Peter King says the 49ers are the 7th-best team in the NFL. Is he right?

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo before an NFL football game against the Chicago Bears in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Dec. 23, 2018. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

Here is your Monday Morning wake-up call:

Peter King, writer for NBC Sports, just ranked the 49ers as the seventh-best team in the NFL and the third-best team in the NFC (behind the Rams and Saints).

Here’s what King wrote:

“Here’s my big surprise. Only I don’t see it that way. In 2017 and 2018, the Niners were 6-2 when Jimmy Garoppolo started and 4-18 when he didn’t. In his fateful last start, when he ran left and tore his ACL at Kansas City, these were the last four drives he executed that afternoon, going head to head with Patrick Mahomes at rabid Arrowhead: 54 yards to a field goal, 87 yards to a touchdown, 77 yards to a touchdown, 58 yards to a field goal. In his 10 NFL starts, he’s a 66-percent passer. I have no problem making two statements: I think the 49ers are a playoff team if Garappolo plays a full season. And I think Garoppolo will be seen as a top 10 NFL quarterback if he plays a full season this year. Still, the fact that he hasn’t done it leaves the question in everyone’s mind: The kid’s started only 10 games in five NFL seasons, he’s been rewarded ridiculously for what the Niners expect him to do … and now, can he do it? The future of so many people in San Francisco—including joined-at-the-hip coach Kyle Shanahan and GM John Lynch—are riding on Garoppolo’s right arm. And his health. I’m fine gambling on him.”

King isn’t just gambling on Garoppolo, though. King is gambling on a 49ers roster that is full of hopes and dreams, but short on proven players.

Here is the list of the 49ers’ established, sure-shot cornerstones:

  1. TE George Kittle.
  2. LT Joe Staley.
  3. DT DeForest Buckner.

Here is the list of the 49ers’ unknown and unproven players:

  1. QB Jimmy Garoppolo. Coming off a torn ACL. Never has started more than five games in a season without getting injured. Has thrown 12 touchdown passes and eight interceptions with the 49ers — a pedestrian touchdown-interception ration of 3 to 2.
  2. RB Jerick McKinnon. Coming off a torn ACL. Didn’t make it out of training camp last year.
  3. RB Tevin Coleman. Joining a new team with an inferior offensive line than the one he left (the Falcons). Never has carried the ball more than 167 times in a season.
  4. RB Matt Breida. Almost always injured, even when he plays.
  5. WR Dante Pettis. Sprained his knee twice in 2018. Not physical, and may not be durable, either. Doesn’t make contested catches. Struggles beating bump-and-run coverage when lined up outside.
  6. WR Marquise Goodwin. Doesn’t seem to play unless he’s 100-percent healthy. Missed five games last season. Will turn 29 next season. Wants to compete in the 2020 Olympics.
  7. WR Deebo Samuel. Rookie. Unproven.
  8. WR Jalen Hurd. Rookie. Unproven.
  9. WR Trent Taylor. Coming off a terrible season in which he was a healthy scratch twice. May not make the team in 2019.
  10. WR Jordan Matthews. Big-time injury history the past three seasons. Hasn’t been good since 2015. May not make the team.
  11. LG Laken Tomlinson. Coming off an MCL tear he suffered Week 17 of 2018.
  12. C Weston Richburg. Coming knee and quadriceps surgery. Played most of 2018 injured, after missing most of 2017 with a concussion. Richburg’s body could be breaking down.
  13. RT Mike McGlinchey. Solid run-blocker, but he gave up 12 sacks last season. Must improve in pass protection to keep Garoppolo healthy.
  14. DE Dee Ford. Joining a new defensive scheme and changing positions from outside linebacker to defensive end. Will play home games at quiet Levi’s Stadium, instead of deafening Arrowhead Stadium. The latter helped Ford jump snap counts and sack quarterback in Kansas City. Also has had issues with durability and consistency in his career.
  15. DE Nick Bosa. Rookie. Unproven.
  16. LB Kwon Alexander. Coming off a torn ACL. Joining a new defensive scheme. Still needs to learn proper tackling technique. Missed a higher percentage of tackles than any other player the past few seasons.
  17. FS Jimmie Ward. Played just nine games last season. Has played a full 16-game schedule just once during his career.
  18. SS Jaquiski Tartt. Missed eight games in 2018 after missing seven games in 2017. Has broken up just 11 passes in four seasons.
  19. CB Richard Sherman. A 31-year-old cornerback with a surgically-repaired Achilles’ tendon. Wasn’t tested much last season, but still gave up a passer rating of 106.6 — by far the highest of his career. Teams probably will test Sherman more frequently next season. Can he hold up at his age? How many games will he play? Last season, he played in 14.
  20. CB Jason Verrett. Has played just five games the past three seasons and only 25 games in his entire career. Coming off a torn Achilles’ tendon.
  21. CB Ahkello Witherspoon. Played horrendously in 2018. Broke up seven passes, gave up seven touchdown catches and allowed a quarterback rating of 107.6.
  22. P Mitch Wishnowsky. Rookie. Unproven. Already 27, meaning he probably won’t improve. Played home games in Salt Lake City, which is more than 4,200 feet above sea level. Averaged only 43.7 yards per punt on the road in 2018.
  23. K Robbie Gould. Doesn’t want to play for the 49ers. Probably will miss all of training camp and preseason.
  24. HC Kyle Shanahan. Can he get his players ready to play on the road? So far, his road record is 3-13.

Where do you rank the 49ers?

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  1. Noticed you asked is Peter King right! I know you want to argue but it’s Peter so you’re football opinion vs his is moot. I believe that you believe in that the Niners are trash. Maybe the 20th-25th best team in the nfl. So I ask you, is Peter king right?

    1. Because Lord knows if someone like Matt Barrows or Skip Bayless had said this you would be peeing in your pants to argue with them

      1. Grant, from the preponderance of your testimony — actually, the entirety of it — I see no reason why you’re not ranking the Niners as a semi-pro team at best, instead of worthy enough to be part of the NFL at all.

      2. Grant I’m a big fan of this team, I don’t think everything they do is correct but I also don’t think everything they do is wrong. As of right now I’d say You’re correct because they did finish 4-12 and regardless of the additions of this team they still have to go out and approve it so 20 sounds about right.

      3. That’s fair. I think they have potential to move into top 12, but that’s if everything goes right for them, and when’s the last time that’s happened?

      4. Seems to me you are ranking last season’s team. You have to do a little projecting to be interesting. Now if 20th is your projection for this next season then we’ll see who is closer to being right.

      5. If there is ANY Karmic Justice the injury fairies will spread pollen anywhere but here this season (as in multi-game and season ending type injuries).
        In that less than likely scenario, making the playoffs isn’t wildly far-fetched, just a “stretch”.
        IF the off season personnel moves are 80-90% effective; and given the current state of the NFL; and if everything breaks JUST right, they COULD even win the Super Bowl.
        If we get 50% of the Rosy Scenario, 10 is probably closer than 20.
        Since “hope” is free, until the injuries and player-fails start piling up I’m gonna just ENJOY the damn thing.

    2. Until we actually play any games, Peter and Grant’s predictions are moot. I hate the offseason.

    1. Our front 7 is solid. The pass rush is much improved which makes our secondary much improved.

      Our offensive talent is above average and our coach is one of the top 10 play callers in the NFL.

      The injury argument can be made for most players on most teams.

  2. Me Grant? I think the 2019 9ers will end up the 11-13th best-in-league range.

    Grant, hate to expose your lack of punting knowledge–are you aware there’s much more to punting than the yards-per-attempt stat? Your use of the age factor is a red herring (when it comes to kicking/punting). He should have much greater focus and stability in high pressure situations than that of a 20 year old UDFA. Should. I suppose we’ll find out, no?

    Reality Check — I suspect Grant has the 2019 9ers in the 27-29th range.

  3. All teams have to deal with injuries. But a Niners Nation article a few years ago charted the 49ers much higher than average lost starter snaps to injuries 2014-2016. High injury bug continued 2017-18.

    I like the roster. The offensive skill positions are a matchup nightmare for opposing defensive coordinators. The defensive line has depth which is great in December. If the team stays healthy I see a winning record, despite the back-to-back east coast games.

  4. I rank them third too, but not in the NFC. I rank them third in NFC West.

    This team is full of desires and aspirations but a little short on provable results and longevity. Until they can do more of the latter, all that potential talent is just that, potential.

    I would add coaches and General Manager to the list of unproven people on the team.

    Kyle Shanahan – highly inventive and innovative Assistant who has won a head coaching job partially on his track record and partially on pedigree. Has yet to prove he is more coach than offensive coordinator.

    Robert Saleh – formally a line coach elevated to DC based on his familiarity with system to be run and his willingness to take a job others wouldn’t. Questionable calls during games and fixated to system. May be the scapegoat if team falters.

    John Lynch – Former broadcaster turned GM. Won job because he is a HOF player, liked, sociable and willingness to work under KS. So far results are mixed.

    1. I’ve been noticing that you’ve been consistently hitting the nail on the head.
      Reality and aspirations are not the same.
      Every year one hears the same gaudy predictions for the upcoming season only to be met with the inevitable disappointment. I really don’t see any reason to believe that this season will be different. Oh, . . . they’ll do enough to provide fodder for the new upcoming season, but it will be the same old, same old. The teams supporters, in the main, are more fixated on making excuses for the team than examining the evidence.

      For the past over 15 years, the team has been a steady failure. For the one brief period that they were able to get the program righted, ownership unable to identify the reason for their success, sided with the wrong protagonist, and immediately dismantled the wining infrastructure. It starts at the top. Ownership is incapable of identifying and hiring the leadership talent to succeed. And the current regime is a prime example of that.

      KS is no head coach. He lacks the organizational skills, gravitas, overall vision and maturity that you need to be a successful one. He is a coordinator; and, even at that, one who needs constant supervision. Harbaugh was not half the innovator that Shanahan is; but he was an infinitely better HC. Shanahan as HC is a misfit and the reason the team has not got effective coordinators or coaching staff. Something the organization has to have to coach up the talent. No one will take these jobs under someone that they couldn’t respect or look up to. It’s the Mike Singletary effect repeated. . This ownership promotes a culture of losing which permeates down through the rank and file.
      If the KS experiment has any chance of working, it requires a STRONG and effective general manager overseeing the operation, and attracting leadership talent. JL is a long way from fitting that description. Getting rid of him would be a first step in the right direction. We may see that happen at the end of this season.
      All that said, talented roster or not, the Niners certainly belong in the bottom third of the NFL hierarchy. 25th to 27th sounds about right. And they’ll be fortunate to finish third in their division; Arizona is a big unknown at this point.

