Predict the 49ers’ record

In light of the preseason results so far, do you have any idea what the 49ers’ record will be this season?

Considering Daniel Kilgore will start at center instead of Jonathan Goodwin, Joe Looney will start at right guard instead of Alex Boone, and Anthony Davis will start at right tackle after missing almost all offseason rehabbing his shoulder, I say 10-6 at best.

What do you say?

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  1. 11-5. Loss to the undefeated Saints, loss to Seattle on Thanksgiving, loss to Denver, and the other two loses; one in the division, one to a team they overlook.

      1. It’s a short week. We play the later game the Sunday before. Instead of the knee jerk reaction, why don’t you get in a thesaurus and extend your vocabulary.

  2. I’ll start by saying I think there’s been way too much made of the preseason. No reason to look at this time of year as anything more than it is. As far as the prediction, I’ll say 12-4 on the high end and 10-6 on the low end.

  3. Let’s break up the niners season and look at it that way. Division: 4-2. I say we lose one to Seattle and one to az (probably not but I’m playing worst case). NFC East: 3-1. Phi will be the only team that has a chance to beat us. Or if our offense struggles to score there could be a week one upset. AFC west: 3-1. I say we beat KC and oak without a doubt. We have a slip up game against either Den or SD, but not against both. NO&Chi: 1-1. Playing at NO for the 3rd straight year is pretty BS and horrid schedule making by the league. One of the toughest places to play in the league. They stand a very good chance at beating us. Chicago on the other hand should be an easy W. So there we have it. My prediction is 11-5. Go Niners!

    1. Adam- I also couldn’t understand the three games in a row at NO. As to predictions- I see too many unknown variables involved to even venture a guess.

    2. The NFL schedule isn’t subjective. The reason the 49ers have to travel to NO for a 3rd straight year is because in 2011 and 2013 they both finished in the same position in their division and the way the rotations work just happened to put the game in NO. For example, if they both finish 2nd in their division again this year they will play in Santa Clara in 2015.

      The reason they had to play in NO last year was because the NFL rotates the divisional opponents. For example, the last time the 49ers played the NFC East in 2011 they played Dallas at home which means this time in the rotation they play at Dallas.

      This site shows you the future schedules. Basically there are only 2 opponents per year that are not already set, and those are the ones based on the division finish.

  4. Changed my mind and I will make a guesss.

    Best case scenario – 16 and 0
    worst case scenario- 0 and 16 lol.

  5. I think 11-5 or 10-6 sounds about right. We’ll know more after the first few weeks. Still hard to get a good gauge on some areas of the team.

  6. The Niners will go 13-3. Their losses will come early. We will get stronger as the season goes on. Roman will get a bit more creative. The offense will start slowly but get better week by week.
    Hyde will slowly take over and be dominant.

    Aldon will rejoin us by week 6. Bowman will make a return by week 7 giving the team a HUGE emotional lift. We will sweep the Hawks and win the division by 3 games including the tie breaker.

      1. Mary: Care to comment on Pete getting busted AGAIN, for the same offense? Are we seeing a pattern develop of him bending the rules??

        1. A developing pattern, is that what it is? Carroll is a known cheat. Why do you think he fled, I mean, left USC? He knew that the hammer was going to come down, and come down hard, on his outlaw program, and you know what they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. So, he went to seattle.

  7. I say 10-6 with losses to Seattle, Arizona, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Denver, and San Diego.

      1. Agree and disagree… Dark Side IS timeless, but Rosa is aging quite gracefully.
        As to the prediction: 11-5, first round playoff washout…

      2. Surfer Rosa is still awesome! Eh, shows you what you know…timeless? “Time” is the third track on Dark Side! ;)

        1. “Surfer Rosa is still awesome!” Goodness no. Anyone who plays guitar can hear all the flaws in that record, especially the bass. Kim Deal never played bass guitar when she joined the band and was forced to learn it. Black Francis’ high pitch screeching vocals can be grating.

          Dark Side has none of these problems. The musical technique, vocals, production, and lyrics were, and are perfect.

          1. i’ don’t play guitar. i’ve played some bass. but honestly, i’ve never listened that closely to the technical aspects of the music. but then the Pixies were never about their technical skill and craftmanship. if that’s what you’re listening for, then yeah…the Pixies probably aren’t your thing.

            conversely, the Niner’s record will be dependent on their ability to execute the technical aspects of the game on both offense and defense. knowing where to go, when to go and how to do it. that along with their natural talent is what will make them successful.

  8. 9-7 with losses to Bears, Eagles, Saints, Cardinals, Chargers, and two to the Seahawks.

    Eagles win NFC East, Packers win NFC North, Saints win NFC South, Seahawks win NFC West.

    Niners and Bears (I’m a fan of Marc Testman) will be the wildcards.

    Niners will meet the Seahawks in the NFC championship game again and win behind a resurgent passing game and multiple PI penalties finally being called on the Seahawk CBs.

    Richard Sherman gets a concussion after being pulled down by his dreadlocks by Anquan Boldin. Pete Caroll chokes on his bubble gum after Harbaugh slaps him on the back. Marshawn Lynch gets diabetes after a Skittle eating binge and quits football.

  9. 13-3 and home field advantage. Meet Seattle at Levi’s in the divisional round and exact revenge. Then Green Bay in the championship round at Levi’s and continue doing out payback for the Brett Favre ’90s. Finally knocking off the Patriots in the SB.

    Our regular season losses are @Sea, @NO, and home against Phi.

    1. I can also see us dropping a fourth game in Denver but something tells me we give Denver a beating.

      1. The grass will be fine. The field is not going to be the major factor here (and they’re already putting in the long-term fix). It’s going to be the new noise advantage that helps make us and even better home team.

