Perrish Cox intercepts Colin Kaepernick twice, Stevie Johnson drops the ball three times

SANTA CLARA — Here is what stood out to me at the 49ers’ padded practice Wednesday afternoon.


1. Darryl Morris. Started off practice by beating Michael Crabrtee in a one-on-one drill. Crabtree tried to beat Morris with a move to the outside, but Crabrtee couldn’t shake him and Morris knocked away the pass. In team drills, he broke up two passes — one intended for Stevie Johnson, and one intended for Anquan Boldin. Morris also recorded two sacks when he blitzed from the slot. Morris was the best cornerback on the field today.

2. Perrish Cox. Intercepted Colin Kaepernick twice during team drills. First, Kaepernick under threw a deep pass to Anquan Boldin and Cox picked it off. Next, Kaepernick stared down Quinton Patton during a two-minute drill. Cox broke early, dove and made the interception.

3. Dontae Johnson. Broke up a pass intended for Boldin during team drills. Boldin caught the ball but Johnson immediately slapped it out of Boldin’s hands. During one on ones, Johnson intercepted a deep pass intended for Bruce Ellington.

4. Colin Kaepernick in the red zone. Threw two touchdowns during red zone drills — one to David Reed and one to Chuck Jacobs. Kaepernick would have thrown three TD passes in the red zone but Stevie Johnson dropped one.

5. Tank Carradine. Mike Iupati and Adam Snyder had trouble just getting their hands on Carradine during one on one blocking drills. They’d reach out to punch his chest and he would slap their hands away and run right past them.


1. Ahamd Brooks. Jumped offside on Play 1 of the two-minute drill.

2. Stevie Johnson. Caught a two-yard touchdown pass in front of Jimmie Ward. But Johnson dropped three passes, four if you count the one Morris poked out of Johnson’s hands.

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  1. I know camps is just getting underway, but I’m starting to get pumped by the idea of having both Aldon Smith AND Tank Carradine on the field at the same time! If that pans out, Baalke should retroactively win “2013 Executive of the Year.”

  2. Wow, the defense sounds like their doing well. I’ve been very worried about the defense but every posting from Grant sounds promising for the secondary. Johnson sounds like he’s starting out great. Cox is a good player and if he can raise his game then he could really help the defense. This is encouraging.

  3. Good thing the offense is still in the install period of things. Just like coaches have said for 50 years it takes a while for the offense to catch up to the defense.

  4. Hey Grant, how is Gabbert looking out there? Don’t hear too much about him.

  5. Whats got me most excited regarding this years camp other than Carradine and Hyde is this group of young DB”s the 9ers are putting together. I believe the most difficult cuts the team will need to make will be the DB’s and we may lose a couple of good ones and remember we have a red shirt 2nd rd pick in Keith Reaser who we won’t see until next year.

    1. I feel the same way about the defensive linemen.

      Its frustrating to see Hunter go down and Lattimore still not ready to go. The 49ers might have to jettison someone like Okoye, Moody or Skov to make room for a running back we never heard of.

      If I were a Raiders scout, I’d be hovering around the 49ers facility on cut down day with a ready made sales pitch… “Sign with us. You wouldn’t even have to re-locate.”

    2. There will also be a tough decision at WR. If Lloyd continues to play like he has, they may be forced to cut Patton or S. Johnson.

      1. Patton would not get cut. Not only will he be better than Stevie, he is also more CAP friendly….

        1. I haven’t heard anything about Patton (good or bad) this training camp. I’m hoping to see both he and Ellington get plenty of action in pre-season.

  6. When will Ahmed Brooks learn to watch the ball and not go offside? This is becoming his go to move. Grant is Brooks playing some ILB. I thought after last year they would try it?

    1. You got that right. He is very undisciplined. Every time I see a ref calling a penalty on defense, I say to myself: Brooks again? I wonder if the coaches work on this crap with him. shows SF ranked at #5 for offsides (not counting encroachment and neutral zone infractions), with Brooks committing HALF of them.

    1. Nice comment considering your life is going nowhere and you’re forced to be a wad on blogs…

      1. Let me get this straight, you’re criticizing someone on a blog for criticizes someone. Wouldn’t that make you a “wad” too? Surprised mom lets you use the computer this early.

        1. “Surprised mom lets you use the computer early…”

          Ya get a chance, get a grammar book or something BJ.

