Predict Chip Kelly’s 2016 starting 49ers offense

What do you think Chip Kelly’s starting offense will be next season? Here’s my prediction. Please leave your own below.

LWR: Torrey Smith
RWR: Quinton Patton
SWR: DeAndre Smelter
LT: Joe Staley
LG: Andrew Tiller
C: Daniel Kilgore
RG: Erik Pears
RT: Trent Brown
TE: Vance McDonald
QB: Colin Kaepernick
RB: Carlos Hyde

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  1. While I cannot argue that the lineup likely will be what you suggest, but that group doesn’t inspire confidence to win more that 8 games and that is not enough. What about Davis, who likely will return?

    1. In 2015 Pro Football Focus had Pears at a 37.5 rating on a scale of 100, he is a poor back up at best. It appears they have already decided to let Boone go, that leaves Tiller, who rated in at 80.0 and Anthony Davis as our best guards. Kelly’s philosophy for offense starts with two solid tackles, so he may keep AD at ROT, leaving a opening at guard. Marcus Martin is not the answer.

      1. There is no way in hell that AD is better than trent brown. Brown is younger and stronger and is our best option than anything we will find in the draft or free agency. Im willing to bet money that brown is the starting right tackle come week 1davis is better suited to right guard.

        1. AD just gets by on his talent. No desire for ProBowls. Doesn’t appear to want to put in work

    2. If Baalke gets draft and sign the right FAs. .we could be much improved.Thats a big if. No more lame duck picks.

      1. You must understand that jed dork, i mean york, only has so much patience. If the 49ers bomb again and worse than 8-8, york will blame Baalke. Mark my words, another losing season and it’s off with Baalke’s head

    3. Why is Pears even in the league, he’s trash.
      We need 2 or 3 new offensive linemen ( NFL Caliber starters ) not fill in’s!

      1. You are spot on. Without a stuot, and athletic line, Chip will not be able to use his offensive schemes.

  2. LWR: Torrey Smith
    RWR: Quinton Patton
    SWR: DeAndre Smelter
    LT: Joe Staley
    LG: Anthony Davis
    C: Daniel Kilgore
    RG: Andrew Tiller
    RT: Trent Brown
    TE: Garret Celek
    QB: Blaine Gabbert
    RB: Carlos Hyde

    1. LWR: Torrey Smith
      RWR: DeAndre Smelter
      SWR: Quinton Patton
      LT: Joe Staley
      LG: Osemele (FA from Ravens)
      C: Daniel Kilgore
      RG: Andrew Tiller
      RT: Anthony Davis*
      TE: Vance McDonald
      QB: Colin Kaepernick
      RB: Carlos Hyde

      *Trent Brown will be the swing tackle

    2. two players with limited playing time on the right side good luck kep. blain or who ever
      LT: Joe Staley
      LG: Andrew Tiller
      C: Daniel Kilgore
      RG: Anthony Davis
      RT: Trent Brown

      and i wouldn’t mind Boon to insted of AD

    3. Like that lineup but I think there will be at least 2 or 3 new starters on offense signed thru FA. I expect an upgrade at Guard or Tackle and a TE at the very least.

      Does Chip Kelly’s offense have any use for Bruce Miller?

    4. These predictions do not take into account the draft or free agency. He is my attempt with Baalke’s assistance:

      LWR: Torrey Smith
      RWR: Laquon Treadwell
      SWR: DeAndre Smelter
      LT: Joe Staley
      LG: Jeff Allen
      C: Daniel Kilgore
      RG: Andrew Tiller
      RT: Trent Brown
      TE: Coby Fleener
      QB: Blaine Gabbert
      RB: Carlos Hyde

  3. I hate how the NFL is what have you done for me lately. I understand that Colin hasnt been good the past year or 2 but you have to consider so many factors. The OCs haven’t been top of the line. Look at the injury report the past to years. No RB has finish the season healthy, which kills the pass offense because other teams don’t respect the run…. Thats just part of it but i just don’t think the 49ers franchise should give up on Colin just yet.

    1. He hasn’t done anything but get increasingly worse as a pro each and every season he’s been a pro (minus his rookie year where I don’t think he played 1 snap). The fact is that he came in and ran an offense that caught the NFL off guard (remember the success the Dolphins had with the Wildcat a few years earlier??) and once EVERYONE adjusted he became extremely one dimensional, and that dimension (passing) he was nothing but average at, and he was/is below average at pre-snap reads and decisions.

      The NFL has always been what have you done for me lately…Jerry Glanville famously quoted (NFL Films on VHS back in the day)…”N…F..L…Not For Long” (was directing it at a ref, but its true). That was when he coached the falcons, 1990-93, nothings changed, Colin is Not For Long in this league if he can’t adjust and improve…and he is NOT worth the 16 million dollar cap hit for 2016.

      1. I agree 100% move on from Kap. Start Gabbert and draft a qb next year Kelly or Watson don’t see any qb I’d take this year. Get Treadwell and plenty of corners. Get Von Miller or Bruce Irvin in FA. Switch to a 4-3 defense and hire Jim Schwartz we no longer have the personnel to run a 3-4 but if we stick with it get Muhammad Wilkerson. Defensive line has to get better at pass rushing and the main issue…Chip needs to stop being stubborn and slow the offense down a bit to give our defense some rest smh

      2. I’m undecided on Kap myself, but you should check your figures. 16 million is inaccurate.

    2. I agree with everything you said. But. He’s making money that he hasn’t earned. There is no way he should be making 15+ million dollars a season if his play doesn’t justify that kind of money. So he would have to renegotiate his contract to more like blaine gabbert money with incentives
      To make more money attached . If he’s not willing to budge from that 15+ million dollar pricetag l, then it’$ sionara CK!

    3. Krappernick is very inaccurate and can’t read defenses……Regardless of who the OC is, they only call plays, not throw the ball.

    4. This guy gets it. You dont just get a coach at that high of a cost that loves running QBs and get rid of the NFL’s best rushing QB(Sorry Cam, but your runs will never be as exciting or efficient as Kap’s no matter how hard you try.) He’s too high in talent, look at his passing highlights, he has a great arm to throw into tight spaces, his throws get down field before defenders can adjust to the ball, and all he needs is a receiver with hands, like crabtree. they were probably the best QB WR combo out there until he moved to Oak-Hole.

      Given that kelly wanted Kap to begin with, they’ll keep him, he’ll reamerge as an elite and the bench will always be nice and warm thanks to the All American Blaine Gabbert.

      Line up:
      LWR:Torrey Smith
      RWR: Boldin
      SWR: Smelter
      C: Kilgore
      TE: Celek/McDonald(because they drafted Mcdonald in hope he would produce like he has been recently.)
      QB:Colin Kaepernick
      RB:Carlos Hyde/Shaun Draughn(Because they got out of him what they wanted out of accident prone Reggie Bush).

      1. Ok, but, should he be making 15 plus million per season? Do you think the front office should ask him to reduce his salary?

      2. To say Kaepernick will re-emerge as an elite QB is implying that he once was an elite QB. Colin Kaepernick has never made a pro bowl. He once was playing like a decent QB but is far from elite. Kaepernick is getting paid pro bowl type money when he’s not a pro bowl caliber player. My gut feeling tells me he’ll never re emerge as a top qb in the NFL. He lacks too many of the key fundamentals of playing qb in the NFL. Since the NFL is a copycat league and the tape is out there on how to eleviate kap, every opponent will play him the same thus, forcing him into a repeat of his 2015 season. I don’t think we’ll see much from kap ever again. Just my humble opinion.

        1. Kaep is one of the few QBs that have played in the Super bowl after starting only 10 games. Other than Brady, name another.

  4. :)

    Nice starting line. Where’d you get that idea from?

    You could have just responded to my tweet.

      1. Mangini’s defense seemed up and down, playing especially poorly on the road. The defense ranked 18th in points allowed, 29th in yards allowed, and tied at 28th for sacks. On Yahoo’s sport’s site, the defense is ranked 29th overall.

        At times his schemes put OLBs 30 to 40 yards down the field defending passes. I don’t recall that ever happening with Fangio’s defenses (but maybe it did ocassionally). I just get the impression that his scheme requires the players to be “plug and play” at almost any position (especially linebacker and secondary).

        1. Mangini had some sketchy schemes and at times I just wasn’t seeing adjustments made(not that they weren’t there they just didn’t appear effective) but I think the up and down play had more to do with the players then the coordinator. There is talent on the squad but I differ with Scooter and a few others about just how talented this defense really is. I think they have a lot of players that flash good play but overall are too up and down from game to game. I don’t think every defensive player is this way but more are then not.

        2. Baalke should kiss and make up with Vic. He can turn our defense around over night.
          It’s hard to win games with a 29th ranked D

          1. yeah, let’s see, Chicago gave up more points per game than us, worse 3rd down % than us, and only 0.1 yards per play less than us. yeah Fangio did a great freaking job there.

            let’s be honest, his defenses were never that good anywhere except for here. that was because of the superior talent he had on defense, and the fact that we possessed the ball for so long on offense. he has never been a great DC, and many people predicted that he would show it in Chicago, and he did.