      1. If Harbaugh had listened to pretty much everyone who had been urging him to jettison that obviously stellar paragon of offensive genius, Greg Roman, and had then hired Kyle Shanahan, they’d have propelled the Niners to a Super Bowl victory or three, and Harbaugh at least would still be the head coach (Shanahan would have been hired away by now, and his serious shortcomings as a head coach revealed with whatever team had hired him). And if the timing had been right, maybe Harbaugh would then have been able to hire Sean McVay for a couple of years as OC.

        But none of this happened, and that’s why we are where we are.

        1. Harbaugh at least would still be the head coach

          I don’t know about that that, B. His expiration date runs 3-5 years. He’s about there in Michigan, it’s not for no reason he’s been mentioned in so many pro openings.

          1. As a HC, Harbaugh’s shelf life has always been a consequence of the quality of his staff, to whom he is stubbornly loyal, to a fault. His best quality as HC material is a visceral desire to win (although they’re quite different people, John Madden had that same drive, as does Bill Belichek). This is at the root of Harbaugh’s charisma. OTOH, he has a destructive penchant for fighting authority with one-upmanship, which — in addition to his ongoing, willfully blind promotion of mistakes like Greg Roman — has made him prematurely wear out his welcome at some of the gigs he’s had.

            But all that said, little doubt in my mind that he’s likely a better head coach than Kyle will ever be.

        2. Nice revisionist history, but I blame Baalke. If he had chosen JJ Watt instead of Aldon Smith, and Alshon Jeffrey instead of AJ Jenkins, JH would have won a SB, maybe even multiple rings.
          Then Jed compounded the problem by choosing a suit over a head coach.
          However, I do see your point about Roman. I was not a huge fan of him.

          1. All of these things are true, and all brought to us by the idiot who hired Singletary and John Lynch, two unqualified incompetents.

            JED MUST GO!!

      2. their assistants got a lot of interest for a 4 win team. was it just offensive coordinators? but yeah… hopefully, KS will improve as a head coach & at the bare minimum we’ll be a smart team that doesn’t beat itself. It doesn’t have to be from game 1, but as the season goes along, each team (off, def, spe) should be getting smarter and more cohesive if the coaching staff is a good one.

        on topic, Grant’s right, there are a lot of unknowns w/o counting the unforeseen, like a Staley injury *knock on wood* We know some groups should be better than last season. Coleman should provide insurance on McKinnon. Ford should be an upgrade, regardless of the horrid Levi crowd, position change, etc.

        But that doesn’t guarantee a better season. Other players could regress like Witherspoon did or just not have as good a season as last year, guys w/ zero injury history who you counted on could get hurt, etc. I’d put the line at 7.5 if I were Vegas.

  5. Hmmm, ranking the teams? Isn’t that that like ranking the draft prospects? Some think rankings are useless, so why bother?
    I will start off by saying that all 12 playoff teams are probably better than the Niners. Cards beat the Niners twice last season, so the Niners should not be ranked higher than them. TB whupped the Niners, and they got Arians as HC, a consistent Niner killer.GB fired McCarthy, their limiting factor, so they will be tough. Browns got OBJ, and Mayfield is emerging as a good NFL QB, so they will be tough to beat. Washington has finally gotten a QB, and they won with Josh Johnson, so they will be good. Panthers and Steelers will be tough to beat.
    Finding 8 wins next season will be hard, since they play 8 games against playoff teams.
    Even with JG healthy, the Niners should be ranked around 19, not 7.

    1. Way to create your own reality! You make the outlandish things others state tame in comparison.

      Keep building that reality distortion field!

      1. So, you are saying that the Niners are better than every playoff team? Talk about living in a delusional reality…..

  6. What’s missing is a huge intangible. Shanahan has never had a chance to install and run his offense with consistent personnel. If that happens, and yes it comes down to the health of key components to that system, then Peter King is right. A mid-level defense, maybe top 15, with an explosive offense that stays healthy, puts them at the top end of the NFC.

    1. In terms of record, there was a logjam of teams with around 10 wins last year that competed to be the 7th best team in the NFL. In the NFC, there were only 3 teams with more than 10 wins. It’s definitely conceivable that the 49ers win 10 games next year if everything falls right for them such as improved turnover differential, and health of players. Although possible, I do not expect the 49ers to win 10 games. The 49ers were the 2nd worst team in the NFL last year. IMO a reasonable turnaround puts the 49ers at 7-9 wins next year. To improve from 4 wins to 11 wins would be an exceptional improvement not realized very often in the NFL. So much of the 49ers season depends on the health of Jimmy G and I’m not willing to put all my eggs in that basket.

      My real prediction for next year is about the Rams. I feel like they are going to experience a pretty big dropoff in performance. Some teams have figured out ways to deal with that offense. Not sure where Gurley and Kupp will be health wise. Also, if you look at Wade Phillips history history he ends up with a dropoff in his defense’s performance in year 3 or 4. I still expect the Rams to win the division and make the playoffs but they won’t make the NFCCG.

      1. Jack Hammer says:
        April 18, 2019 at 12:03 pm
        Wk 1 @ #Bucs (W) 1:25 start time makes them think it’s not an East Coast game
        Wk 2 @ #Bengals (W)
        Wk 3 vs #Steelers (W)
        Wk 4 bye
        Wk 5 vs #Browns (MNF) (W)
        Wk 6 @ #LARams (L)
        Wk 7 @Wash (L)
        Wk 8 vs #Panthers (W)
        Wk 9 @ #AZ (W)
        Wk 10 vs #Seahawks (W)
        Wk 11 vs #AZ (W)
        Wk 12 vs #Packers (W)
        Wk 13 @ #Ravens (L)
        Wk14 @ #Saints (L)
        Wk15 vs #Falcons (W)
        Wk16 vs Rams (W)
        Wk17 @ Sea (L)


        Lock it in

        1. You have the Niners going 4-2 in their division, when they went 1-5 last season. I am hoping they split their division games (3-3).
          I see you have them losing to the Saints, Ravens and Washington.
          Bucs, Steelers, Browns and Panthers will be tough. If they can manage to win half of those games, it will put them at 8-8. If they sweep all 4, they may end up at 10-6, with a good shot at a Wild Card spot.
          Glad you are optimistic, but I am looking at the harsh realities.

            1. I want the Niners to win more rings, but on the present trajectory, that is about as probable as surviving on Mars.
              If they learn from their mistakes, and become more flexible and innovative, they may win more games.KS is so obdurate, he refuses to hire an OC. An OC may help them fix their Red Zone woes, and help them finish games.
              If I hated on the team, I would say they do not need to change, and will win the division and SB, then laugh when they fail.
              However, I love this team, and want them to get better, but change is necessary.

              1. Seb I’m lonely? Your 65 years old and this blog is your life. Talk about pitiful!
                Go post your daily 50 comments.

                Hammer,11 wins? That’s funny!

              2. Yup, poor pitiful Prime. He has to throw out insults because that is all he has.

          1. You do know that half the teams that make the playoffs every year were not in the playoffs the prior season.

            There are always teams going from worst to first (or close to that), teams going from a losing season to a winning season in one off season (re: 2011).

            Just because a team won X games last year is no rule that they will win the same this year.

            2016 Eagles 7-9, last in NFC East.
            2017 Eagles 13-3, Super Bowl winners.
            2018 Eagles 9-7, Wild Card winners (but really should have lost had Chicagos kicker made it/not been tipped).

            Thats one team over the last 3 years.

            Rams were 4-12 (2-4 div) in 2016, then went 11-5 (4-2 div) in 2017.

            Outside of the Pats, Steelers, Seahawks and Packers, almost every team in every division is in some sort of state of flux year over year.

        2. Ok Jack, I agree with your 11-5 season, you have picked the wins well. 1 win 3 loss on east coast early start games
          Don’t think the Rams will be the same as last year due to super bowl hang over.

          The only thing I’m concerned with is the team staying healthy. I think there is enough talent to make the playoffs.
          Grant based on Peter Kings early prediction I can buy in to it, but reality will be in August will the team escape the injury bug.

          Grant let’s face it you want Lynch’s job so bad you can’t stand it. After all he was a marginal broadcaster and your a great beat writer, a legend in your own mind and your lap dog Sebbie.

  7. I liken this team to a complete rebuild of a ’69 Camaro engine. We’re at the stage where it’s time to rev it up to 2000 rpm, and run it at various speeds between 1800 and 2500 rpm. Get it fine tuned, and ready for competition….

    1. My dad had a late 60s Camaro. An eight cylinder jet engine. It was in flight after three to four seconds.

  8. At this point in time, I’d rate the Niners in the second quartile, but closer to 16 than to 8. They have lost a lot of close games over the last two seasons and they need to prove to me that they “know how to win”, i.e., raise their game physically and mentally in the fourth quarter. Additionally, they need to develop the killer instinct of putting away teams against whom they have taken a 2-score lead going into the fourth quarter. They have talented players, proven schemes, and some good coaches but need to put it all together this season.

    Let’s revisit this ranking at the end of August when we have a clearer picture of how the team has grown/come together in the off-season and TC.

      1. It all spawns from people continuing to give Garappolo more credit than he’s earned.

        The team did improve in some important ways. They also ignored some glaring issues but overall I do fell like the team in general is better heading into this training camp than last. Until we see what Garappolo can do over an entire season as a starter I’d guess we’ve gone from 31st to around 20th. That’s where a 6 or 7 win team would be.

              1. And I thought life was binary…alive or not alive.

                Of course! I overlooked the reality of those who are partially dead…

              2. There’s our little ray of sunshine poking out from his dark little cloud!⛅

          1. So glad your in no position to make decision s for the 49ers. Shanahan knows 100x more about football than you.

          2. I dont think so, I think he was just given a pass for last year due to the roster and number and nature of the injuries.
            They had a bottom 10 roster when healthy but then lost Jimmy G, and McKinnon, right off the bat. Played musical chairs in the backfield, secondary and wide receiver core.

            In this case, it’s hard to develop cohesive play… how Mullens was able to play as well as he did while going into each week with different receivers and running backs is beyond me. Both he and Shanahan deserve praise in that regard.

            I still feel Shanahan as a coach is ok, Shanahan as a GM/Talent evaluator is not good and they have massively overrated their roster.

