Patriots @ Ravens live stream

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady wears Beats earbuds as he walks on the field prior to an NFL football game against the Baltimore Ravens, Sunday, Nov. 3, 2019, in Baltimore. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)This is the live stream for the Week 9 Monday night game between the Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots. Ryan Sakamoto and I will announce the game live on the HotMic App. If you have an iPhone, you can download the app in the App Store using invite code COHN10 and sync our call to your television. If you don’t have an iPhone, you can watch the stream below. It’s about 10 seconds behind the television feed.

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      1. I am rooting for my Pat’s, but I really hope it’s a great game and both teams show up to win. Good luck to both teams (I do still hope the Pat’s pull it off though)

      1. That’s too funny…
        The sad part is both Seb and his catfish love staying the obvious… the 49ers should not waste time outs. The 49ers should run plays that the their opponents don’t expect. The 49ers should try to put a man in motion so they know what type of defense their opponent is running.

        It reads like a football101 book.

        1. I’d like to think it reads more like a Fútbol for Dummies.
          Thanks as always Bill for your kind words.
          Now get back to digging up dirt!

  1. Wow, Pats are getting gashed on Defense and shutdown on offense.
    My heart is breaking.
    Not really, maybe the Niners will be the only undefeated team in the NFL after tonight.

  2. The Old ‘Mo’ might’ve just changed.

    “A body in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted on by an outside force. I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people.”
    -Isaac Newton

    1. I think if the 49ers beat the Ravens on 12/1, they go all the way to the SB. It is too bad the 49ers didn’t land Metcalf right before Hurd. Both Sanders and Metcalf would of been great, hope Hurd gets back this season.

  3. Now that the Niners are the only undefeated team, the Seahawks need to stop being so lucky. Too bad Metcalf went 3 spots before the Niners chose Hurd.
    Hope the Niners have good schemes to stop Wilson’s passing attack, and JG can replicate what Winston did through the air.

    1. Once again my catfish leaves clues behind as to his real identity.
      The real sebnynah never concludes a comment with a full stop.
      Nice try.

      1. You could always change your avatar:
        So either it’s you playing this game, or you’re loving the attention.
        Either way. You’re at fault with this garbage.

        1. I asked my son, but he seems to not be able to do that.
          Guess I will have to put up with these catfishes, until Grant does something about them.
          I am at fault? No, I am not a masochist.

        2. Sigh.
          I can’t believe you are still falling for the blue catfish who talks and attacks himself.
          I DID change my avatar, and I’ve been telling people but nobody listens to me.
          Like Grant said; I am the victim of abuse!
          Only one matters to me and that is my beloved team the 49ers.
          18-0! GO NINERS!!!

      2. I am merely a victim in this catfish’s trolling game and now I must be made to read your sniping remarks.
        Grant has backed me as well as most other commenters and I will take that as a sign to always resist, persist and never desist!

  4. What I gathered from a 49er football-less Sunday.
    1 Green Bay on both sides of the ball were overrated like I’ve been saying.
    LA shut them down, imagine what our defense is going to do to them.

    2. New England’s defense failed miserably on their first “real” test of the season. And going to Baltimore scares me.

    3… Seattle isn’t as scary as they use to be. Dangerous? Yes. Wilson continues to Come through in these close games. Not to worried about heading to Seattle anymore.

    4… the Vikings and Cousins are a joke. To give up that kind of offensive output to a back up is disheartening. Up and down season. And underachieving a bit IMO

    5..I’m rooting for anyone paying the saints from this point on. the 49ers handle Wilson will tell a lot about this team in the future. If they shut him down I won’t be so nervous heading to Baltimore. Is this defense equipped to stop the Pistol?

    7. Still not over the loss of Alexander.
    Will these rookies learn quick? That defense lost a very smart player. Physically they didn’t lose much, but the mental part of the game is in question. Reads and reaction is key.

    Going to be a tough second half of the season.
    Ending this season atleast 6-2 would be huge.
    They must get home field rebought the playoffs.

    1. Agree on all points MD. A win this monday will set the team up handsomely going into the 2nd half.

      In the meantime looking forward to #1 in the power rankings come Tuesday :) (yeah yeah, tell me something I don’t already know – not important in the overall scheme of things)

    2. 2. Early in the year I felt the Ravens were the team that the Niners would have the most difficulty with. Still feel that way.

      3. Until we actually win up in Seattle I wont hold my breath…

      6. The Niners beat Wilson last year at Levi’s, that was last year. Even if the Niners win Monday night football, even if it was a beat down, the Ravens still will be tough.

      1. Yeah there will be some tough games coming up…..bound to lose a game or two….Ravens look good falling under the radar..if we beat Seattle next monday, it will be a lot easier the rest of the way. However the D looked vulnerable against AZ= Russell is a lot better than Murray..this will be the true test

  5. sebnynah says:
    November 3, 2019 at 11:00 pm
    Once again my catfish leaves clues behind as to his real identity.
    The real sebnynah never concludes a comment with a full stop.