    1. As long as Chryst is gone, I would not be too unhappy if Mangini stays. He did get them to play well at home and would provide continuity. Niners need to draft Buckner at 7, and get a pass rusher OLB.

      1. I like Mancini too.Took awhile for vets and rooks to adapt to his scheme. They should keep db coach too. The young DBS progressed over season

    2. Josh Alper might be right about Mangini staying, but he doesn’t seem to have checked out Mangini’s 49er background very carefully.

      “Mangini spent two years as the tight ends coach with the Niners …” … Alper

      1. HT,

        Mangini was the the TE coach for the 49ers. I’m not sure if it was for one or two years, but he did coach TE’s.

        1. The first year he was something vague like offensive assistant or consultant or what ever. He wasn’t a position coach. His second year he was the tight ends coach. I was just pointing out how lazy Josh Alper is. He’s not analyzing anything.

  5. I sense the starting line-up will have at least 1 FA as starter, perhaps 2. Patton has to go–he’s a liability in that he’s ‘out of control’ at times. Chip won’t tolerate that kind of behavior. Would expect at least one draftee to start as well–likely the OL. I’m thinking a different TE too.

  6. There’s no way Pears is a starter with Chip at the helm. I think there’s a better chance they keep Colin Kaepernick to play guard than have Pears starting. He will be an experienced back-up at best. I say there’s about a 70% chance AD comes back at this point, he’s been talking a whole lot. Boone is gone for sure, so AD would be in at RG, next to Brown. If AD doesn’t come back I think Thomas will be given a shot as well. He will be another year removed from his injury, there’s no way he’s worse than Pears. Also possible we bring in a 3rd or 4th rounder, or another (better) FA.

    Is the criteria for this prediction that they have to be on the team already???

  7. There’s no point in speculating when the entire offense needs to go through an over-haul. With 50M in cap space, 12 draft picks, and a COMPLETELY different offensive philosophy/scheme, I bet we’ll have 5 new starters that aren’t even on the team right now. Besides Staley, Kilgore, Hyde, and Torrey Smith – the rest have huge question marks in terms of how they fit into what our new-look offense will be.

    I see Tiller and Trent Brown being gassed with the hurry-up offense, and may be bad scheme fits. Smelter is coming off an ACL injury, and there’s not been a single player Baalke has brought in after an ACL tear that has done anything significant to this point. Anthony Davis fits more of a power-running scheme, so his spot is also questionable in my eyes (not to mention his 1 year hiatus). Vance has shown flashes, but it’s become clear that he has stone hands, and I’m not sure that’s a piece that you want to build around.

    I say we keep Staley, Kilgore, Hyde, Torrey Smith, and the 2 QBs, and everyone else can be replaced with the type of players that Kelly needs to run his scheme. Our offense has been built for a power-running gap scheme for years, and it’s time to tear it down and start over. There’s nothing positive on that side of the ball to build off really, except a few pieces. Burn it down.

    I get night sweats and visions of Geep Chryst’s face when I look at the lineup that some of you are speculating. ewww, make it go away. stop it, please.

    1. ” see Tiller and Trent Brown being gassed with the hurry-up offense, and may be bad scheme fits”

      You make good point Dan, but I think Chip’s mantra is to take what he has been given and mold them to fit his scheme, while also making adjustments when needed. I think that’s where the whole sport science and smoothies comes into play.

    2. What kelly will need is a deep oline, maybe 10 players as well as big athletic tight ends that can block and catch. His offense will require a heatlhy rotation at oline and tight end to keep players fresh.

      1. nobody rotates olineman. he didn’t in Philly, and he won’t hear. the expectation is that they will be in good enough shape to play every down, or someone else will play. no team in the league regularly rotates offensive lineman. the starters play unless they are injured, period.

    3. I hear ya! GM needs to get busy and build this O to fit new scheme or chip I’ll have a tough time. Make trades including at the draft to get what you need and sign some FAs. I truely hoped kap was qb of future but he has no pocket pressnce (watch Brady move around) and he has very little touch. Hope they can trade him. My concern with Kelly is he got rid of L Mcoy in Phil. Why would you do that? Perfect back for his system.

  8. Grant, you get an A for predicting Kaep as QB, but an F for Pears. Therefore I would give your prediction a C.
    My prediction;
    WR- Torrey
    WR- White
    WR- Smelter
    LT- Staley
    LG- Tiller
    C- Nick Martin Rookie Notre Dame
    RG- Boone
    RT- Davis
    TE- Busta
    QB- Kaep
    RB- Hayne

  9. That is another 5-11 season with the lineup that Grant put out there. Just flaw out awful team, and devoid of much talent other than a couple guys. This is how bad we’ve become. Trade/release everyone except Staley and Hyde.

  10. Draft preparation first means Free Agency preparation and you can’t start any of that without first knowing a) what does the team need right now and b) what will the team need after Free Agency.

    I’m in the process of working through my list of team needs but since Grant stole my starting line I figured I would go ahead and post my thoughts in regards to the team’s needs in that department.

    Team needs – Offensive Line:

    If the team made no changes here is my projection for the 2016 starting O-line:
    Staley / Tiller / Kilgore / Pears / Brown.

    However changes are likely to occur. First of all; just how much truth was there to the rumor that Staley was available at the trade deadline? This is the most important question to answer regarding the teams needs on the offensive line. Is the team ready to move on from Joe and get a younger/cheaper player at the position? If the answer is yes then I don’t believe that they have any intention of replacing him with a Free Agent tackle. If the team trades Staley expect T to be either our first or second choice in the draft. If the answer if NO then I don’t expect an offensive lineman to be taken in the draft before the third round.

    Now outside of tackle the position that I see the team possibly making changes or acquisitions in Free Agency is at Guard. Tiller played well at the end of the year and Pears improved with the move to guard but did either play well enough to solidify their position on the team next year as starters? I’m guess that at least one of them is replaced. Given Baalke’s propensity to go cheap on the interior lineman I think two great targets for them at guard are:

    Mike Harris – Vikings
    Brandon Brooks – Texans.

    Both are quality starting guards that are probably slightly better pass protectors then they are mauling run blockers but frankly they’re good enough and get them into the hands of the right coach and they’re both still young enough to improve their techniques. Both of them are cheap also, neither one is currently making more then 2M a year. Baalkes’ kind of guards.

    Look for the team to address depth at T and C in the draft and a possible FA pick up at G.

      1. Hayne will get a lot of reps during the off season and either improve or Kelly will cut him. The same will be true for anyone who has in the past lost his head on the field.

    1. Do you think we gave a chance at Muhammad Wilkerson if he hits free agency? What about derrick johnson or mario williams?

    2. What about Martin, Thomas and Davis?

      The first two will be depth and the third will either replace Brown as the starter or more likely wont even be on the team.

  11. The real question should be which players are worth keeping, and which players should be replaced. And replaced by whom?

    1. Rollotomasi

      This was my question too. How lazy can Grant get?!!! $50M is a lot of money to speculate with. If Grant wasn’t so damn lazy, he would have also provided the Top-5 FA targets for each position of need — i.e., WR, TE, RB, OLB, ILB, OL — and then explained where he thought Baalke would spend his money.

      As it stands, Grant’s predictions are not only incomplete, but dishonest, because he knows as well as the rest of us that $50M won’t be spent on bench players.

    2. Well, I hope Baalke re-signs Boone, Williams and Celek, so that will take a big chunk out of the 50 mil. FAs may be plentiful, but the elite ones may not want to come here. I would love it if Mack was signed by the Niners, but he will have lots of suitors.

            1. I do not think they will get Mack, but Mack is a pro bowler, so he would be an upgrade. Granted, Killgore is light years better than Martin, but he could also play guard.

              1. Seb you’re contradicting yourself. You said all season long no players from the Browns. How can you now advocate for the Browns center? Remember when I pointed out they have the 3rd ranked line in the NFL? Almost across the board they’d be an upgrade over our line.

      1. I misread your comment. I thought you were saying I hope baalke resigns. Amen to that wishful thinking.

  12. Matt Maiocco ‏@MaioccoCSN 4h4 hours ago
    After the midseason trade that sent him to the Broncos, ex-49ers TE Vernon Davis played just one snap in AFC divisional-round playoff game.