        I’m going to enjoy watching the 49ers defense feast on the Hawks OL when Wilson is having trouble hearing the playcalls. This applies to other teams too, but I think Levi’s will be the loudest of all when the Seachickens come to town.

        1. Adusoron:

          Well I’m happy the grass situation is under control. RWilson lose his composure;) Good luck with that. They’ll probably be doing no huddles and signing.

          1. Singing the blues maybe. Haven’t won here in five years. Meaning Russell Wilson never has of course.

  10. 19-0

    Does anyone really expect Aldon to be gone for more than 3 games, since he’s getting credit for 5 from last season.

  11. For those looking to exercise their senses of outrage:

    Desmond Hague, the CEO of the food vendor at Levi’s stadium, was caught on video kicking and otherwise mistreating a dog. F’ that guy.

    Those of you attending 49ers games this season might want to think about bringing your own food to the stadium if Hague still has a job with the company. Letting the team know about your plans and your outrage also would be a good thing to do.

      1. hightop:

        There’s clearly something wrong with that guy, and he deserves to have bad things happen to him. And I don’t mean just going to jail and losing his job.

        I sincerely hope 49ers fans planning to attend the Bears game will join together and boycott concessions at the stadium. I fear that the only way Centerplate will do the right thing is if it believes that it will suffer financially.

        1. I don’t condone the behavior, but I think it is ridiculous to boycott a vendor. You are punishing the hard working men and women who are working that stand to support their family.
          No one is perfect, but I’m not going to stop eating steaks because the cow didn’t get a massage before it was slaughtered. I’m not going to stop eating hot dogs because the billionaire who owns Ball Parks doesn’t believe in what I believe in. I’m not going to boycott a vendor because some board member who probably sits on multiple boards did something asinine. Just like I’m not going to follow you into work and demand your resignation because I don’t agree with your posts on an open blog.

          1. Matt:

            Don’t kid yourself. Refusing to visit meaningful consequences upon Hague for his actions is tacitly condoning the behavior.

            If Hague was a random employee who was caught on camera abusing a dog while wearing a Centerplate uniform, I’m fairly confident that he would already be fired. But Centerplate will only take action against Hague if it is in its economic interest to do so.

            Your impassioned concern for Centerplate employees is a canard. Under your logic, one can never boycott a company for any reason because doing so might hurt the employees. Moreover, a boycott of Centerplate concessions during the home opener would bring Centerplate to action pretty quickly, and rank and file employees would be unlikely to suffer. The mere credible threat of such a boycott might be enough. I also decline to accept responsibility for any mistreatment Centerplate might visit upon its employees as a result of its own failure to respond responsibly to this situation.

            The remainder of your message is one false equivalence after another. Abusing a pet is not mere asinine behavior and it is quite different from having a different belief or opinion. And equating animal abuse to the failure to give a massage is grotesque.

            Would it be accurate to say that you don’t own a dog?

            1. No need to wait for the 49ers game to boycott. Centerplate also is the Giants concession vendor. Start tonight.

            2. Claude:

              Thanks for sending the video, even though it was disturbing. I sent an email to his PR firm suggesting my intentions and I will call the Mariners front office. Also I intend to contact the AKC (American Kennel Club) They are huge and do have clout. There are a number of dog orgs. NEVER mess with Americans and their dogs.

              1. Mary:

                The AKC idea is a good one. If you go to the ninersnation link I posted, the author and people in the comments section have provided contact information for different organizations you can contact to raise a stink about this.

              2. Mary: Since Centerpiece also supplies Safeco Park in Seattle, have you suggested how they
                should respond? Have you sent the video to Safeco management and will you be organizing a Centerpiece boycott there also?

            3. Claude I applaud your compassion, but I think there are more effective ways of going about things. I can only speak for myself when I say this, but I always tip the concession worker when I order. These individuals are hard working and pleasant. They are entertainers and they are part of the experience.
              Boycotting would affect members of the employment group. If I am the manager hearing that the company is going to be boycotted, I am not scheduling as many employees. For the poor individuals working, they aren’t going to be making the tips they count on. Would you rather we put them on a corner with a cardboard sign requesting donations from any passersby?
              I think if you really want to make a difference get the Giants and 49ers to get involved. I don’t want to see individuals suffer for a millionaire’s actions.

          2. Matt,

            Your response is exactly what companies hope for in a situation like this, but it’s not going to happen.

            Think about it for a second: do you honestly believe they will allow the profit margin to drop so dramatically that they have to fire a portion of their workforce, while knowing all they have to do is relieve the CEO of his duties to make it go away?

            This was a heinous act by a very disturbed individual who needs to be punished severely. Michael Vick was sent to prison for running a dog fighting ring, and I don’t see how anyone can look the other way after seeing the video of this A-hole kicking a defenseless animal. Boycotting the company is the only way people can tell them this is not acceptable, by hitting them where it hurts financially. They are not going to let profits slip for very long before coming to the conclusion they have to fire this man.

          3. Matt,

            I’m TOTALLY with you on your opinion. Boycotting this company may result in the desired effect but there will be a ton of collateral damage to innocent hard working people. I’ve got to think there are better ways to do this. In reality, the best thing that could happen would be for the 49ers and Giants to force a change or to guarantee the contract will not be renewed. I say don’t boycott the vendor. If the company doesn’t do the right thing and the 9ers/Giants stay with the vendor then you voice your displeasure by boycotting games. There would be collateral damage with that approach but at least you’ve given people some time to do the right thing.

            1. Houston
              You make a valid point. In the case of public and players taking offense to Donald Sterling’s revealing comments, the players waited briefly and the NBA acted swiftly, thereby rewarding their composure. It was a strong and clear reaction in public.
              It may take something as robust by the Niners’ org to have a credible effect; perhaps a joint press conference by team and concessionaire. Dog & Pony Show? Sure, but it’s about communicating with the public.
              The other side though is I’d feel no shame in expressing myself with my “vote” as a consumer.