    I am merely a victim in this catfish’s trolling game and now I must be made to read your sniping remarks.
    Grant has backed me.

    REPLY: Like Trump, you will eventually throw all allies under the bus to get what you want Seb, which is; taking control of this entire blog with your catfish army.

    Well crafted Seb. Grant has been fooled by your catfish—I haven’t.
    I will reel them in, one by one until the last one–you–is off this blog.

    1. Fooled again.
      Guess Grant likes the clicks, but I would hope he would clean up this site. It would make this journey more enjoyable. The Niners are undefeated, but these catfishes just clutter things up.

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  7. Lost in JimmyG’s dismantling of the Cardinals was the fact that he constantly threw off his back foot again.

    I will say this- I starting to think I’m wrong about this whole back foot thing. Maybe that’s his strength and if he can learn to curtail the INTs, it actually helps him release the ball even quicker than the defense can anticipate.

    He isn’t the first or last one to do it. I seem to recall Favre early in his career making the same type of throws behind a makeshift line.

    Seems like no one calls him out on it when he’s dominating the opposing defense. Maybe it’s a strength of his, not a weakness?

    Is it sustainable beyond this year as defenses adjust?

    What do you all think?

    1. I think I like Juan’s post on this a while back. I paraphrase: Back foot, front foot, flat foot, no foot, any foot you want, Jimmy keep winning.

    2. Can we stop with this stupid $hit? Jimmy has some of the best mechanics in the league. He’s using his hips to core, and generating a spinal sling-shot to launch the football. He’s perfectly fine, and this incessant nitpicking about his back foot; his back foot, omg his back foot, is just ridiculous and a complete waste of time and effort. Can we just go back to complaining about the 4th round punter if you need something to whine about?

      1. Are you talking to me Razor? I’ve been a huge supporter of JimmyG. We haven’t had a quarterback play like this since Young. Garcia may have had some limited success as well.

        He does have a lot of interceptions, often driving off that back foot.

        Are you unable to have a friendly conversation about it? I hardly think my post was nitpicking or a waste of time.

        Most of your posts are insightful. Every once in a while you resort to acting like a child. We don’t need any more Sebs on this blog. I don’t mind a disagreement- but stand down your flamethrower, jeez!

        1. If you are interested in having a conversation where you want to make assertions about specific QB plays, you should probably start with posting a link to a video where the specific plays that you refer to are discussed, and stating metrics that make a case — especially if your observations contradict common QB metrics at Football Outsiders, ESPN, NextGen Stats, etc..

          Fans don’t have to depend on casual and out-of-context observations in discussions. There are enough play-by-play analysis on internet sites.

          “He does have a lot of interceptions, often driving off that back foot. ”
          This one a typical meaningless statements I constantly read or hear. Are these throws made in a clean pocket or a collapsing pocket. What percentage of Jimmy G’s throws are “interception-worthy” and how do they rank historically and with other current QBs? My off-hand estimate is that a third-to-half of Jimmy G’s interceptions are catches that should have been made.

          You may want to go back and watch Jimmy G’s plays from 2017 and find out whether you have same complaints. Then compare Jimmy G’s play to other QBs coming out a year’s layoff from a serious leg injury. Then we have the basis for some insightful conversations.

          1. Sorry I am not Jack Hammer.

            I’ll see myself out the door. Apparently I cannot be a casual fan out here with experts like Mood Indigo and Razor; who ironically has a distaste for Hammer’s stats. Hint: I sometimes do too when he only focuses on stats… but apparently I’m just an idiot and making stupid assertions so I’ll go away and just read from now on. :)

            Thanks for sharing your opinion- it’s clear to the rest of the blog I don’t know what I am talking about. I’m being sincere (not sarcasm).

            Carry on.. I will still enjoy reading all your posts about the Niners!

            1. Hey, I was just trying to be helpful with suggestions, not offend or criticize :) Humor and sarcasm is the lifeblood of this blog. Else some of the denizens here would drive others nuts. Stay awhile and skewer away.

          1. Jack, if you want to argue with success…. then please proceed, governor.

            That back foot is eventually going to lose a game, a bunch of games, for the Niners. Right? Or maybe the team should look in the next draft for a QB with perfect footwork and groom him as Jimmies replacement?

            1. I highly doubt you find a college qb with Jimmy Polo’s mech’s, because they are about as good as you can get. Except for that damn back foot!🤷‍♂️

            2. Throwing off your back foot hinders accuracy and velocity.

              When a qb throws off his back foot it raises his front shoulder. This in turn causes the ball to sail.

              When a qb throws off his back foot he is not driving the ball through his front foot. This in turn causes a loss of velocity.

              In every game we will see QB’s throw from different positions, it’s not possible to throw with perfect form every time.