  7. Dontae again! And did good work on a deep ball against a speedy WR. Good stuff.

    1. I’m with you Scooter. I know it’s too early to make a judgement but it’s hard not to get excited from all the reports we’re hearing from this kid!

    2. Your guy is definitely making his presence felt Scooter. I’m beginning to see why they don’t value drafting CB’s early. Baalke just seems to have a knack for finding late round options.

      1. I don’t know about you rocket, but the more I read about how the rookies are faring so far this TC, and how other young guys like Carradine, Dial and Looney in particular have looked (not to mention guys like Lemonier, Patton, Morris, McDonald, Moody etc all appearing to be coming along pretty nicely from reports I’ve read), the more I’m thinking the comments made during this offseason about Baalke not being a good talent evaluator seem very silly…

        Still early days though, and won’t know if these guys have the goods until they start seeing real action. But very promising so far.

        1. Baalke is a damn good talent evaluator. The only “weak” spot so far has been WR. The early returns on Ellington have been positive though.

          1. Jack:

            The only “weak” spot so far has been WR.

            Yet another reason to like the Stevie Johnson trade.

    1. Oh my god this is the best thing ever, I thought it was just me. Always has the tone of an angry girlfriend trying to talk football.

      1. What’s “B” for “Blow? Why not include the mandatory “J” after it? BJman, so appropriate…

        1. Awesome comment, go straight for the BJ joke. Keep it classy tool. What’s next “no you Keep it classy because you’re a took” followed by a dumb laugh. Have fun working at UPS or bagging groceries, highlight if your day, performing said act on Niner insider blogger later.

          1. Actually BJ I have a pretty great job with a terrific pension that you would be paying for if you had a job. Also a couple of Harleys, bunch of guitars and guns. I’ve done more in my life around this old world than you ever will. Meantime BJ there’s a spill on aisle four. Chop-chop, get to it..

              1. Let me know if you can pawn one of your guitars or cash in some of your pension. I wasn’t planning on selling any of my season tickets this year but it sounds like you could be cheered up. I’ll even give you a senior discount. Section 142 great seats, you won’t even need to squint.

    1. Berman (bay area sports guy) had an interesting twist regarding the role of B.Lloyd in the 49ers TC yesterday, but it came down to just one man’s opinion.

  8. Telling you guys, Stevie Johnson keeps dropping passes and he’ll get the Vance McDonald treatment which means, NO LOOKS.
    Kaep throws a fast heavy ball. Don’t be surprised if Lloyd and Patton pass Stevie up. Don’t be surprised if Stevie gets cut.

      1. Jack, I would be shocked if Lloyd made the team OVER Johnson. I know you and Grant are hating on the SJ acquisition a bit… But if he’s healthy, he’s a proven WR in his prime. Once he knows the offense and gets out of his head he’ll be a strong asset.

        1. Johnson’s probably going to make the squad, but I don’t get surprised by backups getting cut.

          He’s been near the top in drop rate for the last few years, and WR’s that drop the ball don’t excite me much.

          1. It still baffles me that we traded a fourth round pick for him in a draft loaded with quality WRs.

            1. They made other trades that effectively made it a 7th for Johnson.

              The best part of the deal is Johnson’s contract carries no dead money should they cut him.

              1. It still makes no sense considering the quality of WRs that were available during the draft.

              2. MWD:

                The 49ers obviously concluded that Johnson was better than any WR (or any other player) they could have drafted in the 4th round, let alone the 7th round.* I see no reason to disagree with that conclusion. Whom would you have drafted with that pick and what makes you think that player will be better than Johnson?

                * I suppose it would be more accurate to say that the 49ers preferred the known quantity/proven talent of Stevie Johnson to the crapshoot of a 4th round/7th round draft pick.

              3. MWD:

                Care to provide any names? Whom would you have drafted that would have provided more value to the 49ers, both this year and in the future?

              4. Jordan Matthews
                Davante Adams
                Cody Latimer
                Paul Richardson
                Donte Moncrief
                John Brown

              5. Mid,

                That’s a nice list of names, but how do they fit the criteria of now and in the future that Claude laid out for you? I don’t seen any of them coming in and giving the team the production that Stevie Johnson will this season. You also have to account for the fact that drafting one of these guys would have meant not drafting a player they did. With the WR core they have right now along with the draft picks they made, I don’t see how picking one of those WR’s would be better than what they wound up with from a roster perspective.