  13. WRS: Torrey Smith, Patten, and White.
    TE: Celek
    RB: Hyde
    FB: Miller
    QB: Gabbert
    LT: Staley
    LG: Tiller
    C: Kilgore
    RG: Davis
    RT: Brown

      1. I agree Chip likes bigger and longer WR’s so expect him to go away from Ellington and Patton or White.

  14. RWR Laquan Treadwill (Draft)
    LWR Torrey Smith
    SWR Deandre Smelter
    LT Staley
    LG Tiller
    C Kilgore
    RG Davis
    RT Brown
    TE Fleener (FA)
    QB Gabbert
    RB Hyde

    1. Nice Mark -obvious question mark at QB,no one really knows at this juncture .Treadwell and Fleener would be great additions (Treadwell is however a long shot in a Baalke draft me thinks) AD over the ludicrous notion of Pears any day although I’m not sold the headcase AD is a lock with Silicon Chip.Again, this draft is OL strong.I will not be surprised at strong addition(s) somewhere in mid rounds,further I’m sure you have seen some speculation we might be interested in A Mack (C) in FA. Good job!

  15. Oh Seb… Not too many are predicting Hayne to start. Can you share with us how misinformed we are?

  16. LWR: Torrey Smith
    RWR: DeAndre Smelter
    SWR: Bruce Ellington
    LT: Joe Staley
    LG: Andrew Tiller
    C: Daniel Kilgore
    RG: Mike Harris (FA pick up from Vikings)
    RT: Trent Brown
    TE: Busta Anderson
    QB: Colin Kaepernick (wretch)
    RB: Carlos Hyde/Alfred Morris backed up by Draughn, Hayne & Davis.

      1. I’m the thinking the mold might flex…Ellington may not be a shoe-in.. I’d like to see what White and Drez Anderson could contribute.

      2. He doesn’t fit the mold but he’s(Kelly) going to see that he’s a better option there then Patton. If Kelly is truly against the idea of even trying smaller receivers then I expect we’ll see a pick up of a larger slot receiver in FA or the draft(I haven’t looked to either to see if there is a good one or not) but I don’t think he’s going to like Patton.

        1. I think Kelly will go with Patton at Z. Kelly seems to have a type (Josh Huff, Nelson Agholor), and Patton is athletically similar to them.

  17. XWR: Torrey Smith
    YWR: Anquan Boldin
    ZWR: Rashard Higgins
    TE: Garrett Celek
    LT: Joe Staley
    LG: Joe Dahl
    C: Nick Martin
    RG: Andrew Tiller
    RT: Anthony Davis
    QB: Colin Kaepernick
    RB: Carlos Hyde
    FB: Bruce Miller

    1. XWR: Torrey Smith
      YWR: Laquon Treadwell (AKA; Dez Clone)
      ZWR: DeAndre Smelter
      LT: My man, Joe Staley
      LG: Anthony Davis
      C: A fully healed, Danial Kilgore
      RG: Andrew Tiller
      RT: The big kid, T-Brown
      TE: Garrett Celek
      QB: CK7
      RB: Carlos “El Guapo” Hyde
      RB: DuJuan Harris
      FB: Bruce Miller

  18. I’m seeing some Busta Andersons mentioned in the line-up. Completely forgot about him, put he could do some damage in this system. My question would be, how often do TEs block in this system.

    1. Anderson might be in competition for the No. 2 spot, but I think McDonald will play the roll of Brent Celek. Kelly’s offense is a run-first system and McDonald is the best blocker.

      1. He still uses that same blocking TE in a lot of passing routes, how’s he going to handle Vance’s butterfingers?

          1. How about replacing Celek for Celek? Garrett is a good blocker, may not be as athletic, but good hands. Needs to stay healthy though

          2. How much of that had to do with Gabbert having a connection with Vance as well as his propensity to look for the short dump off? Also even if it’s just a matter of Chryst using the TE more then Kelly, Kelly will still have to get over Vance’s stone hands.

          3. McDonald had more targets and catches than Brent Celek last season.
            The difference in both stats is fairly negligible.

          4. McDonald had more targets and catches than Brent Celek last season.

            Celek was also injured for the final 3rd of the season.

            1. Good point, although he did still appear in those games he’s not listed as a starter.

      2. Sorry, Grant, Vance will not be the starter. Chip loves to use the TE as a pass catching threat and stone hands Vance will not make the grade. Vance will only be in when they go 2 TE sets.

        1. Brent Celek started for Kelly. Celek is a blocker, not much of a receiving threat. The receiving threat was Zach Ertz, who did not start. He was the No. 2 tight end.

  19. No way you can say that will be the starting Offensive unit without seeing the FA & Draft. Idiotic. Look how the 2014 49ers ended and what the week 1 starters were compared to it Gore, Iupati, Davis…gone, Torrey Smith brought in.

    Niners should draft Ronnie Stanley, plug him in at RT, Anthony Davis will come back to play either LG, Kilgore at center, and Brown at RG (assuming Boone is gone). Gabbert QB. Smith, Anquan, and whomever at WR. Hyde. A new TE.

    1. This is just idle speculation during the off season, not 1 week before the season begins. I did not include any FAs because many will be re-signed with their team, or will be too expensive. Also, with the 49er turmoil and 5-11 season, elite FAs may not want to come here.

        1. LOL. Well definitely not on this Niner insider blog. Here we all toast each other and sing Kumbaya…..

          1. Well we should toast each other. Because at the end of the day, every word that comes out of our mouths are our opinions. Until seen factually. So toast to the entire board

      1. One little factor Seb. Football players, by and large, like status of a hefty contract. If we pay elite FA’s top dollar, without overpaying them, and they think IT IS a winning organization, or WILL be a winning organization competing for the division title.

        1. Sorry, Baalke is way too cheap to overpay.
          And dont get me wrong, I would love it if the Niners make it back to the playoffs, but many here would jump for joy if they go 8-8.
          However, with both Seattle and the Cards in this division, it will be tough sledding.

  20. Is there a source of info that would tell us how many Screen passes Kelly called in relation to other pass plays and compare that to other offenses.

      1. hightop

        I’m hoping the same thing about Dylan Thompson…a QB who is big, fast, and can throw accurately…’learned from Spurrier

        Gabbert…Thompson… 3rd rd Draftee QB

        1. Well, chip won’t do anyone favors. This is his last chance to prove himself. So if he sees something with Dylan then good.

    1. MEGATRON is a fascinating FA! Maybe you get him, and draft another true 3-4 DE in DeFOREST BUCKNER! And sign BRUCE IRVIN away from our rival. Trent Baalke was targeting Bruce in 2012.

  21. WR Torrey Smith
    WR Anqaun Boldin
    WR Bruce Ellington
    TE Garret Celek
    RT Anthony Davis
    RG Brandon Thomas
    C Daniel Kilgore
    LG Andrew Tiller
    LT Joe Staley
    QB Kap
    RB Hyde

    My thing on Brandon Thomas, a full 2 years removed from Knee surgery, never got to play last year because of coaches decisions. We all know how our coaches played our offensive line. Enough said. Bruce Ellington, will have the kind of season Jeremy Maclin had. He’s to fast and 2 quick not to shine in this offense. (Barring QB play). Boldin is Boldin. If im balkeevi dign him quick. With the check down qb’s we have it would be wise to have an Anquan Boldin to throw to. Those are my opinions.

  22. Anyone who doesn’t believe Kap will be the starter next season doesn’t know Chip Kelly — period.

    1. —period.

      You can just put the punctuation mark, you don’t also have to spell it out.

    1. Good question Grime. He doesn’t fit this offense that’s for sure, unless they turn him into an Hback with both running back and TE responsibilities.

  23. Niners will draft Vernon Adams QB – Oregon, somewhere in the late rounds. For the most part Vernon learned the Oregon offense in 2 weeks, suffered early injuries but played well. Would not surprise me if the Niners reacquire LaMike. He was a stud in Kelly’s offense at Oregon and misused by Harbaugh. The spread could also benefit a players such as Hayne. In my opinion, can’t have enough running backs in this system.

    If Kelly’s system can not run the ball it will fail. That was the main problem last year for the Eagles. Running the ball is essential for this system. Most think its a passing system, it is not. As far as the system fitting CK, it just may. CK biggest problem is his own mind. Under this system he won’t have time to think and that might be a plus. I believe Gabbert is a better fit tho.

    Going to be real interesting next year. I will go out on a limb and say 10 wins is certainly obtainable next year. The players must buy into it or its doomed.

    The system is QB friendly even the likes of Denise Dixon excelled in it. A few basic plays coupled with many formations and speed make it very unique.

    1. Don’t hold your breath on LMJ. When he learned that Kelly was the new HC of the 49ers, he tweeted out a single word reaction: “oh”. That doesn’t sound like he has positive feelings toward Kelly.

  24. LWR: Torrey Smith
    RWR: Marvin Jones
    SWR: DeAndre Smelter
    LT: Joe Staley
    LG: Andrew Tiller
    C: Daniel Kilgore
    RG: Mitchell Schwartz
    RT: Trent Brown
    TE: Vance McDonald
    QB: Colin Kaepernick
    RB: Carlos Hyde

  25. I know it’s tough to come up with topics now that the season is over, but it is waaayyyy too early to predict who will be on the team next year. If Pears is starting anywhere it will be a disaster and I don’t see it happening. If Anthony Davis goes through with his return, he’ll be the RT. The only other OL starters you can predict with confidence are Staley and Kilgore. Both OG spots are up for grabs. I don’t think they are done with Martin or Thomas and both will get every chance to win those spots. Then there is the draft and FA so who the hell really knows?