        1. Go back and look at the blog past five years. We repeat the same cycle. Many excuses for last years performance due to injuries and not getting to fully implement scheme. Free agency, coaching changes and the draft all work people up into a frenzy that lacks realistic projections. We’ve heard some truly crazy things like Blaine Gabbert would be a pro bowl selection. Hyde was going to rush for 2000 yds under Kelly and Shanahan. The same people predict playoff appearances year after year while we limp along at 4-12 or 5-11.

          I think several things have to change for us to win in season and the playoffs. The defense has to generate more turnovers and we need to be better in the red zone.

          We have too many injury prone players. We still don’t have WR’s with a history of NFL production. Garapolo has a lot to prove as does Shanahan. I would love to see us at 9-7 or 10-6 this year. I would love to be wrong and will gladly eat crow if I am. We’re a 6-10 to 8-8 team. The past five seasons have been brutal.

          1. Well put Wilson. This team has yet to prove it can have a winning season (without excuses and the proverbial if of some our commentators).

            This team does not have a good offensive line in the interior and it is paper thin as is. Their WRs are a question mark in terms of capacity and production. Our DBs are uninspiring and they are largely the same unit that was the only NFL team in history to have single digit interceptions! Last year our paper thin line-up was badly exposed several times. Not sure that we have adequately addressed that either.

            We picked up two blue chip players in the draft. How they will play once they suit up is anyone’s guess, but at least they have the chops.

            A lot of people are expecting great things based on JG getting back to 2017 JG but what if he returns to JG 2018? Will that turn this team around? I don’t think so.

            There are only 3 genuine keystone players on this team today and Grant pointed them out. There is one other potential one in Warner if he can duplicate his freshman year. The same is true for Garoppolo. All the rest, we simply don’t know or they have big question marks.

            Does this team have talent? Yes. But then so did the Browns when they were losing all those games too.

            1. Sour Yeast,
              In 2011 we were loaded with talent under Scot McCloughan and Jim Harbaugh showed up and did something with that talent. But Baalke ruined that for all of us not drafting to his HC’s scheme.

              We have some talent on the roster. Let’s just say Verrett gets back to his healthy form and stays healthy, Kwon Alexander shows up 3-4 games into the season back in his prime form, we see improved productions in sacks from Ford and Bosa. The defense will be better. Both Verrett and Alexander being 100% is a reach. This could give us 2-3 more wins if this front 7 can generate turnovers.

              I don’t expect much production out of our new TE and WR’s. As we have seen Shanahan’s system is hard to learn and get comfortable with. See Pettis and Kittle as examples. It’s why KS brings in guys from his other coaching stops. The system is more important than the player. I think we’ll see flashes from Deebo and some plays from Hurd.

              On offense if Mckinnon is back and we have the other backs we’ll see a great running game and backfield receiving. I think teams will load up on Kittle this season, giving an opportunity for our WR’s to make plays. It’s a lot of pressure to put on rookies and a sophomore. Goodwin had a rough year last year. Not sure we can count on him. I will be interested to see if we can improve in the red zone? If everything goes perfect this could add up to 2-3 more wins.

              Four more wins would put us at 9 wins and six more wins would put us at 11. That would be in a perfect world. But as we know, when does everything go perfect? I am more hopeful that Verrett has a season like RS did year where he was getting healthy and that all our ACL guys are returning to form so that the 2020 season is where we really take off. All the WR’s have another season under KS’s system. Who knows?

              1. Whoops, I gave us an extra win last year. 4 more wins would have has at an 8 win team, 6 would be 10 wins.

  9. I feel like 7th is a huge stretch. I would put the Rams, Bears, Saints, Cowboys, Patriots, Chiefs and Chargers all easily above the Niners in terms of quality and ability to execute. At a minimum. Niners maybe, maybe top 15. With a bit of luck here and there, that might be playoffs. 7th best is a ridiculous level of hype given what they’ve proven so far, equally as ridiculous as predicting 30th in terms of roster talent.

      1. And this cannot be overlooked!

        I know, I know Deebo will fix this. But I think there is more to the story.

      2. Surprised with all your offense genius you aren’t at least an OC in the league.. think players would take you seriously?

        1. Ian you don’t need to be an OC to see that we finished with 6 wins and 4 wins the past two seasons. Anyone can google red zone efficiency. I don’t think anyone here is talking to the players and expecting them to listen except one poster who lives in a fantasy. I think we’re talking to the people who think this could be the 7th best team in the NFL who overlook important areas of improvement and who have unrealistic expectations from rookie WR’s. Two years ago we had someone predicting 10 sacks for Solomon Thomas.

          Let’s see how Bosa does against NFL tackles in camp. Same goes for Deebo. When will we actually see Kwon Alexander on the field? How do McKinnon, Garapolo and Verrett return in Camp? Will any of our safeties actually stay healthy?

  10. The 49ers look much better on paper than last year.
    Our draft picks, FA’S and a nice group of young and veteran players should strengthen our base.

    What makes a team great is ownership, coaching, great starting players and a very good bench.

    We may have 4 great players as starters.
    Kittle, Buckner, Dee Ford, Juze. Juze only by virtue of his pro bowler credentials.

    Our young players and recent draft picks will need to step up quickly for the team to show significant ascent.
    I’m ecstatic about the direction of the team, but it doesn’t change my 6-8 win forecast.

  11. This reminds me of the optimism around this time last year, only at a higher level. I participated in that optimism, but I learned something and so I won’t this time. Competition at the top of the League is plentiful and very, very tough. This isn’t the Walsh years. What concerns me the most is the interior of the oline, which I view as borderline to poor. Not a good situation to be in. They need to fix that somehow.

    1. We had optimism because the Niners ended with a 5 game winning streak. Too bad JG was running for his life due to all the pressure, and the wheels fell off when he tore his ACL.
      I agree, the Niners should have addressed the Interior O line weakness.

    2. I think our o-line is fine, and will be dominant on the ground. We now have a stable of backs to rival the Patriots backfield….

        1. George, wadr, please tell me why we ranked 13th on the ground with a UFDA qb that threatened no one deep, a crippled 1st year center, a new rg/rt, and a bunch of geldings in the backfield? With health, Jimmy, continuity and studs in the stable, you don’t need LSD anymore; you just need a glass half full of your favorite beverage….

  12. If Peter King is being too kind to the 49ers, then Grant is being overly negative.
    I land somewhere in the middle. Like most logical people.
    7 is a bit lofty, but pretending this team only has 3 “cornerstone” players is ludicrous. We all know this team has some talent. We all know having an effective pass rush helps to close out games.
    The addition of Ford, Kwon and Bosa, plus the continued growth of the rest of the front 7 should really help close out games that they should have won in the past.
    In reality, this team should be fighting for a wild card spot at the end of the regular season.

  13. Peter King’s job is to look at the entire NFL. He must think other teams have bigger question marks.

    There is no doubt the 49ers are a much better team. 7th is a division winner. The 49ers were 1-5 in their division last year with no hope against the Rams.

  14. Did he make this claim sober or after Jed threw him some clams? from second worst to 7th best…based on which factors?
    Key players coming back from injuries? Weak secondary? Weak Oline? Unproven WR core? No QB on the roster that has played a full season..hmmmm….However they drafted a punter LOL

  15. It’s the Peter Principle. Peters Schrager and King are optimistic about the Niners. I wonder how Peter Strzok feels about the Niners this year? Maybe he could tap the phone lines and get some deep throat from Jed and PM.

  16. I think the Niners will win games against teams that we think they shouldn’t win and lose to teams that we think they should beat. That’s their MO and I’m looking at 8-8. I hope they prove me wrong.

    All I know is that Jimmy G-String has a slimmer margin of error even with his big salary. If they are at the halfway point and they are sub .500, you’ll hear people clamoring not for Beat Hard, but St. Nick.

  17. Good fodder for discussion in January 2020. Let’s pull these comments from the archives and have some laughs.

      1. Same here. It’s a treat to rummage through the archives over the last few years. Some pronouncements are pretty accurate, others quite wack.

        1. It’ll either be (take your pick):

          Rapturous celebration

          Darn, so close

          We’ll get ‘em next year

          In other words like the end of every sporting season.

              1. I can do this all day, but I’ve got better things to do, like check in on my truck restoration.

                See ya!

  18. The 2 most important positions on the team have been vastly upgraded, that being quarterback and edge rusher. Receiving and linebacker sure seem to be significant upgrades as well. The only group not upgraded in my opinion is the off. Line but with Jimmy G making quick reads and throws I don’t see this as big of a problem as last year. I think this is a much improved team but time will tell.

  19. Eleven lost games by one possession. Eventually, that will return to the mean. Add 5 of those to 4-12 and this is a 9-7 team at minimum.

    Grant Cohn is proven to be a terrible sports writer. He won’t improve, which is why he should be released by the Press Democrat, but he will persist like a creeping fungus.

      1. Get it together Grant. If you yearn for adulation, this blog isn’t the best source.

        Perhaps the National Sports Media Association will recognize your talents and contributions…someday.

      2. Wrong metaphor, Grant. The child only said aloud what everyone could plainly see. Perhaps you are better cast in the role of the Emperor who has convinced himself of what everyone else knows is wrong!

        1. Everyone can plainly see how bad the 49ers are. People just choose to be optimistic about Jed York’s club year after year.

          1. And some people just throw shade on everything because it’s convenient to. Lazy a$$ reporting.

            1. It’s not convenient to criticize the 49ers in the media. Praising them is convenient and easy. Some people have made careers out of making excuses for Jed York’s franchise, similar to how some people made careers out of making excuses for Chris Cohan’s Warriors.

              1. Grant, I agree that the York’s including Jed’s tenure have been a disaster except for the Harbaugh years but they solved that problem. However, Shanahan and Lynch have only had 2 years. They inherited the worst team in the league arguably. Most people recognize a vast improvement in quality since then so it is easy to question your motivation when you keep bashing Shanahan and Lynch.

              2. Not a good comparison, Grant. If your objective, one can clearly see where they have made upgrades. Of course, it is now up to the coaches and the buck stops with KS. Grapps has weapons all over the place now-getting open should not be a big issue anymore-for the most part. There is every logical reason to believe the D will be better, and not just because of the player additions……….What Woods brings to the team should not be discounted.
                I’ll give you this……..if they clearly have not started to jell by 2nd half of year-tho still a bit inconsistent-then you were largely correct in your extremely negative judgments……….

              3. Yep, the potential is there and the onus is on the coaches to get them to reach that potential. I’m sure even Coach Hammer would have to agree….