              6. MWD:

                You named:

                Jordan Matthews – 2d round (42)
                Davante Adams – 2d round (52)
                Cody Latimer – 2d round (56)
                Paul Richardson – 2d round (45)
                Donte Moncrief – 3rd round (90)
                John Brown – 3rd round (91)

                What makes you so certain that any of those players will become better receivers than Johnson already is? Btw, based on the projections at, those six receivers grade out as “chance to become an NFL starter” or “NFL backup.” We already know that Stevie Johnson is good enough to be an NFL starter. He’s also got three 1000 yard seasons to his credit.

                But that’s just comparing them to Johnson. You also have to take into account what the 49ers would have had to give up to draft them. The first 4 players named were all drafted before the 49ers’ 2d round selection (Carlos Hyde), but let’s assume Baalke could have traded up to get them without giving up very much. It still means they would not have been able to draft Hyde.

                Do you think each of those players + whomever the 49ers could have drafted with the 4th that they gave up for Johnson would have provided more value to the 49ers than Johnson + Hyde? I’m not convinced of that at all. I think that’s speculation at best and delusion at worst.

                To get Moncrief or Brown, the 49ers would have had to use the pick they used for Chris Borland. Again, I’ll take Johnson + Borland over either of those players + the 4th round pick.

                It seems to me that Baalke’s trade for Johnson makes a lot of sense.

              7. Five out of six of those guys could’ve been utilized in the slot or to fill in if Crabtree goes down yet again, and all six could’ve been an eventual replacement for Crabtree or Boldin.

                I agree Jack, which is why I think we’ll be kicking ourselves in the near future.

                Not to be rude Claude, but your answer would’ve been the same regardless of whose name I listed. And if Johnson is the answer, then why did the Bills trade him? A unit with Watkins, Johnson, Woods, and Goodwin along with C.J. Spiller and Frdd Jackson would have been a great boon for E.J. Manuel and instilled fear into defenses around the league, right? Well obviously not according to the Bills, who have replaced experience with a rookie and two second year players in Goodwin and Woods. Why? The answer is simple: because the team believed that they were better off without Johnson going forward.
                You talk about Johnsons’ accomplishments like they will carry over, but the thing is that for every Boldin trade, there is a Baldwin and Darrell Jackson trade. Both came to the team with good resumes and stats, but both didn’t even come close to those numbers here. Experience doesn’t always guarantee immediate success. In fact, trading for a player is as big of a crapshoot as a draft pick because you only know what they have done previously but don’t know what you’ll get here in the present.

              8. MWD,
                You talk about the Bills like they’re a winning franchise that has made a lot of smart moves in the past few years.

              9. Not really Grimey, but it should give pause when any team is willing to trade a WR with his numbers, especially if they could’ve kept him without killing their salary cap.

              10. It probably hurt their cap even more by trading him. I’m not gonna fool myself into thinking Stevie is gonna have a pro-bowl or even a 1,000 yard season this year, but he’s got a much better chance to contribute than a rookie. Great trade for the 9ers.

                For the record, before the draft I thought they should draft WRs and not worry about the RB position. Shows what I know.

                Baalke is doing a great job.

              11. It probably hurt their cap even more by trading him.

                To the tune of $10,225,000.

                I’m not sold on him contributing at all Grimey. The trade is feeling more and more like the one for Baldwin last preseason and the Darrell Jackson trade in 2007.

              12. MWD:

                I’m just trying to hit a moving target.

                At least you dropped the assertion that the 49ers could have drafted someone just as good as Johnson in the 4th round.

                I’m confident that Johnson’s past performance in the NFL is a more reliable predictor of his future performance in the NFL than is a rookie’s performance in college.

                I won’t pretend to know what the Bills were thinking in trading Johnson, but I would not be surprised to learn that salary cap allocation played a part.

              13. The problem with the comparison between Baldwin and Johnson is they are complete opposites as players. Baldwin is a physically dominant athlete and an under-achieving 1st round pick. Johnson was a 7th rounder who has been an under dog his whole life and has worked for all his success.

              14. At least you dropped the assertion that the 49ers could have drafted someone just as good as Johnson in the 4th round.

                I never once said anything like that Claude. That was all your doing and not mine. HERE is what I said:

                It still baffles me that we traded a fourth round pick for him in a draft loaded with quality WRs.

