Predicting Week 1 inactives

I predict the following seven players will not suit up Week 1 against the Vikings.

  1. CB Shareece Wright
  2. OLB Corey Lemonier
  3. NT Mike Purcell
  4. OT Trent Brown
  5. G/C Ian Silberman
  6. WR Quinton Patton
  7. RB Jarryd Hayne

Why will Hayne be inactive? Because I predict Bruce Ellington will return the punts. Ellington is more electric than Hayne, and I expect the Niners want Ellington to get as many touches as possible.

I also predict DeAndrew white will return the kickoffs. He returned five during the preseason, and Hayne returned only one.

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  1. Grant…… Bruce had his chance last year. Nothing special or electric. Plus he was healthier last year, not coming from a hamstring injury! Hayne has been on multiple special teams units. A team can never have to many good special teams players. Keep Bruce fresh and leave him as a receiver. Let hayne bevour special teams ace, a la David meggett

      1. OK, but Bellore and Hayne may be more important, and he was a bubble player. He also is a lot younger, so LJ could be the low man on the totem pole.

  2. Yes, Ellington was electric last year to the tune of 8 yards a PR. *All* of Hayne’s returns this pre-season were longer than Ellington’s longest last year. You crack us up at times, Grant.

    1. It was Ellington’s first year returning punts.

      Hayne had an eight-yard return and a seven-yard return against San Diego.

      1. And? This was Hayne’s first time playing *any* football. Hayne, as PR, will easily double Ellington’s average from last year.

        1. Hayne returned punts in Rugby League. He won’t average 16 yards per punt return in the regular season.

              1. So then the transition from one sport to another was no big deal? He was Rugby League MVP, maybe that will transfer to NFL MVP also? :)

          1. Are you now Madame Sonya??? Hayne is a good hitter on special teams coverage, will return the punts, and don’t be surprised to see him catch a pass or two out of the backfield. You’re becoming as old and stodgy as Lowell.

        1. Randall Cobb averaged 8 yards per punt return last season. He’s still one of the best punt returners in the league. Ellington is more athletic than Cobb.

          1. Was there some sort of contest of athleticism between these two that I wasn’t privy to?

            Even suggesting Ellington is more “electric” than Hayne as if that’s even objectively trackable is as bizarre as it is lazy to claim.

          2. What makes you think Ellington is more athletic than Cobb? That’s a pretty huge comparison between a round 2 pick and round 4 pick. You are really high on Ellington. The season will tell for sure. I like Ellington we just haven’t seen much of him because he’s been injured so much.

              1. The NFL site has them both at nearly identical stats on the 40. Cobb isn’t as good as Ellington in the shuttle, vertical and some others. Numbers don’t always translate to on field athleticism. When Ellington has a 1200yd season with 12TD’s then we can say he’s more athletic. He might if he stays on the field.


              2. It seems Rodgers can make anybody look good. Just look at James Jones for a perfect example.

                If they use Ellington like GB uses Cobb, or even some where close, Ellington will have a break out season provided he stays healthy.

              3. Sure I said the same thing yesterday in response to GB without Nelson. Rodgers is great. At the same time Cobb has actually had a great career, Ellington’s attributes are still potential and not realized. I said he could potentially do those things. Its a big what if at this point. I hope he does break out and become what you all hope he is.

      2. I think Coach Tomsula will want to see how Hayne does in a meaningful game. If he drops the ball and/or gets tackled immediately, he may shunt him onto the 7 inactives next game.
        However, I expect Hayne will shine.

        1. I’m pretty sure that even if Tomsula wanted to bench Hayne, orders would come down to play him. There’s too much interest (i.e., $$$) in him to not play him.

          1. Until Hayne makes a rookie mistake like trying to catch a punt over his shoulder while running the wrong direction, fumbling and blowing a close game.