              1. Houston,

                A boycott would most likely have absolutely no effect on working people, except for them not having much to do during the one game in which the boycott would be in effect. This is because that is the how long it would take for Centerplate to take action.

                Surely you’re not saying that they would preemptively layoff employees, are you? Or do you think it would take more than one game of boycotts for them to do something?

              2. No. exgolfer I’m saying calling for an all out boycott is a knee jerk reaction from a drama queen. All anyone knows right now is that the CEO is a terrible human being who did something illegal and horrific. You don’t know if the guy has 51% of the voting shares and is therefore impossible to fire. You don’t know if the Board is seeking legal counsel to determine the best way to get rid of the guy while minimizing any financial impact to the company. A boycott drives down revenue. When revenue decreases companies are forced to seek decreases to expenses. The only way to get that is to impact workers. It’s a simple fact of life and business.

              3. Houston,

                Not if the boycott lasts only one game. Their won’t be time to let anyone go.

        2. As a dog owner and lover who rescues his pups. You better believe I will NOT be buying a single thing from them. I really wanted to try out the app too.
          Do they do the beer too? If so then I’ll have to order that beer bag I’ve seen on the internet. Lol
          I didn’t even watch the video because it’s just going to make my day worse.
          The wife has already starting some signs for the game. So I guess it’s a protest/fun tailgating party this year.

          1. ninermd:

            Good for you.

            I believe Centerplate handles all concessions, including beer.

            Is there a policy on bringing signs to the new stadium? I hope they let you display them because it’s the Sunday night game and will be nationally televised on NBC. Hopefully, someone gets this in front of Costas. He eats up this kind of thing.

            1. Claude….
              I don’t think she’s planning on taking them inside. I think she’s having them for the folks outside the stadium. She will have a good 4 hours to put it out there. And I back her to the fullest.

              Damn it’s going hard not drinking a beer during the game. But you can bet I will not. So hopefully and I mean that literally..
              They get rid of this guy before the 7th.
              Now I’ll be on edge with this decision and the Aldon decision.

              1. Ninermd:

                I heard this AM they handed down the decision on Brown’s Josh Gordon, suspended for 1 year. Brace yourself for the worst-case scenario..

              2. ninermd:

                Damn it’s going hard not drinking a beer during the game.

                To show my appreciation for your sacrifice in support of something that means a lot to me, I also will not drink while watching the game on TV. I might have one or two before the game, but once it starts, I’ll stay thirsty.

                My dog and I thank you.

              3. Claude…
                Nice it will be nice to know I won’t be the only thirsty Niner fan during the game. But I wasn’t kidding when I said i need one of those beer bags. Lol I hear they hold up to two. I’ll let you know. But hopefully this guy is out of their by then.

                Mary…… The suspension was upheld. Gordon also didn’t miss some games voluntarily and is his what?? 3rd offense with the dank. You can never tell what Goodall is thinking. My guess before was 8 games, I’m still kind of thinking that, but someone one here made a good point. (Forgive me for forgetting whoever it was) but 6 or 8 games reduced. Maybe half or 2 games. Enquiring minds want to know

                Or the official 49ers website would be a great place to let them know you won’t be buying anything from their food courts or beer gardens under this company.

              5. Claude & Ninermd
                Good on you.
                I’ll participate in The Loyal Teatotallers Sympathetic Stand with The Brave Boycotters at Field of Jeans;
                No beer or wine during the game for Brotha T.
                (This offer void for games not played at Levi’s.)

              6. Brotha:

                The Loyal Teatotallers Sympathetic Stand with The Brave Boycotters at Field of Jeans

                That’s a mouthful, but easier to say if I’m not drinking.

              7. Sweet Claude..
                Ordered one up. Not the beer belly one, asked the wife if she would wear the beer bust one. She said like I have the room. I said then wear the beer belly one. Almost got smacked over the phone. Lol

              8. Claude…
                Sure. If I don’t get busted. Lol I’ll keep ya updated.
                How about some folks on here drinking some beers from company’s who donate to animal shelters. Even if it’s not your favorite. Heck I’d drink a miller for battered and homeless animals. :-)

            1. Ninermd: Let’s not forget, the NFL is all about money and the 49ers is one of the oldest and respected franchises and people from all over the country tune in to watch this rivalry. We’re the hottest ticket in town, the entire division. 3 or 4 weeks would probably be fair unless RG’s sending a message — zero tolerance. Good luck.

    1. Desmond Hague is one sick Fu*k. Hague is torturing that Doberman on a regular basis. Ted Bundy tortured animals when he was young. The police need to throw the book at him, impound his animals and get them into foster care. And Hague needs a bit more than “anger management” or he’s going to hurt someone.

      1. Mary: How about a comment on Pete’s getting busted
        AGAIN!! Are we seeing an emerging pattern of bending the rules?

        1. G9er,

          It’s not a developing pattern, it’s a well established pattern. He is a cheat, pure and simple. He coaches the DB’s to systematically hold, illegally contact and interfere with receivers, telling them that the refs can’t call them all and eventually get used the tactic, and let it go. And, yes, Mary, I know someone who works with Carroll closely enough to know this (and he’s a Seahawk fan, and not anti-Seahawk, at all).

    2. Psychological tests have shown that among all the levels in the corporate hierarchy, CEO’s show the greatest number of sociopathic traits.

    1. Luke ..
      Kaep will beat Alex and Shaun Hill .. no prob !
      He’s already beaten Rogers and Brady.. and if wasn’t for
      a bad call on Brooks .. would have beaten Breese, as well..
      This season.. he’ll silence the doubters and beat Peyton
      as well as Breese !!

      This will be Super Bowl #49 …

      Believe in fate !

