Prediction: Another Championship Season for the 49ers


New acquisition Trent Williams  has been terrific so far for the 49ers. (Phelan M. Ebenhack/AP)

(Editor’s note — Now that the season has begun (barring any last-second problems) we’re going to make a change in the blog. Starting next week it will appear the day after every game. It will give us a chance to highlight some overlooked moments, strategize and yes, creatively second-guess everyone. And that’s every game, whether Sunday, Monday or Thursday. Now back to your regular programing.)

I predict another championship season for the 49ers. Certainly well into the playoffs and maybe back to the Super Bowl. It would not be a surprise.

Not that you care, but front-running with the home team is not usually my style. Now, when I started at the Chronicle, back in the dark ages, we had a veteran sports columnist named Art Rosenbaum. Nice guy, but he shamelessly played the hometown angle. He picked the A’s and Giants to win the World Series every year, on the chance that he could luxuriate in the “I told you so’s,” if it happened.

Nope, this is just gut feeling. I think this will be another big year for the 49ers.

Not that I don’t have reasons. For instance:

To say this was an unusual off-season is to understate. There were no off-season camps. No visits to interview top draft choices. And no pre-season games.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say this would be the absolute worst time in NFL history to bring in a new coaching staff that wants to completely rebuild a team. There just aren’t enough hours in the day, no matter how productive you say your Zoom meetings are.

Far better to be an established team, with the same coaching staff and a recent history of success. With 18-22 starters from the Super Bowl back, per the Chronicle, the 49ers are the definition of an established roster. And additions, like Trent Williams, are living up to expectations.

So far . . .

That’s the issue, isn’t it? If nothing else, this season will provide lots of firewood for what-is-the-point-of-preseason crowd. It’s a debate held every year. Before Coronavirus canceled everything, The NFL had agreed to cut the pre-season from four games to two.

So you’d have to think cutting the pre-season out altogether has been at least discussed. And now, this year, we can see what that’s like.

The obvious problem is that as we go through the annual Ahkello-Witherspoon-is-looking-much-better-at-DB drama, it would be nice to see him on the field, against another team, in game conditions.

Or maybe we will find that the only loss when you don’t have exhibition games are the really unfortunate pre-season injuries. We will see. You’d have to say that the shortened training camp is seeing a large number of injuries so it may balance out this year.

Also, I think the new version of the practice squad is going to help the 49ers. This isn’t the old “taxi squad” for marginal rookies and free agents with a little potential. It is 16 players, with six slots for players “with any amount of experience.” And, each week two players can be put on the active roster. And then they can return to the practice squad without going through waivers.

Suddenly, the practice squad is a much more attractive place — kind of like being in a baseball bullpen. And we have the proof of that right in front of us. Asked earlier if he’d accept a practice squad role, veteran safety Johnathon Cyprien said, “No.” But coach Kyle Shanahan pitched him on the likely chance that he’d be on the field during the season.

And on Monday, the 49ers announced that Cyprien was one of the 16-man practice team roster.

Also, I think the organization has established itself as not only a winner, but a supportive franchise. The top players have bought in to the Shanahan culture. (And don’t think the support for Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling went unnoticed.) William said he saw it right away, when walk-throughs were more like “run-throughs” compared to his unhappy days at the Washington Football Team.

So I think they will get a shot at a lot of those fringe vets that could have their pick of teams.

And finally, team owner Jed York was mocked when he said during the Jim Harbaugh days that the 49ers “don’t raise division championship banners. We raise Super Bowl banners.” That quote didn’t age well as the team spent some time wandering in the wilderness.

But now with Shanahan and John Lynch, they’re back in the hunt, and even the new players know the score.

“The front office expects not just good out of us, they expect great,” Nick Bosa said early in the year. “When you invest a lot in the D-line room, you expect to get a return on it.”

Message received.

So for those reasons: veteran lineup in an unsettled time, winning record and culture and a team that went to the last Super Bowl, it says here the 49ers are going to have a big year.

Of course, one tweak to Jimmy Garoppolo’s knee and the whole thing collapses. Say three Hail Mary’s that doesn’t happen. But let’s look on the bright side in this dark time.

This could be a great year for the 49ers. Tell Art Rosenbaum I said so.


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  1. Run behind Williams/Tomlinson. Get Jimmy on the move more now that his knee is fully healed to avoid center pressure. Funnel all running qb’s up the middle into Kinlaw’s waiting arms. Mix up that coverage more on the back end, and let Sherman mirror Hopkins wherever he goes. Let’s knock ’em off one by one until we hoist that Lombardi. This is the year we should see the best of what Shanny has to offer. Let’s go get it!

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  2. I’m looking forward to a few different things. IMO, Jimmy G will take the next step in his development. How great can he become? From all reports, McKinnon looks great. I’m pulling for him to have a big season. Can Kinlaw be 70% of what Buckner has been the past few years? Is that enough to maintain the level of play for the defense. Will Dee Ford actually make it through the year and contribute to an even better defense? Every year is different. No way to set SuperBowl expectations before the first game. Right now, we know the 49ers are talented enough to go win it all. Just need good fortune with health.

    1. I think Kinlaw will struggle a little compared to Buckner in pass rush, but will more than make up for it as a plugger on the dline taking on multiple oline when its run plays, forcing backs to try to pop outside only to meet Alexander or Greenlaw. DeFo is 6’8 287 whereas Kinlaw is 6’5 311, youre talking about a 30 pound addition compressed into 3 less inches, which means a much lower center of gravity and anchor point. I can only imagine what he’ll look like next year with a real offseason in the pro weight room/dietitians, I can see him getting to 325 and being a massive beast.

      Its a bit of addition by subtraction, plus addition.

  3. Offensively, the Niners is way better than last year and they will run / pass the opponents to the ground. Not only they should, but they have to score tons of points this year to help the defense. Shanahan needs to make good decision when to go for a kill, and when to burn the o’clock. (e.g. he let the o’clock ran out at half time in the super bowl when his offense was in midfield).
    Defensively, Ford durability is unknown and Kinlaw is unproven. If they can’t pressure the QBs, Niners secondary is a reliability, especially Sherman is susceptible to fast and shifty receivers while Moseley is inexperience.

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  4. I subscribe to CW’s optimism. Niners are a deeper and more experienced team than last season — and potentially, healthier team.

    This season, the teams that manage their “bull pen” better will have an upper hand.

    I see Dontae Johnson is a protected PS member this week. He does seem to have a knack for hanging around the Niners facility.

    1. He knows the defense.

      Mood, why don’t you sign up for the blog fantasy draft. We need 4 more guys to draft Weds.

      1. Hopefully I can draft on my phone. For some reason, isn’t accepting me when I try to log in from my computer.

          1. Joined the league. May need to auto draft. Have an event tonight. I’ll update my ratings.

  5. The Niners are relevant again. They have an accurate QB and stout defense. JL has totally rebuilt this team in 3 years. KS has benefited from coaching continuity, so the team is not learning new plays, they are honing their skills and will run like a well oiled machine. The teamwork is cohesive, and everyone is pulling in the same direction.
    The one major concern is about the IOL. hopefully, Gardner will be able to play, and Brunskill can play RG.
    The Niners are poised to return to the playoffs, but the one factor that may be their biggest obstacle, is the strength of the NFC West. It could be argued that 3 NFC West teams may make the playoffs. The Seahawks have Wilson and Carroll, the Rams have Aaron Donald, and the Cards have Chandler Jones and Deandre Hopkins.
    The NFC West will have teams throwing haymakers, so no team will go undefeated, and hopefully, the Niners can survive attrition. Yes, the Niners have improved, but so have the Seahawks, Cards and Rams.
    In the end, it may come down to whichever team has handled Covid 19 the best.

    1. “The past 10 years, the team that has lost the Super Bowl has come back and made the playoffs eight times with only three of those able to win their division, two of which were the Patriots. ”
      These small samples don’t mean much towards generating a trend. I expect the Seahawk’s mystique will take a pounding this season, especially its O line. Niners are a better team and the Smurf’s 4th quarter heroics won’t be enough this time around. Niners will win the division barring another season of serious injury-related issues.

    2. Good stuff Jack,
      Overall I agree with the possible exception of Seattle. I just don’t see that team getting 12 wins given their struggles on both the O and D line and the fact that they were quite lucky in 1 score games last year.
      I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Seattle stumbles out of the gate going 2-3 based on the matchups.
      That said, with Carrol and Wilson, they are always in the Hunt.

      TBH, I think SF’s season will hinge more on the interior line and/or the receivers ability to separate, injuries withstanding.

      In terms of Jimmy, I think if he can just learn to find the LB’s in coverage his int total will drop considerably which seems reasonable and coincides with your drop in int’s.

    3. The 49ers have back-to-back games in New York in Weeks 2 and 3 which will result in a split.

      Really Hammer, you think so? Which of two those miserable NJ teams do they lose to? The back to back east coast isn’t a big deal, have you seen the luxury digs they are staying at between games.

      Almost heaven.

      Remember last season’s back to back sweep?

        1. Really. Even as Jamal Adams was giving us a peek under the covers of the Jets coaching and front office dysfunction? Sure disgruntled player and all, but that kind of commentary does come out of thin air. Ok, I suppose anything is possible

          1. If the Niners find a way to lose to a dreg like the Jets, and key injury/ health isn’t at play, then it looks like we’re in for a SB hangover season.

            1. No matter. They are a team peeking up from the bottom 4th of the league. Not a team the Niners, with Superbowl expectations, should have any business losing to.

            2. Meaningless wins!
              2 things happen to the J-E-T-S this year.
              4 wins and Gase fired by years end.

              1. And to think we almost hired him. Would he have been better or worse than Chip Kelly?
                I guess it doesn’t matter now cause we have one of the best coaches in the NFL.