    My guess is Kap gets first shot to start. I actually think the offense may favor Gabbert more than Kap, but all reports seem to indicate Kelly has had an interest in Kap for awhile now so I think he’s going to try to make it work, at least initially.

    Receivers are another tough one to predict because Kelly tends to like taller WR’s and both Patton and Ellington are small. Marvin Jones was rumored to be a guy the Niners were interested in in FA and he would be a pretty good addtion imo. My guess is they also go the draft route at this position.

    I think they will also draft a RB in the first 2 days to pair with Hyde.

    1. If Anthony Davis goes through with his return, he’ll be the RT.
      Maybe but I wouldn’t assume it’s a given. Davis has a lot to prove; Is he in shape and if not how long before he is? Has his skill degraded given his time away from the game and if so can they come back? Can he beat out Brown? At this point until we actually see what shape he’s in you can’t assume he’s the day one starter.

      1. He was one of the best RT’s in the game so it ‘s not a stretch to think he would be the starter ahead of a 7th round pick in his second year. I know you have been ripping the guy for stepping away, but you have no idea why or what his motivation is. It’s his decision either way and if he comes back and expect him to be in shape and ready to continue his career.

        1. expect him to be in shape and ready to continue his career.
          Why should we expect that from him?

          1. Because he was one of the best RT’s in football, and considering he gave up some money to sit out, then I have to think his main reason for coming back is because he missed it and really wants to play.

    2. If Anthony Davis goes through with his return, he’ll be the RT. The only other OL starters you can predict with confidence are Staley and Kilgore.
      Well that is 60% of the line that you seem to think is set plus you go on to say that you think Martin and Thomas are sticking around so; for someone who thinks it’s too early to make predictions on who will be on the team next year you seem to be making quite a few.

      1. It’s too early to do this but this is the topic thread so I contributed. What’s the problem? Are you constipated today?

        1. Don’t get pissy just because you make a statement then seemingly contradict it.

          1. I’m not pissy at all just asking if it’s your time of the month. You have a tendency to overreact at times.

            1. The only one overreacting here is you. I pointed out your contradiction and now you’re getting all butt hurt over it and trying to make me sound like the one making a big deal over it.

              1. Yea ok whatever. Reading over these posts it definitely looks like I’m the one overreacting. Don’t know what crawled up your ass today but I hope you get over it.

              2. Lol. Nothing crawled up my ass man, at least I hope not. I just couldn’t figure out what your point was and why it mattered. I didn’t intend that post as a contradiction, but if it came out that way, oh well. Who cares?

              3. Again the medium is my enemy. I wasn’t calling you out for the contradiction, I was really truly saying it in a teasing manner not meant to be taken personally. I’ve been trying to get better about adding the :) because I realize that my written tone rarely matches my intended one.

              4. No worries Coffee. I don’t mind ribbing or insults, I’ve had many thrown my way. I just don’t take this all that seriously which may get lost in the commentary as well.

              5. You ladies need to chill out….

                Good job working it out though, I’ve seen these forums get real ugly.

              6. I listened to a lot of Dio in my youth as my brother listened to it constantly while driving me to school in the morning.

        1. If Davis wants to play – which isn’t a given – it will be for this team as he’s under contract.

  26. Forget Kap. No coaching can improve his terrible accuracy. Too much garbage already. Time to move on. Start Gabbert and draft rookie for future.
    WR1 T. Smith
    WR2 Smelter, or sign free agent
    WR3 Ellington
    WR4 Patton
    TE Celek (Macdonald is a bust)
    T Staley and best free agent available tackle
    G re-sign Boone & sign best free agent guard
    C Kilgore
    QB Gabbert, sign free agent back up, draft for future
    RB C. Hyde
    FB Miller

  27. Couple of ‘bold’ moves in leaving Boldin out and Kap in. It’s no secret that Boldin is not what he used to be, but he is our best receiver.
    Torrey never produced as expected and the insertion of Gabbert at QB never made a difference.

    Smelter came highly touted prior to his injury but he is unproven as a pro and will need to be the unquestioned best WR in TC to make the starting lineup. I’m excited about his prospects but not having any NFL playing experience is my only concern.

    As much as I like Kap, I don’t see him as the starting QB in 2016. I think the job is Gabbert’ to lose and if he performs poorly we may see a reverse of last year with Gabbert going to the bench and CK inserted as starter again.

    Speaking of QB’, the Chipper will need to draft his future QB in this years draft. Cleveland will draft Goff and will likely work a trade with Baalke involving Kap, our number 7, number 2, and future considerations.
    I believe that Paxon Lynch will perform better than Goff in the combine and will pique more interest from Cleveland. But if Cleveland selects Goff, they will trade for CK and perhaps the above mentioned and still get their QB with our number 7 when the dust settles.

    VMac will need to work on his catching chops in order to play a vital role in Chip’ offense. I see Celek getting an equal amount of reps in the new offense.

    One thing is certain, TC will present much more excitement than in previous years.

    1. Boldin isn’t signed for next season, I guess he is just predicting he goes somewhere else. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him on a Pats team or someone else closer to contending for a superbowl.

  28. Are you kidding me? Erik Pears has got to go! He has never been out of the bottom 20 in any Offensive Line position. If Anthony Davis didn’t like playing for Jimmy Harbaugh, he’ll HATE playing for the Chipster! Davis totally lacks drive and self-discipline. He has to be pushed. Just read his pre-draft evals. Every bad thing predicted about him has, to one extent or another, been realized. Trade him! He has value, especially after taking a one year timeout to heal.

  29. LWR: Torrey Smith
    RWR: Laquon Treadwell
    SWR: Quinton Patton
    LT: Joe Staley
    LG: Alex Boone
    C: Daniel Kilgore
    RG: Andrew Tiller
    RT: Anthony Davis
    TE: Vance McDonald
    QB: Colin Kaepernick
    RB: Carlos Hyde

      1. I would understand them taking Stanley, but I agree with Razor that Jack would likely be the pick instead.

        I’ve watched quite a bit of the QB’s the last few days and I now don’t want to take any QB in the first other than Goff. With Goff likely gone, I think they have to look at impact and team speed which Jack brings. They can also go with a big WR like Treadwell.

        1. Goff will be over drafted that high, because he does not possess elite traits that would warrant a top 5 selection….

          1. Razor,

            We are at opposite ends of the spectrum in regards to Goff. I think you are underestimating him as a prospect and imo he does possess everything you want to see in a QB prospect. He is accurate at all levels, has great awareness and footwork in the pocket, is unfazed by pressure in the pocket and keeps his eyes downfield. He’s also said to have a great mind for the game. I think he’s going to be very good in the NFL especially after he spends a couple of years with Hue Jackson.

            1. I think you’re overestimating his ability to anticipate defenses and process information so quickly that he’s able to compensate for his lack of physical ability to a get a ball to a spot quickly and instead do so mentally. Cal runs a very simple offense, and the windows in the NFL won’t be as wide open. When he faced top tier defenses, his completion percentage was 57(UCLA, UTAH, STANFORD, WASHINGTON)with 8TD’s(Two of which came in garbage time to UCLA) to 8INT’s. When the windows shrink, so does Goff….

              1. Razor,

                Actually his anticipation is one of the best traits about him. He also has enough arm to throw the ball anywhere on the field. If you watch enough of him, you will see plenty of throws into tight windows. He’s not afraid which actually is a negative at times and something he needs to work on at the next level. The offense he plays in doesn’t change the fact he has pre snap reads and blocking schemes to set, both of which were his responsibility at Cal. He is a very football smart so the mental part of the game won’t be an issue.

                You have to keep in mind that practically every team they played were comparable or better in overall talent. His Oline was really poor and yet he stood in and delivered the ball. He is not a great athlete, and you aren’t going to want him running very much, but he is an excellent pocket passer with the smarts to know where to go with the ball and the accuracy to deliver it.

          1. Some team will reach for him too early. Neither guy is going to help their team this year….

          2. Cubus,

            He has the physical tools, but needs a lot of development and really hasn’t faced a pass rush remotely close to what he’ll see at the NFL level. I also need to see more accuracy, especially on his deeper throws as they tend to flutter at times. I would be ok with him in the second, but he is being touted as a 1st rounder which is too high imo.

    1. What? 3 CBs in the first 8 picks? No way.
      Niners should take Shaq Lawson over Stanley, and with all the holes to fill, will not take a WR luxury pick in the 2nd.

    2. Finally someone slots S Drango in a mock. Love this kid and if Boone leaves he would fill that loss nicely.

  30. Please, tell me you posted this starting lineup in order to create controversy. Erik Pears doesn’t even belong in the NFL let alone anyone’s starting lineup. Unless, of course, the Seahawks want him for theirs. Alex Boone needs to go away, also. Let him walk.