      1. MW, Kaep did not beat anyone – the 49ers beat them. He was not on the field when they were playing – the 49er defense was. He was a part of beating their respective defenses.

          1. Again, he didn’t play against them – he played against their teams’ defense. 49’ers defense played against those QBs. Point being – it takes a TEAM to win or loose. Sometimes offense contributes the most – sometimes defense. In the 49’ers situation last several years – the defense has been the bigger contributor to wins.

  12. 9-7 Navorro Bowman is worth 3 wins he’s that important.they will give up more points and Roman doesn’t get what you have to do to put a lot if points in the board

  13. The way it could shape up with Levi’s turf problems is that having home field advantage is a disadvantage. I say that the number of wins are not as important as just sneaking into the playoffs and playing well down the stretch. There are many potential problems during the early part of the season because of key players not playing and maybe not being as ready as they should be for the start of the season. Hard to believe that the Boone situation will not be resolved some time before the season ends. Where is Willie Brown these days? (he was key to resolving Fred Dean’s holdout after our first Super Bowl win)

  14. Cowboys: WIN
    Bears: WIN
    AZ: LOSS


  15. Once again this team has failed to fill it’s most glaring need, a gamebreaking WR. Whenever I’ve seen the failure to fill such a need (most recently, Niners 2013), it’s lead to a predictable result.

    I’m also disturbed by the players’ new me-first attitude: not just VD and Boone, but some comments by other players. Suggests that Harbaugh’s “act” is wearing thin with some of them. This is a league where you sell out your body for glory – if you buy in.

    While Aldon Smith promises to reach new heights barring injury, I remain worried that Justin Smith’s age will constitute an increasing penalty against his performance. 3 years ago he was a force of nature, but alas he’s not ageless in a league where players age in dog years.

    Running game promises to be better thanks to the addition of Hyde, but i don’t think we’re going to run thru Seattle. They key remains their Dbackfield versus our wides/TE, and they have the unquestionable edge in that matchup.

    10-6 for the year, we make the playoffs, but as I predicted last year, not quite all the way. A solid year but not a great year by Niner standards. I’ve been tempted to bump that to 11-5 given that the Rams are down a qb, but i’m sticking with a relatively bearish take.

    By not finding a deep threat/gamebreaker WR, the Niners are essentially counting on Kaep to keep improving to the point that he makes up for this glaring need. He might be able to do that, but to count on it is wrong – especially for a GM, who is presumably paid to deliver a SB winner. The moneyball approach is fine if you want a good value/cost tradeoff. I don’t give a rat’s beehind about that. I want SB victories. I’ve seen 5, and I think the bones of this team have had the ability to deliver another 2. But that would require everyone “selling out” – not just warriors like Bowman, Boldin, etc, who sell their body dearly against opponents who wish to destroy them, but also the coaches, GM, and ownership. I know the coach has bought in – heck, he’d give up a lung and a kidney just to be back on the field. The front office and ownership? Not so sure about them. Make something happen, fellas.

    1. Ok, i was with you until the “other players comments suggest harbaugh act is running thin” No player has saif that crap.”Only reporters looking to start trouble with unreliable” unnamed” sources. Its a fantasy. No coach this team could have gotten could have done better. There is a saying, you never know what you got til its gone. Ttust me, if harbs leaves we will be pissing ourselves the next 10 years…. Again

  16. 12-4

    Projected Forty Niners 53 Man Roster

    QB) Kap/Gabbert/JJ*
    RB) Gore/Hyde/James/Smith
    FB) Miller
    WR) Crabs/Boldin/Johnson/Ellington/Patton/Osgood
    TE) Davis/Vmac/Carrier
    OL) Staley/Iupati/Kilgore/Looney/Davis/JMart/BSki/Snyder
    DL) Cowboy/RMac/Williams/Dial/Tank/TJE
    OLB) *ASmith/Brooks/Lemonier/Skuta/Lynch
    ILB) Willis/Wilhoite/Borland/Moody
    S) Reid/Bethea/Ward/Dahl/Ventrone
    CB) Brock/Culliver/Cox/Johnson/Morris/Acker
    K/P/LS) Dawson/Lee/McDerm

    Practice Squad

    RB) Winston
    LB) Skov
    OG) Netter
    NT) Purcell
    TE) Cleveland
    S) McCray
    DL) Okoye
    QB) Faulkner
    WR) Lewis
    OG) Seymour

    *Suspension and then release JJ after sentence is served

    1. At the risk of speaking heresy, if they sign Crabs and like Johnson, I can see them trading Patton if there is a market for him.

      1. Patton and Johnson are basically the same IMO except Patton is younger, has slightly better hands and comes cheaper. Much cheaper.

  17. I’m thinking 11-5 12-4
    I have to think we split with Seattle
    Lose in week three to Arz
    Lose in NY
    Lose a game we weren’t suppose to… Maybe Dallas.
    And get thumped and I mean thumped by Denver. That will be our blowout game this season.

    However in the back of my mind I still think we could be that team who had its struggles in the regular season, and gets healthy and hot in the second half and is unstoppable.
    SF vs NE

    1. md, I think losing in NY would be the loss we weren’t supposed to lose. Eli has looked completely lost in their transition from vertical to west coast under their new OC. And if you think we have o-line troubles, it’s nothing compared to theirs. Will the Giants turn it around before November? I really doubt it – we can put that game in the W column.

        1. FDM,
          I thought I made myself clear. I only bet with men. Guys like Prime that welch on bets and then post under various names so as to not pay up are not men. I don’t respect you either and have my doubts that you are a man. At best you are Pat from SNL…..
          Quit hugging my nutz. I’m not into you.