            1. Sure, if that happens. But we all know that Jed is more concerned with 20M new revenue sources in Australia than the mere potential for such a game-blowing gaffe. I also doubt that of the 3 dudes referenced in connection to return duties, Hayne would be the most likely to produce such a gaffe. His hands are pure magic, and as has been pointed out elsewhere, his maturity and cool approach (i.e., the fact that he is the rugby equivalent of Michael Jordan) would likely mean Hayne wouldn’t make that type of judgment error. What you describe is much more symptomatic of a guy like Patton trying too hard to impress people; Hayne has shown he is cool under pressure.

      3. Hayne is 27 years old, he doesn’t much time to “develop” before he is 30. They would be unwise to keep an exciting, and very fan likable player on the sideline. Especially one who is in his physical prime, with an entire nation behind him. He will be active on gamedays, returning punts, Grant. You can bank on that

        1. I think Grant is confusing this coaching staff with the previous one. The one that was loath to play anyone but vets.

      4. Grant I think you are mistaking flashy for electric. Ellington is certainly flashier but not more electric. Hayne gives me the feeling that he might break one everytime he touches the ball, I do’nt get that feeling with Ellington. Also if the 9ers intend on using Ellington as their #3 WR I believe they will keep him healthy by not using him for returns. I see Hayne being active and Bell inactive.

  3. You are certifiable, Grant. Sure, Tomsula is going to put his #3 WR who has injury issues out there to return punts. WRONG. Hayne will be the PR.

      1. He was an all-american return man in college. That has always been Lockett’s bread and butter.

        His value as a return man is what gets him on the field in the first place.

        1. Randall Cobb returned 14 punts last year even though he was coming off a serious injury and was the No. 2 receiver in a pass-first offense.

      1. Barrows and Maiocco aren’t dependent on generating clicks or posts, and your stream of consciousness predictions outnumber Grant’s at least 10 to 1.

        1. Hmm, did not know I was on a pitch count.
          I thought a blog site was for fans to speak their minds. I may be prolific, but it is just my opinion, and I encourage anyone and everyone to post all they want if it is in a civil and respectful manner.

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              2. My trust just sold a property, and I cannot force myself to install new landscapes with a drought on, so I am just indulging in speculating on my favorite team.

              3. E, make sure you have the proper drainage. 100 feet is pretty steep. I would not use wood for steps. I like rock, with the brown fabricated bender board to contain the gravel and prevent it from eroding downhill.
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          1. No one is counting. That’s why “at least” was used. Maybe “feels like” would be better.

            Isn’t stream of consciousness a product (unfiltered) of one’s mind? Who implied that your posts are excessive in number? You may even be the James Joyce of this blog.

        2. After reading that SI article, I think Grant does not need to rely on blog hits. He has arrived, and his writing speaks for itself.

          1. Interesting pattern to Grant’s writing: SI Grant >>>> Bleacher Report Grant >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Press Democrat Grant.

  4. I won’t disagree that perhaps the Hayne enthusiasm may be curbed by Tomsula choosing to go with Ellington and White as returners, but I envision that has everything to do with those two having more live football under their belt, not that Hayne is any less “electrifying.”

      1. If he’s getting caught from behind that generally means he’s gotten through a few lines of defense = a good thing.

        Bottom line, in a limited sample size my eyes saw him do more in the return game than I’ve seen from a 49ers returner in quite some time. His rugby strengths appear to translate fluidly in that phase of the game.

      2. Not too many guys will catch Hayne from behind, maybe the gunners; but if Hayne eludes them initially, they’ll have to make up too much ground after having already sprinted and wrestled over 50 yards already. Not likely.

      3. What makes you say he isn’t a homerun threat, Grant? He seemed plenty fast to me in preseason.

  5. Its my personal policy to under-react to preseason. I think Wright plays.

    I’m going to violate that policy (I just can’t help myself) and predict Hayne also plays. Hayne is a special teams guy (for now). Roster spots for developmental players are rarely saved for guys pegged to play mainly special teams.