    If Anthony Davis didn’t like playing for Jimmy H, he’ll HATE playing for Kelly. Every pre-draft eval of Davis talked about his lack of self-motivation and less-than-stellar work habits. His tenure with the 49ers has borne it all out. His one-year “reset” has made him better trade bait. Trade him to a team who will overlook his whiny, self-absorbed attitude and his half-assed work ethic. He is not, nor ever will be, the kind of player Chip Kelly wants on his team.

    1. Jay, AD with his concussion issues is basically untradeable. No team will want to take a chance on him. I also like his attitude. He sounds like a mean SOB, and that is exactly what I want in an O lineman. Brown needs seasoning. AD is a road grader.

    2. Jay,

      His tenure with the 49ers has borne it all out. His one-year “reset” has made him better trade bait. Trade him to a team who will overlook his whiny, self-absorbed attitude and his half-assed work ethic. He is not, nor ever will be, the kind of player Chip Kelly wants on his team.

      He was one of the best RT’s in football, and the player they clearly missed the most on the Oline the past two seasons. Nobody was complaining about him in this way before he took a year off. What exactly happened during this past year to make you question his work ethic and everything else you’ve said here?

      1. I’m with you on AD rocket… I hope he’s back and ready to go this year. Him back makes a huge impact, not just on the field but on our draft boards as well.

  31. Grant, your glass is half empty there. With $40mm to wisely spend, let’s hope that Boone and Boldin get resigned. I’m thinking Boldin could have some fun in this offense and take those short tough catches.

    Alternatively, are you a Treadwell guy in the first round? Does it seem like the 49ers have a possible trade down partner in New Orleans, who need a QB? Maybe pick up a third and a 5th next year?

    Also, are you thinking the team will trade Anthony Davis? He seems set on a return. If he and Boone stay then Pears won’t be on the list.

    Are you thinking Ellington gets protected for the return game? It will be interesting to see what they have in Smelter but Ellington has had some flashes…

    Does Bruce Miller become the H Back, 4th Tight End, or is he gone too?

    Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes…

    1. As the present now
      Will later be past
      Tomsula’s order is
      Rapidly fadin’
      And the first one now
      Will later be last
      For the times they are a-changin’.

  32. Just because Kaep is athletic does not mean he will thrive in a Chip Kelly offense. Chip’s offense is a run-first, throw-second kind of offense. The Read-option is just part of the running game. Its purpose is to give the Defense just one more dynamic piece to worry about and take time to plan for. That leaves less time to plan for the other aspects of the offense.

    It is like the West Coast Offense in that every play sets up the next play which sets up the big play. Only it’s on speed!

    To succeed, the offense needs to pose the threat of the big play, the quick strike. That requires a QB with a high Football IQ who can read a Defense accurately and deliver a perfectly delivered ball. Minus any one of those factors and the offense fails. Much like the 49ers offense in recent years.

    Kaep does not have a high Football IQ. He struggles to read defenses and coverages. He does not have good pocket presence and is easily rattled. His mechanics are not good or consistent, worse when pressured. Because his mechanics are not good, his accuracy is horrible. And, we all know about his touch passing woes.

    Gabbert, for all his weaknesses, has a much better upside than Kaep. In Gabbert I see a Jim Plunkett, a QB who was drafted by a team where he was not given the coaching, support, or pass protection to succeed. Given by the Raiders what he lacked with the Patriots, Plunkett went on to have a terrific, Super Bowl winning career. Given the same, I feel Gabbert could do the same.

  33. If you think Quinton Patton and his selfish, unproductive, Burfict-like behavior is starting in a Chip Kelly offense, you haven’t paid enough attention to Kelly’s time in Philadelphia.

    I’d put a $100 up against someone’s $50, Patton isn’t on the roster when the 2016 games count!

    1. That is why I had a multi player deal with Patton, Brooks and Vance. All 3 will not be judged kindly by Chip.

      1. It’s interesting because with Kelly, it’s fair to say nobody is safe. He is likely to preach competition. That includes at quarterback, where there was a battle between Nick Foles and Michael Vick three years ago.

        1. Just about everyone on the roster will be put to the test. Will be precious givens with Chip… Wonder what he thinks of our kicker and punter?

  34. They are already talking parting ways with Alex Boone. Staley at 32 I dunno. He did finish strong this season. The O line needs another player or two. They should have six quality starter type players and another two solid backups. Boldin is worth resigning for two more years. They definitely need more RB’s…

  35. That receiving corps is the football equivalent of the middle aged buy that ‘just misses the basket’ in a Viagra commercial. The legion of boom are licking their chops.

  36. LWR: Torrey Smith
    RWR: LaQuon Treadwell
    SWR: Quinton Patton
    LT: Joe Staley
    LG: Andrew Tiller
    C: Daniel Kilgore
    RG: Brandon Brooks
    RT: Anthony Davis
    TE: Jermaine Gresham
    QB: Colin Kaepernick
    RB: Carlos Hyde

  37. LWR: Torrey Smith
    RWR: Laquon Treadwell
    SWR: DeAndre Smelter
    LT: Joe Staley
    LG: Andrew Tiller
    C: Daniel Kilgore
    RG: Free Agent or Rookie
    RT: Trent Brown
    TE: Vance McDonald
    QB: Blain Gabbert
    RB: Carlos Hyde


    – My prediction is wrong. Its way too early. I predicted the Win/Loss for 2015 before Aldon Smith, Anthony Davis and Daniel Kilgore were out for various reasons. (The entire running back group getting hurt didn’t help) But I’ll still take the bait this offseason. I just can’t help myself.

    – Baalke will plug need holes in free agency. BPA pick 7. Treadwell, Stanley, Jack, Buckner, Goff (trade up), Lynch. Don’t forget Lynch. He’s mobile, big, good at short, swing, screen passes.

    – McDonald barely clings to starter job based on his run blocking. His pass catching won’t be great, but will improve due to the sheer repetition of the massive number of practice and games reps. Bell could very well be the starter.

    – Anthony Davis will be traded. Conditional picks will be involved.
    In a strait trade the 49ers will get a higher 2017 pick depending on AD’s roster status with the new team.
    If AD is packaged with a pick in a trade-up, the 49ers will relinquish 2017 picks depending on AD’s roster status with the new team.

    – A quarterback not named Colin or Blain will be starter in 2017, perhaps by 2016.

    Notable Absence – Bruce Miller. That’s the risky or hiring a coach with a proprietary system.

    1. Brodie:

      How do you envision a trade for AD working? He’s been out for a full year. Training camp doesn’t start until mid April or so and then the draft is at the end of April. Any team trading for him essentially has to go off of his production in 2014 without much of an idea on where he is going in to TC in 2016. I suspect that this will significantly reduce his value. It’s the time frame between TC and the draft that concerns me. I’m not sure, but I think its only about two weeks or so.

      1. AD’s value was reduced greatly by his “retirement.” Any team will want to closely examine his health and conditioning.

        He’s a top talent. A very good RT. Those don’t come cheap.

        I see the trade going down like the Stevie Johnson trade. If Johnson got above a certain threshold of snaps in 2014, the Bills would have gotten a 2015 3rd, not the 4th they wound up with.

        Conditional trades are done all the time to minimize risk.

        The 49ers could trade AD for a 2017 2nd or 3rd. If he turned out to be a head case and was kicked off his new team, the pick would be pushed back a 3rd or 4th.

        To be clear, from a talent standpoint he’s worth way more. I’m a big fan is AD’s play. But who can predict what AD or Baalke is thinking? If Kelly+AD hit it off… if its a fresh new start with a new attitude… keep AD for sure.

    2. Why would they trade a first round talent who is only 25 years old, under contract for another two years and has a cap friendly number? Please explain that time. Especially for a conditional pick. What a steal for another team. Better possibility is that he is a starter somewhere our and we don’t have waste a first round pick on OL.

      1. Because Anthony Davis is a head case.

        I’ll be thrilled to be wrong. I’d love to have AD stick with the 49ers. My dream scenario is he gets along with Kelly and finishes his career as a 49er.

        I’m afraid AD burned bridges by “retiring” after the draft, after free agency was well underway.

        I have no idea what’s really going on in ADs head. Maybe Baalke doesn’t know either. If you look at the last two drafts, Baalke’s grabbed mostly boy scouts. The only exception is Aaron Lynch, and they did extensive background research taking him in the 5th.

        Yes, Davis is 25. I believe he’s under contract for 4 more years. His cap number is extremely friendly. That’s why he’d make great trade bait.

        1. There was a time I too believed he would eventually achieve Pro Bowl status as a RT and then eventually take over for Staley. For whatever reason, he could not elevate his pass protection. Mentally, he reminds me of VD, very shaky. Lately he’s been writing checks with his mouth that his @ss can’t cash from his Twitter account….