                In other words, we could have chosen a quality
                WR in any part of the draft other than spending a fourth on a butterfingers type possession WR coming off an injury marred season.

                I’m confident that Johnson’s past performance in the NFL is a more reliable predictor of his future performance in the NFL than is a rookie’s performance in college.

                A similar thing was said about the acquisition of Baldwin last season.

                I won’t pretend to know what the Bills were thinking in trading Johnson, but I would not be surprised to learn that salary cap allocation played a part.

                From USA Today after the trade:

                The timing is somewhat precarious because the Bills paid Johnson a $1.75 million roster bonus in March as part of the five-year, $36.25 million contract they gave him in 2012. He’ll count $10.225 million in dead money on the Bills’ cap over the next year or two.

                Johnson’s scheduled base salary for 2014 is $3.65 million, which now belongs to the 49ers.

                The salary cap wasn’t an issue.

              15. I was more comparing the situation than the players Grimey. Both came to this team with good numbers but also questions about their overall performance.

              16. Baldwin’s production was nowhere near what Johnson has done. That trade was more about AJJ than Baldwin.

              17. But they both came in similar situations and both have been lauded as a gain for our offense.

              18. MWD:

                You wrote what you wrote. I assume you meant it.

                If you didn’t believe that the 49ers could have drafted someone as good as Stevie Johnson in the 4th round, then why did you bitch about the trade? Generally, people don’t complain about trades unless they believe that the team gave up more value than it received. The following assertions are inconsistent:

                1. Stevie Johnson is worth more than anyone the 49ers could have selected with the draft pick they traded for him.

                2. The trade makes no sense.

            2. “It still baffles me that we traded a fourth round pick for him in a draft loaded with quality WRs.”

              They also used a 4th round pick on Bruce Ellington, a WR.

              1. Hammer,
                Correct on Ellington with the 4th rd pick. But until he proves himself on the field he’s only a, well a 4th rd selection.
                Johnson is a proven commodity (even w/his drops).

                I’m sticking with my prediction (which I know doesn’t mean anything) that Stevie will be our #3 WR.
                Johnson likely will need to have several drops in TC and in pre-season for the team to sour on him and I don’t see that happening.

            3. Mid,

              Considering what this team has had to put on the field over the last 3 seasons at WR, you shouldn’t be baffled at all. WR depth has been an issue with this team since Harbaugh arrived and the front office decided that would not happen this year.

              While Johnson is near the top of the drop rate, it’s not a huge difference from other pretty good WR’s around the league, and the guy is a proven producer. If you are going to have a 1000 yard receiver talent as your 3rd guy, you are in pretty good shape.

              Anything is possible and if they decide not to go with 6 WR’s, then it likely comes down to Johnson vs. Lloyd for the final spot, but I’d be very very surprised if they cut him given that they traded for him and have had so many issues with finding WR’s in the past.

              1. I see your point Rocket, but I’m still not that enthusiastic about an drop prone WR coming off an injury marred season.

    1. Bay,
      Not a good showing for S.Johnson today, but he did catch a TD in one our problem areas (redzone).

      I believe that when the dust settles S.Johnson will be the #3 WR in September. But he definitely has to redeem himself for the drops from here on in.
      Nothing surprises me is sports anymore and if Johnson gets leapfrogged by Lloyd, Patton or Ellington he would have no one to blame but himself.
      Having said that, I guess I would be mildly surprised if he gets cut :>)

    2. It would be very surprising if SJ gets cut. They gave up a 4th round pick and he’s been a standout in TC on most of the reports I’ve read including a few of Grants.

      1. Agreed. There’s no way he gets cut. I’m starting to think they do carry 6 WRs if Lloyd continues to impress.

        1. Leo,
          If Lloyd stays it may likely be at the expense of K.Osgood.
          Os is a beast on ST’s and can play a little WR if needed.
          Lloyd is one dimensional and may only get minimal opportunities.

          To me, Osgood makes a bigger overall contribution because he can multi-task.
          But if Lloyd continues to shred our DB’s in TC he certainly deserves to be on the roster.

      2. @ rocket

        Both Stevie Johnson and Brandon Lloyd will make the team unless we go into brain freeze around cut-down time. I believe that they will be our #2, and #4 receivers by seasons end.

      3. I can’t believe there’s even a discussion about Stevie not being on the team. There is not a snowballs chance in Hades that Stevie gets cut. Unless he’s injured he will be the #3 in 38 days.