    I’d sit…
    Blake Bell
    Trent Brown
    Ian Silberman
    Mike Purcell or Tony Jerod-Eddie
    Mike Davis or Reggie Bush
    Quinton Patton or DeAndrew White
    Corey Lemonier or Kenneth Acker

    If McDonald’s ankle is still bad he sits. All the running backs play.

      1. You could be right. Who plays opposite Brock is a 4 man race. So far its neck n neck n neck n neck.

      2. I’m also nervous about sitting Lemonier vs a good running team. I love Harold, but he needs work setting the edge on runs.

  6. So Easton, who we just picked up like less than a week ago, is going to suit up? Doubt that.

    Blake Bell is also going to suit up? For what purpose?

    Hayne provides more value on game day than either of those players, who likely aren’t going to contribute on offense, defense, or special teams.

    Besides that, Bruce Ellington is injury prone and it’s probably not the best idea to have him returning punts or kicks. The same goes for Reggie Bush. And with Hayne active, you could also sit Mike Davis, who likely won’t have a role on offense anyways without an injury. AND, Hayne also provides value on the coverage units. Either way you slice it, Hayne can fill a variety of roles and have more of a contribution on game day than several other people who you listed as active.

    1. A team needs a backup center, and Silberman can’t snap the ball to a quarterback in the shotgun. That’s why Easton makes it.

      Bell plays special teams.

      1. Yup;. Cutting Looney means Easton’s activated. We are in big trouble if Martin gets hurt.

      2. Yea, Bell does play special teams, just like almost every other reserve on our roster. But I wouldn’t necessarily call him a “core” special teams guy.

        How can you give Blake Bell the nod on game days for his special teams play, and sit Hayne? I don’t think anyone would argue that Blake Bell’s impact on special teams would be more than Hayne’s.

        Besides that, the niners need as much good publicity as they can get. Hayne is one of the more popular 49ers at the moment, and I think it’s smart for the organization to ride that wave as long as they can. Hayne jerseys will be selling like hot-cakes, and the fans need something to finally feel good about. I think the 49er brass will give them that.

        1. Three-tight-end sets are a significant portion of the 49ers’ playbook. If one tight end goes down during a game and a fourth isn’t active, the coaching staff would have to entirely scrap the three-tight-end stuff.

  7. Folks, relax. No need for angst so early the team is still ramping up the rebuild. What the heck angst ain’t so bad go for it! Makes for interesting reading. Have a great day all goin be a hot one!

  8. There is a chance they could sit Hayne and continue to develop him before getting him out there, but his work on coverage teams has likely made him active for game one imo. The fact he is not just going to return makes him a little more valuable.

    My predictions for inactives:

    Mike Purcell
    Ian Silberman
    Trent Brown
    Corey Lemonier
    Blake Bell
    DeAndrew White
    Jimmy Ward

    My reasoning:

    DL sitting is obvious and they could even decide to go with 5 active and sit two. Purcell had a great preseason but he’s low man on the pole, at least to start the season.

    They sit the young late round picks on the OL in favor of the only backup at C (Easton) and the more versatile player (Thomas).

    They will likely go with 3 OLB’s due to TJE and Bellore being able to fill in at that spot in an pinch.

    If McDonald is healthy enough to play it leaves them with 4 TE’s and I don’t think they need more than 3 active. Again Bell is low man on the pole so he sits.

    I’m conflicted between White and Patton and it could go either way, but I think Tomsula gives the vet first crack.

    Ward is still getting back into form and they are pretty deep at Safety and NC so they give him some more time to get into game shape. McCray could be sat down instead, but I think he is viewed as one of their core ST’s guys and will be active.

    1. I also considered sitting Davis, but If Hyde were to get injured I don’t think they want to be in a position where they are relying on Bush and Hayne to carry the load. They don’t want Bush playing too many snaps and as good as Hayne has been, it’s a little early too put him in a position where he’s playing a lot of snaps at RB.