              4. And your making your career pretending to know about football. I love when you ask a 3rd grade football question at a press conference and Kyle stays professional and clearly puts you in your place. A Troll

              5. No, Grant asks the questions that most other media types are afraid to ask.
                Chip would not even answer Grant’s questions, and look how he ended up.
                Yes, KS did get all snarky, but it made him look bad, so he started to answer the questions, even though they were tough. Glad KS improved his interview skills, it did make him look more professional. I mean, if a media person can get him upset, imagine what an opposing HC will do.

          2. Grant… Some people–certainly not all–do believe the Yorks are unfit as owners, yet see some positives in: 1) roster additions/changes, and 2) coaching staff changes (a few…) going into the ’19 season. Some people are willing to see what develops across the season–the 3rd year of the rebuild before going apoplectic. If ’19 brings fewer than five or six wins, most of ‘some people‘ will be pitching in to fly banners, post colorfully negative things on this blog, etc., etc.

              1. And some saw positives when the first National Parks were designated.

          3. People just choose to be optimistic about Jed York’s club year after year.

            For a sportswriter, you have startling ignorance of what a sports team means to its fans.

              1. Unless you are a Charlie Brown with that perma-black cloud hovering over you wherever you go, OF COURSE YOU ARE GOING TO BE OPTIMISTIC ABOUT YOUR TEAMS CHANCES. No matter what. It’s your sacred duty as a fan. This is something Grant just doesn’t seem to grasp and no amount of condescending tut-tutting coming from him is going to change that. Ever.

              2. He probably likes the 49ers for giving him inside access to the 2017 draft.

              3. I think you missed what I was saying. Take a deep breath Rib.

                Forgot all about that Grant. Good catch. Probably right.

            1. I was a Warriors fan growing up. I know what it means to be a fan. That doesn’t mean the people who shilled for Chris Cohan did the fans a service. Quite the opposite.

              1. Did whatever was written about the team (especially between seasons) change your fandom perception? Be honest.

          4. Grant,
            “People just choose to be optimistic about Jed York’s club year after year.”

            You can put me at the top of the list, Grant. I’m certainly not happy about my team losing, but I’m never jumping ship.
            I’m a Faithful in the good and bad times – which means I’m optimistic every year since circa 1960 when I first became a fan.

            I’ve lived on both sides of the ledger (been there, done that) over the decades and my enthusiasm and optimism has never wavered.
            We haven’t played a down yet. But I like the direction the team is going.
            Oh, and I’ve seen this before as well ?

    1. Grant,

      This will be a painful year for you. The gift of writing is yours, but you will struggle with your narrative of organizational dysfunction when we start winning games. Good luck.

  20. Peter King is way too optimistic. 7th best team would be playing deep into the playoffs. We are not there yet and on paper we look good but have a lot of unproven talent.

    Grant – What do you think about Fred Warner? I believe he is a cornerstone player for the 9ers.

  21. Good article Grant. Thanks for sharing. 49ers will finish 10-6 putting them top 12 and in the playoffs. This is the year Faithful, we make some noise and reach the NFC Championship and crossing fingers. Barring injury to Jimmy G again. If he stays healthy, I really believe we have a shot. He will surprise a lot of people this season. He had a whole year to understand the mental part of the game. A luxury a lot of people are not taking into consideration. The addition of a pass rush and new talented linebackers will definitely improve the secondary which is not bad. I remember 2016-2017 season we lost like 7 or 8 games by 5 points and last year we lost a lot of really close games with 3rd string players. The player I’m most excited to watch is Jalen Hurd. I’m crossing my fingers he will be our Larry Fitzgerald. I’m so curious how him playing running back for 3+ years will translate in the NFL. He’s going to be an elusive player. I seriously don’t understand how so many people especially fans are down on 49ers (Maybe they have disappointed you in the past). I’m choosing to be optimistic and see the glass half full. Lets go Niner family!

    1. What article?……he just piggybacked on King’s article……

      @Grant – when are you going to write something?………

  22. It’s hard for me to gauge. We were better than our record last year, easily should have won 4 of those losses. We were hurt everywhere and always. Our defense was miscommunicating. We had a startlingly bad turnover margin (which is one of those stats that’s about 1/2 luck). Couldn’t tackle for the first 6 games.

    Those are all things that SHOULD improve. There is a ton of room for growth, and our roster is better this year. The offense and defense will be in their 3rd year in the same system.

    That said I watched the 9ers saints 2011 divisional game yesterday. Wow I forgot how great that defense was(and how bland the offense was), how hard they hit, how well they covered. Granted many of those hits would be fines now (Goldson helmet to helmet on the first drive on the 4yrd line causing a fumble and setting the tone), and on a few plays the safteies missed tackles going for the int, but damn that team could play, and makes last year’s defense look like a JV high school team.

    I’m going to be optomistic though, and say 11-5 ,if only because this is the only time of the year when my niners are tied for 1st.

    Spring champions 5 years running!!?

  23. I’m sorry, are you now questioning Peter King? A snot nosed kid who is only writing for press democrat because of his father, and knows absolutely nothing about football, and is a Niner hater is questioning Peter King, respected by many around the NFL. Incredible! Why don’t you go suck your thumb and leave this to the grownups!

    1. Peter King was dropped by SI and replaced by another snot-nosed kid, by the name of Albert Breer.

      1. Yeah, King is nothin’…

        “He wrote for Sports Illustrated from 1989 to 2018, including the weekly multiple-page column Monday Morning Quarterback. He is the author of five books, including Inside the Helmet. He has been named National Sportswriter of the Year three times.

        Before coming to Sports Illustrated, King was a writer for The Cincinnati Enquirer from 1980 to 1985 and Newsday from 1985 to 1989.

        Since 1992 King has been a member of the Board of Selectors for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. In 2006, he joined Football Night in America, NBC Sports’ Sunday night NFL studio show.

        In May 2018, King announced that he would be ending his 29-year tenure at Sports Illustrated to work for NBC Sports full-time. He continues to publish his long-read column, now titled Football Morning in America.”

        1. I sure do get your attention. I’m flattered. Father’s Day is just around the corner. I’ll send you a link to Tonka Toy parts on ebay. Feel free to be just as generous there. ;-)

  24. Hey Grant…… Give me the year…………….Last time you weren’t a negative weasel??????

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  25. I looked at Dee Ford tape and he looks awesome. Same for Buckner. Same for Bosa. Same for Kwon Alexander. Deebo looks difficult to stop along with Kittle, possibly Hurd as well. Tevin Coleman is the best of our rbs now and Brieda showed he can pick up big yardage. McKinnon doesn’t matter but he’s another good rb. I looked at his tape and he’s not quite as elusive as Coleman. That’s a lot of play makers for a team to try to stop. That leaves man to man and the Niners finally are in a position to win man to man. IF everyone stays healthy, particularly players like Verrett, et all, then the Niners can win the NFC West division although it is now the toughest division.

    The Rams had their shot last season and failed miserably in the Super Bowl, worst choke ever. Goff is vulnerable to a great pass rush which is exactly what the Niners will have next season. The Seahawks have had their crowing days and all we need is a pass rush that finally gets to Russell instead of falling for his same old scrambling trick every damn game. Put a spy on him with a delayed rush for when he runs through the opening when his line gets crushed. Arizona is a question mark but a similar tactic should work against them. So long as they stay healthy the Niners can take over the west and beyond.

    1. Joe Williams also looks good on tape as does Solomon Thomas and Armestead, Ward and just about all the players. That is no surprise. It’s their weakness and ability to integrate and play in a system, to grow and learn new techniques, to understand their role and play “within themselves” as well as a myriad of other factors that will determine whether they are a good fit and assets for this team.

      My brother and I were speaking about a superior soccer player that had played at the highest level possible. He has skills, and capacity. Yet he has no heart and eventually managers realize that Mesut Özil is all promise with little delivery.

      This is true at all levels of sport.

      1. I wasn’t impressed with the players you mentioned. I had my own picks I wanted the Niners to get but when studying the players they picked it finally made me excited about the new season. The injuries are the main concern. If we get lucky on that front then I’m pretty confident we’re back in the Super Bowl hunt.

  26. Thanks Grant … most of us know the truth about this poorly run team…..and the holes in the roster etc…….I hope they do get 8 wins but it sure does not look like a Walsh Seifert Harb team… not at all….

  27. 49ers won’t make the playoffs because of shanahan and saleh, made a s***ton of poor coaching decisions last season, at least that’s what I read from each games grades

    1. Of the three (Lynch, Shanahan, and Saleh) Shanahan is the only one I have confidence in. Lynch seems to be personable and easy to work with, but I question his ability to draft, and trade. Saleh should have been fired already.

      1. Sigh…nope. I don’t know the coaches well, and the ones I do know are under contract. But I’d like to put my name up for def coordinator, I’d cost only 1/2 as much too.

        But for GM my dream would be Greg Cosell from NFL films, that man knows football.

      2. Get McClue back at gm and drafting =these draft picks are horrible…

        Get a good HC…get a good OC….

        Get players with a good track record=and actually analyze the roster there are gaping holes in it…duh…..that is why we are ragging on the team and in last place….duh…why does it seem so hard to figure out???? that’s the question

    1. Meh, I’m kinda bummed. Besides I always felt the exposure for the cut roster bubble players was good for their career, more name recognition and a better chance of getting picked up, but I dunno.

      Hard knocks could expose some interesting things too. That’s where I learned Goff had a sub 100 IQ… Maybe it’s better we aren’t on, Jimmy G is still unspoiled in my eyes ?

    2. I hope it is the NT Giants. It would be very entertaining to see how Jones fares, and Gettleman would be pure comedic gold.

  28. Obviously way too early to tell. I still have my concerns about the secondary and I think not prioritizing the OL more will come back to bite them. But if JG can play a full season, I think this offense will be top 10. And if we can take. And if we can take care of the ball, improve in the redzone, and close out close games, I think we can compete with anyone. As of right now I’d rank us anywhere from 17 to 20, however these rankings mean squat-diddley when the season gets going.

  29. His comments are based on health.
    This team has been historically unlucky the past two seasons.
    At some point it’s going to stop or slow down.
    So to claim you know what they will look like next season is absurd.
    But I’ll play along.
    This team of healthy this year will win 11-12 games. Making them a top 7 team.
    The doubters have some serious blindness going on.
    I don’t blame you, but the little things they did last year with basically college players weren’t all that bad.
    They’ll go as far as their health

    1. The team has been unlucky to an extent, but it is also a team that is comprised of guys who have struggled with injury. There is a degree of luck involved with injury, but there are also injury-prone guys. And our team is chock-full of them.