  18. @Dallas – Win. Just the defense to start the season against

    Chicago – Win. Another team that has a poor defense and a QB that likes to throw it up for grabs

    @Arizona – Win. Cards take a step back after losing two core Defensive players for the season in Washington and Dockett

    Philadelphia – Loss. This team is tough to deal with the first time you see them and Niners will lose a close one at home.

    Kansas City – Win. A rude welcome back for Alex Smith.

    @St. Louis – Win. Rams have a great Dline and not much else.

    @Denver – Loss. Really bad scheduling to have a team play on the road Monday night and then go on the road again for a Sunday night game on a short week.

    St. Louis – Win. See above.

    @New Orleans – Loss. Tough place to win at the best of times and the Saints are SB contenders this season.

    @New York – Win. Talk about Coughlin retiring heats up.

    Washington – Win. Talk about RGIII looking like a bust heats up.

    Seattle – Win. In a typical hard fought struggle, the Niners eek out a win against their hated rivals on a short week.

    @Oakland – Win. Nice of the schedule makers to make it up to the Niners by giving them another bye week this late in the season

    @Seattle – Loss. Won’t be a blowout, but they’ll continue the futility at the Link.

    San Diego – Win. Don’t let the preseason fool you. When it matters, the Niners are a much better team than the Chargers.

    Arizona – Win. Arizona will finish up a disappointing 7-9 season with a loss at the Field of Jeans.

    Final record: 12 – 4

    1. rocket ..

      by your calculations .. Niners go 12-4 ..
      I’ll hafta disagree with with a couple of the losses, though ..

      I’ll still say Kaep will beat Peyton and Breese .. in their
      own houses … because he did it to Rogers and Brady
      in the same fashion .. I got a gut feeling he’s on a quest
      to knock off the *elite* QBs in the league ..and
      he’ll do it this season …

      1. MWN,

        I hope you’re right. I just tried to be honest with my predictions and stay from being too much of a homer. As it is, I might be underestimating the Cardinals and Rams so 12-4 might be a little to pie in the sky.

        I just see too many analysts putting a lot of stock in the preseason performance and not enough time into why the performances happened. We all know the defense hasn’t fielded a true first unit the entire preseason, we also know the offensive game plan has been true Vanilla. They haven’t used a single designed roll out with Kap, or given the top 4 receivers more than a cameo appearance. The play of the Oline is a bit of a concern after what we saw from Iupati and Kilgore on Sunday, but with Davis coming back and the focus on the regular season beginning in a couple of days, I have to believe it will improve by the time they get to Dallas.

        The questions on defense will be whether they get good enough play from Wilhoite to offset the loss of Bowman, how long it takes the secondary to gel, and how long a suspension Smith receives.

        The questions on offense will be can Looney hold up as a starter, and how the offense evolves with more receiver talent on the roster.

        I really don’t see this team winning anything less than 11 games unless key players are lost to injury.

        1. Rocket,
          I agree with all the points you made here, especially with the way these analysts are viewing the preseason. I had the same 12-4 prediction as well. I feel the team is too well coached and talented to fall below 10 or 11 wins.

          Also, your roster prediction below looks good to me.

          1. Thanks NinerGang 365. Not sure how anyone can look at the schedule and find 6 losses right now but maybe I’m being a homer.

            1. I don’t either. Like you said, I think some of it is because people are projecting a little too much based on the preseason results. Its starting to effect people’s overall outlook of the team. They’ve averaged 12 wins a season since 2011, so I don’t see it changing now.

              They have some issues to work out (like any team), but again I just see too much talent and coaching for them to slip too far.

      2. MW,

        As stated to you above, Kaep will not and did not beat any of those QB’s. He was not on the field when they were playing. He was part of beating those teams’ defenses. The 49ers defense either beat or hope to beat the offenses led by those QB’s.

        Can’t understand how so many of you just don’t get it!!!!

  19. Did anyone mention yet that Gordon got the full year suspension after appeal?
    Repeat offenses triggered the length of time.
    Though not as far into it as Gordon, Aldon is also a repeat offender. Not sure how this will go.
    Say Roger, how are you coming on those Irsay deliberations? Inquiring minds want to know.

    1. BT,

      Smith is not a repeat offender actually. He’s never been suspended before and has one DUI on his record (the first was reduced to reckless driving). This will be the first time Aldon has been disciplined by the league which is why I don’t see the punishment being as bad as some have speculated.

      Goodell will be weighing the DUI and Misdemeanor firearms charges in setting the suspension amount. There’s nothing else serious on his record to consider, and he’s also voluntarily checked into rehab. I’ll be surprised if the suspension is anymore than 4 games.

      1. The repeat offender clause of the NFL Personal Conduct Policy pertains to expedited discipline process. It is not applicable regarding A. Smith as the process was not expedited.

        The pertinent section is below:

        Discipline may take the form of fines, suspension, or banishment from the League and may include a probationary period and conditions that must be satisfied prior to or following reinstatement. The specifics of the disciplinary response will be based on the nature of the incident, the actual or threatened risk to the participant and others, any prior or additional misconduct (whether or not criminal charges were filed), and other relevant factors.

        There is no mention of being a “repeat offender” having bearing on the scope of the discipline. Rather, “any prior or additional misconduct” may be considered when instituting punitive measures under the policy. Thus, under the letter of the policy itself, the commissioner’s office may consider prior/additional misconduct without regard to whether said conduct resulted in discipline.

        1. “The pertinent section is below:” should read:

          The pertinent discipline section is below (as distinct from the expedited discipline section, which is not quoted):

          1. Do you have a prediction on the length of any suspension plus any mitigation-based reduction for the 5 games missed in attending rehab?

            1. I would think no more than four, but that is a guess. However, I believe that everyone is wrong to focus on the DWIs. My opinion is that the weapons violation conviction is the issue here, given that concerns over firearms are the cause du jour. Had it been a felony conviction, the league would have had to hand down significant discipline. Since it was reduced to a misdemeanor, I think the league can give him a slap on the wrist (four games) and not run afoul of public perception, even after they mishandled the Rice discipline issue.