    2. I can see your reasoning for Ward instead of McCray, but I would sit Bellore before I sat Lemonier.

        1. Bellore was suited up for 64 games, but got only 25 defensive snaps. He may be a ST ace, but I like LJ McCray and Hayne as gunners.

        2. Special teams aces tend to get activated. Otherwise why have Bellore (or Hayne) on the roster? Might as well have retained Moody.

          If not for special teams utility, guys like Bellore, McCray, Hayne would spend most games off the 46.

          1. That’s logical, but the 46 player limit is much less logical. It’s supposed to protect teams with higher injury rates than healthy teams. Injuries are a disadvantage in any case.

      1. If you sit Bellore that’s a waste of a roster spot. They could have filled that ST spot with anyone then. They should have cut him and kept Moody. If he doesn’t play ST’s he’s not worth using.

        1. Well, SOMEBODY has to be deactivated. As the season progresses, the nicked up players will make those choices easier, but right now everyone is healthy and ready to go.

          1. I don’t think you are catching what I am getting at. If you bring in a special teams ace, then don’t play them on special teams its a terrible move by the GM and a waste of a roster spot. Because like I said you could just fill that spot with someone who plays another role on the team as well. Bellore won’t sit or be inactive. People will be inactive but it won’t be him.

            1. They may want to shore up the O line so they may carry more of those players. Once the line is more settled, they may back off on the number of backups at that position. CBs may want extra bodies for the first game.
              If Hayne and McCray are the gunners, Bellore may not be essential.

              1. No Seb you’re just wrong here. They’ll sit a DB, OL, DLx2, possibly McCray before Bellore, plus a WR like Patton plus an OLB and one other possibly another OL. They have four good safeties, Ward, Tartt, Reid and Bethea which makes McCray the odd man out. McCray is not as good as Bellore on ST’s will sit before Bellore especially if White is active as a gunner.

              2. OK, Its just that I have not seen much of Bellore, so I do not know very much what he brings to the table.

      1. I think it would depend on…
        – Is Ward still the main slot defender?
        – How healthy and game ready is Ward?
        – Are the Vikings slot receivers tall?
        – How ready is the physically gifted Tartt for prime time?
        – What will Tartt’s role be… slot or dime ILB? Reserve strong safety? Slot specialist vs tall receivers? Dedicated Graham eraser? All of the above?

        Also remember this is more a Baalke team than a year ago. Backup D-linemen and OLBs could play more snaps. Round 1-3 picks like Carradine, McDonald, Ward, Lemonier will be allowed more developmental time/slack.

        1. I think Ward’s main role this year will be as the backup safety. And I think he’ll be the first safety off the bench in case of injury.

    3. Very similar to my list, so obviously I pretty much agree!

      The one guy I had forgotten about was Shareece Wright. I agree with Grant that he will likely sit. If not him, then Reaser (as I think Acker will start). I’d have him sitting instead of Ward from your list, and Mike Davis from my list from yesterday. Like Grant, I’d be surprised if Ward wasn’t active as I think he’s the primary backup at safety (with Tartt the dime back, and second backup safety), and he can also play the slot in a pinch.

      The only reason I think they might take all 5 CBs into the game is if they are still very concerned with Brock’s ability to make it through the game.

      I agree an OLB will likely sit, but I am leaning towards it being Harold rather than Lemonier.

      1. Oh, just realised you had Trent Brown sitting too. I think he is active and Thomas sits. I’m not convinced the coaching staff is all in with Thomas just yet.

      2. No doubt. Ward could play and I wouldn’t be surprised. Just thinking about all the time he missed and the thought that they may want to give him a little more time to get back into form.

        I have all the CB’s active for the exact reason you stated. Brock is too much of an injury risk to go with 4 at this point imo.

        I think they will value Harold’s pass rushing ability over Lemonier, but again it’s no surprise if they go with Lemonier.

        Brown is a tough one because he plays one position and I think they will value flexibility on game day.

        We’ll see soon enough.

        1. My thinking is that Ward can play the slot if needed, and the dime back will likely be Tartt. So even if Brock got hurt they’d still have 3 CBs that could all play on the perimeter while still having the nickel and dime positions covered by safeties.