  30. Ribico says:
    May 13, 2019 at 9:44 am
    Cassie, your screen name is living in Seb’s head rent free. Love it!

    Baalke, Seb? Want to rant on Joe Thomas too? He’s about as relevant.

    Ribico says:
    May 13, 2019 at 9:25 am

    Quit? That’s a losers way to describe what happened. How about decided to seek out opportunity more commensurate with his skills.

    Opportunities multiply as they are seized.

    Hurd is a living example of the Sun Tzu philosophy. Unlike you, just a mindless parrot.

    Cassie Freakin’ Baalke says:
    May 12, 2019 at 6:56 pm
    It’s done Sebbie. Sniff…. Wait, my eyes are tearing up–please forgive me.

    What you wanted (needed?) so badly, and for soooo long, has turned to dust. How bitter. How wrong. Don’t worry, another draft is coming. Maybe, just maybe the 9ers will bundle players and draft picks for blockbuster trade-backs–just the way you like it. Until then, be brave. Don’t cry for us, Sebbie-ny-nuh… We love you.


    Reply: Quit your whimpering and sniveling you ignominious ignoramous of ineffectual ineptitude.
    We grow tired of your hypotensive, hopeless heaping of jabbering jackanapes, Sebnynah !

    1. TrollD, off your medications?
      FYI, Hypotensive is an adjective pertaining to lowering the blood pressure. Please use the correct words when writing a screed. Mistakes just lessens your impact.

    1. NYG and Raiders got 3 first round picks. Seahawks, Vikings and Washington all had 11 picks. The Patriots, Bengals, Ravens, Cards and Colts all had solid drafts.
      I would put the Niners in the top 10.

      1. You would, but Jeremiah and Brooks were actually NFL scouts so you’ll forgive me if I give their opinions more credence than yours, legendary status aside….

  31. Niners seventh in the NFL? It’s far-fetched, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility. The problem, as Grant has identified, is that the team is relying heavily on guys who aren’t terribly reliable.

    If Garoppolo is healthy, the team should be in the playoff hunt almost regardless of any other factor. He’s a great fit in Shanahan’s offense, and there are pieces in place to support him, even if many of them are unproven. That said, he was off to a rocky start even before the injury last season (I’m not as impressed as Peter King with Garoppolo running up garbage time yards and points against KC’s D….), and projecting him to continue his remarkable play to date is ambitious.

    Outside of QB, arguably the most important player on the team is the least reliable: Jason Verrett. If Verrett can actually play 16 games – which I give that about a 5% chance – and return to his pre-injury form – I give that a 20% chance, if healthy; so 1% chance we get pro bowl Verrett for the whole season – this team could have a top-5 defense. That second CB spot was a huge liability last year, and replacing it with a pro bowl caliber CB would make a huge difference. Particularly when adding it to a revamped front-four that should be able to generate consistent pressure.

    There are definitely some things to be excited about this offseason. The Niners are effectively adding Garoppolo and McKinnon to the FA and draft acquisitions. I had my share of issues with the offseason additions, particularly neglecting DB and some significant reaches in the draft, but the influx of talent was still substantial. As much as I didn’t love the Samuel pick (like the player, didn’t like the position or the spot for him) and the Hurd pick (intrigued by the player, wanted him in the 5th or 6th if at all), we have added some versatile pieces that will allow Shanahan to maximize his creativity and really strain defenses. And we should have elite receiving talent at TE and RB to accompany a deep, if question-filled, group at WR.

    But you can’t count on health – especially on a roster with so many guys with injury histories. Obviously Lynch and Shanahan are betting that they can, but it’s a very risky bet in my opinion. We’ll see. If nothing else, it should be an entertaining ride.

    1. The challenge is that many of these players are quite specialized and have unique skill sets. If one goes down it impacts the flexibility and capacity of the offense as there isn’t another player who will/can replace them.

      It will be interesting to watch, for sure. The bet on injuries is a risky one, especially with the player histories and team history with injuries.

  32. I don’t know how many games they’ll win in 19 or what their power ranking will be, but I’m not prepared to use the phrase “Niners have arrived” until they get to double digit wins at minimum.
    I’m an unrepentant homer, but let’s see them achieve before we’ve got any bragging rights.
    At the moment I’m not predicting 10+ wins. Need to see more b4 I buy into that.
    Also, it’s May.

  33. Until we actually see the product on the field match the hype I simply can’t get on board with the idea this is a playoff team, let alone the 7th best team in the NFL. I certainly hope they are they are that good, but this team has started the last three drafts with the #2 pick twice (including in this last draft) and the #9 pick. There may be the talent, but the play on the field has been bad. Let’s see them put some good, winning football together before declaring this a good team.

  34. Grant…

    If the 9ers had been selected to appear on Hard Knocks, how would that dynamic impact your coverage?

      1. Just think, Hard Knocks has the potential of illuminating all kinds of less-than-flattering things. Imagine, Niner ownership and senior execs, coaches, etc. under scrutiny. And, you could become a demigod…

  35. My comment in the thread from George’s ninersnation link, the guy with the player ranking system, everyone was like WGAF, he’s just a guy.

    Doesn’t matter. Haven’t we seen established, household names, national figures torn to shreds on these pages? If you don’t like what someone is saying, you aren’t going to give two figs who that someone is.

    This blog and postings, exhibit A.

  36. In his own words King is staking his projection on Garoppolo because “the Niners were 6-2 when Jimmy Garoppolo started”.

    That ignores how they were 1-2 in his starts in 2018 and those 2017 starts came against teams with terrible QB’s which played away from the 49ers biggest weakness.

    1. Hammer, you are either schizo or just trolling us with that 11-5 prediction. JG better be all you say he ain’t or they are never going to crack .500

      1. Rib,

        I’ve said that they have the talent to win 10-12 games. I’ve also said that I wouldn’t bet the over on their o/u of 8 wins because they will likely find ways to lose about 3-4 games that they should win.

        1. A team with a fluke of a QB, as you’ve been insisting JG is with every posting you mention him in, is rarely a 10 to 12 game winner. Much more like Grants 4 games (or was it 6, Grant)

        2. So you hedge your comment about the talent being there only to throw more crap on Shanny if they don’t win 11 games.
          You are so FOS it’s funny!

          1. Yeah. If they play up to their potential this is a 10-12 win team. Not sure why it’s so hard to understand.

            1. But what about that QB who only got the job due to some fluky meaningless performances against overrated competition? He’s not going to keep them reaching that potential? Or is this team the second coming of the 85 bears, the 2000 ravens, the 2011 Niners where competent QB play is merely an afterthought? Bosa better have the mother of all rook seasons.

              1. I put Garoppolo and Mullens at about the same level and there were at least 4 games that they could have won last year if Beathard wasn’t the QB. That gets them to 8 wins. Throw in the addition of Ford and viola!

              2. That is the 49ers’ hope. It’s clear they think they’re a 10-12 win team. That’s why they took a punter in Round 4. I’m surprised you think they’re a 10-12 win team, though. This group never lives up to the sum of its parts, and there still are major holes.

              3. “This group never lives up to the sum of its parts”

                Which is why I think they will throw away about 4 games that they should win.

                This is a team with 10-12 win talent that will likely win 7.

              4. Grant, I disagree with you regarding the 9ers thinking they are a 10 to 12 win team and that being why they drafted a punter in round 4. Teams that believe their talent is that good don’t waste draft picks or cap space on kickers and punters. They usually believe their talent on offense and defense will carry them and all they need is Avg special teams (see the 49ers under B. Walsh) I believe the 49ers front office and coaching see this team as 7 to 9 win team that with outstanding special team play IE Gould and Wishnowsky could sneak into the last wild card spot. imho

              5. I put Garoppolo and Mullens at about the same level

                Interesting. Do you foresee a TC/pre-season battle, shake up?

    2. Last year the season started with an injury to McKinnon which was a MASSIVE blow to the Niners offense. They built that offense around him. It took them time to adjust to that loss. The Vikings game was very winnable. JG didn’t play his best game but there was about 3-4 TDS that were dropped. Garcion and Kittle I recall accounted for 2. I don’t recall who dropped the others. JG did finish with 4-0 TDs Zero picks his last quarter in a half. He started to get into a rythem.

        1. Yeah and they almost came back. Like I said it was a major adjustment to that whole offense to lose McKinnon. They lost there pass catching back who would of been a match up nightmare for LBs. Especially in a game against KC who lacked quality LBs.

    3. Yeah, I’ve seen fan postings that have practically anointed Jimmy Garoppolo as a top QB. Even during his win streak in 2017, Jimmy wasn’t lighting the league on fire. He was able to execute the offense effectively and better than Hoyer and Beathard but that’s not exactly the threshold mark for excellent QB play. But being overly optimistic is the stuff that fandom is made of….so from them it’s to be expected. I am surprised that King, a seasoned sports writer would lack objectivity about the 49er’s talent and season prospects. But then maybe he’s just doing a rosy hot take for attention….kinda like how Grant posts the negative-nilly hot take sometimes.

      1. They’ve given Jimmy Firepower through the air and on the ground while he finished up his masters in Shanny’s offense with Professor Big Shanny. With his hairy trigger and laser sights, I don’t see anyway in hell that he’s not a top 10 quarterback in this offense with the best play caller in the game….

        1. I suppose Kittle is “firepower” The rest are all big question marks. Intriguing and potentially entertaining prospects. But as they say…prospects are suspects until proven otherwise.

          You don’t get a graduate degree in an offensive system until you’ve actually played in it in live games for a season. But another way to look at is that while he’s 28 years old…Jimmy still has potential to get better…..but then you know that quote by Parcells about “potential”.

          All I’m saying is that I’d pump my brakes on King’s claims and predictions. But I’d take some anti-depressants for Grant’s predictions.

          1. I suppose Kittle is “firepower” The rest are all big question marks. Intriguing and potentially entertaining prospects. But as they say…prospects are suspects until proven otherwise.

            They ranked 21st in scoring, 16th in total yardage, 15th in passing and 13th in rushing. Now that was with a UDFA qb, and a couple bullets.

            You don’t get a graduate degree in an offensive system until you’ve actually played in it in live games for a season. But another way to look at is that while he’s 28 years old…Jimmy still has potential to get better…..but then you know that quote by Parcells about “potential”.

            We’ve seen numerous examples of qb’s sitting for a year, and learning through mental repetition and we’ve seen it translate to the field. Case in point, BDN.