  38. I think your lineup is a bit inaccurate. Although I do see Boone moving on,I do think they will spend an early pick on a future LG that will start at LG. If Davis comes back,I can see him at RT and Brown playing RG with Tiller moving to LG and in competition with Thomas. Thomas could actually play C with Kilgore contract up soon. Patton should play slot while Smelter is on outside.

    1. Boone is rated top 3 in FA guards, so he does have value and skills, and he would provide continuity. Baalke better swallow his pride and give him a fair offer. Baalke cant lowball him when they have 50 mil in cap space.

  39. I agree except for AD. He will start somewhere on the line.

    Knowing that krappernick is likely starter, only makes it more imperative that we grab Goff or Lynch (maybe even trade up for Goff). York nor Kelly can afford more issues at that position.

  40. I felt that DeAndre Smelter should be the outside receiver because he was a big vertical threat in college according to scouting reports. I also felt the Quinton Patton is best as a slot WR because I am not sure he has the size and speed to beat CB. Chip Kelly offense is more of a spread up tempo offense that rely on quick short passes similar to what the Patriots and Jets are using. This scheme would not be a fit to the strengths of deep threat WR’s like Torrey Smith, Bruce Ellington, and DeAndre Smelter that rely on speed to make big plays downfield if they are going to throw a lot of short passes. I could be wrong because Chip Kelly did produce two deep threats into #1 WR like Desean jackson and Jeremy Maclin. The difference is that they both are better route runners that 49ers WR’s

      1. Possibly, but LaMike better be in shape and focused…hasn’t had much action lately. Bring him in at the minimum.

          1. Wasn’t sproles hurt most of that season though? And if I remember he was available before they traded for sproles.

    1. Justin, you need to re-evaluate Smelter’s skillset.Yes he’s fast, but he isn’t Torrey Smith fast. And he doesn’t rely on straight line speed to make plays downfield. Smelter is more of a guy who relies on strength, quickness, and has big, strong hands and a pretty large catching radius. He’s also got the makings of an elite blocking WR.

      I think Q needs to find a team on the cusp of a Super Bowl, for his final go around. Perhaps NE or even KC.

      The 49ers are at least one more season away from a Super Bowl run. More realistically two years away.

      1. “The 49ers are at least one more season away from a Super Bowl run. More realistically two years away.”

        Anyone for three years away for a chance to go deep into the playoffs?

        1. That’s only if Kelly is seen to clearly be building a contender at the end of three years which gets him an extension. Otherwise, the Yorks start all over without actually changing their football approach.

        2. Key phrase here is “deep into the playoffs”. Assuming Chip and Baalke both perform on a tier 1 level to rebuild and prepare, and the Niners get consistent QB play, 2-3 years doesn’t seem unrealistic.

          Do you think Chip & Baalke get that long of a leash?

          1. I see four men in a tub in stormy seas. If they work together they might make the playoffs at the end of the second year and win a playoff game after the third season. They won’t make the payoffs this year unless they are very lucky and the rest of the division has a lot of rotten luck.

            The guys in the tub are Kaepernick, Baalke, Kelly, and York in order of their individual vulnerability.

              1. I’ve always thought some of the “pipe dreams” posted here by those who think of themselves as “The Faithful” as being more ominous. Cheers. ;-}

  41. It’s fascinating to see how quickly the national perception of the 49ERS has changed in just a few days.

    INSTANT CREDIBILITY is an understatement! The vast majority of pundits think CHIP KELLY was the best HC hire this offseason. The feeling around the league is that Chip is such a smart guy, he will likely have learned was some mistakes he may have made in Phili. And I think people realize how driven this guy is to win a Lombardi.

    1. I wish national pundit opinions would be good for 7 points and 7 3rd down conversions for each game in ’16. I like the choice but let’s stay balanced.

      1. Baalke needs an amazing free agency and draft while being in close collaboration with his new head coach and his assistant GM. They need a love triangle and a mutual admiration collaboration.

          1. Kaepernick, Kelly, Baalke, and York have interpersonal tin ears. What are the chances they all realize and correct that at the same time?

            According to Lowell, Jed reached out to him after the press conference. Maybe that’s a start. Now if they can get Baalke a smiley face sponsorship, have Colin’s mother take away his headphones, and have Kelly realize that NFL players are not kids, organizational improvement can happen.

            If all that does happen, Jed might even bring in some high level football brains, and give those brains some power.

  42. LWR: Laquon treadwell
    RWR: Torry smith
    SWR: Bruce Ellington
    LT: Joe Staley
    LG: Andrew tiller
    C: Daniel Kilgore
    RT: Anthony Davis
    RG: Alex Boone
    RB: Carlos Hyde
    TE: Blake Bell
    QB: Colin kapernick

    1. My only difference would be Smelter in place of Treadwell, so the Niners could draft a pass rusher.
      Other than that, good list.

      1. What do you do if there’s no pass rusher worth the 7th pick? Being beholden to a positional need is poor draft strategy.

        1. Great question. If no decent edge rushers worth the 7th pick…

          – Buckner. He can pressure and inside and flush QBs into the arms of Lynch and the athletic Harold. Armstead+Buckner would disrupt passing lanes. Look how quick Brady gets rid of the ball. Edge rushers rarely get to him. A couple of redwood trees in front of Brady’s makes a world of difference.

          – Jack. He can blitz, but more importantly his speed takes away much of the short passing game. He can cover TE’s and RBs in the short routes forcing QBs to hold onto the ball longer. If a slot receiver makes a catch vs a DB, Jack has the speed to assist with the tackle and reduce RAC.

          Speed kills.

    2. So you’ve got Boone coming back and moving to the right? It makes sense but have a feeling he’s going for the money.

      1. Of course Boone is going for the money. If the market isn’t to his liking, he might go for a one year extension and try again next year.

  43. QB: Gabbert early, rookie QB later
    RB: Hyde
    HB: Bell
    WR1: Alshon Jeffrey
    WR2: Smith
    WR3: Smelter/Ellington
    LT: Staley
    LG: Tiller
    C: Alex Mack
    RG: Jeff Allen
    RT: Brown

    1. Mack??? Ooooh. Jeffrey isn’t going anywhere. They let Marshall walk because of him. That would leave them empty at WR.

    2. Not bad at all Mid, but you spent a lot of dough on this lineup. I especially can’t see the Niners giving another big deal to a WR after signing Smith last year.

    3. RWR Torrey Smith
      LWR DeAndre Smelter
      SWR Quinton Patton
      LT Joe Staley
      LG LT/LG Draft Pick
      C Alex Mack
      RG Andrew Tiller
      RT Trent Brown
      TE Garrett Celek
      QB Colin Kaepernick
      RB Carlos Hyde

  44. Meh. I don’t see Patton even making the team…if they’re smart they’ll draft Michael Thomas to bookend Torrey Smith. Another FA move they need to make is to re-sign Alex Boone. Some have commented he’s looking for money…well, the Niners have @ $50M in cap space. They won’t overpay to keep him but should be able to make him a good offer. I think Anthony Davis’ return may be more certain with Kelly running the show. Pears may not make the team, especially when Baalke drafts some new OL and/or brings in a better FA. RT should be between AD and Trenton Brown, the “loser” of that competition likely to be the starting RG. I see Celek as the starting TE.

  45. I’ll go a step further and give my ridiculously early 53 man prediction.

    QBs: Kaep, Gabbert, rookie
    RBs: Hyde, Davis, Hayne, rookie
    3rd down back: Ellington
    WRs: Smith, Smelter, Marvin Jones, Patton
    TEs: McDonald, Bell, Celek, rookie
    OL: Kelvin Beachum, Tiller, Kilgore, Davis, Staley, Brown, Martin, Spencer Drango (rookie)
    DL: Williams, Malik Jackson, Dorsey, Armstead, Dial, rookie
    OLBs: Lynch, Bruce Irvin, Harold, Tank, rookie
    ILBs: Bowman, Myles Jack (rookie), Hodges, Bellore
    CBs: Brock, Johnson, Acker, Reaser, Ward
    Safeties: Bethea, Reid, Tartt, McCray
    STs: Dawson, Pinion, Nelson

    1. Please. No more ACL picks. I would prefer Brandon Brooks, Jeff Allen, Cordy Glenn, Mitchell Schwartz or Bobbie Massie over Kelvin Beachum.
      I like Buckner, Shaq lawson,Leonard Floyd or Kevin Dodd over Jack.
      Other than those 2, solid roster.

        1. Because of the recent past history. Also, the Niners need immediate help. When JH was here, the roster was solid, so they could afford the luxury to wait until they healed fully.

          1. “Because of the recent past history” Could you be more specific?

            Challenge – Come up with a mock 53 that has 12 rookie spots.

              1. You don’t have to name them like Scooter. Just tell me the 12 guys that aren’t as good as a 6th rounder you will kick off the team because you are against “ACL Picks.”

                We are waiting… .

              1. Tank and Thomas have healthy knees. Talent and fit failures don’t count.

                None of the massive number of players that went on IR in 2014-15 were “ACL Redshirts.”