    4. JP, I do not want to calmly disagree, I want to vehemently disagree, and think your predictions are way off.
      You think JG will be in the MVP race? You do not think the Niners will even win their division. JG may have better passing stats than last season, but the Niners plan on running the ball. I hope the Niners can take a page out of the BW playbook. Pass to establish a lead, then run the ball in the second half to control the clock.
      No, I do not think Ford will have the most sacks. Ford will be used sparingly as a third down specialist, in order to reduce the wear and tear on his chronic knee. Nick Bosa will be a 3 down player, and have more opportunities to sack the QB. Armstead had 10 sacks last season, so he is also capable of double digit sacks.
      I absolutely reject the notion that the Niners will only be a wild card team. Seattle will probably not have kickers miss 3 field goals, so they can win like last season. The Seahawks did not drastically improve their pass rush, and they went cheap again on the O line, so RW will be running for his life. Seattle may be fighting the Rams for the NFC West cellar.
      The Niners built a solid team and went to 3 straight NFCC Games. They can do it again, but this time, achieve their Quest for 6.

      1. With the better weapons available this season we should see Garoppolo increase how yards per attempt while also increasing his touchdown percentage. Improvement in decision making and more open receivers will lead to a decrease in interceptions. There’s no need for his attempts to increase.

        Ford will be healthy and play over 50% of the snaps this year. If he can keep his sack rate the same as a season ago that gets him to 15.

        Seattle has an easier schedule.
        Atlanta instead of New Orleans is easier.
        New England at home is easier.
        Dallas at home is easier.
        Their lines are called a mess every year, and every year they are in the division race.

        1. I think JG’s picks will decrease because those passes will not be bouncing off the receiver’s hands. I hope they dial up some more long bombs, that will increase his yardage totals.
          I am rooting for JG to win the MVP, but if RW wins more games, he would be a better candidate for MVP.
          I will concede that Ford may get double digit sacks this upcoming season. Aldon Smith was a third down pass rusher, and he garnered 19 sacks.
          Guess we will have to agree to disagree. Yes, they get by with smoke and mirrors, but the Smurf may finally be caught, and ground into the turf. They have no LOB, no Clowney, and the loss of Bradley McDougald may come to haunt them.

              1. Seb,
                If Jimmy’s numbers look anything like Matt Ryan’s numbers from when he was with Kyle (and SF doesn’t get off to a bad start) he likely would be in the MVP conversation. It’s not a really crazy concept, he just needs to be in the conversation by the midpoint of the season for Jack to be right.

              2. ‘You think JG will be in the MVP race’.
                I never claimed you definitely said that JG would win the MVP race. Reading IS fundamental.
                So is writing.

              3. Shoup, I definitely think JG has the proper support to be able to win the MVP race.
                I was just commenting on Jack, who predicted that the Seahawks would win the division.
                If, heaven forbid, the Seasquawks do win the division, RW would be in a better position to win the MVP.
                Frankly, I am confident that the Niners are poised for greatness.

              4. “If, heaven forbid, the Seasquawks do win the division, RW would be in a better position to win the MVP.”

                You don’t say? Probably why I didn’t write that Garoppolo would win it.

              5. Um, I only wrote that you think JG is in the MVP race. I never wrote that you predicted he would be the MVP.
                Please do not ascribe to me, something that I did not do.

    5. Hey Jack,

      That was really cool, loved getting to put a face to the name after all these years. Nice job too, appreciate the time you put into that.

      If Jimmy throws 34 TD’s you can expect there will be around 15-16 picks to go along with them.

      Ford being sack leader likely means he and Bosa are on the field at the same time which is asking a lot of those two players but if so it also means our defense will be fairly dominant up front again. Will it be enough to overcome the gaping holes at the corners?

      I’ve predicted 11-5 as well. I think we’ll meet up with the Saints again in the conference championships with a different outcome.

      1. Thank you Coffee. Appreciate it. Old Sherm is a bigger question mark than many seem to think. He got exposed in the last two games.

        1. I hope Oden uses more man to man coverage’s and moves Sherman around so they’re not as predictable.

  6. I think this game will come down to how well SF protects Jimmy G. If they do, this game will be hard fought until the late 3rd, early 4th because the Cardinals will score points but eventually SF’s overall talent will win out.

    The niners are aided in this by the fact that their weakness in the interior line is not a particular strength for AZ.

    SF wins 33- 27

  7. What makes our team stronger than last year will come down to our depth.
    When I review the 49ers collapse in the 4th Qtr of the SB, it’s clear that the lack of depth on the defense hurt us.

    Not having players like Blair, Street and Taylor available to give our starters a breather was our downfall.

    Also, last year at the WR receiver position we had no #1 WR until Emmanuel Sanders came in. Now that person is Deebo Samuel. And now our WR corps looks stronger with Taylor back and Bourne establishing his value last season. Pettis having a resurgence and of course Aiyuk coming in sooner than later.

    We are better from top to bottom. We are Superbowl Material!

    1. Exactly right. I believe we have the deepest team in the league.

      AES, I need two more players for the blog fantasy league. You should join up!

      1. Raz,
        Thanks for the invitation, but I don’t have a clue when it comes to this game.
        So as Shark Tank says; for this reason, I’m out ?

        1. AES, I just studied for 3 straight hours, and am now a fantasy draft maven!!!!!!!
          Actually, I am probably just cannon fodder, but it is all just good fun. I definitely plan on not drafting any Raider, Seahawk or Cowboy players, so that may handicap my selections. However, I refuse to root for any players from those teams, just due to principles.

    1. Haven’t seen George for a while as well. Good to see our old faithful friend ninermd back, but many still missing.
      This has for the most part been the pattern for many of our bloggers during the off season.
      Hope to see them soon.

        1. Ramsey will be looking for a way out in a few years after facing the likes of Deebo, Metcalf and Hopkins twice a year. Remember, that this is the same team that thought they could win a Superbowl with Peters and Talib.

          They are strengthening their defense because they know that Soff Goff doesn’t have what it takes.

  8. Hopefully, the Niner O line will have 4 of their starters from the SB playing, and Williams seems like an adequate replacement, if not an upgrade, at LT.
    The first game against the Cards will be tough, because the Cards have improved. They drafted Isaiah Simmons and obtained Deandre Hopkins. However, the fierce Niner pass rush will give Murray fits. In the end, the Niner run game will wear the Cards defense down.
    I think the Niners will win, but it will not be a blowout. In fact, the Cards may score more times, but if the Niners go bold, and do not settle for field goals, they can score less times, but have more points. Niners 24-23.

    1. Fred Warner’s status is activation with authorization for desolation in Arizona!

      Prime, I need you to join up to the blog fantasy league. We need two more players.

      1. I wish I could Razor but its the wife’s birthday tonight and I wont be around. Good luck to everyone!

            1. I would love me some of that salami.
              Due to distancing rules maybe I can come by and have you place it in my trunk?

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    Hopefully, these fires do not rage out of control again.

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    1. Hey Dummy….your narcissistic disorder is getting worse

      This is unofficial – wasn’t prepared by the coaching staff.

      1. Reading is fundamental.
        It says it was prepared by the communications staff, in its title. He did not state otherwise.
        It is a smart move for the Niners not to tip their hand, ahead of time.

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  13. Hey Jack, I have a newfound respect for your football analysis, and I appreciate your work over there at SI.

    Having said that …. picking the Jets over the 49ERS makes little to no sense to me. Sure, I get the concept of any given Sunday, but the Niners badly outclass the NY Jets in every facet. I get that the Jets finished last season on, what some people view as a positive note, but does winning 6 of 8 to end the season somehow wipe away the stench of starting the season 1-7 in listless fashion? Probably not.

    Not only that, it doesn’t take a lot of digging to unearth the cracks of their so called “strong finish!”

    For starters, who did they beat down the stretch, and how they beat them?

    In fact, toss out their week 12 win over the Raiders, and the Jets were actually outscored during the other 7 games during that span by a -30 point differential. And that was their “BEST” stretch of the season. How did that happen? Well, they beat the Giants & Redskins by a combined 15 points, but they got absolutely walloped by the Bengals and the Ravens by a combined 64-27. They barely squeaked by Miami in week 14 (22-21), in a game they probably should have lost. They barely beat the Rudolph Mason led Steelers @ home in week 16 (16-10), despite being out-gained by the Steelers. And then they finished the season by barely beating the Matt Barkley led Bills in week 17 (13-6), again being out-gained by their opponent, despite the fact that the Bills were playing all of their backups, because they had nothing left to play for.

    And during the off season they traded away their best, most impactful defender.

    Again, I get the notion of any given Sunday, but predicting a Jets’ upset of the NFC Champions as early as week 2, without fans in the stands, is probably not your best handicapping work, Jack.

    1. 49, I don’t get Jack’s pick either. He seems to be basing it on the back-to-back east coast handicap. Or maybe week two without pre-season, they will still be “working through some things”. Or get last seasons loss to the Falcons scenario out of the way early. I maintain a loss to a team like the Jets doesn’t bode well for the Niners prospects. I also maintain the Niners prospects are excellent, so put in a W for week 2.

          1. Only you would think that I am denigrating JG.
            Sam Darnold is a stiff. He is 11-15 with 36 TDs and 28 interceptions.
            Even Kaep would be way better.

            1. Kerry Ballwasher, Centaur Maximus, Changeling… the one and done posters are out in force, Seb.

    2. You may be right. I may be crazy.

      May be putting a bit too much stock into that late season run, kind of how 49ers fans did prior to 2018.

      First season under Gase may have played a role in that slow start.

      It will be the first road game of 2020 and how the Covid stuff might affect things is another part of the reason for putting that down as an L.

      1. Gase is where you went wrong. Player’s don’t respect him*, and he’s yet to prove himself head coaching material.

        *Matt Miller report

      2. Yah, it’s certainly going to be a weird start to the season, I can’t argue with that, Jack.

        It will be interesting to see how much energy the Jets defense plays with minus both their home field crowd noise, and their high energy, All-Pro Safety hype machine. On one hand, if they win their intra-division game VS the Bills in week 1, I expect a let down for them in week 2. And if they lose against the Bills, it’ll probably be because of the Bills’ 3rd ranked defense, which may have Darnold rattled even before the game starts. Either way, I can see the Jets having one of their low energy games that Gase is starting to get a reputation for.