            All I’m saying is give G a chance.

            1. I’m giving him a chance, I’m a fan. But I wouldn’t bank on it.

              I think Aaron Rogers is one of the few exceptions…. but he sat for more than a year. Mahomes might be THE exception. Most QBs don’t just sit and then get really good. They usually have at least a break in year or two. With a 13/10 TD/INT ratio…I’d hardly call Mullens a successful transition to full time starter. He did well as a back up filling in…but let’s get some perceptive.

              1. Push in all your chips and win big. Push in one chip, win small.

                You don’t think Mullens played above his pay grade during his first live 16 game season after playing safety on the scout team?

          2. They should be among the top teams in the league in terms of receiving ability at TE and RB, where McKinnon and Coleman are two of the best. WR lacks a proven player, and it seems like every single player in the unit has injury issues, but we should see a couple guys pan out, at least. Those players, in Shanahan’s system, should allow the team to be quite competitive on that side of the ball. But a couple injuries (e.g., losing Kittle for any period of time) could really derail this team.

            Defense is a bit harder to project. The scheme won’t cover up shortcomings the way the offensive scheme can. We should have a very good DL if everyone stays healthy. It gets progressively shakier the further back you move on D. The LB group appears to be adequate, but there are plenty of questions there. And the defensive backfield has a huge range of outcomes, again, largely related to Verrett’s ability to play at a high level.

      2. Actually JG did light the league on fire. Clearly you werent watching but for some reason still thinks that your opinion matters

        1. @gotem

          Did I hurt your feelings? If so, I apologize. The internet is a rough place….maybe you need to take a break from it.

          Or you could simply tell me why you disagree.

          And yes, I believe my knowledge of the game of football dwarfs most “fans”.

          1. I’m going to disagree with your comments regarding Jimmy Gs play in 2017. He barely had time to learn the offense and yet was able to improvise enough to go undefeated. I see comments regarding his interceptions. He’s a gunslinger and people are going to have to get used to it. I accept the interceptions as long as the offense is high powered.

            He started a bit slow last year, but so did the rest of the team as there were ample opportunities to win that Minnesota game (how Alfred Morris could fumble the ball on back-to-back plays at the goal line is beyond me [the first fumble he recovered himself]). Had Jimmy stayed in the KC game they had a good chance to win it because the “D” was finally showing up.

            But Jimmy G needs to step up this year. Like Razor said, he now has plenty of weapons, had additional time to learn the offense and the defense should be able to stop opponents from scoring as much.

              1. Razor
                * “I can vouch for AFFP. His expertise is defense.”
                * Are you the same guy that vouched for Solomon Thomas being all pro?

            1. Yes. I too will vouch. If you ask him a question about scheme, he is usually willing to walk you through it and explain the lingo.

              1. Razor
                * As someone you know said. “Did I hurt your feelings? If so, I apologize. The internet is a rough place….maybe you need to take a break from it.”
                * How’s your OCD condition coming along?

            2. No, if AFFP played and coached football, he is much more qualified than me.
              I have also read what he writes, and think he can present a cogent argument by using facts and logic. He is pretty humble, and does not take himself too seriously, with solid football acumen to give insights on strategy and player assessments.
              I look forward to his posts, and learn things from them.
              Me, I am just a Die Hard Faithful 49er Fan, who has witnessed history, revel in the Glory Years, and yearn for a return to greatness.

              1. GEEP, you are easily amused. I advocated for the Niners to trade back. They did trade back, and even bundled a player and a pick.
                In this draft, there were over 45 trade backs. That draft strategy has proved to be a sound one.
                Of all the posters on this site, I would say that I was the one who most forcefully advocated for trade backs. You did not, because your tiny mind could not comprehend that option.
                You may claim I know nothing, but I was smart enough to advocate something you did not have a clue about, and teams agreed with me 45 times.

              1. Razor / AES / AFFP
                * Your missing my point! Wasn’t questioning AFFP’s expertise, just pointing out how he sounded like Seb…..Full of himself.

              2. It’s one thing to be full of yourself and no nothing like yourself, and it’s quite another to be full of yourself and know quite a bit. Case in point, Yngwie Malmsteen. He’s one of the greatest guitarists of all time, but he’s also one of the fullest of himself on the planet….

              3. You can talk the talk if you can walk the walk. AFFP can walk the walk.
                He can explain the nuances of a 4-3 over compared to a 4-3 under. That is something a person who has coached that system can do.

    1. Yes there are plenty of rabid HOMER fans … no matter how bad the team stinks they support them….hell they are here posting dribble and rah rah this is a top team blah blah nobody knows anything about football or playing it….

      This is a poorly run team and it starts from the top and runs downhill….this is not a championship culture with JL and Kyle….neither has proven themselves thusfar other than last fkn place and getting worse….when that changes my postings and Grant’s will change..or whoever else sees it for what is truly is.

      1. Yes there are plenty of rabid HOMER fans …

        Yet this conversation was precipitated by a respected national writer, not to be confused with boogie man homer fan.

      2. To Monty:

        Every coach and GM…has to start somewhere.

        Were Kyle and Lynch supposed to have a thousand wins. Before we hired them??? Since you say they are not proven and all…

        I don’t think we’re getting worse..

        What are you seeing that makes you think that? Win columns?Past coaches?
        Plain just dont like the front office?

  37. If this team stays healthy they are top 10 team offensively and defensively. In a year or 2 the offense can be the very best in the league. What KS wants to do reminds me of positionless basketball. It will be exciting.

    The key is JG. If he cant stay healthy this year, the team has to move on from him. There are numerous quality QBs who will be eligible to declare for the 2020 draft. If CJ or Mullens is out there, I would look for the team to be drafting in the top 5 next year.

  38. Of course you make predictions on everything going right, you do that for all teams. What if I power ranked new England 17 based on a projection of Brady going down for the season week 2?

    That would be stupid grant.. stupid.

    1. This was posted on the last Blog post by George.
      Yes, colorful charts do look rosy and optimistic. The brutal truth is that other teams have spent even more money than the Niners to improve, and they have more seasoned and experienced coaches.
      It would be better to compare the present players with their present opposition, rather than comparing them with last year’s players.
      That poster fully admitted he liked to rosily scenario, and optimism reigned.
      Grant just gets down to the nitty gritty, and presents both sides, although some only dwell on the negatives.

      1. I agree with you Sebbie..I may seem negative but I have seen good teams and this is not one…..if you objectively look at the players and coaches and management and how much money they are NOT SPENDING its a joke…….If they do make it er win more than 6 games I will be happy and glad but the reality is this: no QB on this roster has ever EVER played a full season period….I like JimmyG but the team would be better served to play Mullens, He went to QB camp and is healthy but now JimmyG is untradeable…christsakes….the team is a mess and I would in all reality be shocked if they are even in the conversation at the end of the season and it may all unravel and get really really bad….it def looks unravelable…

        1. Monty, I am hoping Jed kicks Paraag in the behind and gets him to write up a FAIR contract extension with Buckner ASAP. That would spend some of the salary cap.
          I hope they go into the season with less than 10 mil in cap space, for contingencies.
          I may also seem negative, but I am just tempering the sunshine and rainbow predictions.
          However, I do see improvement, and I think the coaching will improve, with the loss of Hafley and Zgonina, and the addition of Joe Woods and Kocurek. Joe Woods, being a former DC of the Broncos, will be a huge help for Saleh.

              1. King of exposing your need for acknowledgment. Poor Seb needs the petting. At 65. Pathetic is right.

              2. Prime, I know you SWORE you were leaving, and never coming back.
                You are not only a welcher, you are a liar.

        2. Sorry to disagree, but JG is DA MAN. I hope he is fully healthy and can play all season. However, if they want to take it slow, and be cautious, I would be perfectly content to see Mullens start the first few games, until JG is fully ready.
          I think Mullens is a good backup, and his win against the Seahawks was impressive, since they were fighting for a playoff spot.
          I wonder about CJB, and think he may be cut in order to save a player from another position like WR or RB. I wonder if he is eligible for the Practice Squad.

  39. here it is: Get McClue back at GM and drafting =these draft picks are horrible…

    Get a good HC…get a good OC….

    Get players with a good track record=and actually analyze the roster there are gaping holes in it…duh…..that is why we are ragging on the team and in last place….duh…why does it seem so hard to figure out???? that’s the question

    Grant seems to bring this forth with his analytics…have you all not noticed?

    1. You might want to go look at mclue?? Draft history with the Niners. Then look and see who’s actually doing a better job. Scott McCloughan as a draft guru is a Myth.

  40. Yes there are plenty of rabid HOMER fans … no matter how bad the team stinks they support them….hell they are here posting dribble and rah rah this is a top team blah blah nobody knows anything about football or playing it….

    This is a poorly run team and it starts from the top and runs downhill….this is not a championship culture with JL and Kyle….neither has proven themselves thusfar other than last fkn place and getting worse….when that changes my postings and Grant’s will change..or whoever else sees it for what is truly is.

    1. Excuse me, they sale pacifiers at Walmart, pretty sure with all this whining you can get a discount.

  41. One thing that is missing is a great second QB. If Jimmy G isn’t up to snuff or gets hurt, the season is over pretty much. I like Mullens as a third QB but I’d like another QB the caliber of Dwayne Haskins who can sling the ball down the field. That is a weapon we don’t have with Jimmy G who has only shown accuracy in the short to intermediate range. I don’t think Shanahan can pick that to be honest because a few great QBs have slipped by him in the draft and he didn’t even want Jimmy G until the niners got him and he saw him play quite a bit. Shanny ain’t perfect.

    1. Yes but who calls the shots???…Jed meddles (hello NBosa) Jlynch is tied to Kyle…..Mullens is a decent #2 or 3 but no he is not Mahomes or Bisky or Watson hell no…….the draft picks have been sucky the last several drafts with the best picks #3 on down def not the top picks min Buckner. There is blame everywhere on this fidgety run team…..I think they are still paying salaries to Tomsula and Chirp Kelly christsakes…the team is run horribly….but hey they drafted a punter= when your in last place good god….who is steering the ship?

      1. Monty, I will push back on your Bosa charge. I think it was KS who wanted Bosa, and JL wanted Q Williams.
        I do not think Jed would meddle so much, because I think JL would quit if he was emasculated like that.
        Now, I do see Paraag’s dirty fingerprints all over this draft. The initial -We will only accept deals too good to be true- stance. Ignoring red flags. Reaching so many times.
        I will also disagree about Mullens. He proved he is a starter, and beat Seattle. He almost beat the Bears.
        Sure, he is not a Mahomes, but many QBs are not Mahomes with his 50 passing TDs. However, Mullens did lead an injury ravaged team, leading third stringers to victory.