    1. That sounds like rebuilding to me but Baalke said that’s not what they are doing. The words we use can be a pain in the ass.

      1. Rebuilding and reloading do not have to be mutually exclusive.
        At times, teams with 3 wins will be rebuilding and never dream of reloading for another SB run, but 3 out of the last 4 years the Niners were in the SB hunt.
        Last year they reloaded, but shot blanks. This year, they have reloaded by improving most positions, and are poised for greatness.

  9. If the coaching staff plans on sitting White and having Hayne return kickoffs, then why did they have White return five kickoffs and Hayne return only one during the preseason ?

    1. Hayne only returned one, but was back there more times than that. The one he did return was also pretty good.

      Maybe they use White on KO returns and sit Patton.

    2. Hayne was back there more than that, but they happened to be touch-backs. In addition, they probably know what they have in Hayne already.

    3. “…why did they have White return five kickoffs and Hayne return only one during the preseason ?”

      To paraphrase Tomsula, perhaps because they have seen what they need to see from Hayne but not from White, who will probably be inactive for the entire season, barring injuries, especially in game situations.

      Let me repeat that truism oft repeated by NFL coaches: pre-season snap counts have very little to do with regular season snap count. Most personnel decisions are finalized by the coaching staff in the practice fields and in the class rooms.

        1. Ha ha, just trying to keep things grounded. If May with its first OTA is the month with maximum fan optimism, August is the month for maximum fan schizophrenia, and it’s peaking this week. Some of the fan base are unreasonably optimistic (that’s me, but that’s my nature) while others are already deep in analysis of the next draft.

          1. Actually unreasonable optimism can be vastly exceeded by some outliers. You have never been and never will be in that select group.

            Usually the other end of the spectrum is made up mostly of those who desperately need a reaction, or those who want to get rid of the current QB. That later group needs to always be looking forward to the next draft.

    4. They wanted White to tweak his fingernail, go on season ending IR to free a roster spot.
      Or they wanted a look at White.
      Or they are satisfied Hayne doesn’t need game snaps, so why give the opposition more film on how to defend him?

      If Hayne’s not going to suit up as a special teams ace, what’s he on the team for? Do you think Hayne will be a true running back?

      1. B2W, Hayne will be the Niners new Swiss Army knife. They should utilize all his skills. He is perfect to help set up mismatches.

    5. The league has marginalized kickoffs anyway. They won’t return as many of them as they did in preseason. Punt returns are much more important, and Hayne is so tough to deal with back there.

      1. They will punt them high and shorter, Hayne’s job will be to fair catch them and keep the ball.
        If they can boot them out of the end zone, Hayne will be neutralized on KO.

  10. if Brown sits, who’s the swing tackle? Boone? the team seems to have gone out of it’s way to keep Boone a guard.

    1. Yes I would think so Allforfun

      They say Boones been switched to LG to give him reps on the left side and back-up Staley. And we all know he can play the right side also.

      I think if Staley or Pears go down than Thomas fills in at OG for Boone.

    2. affp,

      I don’t know what went into it for others, but my thinking is that Brown can only play RT. If Staley got hurt Boone is sliding out to LT and who takes over at LG? That’s why Thomas makes more sense to me as being active as opposed to Brown. Boone is the swing tackle imo.

      1. Or what Leo said. I should really read through everything before responding. Sorry for repeating you Leo.

  11. What role will Jimmie ward have this season? Did he only make the team being a first round pick? I am questioning more and more how good balke real is. I remember jimmy Johnson talking about draft picks that you can’t fall in love with how many you have but what you do with them . He is good about the number game but actual serviceable nfl players is a different story.

    1. in preseason, it looked like he got most of his reps at Safety. So maybe he’s being groomed as the primary back up safety. maybe he’ll take over for Bethea in a year or two.

      1. I think you’re right about that. They have their slot corner. For the time being, I think they’ll use him in dime packages.