      4. The only reason Stevie Johnson would not be on the 53-man roster is if Patton or Ellington clearly separate themselves from him during pre-season. Which is very, very unlikely.

  9. Has there been a Vernon Davis sighting? Can’t recall any news on his camp performance, other than showing up on Day 1?

      1. Vernon could have missed some valuable installation reps so he’s naturally behind the curve and its nothing to worry about long term.

        Its also rumored (not sure if its true) Vernon’s slow at learning new routes. If the 49ers are truely changing up the offense, that could be a reason.

        BW occasionally noted some players with high IQs aren’t always the fastest to adapt to new plays and techniques.

        Could also be Harbaugh’s in a snit over the holdout.

  10. Van Gogh is adjusting to being relegated to the peripheries, he’s just one Orange Julius short of a full deck. This teams a-changing and Colonel Pineapple alluded recently to his evolving role as a prickly pear making gaping holes for El Guapo as the Duke of Ellington takes the greased lightning road to superstardom.

    It’s all coming to fruition. The Big Banana is just being a good teammate.


    1. Ahamd Brooks. Jumped offside on Play 1 of the two-minute drill.

    Heavens to Betsy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Day six trivial pursuits.

    1. Problem is: it ain’t so trivial. Brooks is very undisciplined. According to, Brooks ranks at #17 for ALL players in penalties. For Offsides alone, SF ranks at #5 with Brooks committing half of them. And, that’s not counting encroachment and neutral zone infractions.

  12. How come when any 49er Player drops a ball, goes Off Sides or throws a Pick some people become Brother Bummer?

    What…… you expect every 49er to be perfect thru out the summer?

    It’s Frickin’ Trainning Camp for god sakes. And guess what? There’ll be more of the same as TC continues, that’s why NFL teams spend close to 6 weeks to get ready for the season.

    Some people are funny hanging on every action of Reporting in TC.

  13. All sounds great. I know most here are talking about D Johnson, but I think Morris could be that under the radar guy that makes his way either into the starting line-up or nickel. I’m still a little concerned about who’s starting opposite Brock. I like Culliver, but can he stay healthy and is he fully healthy now?

    I thought Cook had some potential, but the more I hear of him in practice, the more it seems like the Cook we saw in Minny is the one that came to SF. I really like D. Johnson as well but I would be pretty hesitant to say Fangio would start a 4th round rookie. It’ll be really interesting to see how it all works out.

  14. Gatormouth Sherman is having a hissy fit up in Seattle since P.Peterson got his contract at $14.1M vs Sherman’s $14M. (Like it makes a big difference.) They’ve been trading tweets and Peterson’s winning the public contest because he’s taking the high road and “having fun with the exchanges”, while Sherman’s edgy and “salty”.
    Lots of guys talk. Sherman talks a lot but backs it up on the field so he gets away with it, but how many people does he win over (besides Seattle fans)? I think there’s a whole nation of football fans who would chortle if & when Sherman falters. Count me in.

    1. I’d chortle if he got run over by a bus. I’ve never despised an NFL player before. I’ve disliked several, Michael Irvin comes to mind, but I despise Sherman. Completely despise him and can’t wait for the day he gets his comeuppance. It’s coming, just a matter of when and where.

  15. Grant – How do you think Morris has looked overall? Where do you think his best chance is to play (Slot, Outside)?

  16. For all the A’s fans, they just traded Cespedes to the Red Sox for Lester and Gomes.

    1. Great trade. First time in my life I wake up to the A’s being the big story on deadline day… And it being us getting the big name instead of trading it away.

    2. Ninermd,
      How do you feel about your A’s trading Cespedes bud? Lester really set’s up your pitching staff for a deep run into the playoffs and Gomes is coming back home.

      What’s your take?

      My SFGiants are fading and Dan Uggla better be off the roster by the end of today.
      0-11, 6 strikeouts, and 3 errors gets you a one way ticket out of town.
      Still in contention for a run at the division but getting blown-out by playoff caliber teams (los Doyers, Pittsburg, Washington) does not bode well for us.

      1. I like the trade. Cespedes is not our best hitter, not our best home run hitter. He’s going I demand a lot of money after next season anyways. A change for Oakland being the big players for once. A World Series winning ace for an OK hitter who strikes out a lot. I’d take it anyday.