        1. I didn’t cause I didn’t make a personal attack I only expressed my opinion that was different than his. So he moderates it and takes it out. Bush league..

          1. I read your post before it was removed, and have seen worse, but also can see why they removed yours.

      2. Funny if you think all the picks the last three years have been crapoy. Your clearly not paying attention…

          1. Like, Taylor, mcglinchey, Harris, Colbert, DJ, Pettis, and George Kittle…. undrafted. Bourne, Breida, mullens.

          2. Seb, Two picks do not equal the “all the picks” in the OP. Someone said “reading is fundamental “. Can you go find out who.

            1. Donald, the Niners have drafted around 24 players.
              He mentioned Taylor who was injured, and has struggled. Harris, Colbert and Pettis who also have been injured.
              McGlinchey and Kittle are 2 out all the draft picks, that are the only ones who have done well. Becoming injured and not being available to play does not mean they are shining successes. He then mentioned players who were not even draft picks- UDFAs Bourne, Breida and Mullens. Bourne may be on the bubble, Breida does play well when not injured, but is injured a lot, and an emergency backup.
              Yes, reading is fundamental. 2 out of 24 does not mean the drafts have been a smashing success. I just mentioned 2 that were utter failures.

              1. Injured and not available to play does not mean they are shining successes.

                Injured players /= bad players. Or bad players:

                Andrew Luck
                A. J. Green
                Greg Olsen
                Mike Iupati
                Cooper Kupp
                Dez Bryant
                Phil Dawson
                on and on and on….

                I just mentioned 2 that were utter failures.

                You just love that reductive logic, don’t you?

              2. K, I would have mentioned Warner, but even that just means only 3 out of 24 have shined.

          3. Your freekin ridiculous, Sebs!!!!!!

            Every single coach has swung and missed at players–every-single-one!

            You still wont give me $20 bucks for every swing and miss Walsh had-and he’s had them. You know this. Why do you play these silly games?

            Your standards are not only untenable, you yourself couldn’t possibly meet them.

            1. Saw, maybe that poster should not deal in absolutes. He said all of the players were not crapoy (sic).
              I just mentioned 2 that were utter failures. Then he gave a list of players, and most of them were injured. 2 players out of 24 is not a magnificent success. 3, if you include Warner.
              Why are you dissing Bill Walsh? Sure, he did miss on players, but he hit on enough to build a juggernaut that won 5 rings. Only Belichick has surpassed him.
              Looking back on the last 2 tears of drafts, KS does not cover himself in glory. But go ahead, kiss his rear end all you want.

              1. He’s not dissing Walsh. He’s only comparing his early lack of success to what we have seen with our current HC at the same stage of their HC-ing careers. Maybe a better comparison will be 15 years down the road, but even then not likely as Walsh was a once in a generation phenomenon. Something that doesn’t seem to register with you, as you hold up every coaching shortcoming against the excellence of Walsh, the likes of which, outside the phenomenon of his generation – Belichick – we will not not see again. Not for a long time.

              2. Donald, Bill Walsh is an icon. A legend that brought greatness to the Niners.
                Dissing him by pointing out his draft misses is disrespectful. Of course, you think hurling insults and snark is just giving your opinion.

              3. Of course, you think hurling insults and snark is just giving your opinion.

                Of course it is. Would you rather my insults towards you were the unadulterated truth?

              4. Lying? Oh I see, you equate opinions as truth . No wonder you are so f-ing insufferable.

  42. Funny how many of you have the answers. Yet none of you are working for the niners or any team for that matter. It’s like those who never served the country we live in and act like they know what it’s all about. Put up or shut up. Apply for the job or enlist if you want to act like you have a clue. I’m optimistic about the Niners because I feel the people in the fo know a hell of alot more about fb than any of you..

      1. And people who never played the game of football think they know more. Soccer right Grant and Sebnnoying?

      2. Completely unfair, Sebs-and you know why.

        Let me pull a Seb-onian and do a little sun zoo pivot………what was Walsh’s record his 2nd year? Didn’t he have a 9 game losing streak that year? Are those not facts? What, specifically, should Walsh have done better (with that roster of his) that would meet your standards?

        1. Bill Walsh did have a lot of angst during that losing streak, and even contemplated quitting.
          He responded by having tryouts to find players, and not just a few players, but 50 to hundred player tryouts.
          Then he struck gold by drafting almost an entire defensive backfield, and the rest is history.
          Your dissing of Bill Walsh just confirms you are a Raider troll.

    1. Clearly you think this football blog site should be reserved for only former NFL players, coaches and GMs.
      Why are you here?

  43. If you don’t think this roster has a ton more talent than when this FO took over then there is clearly no help for anyone who can’t at least admit that.

    1. Low hanging fruit. Baalke dismantled a SB team.
      Devey, Pears, Beadles, Bellore. It is easy to upgrade from them.
      Sure, I want them to do well, but last season, they went 4-12, so adding 15 players this year through Free Agency and the draft, will not make them into a SB team.
      Even with the personnel upgrades, the coaching needs to improve, too. KS himself admitted he should have won 3 more games last season.

      1. Rather they are easy to upgrade from them or not, it’s still an upgrade. So it’s not low hanging fruit. Seb an upgrade is an upgrade. Not only did he dismantle a super bowl team but these guys came in and dismantled what Balkee did. Only guy still here is Staley. That right there should tell you something. And in my opinion, there is not one guy from that year that I’d rather have on this team than what we got now. Again an upgrade is an upgrade.

        1. Steele, just because they upgraded, does not mean they are SB bound.
          I am just keeping it real. Believe it or not, the other teams have upgraded, too.
          Sure, I want them to win another ring, but I am only predicting they double their win totals from last season. I am not saying they suck, but they need to have more talent, and better coaching. Why am I a Debbie Downer to point out they did not address the interior O line and DBs early in the draft? 2 areas where they struggled last season.
          They also need to avoid the injury bug.

          1. Nobody said anything about a super bowl. This team is just now comin together with all its parts. You’re the one who says that every post.

            1. I just question those who declare they are SB bound. I am predicting an 8 win season, which is steady, incremental improvement.

  44. My comment is being moderated. Leave it to Grant to try and censor the opinion of a disabled veteran. True colors..

        1. If you don’t see how a comment being qued for moderation (which can happen (and almost certainly does) due to user-side (browser) issues conflicting with whichever company provides the server space to facilitate to commenting section on press democrat’s blog, and thus Grant would have no control over it whatsoever) does not mean that Grant is both aware of your status as a veteran and disabled and is actively biased against you for it, then I don’t really know what to say to you. I feel like you’re creating ways to make yourself upset.

        2. The truth is, most vets have more class than to hide behind their disability when posting offensive snark.
          I may not have fought, because I was undrafted for Vietnam, but my uncle was awarded a Bronze Star in Korea, and my family’s grandparents fought in WW2 with distinction.
          Just because you were in the service, does not give you the right to talk down to football fans. Also, you do not know the history of many of the posters on this site. There are many vets, but they do not say that they are superior, just because they served. They stick to football, because this is a football site.
          (Although politics do intrude at times).
          My advice- stop abbreviating expletives, be calm and civil, stop attacking posters and stick to football.

          1. If it was Sebs uncle, I’m surprised it wasn’t General Effing McArthur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Again, with the bragging of your family! who said anything about family??????????

            ….”talk down to football fans”????????????????????????????? Come on, Seb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time to reach over and shake hands with the Mad Hatter again!!!!!!!!!

            1. Saw, he was pontificating that as a vet, he is more qualified to talk football than us, and as a disabled vet, he was whining we are being mean to him.
              You sure like to push back on my posts, but the Mad Hatter reference is more closely aligned with your posts with all the question marks and exclamation points.
              Please calm down. Defending the indefensible is not something Sun Tzu would advocate.

    1. Ian, from my past experience with the site Grant has nothing to do those moderation messages. The filter is triggered by off color language or multiple URL links.

  45. Question for all….

    Have you ever damaged or destroyed anything–including relationships with people–as the direct result anger (fan rage)?

    Not saying anyone on this blog has, just curious. YouTube is full of video showing unhinged fans pummeling TVs, throwing objects about the house, etc., etc.

    1. My bad–too early in the morning. Above should read “as the direct result of anger”…

    2. Lol, nope. I work to hard to damage anything I own on purpose. I love my team but I love my life accomplishments more?

  46. Observation….

    It seems a few on this blog have weaponized the term ‘homer’ (not Simpson–a whole different reality), and enjoy using that weapon widely.

    The thinking seems to be that anyone who doesn’t fall in line and: 1) trash 9er players (all but two or three), 2) find deep flaws in nearly all roster decisions and play selection, 3) demand the immediate removal of Lynch and Shanahan (and other front office staff), and 4) demand the sale of the franchise….are blind, York-loving homers, more than happy to accept loosing, mediocre leadership, and sloppy play. Never questioning. Blind acceptance. You either believe what we ‘everything-is-wrong’ experts believe, or you’re a homer….

    There appears to be no middle ground–you’re either a (loser, witless) homer, or you’re ‘with us’–the community of posters who really know and understand what’s going down with the 9ers, and every stinking aspect is horrible. Classic polarizing behavior.

    IMO there is middle ground, and that middle ground is quite diverse. For example, some would love to have the Yorks sell the club ASAP, yet are cautiously encouraged by recent player acquisitions and tweaks within the coaching staff. For the sake of brevity, there’s no point in listing other aspects of middle ground thinking. You get the point. Yet those who use hurl the term ‘homer’ as a Molotov cocktail see no middle ground–really have no interest in evening considering the possibility there would be middle ground.

    We just muddle along. Can wait for preseason hysteria.

    1. I gotta quit early morning posting… Above should read “Yet those who hurl the term…”.

      I feel like hurling.

      1. Why don’t you take a few months off? Come back around training camp. You can tend to your begonias and do some sea gull watching down by the breaks.

    2. ?…… This is exactly how it is.. But I’ll be a homer, but better believe when they kick azz this year, I will throw it in all so called non homer, burn the trash, the fo is stupid, who’s got it better than us fans faces. Difference of opinion is amazing ain’t it?

