-escalators. Trying that might scare Garoppolo off, but its possible the general amount will be surprisingly high, but the fully guaranteed portion will be (relative to the overall contract) modest.

    2. Rocket: For those like myself, not familiar with Stafford’s new contract:

      2018: Base salary: $9.5 million, Signing bonus: (prorated from new contract) $10 million, Roster bonus: $6.5 million, Workout bonus: $500,000, Cap hit: $26.5 million.

      2019: Base salary: $13.5 million, Signing bonus: $10 million, Roster bonus: $5.5 million, Workout bonus: $500,000, Cap hit: $29.5 million.

      2020: Base salary: $15 million, Signing bonus: $10 million, Roster bonus: $6 million, Workout bonus: $500,000
      Cap hit: $31.5 million.

      Base salary: $9.5 million, Signing bonus: $10 million, Roster bonus: $10 million, Workout bonus: $500,000
      Cap hit: $30 million.

      Base salary: $12.5 million, Roster bonus: $10 million, Workout bonus: $500,000, Cap hit: $23 million

      It looks to be a reasonable offer. Lets hope JG signs it and Lynch / Shanahan can concentrate on F/A’s and the draft

      1. Much of the guaranteed money is in the form of a signing bonus spread out over several years. Other contracts might have larger published guaranteed amounts, but it’s looking like Stafford is getting honest, true, fully guaranteed money.

  31. Sounds like the redskins will continue to play chicken and may franchise cousins, imagine over paying for two mediocre quarterbacks and then having to gut the franchise because of Snyder’s ego? See Jed york could be worse! Just say8ng but has anybody seen Grant Cohn and Jed York together in the same room?

  32. Multiple Eagles players are battling the flu. If its like the one I got after Christmas it could set them back no matter how souped up the IV bags are.

    Eagles win if they can keep their pass rush fresh. if not, Brady will carve them up in the 2nd half.

    1. I currently am still in recovery from the flu. It’s nasty. Hope the Eagles can pull a Giants and beat NE.

  33. So for those that think the team should tag and trade JG (not many of you admittedly), would that change if he signed long term? And if so, why (and if not, why not)?

  34. Good read on TO.

    “He hates losing. I love that in him,” longtime friend Antonio Graham said. “Even back to his childhood days, he hated losing then. He didn’t play sports for the fun. He always loved to win.”

    Although he admitted “sometimes it was a challenge” coaching Owens, Savarese added, “He did whatever I asked him to do. He scored a lot of touchdowns and made great plays and always acted like a gentleman.”

    1. Wouldn’t surprise me if the deal is already done. Avoid the Super Bowl overlap, then make the announcement.

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