      2. I think you are 100% correct affp. And he looked pretty good back there too. Very active, quick to the ball. He’ll be the 49ers starting safety next season next to Reid.

    2. Baalke seems to try to outsmart the herd mentality, which has worked in the later rounds, but not in the early rounds.

      Aldon might be an exception, and maybe Armstead (TBD), but Ward and Jenkins seem to suggest that Baalke becomes enamored by his unique perspective on top talent, to the 49ers detriment. You don’t get weird and buy a kit car when there are Ferraris, Porsches, and McLarens available.

      1. What about Reid, E?

        I think Baalke’s record in the first three rounds isn’t bad when compared to NFL bust rates for those rounds.

  12. Here’s my inactives.

    Blake Bell
    Mike Davis
    Trenton Brown
    Ian Silberman
    Shareece Wright
    Deandrew White

    Reasoning: The 2 rookie OL is pretty much a given. With Hayne active, there no longer is a need for Deandrew White as a returner, and Hayne can also moonlight as a 3rd RB, making Mike Davis inactive. With 4 TEs on the roster, Bell is the odd man out. Purcell is on the losing end of a numbers game, with multiple guys that can fill in at NT in a pinch. With one of the young CBs taking the #2 CB spot, Wright is also on the losing end of a numbers game since he doesn’t have much ST value.

    Book it.

    1. Easton needs more study time. 1 week is too short, and Brown is the swing tackle. Other than that, I agree with your list.

      1. I agree he needs more study time. But looking at the roster now without Looney and Farrel, who else is going to backup the C position? Neither Thomas, Silberman, or Brown can do it – he’s the only option really.

        Brown isn’t the swing Tackle. I’d bet that if either starting T goes down, then Boone would slide out to T while Brandon Thomas would come in at G. Brown has primarily played on the right side only, and would get eaten alive at LT.

  13. Hayne will play. The Niners need positive press to offset all the other BS that’s gone on since Harbaugh left and Hayne’s story is one of the few positive ones over the last few months. Also, don’t underestimate the power of marketing and sales to Australia for Hayne’s jersey and all things Niners. Playing him on game day will be a business based decision along with a football one.

  14. I think the question begs examination…

    Is it common to leave special teams aces inactive for game day? How many games did Blake Costanzo or Ted Ginn sit out (when healthy)?

    That’s why I’m thinking Bellore, McCray and Hayne play Monday night. They are special teams starters. Without immediate special teams value, only McCray would have a shot at a roster spot.

  15. Week 1 inactives:

    RB Jarryd Hayne

    CB Keith Reaser

    OL Nick Easton

    OL Trent Brown

    WR DeAndrew White

    TE Blake Bell

    DL Mike Purcell

    The organization has a lot on the line with this first game. They have to premiere their new team and coaches on MNF. As much as I like Hayne I believe the coaches are going to go with the players that inspire the most confidence. This means that Bush & Ellington are likely to be the returners for the first game. Most of the players I placed inactive either have little experience or are new to the team.

  16. A little off subject, I see where ESPN has an exhustive report on Spygate/deflategate…
    The cheating has been going on for a long long time at the head quaters of the Pats/league office…Even the most trusting fan has to take notice.

    1. I slowly made my way through the ESPN story this morning. I’m surprised by the scope of cheating. Like most Northern Californians, I’m not surprised there’s favoritism towards establishment teams.

      Its the legal cheating that bugs me. Like all the eastern orientation of the competition committee…
      – Rich McKay (Atlanta Falcons) Chairman
      – Jeff Fisher (St. Louis Rams)
      – Stephen Jones (Dallas Cowboys)
      – Marvin Lewis (Cincinnati Bengals)
      – John Mara (New York Giants)
      – Mark Murphy (Green Bay Packers)
      – Ozzie Newsome (Baltimore Ravens)
      – Rick Smith (Houston Texans)
      – Mike Tomlin (Pittsburgh Steelers)

      None with “read option” quarterbacks.