    3. Si if you don’t gush about the 1) Yorks finally getting it right by hiring Shanahan and Lynch, 2) fully on board of Shanahan being the best young head coach in the NFL, 3) exited about the various FA and draft picks being potential ROY, or APs without ever playing a down, 4) constantly playing the what if game for previous seasons (what if JG had been with the team all year?, what if JG hadn’t gotten injured?, what if they had won those close games) then we are haters? See, it cuts both ways.

      Some of the so called haters haven’t been pleased with the direction of the team prior to the arrival of KS and some of us took a wait and see approach while some of us questioned the hire from the start. No different than when Chip Kelly came on board.

      The moves made by the team can and should be scrutinized. I don’t know why we have to be rah, rah, rah my team right or wrong guys to be “authentic” fans. Some of us love the team and want to see it win, but we still see the warts and call them as such. We may be wrong or we may be right, but I guarantee you every one of us wants to be wrong and groan when we are proven right.

      1. Would you rather be miserable after a losing season, or miserable year round. I know what I’ll take.

        1. If you’re miserable because your team sucks then it might be time to re-evaluate a few things

          1. Who’s not miserable after a losing season? Things have been re-evaluated, otherwise we’d be looking at Tomsulas 5th year as HC. Sure reevaluate again, tear it down start from scratch again, eh Hammer

            1. I’m not miserable. I got better things to do with my life. I enjoy watching my team and watching other teams superior play. I look forward to my team being competitive but I’m not miserable at the end of the day.

              1. Sure, just post after post after post on all the team shortcomings is the sign of a happy happy fan ????

              2. Actually a realistic one considering they are 17-47 over the last 4 seasons.

              3. And post after post regarding the hopes and aspirations of a team that with a losing record is delusional.

              4. And post after post regarding the hopes and aspirations of a team that with a losing record is delusional.

                Considering there are many many more losing teams than winning ones (and only one ultimate winner per sport), there is a lot of delusion out there in the land world. I prefer “hope springs eternal”

              5. Sour, could you explain that obvious distinction between a losing team and a losing record. Im not getting it. Thanks.

              1. Blog police, hardly. You have some valid ideas in the rare instances they are not framed in pathetic “look at me, I’m so so smart. Much smarter than the team staff” premise. That’s when you deserve a well placed doink in the ribs.

                Please continue, governor.

              2. I’m misersble.
                I just had a tooth extraction and can’t eat a Rib Eye for two weeks!
                Oh, the humanity ?

            2. I am not miserable. I also am not delusional. The Niners face a daunting challenge. I just want to postulate ways the Niners can improve, so they avoid another losing season. I point out their mistakes, so they can learn from them, and not repeat them.
              Just because I am not a Pollyanna, does not make me a Negative Nancy.
              If they had followed my mock, they could have drafted Chris Lindstrom, N’Keal Harry and Juan Thornhill. Then I would have been more optimistic. Instead, they drafted players ranked 313 and 398, and drafted a punter in the 4th round.
              I am hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.

              1. If they had followed my mock,

                Couldn’t resist, could you? A narcissist’s gotta narcissis.

              2. The Niners did not address the need to draft a single high safety, or an interior lineman.
                My mock did. Instead, they reached, and drafted a punter in the 4th round.
                As we watch this season unfold, we will see which draft strategy was better.

              3. Franklin, Seb occupies that trope known since the dawn of comedy – the overweening humorless blowhard know-it-all. It’s not so much a whack as a needling he’s asking for. With the occasional Chaplain-esque boot in the behind.

                BTW, I bat right, throw left.

              4. He’d rather be mocked as a fool than ignored. Which is pretty sad.
                Remember when he quit the blog forever?

              5. Franklin, I have said this many times, and i will repeat this once again.
                Please ignore my posts, so I can post in peace. Scroll past, it makes things go quicker, and will not waste my time.
                Like a moth to a flame, some just cannot help themselves.

              6. Donald, you seem to appoint yourself the blog police, but in the end, you are just defining yourself as a malignant narcissist.
                Who gave you the power to be judge, jury and executioner?
                You and Trump are so alike.

              7. Bad Sebbie
                Bad Sebbie
                Whatcha gonna do when they come for you…

              8. And there it is……………”If they had followed MY mock”……………

                Walsh drafted Dwight Clark loooong before his ranking. His Head Scout insisted Rice could be picked up in the 3rd rd……….

                And your “ol buddy Al Davis drafted a certain punter in the 1st rd……….that worked out pretty well, as I remember.

                The fact of the matter is, you ARE upset in a very fundamental way…………..there aren’t utensils big enough to handle all the crow you’ll be eating come December.

              9. Saw, FYI, Walsh did something smart. He went with his gut instincts, and drafted Dwight in the TENTH round, so that was not a reach at all.
                A scout turned Walsh towards Rice, and he liked what he saw so much, he moved up in the draft to take him. As GM, that was his prerogative, and scouts can be wrong at times. Look at how that turned out. Walsh brilliantly selected the best player to ever play the game.
                Al Davis was a miserable human being, but he did treat many of his players well. I am no fan of his.
                Eating crow? For predicting an 8 win season? The smart money is on that prediction, since that is where the betting line lies.

    4. It amuses me to no end that those “who see things as they are” “demand the Yorks sell the team”. Now who is living in fantasyland?

    5. Hah, we’ll said Cassie. I just come here for comical relief most times. I love the banter, and sometimes get angry, type a re-tort and then delete it, as I remember the wise words, “you can’t fix stupid”. I love the Niners, am mostly Optimistic, and know that I don’t know more than the professional last running the team, although sometimes I like to think I do.

      Here’s to a successful training camp, preseason and even better season! Never stop improving, let’s snatch this NFC West from the lamb chops! Go Niners!

  47. I am predicting – Interception by defense on the 1st series in the 1st game of the regular season…..

    1. Oneniner,
      Since you are making predictions, who will the interceptor be and will it be a pick six?

  48. This is the only blog I’ve ever read where fans and the blog owner finds ways to dismiss wins! All of your arguments about Jimmys wins were, they were at the end of season. Who gives a flying Fu$$ . A wins a win. Well unless you own or comment on this blog. ? Jesus.

    1. Steele, some were saying that past victories are meaningless, because it is a whole new season., and those past wins did not count the next season. Also, the Niners defeated the Rams, who were playing their second stringers, so that win did not mean as much, since the Rams only wanted to end the season without any injuries.
      Sure, wins do mean a lot. That is why I became upset when the Niners snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

      1. It’s not about past victories seb.. if the Niners win game one this season, at least 50 percent of you will come up with a reason that they won. And it will be negative. Something to the lines of, the other team sucked, or they are rebuilding, or they didn’t have a certain player or the coaching staff sucks…. Instead of enjoying the win, it will be many who dismiss it for cause. And it’s sad that a fan base does that sh//. Even a blog owner

      2. Seb, see what I mean, you just sat there and dismissed the damn victory over the rams. Seriously, what’s the point? What’s the freaking point? A win is a win, unless you operate in this domain. And you’re supposed to be one of the bigger supporters. Sure I’m not saying we do everything right, but I am saying, stop trying to kick them even when they do something right. And from where I’m from, when a team wins, it’s right.

        1. Steele, I agree that wins are important. The Niners need to build that winning culture, and snatching defeat from the jaws of victory is not the way to go.
          However, winning against a team that is sitting its starters is not the final impetus towards a SB. The Rams almost beat the Niners that game.
          Yes, it is a results driven business. The Niners dominated the cards in every statistical category, yet lost the game, last season. One could say the Niners won the game, but lost the score.
          I am just trying to keep it real. Oh, how I long for the era when the Niners were winners before even stepping on the field. I am just hoping they improve, so we can get back to those winning ways. Beating up on a team sitting its starters is just not impressive, although I did savor that victory.

        2. Steel,

          A win is a win, no doubt. But, a loss is a loss as well, right? Doesn’t matter how they get there, what matters is the net effect?

          Are you as dogmatic regarding other posters wresting wins from losses as you are regarding the wins?

          This team is 10-22 last two seasons. They were 7 and 25 the two seasons prior to KS and JL coming on board. Our team is not exactly lighting the world on fire.

          This year will mark the halfway point of Shanahan’s tenure and will be the defining year of the regime.

  49. We shall overcome the negative Nancy fans, and prove them wrong! Our basic plan of operation is to advance and to keep on advancing regardless of whether we have to go over, under, or through the enemy. We are going to go through him like crap through a goose; like $hit through a tin horn!

    1. I think they were chugging red bulls and jamming to, “What is Love.”

      Paraag wanted Bhangra but Jed cast the deciding vote. Said it reminded him of his days in New York after a hard day of trading.

  50. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the 49ers have the most 1st rd picks on the roster…..


    1. So in 2017 season, three teams had 11 first round picks on their roster. Cardinals, Steelers and Raiders which qualified them for second in the league. In 2018 the Cardinals were supposed to have 14 first rounders, which would have put them ahead of the 2017 Panthers who had 12.

      Good catch one niner. We’ll be at the top of the league for sure.

    2. The Cards had 14 first rounders last season, and ended up with the first pick of the draft.
      Pats had only 8 first rounders, and won the SB.

      1. You can’t keep comparing teams with the pats. They do things different. No matter what you say if you’re comparing anyone with what the pats do it’s lazy because they have done everything better than everyone else the past 20 years and they have the record, the rings and the nucleus to prove it. Nucleus meaning Brady and Bil

        1. I want the Niners to emulate the Pats. 25 years ago, Kraft went to the Niners, and learned all he could so they could emulate the Niners. This is a copycat league, and the Niners are fortunate to get JG, a former Patriot, who I hope will bring some of that winning mojo here.

  51. You would think a guy who stands 6-foot-5, weighs around 275 pounds and has a voice that reaches the same distance as a lions’ roar wouldn’t have any problem attracting attention. It sounds as if Kocurek won’t be shy about trying to pull the best from his new charges: The new voice of the 49ers’ defensive line routinely reaches high decibels.

    Kocurek comes in loud and clear in Allen Park, all the way across the practice field at Lions headquarters, barking at the defensive line he coaches – HUT, HUT! HUUUUUT!! HUT, HUT! HUUUUUT!! – trying to get them to jump offsides during a drill. If one of them bites, you’d better believe the offending player is going to hear his name surrounded by multiple expletives.

    “Point blank, period, you want to inflict fear in people,” 329-pound defensive tackle Sammie Hill said. “The way he coaches, we don’t want nobody to be better than us and we definitely want to inflict fear in people when they think about playing us. That’s one thing he bring to the table – that mentality – when you bring that mentality and it works and it trickles on down from top to bottom.”

    Reply: Solomon Thomas slides back inside where he was in college.

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