  20. QB) Kap/Gabbert
    RB) Gore/Hyde/James
    FB) Miller
    WR) Crabs/Boldin/Johnson/Ellington/Patton/Lloyd
    TE) Davis/Vmac/Carrier
    OL) Staley/Iupati/Kilgore/Looney/Davis/Martin/Snyder/Seymour
    DL) Smith/McDonald/Williams/Dial/Carradine/TJE/Dobbs
    OLB) Brooks/Lemonier/Skuta/Lynch
    ILB) Willis/Wilhoite/Borland/Moody
    S) Reid/Bethea/Ward/Dahl/Ventrone
    CB) Brock/Culliver/Cox/Cook/Johnson/Morris/Acker
    K/P/LS) Dawson/Lee/McDerm

    Practice Squad

    RB) Winston
    LB) Skov
    WR) Washington
    NT) Purcell
    TE) Cleveland
    S) McCray
    DL) Okoye
    QB) MBT
    OT) Bykowski
    C/OG) Farrell

    IR with designation to return: Glen Dorsey
    PUP – Marcus Martin

    I’ve gone really heavy in the secondary but that is because A) there are too many good young players at that spot they don’t want to lose and B) Some will be ST’s players to replace Osgood and Spillman.

    I was leaning against keeping 6 WR’s, but Kap keeps talking as if they will keep the 4 vets this season, so I’ll go that route for now.

    I’ve gone lighter at RB simply because they’ll have one on the PS if they run into injury problems and rarely do they need 4 active on game day unless they use one on ST’s.

    When Aldon Smith returns from suspension they will likely dump one of the CB’s and try to get them on the PS, like Morris.

    When/if Boone returns, it’ll likely come down to Snyder or Seymour and Marcus Martin’s health will also be a factor.

    Obviously the roster will be in flux throughout the season with the possibility of Bowman returning around mid season (I don’t see it happening myself) and Lattimore possibly being activated after the first 6 weeks if injuries arise, but this is how I see it starting out.

    1. I cannot see the 49ers taking 6 WR’s unless Roman and Harbaugh have had a major philosophical change. Besides,Osgood who’s a special teams ace could fill in and he is guy who’s needed with a leadership role.

      1. Prime,

        As I mentioned above, I was leaning against 6 WR’s as well, but Kap talks as if Johnson and Lloyd are a done deal for making the roster so I’m basing my prediction on that.

        I think Osgood and Spillman are replaced on ST’s by the extra DB’s that are being kept in my scenario.

        1. Rocket I don’t think Seely lets two vital veterans walk on his special teams in Osgood and Spillman.This is a young team that needs that leadership and those two guys are huge t support that locker room. Also, you already lost a special teams ace in Vetrone, now you are gonna take out two more? Cant happen.

          1. I agree FDM. They can’t take away from a special teams unit that has lost a lot key guys. Boobie, Vetrone, Costanso, and now Rocket wants to cut Spillman and Osgood? Wow!

            1. This is why Prime trading up in this years draft to get a legit corner, tackle, defensive end makes sense. Now you are either cutting veterans who are cheap but vital to your depth and special teams, or you are cutting young draft picks that have a huge upside. Does not make sense.

          2. I have them keeping Ventrone. If he is a long term injury possibility, they would likely keep one of Osgood or Spillman instead.

            Seely will have most of his Coverage teams in tact from last year. Changing out two players will be a necessity to keep young position players with a lot more upside.

            Trading up has little bearing on who they need to cut FDM. Less draft picks means fewer chances to find players. As it stands, every player from this past draft is in line to make this roster with an active or injured designation. If they had traded up, they are looking at at least two fewer selections in the first 3 rounds and their 1st round pick for next year. There was no reason to trade up in a draft that was a deep as this one was.

            1. The new deal for Kaepernick and picking up the option on Smith put them in a position to draft multiple guys instead of trading up for only a few.

              1. True, and if they resign Crabtree, they just may take the trade up for a few attitude next year, although I doubt it with Baalke’s love of acquiring picks.

    2. rocket:

      That looks good, although I’d be somewhat surprised if Harbaugh went with only 3 RBs.

      Also, I don’t think Marcus Martin can go on the PUP list because his injury did not predate training camp. If they are confident in his return, I think he takes the spot you have reserved for Dobbs.

      I agree that Kaepernick’s comment regarding Crabtree, Boldin, Johnson and Lloyd being the first 4 WRs suggests that the team is keeping 6.

      Whom do they cut when Dorsey comes back?

      1. You’re right Claude. I messed up that designation for Martin. He’ll have to be kept on the roster or put on IR. Tough call considering he will be at square one again when he returns. My guess is they put him on IR when it’s all said and done. I don’t see how they can keep him on the roster with all the options they have, but maybe they will. Or maybe they decide Dorsey can go to IR and put Martin on the IR with intent to activate list.

        The RB idea is simply because I don’t see the need. Alphonso Smith will likely be inactive if he makes the roster so what’s the point? Does he play ST’s? I don’t know, but they don’t need 4 RB’s on game day when they barely use two as it is. Boobie was a pretty good ST’s guy which is why he made the team. I think they just add to another position instead of keeping a RB for ST’s. Having one on the PS is pretty much the same as having one inactive on the roster.

        1. rocket:

          What you say about the RBs makes sense, but I think it will be odd seeing a Harbaugh roster with only 3 RBs, 3 TEs and 6 WRs. If that happens, it would be the strongest indication yet that the offense is changing.

          1. It will be a change at the beginning, but could change again as the season wears on. No question it will look different, but I think Dixon was kept as ST’s player more so than a RB, so I simply see his spot on ST’s being used at a different position.