        And then there’s Darnold VS the Niners front 7. If Sam Darnold thought he was seeing ghosts against the Pats’ front 7 …. Oooh boy (“I’m seeing ghosts” is an instant classic for all the wrong reasons, lol). I think the Jets will be lucky to score 13 points against a healthy (KNOCK-ON-WOOD) 49ERS top ranked front 7/pass rush/pass defense.

        NINERS: 30
        Jets: 13

        I do know the east coast 10:00 AM EST start is no joke for west coast teams. But Kyle’s 49ers actually handled it much better than usual last season.

    1. Nothing to worry your little head about, moron. We have the same orange sky all around but the air quality is hovering 95-100 on the index. The orange you see is due to ashes higher up in the atmosphere scattering and filtering out blue light. It’s okay to be out.

      We’ve had blue days where the air quality index has been in the 200s, 300s and evening 400s, which is worrisome for at risk individuals. Pretty much pansies like yourself.

        1. hahaha!!!!!!!!!!

          THERE’S the real ribico!!!!!! A more-much more-profane version of the old Seb’s!!!!!!!

      1. YOU are no meteorologist! Sheesh! And the ash falling out from 15,000 feet due to weakening velocities aloft is no risk, right? And as these velocities continue to drop and the smoke layer descends to ground level over night, air quality won’t drop to hazardous levels, right?
        Fallacious reasoning.

        1. He’s probably getting off on the Trump-colored sky. Trump powned those libtard Pelosi pansies!

          1. Yes because good old Gavin didn’t just finally admit that the Democrap failed policies of not clearing bush and ending controlled burns is a failure of the highest proportions.

            Seems like Trump was right about that all along. Even good old Gavin admitted it just yesterday.

    2. Rib, thank you for your kind thoughts.
      It is kinda surreal. In Mendocino, the air quality is over 500. Near where a friend lives, the lush growth caused by the past fires, make the former burned out areas susceptible to fires. All those ashes and a couple winter seasons, and it is hard to tell where some fires had burned.
      You just can’t make this up. 2 days ago it was 110 degrees with poor air quality. Now, the air is clearer, and the fog has cooled the air to 62 degrees.

      1. Yes, be safe out there Seb. We’re out in the Central Valley and getting smoke and ashes but not near the fires.
        Praying for our firefighters and everyone being affected.

      2. Trump did it. Heard he started WW2 as well…………it’s a well known fact he started Desert Storm, too….

        What the he-l, he also was instramental in destroying the dinosaurs, too! And those Dino’s had feelings……

        1. Nope, none of that.

          “I don’t take responsibility at all”.

          Take the man at his word, he’d never lie now, would he?

    3. Yeah, this is the smoke from the August Complex fire burning in Mendocino National Forest and elsewhere that is now pretty high in the upper troposphere. It was also cool all day in South Bay, 12-14 degrees below the predicted maximum. Easier for the players to practice.

    1. Sadly,
      I will have to root for Mahomes this year as he was autodrafted on my ff team. On the plus side… at least it’s not Dak or Goff… I would never root for them.

  14. Please reconsider the idea to publish this blog the day after. The first place I always have gone right after the game is this blog for the grades. That has always been my first stop post game.

    I hope we can still get this…

  15. I expect something in the 11-5 area and to be bounced in the conference championships most likely in a rematch with New Orleans. I don’t see any reason to predict this season to be all that much different than last other than can’t rely on the heroics of Kittle to always save our bacon.

    1. I expect nothing less than 12-4 and we do all the bouncing giving this team a 6th Super Bowl victory, a trip to Disney World and all the oven baked bacon they can eat for the rest of their lives….

      1. With the COVID situation, I could realistically expect the record to be anywhere in the range of 10-6 and 14-2 but will also pick 12-4 as the most likely record.

  16. Well, that was fun. Did my first fantasy draft.
    Here is my team-
    QB1: Deshaun Watson
    RB1: Derrick Henry
    RB2: Devin Singletary
    WR1: Adam Thielen
    WR2: Jarvis Landry
    TE: Hunter Henry
    FLX: Stefon Diggs
    K: Younghoe Koo
    DST: Vikings D

    Tevin Coleman!
    J.K. Dobbins
    Leonard Fournette
    Melvin Gordon
    Jalen Reagon
    How did I do?

      1. Um, Deshaun Watson is rated higher, so it seems like the logical move to use him.
        Besides, I get to see if he can make me some points, today.
        Maybe you do not realize this, but I refrained from picking any Raider/Seahawk/ Cowgirl players.
        Now, I do not have to root for the players of those teams.
        Thanks Razor. Good luck this season. I like your picks.
        I do have one complaint with you. You sniped Matt Breida just before I was going to select him!

        1. Uhmmmm, that’s what they call a fickle fan.
          Do you bench your wife too if see a woman with a higher rating….

          1. No, I am playing in a fantasy league, and the point is winning, no matter which player is chosen.
            Seeing that Watson earned me 20.82 points, I think that was a smart move.
            Some people choose only from the team they root for, but I have yet to hear that it is a winning strategy.

  17. Wonder what the QANON morons on here have to defend their theories on Covid not being as deadly as the media makes it out to be now? Their hero admitted just how deadly it was. If you continue to believe a lie he used months ago in the face of this, you really are too stupid to breathe.

  18. In the 16-game NFL era, from 1978 to 2018, there have been 48 regular season thirteen-win teams.

    The number of wins these teams had in the -following- season and the number of times for each win total is shown:

    13 wins – 5 times
    12 wins – 7 times
    11 wins – 7 times
    10 wins – 6 times
    9 wins – 9 times
    8 wins – 3 times
    7 wins – 6 times
    6 wins – 2 times
    5 wins – 1 time
    4 wins – 2 times

    10 or more wins in the following season happened 52% of the time.
    More than 13 wins in the following season has never happened.

    Just as it is possible to go from 4-12 to 13-3 in a single season, it is also possible to go from 13-3 to 4-12 (shít happens).

    The San Francisco 49ers won 13 regular season games five times (not counting 2019) and have never won fewer than 10 games in the following year.

    1. As long as we have Shanny, I have a hard time seeing the team ever finishing with less than 10 wins. I say that knowing there’s no way in hell the team could suffer a worse injury laden season than last year. This team is the deepest in the NFL, and the continuation, development within the system throughout the roster year after year cannot be underestimated….

      1. As long as we have Shanny, I have a hard time seeing the team ever finishing with less than 10 wins.

        I guess you weren’t around for his first 2 seasons…..

  19. ?‍♂️Rebuilt a dysfunctional franchise in two short years which is unprecedented in professional football for a team so bereft of talent. No wonder York locked them both up for the next 5 years. He learned his lesson well….

    1. Jim Harbaugh was before your time probably and of course Pete Carroll is an unknown to you….
      Too bad you don’t know who Bill Walsh was.
      Won a SB in his 3rd year!

    1. Prior to Harbaugh’s arrival in 2011, the 49ers had not had a winning season nor a playoff appearance since 2002.
      If that was a ready made team, why did they keep on losing…..
      Doubling down on stupid statements doesn’t make you look smart, doll.

    1. Houston, we have a problem. Maybe BO never heard of the hurry up offense. Not getting off a play before the 3rd quarter expired, was embarrassing.
      I wonder if it is the Houston run defense, or the rookie Clyde Edwards-Helaire.
      Oh well, I wanted the Chiefs to lose, but at least Watson garnered 20 points.

  20. Skip Bayless is a sleazy weasel, and should be fired.
    He goes from kissing Jason Garrett’s arse, to questioning Dak’s leadership.

  21. McCloughan gifted Baalke and Harbaugh a great roster that included Patrick Willis, Justin Smith, Frank Gore, Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree and Dashon Goldson. They were an ascending team. What they lacked Jimbo provided, i.e. discipline, a reputation as a “qb whisperer”, confidence and leadership. He hasn’t done squat at Michigan because his offense sucks, and his coaching style is antiquated….

    1. They were an ascending team

      Yeah they went from 8-8 to 6-10. in 1 year…………….

      What they lacked Jimbo provided.

      That’s right, the coach made the difference!

      He hasn’t done squat

      Care to share the seasons that Seifert coached after 49ers???
      Does that mean he was riding on Walsh too?

      1. JH rebuilt those SD and Stanford programs, emphasizing hard nosed power football, with a stout defense.
        He took those under-performing Niners, and ledthem to 3 straight NFCC Games, and once to the SB. Too bad the refs ignored a blatant bear hug of Bruce Miller, that gave them a KO TD. Don’t get me started on the last offensive, offensive series, but the Niners should have won despite the refs. They should have handed the ball to Frank Gore, and told him to achieve Glory. That hurt, but there is nothing to do but move on. JH was then one pass from returning, but Baalke whiffing on an entire draft class, doomed their Quest for 6.
        JH is a very competent coach, but just does not seem to have the right players, to take him to the championship. Other teams and coaches have superior recruiting, and draft classes.
        Talking about Seiffert in comparison to JH is not fair. Seffert inherited a 3 time SB team, and had the talent to win 2 more. JH had neither. Almost, but not enough. Imagine if Baalke had drafted Alshon Jeffrey instead of AJ Jenkins. The Niners might have won a couple more rings.

  22. The players linking arms in solidarity for justice and righteousness. In a classy display, KC fans started booing. This was Mahomes and Watsons idea, a wonder how half billion man feels about locking himself to that burg of stupidity for eternity?

      1. No irony.

        1. half-hundred thousand? There’s no irony that you pulled some comical figure from your @ss, just stupidity.