                Still waiting on that mock 53 man roster with 12 rookies. You don’t have to name the rookies, just specify the remaining 41 veterans.

              2. Well, no matter what, they fit the ACL pick definition, and did not turn out well.
                Since you put me on the spot, may I take some time to research the draft and FA pool before commenting?

      1. I think Beachum will come at a more reasonable price due to missing the past season, and in 2014 he was a top 10 OT according to PFF.

      2. Jack’s knee injury was a clean ACL tear and there are no worries about him being ready to play at some point next year.

          1. Whoops I’m so used to typing ACL and I didn’t mean to. You are indeed Correct. It’s Anterior Meniscus not an ACL. My apologies.

      1. Let’s spend a 4th rounder on Tom Hackett, P (Utah), and a 6th rounder on Aidan Schneider, K (Oregon). We’ll be set for 10 years!!

        1. I know that. Just being crazy like 40% of the posters here today. Did see a few Utah games and Hackett is very, very good…ex-rugby player.

    2. Great mock 53.

      – I’ll take Myles Jack!

      – Top mockers never forget specials teams. Bellore and McCray are good additions.

      – Only 7 rookies. I’m assuming lots of trade ups. A few (of the incredibly misunderstood) “ACL Redshirts” stashed on NFI.

      1. Yeah, I was looking at where rookies could find roles, but assuming 4 FA additions I included I didn’t really see a lot of room for more than 7-8 rookies. They may still draft more than that, but my guess is not all would make the roster.

    3. The QBs will be Kap and Gabbert.
      The RBs will be Hyde, Davis, Harris and Hayne. Chip Kelly will be using Harris like he used Sproles and he is everything that we had in Bush, but without being injury prone. Hayne still needs to learn football, but is still very talented to earn a spot.
      The WRs will be Boldin (?), Smith, Smelter, free agent or rookie (early-mid pick) Patton, Ellington and White or Dres Anderson (at least one or both if possible).
      The TEs will be McDonald, Bell and Busta Anderson. Maybe even Celek but he’s injury prone and may not even come back.
      The OL will be Staley, Tiller, Kilgore, Davis, Brown, Martin, Thomas and Silberman (?).
      The DL will be Williams (?), Dial, Armstead, Purcell, a free agent or rookie (early-mid pick), Tank (DL/DE rotational pass rusher) and Ramsey
      OLBs will be Lynch, Harold, (free agent) and a rookie (mid-late pick)
      ILBs will be Bowman, Hodges, a rookie (high pick) and Bellore
      CBs will be Brock, Johnson, Acker, Reaser, Cromartie and a rookie (mid-late pick)
      Safeties will be Reid, Tartt, Ward (nickleback), McCray
      ST will be Dawson or free agent, Pinion and Nelson

    4. QB- Kaep, Gabbert, Thompson
      RB- Hyde, Davis, Hayne, LMJ
      WR- Smith, Smelter, Ellington, Marvin Jones (FA), White
      TE- Busta, MacDonald, Bell, Celek (FA)
      OL- Staley, Tiller, Killgore, Boone (FA), Davis, Brown, Jeff Allen (FA), Nick Martin (R)
      DL- Armstead, Dial, Williams(FA), TJE, Buckner (R), Sheldon Day(R)
      OLB- Lynch, Irvin (FA), Harold, Tank, Eric Striker (R)
      ILB- Bowman, Hodges, Bellore, Scooby Wright III (R)
      CB- Brock, Johnson, Acker, Reaser, Ward
      S- Bethea, Reid, Tartt, McCray
      ST- Dawson, Pinion, Nelson
      2 additional rookies- BPA

      1. 7 Free Agents and 7 rookies. I want the Niners to retain FA talent for continuity. Did not know if Dorsey can make it back. Tried to select a rookie from the first 5 rounds.

    5. Myles Jack! I’d love to see another top notch tandem in the middle…


      1. Do you have any early speculation as to who you like for your rookie picks? (ideal options after Jack & Drango)

      2. Where do you think Spencer Drango falls in the draft? Would they have to trade up into the first?

      1. Me too!

        I’m hoping Drango is there at the 49ers 2nd round pick, but might need to trade up for him.

        Others I think may be looked at are Hogan at QB, McGee at TE, Prosise or Jonathan Williams at RB, Gotsis, Zettel or Oakman for DL, McCallister, Jenkins or Ngakoue for OLB.

        1. Zettel looks like he has great awareness. Oakman looks like a physical beast! Like how he goes for the strip. Wish there were better full game sample sizes than just Baylor vs. SMU!

    6. Looks good to me Scooter. I like the FA’s you included from that link obviously but Beachum is interesting too. The front seven would be a real strength with this type of offseason.

      1. Yep, those FAs aside from Beachum were from the link you posted. They all make sense to me, but I left Fleener off as I think they’ll go with what they have plus a rookie and use the money elsewhere.

        I think that D would be much improved if they added those players and retain Williams.

  46. I agree with all but RG. Pears is good as gone. He is 33 years old and one of the worst O-lineman in the NFL. Davis tweeted out that he will be officially coming back in April, right before the draft. If this is true, he will be a starter on the O-line but at RG, not RT. Here is why. Brown is much bigger, lengthier and surprisingly more athletic for the RT position. He has proven near the end of 2015 that he can play RT in the NFL. For not playing football in over year, Davis has a lot of catching up to do. He may even be way out of shape for up tempo zone-blocking or even be able to play a full game. However, he does have the size and power to maul D-linemen in the run game. I am 50/50 on Kap starting in Chip Kelly’s system. Kelly wants an accurate passer that is decisive in the pocket. We all know that Kap has some work to do if he wants to be his starting QB.

    1. Does Brown’s play fit Kelly’s system? Can Brown continue to learn at warp speed and make his play fit Kelly’s system? What will Brown look like in Western Division games six time a year?

      Will he make the All Pro team at left tackle in the next five years? That would be nice because he would probably also have a ring too. As Brown goes, so go the 49ers. Take that Tom Brady.

      1. I hope the Niners will have solid depth, so they can substitute freely. Brown will do better if he can get a breather during the game. Last season, he seemed gassed at the end of the games he started.

          1. Well sir, it is a future determinant, with lots of permutations.
            i hope you realize that nothing will be decided until months from now.

    2. AD will be the LT for sure and he’ll be in shape. People keep saying he’ll be out of shape or “if” he’s in shape…. He’s and nfl caliber LT playing RT because staley is here. I predict he takes over for staley at LT upon retirement. They won’t trade him. He was the tenth pick in 2010. Is like getting a first rd pick again. He’ll be fine with the whole off season to heal and get ready. Imagine kap with real time to throw the ball.

      1. According to trade charts, it could very well take the whole draft, and then some. Incredibly expensive to go from 7 to 1.

        But tops of the draft vary greatly year to year.

        2012 fetched 3 first round picks and a second round pick for the #2 overall.

        2013 fetched very few offers like that. Oakland got squat for trading back their 3rd overall.

        1. Brodie I don’t believe there is a snow balls chance in hell that the 49ers will trade up. They have far too many holes to give up picks . I see them signing help for the O thru free agency and drafting D with at least their first 2 picks.

          1. I’d even suggest said snowball would pertain to every team, because there’s not one player in this draft worth the cost. Especially with the injury to Smith….

            1. Maybe the Niners should move back. Indy, Atlanta, Bills or Detroit. They could offer the 7th pick for their first and second. Niners could throw in a player they like or additional 5th, 6th or seventh round picks to balance out the metrics. They would get the player they covet, and the Niners get 3 picks in the first 2 rounds.

              1. Why do I advocate moving back to get multiple picks? Because 98 juniors are declaring. Usually those players are considered good enough to get drafted, so even if half that number does not succeed, it still means that 49 players are good prospects. Coupled with all the elite seniors, there could be a pool of solid talent that covers 2 rounds.

  47. Qb kap
    Rb hyde,
    Wr Smith
    Wr 2 patton/ellington
    Wr 3 smelter/white
    Te celek
    Lt staley
    Lg tiller/FA
    C Kilgore
    Rg brown
    Rt davis

  48. QB other [neither Kaep or Gabbert]
    RB Hyde
    WR Boldin
    WR Smelter
    TE Celek
    RT Davis\Brown whoever wins the camp battle
    RG FA
    C Kilgore
    LG Tiller
    LT Staley
    I believe the niners will resign Boldin
    There will be hard core open completion in camp for all the O line spots and Kelly will bring in his own candidate at QB with Gabbert backing up and Kaep elsewhere. imho

    1. While I vehemently disagree with your prediction, I will defend unto my death your right to say it.

        1. I think everything else is fine, although I really want Baalke to swallow his pride and offer a generous contract to Boone.
          We all saw what a loss of leadership can do to a team. Retention for continuity is important.