      Naturally they changed the rules allowing defenders to hit “read option” quarterbacks a few ticks after a hand off… even when in a standard pro set formation running an standard non-read option play.

      There is no clear definition of what constitutes a “read option” quarterback. Its a popular nickname for quarterbacks that often run, sometimes in an option play.

      But how many times does a QB have to run, or execute an option play, to aquire the designation “read option?” 10% of the time? 50%?

      If Brady or Breese ran an RO play once, does that mean defenders can hit them late for the remaining 15 games?

      The 49ers will be traveling to Pittsburgh on six days rest for a 10am game vs a team on 10 days rest. That team’s quarterback is protected by the competition committee. Ours is not.

        1. Yo, correctamundo! Not just legal as in allowed, but legal as in promoted by guvmint to keep dey Sugga Daddies happy. Not just Bushwhack either, remember “It’s the economy, stupid!”?
          That was Slick Willy perpetuating Ray Gun’s De-reg Now policies, written by: wait for it…….ahhhhh, you know who they are, maybe not by name….

    2. I would warn other posters that the Niners should act like the signals were being stolen, and they scoffed at me.

  17. E –
    Check out my friend’s website for Hillside Landscaping. He’s got photos you could steal some design ideas from. He’s out of Petaluma and is a great guy, don’t know if he’d want a job down there, but he’s done some real good work.
    Seb’s idea for stone in that marine environment makes sense.
    Ever get to La Jolla? Just north of Scripps Pier a guy has an amazing private access to the beach.

    1. BT

      Thanks for the hookup. Is there a web site link? I didn’t see one.

      My house is on the water, so I’d be interested in seeing the La Jolla property too.

      1. Hi E
        I’m having some glitches and having trouble posting links at the moment.
        I’ve seen some steeper slopes he’s done than the ones pictured on his site. I’m sure there are some good designers down in T&B who are used to steep view lots too; but nothing wrong with stealing ideas! Having something to show a designer helps define things for them.
        I went to Google Images and typed La Jolla Cliff House. If it displays the same
        (I’m on iPad) there was a shot on the top row. This is just a cool oddity. Look for a cement fortress at the base of a cliff with a circular observation room on top. This is his beach cabana and built to withstand surf. Behind it if you look carefully there’s a rail that moves a device like a wheelchair lift for stairs up the slope, but it lifts a phone booth shaped ‘car’ 100+ feet up to his house atop the bluff. I talked to the guy. He uses it to bring his dogs down to the beach. I asked him if it was hard getting it past the Coastal Commission.
        He threw his head back laughing and said it took 12 years to get approval. There are a couple of more pictures as you scroll down through images.

  18. It would not make any sense to have Hayne making the 53 and not suit up. If he isn’t going to suit up then he would be holding a spot that could be taken by someone else. Ellington doesn’t have the hands that Hayne has. Hayne suits up and plays.

  19. Looks like Grant’s hot air about Hayne being inactive was just that, HOT AIR! The 49ERS just released their week 1 depth chart and it looks as though Reggie is penciled in as the #1 KR & PR, but Hayne is listed ahead of both Ellington and White, for both KR & PR. And it’s doubtful the Niners will give Reggie more than a few token returns.

    If I had to put my money on the one guy most likely to take a kick to the house, it would be Ellington, with the rookie D-White a close second. Both of these guys have breakaway speed and are dynamic with the football. But, if I had to put my money on the one guy most likely to consistently give the Niners good field position it would be Hayne.


    Hayne appears to have rare field vision as well as instincts, as he seems to spot running lanes before they even fully develop. And that’s the reason Grant could not have been more disingenuous when he predicted Hayne would be behind Ellington and perhaps even White, to start the season.

    1. Not to mention, Hayne looks like he has exceptional ball skills as well. He holds the ball high and very tight, and is already a natural at switching the ball to the side away from the tacklers and pursuers.

      JARRED HAYNE was born to return kicks.

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