        2. Mahomes is worth the dough. It’s just sad he’s shackled to a cretinous fanbase.

        3. Loser.. Projection.

        1. And my momma, too!!!!!!!!!!! Give ’em all hell, Ribs!! The brownshirts from the 1930’s talked just like you…..course, that didn’t work out too well for them………..

          1. History is just another thing the magat is totally ignorant of. The brownshirts of modern Germany have their hero. The same hero as yours.

            Among German conspiracy theorists, ultranationalists and neo-Nazis, the American president is surfacing as a rallying cry, or even as a potential “liberator.”


            You are right about one thing. A single thing. Trump-humping is not going to work out anywhere.

    1. I am cautiously optimistic……. Saints will be a challenge, and I am hoping Pittsburgh gets by KC in the AFC.

      Anyone having issues altering the starting roster in the fantasy league? – I tried to drag and drop, but to no avail………

        1. “Yes. For one, Kaep is unavailable to add to rosters”

          That’s because he is garbage even in fantasy football.

          Nov.4th, you vowed Kap will return to the NFL.

      1. Ya gotta click on the icon to the left of the player in your starting lineup you want to sub out, and then do the same thing at the same position with the player on your bench you wish to sub in.

    1. Thanks for the find. Written article looks good, but…

      Wow that guy has like zero stage presence. And I thought Grant was unpolished in front of a camera; this guy looks like his eyes are glued on the teleprompter the entire time.

      1. Ya gotta start somewhere, and I may be critical at times, but it is very hard to perform for an audience.
        What I look for, is the content of what he is saying. I may not agree with him, but at least he can present his opinion clearly, with facts and logic to bolster his argument.

    2. Good stuff, Hammer. Enjoyable read.

      I suspect the offensive line will be the biggest problem. It could easily take a quarter or more before they get it together. Let’s hope the defense can keep the Cardinals in check.

    3. Hmmmm. I’m not sure if those are the burning questions I would have asked. The running game will be fine. Mostert received a grand total of 7 carries in the 2 games versus cards. Coleman on the other hand got 24 carries and managed 37 yards in the two games. I suspect Mostert will get the vast majority of carries Sunday. Also, our O-line was banged up. Staley and Kittle missed the second cards game. Jimmy will light it up again. His new toys Aiyuk and Reed will be a great compliment to Kittle and Deebo. The Sherman question is legit. He can get burned deep 1-1. His performance in the Superbowl was less than exceptional. I expect the Niners will jump out to a lead and then run the ball down their throats in the second half. 50 Burger coming.

      Niners 52 – Cards 27

    4. 6th burning question and the one that will define the season and future at the QB position:

      6.Will Kyle Shanahan finally open up the passing game and take the shackles off Jimmy G?

      Two and a half years in the system and is trust finally mutual between and coach and QB. It’s time to let Jimmy throw on 1st and 2nd down winning or losing.

      If not, the Niners are a one dimensional team and we are looking at a new QB for the 49ers next offseason.

      1. Hmm, I know of a dual threat QB that you said took the league by storm. I am supremely confident in JG, but you may want Kaep, from what you are saying.

          1. I certainly was right about the draft. My last mock had the Niners drafting Kinlaw. They traded back, and still got the player they targeted. The Niners also moved up by bundling picks, so KS could get the player he coveted.
            I was right about Covid 19 affecting the league. The fact that there have been NFL players and coaches affected, just proves my point that a non bubble league is an accident waiting to happen. No wonder JL is loading up on veteran players. The eventual winner may be the only team that is able to field a team.
            What really must burn you, is me being right all along about Kaep. He has been proven right, and Goodell even admitted he was wrong about Kaep’s protesting for social justice. I do not know why you may want to support the NFL. They have allowed the players to put Breanna Taylor’s and other victim’s names on their jersey. Kaep has started a movement, and the NFL will continue to have egg on their face, as long as they continue the blackballing. Kaep is a hero, who sacrificed everything for his principles. Now, many people are waking up, and there will now be meaningful police reforms. Police with racist tendencies, are finally being held accountable, and are being replaced.
            Looks like many players are taking a knee, and the Black Lives Matter signs will be prevalent in the stadiums. Maybe you should stop watching football, like so many of your ilk are threatening to do. We need to weed out the bigots and intolerant racists.
            How ironic. You accuse me of being wrong, but you are the one who bet the Niners would draft Trubusty. This past draft, you wanted to bet the Niners would draft CJ Henderson. You are so wrong, you are like Trump accusing Biden of wanting to overturn ObamaCare.
            Maybe you should be right about something, before accusing others about being wrong.

      2. Prime,
        The run first philosophy didn’t come about because of lack of trust in Jimmy G. It happened because certain teams just could not stop the running game at all. When we play teams like that this year I expect KS will run the ball 35 to 50 timers a game and when we face teams that can stop the run game I expect KS to call a game like he did Vs New Orleans last year.

        1. Coach you are right but as we also witnessed, Jimmy needs the reps in all situations. Not just when needed like last year against the Cards twice and the Saints game.
          You have to keep teams guessing and the 49ers became predictable on 1st and 2nd down.
          Maybe it’s not trust but whatever it is, we need to pass more on 1st and 2nd down. Keep defenses guessing and not loading up the box.

    5. Real 6th burning question. Will the game be postponed due to questionable air quality from…. burning.

      1. AQI at noon in Santa Clara was 194. Shanahan would have had to cancel practice at 201. Alameda this morning was 289.
        Mother Nature bats last.

    6. Jack,
      Good read. My biggest concern going into Sunday’s game is how will the 49ers look not having played (the entire NFL) exhibition games.
      The Chiefs looked in sync last night and if we can make the same type of real-game transition we will be fine.

      With Deebo out on Sunday, do you think we might see Kittle and Reed both on the field in some packages?

      1. Thanks AES. Yeah. That question regarding Reed is actually an option that I brought up during our Round Table yesterday afternoon on Periscope.

        1. If Reed is relied upon Sunday to contribute a substantial part of the offense, the Niners are in big trouble.

          Mostert, Taylor, Jet, Kittle and Bourne will be the focal point.

          1. Reed has looked very good in training camp. Plus, aside from the terrible concussions he is very apt TE.
            I see no reason why Shanahan would not consider him as a viable option, especially with Deebo out this Sunday.

            1. AES, how viable? 10-12 catches? I mean is the game plan around a 2 TE set and running game or is it going to be run heavy like we seen in the playoffs?

              My point is I am weary if Reed is an essential plan in the offense this Sunday.

              1. Prime,
                I honestly can’t remember any receiver in the Shanahan era getting 10 – 12 catches per game. As a run first offense our key receivers (Kittle, Deebo) will likely get 6-8 catches per game. What makes Kittle and Deebo so good is their YAC.
                Reed is nothing more than a complimentary player with the athleticism to make something happen with the ball in his hands. I doubt that he was brought here for anything more than that.

  23. On Rotoworld:

    “The deteriorating air quality in Santa Clara, California could force the 49ers to postpone Sunday’s game against the Cardinals.

    California’s climate apocalypse has wreaked havoc on the air quality around Levi Stadium, prompting the Niners to communicate with the NFL about contingency plans for Sunday’s season opener. The air quality index threshold for the league to cancel practices or postpone games is 200. On Friday, the index stood at 194. “If it gets to 200, that would be a huge deal,” 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said Friday. “I know when it’s above 150 that does affect a certain group of people that happen to be higher risk, pre-existing conditions, if it got above 150 you could lose a few players, but 200 is the mark where you can’t go out there.” Fantasy players should be prepared to find replacements for their Cardinals and 49ers if the game is postponed, though a relocation would probably be the more likely option. ”

    Current air quality index in Santa Clara is 221.

    1. At 11 pm on Friday it was down to below 200 over the entire South Bay. I think it may be better tomorrow. Once the cold marine layer that had protected the Bay Area from the first onslaught of smoke and particulate moved out a lot of accumulated particulate moved down. Much of this smoke particulate should disperse tomorrow.

  24. Will there even be a game? That is a burning (literally) question now. The air quality may get over the threshold to cancel the game.
    No, I am not too concerned about the running game. They now have a full stable of backs, and the O line would be intact, but Williams is a fine replacement for Staley.
    JG will do just fine, considering he had just rehabbed his knee last season. This will be his second full season in the same system, so he will hopefully be able to know where every defender is on the field. All he has to do is work on looking off the safeties, and he can complete the long passes, too.
    Richard Sherman will not be assigned to cover Hopkins. My guess is that they will have Moseley shadow him.
    Yes, the 49ers will be ready to play all 4 quarters. They are on a mission, a Quest for 6, so they cannot afford to peter out in the 4th quarter. JL has provided solid depth, so players will remain fresh.
    Prediction- Niners 24-23.

          1. I certainly do not need to read what you write, because it is usually just juvenile screeds.
            Maybe you should just ignore what I write, unless you want me to say how ignorant and delusional your posts are.
            You are now dissing JG. Guess you want to make it 3 times harder to win.

              1. Prime, feud all you want with Seb, but good advice is to lay off from that Nov.4th prediction. Right at this moment, it’s like predicting the New England Pats will win the next Superbowl. Yeah, they did win it in the past but everything’s different now.

              2. You’re digging a hole, Prime. Odds are in Seb’s favor.


                Razor and the rest of the MAGAs will point to 2016, but we are in a completely different world now. Trump is no longer the outsider. His administration will have presided over the death of a quarter million Americans by election day. His scare blabber of the antifa invasion of the American suburbs is being ignored as the unhinged rant it is, not moving his poll numbers in the slightest. Those numbers are in the sh!tter as they have been the entire election cycle. His scandals are multiplying by the day. He’s getting hit with one negative news cycle after another, having to play defense with no playbook other than running his narcissistic mouth. He’s running out of news cycles before the election. His campaign is broke. He’s a dead man walking.

                I’d back off on that taunt. Seriously.