              We’ve seen a number of articles around Garoppolo’s deep ball accuracy, and throwing off the back foot without driving through his front foot a big reason why.

              If you need additional evidence of this go back and watch Joe Montana throw the deep ball.

              1. All good points Jack but at the end of the day, Jimmy G is getting the job done.
                Regardless of mechanics, he has a natural talent to fit the ball in windows now QB in SF has done since Steve Young.

              2. You’d never know Jimmy was taking graduate level courses in qb mech’s long before he got to college by the way qb guru Jack Hammer critiques him. Mechanically, he looks very similar to Tom Brady to me….

    3. I think what was lost during the first 7 games was that JG has always thrown off his back foot a lot. It is not a post knee injury thing. Sometimes it gets him in trouble. Most of the time it doesn’t impact his throw at all outside of allowing him to throw as soon as he sees what he likes to get the ball out faster. Most of his bad throws this year have been decision related, not footwork related.

            1. And a tad to Jimmy, and a tad to Shanny, and a tad to John Lynch.
              Add up all the tads, and the Niners are 8-0.

              Brick by brick baby!

              1. The first 7 games was the great D and running game carrying the team, period. JG was good at times, got the ball to Kittle, good passing %, a td and int, that’s it. Now vs Ari. that was good JG like in ’17. KS let him loose a bit w/more passes and longer pass plays. He did great PLUS Sanders is here to help JG out.

            2. The defense has done their job. We all knew what they needed to do until our Angel Of Retribution knocked the rust off. He’s ready to go should conditions necessitate another shootout….

              1. We’ll see how the defense does over the second half while facing better QB’s and being without Alexander.

                As far as the Arizona game, Garoppolo led the team to 28 points. Impressive until you realize that the Cardinals were giving up an average of 28 points per game coming in.

              2. That’s ok. You take what’s in front of you. The Cardinals offense was averaging around 21 points per game, yet the defense gave up 25. Thursday night games have built in mulligans for defensive performances, but Saleh has the personnel, even without Alexander, to hold any team under 24 points as long as the offense isn’t turning the ball over….

              3. “ As far as the Arizona game, Garoppolo led the team to 28 points. Impressive until you realize that the Cardinals were giving up an average of 28 points per game coming in“
                Right there is one.

              4. Impressive until you realize…

                PT, Jack’s just champing at the bit to prove to the board how right he is about Jimmy when Jimmy finally does screw up. That pick six of his back foot that loses the game. In the playoffs, even better!

              5. I hear you Rib. 8 wins later and the chomping has now become chirping.

                Keep stacking the wins boys!
                Go Niners!

              6. We’ll see how the defense does over the second half while facing better QB’s and being without Alexander.

                Care to post your preseason predictions once again, Jack? (how many times would that make? A dozen? 20?) What did you see for that second half?

              7. “Jack’s just champing at the bit to prove to the board how right he is about Jimmy when Jimmy finally does screw up.”

                My word, your psychoanalysis is quite humorous.

              8. My word, your psychoanalysis is quite humorous.

                Jack, make it a little more difficult, would you? Even a psychoanalyst with a degree from Trump University could see what you are up to.

                “It’s not Jimmy it’s the defense.” “Everyone puts up 28 points.” “(Inset flaw du hour) hinders him.” “(Snark) Jimmy is a god.” And that’s just in this thread.

  8. It’s time for Overreaction Monday.
    1. Ravens are Brady’s kryptonite (borrowing from Brady’s greeting of Ed Reed in the tunnel before the game).
    2. Roman for HC! Lamar Jackson for MVP/HoF!!
    3. Niners run D is on screens is hot garbage.
    4. Niners to be blown to dust by the Ravens in 3 weeks.
    What else am I missing?

    1. Well, I do think we saw the two best defenses in the league perform not as well against mobile QBs. One team’s defense played just well enough to win while the other’s defense was manhandled. I’ve been saying for weeks, that the last test for our defense is the mobile QB.

      It seems to me that it would be foolish to think that the defense we trotted out against immobile QBs will work for these more mobile QBs. Adjustments should probably be made, but I’m not sure what they should be. Perhaps man to man coverage against Wilson with a spy. Perhaps more stunts through the huge gaps in the Wide 9 to take away runs up the middle from Jackson. For the upcoming game, a review of the Seahawks – Ravens game is probably in order.

      Here is Saleh’s chance to show that he can “visualize” the adjustments needed to keep these guys in check.

      One last thing. The Cardinals showed that running a hurry up offense was effective at keeping the 49ers defense from subbing in fresh defensive lineman. Anyone know a good way to counter that?

      1. Hurry up offense is a tactic that is useful when the D is tiring, Normally Niners D is well rested because of D line rotation and ToP advantage. This Thursday game was an anomaly, IMO.

    1. Nice ! Got to watch all of Brady’s snaps last evening for the first time since the Super Bowl. I’m struck to the extent to which Jimmy G has patterned his game after Brady.

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