Prediction: 49ers will beat Dolphins by two touchdowns

The 49ers will beat the Dolphins 24-9 on Sunday.

The 49ers defense will not give up a touchdown for the second game in a row.

The Dolphins defense will play the 49ers offense almost the exact same way the Rams defense played them last Sunday, and the 49ers will be ready for it.

Jim Harbaugh, Greg Roman, John Morton and Geep Chryst will have a creative, aggressive game plan that starts with short passes and fly sweeps to open up the inside running game and the play action passes.

Greg Roman will have a bounce-back game as a play caller. He will not call anymore risky option pitches in the 49ers four-minute, end-of-the-game, kill-the-clock-for-victory package.

Colin Kaepernick will throw two touchdowns and run for one.

Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis will both score a touchdown and haul in more than 100 receiving yards.

LaMichael James will play 10 snaps and gain more than 60 yards from scrimmage.

Delanie Walker will drop a pass.

That’s how I see the game unfolding. What’s your prediction?

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