              3. Rib, I’m talking about Sebnnoying’s prediction that Kaepernick will be signed by Nov.4th back in the NFL.

              4. Rib, I’m talking about Sebnnoying’s prediction that Kaepernick will be signed by Nov.4th back in the NFL

                Ah, got it. You are on much firmer ground there ?

              5. “Will you and other MAGATS be bussed in from Canada to vote TP?

                No but we will be shipping truck loads of Kleenex for you to wipe up all those tears!

  25. FWIW, local weather forecasters are predicting improving smoke conditions, and not-too-unhealthy levels per NFL rules by Sunday

    1. If I had to guess I would suspect Barrows is referring to something I heard early in TC – that the CBs were switching sides, something they didn’t do the past couple of years. Makes me think there may be some more man to man and having guys shadow particular receivers this year.

      Also heard Moore got some time at slot CB, which might allow more flexibility as to responsibilities when they have 3 safeties on the field.

      In terms of going more nickel and dime, they used 5 or more DBs something like 70% of the time last year I believe. Not sure how much more they can use it!

      1. Scooter’s got it right. Oden is a man to man specialist, and the tinkering is gonna be moving Sherman around and involving one of their best man to man cover players Moore….

  26. 1. Deebo ruled out but expected back in the next week or two. Barrows: Kyle Shanahan said the #49ers thought Deebo Samuel had a “good chance” to play on Sunday. (He has been ruled OUT). That’s the primary reason why the team won’t put him on IR (must miss three weeks). That is, the 49ers think Samuel will be ready in fewer than three weeks.

    2. Understatement of the year to Kwon. Barrows: Kwon Alexander on the prospect of playing in smoky conditions: “It’s weird. But everything’s been weird in 2020.”

    3. I’ll be curious to see how much 12 personnel Kyle uses Sunday. Reed and Kittle are a dynamic duo. Reed in a situational role maybe what the doctor ordered to exploit his talents and keep him healthy.

    1. They just put Deebo on IR, so guess it looks like more than 3 weeks away now. Hopefully there wasn’t a set back.

      1. I always thought that the Eagles game was the logical game for Deebo’s return – skipping the East coast games on Met Life’s artificial turf.

  27. From…

    Week 1 – Away vs. San Francisco 49ers

    The Redbirds face a stiff test right off the bat with a visit to Northern California to take on the reigning NFC champs. The two matchups last season were close, but the Niners got the season sweep, ending an 8-game winning streak for the Cardinals in the rivalry. One of the Cardinals’ main goals for 2020 will be to ensure they don’t suffer another sweep. The Niners lost a few pieces in the offseason, but they are still the favorites in the NFC West. This Week 1 matchup in front of an empty crowd and Levi’s stadium is close like the two games last season. Offseason prize DeAndre Hopkins pays immediate dividends, as he catches his first TD from Kyler Murray in the 1st quarter. The Niners’ offense is still adjusting to several personnel changes, but Raheem Mostert and George Kittle (of course) still have big days as the Redbirds’ defense is still adjusting to several new faces as well. The Redbirds give it a valiant effort, but a failed 4th-down attempt near midfield with less than two minutes left seals it. The season starts 0-1 but the Cardinals played a tough opponent well, so they can hold their heads high. Cardinals lose, 24-20. Record: 0-1.

    1. I’ll take it.

      Btw, if anyone is wondering about the N.Y. weather for the next two games (Indian summer heat, high east coast humidity? etc) the near range forecast is 60s, low humidity. Perfect football weather.

    1. Is that also the over under on how many attempts Jimmy G is allowed by Shanny?

      He certainly didn’t have Shanny’s confidence right before the half in the Super Bowl.

      That’s on Shanny.

  28. Irish win on saturday. 9ers win on Sunday? Could be a great weekend. Hopefully the Giants play Sunday also.

  29. Air quality forecast for Santa Clara is 199 for Sunday, and the league cutoff is 200… Must be a Vegas line for this!

        1. Currently 172 (Unhealthy)

          People with heart or lung disease, older adults, children and teens – take any of these steps to reduce your exposure:

          Avoid strenuous outdoor activities.
          Keep outdoor activities short.
          Consider moving physical activities indoors or rescheduling them.

          Everyone else – take any of these steps to reduce your exposure:

          Choose less strenuous activities (like walking instead of running) so you don’t breathe as hard.
          Shorten the amount of time you are active outdoors.
          Be active outdoors when air quality is better.

  30. Smart move. Putting Deebo on IR so he can heal fully. I am glad the medical staff is taking a conservative approach, so Deebo may be available from week 4 to the playoffs.If they rushed him back too early, and if he has a setback, that may derail the rest of the season.
    They elevated Grasu, so I wonder how Gardner will do. Can he play at a high level with a rehabbed ankle?
    They elevated Dontae Johnson over Cyprien. Guess the Niners want as many CBs as possible, since the Cards will want to use Hopkins right away.

  31. Wonder if Coleman might sit out tomorrow’s game because of the effect of air quality on his sickle cell tendency.
    That would be the only reason why Kyle would desist from starting Coleman….

  32. Wishing everyone on the west coast cleaner air and a fulfillment of this prediction. Thank goodness Niner football is back!

  33. Ian Rapoport
    Help on the way for the #49ers? Sources say free-agent Ziggy Ansah, one of the top pass-rushers available, will be in SF today, going through COVID-19 testing in preparation for a workout Tuesday. His second visit to the #49ers, a sign of their interest.
    9:56 AM · Sep 13, 2020

    1. I’m not sure what I think about him… I think I might have preferred picking up Moore again. But if he can stay healthy… he could help.

      1. We’d only need him until The Blair Witch project is ready, barring any other unforeseen injuries. Jordan can’t be happy.?

      2. Moore got picked up by the Seahawks, so I’m fine turning to Ansah for about 10-15 snaps a game for minimum.

  34. Las Vegas Raiders tackle Trent Brown was ruled out against the Panthers after suffering a calf injury in the first quarter.

        1. Shoup , the child is obviously not mine. He is unaware of most things in life, including the personalized avatar.

  35. AQI in the South Bay at 172 an hour before the game.
    Coleman active. Aiyuk and garland inactive

    Seahawks are looking good.

      1. Niners can handle Cardinals without Aiyuk. Garland’s absence only makes the game a little more competitive.

        1. It’s the center that bothers me more than Aiyuk… but it’s troubling that we have to rely on Pettis to make some plays on the outside.

  36. Air quality is very poor, Seahawks looking good; this is not a good beginning to the Niners season.
    Let’s hope for no injuries or health issues and a big win by the Niners.

    1. We Niner fans heaped scorn on the Adams acquisition, for good reason. Two firsts, are you kidding me?? That guy was balling today though.

  37. Switching around Sunday Ticket, the level of play looks pretty good. No blizzard of pre-snap penalties. What does this bode for pre-season games in normal years??

  38. Pre-season games are overrated, they help free agents and rookies and force season ticket holders to pay for two useless games.
    The league will do 2 games for the foreseeable future is my guess. Almost no starters will play more than a couple of series as the coach’s can see they are not needed to prepare for the season.

    1. Or as Grant put it on his live stream:
      “2:03: Dante Pettis fields the punt and doesn’t fumble. Wow.”

      1. The difference between Pettis and Deebo is that Deebo not only would have caught the ball, but possibly break the tackle for a TD.
        Overall, aside from the first Qtr, the 49ers look like they could have used a couple of pre-season games.

  39. The niners are clearly the better looking team right now… but they are just killing themselves with little screwups.

  40. The Niners look like a team playing the first game of a season wherein there have been almost no tune-ups. Oh wait.

    1. Doesn’t help when the QB’s accuracy sucks. And his vision.

      He’s really good at throwing darts between the numbers 10 yards downfield. That’s about it and he seemingly hasnt picked up any other skills.

      1. This is what, your 20th different screen name the last 2 days? You’re less than worthless. Bye, little boy.

        1. Two passing touchdowns and a QBR over 100. Jimmy wasn’t he one. The run game blew, the OL was weak and the Cardinals tore up the defense. Jimmy was not the problem…

          1. Hey Tommy stat guy, can you find a stat that will tell you many receivers Jimmy missed today?

            And show me where his QBR was over 100, moron. QBR doesn’t go over 100.

  41. Its going to be a long long season if the O line doesn’t improve quite a bit. They just plain old sucked today.

  42. F me. Sloppy sloppy sloppy. Just an awful start to the season in all facets of the game. Quite frankly nobody played well. But JG in particular was bad, and the D was back to its bad old self of giving up big plays on money downs – no coffee for them this week.

    Dee Ford stood out to me as well, for the wrong reasons. Not sure if it was the calf injury or not, but man, he looked off the pace every time he was on the field. Sloooooow. DL in general struggled to create pressure after the 1st quarter.

    Oof. What a $h!t way to start the season.

    1. Yup,
      This offense is going to struggle big time without someone that can beat man coverage.
      BTW – does Jimmy ever step into a throw? He has a quick release and decent arm but he never seems to get his body into his throws. This is good and bad… there is a ton of untapped potential there, but it’s a bit late to be making large scale changes to your mechanics.

      This game was theirs to take but they muffed it away, gifting AZ a td and not getting in when at the 1 ft line. It will likely haunt them all season.

    2. The goal line stand looms large over the piss poor effort by the 49ers. Saleh has no answers for Murray and as usual is unable to make in-game adjustments. Jimmy better step it up.

    3. I’m going to copy and paste, what the hey. The OL stunk today and Jimmy was getting the crap beat out of him. Receivers could not get free, Tight Ends were hit or miss and the Defense in general stunk up the joint. Calls of “roughing the passer” were baloney as well. As I posted earlier:
      “Two passing touchdowns and a QBR over 100. Jimmy wasn’t he one. The run game blew, the OL was weak and the Cardinals tore up the defense. Jimmy was not the problem…”

      1. No, he wasn’t the problem, but for this team to be successful this year he’s going to have to be able to carry it like Wilson does for Seattle. Once again, there is a huge deficit at wide receiver. After Kittle got hurt, it was pretty much over as no secondary in the league is afraid of the 49ers WRs. Look at the kind of impact a guy like Hopkins makes.