  49. WR1 – A. Jeffrey (FA from bears)
    WR2 – T. Smith
    WR3 – Shepard/Patton (rookie WR from Oklahoma)
    LT – Staley
    LG – A Tiller
    C – A Mack
    RG – A Davis
    RT – T Brown
    TE 1 -L. Green (free agent San diego)
    TE 2 -V. Mcdonald
    QB – who knows let the best man win (Kaep/Gabbert)
    RB – Hyde

    Some bold predictions, but why not.. lets make it happen

      1. Agreed, as well as some of the best route running in this draft. whoever grabs him will have a steal IMO. honestly i dont see him slipping passed the 2nd round. i think we grab Myles jack in first while dropping back a few spots and collecting additional picks. then grabbing Sheppard in 2nd.

      2. I like Shepard. Definitely agree he looks like a solid pick. I have a late round crush on Cajuste though, and I feel there’s a big drop off after Henry in TE talent. I’d have a hard time passing him up in the 2nd.

  50. Question for everyone: What do you think the Niners best moves are during FA in regards to the O-line? Who do you think is worth it?

    FA Source:
    **Note, I don’t have access to PFF grades, just going off a quick google search of FA’s that are big names or in their 20’s. Feel free to add anyone worth a look not listed below!

    Jake Long – Falcons
    Russel Okung – Seahawks
    Mitchell Schwartz – Browns
    Cordy Glenn – Bills
    Mike Adams – Steelers

    Brandon Brooks – Texans
    Jeff Allen – Chiefs
    Amini Silatolu – Panthers

    Ben Jones – Texans
    Gino Gradkowski – Falcons
    Alex Mack – Browns (apparently he’s an opt-out decision?)

    1. Since the Pats are playing in Denver, I agree. Arizona has a legit D, and Carolina in the second half did not impress without Greg Olsen.

    1. Just as long as it is not Brady, I will be happy. I am already ecstatic that the Seahawks season has ended. Any team that picked Frank Clark deserves to lose.

  51. WR boldin, t. Smith, Alshon Jeffrey (from bears)
    TE coby fleener (from colts)
    QB kapernick
    HB Hyde
    LT Staley
    LG Gordy Glenn (from buffalo )
    C Kilgore
    RG Boone (he tests free agency but comes back)
    RT A. Davis

  52. Back ups

    QB Galbert
    HB Alfred Morris (from redskins), M. Davis, j. Hayne
    FB Bruce miller
    WR Ellington, patton, smelter
    TE Bell, V. Mcdonald, celeck
    T T. Brown, rookie 2ND round pick
    G Tiller
    C M. Martin

  53. Patton just doesn’t have the football IQ Kelly is looking for. Patton is a prototypical Harbaugh player- generally slower and more emotional something along the lines of Boldin. One is enough he is a goner.

  54. I’m gonna follow Scooter’s lead here and take an irresponsibley early shot at a 53.

    QB (3): Kaep, Gabb, Dak Prescott (6th Rd)
    RB (5): Hyde, Davis, Hayne, Chris Ivory, Devontae Booker (3rd Rd)
    WR (6): Smith, Marvin Jones, Ellington, Smelter, Patton, Devon Cajuste (5th Rd)
    TE (4): McDonald, Bell, Celek, Hunter Henry (2nd Rd)
    OL (8): Staley, Kilgore, Davis, Brown, Tiller, Brandon Brooks, Kelvin Beachum (a la Scooter), Ryan Kelly (5th Rd)

    DL (6): Williams, Dorsey, Dial, Armstead, TJE, Charles Tapper (4th Rd)
    OLB (5): Lynch, Harold, Tank, Bruce Irvin, Yannick Ngakoue (4th Rd)
    ILB (4): Bowman, Hodges, Willhoite, Myles Jack (1st Rd)
    CB (5): Brock, Johnson, Reaser, Acker, Ward
    SFTY (4): Bethea, Reid, Tartt, McCray
    ST (3): Roberto Aguayo (6th Rd), Pinion, Nelson

    Draft Picks:
    Rd 1 – Myles Jack, ILB
    Rd 2 – Hunter Henry, TE
    Rd 3 – Devontae Booker, RB
    Rd 4 – Yannick Ngakoue, OLB
    Rd 4 – Charles Tapper, DE
    Rd 5 – Devon Cajuste, WR
    Rd 5 – Ryan Kelly, C
    Rd 6 – Dak Prescott, QB
    Rd 6 – Roberto Aguayo, K

    Remaining picks used to move around as needed to obtain players & trade for 2017 picks?

    FA Signings
    Chris Ivory, RB – Strong downhill back who could spell Hyde.
    Marvin Jones, WR – Going with the popular WR pick here.
    Brandon Brooks, OG – If we can get him, I think he’d be a great replacement for Boone.
    Kelvin Beachum – Stealing this name from Scooter (shamelessly). Seems like he would come at great value given the OL prospects this year, and he’ll be coming off an injury. Could be a steal.
    Bruce Irvin, OLB – This team needs a pass rush. Arguably the best prospect not named Von Miller.

      1. Thanks Seb!

        I’m really close to the fence on White over Patton, TJE over Purcell, and Devontae Booker over C.J. Prosise.

        Ultimately I see a lot more value for OL in FA, with a lot of proven talent. They’ll need to be aggressive. I think there will be good value in Jones and Ivory. There are a number of solid running backs in FA as well, but I’d be surprised if Jones didn’t have a number of suitors. Same goes for Bruce Irvin.

        1. I would choose White over Patton because Patton is undisciplined, and can make bonehead mistakes. White seems to have good hands and is faster by a smidge. Although, I hope it is a spirited competition because Patton does flash, and has made plays.

        2. I chose TJE over Purcell in my 53, but if they cannot re-sign Williams, Purcell would be the logical replacement.
          I have not watched enough film of Booker or Procise, so it might take until the Combine to get a better picture.

    1. Nice one Pete!

      Like the Henry pick especially. I was thinking of him too, but figured they go OL in round 2 instead. But if they fill that all through FA as you have them doing, then Hunter in round 2 would be a good pick up.

      1. Thanks Scooter! Your Beachum pick was too goo to pass up. I think Henry has potential to be a day 1 starter. One player not listed here that I’d love to see on the team is Shilique Calhoun. If I were to really describe my ultimate move here, I would trade back a few spots (feeling that Mack would still be there), and try to get another 2nd rounder to snag him. That would free up my 4th for another position of need, most likely I would look hard at another DE like your guy Zettel. Or maybe even trade for a 3rd rounder in 2017!

        Not to daydream, but if our starting LB core consisted of Lynch, Mack, Bo, and Calhoun, I think we would be looking at something special, albeit young.

        Of course, this is all premature considering we haven’t seen the combine and pro-days, so we don’t have an idea who is going to inflate or deflate in value yet.

    2. I suppose I should note my starters here!


      QB – Kaep or Gabbert since it’s unlikely Prescott would be a day 1 starter. I think it’s Kaep’s job to lose since he’s guaranteed his salary next year if he can’t pass a physical by April 1st, but if Gabbert is named the starter I wouldn’t consider it the greatest shocker.

      RB – Hyde. With better OL play comes greater expectations. Love the idea of teaming him up with Ivory and Booker.

      WR – 1/2/3 are Smith/Jones/Smelter. I could see Cajuste turning into a nice weapon though due to the match up problem he creates. Ellington will have a situational role.

      TE – Henry. Dude can block and provides good matchups. Vance will still come in on multi-TE sets.

      LT – Staley until he can no longer serve.
      LG – Beachum
      C – Kilgore (Kelly needs to bulk up before he can truly challenge.)
      RG – Brooks
      RT – Davis

      DL – Williams, Dorsey, Armstead (projecting improved technique from Arik).
      ILB – Bo & Jack
      OLB – Lynch & Irvin
      SFTY – Bethea & Reid
      CB – Brock, Johnson, & Ward in the slot on nickel.

      K – Aguayo
      P – Pinion
      LS – Nelson

  55. In reference to Rocket’s comment about predictions being a bit early; I don’t mind playing the prediction game but what I fail to understand is why everybody skips Free Agency and goes straight to the draft? FA has a huge impact on what teams do in the draft so how can you skip it? There are always one or two moves during each FA that makes you throw your mock right out the window so why not just focus on FA first.

    1. While I agree that everything will change as we go through the process, I think they concentrate on the draft because it is a lot easier to do, Free agency is more of a crapshoot because players have preferences and teams are constrained by the cap. It is harder to predict with more variables.

  56. I hope nobody here got the lineup right because I want to see about three new starters – two offensive line and one receiver. Whoever’s drafted at #7 (unless a QB) should start, hopefully. The other newcomers would come from either the draft or free agency. Offensive line is absolutely where the emphasis should be laid. Can’t win without at least a decent o-line. And I think Boldin will start and play a lot.

    1. While I really want Boldin to stay, he should latch onto a team with a good chance to advance in the playoffs so maybe he can get 1 more ring. Considering all the rookies starting due to attrition, he would be a huge upgrade on many squads.

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