  17. Rumor is Smiths suspension will be a big one. I called 8 games. I hoping it won’t be more. Godell is a roller coaster on suspensions. He’s killing the nfl.

      1. If Aldon gets more suspension time than Ray Rice the feds need to investigate the NFL disciplinary procedures.
        2 game suspension seems proper coming on the heels of the RR’ decision.

        1. With Aldon it’s a few different infractions to consider, but he willingly went to rehab last year which Goodell said would be taken into consideration. The weapons charges were reduced to misdemeanors and nothing came from the airport incident, so I’m not sure how he can explain an 8 game suspension if it comes to that. Ray Rice should have gotten at least that for assault, but was given a slap on the wrist. If Smith gets half a season for something he’s already dealt with and misdemeanor weapons charges, then something is very wrong with the discipline laws in the league.

        2. 1 it’s Godell. Never know what that idiot is thinking
          2 it’s more than 1 incident.
          Look at Gordon. On the surface smoking weed isn’t as bad as beating your wife like a punching bag. But since he’s done it more than once he gets to smoke it for a whole year.

    1. We may find out the length of Smith’s suspension Friday after he meets with Goodell.

      1. Jack
        I agree that RG will finalize his decision after that meeting, but it may be a couple of days after. The League office said that Rogers’s interview with Ray Rice had an Impact on the final decision. The 2nd DUI will be a factor too. I have no clue what Roger will do in the end.

    2. I will say 4. I can’t fathom Smith getting anymore than that. A big suspension will also cast even more controversy on the light punishment given to Ray Rice.

      1. Rocket, I’m thinking no more than two. Like you’ve said, if RR got two for assaulting a woman, then giving Aldon more than that will create more uproar about the suspension that RR got from the league. They really messed up the RR suspension, and it sets up a bad precedent moving forward.

    3. Adam Schefter’s comment saying Aldon will face a “significant” suspension is puzzling. I was thinking 2-4 games. What number is “significant?”

      If its longer then 4 games, then I think Aldon is paying the price for the light Ray Rice suspension.

      An alternative the commissioner should consider is a 2 game suspension, but 2 more games without pay. 4 paychecks is about right.

      1. How about an 8 game suspension with credit for time (5 games) served in rehab?

        Even better, how about a 6 game suspension (that would be considered “significant,” right?) with credit for time served. OK, that may just be wishful thinking.

        1. Claude, I won’t be surprised if the league does what you just said. The league knew about Aldon’s and RR’s situation before handing a 2-game suspension to RR. We
          have to assume the league has a plan in place and know exactly what to do with Aldon.

        2. That’s what I’m thinking. Aldon missed 5 games last season. He didn’t miss 5 paychecks.

          Goodell has been encouraging teams to dish out more of the discipline themselves. The 49ers did exactly what Goodell has been asking teams to do. That’s one of the reasons I (was) expecting a light suspension.

        3. That is a good compromise Claude. Fine him for all the games, but he gets credit for the games he missed last season toward the time he’s actually off the field.

        4. How about no suspension at all? Given the 2 gamer for Ray Rice, Aldon should NOT get any.

      2. This story was from the NFL… but it also seems like its always guys like Adam Schefter that get the scoops, even when its information straight from the 49ers.

        Be nice if teams threw local guys reporters a bone once in a while.

        1. Maiocco is the 49ers darling. Barrows has some love too. Since Grant cant stop bashing players he will never get any love. I agree with him sometimes, but i have seen the hate coming out lately for???? Blog Hits.

            1. Nobody loves your boy Grant but you. He isn’t even aloud to ask questions in the media room. Wait Grant is that you defending your self under another name. I didn’t think you would be into bikers. To each their own I guess. Back to football, it’s been fun G man.

        2. Could be that too many of the local sports reporters can’t present a story at face value.
          They feel that they need to add their own twist and spin on stories in order to gain ground on the competition.

          I believe that NFL teams have an obligation to certain sports entities to provide them with first-take team information before its disseminated locally.

        3. Brodie:

          One reason the national guys get the scoops is that a lot of the scoops come from the players’ camps, which really means they come from the players’ agents. Most agents aren’t located in the bay area, and they represent players across the country. Rather than developing relationships in every market where their clients play, it’s more efficient for the agents to devote a handful of relationships with national writers.

    4. That was just a BS overblown attempt to get attention by Adam Schefter. He has and had NO new information regarding Aldon he just tweeted this: “AS, facing a significant suspension, is scheduled to meet with Roger Goodell in NY next Friday, per NFL source.” Nothing new or newsworthy at all!