    3. I like this roster prediction rocket. Just a couple of areas I think I’d differ:

      – I think they will keep 5 RBs (incl. Miller) on the roster, likely keeping Alfonso Smith.
      – I think they’ll keep just 6 CBs, with one of Morris or Acker missing out. Yes, they will likely lose whichever one they release. Unfortunate, but keeping 12 DBs in total means they’ll be too light somewhere else.

      I had been leaning towards them keeping just 6 DL, but with Dobbs continuing to be 2nd team ahead of Dial and Carradine I can’t see him being let go at this stage.

      It will be interesting to see who is let go when guys start returning from suspension and injury. Though there will likely be other injuries between now and then, so may not be an issue.

      1. Thanks Scooter,

        I addressed the RB question to Claude above, but you are likely right about the CB’s. What it came down to for me was keeping the best young players over older ones with no value other than ST’s. I realize they have to keep some vets to play ST’s, but Osgood and Spillman aren’t as necessary this year with last year’s rookies becoming veterans this season. With Borland and Johnson, I think that gives them two young players who will be very good coverage guys to replace Spillman and Osgood. Morris has value there as well along with Acker, but at least two CB’s will be inactive anyway.

        The only place I think I’m a little light is RB. Other than that the roster is pretty balanced imo.

        If Harbaugh chooses to keep numbers at positions over talent, then he likely goes with another RB and fewer CB’s, no doubt about it. I just see a way to keep the young talent and not lose too much on ST’s at the same time.

        1. Ideally the 5th RB (incl. Miller as a RB) would be a bit of a hybrid RB/FB/ST player. Not sure if Smith fits that category or not, but that is what I would expect the 5th to be, like Dixon was. Tukuafu may be kept instead of Smith for this reason.

  21. Ive read a couple of you guys’s posts the last couple of weeks and you guys are really high on the colts. Im guessing its because of luck. But im standing as saying there is no way the colts make the super bowl as long s brady and manning are in the afc. Now after they retire, might be a different story

    1. Steel ..
      Both can .. (and will) be beaten ..

      I’m gonna take Grant’s tack on Gore to describe
      Peyton and Brady …
      They’re both done !

      1. But ill bet 1 of them will be in the super bowl… again, and again until they retire in the next 5 years

        1. Oh.. ok .. thought you were talkin’ about the Niners ..
          but .. truth be told … I think neither of them will sniff
          a Super Bowl again … unless ..
          it’s on their respective couches .. with a beer and
          hot wings in hand :-)

          1. Lol.. Good point. But i wasn’t saying they would win, i was saying one of them will represent the afc

  22. I have thought 10-6 was a distinct possibility for some time, although I would not consider it “at best” as Grant does. I think 12-4 is likely the best case scenario, and 8-8 and the worst case scenario, barring catastrophic events.

    1. I think 14-2 is the best case scenario personally. We will realistically lose at least two games of the matchups in SEA, in DEN, in NO, and PHI at Levi’s.

      If we talk about worst case scenarios, that’s open for debate. I can imagine extreme doomsday scenarios leaving us at 2-14/3-13, but it requires multiple catastrophic injuries, bad luck,etc. Hopefully those doomsday things don’t happen.

  23. 2011 Prediction. 10-6. Wild Card Round
    2011 Result 13-3. NFCCG

    2012 Prediction 11-5. Wildcard. Super Bowl Victory.
    2012 Result 11–4–1. Super Bowl

    2013 Prediction 11-5. Wildcard. Super Bowl Victory.
    2013 Result 12–4. Wildcard. NFCCG

    2014 Prediction 11-5. Wildcard. Super Bowl Victory.

    It boils down to injuries. Hunter is a far bigger loss then most realize. He was poised to have his best season. Had he not torn the ACL I would have predicted 13-3.

    – The NFC West will be a physical slog, even with Bradford out.
    – The 49ers had a good draft, but dang near everyone had a good draft.
    – Playing in New Orleans again (Does N.O. ever play regular season road games?)
    – Thin O-line and running back. Even of Looney plays well, a single injury anywhere on the line would cause a huge drop off.
    – Vulnerability to 3 WR sets with Bowman out. Will they play more nickle?

    – The 49ers secondary will surprise. No super star shutdown corners, but by mid season they will gel into a disciplined, fast, sure tackling unit.
    – Pass rushing depth
    – Receiver depth
    – Improved offensive experience. The loss of both Walker and Miller affected late season run blocking. Miller is back, and VMac’s comfort with the offense will let him play faster.

    1. SeAdderal’s mugging of WRs had to stop, but what we are seeing this preseason is an extreme overreaction.

      If the officials continue the preseason defensive holding “emphasis” into the regular season, they are essentially handing the Lombardi trophy to teams like Denver, New Orleans, New England, Green Bay.

    2. Brodie,

      I agree with most of what you said, but I disagree that Hunter is a game changer in the Win/loss dept. He played a minimal role last year, and was out during the stretch run the year before, and the team did just fine. Having Hyde diminishes Hunter’s loss substantially imo as I believe he was going to see a lot of carries even with Hunter healthy.

      I don’t look at possible injuries when making predictions either as it’s a wildcard for every team and impossible to forecast. Case in point: If Seattle loses a starting Olineman or a key cog like Sherman or Thomas, they will suffer as much or more than anyone else the Niners lose.

      I totally agree with you on the officiating and the possible ramifications if they carry this into the season. I’m hoping things calm down a little once the real thing begins because if it doesn’t, it is a clear advantage for the high passing teams.

      1. Injuries are always the wildcard. “Minor” losses to injury (like Morgan in 2011) can have major ripple effects.

        Hunter was a shadow of himself in 2013. The best measure of his skills is his second season (2012) before he got hurt. He was tearing it up at 5.3 YPC… about the same as Gore. Word was he was back to 2012 form before the ACL.