        I’m beginning to understand why they cleared cap space. I suspect they will have to sign a WR like they did last year with Sanders. Sanders was a big part of the team’s success last year.

      1. The trust between Shanny and lack there of with his QB hurt them in the SB , and again today.
        They better sort that out this week.

      2. Jack,
        I take no solace in this loss. The 49ers were bad on many levels. Worse yet, the Cardinals were doing their best to hand us the game with their offensive penalties and missed field goals.
        I really wanted this win given the fact that we are going to the east coast.

    1. It’s jut the kind of performance you tend to get from teams that lose the SB last season. I think they’ll work it out and we’ll see how it all comes together but I think this should be a wakeup call for anyone who thought the Niners would just roll through the season and compete for the title once again.

      1. Whada-I mean?? I guess you don’t follow 49ers. “Revenge Tour” – the team has been talking about nothing but ever since the SB loss. Whatever they are driving on this tour needs a push start.

    2. Oh geesh, I wasn’t exactly expecting to see that the sky is falling after one game, but I should have known, with the number of casual, knee jerk, fair weather fans on this blog.

      Remember this point …. it’s a long season, and it’s how you’re playing at the end of the year that matters most, not week one!

      I will say one thing definitively … Swinging and missing on the Dante Pettis draft pick was an extremely costly mistake. Not releasing him after last season only compounded that mistake. Until this team gets better at the WR position, they aren’t going to beat the leagues best teams this year. Of course, there’s a decent chance the return of Samuel and Aiyuk, makes the difference.

      As for the Cardinals, Murray is just a matchup problem (nightmare) for our defense, and the fact that they added DeHop, has only made that matchup worse. They were a problem last season, and they’ve improved, while we’ve at least temporarily, taken a step back (at the important WR position).

      1. Not a fair weather fan. This was a loss. Whether we win the next 15 games won’t change that.
        The team looked slow and also lacked the fire we saw last season.

        1. We will beat the Jets and Giants and be 2-1.
          My concern is this offense is so predictable because Jimmy and KS can’t put their foot on the throats of their opposition.
          Trust, too conservative play calling and execution, whatever it is, it’s holding this team back.

        2. What we saw was a lack of quality at WR, and an inability to slow down the squirly QB while simultaneously covering Hopkins. Those 2 things need to get figured out. Let’s face it, the Niners have trouble matching up with Arizona, especially being down arguably their 2 best WR’s.

          I am concerned about the WR position, but it’s ridiculous to read too much into opening day, when the team had no preseason, and has been limited in practice due to air quality, and is dealing with an epidemic at WR. Hopefully they’ll get the WR position ironed out. If they do, today’s loss will quickly fade into obscurity. They should have a much easier go of things over the next couple weeks, and then if Deebo and Aiyuk are full go by week 4, I see no reason they wont be rolling at that point.

          If they don’t get the WR position figured out in the next couple weeks, then it’s time to hit the panic button. But hitting the panic button after losing a close game on opening day, being down your 2 best WR’s and a hobbled All-Pro TE, is just silly, and not something you’d expect from seasoned, educated fans.

          Winning the next 15 games wont change today’s outcome, but it would make it a moot point.

          1. And BTW, Kyle’s offense is notorious for starting the season slow because of so many moving parts, even with a regular slew of preseason games.

            Take a deep breath and RELAX! It’s early!

      2. As for the Cardinals, Murray is just a matchup problem (nightmare) for our defense, and the fact that they added DeHop, has only made that matchup worse. They were a problem last season, and they’ve improved, while we’ve at least temporarily, taken a step back (at the important WR position).

        He’s a younger and more mobile Russell Wilson. If the team can’t solve either (and they were pathetic at it yesterday), we are looking at 4 division losses and a dead end to this revenge tour.

  43. we need a qb…’s freaking yr 3 or is it 4…..where is the growth….he should be way more comfortable by now

    that was pathetic,……….at this stage and looking worse than a rookie

    1. Jimmie didn’t have his best game, but it was the defense that fell on their collective faces. Couldn’t get off the field, make the stop when they had to, shades of 2017-18.

  44. Will Ayiyk make that big of a difference next week? They need to get back to running the ball 40 times the next 2 games.

    1. Even if it’s to get Pettis off the field yes. The loss of sanders was a bigger deal than most think.

  45. Missed Tackles on defense was a killer.

    The offense. The loss of Sanders looms large. Deebo out, made it easy to take away Kittle. Jimmy’s not good enough to carry this team with that receiving core. Going to be an interesting season. Hopefully we can get back to truly running the ball.

  46. Its getting worse…No Buck and same old Jimmy er actually Jimmy looked worse…same crappo with him, he only hits middle of the field slants…..Not sold on Jimmy= this year it may rear its ugly head….

  47. Sigh, it’s not the end of the world. Good teams sometimes lose games, it happens. If they respond the way a team of their calibre should do this will be in the rear view mirror fast.

    1. what makes it a good team??? couldn’t beat a 5 win team today….Jimmy looks worse and not better and no Buck..they did not get better

      1. Cards are a 1-0 team. If we’re going to throw out last year for the Niners then you can also throw out the notion that the Cards are a 5-win team too. My point is to say that if the 2020/21 edition of the Niners is a good team, they’ll be just fine.

        1. Especially with the addition of Hopkins, Cards are much better than a 5-win team. I won’t be surprised at all if they make the playoffs.

  48. Maybe KS should be bold, and not settle for field goals. 4th and 2? Championship teams would go for it.
    Pettis and Woerner need to work on their blocks.
    JG did not look good, and the 3rd down conversion rate was poor. Lots of room for improvement.
    Next time, Saleh should scheme to contain KM in the pocket.
    I must give hats off to the Cards. They played like they wanted it more. They made plays, like the blocked punt. That was the difference in the game.
    Looks like the road teams do not have any disadvantage, so I hope the Jets and Giants games can allow the Niners to get a couple wins. I am not too worried about the Eagles. They have been decimated with injuries.

      1. I would say that Kaep could have played better than many of the starting QBs, today.
        Yes, the NFL is finally becoming aware, and their stance on the Black Lives Matter is a good start.
        Hopefully, this will drive away the supporters of rogue killer cops, and the racist elements of the NFL fanbase.

        1. “Racist elements” in Seb-speak means……………..disagreeing with someone on a given issue of any kind, really—who happens to be African American. Could be any issue……………….

          Who, specifically, supports rogue killer cops? Your whacked, Sebby………….

    1. Maybe KS should be bold, and not settle for field goals. 4th and 2?

      4th and goal at the one? Stuffed. Of course going for it was the right call, but a FG there would have had them down 1 on that last series and a walk off FG would have won it. So think strategically, before mouthing off platitudes, eh Seb?

      1. Too bad they did not have Jeff Wilson play. He specialized in scoring in the red zone.
        Maybe they should have given the ball to the 240 lb Juice, instead of the 205 lb Mostert. That would have been a better strategy, that worked before.
        If they had kicked the field goal, instead of going for it, they still would have lost by one point, 23-24. There was no guarantee that they would have gotten that field goal in the end.
        Also, at the end of the first half, if they had gone for it, instead of kicking the field goal, if it had failed, it would have left them near their goal line. The Cards would not have started on the 25, with enough time to get their last second field goal before the half.
        Woulda, coulda, shoulda. If they had won, we would be talking about how great they were. Now that they lost, even KS is admitting they did not play well. Too bad he should have second guessed himself more, and devised a better strategy to get the ball into the hands of his playmakers.
        A platitude is something trite, said too often, but some also think I state the obvious. It obviously is a good strategy to be bold, and not timid, because champions are bold, while the timid are second best.
        OT, I think I did well in fantasy, but if the Steelers have a good game, Im toast.

        1. Man you are so smart! Problem is every one looks smart after the fact and in hindsight.

          Nov.4th, are you ready?

        2. There was no guarantee that they would have gotten that field goal in the end.

          They were on the damn 16 yard line. A FG from there is more guaranteed than a 1st down on 4th and whatever.

          But none of what you or I are talking about has any relation to the ultimate outcome as the difference on any one play would have changed that.

          Too bad they did not have Jeff Wilson play. He specialized in scoring in the red zone.
          Maybe they should have given the ball to the 240 lb Juice, instead of the 205 lb Mostert. That would have been a better strategy, that worked before.

          Up the gut? I don’t think that was the smartest of play calls. I wonder if Shannie doesn’t see the middle of the OL as the weak point everyone else seems to?

          1. The Niners need to have a play that is hard to stop, that can gain 2 yards. They should have a 4th and one, 4th and 2, and 4th and 3 yards plays. They would be designated ahead of time, so that they can run them quickly, to try to catch the defense off guard.
            The Cards used the up tempo offense very effectively.
            Looking back at the game on replay, the whole offensive line could not sustain their blocks. Gotta hand it to the Cards, De’Vonde Campbell was a good acquisition.
            JG had no time to throw, or if he did have time, he had no targets, or did not see the open man. KS must design plays that has an outlet pass, so JG can get the ball in his playmaker’s hands, if nothing is happening downfield. Let Juice or the RB be the safety valve, so JG can get rid of the ball quickly.
            I am not too concerned with the Niners. They have an excellent team that just needs to play competently, and not defeat themselves. Saleh needs to make sure the defensive line plays with more discipline, to contain the QB in the pocket. Murray’s legs killed them.

        1. Totally disagree. Going bold is the best way. Being fearful if they fail, is like not trying. They just need to be bold, and have plays that help them succeed.
          Seize the Day!

        2. Well said Jack. You take the points early in the season when your offense hasn’t established its bread and butter plays just yet.
          When you have not had any preseason games, you take points, easy points. Then later on the season you gamble as you know what your top plays and players can and cannot do and what is working.