  18. August 7th just can’t come fast enough. Reading TC reports are fun and all, but finally getting to see the players that are being discussed on the field is what I’ve really been waiting for. Getting close to the real season 49er fans!

  19. I remembered something about the last CBA changing the status of accrued seasons, but couldn’t remember exactly what it was, so I googled it and found the following:

    From the article and quoted right out out of the CBA:

    There is another parameter for gaining an Accrued Season in the new CBA. Any player under contract with a team that fails to report within 30 days prior to the first regular season game will not receive a season towards free agency.

    Players are also required to provide their services if under contract. A player who, for a “material” extent of time, fails to fulfill and perform will also lose an Accrued Season. This is unless the player can prove to the Impartial Arbitrator extreme personal hardship.

    So according to this clause, Alex Boone has to report by next week or he does not get an accrued season this year. He didn’t have any leverage before, but now he is on the verge of screwing up his FA.

    1. Rocket, maybe that’s what the 49ers were reminding Boone about when they “reached out” to him recently?

      1. Could be Space. My guess is they told him there is nothing good that will come out of holding out and that they would look at the options for extending him if he reports.

        The fact is, the new CBA doesn’t allow the player to sit out the first 10 games and get an accrued season.

    2. Just checked the CBA files to make sure there was no misunderstanding of the clause and it’s exactly the same:

      Section 1. Accrued Seasons Calculation:
      (a) For the purposes of calculating Accrued Seasons under this Agreement, a
      player shall receive one Accrued Season for each season during which he was on, or
      should have been on, full pay status for a total of six or more regular season games, but
      which, irrespective of the player’s pay status, shall not include games for which the player
      was on: (i) the Exempt Commissioner Permission List, (ii) the Reserve PUP List as a
      result of a nonfootball injury, or (iii) a Club’s Practice Squad.
      (b) A player shall not receive an Accrued Season for any League Year in
      which the player is under contract to a Club and in which he failed to report to such
      Club at least thirty days prior to the first regular season game of that season
      , or in which
      the player thereafter failed to perform his contract services for the Club for a material
      period of time unless he demonstrates to the Impartial Arbitrator extreme personal
      hardship causing such failure to report or perform, such as severe illness or death in the
      family. The determination of the Impartial Arbitrator shall be made within thirty days of
      the application by the player, and shall be based upon all information relating to such
      hardship submitted by such date. The determination of the Impartial Arbitrator shall be
      final and binding upon all parties.

      1. rocket:

        Good find. That adds another element to standoff. Of course, it’s irrelevant if Boone is successful in obtaining a new contract, but it would seem to significantly raise the stakes.

      2. “or in which the player thereafter failed to perform his contract services for the Club for a material period of time.”

        What do they consider a material period of time? Is that where the 6 games comes into it? Based on that wording he can not report so long as he “performs his contract services” (i.e., turns up to work and does what he is asked) for a material period of time.

    3. If I’m not mistaken Boone has two more seasons in his contract, making him an FA in 2016. If he fails to report, does his FA period extends to 2017?

      1. Brodie,

        According to the CBA, yes. If he doesn’t report next week, he will violate the terms of the clause I outlined for being given an accrued season and thus push his UFA back another year.

    4. I reached out to Joel Corry, a former NIL agent, to ask how this might impact Boone. Here’s his response:

      “An accrued season doesn’t really matter once a player has 4 of them, which Boone does.”

      1. Ah ok. I didn’t see the 4 year rule when looking at that section of the CBA but he obviously knows more than I do. Too bad as it would have given a sense of urgency for Boone to return.

    1. No, Mary ..
      it means the SeaChickens will be passed by” ..
      (the Niners, of course !) .. ;)

    1. Why are there always airplanes flying by??? I’m assuming an airport nearby the new stadium. I’m not from the area.

      1. Yes, there’s an airport nearby in San Jose. Also planes landing at SFO approach from the south.

      2. Yeah, apparently there’s an agreement to alter take off routes on Game Days. It’s in the flight pattern all other days.

    1. Ray Rice sounds sincerely remorseful for his actions, and I pray for his and his wife’s sake that he puts this behind him.
      But that does not excuse Goodell’ 2 game suspension which also falls under the “inexcusable” category.