        Hunter was sorely missed in the 2012 SB. Gore’s legs tie up after long runs, and Hunter wold have provided a more varied offensive attack.

        1. I don’t disagree Hunter would have helped, but he is not the difference in whether the team wins or loses imo. He played a small role the past two years, and the team did fine without him. They’ve got Hyde to fill his role this season and I think Hyde is a better player than Hunter.

    3. B2W,
      Good stuff as always.
      I had high hopes for Hunter as well, but the Org may have covered themselves by drafting C.Hyde. By the end of the season the Hyde pick may look like a stroke of genius.

      My biggest concerns center around the loss of Bowman and the possible suspension of Aldon Smith.
      Teams would be incompetent if they failed to exploit those two holes on defense.
      I like the personnel we have to fill the those gaps, but in the end we just don’t have those type of caliber players that can step in and perform as Bowman and Smith.
      It will need to be a combination of players playing those positions until we have our big stars back.

      I said yesterday that we will go 11-4 and overtake the seahawks this season and I’m not taking the easy way out by picking a low-end record to save face.

      The champs will feel the pinch of the stricter rules when they have 4-6 PI penalties called against them in games.
      Their arrogant position that no ref’s would throw a flag on every play is about to come back and haunt them. I’m not so sure that the hawks can change their rough CB tactics after getting away with them so long.
      The hawks will go 10-6 largely due to the changes made by the NFL the put emphases on CB coverage.

  24. QB) Kaepernick/Gabbert
    RB) Gore/Hyde/James/Lattimore*
    FB) Miller
    WR) Crabtree/Boldin/Johnson/Patton/Lloyd/Ellington/Osgood
    TE) Davis/McDonald/Carrier
    OL) Iupati/Davis/Staley/Snyder/Looney/Martin/Martin’/Seymour
    DL) Smith/McDonald/Willaims/Carradine/Dial/Jerod-Eddie/Dorsey’/Dobbs
    OLB) Smith”/Brooks/Willis/Bowman*/Wilhoite/Borland/Moody/Skuta/Lemonier/Lynch
    CB) Brock/Culliver/Ward/Cox/Johnson/Morris/Acker
    S) Reid/Bethea/Dahl/Ventrone
    K) Dawson
    P) Lee
    LS) McDermott

    * on PUP-designated to return in six weeks
    ‘ injured but expected to return during the season
    ” expected to be suspended

    -Lattimore replaces Carrier
    -Martin replaces Seymour
    -Dorsey replaces Dobbs
    -Bowman replaces Moody
    -Smith replaces Morris

    ILB Skov
    OLB Thomas
    TE Cleveland
    RB Winston
    WR Washington
    NT Purcell
    OT Bykowski
    DL Okoye
    S McCray
    QB TBD

  25. Grant, do u think an alex boone trade for ryan mallet makes sense?? Now that mankins is gone they might try for boone considering reported mallet would not play the last preseason game…trade indicater?

    1. Boone for Mallet??? Mallet is terrible, Jim Druckenmiller material. Boone is an all-pro tackle in the waiting in the wings…

    2. That would be equal to the 49ers getting fleeced. The 49ers have reportedly put a high price on the acquisition of Boone, with one report saying that the team would be willing to trade Boone for only a first or second round pick and another saying that the front office would literally have to be blown away with any type of trade offer to even consider letting Boone go. Something tells me that Mallet isn’t worth that much.

      1. Boone is valuable. No reason to give him up for anything less than a 1 or 2 or a STARTING player of value.

  26. ESPN Insiders speculated that with two #1 and two #4 picks in next year’s draft that the Browns could be in a position to call around the League for WRs for this year in Gordon’s absence. Trent might get a call.

    1. The Browns would be familiar with Stevie Johnson. The 49ers could create cap space and gain picks.

      Not saying it will happen. It’s overreaction season, and I’m a classic offender. For all I know Stevie is right where the 49ers expected him to be at this point.

      Stevie’s job seems to be neutralizing star CBs. His unusual style makes average CBs look better, and star CBs look average.

      It may be less about “number three receiver”, and more about specific match-ups later in the season.

      1. Not an unreasonable suggestion at all. Johnson would be attractive to them I would think being a former #1 target and having some success. I doubt they’d offer enough to entice the Niners but you never know. It all depends on how desperate they are to try and put something together this year, or if they are resigned to their fate, and just use this year to get Manziel’s feet wet and try to find some young contributors for next season.

  27. Lol Seattle fined 300k because Dick Sherman can’t stop making illegal contact in a non contact practice. Go figure.

    1. Ninerms: Seadderall was busted ((AGAIN), for the same 2012 iinfraction!! Seahags were fined >$200K and Pete the cheat fined $100K for breaking the non contact rules in pre-season!! The same old Pete the cheat M.O.! Bend the rules until the league forces you to stop cheating!!

  28. Here’s a prediction from ESPN:

    They are calling for Colin, 126 million dollar QB, to get it done.
    Not the O-line, or the weakened D, but Colin. It also says he has the best WR corps in the league.

    Before I get branded a hater, I will say this before the season starts: I WANT HIM TO DO WELL. I WANT HIM TO PROVE ME WRONG. I want him to prove the active player who said he’s average in the above article.

    This year there are no excuses. I for one don’t want to hear it.

    My predication is 11-5, with the team getting ultra hot, and clicking on all cylinders at the end of the year, which would require them beating the Seahawks twice and stopping them from making the playoffs. Last year it was those stupid ‘Hawks year. But not this time…

  29. 7-9. Kaep isn’t the answer. The offensive line and defensive front seven have taken a step back. And we can’t generate enough of a pass rush to mask subpar CB play.

    Boy I hope I’m wrong.

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