        3. I agree with going for it on the 4th and 1, just not with that call or that personnel.

          I’ve argued that a 3 at that point and another 3 at the end of game would have won it , but only if the rest of the game played out in the exact same way. That is most unlikely.

          1. Every division game the past couple years usually comes down to the last possession. Like basketball. I think you take the points there, only because you have no idea how your team is going to adapt the rest of the with no preseason games and knowing their level of conditioning late in the game.

    1. I been saying this= guys have rose tinted glasses…he is good throwing over the middle but other than that his skill set is nill….can’t thow an up and out, no post, no deep sidelines passes his repertoire is limited for 27 MIllion…plus it looks like he is running in mud and is sketched out in the pocket…..not what you want from a so call franchise QB

  49. Not surprised at all today. Had the Cardinals +7 and the under (48). Thank you! Team effort for the loss. QB stunk, O line stunk, D line stunk, Defensive back 7 stunk, and the play calling especially stunk. Still, even with all that and a ridiculous blocked punt, they still had a chance to win. They played the entire game with no wide receivers, along with hurt tight end in the second half. Trent is a bust, and they should fine Bourne $100,000 every time he spins the ball after he catches an ordinary pass. He’s not good enough to do that every time he catches the ball. Act like you’ve done it before. I had the Niners at 10-6 this year, but despite my bet on a feeling today, that was one of my prediction wins. Not good. Nice to be back though. Been out of country for 3 months (Costa Rica) Hope all of you and your family and friends are safe. We’re doing ok other than one of my wife’s uncles passed from Covid recently in Arizona after only 6 days (age 66). Stay safe all!

    1. P,lease, spare us details of family sickness and death. Who cares! This is a sports blog that supports BLM & Colin Kaepernick. Country needs to undergo fundamental change and renewal. Now.

      1. This is a sports league that supports BLM

        Fixed that for you Rob. If that reality pisses you off, you’d better look for another outlet. Now.

    2. Juan, welcome back, and I am sorry for your loss.
      Yes, the Niners did not win, but they were in it until the end.
      Personally, I thought Mostert scored. The ball landed on the goal line.
      I think it was a combination of factors. The Niners did improve, but the Cards also improved. Kwon punched the ball out, and it bounced right back into the TE’s hands. Losing Gardner was a big factor in the O line woes. The O line did not give JG enough time, and when he had time, the receivers were not getting open. I just think the Cards wanted it more than the Niners. Hopefully, the Jets will not get 11 yards on third and 10, like the Cards seemed to do so many times. Darnold is not going to run wild like Murray.

      1. Thanks Seb. All in all I agree with your opine. Other than the first quarter, they looked disorganized to me. Jimmy was throwing slightly side arm to me (sorry, old softball coach of 30+yrs) which caused the ball to flutter and rise. His timing was slightly off also which is not unexpected considering no live practice games. I thought Saleh got out coached, especially in the second half. Couple breaks and they still could have won. I’ll stick with my 10-6 still. Nice to hear from you.

        1. I watched Jackson throw side arm, but he was throwing darts, with a tight spiral.
          I am not too worried. The Niners could be 5-1 after 6 games, looking at their opponents.
          I totally agree that Saleh was out coached. He just did not seem to make any meaningful adjustments in the second half.
          I just joined Razor’s fantasy league, so I hope you will let me pick your brain on some matchups, and who to play. I chose Jalen Raegor and JK Dobbins as my rookie sleeper picks.

    3. Welcome back Juan. Very sorry for your loss, ignore the cretins like “Rob”. I agree with everything you said, it was almost as if the Niners have been listening to and believing all the off-season hype. Hopefully this smackdown is a wake-up call.

      1. Thanks Rib! No sweat! I never worry about “tools” like Rob. They come and go on here. Those of us that have been around for years and years such as yourself and myself understand. I get a kick out of folks that try to speak for everybody else like they’re an authority. Give me a break. Nice to here from you! Hi Niners!

          1. Thanks Prime! I missed all of you, especially your funny wit! It was a great break though after that SB meltdown. I still have not watched even a second of that game. Maybe at some point! That was even worse than the loss vs Baltimore. Haven’t watched much of anything really over the last four months. Just sheltering in place in paradise! We bought property a few years back in CR and haven’t really used it much (kids have :) of course) so getting to spend a significant amount of time was a great getaway from what’s going on here. Niners will be fine. Too much talent, when healthy. Stay safe my friend!

    1. You’re right in my opinion. The team’s lack of urgency in bringing in a veteran for this critical position is making it much harder on Jimmy. It’s like Spielmann said, when your WRs are Bourne, Taylor and Pettis, opposing secondaries know they can cover them and will then double-team Kittle. Add to that the OL problems…… Jimmy G is not good enough and may never be good enough to carry this team by himself.. But get him some proven weapons and things might change. Maybe the team should spend more on that position and less on defense. Ford and Alexander’s contracts don’t look like good deals at all.

      I hope they can find somebody like Sanders to bring in with the cap space they recently cleared.

  50. Here’s the bright side.
    – The cards are a bad matchup for SF and with a severely hampered roster, SF was in position to win at the end.
    – This is not the Oline we will be fielding by mid season (hopefully) and the starting center has had what 10 days in this offense?
    – These are not the wr’s we will be fielding by midseason. Kyle didn’t have a playmaker in this wr corps. Deebo or Aiyuk will both garner respect when they go in motion… (which should open up the run game) but no one else will. Is anyone really scared of Juice, or Taylor on an end around? Additionally, He doesn’t have a man beater in the corps right now, hopefully one of those gadget guys can be that for him.
    – Jimmy had more time than I thought he would given the training camp reports (but he seems to feel the rush too much, this bears watching).

    1. They didn’t run overly well on the Cards even with their top WR’s last season. The way they beat this team last year was in the passing game and without their top two options at WR it was a tough go but they still win the game if they score on the 4th and goal. They played a sloppy game and still were in position to win. I don’t like a loss at any time, but some losses you have to shake your head and just accept you made too many stupid mistakes, learn from them and move on.

  51. 9er grades
    OL F It wasn’t just a problem of the interior linemen McGlinchey was terrible and Williams was ordinary at best.
    RB C They ran well when there were holes.
    WR F They got zero separation.
    TE C Kittle had to battle double teams Reed had no real impact and blocking was avg. at best.
    QB C wasn’t JG’s best performance but pressure was consistent. He was forced to step up from outside pressure all day and the pocket didn’t hold. WR’s were not open. If both McGlinchey and Williams don’t improve it won’t matter what they do with the interior positions.
    DL B for the first 3 quarters and F for the 4th. Other than the blocked punt the DL was very good until the 4th quarter, then a total collapse’
    LB C No big break downs and no great plays.
    DB B for the first 3 quarters they kept Hopkins in front of them they bent but did not break. 4th quarter F they gave up the big plays.
    ST A/F other than the blocked punt they got an A grade but one play turned it into an F.
    Coaches Shanahan C its hard to scheme with WR’s who might just be the worst 3 starting WR’s in the league. Saleh B for the first 3 quarters They bent but did not break. F for the 4th quarter Murray killed them.
    Kyler Murray A+++++ He is Steve Young all over again.

    1. I have to disagree with some of these.
      Williams was impressive, no one he blocked got near Jimmy and he was a impressive on run plays as well. Actually Jimmy had more time than I expected but the receivers couldn’t beat single man coverage.
      RB’s have to be graded higher… they were the entire offense.
      WR – I agree, they were terrible and couldn’t get separation and were passive in their routes rather than helping out their qb. Jimmy screwed up on the Bourne Pass but Bourne also needed to comeback and fight for that ball the way Hopkins did all day. Also Terrible pass to Kittle was exacerbated by Bourne completely whiffing on his block of Baker.
      As for Jimmy he had a rough outing, it’s obvious he doesn’t trust his receivers and he appeared to be hearing footstep even when they were not there.

      1. Until the FO and KS get serious about upgrading the WR corp, Jimmy will struggle. OC is right, this is one of the worst WR corps in the league. The same thing happened last year and someone (not sure who, but don’t think it was KS) had the good sense to bring in Sanders. While I like Deebo, pinning our hopes on a “gadget” guy and a rookie (Aiyuk) is a recipe for a mediocre season at best. Whitner said it on the MM podcast – no secondary fears those three starting WRs, knowing that they can readily cover them. So, just double team Kittle. Hopkins really scared our secondary last night. I kept thinking why doesn’t someone in the secondary just jump one of those out routes that Murray threw to Hopkins around ten times last night. Whitner said the same thing on the podcast. At some point you have to challenge that route even if a double move results in a big play for the opponent.

      2. Shoup,
        The running game to the left (supposedly the stronger side) was no better than the right side, they were both mediocre. Williams may not have given up any sacks or hits but JG constantly had to step up in the pocket because of pressure from both sides and being forced to step up into a cluttered pocket is as good as a sack. imho

        1. OldCoach,
          I think you are overreacting.
          In his first game back after more than a year away, he goes against the best pass rusher in the NFL and doesn’t give up a sack?
          As for the Run game, they averaged 4.9 yards per carry, and that is also dependent on other linemen doing their job, like the center making a reach block on the outside zone. Running also gets much harder when the D knows your wr’s can’t beat man and don’t have the necessary speed to challenge you deep. Did you ever wonder why the AZ were practically playing linebacker?

          BTW, not that PFF is the End all be all, but they gave him the second highest grade among NFL tackles (excluding those yet to play). I’ll take that from a guy who hasn’t had any full speed reps in over a year.

          1. Shoup,
            I wonder if PFF grades are affected by QB forced to step up. I never said I thought Williams was not going to play well this season just that he was ordinary yesterday. McGlinchey was the one I said was terrible.

            1. Coach,
              I just objected to saying he played “ordinary at best”, as in my opinion, if someone goes against the best pass rusher in the NFL and makes them a non factor in the passing game, he did well.