      1. I caught his apology and then I remembered I’m a cync. First time offense, not a chance.

  20. NinerNation is reporting that Crabtree is sitting out today’s practice with some type of lower leg issue.
    Anyone have the inside skinny?

      1. Thanks Mid.
        One of the reports I read was that Crabtree was being looked at in the lower leg region, but there has not been any more information as to the extent (if any) since yesterday.

        I’m always a little concerned when it comes to Crabtree for the obvious reasons and certainly hope there is no issue here.

  21. Adam Caplan on ESPN just guessed Aldon will get an 8 Game suspension due to repeat offense.
    Who knows?

    1. that’s possible, anything is at this point. But like Claude mentioned earlier, hopefully Goodell truly does take his 5-game leave into account and maybe gives him a 5 game credit to against his 8 game suspension. So 3 games total missed for 2014-15

    1. Oh MWN I’ve been waiting for this question.

      Jack let me handle this one will you.

      There is nothing between Jack and me, although I admit to an attraction on my part. Jack and I go together like oil and water. Jack’s idea of a romantic night is a one night stand in the back of his rusty pick-up — (ouch)! While I do see the attraction, moon, stars, nice bottle of wine . . . if you’ve read my posts or listened to my music choices, you know I’m much much more conservative than Jack . . . picture that.

      But don’t be too harsh on Jack because he’s one of the nicest guys in here (and I said that early on), and in Jack’s case, nice guys absolutely DON’T finish last!

      So does that answer your question?

      1. Just out of curiosity, but what part of the country (or world) do you currently call home and when did you become a fan of that team you like?

          1. Your choice. I was wondering if you come an area of Tornado Alley, the shaking West Coast, etc., and why you chose the Seahawks over say…the 49ers.

        1. Born in Marin. Grew up in Santa Rosa. Lived in Healdsburg since 1998. Became 49er fan in 1967. Being 6 years old at the time,I also liked Notre Dame, Green Bay because those were my dads fav teams.

          A few years later the Raiders. Yes, I liked both Oakland and San Francisco since the Raiders trained at the El Rancho. Wrote them off when they became the LA Traitors.

          1. Born and raised in Kansas which I still call home. Been a fan of the 49ers since 1995, right after they won their fifth Super Bowl (which is a sore spot for me still).

          2. B2W,
            Good stuff bud.
            Hate to admit it but having grown-up in the Bay Area the raiders were one of my teams as well.
            And like you, when they moved to LA, I completely disowned them.

            Living in Oakland for a couple of years while I was in high school, I was able to get a summer job working for the City of Oakland (maintenance dept.).

            My cousin and I were assigned to work clean-up duty (get this) at the old Frank Yuell Field where the raiders played a few years before the coliseum was built.
            One day our boss dropped me and cousin off to start work and took off on an errand. About 20 minutes later a large pick-up truck came rushing over to where me and cousin were working. The driver stopped right next to us and proceeded to kick us out of the park.

            I never knew who the guy was until watching a raider game on tv one day and recognized him as the guy who kicked my cousin and I out of the park.
            The guy was Jim Otto.
            So, I guess I had some kind of affinity with the old/real raiders.
            I must admit, that I’m really glad to see Ray Guy elected into the HOF.

        2. MWD

          “Just out of curiosity, but what part of the country (or world) do you currently call home.”

          I think I might have mentioned earlier that “I not real good at boundaries.”

          1. In fact, I’m going to a wedding in Portland this weekend. 3 Hours closer to y’all.

          2. I never saw that post Mary. Like I said, just trying to be cordial. But you’d rather, I’ll keep it at a 49er-Seahawks fan level.

      2. Thanx for the info, Mary .. but
        actually … Leo is the one who asked ..

        I was just curious to see if Mark Davis was a kind
        of guy you would go out with …
        based on the pic on the Rai-duh story I posted, earlier

        (and it was a rhetorical question, anyhoo)

        and MidWest …
        I seem to remember, Mary stating that she lived in the land
        of Starbucks, once ..
        (but I could be mistaken)

        1. Seattle huh? Well, that would answer both of my questions, though I’m not exactly sure why she didn’t just say that. So much for trying to be cordial to a Seahawks fan.

        2. Yea and i just wanted to give Jack a hard time. I remember those 2 flirting. I didnt expect such an thoughtful and in-depth answer.

          1. Jack was flirting with me??? Why am I always the last one to pick up on these things.

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