              As for stepping up in the pocket, that’s fine, you can run the blocker by the qb and that is still a good block.

              PFF takes pressures into account when grading pass blocking (when a qb’s throw is affected or he’s moved off his spot), but this is not taken into account if the blocker isn’t beaten, so if the qb runs into the pressure or holds onto the ball for 4+ seconds then that’s on the qb.

              1. *Update* I just heard in the striking gold podcast that Trent allowed only one pressure. Which as a stat doesn’t take into account the amount of time a qb takes to throw.

    2. I don’t know oldcoach. Niners D was exposed from the outset, it took but a single play for the Cards to convert the blocked kick turnover.

      1. The D gave up only 24 points …..this is not the D’s fault. – especially the 1st game since last year.

        By now we should see jimmy putting up at least a minimum 4 touchdowns a game.

        Ok – let’s look at the 2 teams in the NFC west championship last yr.

        Green Bay drafted a QB – pissed of their current QB – maybe he uses that as a motivation to get better in an offense in year 2 – and it showed on the field.

        49er QB has been the most disrespected QB since xxxxxx – listening to all the pundits on how his coach does not trust him in the SB – 49ers fans calling that statement insane – our counter was this was a guy who just led us to the SB in his 1st full year in a system…..wait till you see him this yr

        – I would have expected to see Jimmy shut up the doubters – but Monday morning the number of doubters are growing…..even Kshan pointed out he played bad.

        Just terrible – something is not right with Jimmy……..for every 1 good play Jimmy made – he made 3 dumb/rookie plays later…..

        1. The D gave up only 24 points …..this is not the D’s fault.

          Only? Extrapolate that over 16 games and that’s a D in the bottom 1/3 of the league. Definitely not SB caliber. But it was not so much as giving up the points as the inability to make the stops when needed. They gave up a lead. Twice.

          By now we should see jimmy putting up at least a minimum 4 touchdowns a game.

          With that WR corps? Really?

          1. C’mon – I saw Bourne opened for big plays all day……Jimmy looked like Shaun Hill out there……

            He was just not in command – I am starting to believe Jimmy will not get mad or angry – meaning if Pettis was out there fking up, Jimmy would never yell at him…..dude is a pretty boy – has to be always nice to people

            Same team should equal better results

            2019 49er Team
            Points For: 479 (29.9/g) 2nd of 32
            Points Against: 310 (19.4/g) 8th of 32

            Who did worse?

            1. Last year, the defense was the strength of the team and bailed the team out, when the offense sputtered, in close games. This year’s one game sample so far isn’t showing that.

              1. I have seen enough games to conclude JimmyG is not as talented as an ALL PRO NFL QB…..

                Sure he is good QB …..sure he his a winner.

                But QB talent wise he is not on the same level as the top QB’s in the league…..

                JimmyG is watching the field and seeing Kmurray scrambling trying to make something out of our D rush……and can’t comprehend he should at least try do a little bit more by running the ball when play break down………

                Lots of time JimmyG could have picked up 5-7 yards if he was in command of the game….

          2. I remember that one of the defensive players from the Harbaugh/Fangio years, I think it was Bowman or maybe Willis, said that the “D” believed they played a good game if they held the opponent to under 17 points.

    3. I agree with your grades. That blocked punt was a momentum changer.
      I hope KS copies some of the Card’s plays.

  52. That sucked.

    1. Our Offense sputtered and the D continues to struggle with mobile Q.
    2. Pettis should have been released or traded. Someone would have taken a chance and traded a fifth or perhaps a fourth. Richie James is better than Taylor. Last year we had the …. by far …. the worst WR corps starting the season and we are right back where we started.
    3. When something works KS quickly abandons it . While Kittle was getting double teams Reed was open. Yet his number was only called once.
    4. Why not use short down specialist Jeff Wilson at the goal line on 4-1. Mostert is not built for that and predictably got stuffed. Why not QB sneak.
    5. Jimmy did not have a great game . The miss to Bourne cost us the game. In his defense he was harassed all day by poor Oline and our WR stink, but he definitely did not play to his abilities.
    6. We play at least 4 games versus extremely mobile QBs every year. We need to find a way to pressure and contain. Murray has rushed for 5-34, 8-67-1 and 13-91-1 versus the Niners. In other words, he is becoming more of a focal point in their offense and more effective.
    7. Finally back to WR. We have needed a #1 WR since TO departed. We need someone who is an incredible athlete and can out-muscle a corner on 50/50 balls – Mike Evans. We need an incredible route runner who can separate at will – Amari Cooper. Speed kills – Tyreek Hill. Maybe Aiyuk is the answer , but I must admit I preferred Jeudy. Note that AB is suspended for 8 games and then most likely reinstated.

    1. I agree, especially with number 4. Maybe they should have handed it to Juice.
      Hmm, weren’t you the fan who posted the Niners would score 52 points? ;p

  53. It’s always funny to read the comments in here after a loss. Handwringing, finger pointing, this guy is awful, Coach sucks, QB sucks. It was a sloppy effort and yet they were still in position to win the game at the end. If they had been dominated by the Cards there would be reason for all the anxiety, but they weren’t and they gave the Cards a 14 point swing on the blocked punt and the goal line stand. For all the catches Hopkins had the only one that truly hurt was when he was not covered on the 33 yard gain. He was a possession guy up until that point. He had a lot of catches but the Cards only had 17 points and 7 were gifted to them with a first and goal at the 10 after the blocked punt. It was not a good performance by the 49ers, but holy hell some of you overreact after a loss. Kyler Murray averaged less than 6 yards a completion even with the 33 yarder to Hopkins. The biggest problem was his escaping the pocket but again they were kept pretty much in check overall most of the day. You guys need to chill out. It’s a long season.

      1. As currently constructed with no Samuel or Aiyuk, no of course not, but when they come back things should be much better. The only problem will be if one or both have injuries that linger throughout the season.

        1. I don’t know, relying on a rookie and let’s face it, a “gadget” guy (whom I do really like – but you can’t always run gadget plays), is risky. Last year they knew they had to get a veteran and did. Will they do anything this year? Who knows maybe Kevin White will reclaim his career. Pettis should be the one one the practice squad.

          1. I think you are under valuing Samuel by calling him a gadget guy. He is much more than that and was arguably our best receiver in the second half of the season, not Sanders. Don’t confuse his ability to be used on end arounds with not being a good receiver. They had to trade for Sanders last year because of injuries and the regression of Pettis. If they get Deebo and Aiyuk back, and and Bourne and Taylor stay healthy, they’ll be fine.

            1. Well, I did not mean to disrespect Deebo, but he seemed to be used primarily in that capacity. I would like to see him become the goto guy on 3rd down, but the fact is, we don’t have a receiver on the 53 that will fight for a ball or that Jimmy can throw it up to and our guy comes down with it more than 50% of the time. Again, we can’t rely on glowing camp reports about a rookie; let’s see what he can do first. But, if I’m Lynch, I’ve already got guys started on looking for a veteran or ferreting out a potential trade target. Not that I’d pull the trigger now unless it’s an unbelievable opportunity; but if things go south in the next couple of games be ready. It’s about situational preparedness.

  54. Monday morning perspective. Kyler Murray didn’t play a great game, he ran a good game. Meaning, he didn’t play quarterback, he played scrambler and Saleh, once again, made zero adjustments.

    Jimmy G. Tentative, afraid to make mistakes and held the ball way too long.

    Now going forward, we play the Jets, Giants, Eagles, Dolphins and Rams. If we are not 5-1 by then, then lets panic.

      1. Jets looked awful, so did the Eagles, Dolphins are bad and we will see the Giants tonight.

        I think overall the 49ers gifted the Cards that game with a little help from the officials and Murray sliding. By then Deebo and Aiuyuk should be back and the offense will be better.

        1. I was thinking more Eagles and Rams. Eagles supposed to be good this year (same to be said for Niners). Aaron Donald highlights from yesterday looked absolutely shudder-worthy.

    1. Prime
      You say JG held the ball too long. There was no one open and the Cards did a great job of keeping him in the pocket where if you throw the ball away it grounding.

      1. You are probably right in some instances. Football and critiquing is always easier after the fact. Overall, Jimmy G didn’t do enough to win the game.

  55. The first game of the season and I do not want to over analyze the performance.

    If there is on trope in Shanahans repertoire that I can do without , it is not having the team ready to go at the beginning of th season…again
    They were not ready to play.
    It is on the HD.

    By the way, Hi gang.

    1. Hacksaw,
      Good to see you here again.
      I agree with your take. The team looked as if they were playing in the first exhibition game.
      They also lacked fire and didn’t have the usual sharpness we’ve come to see in a Shanahan coached team.
      15 games left. Time to move on.

      1. A trap game, game #1?

        Here’s hoping that hammer’s take plays out, KS’s teams always underperform out of the chute.

  56. Someone needs to ask KS why he ran so much of the O out of the shotgun? The running game has been far more successful with JG under center. JG’s play action is much better when he is under center, yet KS kept him in the shotgun far more than usual.

  57. “Something that really, really got me heated yesterday — and I’m not going to call any names or anything like that — during the break, they were playing music,” Rice explained, “and we had certain guys dancing that hadn’t done anything on the football field; that didn’t have a reception or anything. That’s not the standard of the San Francisco 49ers.

    “If you want to dance, you want to be a dancer or do whatever, you shouldn’t be wearing that uniform. You’ve got to be productive. You’ve got to contribute to the team. And if you can’t do that, go do something else. That really just pissed me off. The Niners are not about that.

    –Jerry Rice

  58. Love Jerry Rice, but this is not the same NFL that he played in nearly 30 years ago.
    But, I definitely understand his frustration.
    In today’s game, if you make a play the player is going to dance even if they’re down by 40 points.

    1. Back then the players celebrated winning. Today the players celebrate anything.
      It’s painful to watch.

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